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The event is divided into 4 independent sub-events:

 The participants have to develop an animation/movie to advertise any one of the following products provided below: Product 1: Wrist Watch Product 2: Pen Product 3: Mobile Phone Product 4: Cold Drink  The participants can choose the brand name of their choice even if it does not exist in the real market.  Length of the clip: 45 seconds to 3 minutes  Software to be used: 3ds max Poser Windows Movie Maker U Lead  Judging parameters: Technical skills Advertisement Skills Visual appeal  Team size: 2-3 members  The participants need to bring their animations/movies on a pen drive or CD for judging on the day of the event. The participants will be required to present the concept and their interpretation of the topic to the judges on the day of the event.

the billboards will be put up for display and the one that garners more sale from the audience will be declared the winner. palettes etc.(Example-If a contestant is unable to make .  A product will be given for which a billboard using paints and crayons and colors is to be designed on a chart paper.PRODIGY  A set of 50 images will be given and an A2 poster is to be designed from it.  Team Members: Maximum 4  Time Limit: 2 hours CREATIVE SUITE       This event will be held on the spot / on the day of the event. PHP.  Standard fonts. GRAFFITI  On the spot billboard designing. Javascript All contestants start with a fixed number of points to begin with. he/she is liable to get the supplementary material(code snippets) at the cost of points. After the competition. In case a contestant is unaware of PHP/javascript(or any other programming/design language/technique).  Software used: Photoshop CS3  Team Members: Maximum 2  Time limit: 3 Hours  Theme will be provided on the spot. will be provided. brushes.5 hours Team Size : Atmost 3 members Tools: Adobe Dreamweaver/ NPP softwares in Windows OS Programming languages allowed: HTML. Time frame: 1.

which may be achieved by solving problems on html only php only html-javascript only html-php only html-php-javascript Thus proficiency in all 3( or contact: Ajir Gupta Samriddhi Kunal +91-9911057877 +91-9953794949 +91-9873478302 .  The objective is to attain the maximum number of points. It must be noted that the four events are independent and any participant can take part in more than one event also.  Detailed set of rules will be provided during the event. PHP and Javascript) is not must. he/she may get the readymade code at the cost of negative points). CONTACT Please mail your queries to designpro@dcetech.a picture gallery.