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Seems as though most of you are bored with reading ready essay samples accompanied with help-me-correct

-this appeals. You have been learning English and would rather look into the innards of essay creation process to get something useful for your own improvement. So would I. I’d like to present my strategy to go about essay writing. If you do not like, tell me why. If you do, I am glad to be helpful. Well, here is the task I found in a textbook on IELTS . Enormous effort is put into researching and marketing ‘the perfect potato crisp’ while research into stress at work, for example, is ignored. How important are staff working conditions? Should employers research and improve the working conditions of their staff or should they concentrate more on their product? The question as it stands implies you should speculate about what comes first – product or workers? So it is an opinion essay. If you decided on an opinion essay, give it a proper structure. 1) Introduction is a must. You don’t believe you could get a good grade without introduction, do you? 2) 3 paragraphs are also necessary – three is a magical number. It can do wonders to your overall band score. 3) Conclusion. You do not want to infuse your examiner with a feeling of incompleteness. ——————————————My opinions ——————————————I will try to be positive about work force. They really deserve to be cared about. I hope you feel the same. Some scholars call it brainstorming. Let’s storm our brains. First of all, you should not wander off trying to find ideas in the darkest parts of your mind. We will get some obvious hints right from the assignment. “Enormous effort is put into researching and marketing ‘the perfect potato crisp’…” – Brilliant! “research into stress at work, for example, is ignored …” – Could not be stated better! “How important are staff working conditions?…” – Oh! We know what you are up to. Of course they are! “Should employers research and improve the working conditions of their staff?” - Lots of thanks, you’ve been most helpful providing ideas. “… should they concentrate more on their product?…”- Devious, but thank you anyway for bringing it up again. I think they have already written the better part of the essay. We should only rephrase these expressions to avoid the offence of plagiarism. Inquisitive minds will easily complete the list of ideas with their own suggestions. Hard thinkers like myself might as well stop brainstorming right here. I know, I know – you are going to blame me for this, because it is not sufficient to develop 3 paragraphs. But brainstorming never ends. I am far from assuming that you will stop thinking after 5 minutes of initial excessive brain work and will begin writing down words in mechanical way dreaming of buying a new car. There is also vocabulary building part, and you have a clear structure of your essay.

Opinion = in support of workers Introduction – topic and opinion in short Paragraph 1 - staff working conditions are important Paragraph 2 - employers should research and improve the working conditions Paragraph 3 - concentrating more on their product is bad Conclusion – short summary of paragraphs ——————————————Rephrasing ideas ——————————————In my opinion, it is the hardest part. It is about your vocabulary, so nothing we can do but remember some basic expressions. If you get stuck, just write down whatever comes to your mind looking at the key words of the assignment. You will sort it out later on. Some of the words you will insert into sentences, the rest will stay untouched. It surely pays off; you would not bother thinking of necessary vocabulary as you write. ——————————————Example vocabulary ——————————————Key words: research analyze, explore, inquire, investigate, look into, study marketing advertising, promoting, pushing products working condition situation, state, work load stress at work pressure, nervous tension, difficulty, hardness, strain ignore disregard, do not take into account, close the eyes to employers managers, bosses staff work force, personnel, employees concentrate on the product consider closely, direct attention, fix attention, focus, give attention do a lot of damage to overall productivity friendly environment ——————————————Beginning to write ——————————————Introduction. Earlier, we agreed to fight against staff overload. Let state the problem and introduce our opinion. (Simply speaking, let’s rewrite the assignment). Nowadays, most businesses concerned primarily with improving and pushing products at all costs, therefore neglecting the strain this strategy puts on their personnel. I believe it is of vital importance to restrain excessive work load. I also think employers should pay more attention to organizing friendly working environment for their employees. OK, it is sleeping time… I am tired and will have no more of this nonsense. If you are not satisfied call my customer service, otherwise look forward to the next part – Paragraphs. P.S. I might be absolutely wrong. Feel free to destroy my carefully thought-out system, but don’t forget to suggest something more useful instead. I will appreciate if you supply supporting ideas for the paragraphs of the essay according to my plan.

I am bald. Argument 3 . Don’t be tempted to amaze your examiner with profound knowledge of slang. Supporting detail 2 . Different styles. I have dirty marks all over my clothes. I am old.—————————————PARAGRAPHS … —————————————Sounds frightening… But we’ll make it if we follow simple rules. I was born before the World War Two. —————————————THE WORST —————————————I am ugly (only statement. Argument1 . How could I make you put off by my repulsive appearance? I really need to be persuasive.KEEP IT AS SIMPLE AS POSSIBLE Be practical – simple ideas come easy and take less effort to develop. Supporting detail 1 . Supporting detail 3 . no supporting details) —————————————MUCH BETTER —————————————Statement . 3 arguments. … I am untidy. let’s suppose a model task. Summary (The gaps are here to be filled in with additional words that make your writing smooth or cohesive.I am untidy.) … I am ugly. undeveloped . Argument 2 . I could arrange it in order of development steps. A bit of variety never hurts. . no supporting details). idioms and pedantic words. I wouldn’t vote for dull arguments. The second rule – DEVELOP YOUR PARAGRAPHS A good paragraph must have 1) Topic sentence (statement) 2) Arguments – 3 arguments advisable.I have dirty marks all over my clothes. The first rule . —————————————SLIGHTLY BETTER —————————————I am ugly.I was born before the World War II. each followed by 3) Supporting details 4) Transition words and markers To illustrate this. … I am old. You could see your reflection in the top of my head. … I am bald.You could see your reflection in the top of my head. used in one essay.I am ugly. may produce a funny alienating mixture.I am old. Of course. bald and untidy (statement.

Secondly. . relations between managers and employees matter. You could see your reflection in the top of my head. Secondly. If at the end of your panicking session the only sentence that comes to your mind is “What am I going to do?” look at your watch. sweating and jittering. The words left to build up a 250 word essay might be divided between the introduction and conclusion. I also think employers should pay more attention to organizing friendly working environment for their employees. you may go further and link a pair “argument – example” into one sentence using additional transitions. Take the next step – paragraphs. but it would not change the idea of the paragraph and. Extra efforts to keep everything organized may become the biggest time wasters. I strongly advise you against exceeding the 10-minute limit for this part. What is done is done. Unfriendly atmosphere undermine self-esteem. Timing issues and MY ESSAY Time could kill your essay as well as bad structure and poor vocabulary. therefore neglecting the strain this strategy puts on their personnel. Another 30 minutes should be wisely distributed. Set 10 minutes for completing what I have already described in my first post. is ignored. I am untidy. In my case it takes about 7-8 minutes per paragraph. I believe it is of vital importance to restrain excessive work load. Of course. conditions that employers provide for their personnel are very important. Allow no more than a minute for panicking. I was born before the World War II. then stop. therefore. I am bald. I am ugly. Time you will spend on each paragraph depends on your ability to produce consistent chunks of text approximately 50 – 70 words in length. First paragraph In my point of view. Notice down the time. let’s go on to our task and apply our strategy to the first paragraph. How important are staff working conditions? Should employers research and improve the working conditions of their staff or should they concentrate more on their product? Introduction Nowadays. First of all. Repetitive long hours at work get workers exhausted. uncomfortable offices affect the pace of work. I am old. OK. for example. inconvenient timetables influence labour productivity. Finally. Has it put down a single word for you? I guess no. up to you to decide.—————————————THE BEST —————————————(transition words and markers added) In my opinion. Fist of all. —————————————Task —————————————Enormous effort is put into researching and marketing ‘the perfect potato crisp’ while research into stress at work. But do not try to kill time yourself. most businesses are concerned primarily with improving and pushing products at all costs. I have dirty marks all over my clothes. co-operation and ability of staff to come up with creative ideas. No use trying to cram down a further lot of information if you have no time to develop it. Finally.

Disregarding researching and improving working conditions undermines enormous effort put into promotion of the product. even most aggressive. for example. Staff retention problems restrain the company’s potential to come regularly on the marker with new offers. most businesses are concerned primarily with improving and pushing products at all costs. To begin with. To summarize. neglecting staff damages the reputation of a manufacturer. that’s how it works. co-operation and ability of staff to come up with creative ideas. Strong competition forces employers to upgrade staff work areas to boost the performance of staff. would not make the product any better. Extra efforts to keep everything organized may become the biggest time wasters. uncomfortable offices affect the pace of work. For another. Finally. inconvenient timetables influence labour productivity. if they know it is made through hard exploitation of workers. . Finally. employers should accept working conditions as being very important to successful company development. You should be aware that I am neither a teacher nor a native speaker of English. First of all. Unfriendly atmosphere undermine self-esteem. At last. It helps a company become the employer of choice for skilled workers. marketing. I also feel that concentrating solely on the product is ineffective. companies overlooking workers’ needs in favour of merchandise are unstable. It helped me overcome “an essay block” and I hope it will do you good as well. Customers might refuse buying a product. I believe it is of vital importance to restrain excessive work load. Furthermore. Secondly. In my point of view. relations between managers and employees matter. For one thing. businesses seeking efficiency should gather information on the latest advances in work space ergonomics. Actually. That’s it for my tutorial. neglecting to monitor the wellness of staff leads to extra expenses since more workers would use the insurance plan. “The perfect potato crisp” results from the work of well-trained staff. conditions that employers provide for their personnel are very important. I didn’t try to work against the clock since I had been writing this essay on separate occasions. Repetitive long hours at work get workers exhausted. I have just laid out the strategy originated from my experience and textbooks on IELTS . —————————————Task —————————————Enormous effort is put into researching and marketing ‘the perfect potato crisp’ while research into stress at work. I convinced that researching and improving employees working conditions is rewarding. therefore neglecting the strain this strategy puts on their personnel. is ignored.Several minutes (6 to 9) to the deadline might be devoted to writing a short conclusion and proofreading Well. I also think employers should pay more attention to organizing friendly working environment for their employees. How important are staff working conditions? Should employers research and improve the working conditions of their staff or should they concentrate more on their product? Essay Nowadays. But I have done it for educational purposes and it has proved itself viable under time pressure. improving workplace is an integral part of effective personnel policy.

and Writing Tests are given in that order. Remember. which is why you must sleep and eat well before the test. time is your enemy. before and on the day of the test. the test is meant to be challenging. the race can still be won.Basic Hints 1 and 2. read. Your personal speed is not something which changes a great deal from day to day. there are certainly many things you can do.rxpgonline. The more effort you put in. so you need to be at your best for a long period of time. and . (The Speaking Test is conducted at an appointed time in the afternoon. write. and the questions themselves need to be read quickly. and its maximum speed maintained for longer. do not worry if you do not finish the tests. The combined length of those three tests is 2 hours and 30 and think in English. An expert racing car driver will: • … spend a great deal of time practising at the wheel before race day • … visit the track so that he or she knows where to go and what to expect • … get enough sleep before the day of the big race • … eat a good breakfast on race day morning. but does change considerably over a longer period of time. the test is designed to measure candidates over a range of scores from 0 to 9 (0 indicates the test was not attempted). Dmitrij. and are usually held on a single morning. if an expert driver is at the wheel. The hints and guidelines in this book should help you achieve your “maximum speed”. Nonetheless. To begin with. to help maximise the use of your time and give yourself the best chance of success. (See also IELTS Test . Reading. and that they ran out of time in the Reading Test. the example.) Only one short break is given between the Reading and Writing Tests. Candidates who have taken the test and did not perform as well as they had hoped often complain that they were unable to give all the answers in the Listening Test because the tape was too fast. The official IELTS Band Scores you receive are extremely accurate. The Listening. originally posted at http://www. The IELTS test measures many aspects of your English ability including the speed at which you listen. the instructions. Remember.Thank you for your patience.) INCREASE YOUR SENTENCE READING SPEED The faster and more accurately you read. but even native Englishspeaking people would be unlikely to complete every Listening Test answer perfectly or finish the Reading Test a long time before the examination ends.html In the IELTS test. speak. • … check his or her watch constantly to monitor the car’s progress • … keep moving along the track and not get stuck on a bad corner • … breathe long and deeply to relax and keep the oxygen going to the brain • … drink water (but not too much!) when the car is at the pit-stop. the faster your personal speed will be on the day. the more questions you will be able to answer. Your personal speed and ability in the 5 areas previously mentioned is pretty well fixed at any given time. In all the tests. Candidates whose English is near perfect can expect to score 9. Consider the following situation: although a racing car cannot go faster than its maximum speed. as a direct result of practice in working with the English language. since each test is trialled extensively to achieve standardised results for candidates at all English levels.

but at least the words can be read again. and always aim to find logical places in the sentences where phrases begin and end. Read faster by reading words in groups that form logical units of thought DEVELOP A MEMORY FOR ENGLISH In the Reading Test. gradually increasing the length of what you repeat. It pays to increase your overall reading speed. SOURCE OF Ielts Test: Time Constraints Issues --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The IELTS test consists of four parts in the following order: Listening.20 minutes to listen to a tape and to answer . Writing and Speaking. (When?) Note also. in the Listening Test you cannot go back. Listening takes about 30 minutes .must be well understood in order for you to have more time to find the answers. It may be helpful at first to think of wh/how questions when trying to read in phrases.) To increase your reading speed. you must learn to read in groups of words that form logical units of thought within sentences. Nevertheless. Note also that there is often more than one solution as to where the logical breaks between phrases occur within sentences. Reading. and is close in time to the main keyword/phrase you are listening for. … for thousands of international students (Who for?) 3. it pays to remember as much as you can of what you have just read. … over many years. If you read each word in a sentence one at a time. Britain has been a popular choice (What and where?) 2. Look at the following sentence: Britain has been a popular choice for thousands of international students over many years Notice how you can think of the sentence as being made up of 3 main parts: 1. repeat the sentences spoken in the passages on the audio cassette tape that comes with this book. the answer usually follows the keywords/phrases that you hear. and how the meaning of what you say is more clear. that in this case (and many others) all the phrases answer wh/how questions. Practise reading in phrases everyday. Notice how much quicker it is to read the sentence. To improve your “English memory”. Simply aim to remember more of what you have heard. However. (See also Reading Hint 41. So read your sentences in phrases by considering all the words of a phrase as a single unit. your memory of what you have just heard is even more important. try the following exercise. If the answer comes before the keyword/phrase. Do not worry about repeating the exact words. Look ahead on the page as you read. Using the pause button on the tape recorder. you will read very slowly and most likely misunderstand the meaning of much of what you read. and the tape is only played once.

from scuba diving to space exploration. magazines and the topics are very diverse. you are a little tired from previous 3 parts and therefore more relaxed. Listening at a glance Listening consists of 4 sections. brothers/sisters. so you feel as if you were speaking to your best friend. There are also other types of assignments which I will cover later on. The questions get more difficult as you progress through the test. In the end the examiner might ask you a couple of additional questions. pets. Tape is not paused at any time and you hear it only once. you should give a little speech for one to two minutes. First sub-part of Speaking test is an interview. and only before Speaking you get a little break. SOURCE: Ace The IELTS Essential tips for IELTS General Training Module (How to get your IELTS Score To Open Doors For You) by Simone Braverman ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- . studies. First one is to write a letter according to scenario you receive. Your job is to read the passages and either answer questions. For every type of task there are instructions and example. parents. Reading takes 1 hour and your task is to read passages of text and answer questions according to what you have read. This is an easy task to prepare for. In the second sub-part of Speaking test you receive a card with 3-4 questions. newspapers. complete sentences or fill gaps. with first being the easiest and fourth the hardest Writing at a glance Writing has 2 sub-tasks. which answers those questions. You get to rest before it. After one minute. Passages progress in difficulty. Speaking at a glance This is the fun part of the test. You need to answer all the questions as you listen to the tape. using about 150 words. for many reasons. label diagrams. etc. Writing takes also 1 hour and is divided into 2 sub-parts: 20 minutes to write a letter and 40 minutes to write an essay. The second task is to write an Essay on given topic. and 10 minutes to transfer your answers to Answer Sheet. present and justify opinion or give solution to a problem. The examiners are trained to smile no matter what. Little Speech and a Discussion. There are about 38-40 questions in total. Speaking takes up to 15 minutes and consists of 3 parts: Personal Interview.questions on what you hear. that you have to think about something to say. your work. using not less than 250 words. Passages are taken from books. which means that the examiner asks you questions about yourself. All the parts continue one after another. Reading at a glance Reading consists of 4 text passages and about 40 questions in total.

as long as the important words are not substituted by their synonyms. which means it is impossible to get 6. The reason is the way examiners are currently copying words from text is a very easy and natural thing to do. Simone Braverman is the author of “ACE The IELTS” e-Book. articles “a” and “the” count as one word.IELTS-blog. People tend to forget that they are graded by Answer Sheet and not by what they wrote in IELTS booklet.There are many aspects in IELTS that people find surprising. but not in IELTS. organizing and leading in this job. It is quite a paradox – the information is right there. It is acceptable to skip words – after all there is 3 words limit. In Listening test. I’m writing this letter in response to the vacancy for housekeeper as advertised in the “Daily News” on 6th of November 2007. She once had to take the IELTS test to open a door to a dream. There is an option of submitting appeal and requesting to read your answers from the booklet. it means “give us two answers or 4 words and we’ll fail you”. yet people are still in the dark. it is best to write what you hear and not to rephrase. Not many people think about what they are going to write with. This is another example of how small details can be very significant in IELTS. meaning one can loose points for misspelled words. but it takes time and costs money. The reason why I would like to apply for this job because your private home would benefit from my experience. More information at www. Usually extensive answer is considered a very good one. with five staff reporting to me. I have gained much experience in planning. but hopefully it will change in the future (according to official IELTS site maybe even in 2007). Any correct answer not copied to Answer Sheet will result in exactly 0 points. I await for an interview to further discuss my experience with you. By the way.5 in either Writing or Speaking. My credentials speaks for itself which is attached for your perusal. . When instructions say “give one answer” or “answer in 3 words”. The reason for this limit is quite simple and obvious – there is not enough room for more than 3 words on Answer Sheet. And at last some good news: starting from May 2006 candidates don’t need to wait 90 days to retake the test. Dear Sir/Madam. while common assumption is that they don’t. I have worked for the “Care-givers” home for 5 years and thereafter was transferred to the main branch in Durban. Writing and Speaking are graded differently from Listening and Reading. Her curiosity pushed her quite a bit further into extensive research on differnt aspects of IELTS test. I have worked with all types of people and know how to handle their problems. Yet there are rules: the Listening and Reading answers are to be written in pencil and Writing . Allow me to draw your attention to several facts you don’t want to be surprised about. The best way to overcome the spelling problem is to copy words. The 90-day waiting period has been canceled to the joy of those who have no time to waste. In case of Reading. I was appointed the supervisor. There is no half band grade. This branch caters for two hundred people. I would be able to give much more attention to the needs of the home due to the pen. as simple as it may sound. pen or pencil. In Reading and Listening tests the spelling is important. available to everyone. usually when it hits them hard.

as agreed during my recent interview with you. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------IELTS Letter. Yours Faithfully. Looking forward to hear from you soon. My employer will vouch for my employment and provide you with my earnings. by giving me the opportunity to study further. Yours Faithfully. Some minor corrections were made. topic: Asking for information on scholarships Dear Sir/Madam. My certificate in Secondary education shows above average grades.There are few grammatical errors. looks like Band 7. I believe I have what it takes and I trust you would consider me setback. Task: Write a letter to your new boss. Dear Sir/Madam. covers the task. looks like Band 6.5 – 7. explaining your situation. The vocabulary is fine. M Munsamy This is a good letter. I do have the means to pay back if a loan is granted by the college. expressing your concern and suggesting solutions. I’m writing this letter to request more information about scholarship/Finance assistance offered by your College. Overall. the sentences range in complexity. You are expected to start on November 15. It has the right structure. but with unfortunate circumstance. I found myself in a financial difficulty. the grammar and spelling are fine. topic: Explanation of delayed first working day You successfully passed a job interview. I have worked in a voluntary position on weekends teaching English to young foreign kids. see comments. It has the correct structure and covers the task. I would appreciate it if you could steer me in the right path for scholarship information or if the college will be able to gave me financial assistance. . shows good command of English. But you will not be able on that date. see comments. M Munsamy This is a good letter. I won’t be able to start work on November 15. I was awaiting in anticipation to enroll next year for the much coveted Diploma in English. The sentences are mostly well structured. and he could also arrange a monthly deduction from salary to your bank account. Overall.I hope to hear from you soon. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------IELTS Letter. I am writing to inform you that. although some show use of inappropriate expressions.

The bus station that I board the bus was at Jalan Pinang (bus no 55) and got down at Jalan Tujuan. However the structure of the sentences needs some attention as well as the accuracy of expressions (see comments underlined in blue for more details). With out the samples its impossible for us to show to our customers. looks like a Band 6. Its the last set of samples that I have. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------IELTS Letter. I am the only daughter and there are no other relatives that are able to look after my mother. Dear Sir/Madam. the paragraphs are coherent. Overall. I have no choise but to go back to look after her. There are 165 pcs of it in the bag.5 letter some improvement to grammar could take it to Band 7. The reason I am writing this letter to you is because I have left my bag in your bus which I took. As. Yours faithfully S.5 letter. Looking forward to hear from and I will arrange to pick it up from your office. looks like a band 6. topic: migrant writes a letter to a friend You migrated to another country. According to the doctors it will take about two weeks for her to be able to walk and care for herself again. If you have found it could you please call me at 03 5192 6541 or email me at sch@hotmail. I will also report to you through e-mail and if there is a problem. It covers the task and has the right structure. Write a letter to your friend to describe your present life and tell . Yours faithfully. I have tried to locate the bus and the driver but was unable too. It was on Tuesday 5th of August 2008 at around 3:00pm. topic: item left on the bus Write a letter to a bus company saying you have left something valuable on the bus and tell them what to do if they find it. has a good structure. This is a good letter. It is a brown bag with some samples of costume jewellery of my company. I apologize for all the inconvenience and I truly belived that you need me to be at work on that day for the project that is schedule to kick of three weeks later. I will call and inform you along the way.The reason that I can’t start work was because my mother has fell from the stairs yesterday. There are several grammatical errors (see comments underlined in blue) and a poorly structured sentence that needs improvement (it starts with “I apologize for all the inconvenience”). I am able to work for home and completed the project as mention. S. It covers the task. Chua This letter needs some work. Overall. Once again. Chua. I’m very sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding. ---------------------------------------------------------------IELTS Letter.

And as for me. Unfortunately. which I took on rent from your company for two weeks. John has also found a job near the city.say what action you would like to company to take. Write a letter to the company. We have planed to join them in Perth and also for the children’s education and their future as well. It has the correct structure. We migrated to Perth because my sisters and their family have also migrated there three years ago. Australia. However. I am a full time housewife. although the atmosphere temperature was cooler. Actually. I am writing to inform you that I have migrated to Perth. I thought that the engine belt is broken and I may not be able to drive the car further. I am writing to complain about the air conditioner of my car. The air conditioner has stopped working. You phoned the company a week ago but it has still not been repaired.him/her why you chose this country. They have been attending a public school and have made quite a lot of friends. The working environment here according to John is very different from Malaysia. I’m sorry I haven’t been writing to you for such a long time.introduce yourself . Overall. the sentences are nicely built and it leaves a good impression because of the fluency of the language. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------IELTS Letter. Almost one week has . Sharon. what happened -I was on my way from Jacksonville to Miami. it has stopped working. My family and I arrived in Perth on the 03/04/08 and we have finally settled down. when I got back home I immediately contacted your customer care center and registered my complaint. In your letter . This is a good letter. looks like a band 7 letter. suddenly a sound came from the engine. Do let me know when you plan to visit Perth and you are always welcome to stay at my new house. With love.explain the situation . when I felt no air coming from the air conditioner I realized it has stopped working. the task is covered. enjoying the morning coffee with the newspaper. topic: Complaint about a rental car You rented a car from car Rental Company. I rented Mercedes Benz 8 days ago. We have just settled in our new house and the kids are enjoying the pool almost everyday. They issued me a complaint number 234343 and said that they will send a technician at my house within 2 to 3 business days to get it repaired. My customer number is 1230. See comments underlined in blue for minor corrections. The people here are very friendly and helpful. At first. Dear Sir/Madam. Naturally. Dear Linda.

Also. you can t resolve my problem within 2 business days after the receipt of this letter.. Christine B. Otherwise. Dear Sir/ Madam. However. In this regard. I insist on getting a refund of my full payment if the replacement will not come within another week. Naturally.explain the situation . vocabulary. I am Christine B. However. The flash of the camera is no longer working.passed since I called. One of your sales staff told me that they will send it to me at my home address within one week. looks like a Band 6. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- IELTS Letter. This is a very good letter. problems started to appear. The structure of paragraphs and sentences. especially the prepositions and the way you use tenses (see comments underlined in blue). I am very upset for your poor service. In case. upon one week of using it. two weeks have gone without receiving any replacement. There are some minor corrections (see comments underlined in blue). grammar. looks like a Band 7 letter. I bought a brand new Nokia N73 mobile. length everything is in order. Yours faithfully. The grammar needs some attention.say what action you would like to company to take. I was very surprised to discover such problems in quite an expensive model. Yours faithfully. I am a regular customer of your company. It has the right structure. but still it is not being repaired. I want a complete refund of my rent which I paid in advance. the monitor is getting blurred which makes it difficult for me to see the SMS messages clearly. I returned the mobile phone in your store to be replaced with a new one. You spoken to the company representative a week ago but it has still not been repaired. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ .introduce yourself . I am writing to inform you about the faulty mobile phone that I have purchased in your store. topic: Complaint about a faulty mobile phone You have bought a new mobile phone and in a few days of purchase it has stopped working. I am not at all satisfied with your customer service. In your letter .5 – 7 letter. that is $200. Hasnain Siraj This is a good letter. covers the task. Overall. On the 10th of March. paragraphs are connected together by linking words and the sentences are well-structured. Write a letter to the company.

Therefore.___. the total period of your seminar and the complete leaflets of different scheduled programs. which has lead to increase in home loan rate. have finished his tenure on 21st of July this year. Add some more personal touch in the last paragraph.50 basis points. Task: Write a letter to the person in charge of the seminar and ask for detailed information regarding the dates. Take care. accommodations and cost. See comments for detailed corrections. Now we have Mrs.IELTS Letter. Beside this. the vocabulary and the structure of sentences are fine. How are you? Long time no letters from you. After 14 years. Reserve Bank of IndiaReserve Bank of India has increased REPO rate by . which you have estimated for each person. I am writing to ask for information about the seminar that you are conducting during the next week. Abdul Kalam. Two years back Mumbai was flooded with water and all the normal life was halted for 1 – 2 days. A.5 letter. Abdul Kalam didn’t have. topic: Writing to a pen pal You have a pen friend living in another country and he/she is curious to learn about the major news items in your country. Don’t forget to sign your name in the end. A. It has the right structure (apart from the first paragraph. I would like to receive it . people behind the Mumbai bomb blast in 1993 are being punished. instead of linking them smoothly. Overall. This letter is not bad. I have a plan to come with my two staff members so what would be the arrangements of accommodation and total expenditures.P. Dear Sir/Madam. because it seems as though you were jumping from issue to issue. I remember in last letter you had mentioned about current affairs in India. I think that it would be very beneficial for me to see the latest electronics appliances and have an excellent opportunity to make contacts with different companies. ask how they are doing or what are their news. topic: Asking for information about a seminar You would like to participate in a work-related seminar in another country. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------IELTS Letter. She has political background where as Dr. You could send the above-mentioned information to my e-mail address. Rain in INDIA is too heavy this year same as from the past two years. Dear Amy. Some are being sentence to death and some have to serve a long prison. program. Patil as our new and 1st lady President in Indian history. last sentence of which should be in the second paragraph) and covers the task.J.P. looks like a Band 6. The logical connection of paragraphs needs some work. I am an electronics wholesale dealer in Pakistan and I am interested to take part in this workrelated seminar. Be in Touch. Our President Dr. I need to get some information in details such as.J.

Overall. Dear Sir. It covers the task. Write a letter to the company. What kind of food to you serve? 3. How many people can your club support? 2. I am looking forward to hearing from you. In your letter . I work for a multinational company. I would like to obtain the below information : 1. Is there anything else included on your services ? I need to receive this information until October 2007. and you used an appropriate style and vocabulary. Marcio Marinho This is a good letter. is correctly structured. There are some inaccuracies (see suggested changes in the comments underlined in blue). Do you have any “animation service” to offer? 6. My name is Marcio. looks like a Band 6. or email me at : marciomarinho@gmail. Athar Nafees This is a good letter. What time can we start the event? 5. Is there any special service for disabled people? 4. Overall. based on abundance of good reviews about your company. ----------------------------------------- You have bought a new laptop computer and in a few days of purchase discovered a major flaw. There are some sentences that need a change in structure (see comments underlined in blue) and there are also repetitions of the same soon as possible because of adequate preparation before the departure. which should be avoided. Task: Write a letter to the person in charge of a venue that you are considering for the event and ask for detailed information regarding using the number +55 (21) 3422-9559 . Yours faithfully. and we need prepare an event that will be held on December 17. -------------------------------------------IELTS Letter. because I need to prepare the department in charge of the event and invite the target audience.5 7 letter. 2007. topic: Asking for information about an executive event You are organizing an executive event for the company you work for. services and costs. looks like a Band 7 letter. How much do you charge for your services ? 7. I am writing to ask for information about organizing an executive event at your venue. You can send me this information via fax. I am confident that your company will provide us with the best type of service we need. Do you offer any transportation service ? 8. Yours faithfully. It covers the task.introduce yourself . the information is organized well and each paragraph covers all the necessary details.

Overall. as agreed. Dear Sir/Madam. although the offer said it was included. the default language of the laptop is Japanesse and I haven t been able to change it to my native language. Faithfully yours.----------------------------------------You successfully passed a job interview. I am Leonardo Gomes and I have recently passed a job interview for the Software Engineer position at the Software Infrastructure group. During the interview I estimated fifteen days as the amount of time needed for me to finish my activities at my current job and start at your company.say what action you would like to company to take. I made the decision to buy the laptop at your store. In addition. I definitely need this situation to be solved as soon as possible. I was expected to start on November 15. I realized that Windows operating system was not installed in it. Should I present any other form of proof or talk to someone else at the company. Yours faithfully. explaining your situation.. Task: Write a letter to your new boss. I would like you can send me the laptop I first chose at your store. I really apologize for the inconvenience and expect it not to affect our relationship. please let me know. I can give you a copy of a letter from my doctor informing that I had to stay at home and under medical care during that week. I could not finish my tasks and will need another week to do so. which is English. because of previous good recommendations some friends of mine gave me about your store. Thanks in advance for your response. However. but you will not be available on that date. R. As soon as I turned on the computer. after this experience. including all the specifications were shown in the offer. Dear Sir/Madam. I am writing you to express my dissatisfaction with a laptop computer I bought in your store four days ago. If I don t get a quick response to my request. You are expected to start on November 15. expressing your concern and suggesting solution. I chose a gray laptop and the one I received is black. Leonardo --------------------------------------------------------------------------- . This is a good letter. looks like a Band 7 letter. I feel deceived. all it need is a little more attention as there are certain language inaccuracies (see comments underlined in blue). If necessary. and am writing because unfortunately I will not be able to present myself on that date. Moreover. the memory specifications of this laptop are not the same as the ones that I read in your catalog.explain the situation . To make matters worse. I hope a full refund of the payment I already made. but due to fact that I got sick for the last whole week and was not able to work.

Things like that are priceless and all I can give you is my gratitude. I want to use this educational base to find work in an embassy somewhere. You left a file with important documents in your room. With best whishes. I would like to thank you for all the attention and support you gave me while I was in Sydney. You will be happy to hear that I finally finished my Political Science degree. I could not find it anywhere and am sure I left it in your house. I am really looking forward to reading your reply. describing the file and ask him/her to return it to you by post. I hope this letter finds you well.Questions you have about working in a different country that your friend may be able to answer You should write at least 150 words. My dearest Philip. because of the fact that I forgot a very important document in the room I used in your house. However. Your letter should include: . I am still unsure exactly which country I would like to venture to. Write a letter to a friend expressing your interest to seek employment in a different country. after the business seminar I attended. Please let me know if you find it. July 2011. I expect you and Ingrid to come to Rio soon. I am beside myself with excitement at the prospect of having a totally new living experience. Model Answer Dear Praveen. I am sorry I am writing only now. I was hoping your experience working in Germany. and post it for express delivery as soon as possible. . General Training Writing Task 1 You should spend about 20 minutes on this task. Like you. so that I try to somehow propiciate equaly joyful moments as those you propiciated to me. I am writing to let you know that I have decided to follow in your footsteps and seek employment abroad. If possible.You stayed at your friends? house when you participated in a business seminar in Australia. I am writing also. just let me know what is your bank. Leonardo-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------he topic below was seen in the General Training IELTS exam in Sri Lanka. I will pay for the expense.What type of work you will be looking for . which of those three countries would you most recommend living in? Do you think the fact that I only speak English will prove a problem? As you can probably guess. You certaintly can wonder how desperate I have been in the last days looking for this document midst my luggage. This document is a signed contract and was the most important reason of my trip to Australia.Why you want to work in a different country . Task: Write a letter to your friend. account and branch numbers. If you don’t mind my asking. Firstly. Thus. France and Russia could help guide me to a suitable place. I’m very curious about the world and want to use my career as a tool to help open up some opportunities for travel.

For more of his free IELTS resources. Thus. visit his blog. General Training Writing Task 2 You should spend about 40 minutes on this task. It is argued that this increase is a positive phenomenon and that the main causes of it are both the deepening of medical understanding and the sharing of such information between people via tools like the Internet. Babies born today enjoy much longer life spans than those of their parents. For more of his free IELTS resources. blogger and author. --------------------------------------------------------------------------A Bulgarian IELTS test taker P shared the Writing and Speaking topics below (he couldn’t remember the Listening and Reading). Model Answer Longevity in the world over has been increasing for a variety of reasons. medical folklore in countries like Ghana and rural China dictate new mothers avoid washing themselves for a month after giving birth. visit his blog. an online IELTS instructor. These causes will be examined in detail to prove their value in the lengthening of worldwide life spans. Thus. allowing longevity to be a pleasure enjoyed everywhere. dramatically lower incidences of infection and have thus greatly curbed the number of people the world over who die due to diseases once thought incurable. Writing test Writing task 1 (a letter) . few people in either country would argue in favour of this postnatal tradition. now available to most people the world over. Antibiotics. Today. In conclusion. medical advancements over the last century have allowed people to postpone death. the Internet and the information shared across it has made the debunking of ineffective medical practices much easier. human life is precious and the global extending of life spans should be seen as positive. What are the possible causes of this situation? Is this a negative or positive development? You should write at least 250 words. advancements in science can be seen as one of the more major contributors to the extending of worldwide life spans. Ryan This model answer was written for IELTS-Blog. an online IELTS instructor. It is hoped medical discoveries continue to increase in number and that access to the Internet continues to grow. Before tools like the Internet. ridiculous and unsanitary practices such as this were widely believed to be in the best interests of the mother’s health. the Internet has allowed people to share life-promoting information the world over. Among the more significant discoveries that made this possible is the development of antibiotics. For example. June 2011. blogger and author. In most parts of the world people are living longer. This model answer was written for IELTS-Blog. Secondly. visitors by Ryan Higgins. ---------------------------------------------------------------The topic below was seen in the Academic IELTS exam in Singapore.Until visitors by Ryan Higgins.

What would you like to change about your house? .Do you work or study? . .Do you like movies? .What is your name? . .What kind of job would you be able to get there? . You should say: . .What were you writing as a child? Cue Card Talk about an activity that you do to keep yourself healthy.Please state your full name.What is your full name? .Would you like to change your name? . Do you agree or disagree? Speaking test Interview . .Why would you want to work there? . Ask him/her .What do you think about art? .What do you like about your house? . IELTS Speaking test in Vietnam – July 2011 Our Vietnamese friend T has shared the questions he was asked in his IELTS speaking test recently.where you do it. Speaking test Interview .when you do it.Write a letter to a friend in a foreign country.Is there anything you don’t like about your house? .what this activity is.What are the working conditions there? Writing Task 2 (an essay) Some people believe that giving a weekly allowance will help children to succeed in life when they grow up.What city are you from? .Do you think this is a good place to live in? .Did you like painting when you were a child? . Discussion I was asked more questions on the topic above.When you were a child what kind of movies did you like to watch? .Do you like your name? .whether you would recommend this to others and why.

Discussion . it’s really helpful and saves time in the test. please say . just try to cancel out the ones that are clearly wrong. instead of looking at questions and try to answer straight away.Do you think different ages have different ways to exercise? . Don’t waste too much time if you get stuck on a question. but with experience you should become able to answer straight away even in questions you haven’t given much thought about. so once you have a general idea of what the text is about and what information is given at each part of it.Cue card Describe your regular walks. As in the listening part.Explain why you are walking regularly. It might look difficult at the start. leave it for the end. Try and master the technique of getting the general idea of a text by scanning through it. I think it’s always a better idea to quickly read through the passage first and then check the questions. since in IELTS you should know what you are expected to do. and that’s the key to the speaking . the test covers all sorts of topics so try to read from a variety of sources. There are several examples of questions online which are often repeated especially in the first section of the interview. Again your preparation is only limited by your time. the questions are in order.Whom do you walk with? . it’s a shame to lose marks because you wrote your answer in a wrong way! Speaking Preparation Speaking in IELTS is quite different from speaking with anyone in the real world.Why does walking make people healthier? . And again pay extra attention to the instructions. so don’t panic if the correct answer is not obvious straight away. So what you should do is try and practice answering as many sample questions as you can. You don’t have to understand and pay attention to every detail.What do you see on the way? .Why do people like walking in the morning? . Power of deduction is very useful in some questions. Test Time While some people disagree. you can then focus on the parts they ask you to.What activities are better than walking for people who want to keep healthy? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Exam tips for Band 8 from IELTS veteran (Reading and Speaking) Reading Preparation Reading books and other publications and of course any type of websites or the dialogs in your favourite game is a very efficient way to practice.Where do you walk? .

but do this long enough and you will get familiar with the paces. but in order to push towards the highest bands you need to understand perfectly the format and requirements of the IELTS test. Test Time Try to calm down before the test.test. . Also recording yourself in a webcam is quite useful while practicing. You should try and practice giving long and detailed answers and use as many structures and words as possible. who got 8. If you don’t know about something the interviewer asks you. so if you cannot hear it clearly enough just say so. ask politely for a different topic. not only you can listen to how you sound like but also check if you are doing any weird gestures while speaking and correct them. you won’t impress anyone by speaking very fast. idioms and accents of English speech. it’s a good sign. since I have taken both the Academic and General Modules and scored quite high bands in both (8 and 8. Having a strong background in English might be sufficient to get a band 7 result. The best preparation for listening test is of course to listen to English as much as possible. don’t hold back! Giving examples in your answers is also a very desirable trait that can earn you extra marks. they want to examine your use of English not your general knowledge. Listening Preparation Familiarize yourself with the possible types of questions. pronunciations. multiple choice questions and completing a form or a map.5 in IELTS shares his methods of achieving this score. The quality is also pristine since the recordings are played from a CD. try to talk as much as you can. If you have the chance to engage in small talk beforehand. If you don’t have the chance to converse with native English speakers in real life. then watching your favourite movies and shows without subtitles is the best practice! Many of my friends were asking me why I prefer turning off the subtitles when watching something in English. So this is the time to be as talkative and opinionated as you can. And don’t forget to thank them and smile in the end.5 accordingly). the examiners are very friendly and will treat you in a professional way. answering without hesitation and making sense. If the interviewer stops you in order to proceed to the next question. Test Time During the test. you don’t have to worry about the quality of the recordings. Today Dimitris Lazos. The invigilators always make a sound test. but always in a clear and normal pace – remember it’s not a race. Dimitris says: I can be considered an IELTS veteran. do so it relieves the tension! When the interview starts. Let me share some of my secrets that helped me achieve such good results. after all they want to see if you are able to make a long and reasonable conversation. being kind and courteous might give you a slight edge! Exam tips for Band 8 from IELTS veteran (Listening and Writing) We are happy to share more tips from our IELTS results competition winners. Usually there is a mix of filling in the missing words.

And of course vocabulary is very important. Also it is very important to read the instructions of each question carefully! Writing Preparation First of all make sure that you know what your writing test includes depending on the module type. Practice as much as time allows and try to cover a broad range of topics. Test Time The writing test is the one you can easily slip off time limits. introduction and conclusion statements. as long as you use it in a correct way. Try to learn how to make your writing structured. There are many examples in IELTS blog and other sites around the internet that can help you with this. Also memorize some fixed phrases. The questions are almost always in order. Counting lines is much faster than counting words! Always try to catch the word limit. a 150 words analysis of a figure and a 250 words essay – usually about an academic topic. Counting the words is not really a luxury you can afford in the time frame given. it saves much time later on. so this gives you an idea of what to expect next. you have to write a 150 words letter and a 250 words essay about a social topic. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- . Spend about 3-4 minutes to make a quick plan of what to write first. while for the academic module. You have to be much focused and work in an efficient manner. main paragraphs and conclusion. using introduction. so try to identify what exactly you should be waiting to listen for. particularly useful for letters. For the general module.The questions are split into small sets of 5-10 questions and in between them you have time to quickly read what is expected of you. highlighting the features of different sides and balancing the good and bad points out. Also don’t waste too much time trying to make your handwriting perfect. This is the most critical moment. so what you must do is test on average how many words you can fit on average in a single line beforehand and use that as reference. since anything is fair game in the test. Regarding the essays it is safer to take a neutral approach usually. do not panic – leave it blank or write your guess and then focus to the following ones. If you miss one. as long as it’s legible you get full marks and the examiners know that you have to write fast anyway.