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Trinity Episcopal Church
June 17, 2010
We are . . .
an inclusive community of faith,
strengthened by joyful hearts
and engaged minds.
Search Process
As we continue our search for a new vicar, the Bishop’s Committee met to prepare the data input which will be
used in the computer match process. We had a good working session and our results were forwarded to
Canon Dan Smith. We are making good progress! We now have a completed parish profile and a completed
Church Deployment Profile. Canon Smith hopes to have names of possible candidates for the Bishop’s
Committee to consider by the end of July. Thank you for continuing to use the prayer card with the prayer
from the Book of Common Prayer to help guide us through this search time. Extras are still available in the
basket at the back of the church.
First Sunday of the Month Plate Collection
The first Sunday charitable plate collection for July will be donated to a yet unnamed charity. You have an
opportunity to help select the recipient! Be thinking about what worthy organization you would like to support
and place the name of that organization on a slip of paper in the plate along with your donation this Sunday,
July 4. Let’s see who the lucky winner is!
Dear Friends,
As you may know, the Missouri History Museum in St. Louis is currently hosting an exhibition entitled "Vatican
Splendor: A Journey through Faith and Art" which includes artwork, liturgical vestments & other material, as
well as other items, all on loan from the Vatican in Rome. For more information see
An informal group from Trinity-Kirksville will be visiting the exhibition on Saturday, July 17. The general plan is
to meet up at the Missouri History Museum in St. Louis, see that exhibition, and have a meal together. Since
they recommend that tickets be reserved in advance, it would help to have a count of how many would like to
go. So, if you are interested in going with the group, would you please reply to Julia by e-mail no later than
Friday, July 2 at Of course, if you decide later you'd like to join, I believe individual
tickets are available as well and could be bought at a later date.
Tickets are $19.50 for adults, $17.00 for seniors or college students with college ID, and $13 for children 6 -
12 years of age. (We may be able to receive a $2/ticket discount as a church group, but I need to find out
whether that discount is extended to non-Catholic parishes).
Hope you can join!
Julia & Pete
See you Sunday!
Peter E. Van Horne
Trinity Episcopal Church
We are . . .
an inclusive community of faith,
strengthened by joyful hearts
and engaged minds.
What's nappen|ng At 1r|n|ty¬
September 2, 2011
Upcom|ng Lvents:
Sunday, September 4, 10:00 a.m.¬no|y Luchar|st¬I|rst Sunday Þ|ate Cffer|ng, Iobs W|th Iust|ce
Wednesday, September 7, 7:30 a.m.¬Morn|ng Þrayer
Saturday, September 10, 9:30 a.m.¬Church Work Day
Sunday, September 11, 10:00 a.m.¬no|y Luchar|st¬8|shop's Comm|ttee meet|ng to fo||ow
Coffee nour
Sunday, September 11, 7:00 p.m.¬1a|zó Serv|ce
Cpportun|ty for m|n|stry: uo you feel called Lo reachlng ouL Lo our vlslLors? Þlease conLacL !ulla
ueLancey lf you are lnLeresLed ln and wllllng Lo Lake over Lhe small buL lmporLanL mlnlsLry of
wrlLlng notes to v|s|tors.
Cur nexL 8|shop's Comm|ttee meet|ng wlll be held afLer Coffee Pour Sunday, September 11, aL
kev|n M|nch's house. All are welcome Lo aLLend. lf you need dlrecLlons, please conLacL kevln,
!ohnneLLe+, or one of Lhe 8lshop's CommlLLee members.
8lshop SmlLh wlll be maklng hls annual vlslL Lo 1rlnlLy on Sunday, September 2S,
and everyone wlll have a chance Lo vlslL wlLh hlm aL coffee hour.
uon'L forgeL L|turgy at the Lake aL 1housand Pllls SLaLe Þark on Sunday, September 18, aL 10:00
a.m. A slgnup sheeL ls ln Lhe undercrofL Lo brlng food for Lhe meal followlng Lhe servlce. ln case of
lnclemenL weaLher we wlll have servlces aL 1rlnlLy. We hope you can come and en[oy Lhe speclal
muslc and Lhe meal, as well as Lhe slghLs and sounds of an ouLdoor worshlp servlce!
1h|s has been an |ncred|b|y busy week ln Lhe llfe of 1rlnlLy Church-
hosplLallzed parlshloners, book/movle dlscusslon group, and a candlellghL
vlgll, ln addlLlon Lo our usual llfe ln Lhe church. Many, many hands have
conLrlbuLed Lo Lhese acLlvlLles, as well as Lhe usual worshlp, muslc, and
prayer llfe we share as a parlsh famlly. Many people have been worklng
behlnd Lhe scenes Lo make Lhese Lhlngs happen. 1hank you-each and
every one of you-for belng a parL of Lhls parlsh! Þlease Lake some Llme
Sunday Lo Lhank each oLher, and express our love for one anoLher as
ChrlsL loves us.
1h|s week |n the news: MoLher naLure conLlnues Lo domlnaLe Lhe headllnes aL Lplscopal news
Servlce as Purrlcane lrene baLLers Lhe LasL CoasL. AnoLher arLlcle remlnds us Lo prayerfully Lake
some Llme Lhls weekend Lo conslder Lhe meanlng of Labor uay.
Irom our co-Iun|or Warden, Þete: We are plannlng a fa|| c|ean-up day on
Sept. 10 at 9 a.m., ln anLlclpaLlon of 8lshop SmlLh's vlslL, and wlll have a slgn-
up sheeL of Lhe Lasks avallable, lf you have Lools LhaL may be helpful ln Lhls
regard, feel free Lo brlng Lhem. We plan Lo focus mosLly on Lhe ouLslde of Lhe
bulldlng. Þlease conLacL Wynne or me lf you have any quesLlons.
Sunday Schoo| News from Nancy M|||er: Calllng all Sunday School 1eachers and ÞarenLs! We are
revamplng Lhe Sunday School schedule Lo beLLer meeL our needs, and we're looklng for some new
volunLeers (Leens, sLudenLs or adulLs) Lo help Leach. 1he new Sunday School Llme wlll be 9:40 -
10:40, whlch wlll allow Lhe chlldren and Leachers Lo [oln Lhe congregaLlon for offerLory and
communlon. We hope Lo sLarL SepLember 18. (1he nursery wlll sLlll be avallable beglnnlng aL 10am
for chlldren under 4.) An lnLeresL/orlenLaLlon meeLlng ls planned for Sunday, September 11 aL 9:30.
Cur program ls Leam-LaughL each week by Lwo adulL volunLeers, who roLaLe based on avallablllLy
and lnLeresL. ln oLher words, you can choose how ofLen you'd llke Lo Leach. lf you'd llke Lo flnd ouL
more abouL our !"#$%&'$(% currlculum or learn whlch Leacher role sulLs you besL, please [oln us!
Þlease e-mall nancy Mlller lf you have any quesLlons or would llke Lo volunLeer.
1a|zó Serv|ce: Cur nexL 1alze servlce ls Sunday, September 11, aL 7:00 p.m. 1he
Lheme ls ºpeace and reconclllaLlon." We are always looklng for canLors and
readers, conLacL ScoLL lf you would llke Lo serve ln Lhe role of canLor for one of
Lhe songs, or Sally lf you would llke Lo serve as a reader. Þlease [oln us for prayer,
song, and reflecLlon on a day LhaL can be fllled wlLh confllcLlng emoLlons.
Iood Depot News: We conLlnue Lo collecL each Sunday food for Lhe lood uepoL Lo be dlsLrlbuLed
Lo Lhose ln need ln our communlLy. As a remlnder, when you brlng your donaLlon on Sunday (any
oLher Llme) Lo church please lnclude elLher your grocery sLore rece|pt or a noLe wlLh Lhe pr|ces pa|d
ln your bag. Also, Lhey have asked LhaL we noL brlng any large or economy slzes of Lhlngs. And
flnally, Lhls week Lhey are parLlcularly ln need of boxed macaron| & cheese.

Also, mark your calendars for Lhe Iood Depot 8enef|t. lL wlll be a gospel muslc beneflL Lo be held
on Sunday, September 2S aL 2:00 p.m. aL Lhe McMaln AucLlon Pouse on ÞoLLer Ave. [usL wesL of
Wal MarL, on Plghway 6. uoor prlzes wlll be glven away beLween performances. More lnformaLlon
Lo follow, buL Lhls ls a greaL opporLunlLy Lo ralse money for Lhe lood uepoL and lL would be greaL Lo
have a good conLlngenL Lhere from 1rlnlLy ln supporL. lf you mlghL be able Lo donate any door
pr|zes, please conLacL 8ecky Csborn aL hbosborn[cableone.neL. 1hose of you on lacebook, look
ouL for a lacebook group for Lhls evenL!
Lo|a Lampe remalns aL norLheasL 8eglonal Medlcal CenLer, 8oom 318, as she
recovers from her broken hlp. She has been very appreclaLlve of Lhe love
and supporL she's goLLen from her 1rlnlLy famlly. AddlLlonally, k|rsty Imes ls
recuperaLlng aL home afLer a surglcal procedure and ls dolng well.

ueadllne for submlsslon of lLems ln nexL week's news ls 12:00 noon, 1hursday, September 8.
Þlease send lLems Lo Marla aL crankycrlcker[ .
In your prayer t|me next week, please remember:

!"#$%&#'"()*+,"#-.//0"*.": Seou|-(korea), and Þau|, Lhelr 8lshop
!"#.01#-./2,"*."#3*.+&4&#.5#60*7#&M|deh Archdeaconry, and Cosmas, Lhelr ÞrlesL
!"#$%&#3*.+&4&#.5#8*44.01*7##St. Mart|n's Lp|scopa| Church, L|||sv|||e (1963), and Ion, Lhelr 8ecLor

9.1):;*:&7##1he people of Norway, Lhe people of Iop||n and Lhe Last Coast, the fam|ne v|ct|ms
of Soma||a, kenya, and Lth|op|a, and Lhe people of Lhe M|dd|e Last
!"#.01#+."(1&(,$*."#,":#&<$&":&:#2,1*4%#5,/*)=7##We pray for Margaret (Marla), A| (!o), Stan
(8arbara), Chuck (!oanne), Andy (krlsLa), 1homas (1alle, ÞaLrlcla), Çu|nton, Ange|, Iess|ca
(klrsLy), Ann (ÞeLe and !ulla), Dav|d (Marla), L|z (ulane's nlece), kocky (!ean), 8etty (Sally's
moLher), Iohn (!essle's husband), kex (CynLhla's faLher), L||as, Larry (karen), Suz|e (!essle), 8ob
(ulane), 8r|an (ulane), Char|ette (Shannon), Lhe famlly and frlends of kr|st|n, Ld|th (1alle), for
Lhe frlends and famlly of Me||nda (1homas), kuth, 2oe Lynn, Greg, Lo|a, k|rsty, and those we
ho|d s||ent|y |n our hearts.