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Project Report on : Creating Awareness for Star &Sitata – The Beauty Chain from Future Group.


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Executive Summary
The report is prepared based on the Marketing Project done as a part of Summer Internship Project. The project was done at Future Group‟s Star &Sitara. The project is aimed at designing and implementing promotional strategiestoimprove the awareness of Star &Sitara as a brand in Chain of BeautyParlours and Salon. The project involved designing promotional activities aimed at the i) Regular customers of Star &Sitara. ii) Customers who visit BigBazaar (where our outlets are located), iii) Corporate offices and Colleges iv) Near-by societies. We have also done the study of the competitors at near-by localities in-order to understand their strengths and weaknesses in-order to work upon improving our services and offerings. The project also involves organizing events with-in the store and outside at Corporate Offices, Colleges and Societies. We also created the database of our regular customers and potential customers in-order to communicate regarding the new offers and advanced services as well as the store experts. The project also included collecting customer feedback on store, service and staff in-order to find the areas which need improvement. As a part of the project, we measured the awareness of Star&Sitara among the customers at BigBazaar at the beginning of the project as well as at the end in-order to understand the increase in awareness as a result of our efforts on the project.

On the first Wednesday of our work. The activities carried out in the project are Customer Interaction. The project included client interactions. we had to get in touch with a Matrix Hair Expert and invite them to come to Star&Sitara for the event. their strengths and weaknesses. their average number of foot falls per month. Hence we created a questionnaire (attached in Appendix) and got it filled by a sample of 440 customers of Banshankari and 470 customers of OMR store. we had to conduct events on Wednesdays and Saturdays with in Big Bazaar. Society Activation and College Activation. we visited these outlets and collected data regarding their pricing. As a part of this. We designed the pamphlet to be distributed as a part of the event. 6) Studying the competitor‟s pricing strategy. 2) Formalizing the process of sending customers regular offer updates and gifts on their birthdays or special occasions. we helped our manager in organizing a Hair Analysis Campaign at BigBazaar. who are our major competitors. As a part of our project. For this. Corporate Activation. Our next focus was on improving the awareness among the customers who visit BigBazaar. competitor analysis. . 3) Carrying out promotional activities inside the BigBazaars to create awareness among the customers who already visit BigBazaar for shopping.Page 1 Introduction The project was aimed at finding solutions to the marketing problems currently faced by Star&Sitara. We started our project with surveying the nearby salons and beauty parlours. 4) Contacting corporates for corporate tie-ups. and to conduct events to create awareness among the employees of the organization. – Fix appointments with HRs or Facility Head at corporates to discuss regarding the corporate offer that is designed for the employees. we have done the following activities. For this. designing promotional strategies and ways of taping new customers. their target market with respect to age and income. 1) Improving relationship with the customers through feedback on ambiance and quality of service and then working on making improvements. We also needed to measure the awareness of Star&Sitara among the customers who visit BigBazaar. we rated their ambiance and the way they interact with the customers. The figure below shows the pamphlet that we have designed. 5) Organize/ Sponsor events at colleges and societies to create awareness among students/residents.

our work majorly included interacting with the customers and driving them into store for the Hair Analysis. One color eg. we designed games that can be carried-out as a promotional activity. And a box with a set of keys will be kept(some of them can be fake keys and few real keys). Treasure Chest Ball Game The prizes given for the event was decided based on the COGS. We had come-up with 6 promotional games (attached in Appendices). Customers can be called to choose a key from box and open the chest. we also created a Hair Analysis Card (attached in Appendices) for the experts to mark the result of the customer‟s hair analysis. Customers can be asked to pick one ball from each boxes. 2 Boxes with 4 balls each can be kept. The customer who opens the chest can be given the gift as specified in the coupon in the chest.Page 2 As a part of the day‟s activity. The following were the prizes distributed : Other than Bumper Prize : Instant Glow Facial @ 199/. Out of which we choose to select 3 which did not have skill influence. We then focused on designing promotional games. as we figured-out that games would help to create more interest and enthusiasm among the customers.(MRP of 400/-) . 3 Treasure Chest with a coupon can be kept. On the day of the event. Hence.Red can be chosen as the Bumper Color and the customer who gets both balls of red color can be given a free service at Star&Sitara. The customer who gets both balls of same color can be given gifts. The following are the chosen 2 games out of total 6 games we designed.

hence not a right time to organize events. Thus our focus right now will be to interact with the students and discuss regarding our current offers. We have also formalized the process of messaging customers. wishing them as well as offering them a special gift of Rs. Value for Money and Overall Saloon. This activity also helped us in creating a database of corporate contacts (attached in Tabulations) for any future use. We have contacted17 corporate houses.service on their birthday. We also analyzed the feedback of customers of last six months till April 2 nd week. . we have sponsored gifts for an event at RV College of Engineering. Service. For women : Stylish Haircut @ 199/.500/. In the feedback we asked the customers to rate Star&Sitara on the attributes such as Ambience. Another responsibility we had as a part of the project was to get corporate tie-ups in-order to attract more corporate clients. We interacted with the college authority to enquire regarding the vacation and exams to figure-out a right time to organize event at college. Hygiene & Cleanliness. For Men : Free Stylish Haircut. The tie-up with Sasken includes a contract for 1 year to conduct promotional activities at the company campus as well as sponsoring gifts for several fun events organized by the company. We have asked the store manager to shortlist the customers who have their birthday on the upcoming month on the last working day of every month and send it to the store marketing department who is responsible for all the messaging that happens from BigBazaar. The exams in the colleges are going on now. Staff Courtesy.(MRP of 350/-) We also collect the Date of Birth of our customers with the contact number and email id. The college activation was also a part of our responsibilities in the project.Page 3 Bumper Prize : Free Hair Spa. We have been able to freeze on the corporate tie-up with Sasken Communication Technologies Ltd. This helped us understand our strengths and weaknesses as perceived by the customers. As a part of college activation. We have designed the message that needs to be sent to the customers on their birthday. followed-up with 8 corporate houses and converted 2 meetings with the respective HRs of the company. This data is used to send messages and mails to the customers on their birthday.

We have interacted with the students there as well.Page 4 We also got in touch with the students and distributed pamphlets of our current offers. BMS Degree College was of importance to us since it is a girl‟s only college. Towards the end of our project. We have also created a database of apartment contacts (attached in Tabulations) for future use. As a part of this. This was done to measure the rise in awareness as a result of our efforts on the project. This activity also helped us in creating database of colleges of nearby localities for future use as well. We then visited the societies and tried to get in touch with the concerned person to discuss regarding the same. We also designed a society letter (attached in Appendices) in-order to introduce our offer to the societies. Another part of the project was Society Activation. we again measured the awareness of Star&Sitara among the customers of BigBazaar. We got a sample of 420 customers of Banshankari and 415 customers of OMR store. We also visited BMS College of Engineering and interacted with students and distributed pamphlets. We were successful in few cases. . this way we have increased the awareness among the college students. but the response was not too good as expected. we collected the list of societies at the nearby localities and created a database (attached in Tabulations) on the same.

 To create a database of potential customers.  To increase the foot falls and also the Average Bill Value / Number of Bills at Star&Sitara by attracting new customers. and also conducting awareness programs amongst students at colleges.  To inform the customers about advanced services and expert staff  To maintain a healthy relationship with their existing customers and to keep them informed about the latest offers and services. (The objectives were laid down by the company at the beginning of the project) .Page 5 Objectives of the Study The Project should be able to  To increase the awareness of Star&Sitara among the target customers.  To collect the feedback from customers and analyze the data in-order to work on the lagging parameters. and hence creating a database of contacts for future use as well. residents of flats and societies.  To create link-ups with corporates (first of its kind initiative taken by Star&Sitara).  To attract more corporate clients and students .Organizing events inside store and outside at Corporate Offices.

Brand : A brand is any product that provides functional benefits as well as added values which some customers value enough to buy. Customer Development Process : This process specifies the steps involved in converting a suspect to client to partner. Store Atmosphere : Atmosphere of a retail store includes Walls. Relationships : Building long term relationships with all the customers is very important in any business. One of the important factors customers notice is the ambiance. The added value is the uniformity in quality service as well as atmosphere that a customer can feel and experience in Star&Sitara anywhere in India. he/she becomes satisfied. Competition : Anyone who provide a rival offering or a substitute. Hence. Lighting. Promotions : Conducting activities and providing short-term incentives or gifts to increase sales. As a part of measuring the level of customer satisfaction. Customer Satisfaction: When the product performance or offering matches the expectations of customer. Floors . Star&Sitara being in service business. Hence. Star&Sitara face an Industry level competition. we collected the feedback from our customers to understand their expectations as well as how well we are able to satisfy them and to work up on providing better experience. Advocate and Partner. We conducted activities as a part of increasing awareness.Surface space and Music. Product placement. . Signage.Page 6 Concepts / Models introduced in the Study Target Market / Segmentation : Target segment of Star&Sitara is beauty conscious men/women of age group of 20 and above from middle class and upper middle class who visits BigBazaar. Repeat Customer. Prospects. it helps to understand the customer satisfaction level. if they were interested in Star&Sitara they were considered Prospects. The chain is as below: Suspect. hence focus was also given to the different factors of Store Atmosphere if it required any improvement. Client Member. First Time Customer. we collected their contact information to try to convert them into First Time Customer. we also had to focus on creating positive relationship with our customers. Our activities included talking to Suspects (Customers at BigBazaar). The functional benefit in case of Star&Sitara is the quality service that we provide. We collected the data of competitors in-order to understand their pricing and business as a whole.

brand development. Galaxy leading leisure chains. and family entertainment centres.000 people and is listed on the Indian stock exchanges. home improvement chain . In the value segment. Future Capital Holdings.Wellness and Beauty chain – Star&Sitara. among others. Led by its flagship enterprise. Pantaloon Retail.Page 7 Brief about the Organization Future Group Future Group. It also operates popular shopping portal -www.Home Town and rural retail chain. a brand development and IPR company. its marquee brand. capital. The first set of Big Bazaar stores opened in 2001 in Kolkata. The group‟s presence in Leisure & Entertainment segment is led through. hotels and logistics. leisure and entertainment. In 2008. Mr. Future Brands. Big Bazaar is a hypermarket format that combines the look.eZone. It also operates a consumer finance arm with branches in 150 locations. led by its founder and Group CEO. Big Bazaar opened its 100th store. Hyderabad and Bangalore. In the lifestyle segment. sportswear retailer . Sports Bar and BowlingCo. a chain of seamless malls. retail media and logistics. The group‟s speciality retail formats include supermarket chain – Food Bazaar. The company follows a multi-format retail strategy that captures almost the entire consumption basket of Indian customers. Kishore Biyani. the group‟s insurance venture in partnership with Italy‟s Generali Group. the group operates Pantaloons. real estate.futurebazaar.Planet Sports. Future Logistics. the group operates over 16 million square feet of retail space in 73 cities and towns and 65 rural locations across India. marking the fastest ever organic expansion of a hypermarket. Pantaloon Retail employs around 30. Through its partner company. Aadhaar. a retail media initiative. insurance. Blue Foods . a fashion retail chain and Central. Future Generali. Headquartered in Mumbai (Bombay). touch and feel of Indian bazaars with the choice and convenience of modern retail. Mumbai-based listed company Galaxy Entertainment Limited. electronics retailer . group subsidiaries are present in consumer finance. While retail forms the core business activity of Future Group. is one of India‟s leading business houses with multiple businesses spanning across the consumption space. retail real estate development. Other group companies include. providing logistics and distribution solutions to group companies and business partners and Future Media. the group‟s financial arm provides investment advisory to assets worth over $1 Billion that are being invested in consumer brands and companies.

„Rewrite rules.‟ Star&Sitara Star&Sitara. women and children can easily find a service to cater to their need. Copper Chimney and Gelato. Star&Sitara boast of a team of talented stylists and skin specialists. as espoused in the group‟s core value of „Indianness. The Spoon. This makes sure that you smell good and look forward to the otherwise painful wax sessions. Spaghetti Kitchen. These beauty consultants also individualize each treatment keeping in mind that every individual is different. Surely a mini revolution! Star&Sitara also has expertise in consultation to find the perfect style to suit their customer‟s lifestyle. For the first time in the country. The „wax bar‟ also provides for flavors to choose from like chocolate. . introduces many new features and products for the first time in India. Noodle Bar. almond. The salon is spacious and the atmosphere relaxed. Men. green apple. At Star&Sitara we aim to democratize salon services for easy access to all and deliver quality service at very affordable prices With 40 outlets throughout the country. Staples and Middle East-based Axiom Communications. The salon uses oil based wax instead of sugar based to make the experience better than what it is traditionally done. Future Group‟s joint venture partners include.‟ The group‟s corporate credo is. a “Wax Bar” with different flavored waxes that promises a painless wax for women is being introduced. Star&Sitara provides all skin and hair related beauty service. But the focal and niche element of the salon is the affordable and attractive pricing. strawberry. Retain values. US-based stationery products retailer.Page 8 the group operates around 100 restaurants and food courts through brands like Bombay Blues. Future Group believes in developing strong insights on Indian consumers and building businesses based on Indian ideas. a unique beauty salon for men and women.

people are investing more in themselves and personal grooming.000 crores beauty services market is where maximum action is taking place. 15000 Crores (the reason why so many clinics and spas come up). astringents. the value chain is expanding. It is the Rs. The beauty industry in India is growing at over 17 per cent and is at a post emergent stage. lip gloss etc. nail enamels. And when the beauty service industry is included then the size is estimated at Rs. Hair Care segment which includes hair oils. moisturizers.Page 9 Brief about the Industry The business of beauty is one of the most stable. Beauty products and services find an increased consumption as per capita income is growing. Ever since it was formally recognized as an industry 100 years ago. and Other Beauty Products segment such a makeup. toners. Star&Sitara etc and many other local chains. opportunities and disposable incomes are also increasing. sun protectors etc. shampoos. opportunities span across divisions. it is said to have always overtaken GDP growth. lipsticks. . The beauty industry in India comprises of: Skin Care segment which includes skin creams. new players are a common scenario in Beauty Industry. With large companies in the beauty products and service providers space. But the organized segment is catching up with players like Lakme Salon. recession proof and profitable businesses that can ever be. With many companies setting up their manufacturing operations and even research and development centers. conditioners etc. cleansers. With the economy growing. The segment is largely unorganized with thousands of individual beauticians and neighborhood parlors. geographies and functions.5000 Crores split almost equally between Skincare & Haircare. dyes. 10. It is estimated that the overall annual size of the beauty products category is approximately Rs. As the industry is still at a growth stage. Lakme Studio Kaya Skin Clinic.

Pricing Hair Cut/ Styling Name Location Men Women Facial Customer Age Group Income Group Foot Fall / Month Rating Staff Interaction Ambience Our next step was Customer Interaction and hence. which can be used to keep them updated about the offers and new expert services. This helped in creating a database of potential customers. No. Id No. Name Contact No. Mail id Service Availed . S. Hence. so that we can improve our offerings if required. Name Phone No To grow the business. we started off with interacting with the customers who visit BigBazaar and collected their name and contact number. S. We have entered the data in the following manner. one of the main step is to keep our existing customers satisfied as their feedback and word of mouth is very important for the growth of the service business like ours. Name Date of Birth Gender Contact No. Customer feedback forms were prepared to know about the level of satisfaction among the customers who visits our stores. So we collected the database of our regular customers which was available with the store manager which we converted into a soft copy. No. in order to give our customers best experience and value for money.Page 10 Methodology Followed Competitor Analysis was a part of our project as we had to understand the pricing of our competitors as well as their Target Customer group. Mail id A way to understand the existing customers is to collect their feedback. we visited the main competitors and collected the data in the below format. in order to start sending them mail and messages about our latest offers and services.

Date of Exams College Name Contact Number Timing Start Date End Date Vacation College Reopening Date We have also created a database of Societies in the nearby localities of OMR with the help of store marketing manager. As a part of this activity. . We have collected the data in the following format: Company Name Contact Person Contact Number Email ID As a part of College Activation. We have collected the data in the following format: Sl No: ApartmentName Location We have also created a database of contacts to few apartments at OMR. we have also created a database of corporate contacts which can be used for future use as well. It is a form of convenience sampling in which the population elements are selected based on the judgment of the researcher. The data was collected in the following format: Apartment Name Contact Person Contact Number Our project also included measuring the awareness of Star&Sitara among the customers at BigBazaar.Page 11 We asked our customers to rate us on the following parameters: Customer ratings Ambience Service Staff Courtesy Hygiene & Cleanliness Value for Money Overall Salon The project also involved contacting corporate houses for tie-ups. Sampling Technique – The method used in this module was Judgmental sampling. we have also created a database of colleges in the nearby localities for future use as well. Hence we got the questionnaire filled at the beginning of the project as well as the end. The data was collected in the following format. Here we selected customers coming to BigBazaar who seemed to be beauty conscious. This data helps in focusing on organizing event at the right time of college reopening.

I collected the data by means of questionnaire filled by the customers of BigBazaar at Banshankari and OMR. Secondary data . time available for research and selection of method of tabulation and presentation of data The research of my project is to measure the awareness. . Questionnaire Design – We prepared a set of questionnaire. 2.Data collected by a researcher is known as primary data. Then we conducted the survey by distributing these sheets to the customers. I had defined my problem as “Number of walk-ins at BigBazaar was high whereas the no of bills/customers at Star &Sitara was too less comparatively”. Data Collection – The data collection method can be classified into two methods 1. Research Design – Preparation of research design involves selection of means of obtaining information. The sample unit for the final analysis was 420 customers at Banshankari and 415 customers at OMR store. Sample Unit – The sample unit selected for the initial analysis was 440 customers at Banshakari and 470 customers at OMR. Primary data . I obtained information from the customers who visit BigBazaar through the questionnaire. Time I had for my research was 1 week in both the initial as well as final analysis. Formulating Research Problem – The research problem undertaken for study was based on the dilemma faced by Star&Sitara management.Secondary data means the data that is already available.Page 12 Sample Area – The sample area was BigBazaar at OMR and Banshankari.Bangalore. Bangalore. which was approved by our company guide. The data required for my research can be considered Primary Data.  The Research Approach – Survey Method  The Research Instrument – Questionnaire  The Respondents – Customers at BigBazaar.

Page 13 Tabulation and Findings Based on the feedback collected from the customers. OMR Store : Banshankari Store : Ambience 0% 6% 68% 26% Poor Average Good Excellent Ambience 0% 4% 65% 31% Poor Average Good Excellent OMR Store : 0% 2% 51% 47% Poor Average Good Excellent Banshankari Store : Service Service 0% 1% 55% 44% Poor Average Good Excellent . the rating for the different parameters are as below.

Page 14 OMR Store : Banshankari Store : Staff Courtesy 0% 2% 41% 57% Poor Average Good Excellent Staff Courtesy 0% 6% 41% 53% Poor Average Good Excellent OMR Store : Banshankari Store : Hygiene & Cleanliness 0% 7% 50% 43% Poor Average Good Excellent Hygiene & Cleanliness 0% 5% 50% 45% Poor Average Good Excellent .

OMR Store : Page 15 Banshankari Store : Value for Money 0% 8% 56% 36% Poor Average Good Excellent Value for Money 0% 11% 56% 33% Poor Average Good Excellent OMR Store : Banshankari Store : Overall Saloon 0% 0% 60% 40% Poor Average Good Excellent Overall Saloon 0% 2% 65% 33% Poor Average Good Excellent The data suggests that all Star&Sitara outlets maintain almost similar ratings with in all the attributes. This reinforces the fact that the idea of providing standardized services and atmosphere for the customers at any location at Star&Sitara is working well for Future Group. The Star&Sitara regional head can definitely take a credit for this uniformity. The data also shows that the Staff Courtesy is the highest rated in both the location. which means that staff is .

we realized that the pricing that Star&Sitara had is more affordable to customers as compared our competitors. Another reason will be the visibility these salons/parlours enjoy as compared to Star&Sitara. Ambiance and Staff Interaction of VLCC. According to the data collected. This can attributed to the fact that they also provide slimming and other services other than beauty.30 May nd th No. VLCC & Body&Soul is much higher compared to Star&Sitara. Inspiration. We wrote a new DVD with more soft music and has given it to the Benshankari Store. Based on the data collected as a part of competitor analysis. The target customer also is the same in most of the cases. But there is still room for improvement to reach the top.Page 16 also groomed to meet the expectations of the customers. Body&Soul and Inspiration is as good as. We can definitely work up on the ambiance (refer Recommendations). of customers Aware 65 140 % Awareness 14. of Customers Surveyed 440 420 No. As a part of this. The average foot falls looks for more than ours in case of Vibes. if not more attractive than Star&Sitara. We also collected the customer opinion on the new music and found the new tracks as more favored.33333333 % Awareness 40 30 20 10 0 As on 12th April On 30th May . Benshankari Store.77272727 33. Based on the data collected as a part of measuring awareness at the beginning as well as end of project. the maximum scope for improvements needs to be bought in the ambience. we have changed the music played in the store. we found the following information: Banashankari Store– Date 5th April – 12th April 2011 22 May .

of Customers Surveyed 470 415 No.Page 17 OMR Store – Date 5th April – 12th April 2011 22 May . And more of the same initiative for a longer period will help in increasing the awareness to a considerable degree. It is clearly evident that there is room for improvement. of customers Aware 72 127 % Awareness 15.31914894 30. . the percentage awareness has increased in both OMR as well as Banshankari store after the project.60240964 % Awareness 40 30 20 10 0 As on 12th April On 28th May Based on the data.28 May nd th No.

2) Customer feedback suggests that all Star&Sitara outlets maintain almost similar ratings with in all the attributes. 3) The data also shows that the Staff Courtesy is the highest rated in both the location. which means that staff is also groomed to meet the expectations of the customers. This shows that more steps through promotional activities can improve the awareness.33% in Benshankari and from 15.Interpretations and Conclusions 1) The main reason for lack of awareness is the lack of visibility of Star&Sitara.3% to 30. Page 28 .77% to 33. This can be improved by a little effort to brighten up the exterior of stores. as it is at the top most floor of BigBazaar(Behind the escalator as in case of OMR store).6% in OMR. This reinforces the fact that the idea of providing standardized services and atmosphere for the customers at any location at Star&Sitara is working well for Future Group. 6) The awareness have increased from 14. But there is still room for improvement to reach the top. 5) Customer ratings on Service can still be improved. 4) Based on the data collected as a part of competitor analysis. This can help attract attention of customers visiting Food Court as well as Gaming Zone. we realized that the pricing that Star&Sitara has is more affordable to customers as compared our competitors.

Glass Window facing road : That window helps bring in light from outside. This can help in grabbing attention of people at the Gaming Zone & Food Court. those needs to be removed or repaired. There are a few small lights that keep flickering. 4) Store should keep a stand for Star&Sitara events as this can help attract more customers to promotional events. Changing the lights here can also help in grabbing attention of people at the Gaming Zone & Food Court. Hence. so that they can be changed once in 2 weeks.Recommendations 1) As the visibility of Star&Sitara from outside BigBazaar is nil. Need to fix more focus lights. 3) More events needs to be conducted in BigBazaar as events could create good amount of awareness. OMR: i) ii) iii) iv) Lighting : Lack of proper lighting is evident in the OMR Store. 2) According to the customer feedback. Name Board : The name board is also dully lit. the brightness can be reduced a bit by putting a light color(White or Light-Purple) curtain on the glass window. The current curtain is white. ambiance needs the most improvement. . This helps in having visuals of brand put up in-order to create brand awareness. The focus lights in the front waiting area make the store more attractive. mainly the huge light at the entrance need to be fixed. we can improve this condition by putting-up a big size promotional banner on the exterior of BigBazaar Building (The position can be higher up(2nd or 3rd floor). Need to have 2 pairs. We can get a light purple (which signifies Star&Sitara Brand) curtain to make the store look more lively. hence removing the baskets of bunnies/toys from the front area and providing good focus lights outside will help make the store look attractive from outside. This will help the store lighting look good. we have come up with the following recommendations to improve the store ambiance: Benshankari: i) Lighting : There are light fittings in store which are not working. This way we can reinforce the correlation of purple color to the brand more strongly. ii) Curtains : The curtains in the store needs to be maintained well on a weekly bases. This can help attract attention of customers who travel on road as well. But the light is too bright during day time. but size need to be large enough to be noticed). The outside of store : The entrance and exterior of store looks very unorganized.

5) The staff training seems to be having good impact as the most highly rated attribute is Staff Courtesy. This can be included as a study in future. 2) In future. 3) Managers at stores were not always too cooperative in nature. it would be best to assign 2 interns to one store location. Staff can be asked to have compassion towards customers. Still there is scope of improvement. Scope for future improvements 1) Society activation can be done through customer interaction. 3) The project could have also measured the exact percentage of repeat customers at Star&Sitara. This would help in focusing well on the strength. . To get the contact of the right person in the society who is responsible for events and tie-ups. Page 29 Limitations of the Study 1) We lacked budget for more marketing activities such as advertising. 2) We had to face limitations on suggesting improvements regarding utilizing BigBazaar space for Star&Sitara boards and other improvements in store. it would be best to talk to customers who stay at different societies to get in touch with the right person. weaknesses and opportunities of a location at a time.

And a small form ball can be used to throw the ball into the net.Page 30 Appendices Hair Analysis Card Games designed for Event: Have a basket-ball net put on a screen. Customers .

We can keep bumper prize if all three dies have a certain number. Throwing the Dice We need a set of 3 dice. they get prize. If the customer can put the ball in the net twice – % reduction on a service. If the prediction is correct.Basket-Ball Game can be chosen based on minimum bill amount at big bazaar. There can be 3 chances. . We can ask the customer to predict the number that he/she wants in the dice when he/she tosses them. Inside the envelope we can write a question and alsospecify the gift if the customer answers that question (inside the same envelope). The gift that is specified inside the envelope can be given to the customer if he/she answers the question. Society Letter : Below is the letter we designed as a part of Society Activation. We can keep conditions. And customers can be invited to choose an envelope. If the customer can put the ball in the net all 3 times – Bumper Gift of free service The Prize Vault A stack of envelops can be kept. If the customer can put the ball in the net 1s – small gift.

Consumer Survey .Star  and Sitara How often do you visit Big Bazaar? Weekly once Every two weeks Monthly Once Other______________  Which department do you visit the most whenever you visit Big Bazaar? Food Bazaar Fashion Bazaar Furniture & Home Electronics Other___________  Have you heard/seen about “Star and Sitara”? Yes No .Page 32 Below is the questionnaire we prepared to measure the awareness at the beginning as well as the end of our project.

com/2010/05/beauty-beast-of-industry. Would you like to visit? Yes No.asp Please Specify Reason____________________________________________  If http://www.pantaloonretail. How did you get to know about “Star and Sitara”? News Paper Inside Big Bazaar Family & Friends Other____________  Have you ever visited “Star and Sitara”? Yes No  If Research Methodology Material – Term2 .blogspot.aspx?page=article&sectid=2&contentid=201103222011032216 1234785c2ddaac8 http://www. are you satisfied with the availed service? Yes No. Contact No. http://www. Please Specify Reason(s)___________________________________________  Would you like to receive our latest offers through message? Yes.___________________________ No Any Comment_________________________________________________________________ Name ________________________________________________________________________ Page 33 Bibliography Marketing Management (Kotler& Keller) – 12th Edition.futuregroup.timesascent.

Page 34 .