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Case Studies Case Questions for Analysis

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8. 6 7. 6.Case Studies 1. 5. Kunst 1600 Dry Piston pump y p p Oce & Croon Exelon: Eco Preferred® Power Eco-Preferred Kone: Monospace Launch Microsoft: Design of Support Network Interscience TSM Pharmaceuticals Infosis Technologies I f i T h l i Copyright © 2002 ACNielsen 2 . 3 4. 2. 3.

Copyright © 2002 ACNielsen 3 .Kunst 1600 1. Key Considerations .Prepare Kunst 1600’s customer value model in relevant segments.What market segment(s) do you recommend Kunst should target? Justify your choice. List out Kunst 1600 major strengths and weaknesses.Should Kunst launch the 1600 pump? Why? . j g Where applicable indicate the value and price elements for each of the strengths and weaknesses Prepare a unique selling proposition for Kunst 1600 2. Recommendations .

Oce & Croon 1. and contention between XES 870 DDS and the Océ 950? (No need for details. Give reason(s). List the points of parity. 3. 2. difference. reason(s) Prepare a value assessment in terms of NPV for the one configuration of Oce that you think is best suited for Croon versus the best alternative that XES has to offer. Outline the 5 key points that Bart Van Asch should yp highlight in his pitch presentation. only list of points is required) Which in your opinion is the desirable XES configuration and Océ configuration for Croon. Copyright © 2002 ACNielsen 4 .

What are the longer term implications? g p What is your recommended Market Entry Strategy in terms of Price. 2 3. Copyright © 2002 ACNielsen 5 . Product Positioning and Branding? 2. 1 How can Exelon tangibilize the intangible in Eco EcoPreferred®? What are Exelon’s advantages and disadvantages of Exelon s charging a premium for Eco-Preferred®.Exelon: Eco-Preferred® Power 1.

Kone: Monospace Launch 1. France and UK? Write a value proposition for KONE MonoSpace. What factors contributed to the launch performance of KONE in the Netherlands. What sales tactics should be adopted in Germany’s sales plan to ensure success? Copyright © 2002 ACNielsen 2. 3. 6 . From KONE’s financial perspective. what are the 3 most important considerations on price of KONE Monospace? Recommend a price position and state your reasons. 4.

7 . Which services should Microsoft: a) offer as free or “standard”.Microsoft: Design of Support Network 1. b) sell as an option for an additional fee. 3 4.0 matrix be 10 structured in terms of rows and columns? (Managing Market Offerings) 2. what product support strategy has Microsoft envisioned? (Crafting Market Strategy) How should the Microsoft Support Network 1. 3. and c) not offered (but p perhaps have a 3rd party service p p p y provider p partner offer)? ) What implementation problems should PSS managers anticipate? How can PSS managers successfully overcome them? Copyright © 2002 ACNielsen 5. What factors suggest that Microsoft's PSS Division needs a more comprehensive and fl ibl approach f it service h i d flexible h for its i offerings? (Market Sensing) Based upon the g p guidelines that senior management has g provided to Trish May.

he will require answers to the following questions: 1. What are the points of differences between TRACE GC and Varian 3800? What is the value-in-use of the TRACE GC versus the Varian 3800 for the contract laboratory market in Benelux? What value proposition should TRACE GC adopt in the contract lab market? How should Interscience reformulate its market offering for this market segment? Your case assignment is to answer all of the above questions. 3. To work towards defining this new selling approach. 2.Interscience Based on Gerard Tromer’s feedback and the results of the laboratory tests. tests Marcel had come to realize that Interscience “will have to re reinvent its selling approach”. Copyright © 2002 ACNielsen 8 .

2. Build a customer value model to demonstrate the value of Integrated Stock Management program to pharmacists relative to the incumbent card-based system? Recommend business strategy for the Integrated Stock Management (ISM) service Take into service. consideration: Core strategy … i.e. what’s unique and how does it gy q give you competitive advantage? Value Proposition Price How do you plan to retain control over software? Which customer segments you want to target? Why? Copyright © 2002 ACNielsen 9 .TSM Pharmaceuticals 1.

3. what challenging issues related to global marketing does this case pose for Infosys? What “knowledge transfer time” cost savings can PFS expect from sole sourcing the Ariba e-Procurement System project? Assuming you are the Infosys’ PFS Account Team. Copyright © 2002 ACNielsen 10 . 2.Infosis Technologies 1. list out the key points you need to incorporate in your presentation to persuasively sell the firm’s ability to deliver a superior end-to-end solution for the Ariba ep Procurement System project. Looking beyond the immediate Ariba e-Procurement System project.

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Market potential . 1.Optical Distortion Inc. 3 Make a value assessment for ODI lens Propose price and pricing strategy for ODI Prepare national sales forecast for ODI for 1975 – 1979 covering: . 3.Regional break-up of sales Copyright © 2002 ACNielsen 12 . 2.