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A1. Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow: (8 marks) Animals and plants have some very ingenious answers to chemical and engineering problems. Corals have lived in the oceans for hundreds of millions of years. They are obviously highly successful animals. They often live in waters which have very little of the materials they. Need to grow. The coral animal needs Lots of a chemical named phosphate, which is taken from the sea water around it. Yet the tropical waters in which the corals live very often have hardly any of this mineral in them. How the coral manages to obtain so much phosphate has long puzzled biologists. It was always assumed that the coral had some very special process for them. Australian scientists in the 1980s observed that the coral was taking phosphate from the sea water ten times more efficiently than any factory could. This is due to the detailed shape of the coral. The surface of the coral is engineered to increase the extraction rate. It is a series of repeating shapes which get smaller and smaller, right down to levels that can only be seen with a microscope. If the surface was flattened out it would cover an enormous area. It is this huge surface area which allows the coral to take out so much phosphate. A1.1 On the basis of your reading of the above passage, answer the following questions as briefly as possible. Write your answers in the space provided. (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) (f) (g) (h) The coral manages to grow inspite of ______________________________ Scientists believed that the coral grows so well because ________________ ‘Sea water around it’ (line 5). What does ‘it’ refer to? __________________ The coral is able to extract phosphate more efficiently than any factory could because _____________________________________ The coral extracts so much phosphate because __________________________ ‘any factory could’ (line 10). Here ‘could’ refers to the ability to ____________ Find a word in lines 1 to 6 which means ‘clever’. _________________________ Find a word in lines 7 to 12 which means ‘structured or ‘designed’. __________

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Children are unable to deal with global environmental concerns when they are still grappling with personal hygiene. Whose ‘homes’ are these? ______________________________________________ (b) The common point of view expressed by all the children in the different ______________________________________________ (c) The teachers want to develop in their children the skill of ______________________ (d) ________________________________ It is a pity that the children become frustrated and frightened. Motivated by the best intentions. with the caption: “ I am weary. All the furry animals are being killed and the nice green trees chopped down. with one tiny person informing another. most teachers want their students to become informed and independent thinkers. “Here we have the tallest hill in town. with smoke stacks in the distance. But in trying to convey a sense of urgency about the world’s problems. they are committing an error. The best could be published in the paper. _____________________________________________ Material downloaded from http://myCBSEguide. When we overload them with such problems. many children are coming home from school frightened that the world is a cold and inhospitable place. we should make sure that. Tips and Tricks . A2. The students were to create a one-frame cartoon on any topic. (6 marks) (a) “We want our homes back!” (lines 8-9). Apparently. I am tired. Sample Papers. LET KIDS BE KIDS The newspaper in the town I taught three years ago ran a contest for school-going children. They are not able to understand international race relations when they are struggling with schoolyard They are overloaded with several world problems such as (e) __________________________________________ (f) The writer suggests that instead of burdening the children with serious concerns.A2. they become frustrated and frightened.” A third standard girl depicted animals crying near a house under construction. Please stop wasting me>” A boy in the sixth class sketched some hills beside a sign reading “Landfill”. Test Papers. the caption read “We want our homes back!” Other entries showed Nelson Mandela being crushed beneath the boot of apartheid and a construction site where trees spelt out “Save the Trees”.com and Portal for CBSE Notes.1 On the basis of your reading of the passage given above answer the following questions briefly. A second standard student drew a sad-faced earth. Even breathing the air is dangerous. Write your answers in the space provided.

(a) title/ heading (lines 2 to 5) __________________________ (b) Portal for CBSE Notes. answer the following questions briefly in the space provided. Just for 20 minutes. Avoid wearing colours that make you feel down-black or dark black or dark blue. irritability and anxiety. angry or simply lethargic. unwelcoming (lines12-6) ___________________ A3. A strong connection has been found between high caffeine intake and increased depression. A3. Tips and Tricks . brisk walking. but a problem if you are sad. however. aerobic exercises seem to be the most effective cure for a bad mood. Of all self-help techniques. sometimes. Eating proteins tends to sustain alertness and mental energy. Modern pharmacology offers an abundances of tranquillizers anti-depressants and anti-anxiety drugs. you’re actually more likely to feel happy. anxious. Neutral colours such as soft shades of blue have soothing. “Colour can be a nutrient for the mind as vitamins are for the body. cycling. say the and http://onlineteachers. days or even weeks. influencing one’s outlook for hours. Perhaps the best way to deal with such moods is to talk them out. So in moments of bad Moods try on of these antidotes instead of rushing to the chemists.A2. She suggests to keep away from red to defuse irritability and anger.” says Patricia. Carbohydrates eaten alone stimulate the brain’s production of serotonin responsible for making us feel calm and relaxed. People are often depressed when their thoughts are negative and distorted. That’s great if your mood in a pleasant one. increase circulation f blood and improve the body’s utilization of oxygen. three to five times a week are just that you need. there is no one to listen.1On the basis of reading of the passage given above. swimming or other repetitive activates that boost the heart beat rate.2 Find one word in the lines indicated which has the same meaning as each phrase/word shown below. though. chicken etc. What many people don’t realize. How to beat a Bad Mood Moods. bright and active colours that lighten your mood. Aerobic exercises such as running. are emotions that tend fixed. Sample Papers. Go for warm. Test Papers. (a) Most people beat a bad mood either by talking it out with friends or by ________________________________________________________ Material downloaded from http://myCBSEguide. a New York Colour psychologist. If you avoid being critical of yourself and think positive thoughts. calming effect and alleviate anxiety and tension. It is a sort of comfort food with a tranquillizing effect. is that scientists have discovered the effectiveness of several no-drugs approaches to pry you loose from an unwanted mood. The best proteins are These can by as good as prescription drugs and have the added benefit of being non-toxic and non-addictive. fish. It is important to lift oneself out of one’s own self-defeating mood and to take an interest in someone else. There is reported basic link between food and mood. and http://onlineteachers. Besides the above it is important to______________________________ to feel happy in the real sense. chicken etc. Test Papers.2 Fill in the empty boxes in the table given below with appropriate words or phrases chosen from the passage. Material downloaded from http://myCBSEguide. ____________________________________________________ A3. Self-half techniques Brisk Walking (b) ___________________________ ___________________________ Eating Portal for CBSE Notes. Depression among most people is because they are Specific Effects (a) ________________________ ________________________ Lessens anxiety and tension (c) _________________________ __________________________ (c) _________________________ _________________________ A3. Tips and Tricks . Fill in the blanks with relevant information/conclusions Following non-drug approaches help people fight their bad mood: (a) _____________________________________ (b) _____________________________________ (c) _____________________________________ (d) ______________________________________ (e) All these measures would lead to happy mood.3 Here is the summary of the passage given above. Sample Papers.(b) Aerobic exercise have been recommended to beat a bad mood because ________________________________________________________ (c) Colours that add to gloom are (i)_____________ (ii) __________________ (d) If you would choice between carbohydrates and caffeine for a good mood you would choose ___________________________________ because _____________________ (e) Pick up a word from the lines 22 to 29 that means ‘bad temper’ and write it in the space below.