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Deflation Spurs Tax Reductions

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IFA In the White House Short Circuit Stress Want to Work for You? Creating Social Media Guidelines CA Gas Demand Up 0.7%

Is Your Business Franchise-able? What’s Your Tie-Breaker?



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Tips to Help You See Your Leadership

Would You Want to Work for You?
Four Tips to Help You See Your Leadership Personal Brand Through the Eyes of Others
by Brenda Bence The Starbucks brand of coffee can teach you a lot about your own brand as a leader. How? Well, consider this for a moment… When coffee is in its natural coffee bean state, it’s a commodity that sells for just 1-2c per cup. When you add packaging and a brand name to it and place it on a grocery store shelf, the price of that coffee goes up to 5-25c per cup. Throw in service and personality to that coffee by offering it at, say, Dunkin Donuts, and the price rises to around 75c to $1.50 per cup. But, then, there’s Starbucks coffee, which sells for $2$5 per cup. How does Starbucks do that? And what does Starbucks have that those other cups of coffee don’t? It isn’t just a better tasting cup of coffee. What Starbucks offers is something so much more than taste – it offers a rewarding coffee experience. When we buy a cup of Starbucks coffee, we’re paying for the experience of taking a break during the day… the experience of enjoying a jolt of java with friends ... the experience of relaxing with a mocha latte after a night at the theatre. It’s those experiences that differentiate Starbucks from so many other coffee brands.

The same is true of you and your own leadership personal brand. If you want to earn more money, advance in your career, and keep moving up the corporate ladder, think about the experience you offer as a leader in the workplace. If you could step into the shoes of those you are leading, what would it feel like to be part of a team with you at the helm? In short, would you want to work for YOU? Because you’re not in your team’s shoes, it can be difficult to answer that question. But if you don’t, your leadership personal brand will suffer. To make sure your individual brand is bringing you success and growth in your career, you need to learn how others perceive, think, and feel about you as a leader at the office. Only then can you find out if your brand needs help. And that means getting regular, helpful feedback. That can be easier said than done, of course. If no one is offering you feedback because of your heightened position, or if you don’t feel you’re getting honest feedback from subordinates, it’s your responsibility to go after it. There is no better way to accelerate both your career and, ultimately, your company. Here are four tips to give you an idea of what it’s like to work

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Great rates and fast friendly service. 3. use a leadership assessment tool like Leadership Agility 360. your boss. certified executive coach. Ask to see an example of the report outcome you will receive. Then. If you do. When you succeed in changing an ingrained limiting behavior. look for the common elements and themes. If you want to better manage your emotions on the job. professional speaker. Work on these changes every day. • Commercials • Industrial applications including training videos or web based audio • On-hold and point of sell messaging Voice Spots Voice Overs. so you first need to become aware of when and how the behavior takes place. and key colleagues. That’s how you enrich the experience of working with you and make yourself someone you’d be happy to have at the helm. And. They will feel empowered by the fact that you took their comments to heart. you’ll be in a position to stop yourself and do something different. As President of Brand Development Associates (BDA) International. This can be a real eye-opener. and write down what you hear. Ltd. you will soon discover the many rewards of strengthening your leadership personal brand. no one will be honest with you. BOJ About the Author: Brenda Bence is an internationally recognized branding expert. Ask for feedback. Use 360-degree feedback tools. LLC. In a oneon-one environment. simply say. Brenda now travels the world speaking. Professional Voice Services Serving all your Voice Over Needs. “Thank you” and nothing more. then sit back and review them objectively. ask a trusted colleague for honest feedback. regularly. Find an executive coach if you feel at a loss as to how to put the feedback into action or if you feel you need extra motivation to change some non-productive e-mail production@voicespots. As you watch or listen. training. Longlasting changes in behavior require time and persistence. and you will become a great role model for how they can use feedback to improve themselves in the workplace. Don’t allow yourself to become defensive no matter what is said. you feel a strong sense of accomplishment. Listen intently.BrendaBence. too. and chances are you’ll never receive honest feedback again. and check to see if you need a certified coach to administer the assessment. There are literally hundreds of them on the market. but don’t expect immediate success. the exercise will backfire. try an emotional intelligence assessment like Emotional Capital Inventory (ECi 360). 4. Studio 602-980-0711 FAX 623-935-4744 Internet www. For example. Only through strengthening your leadership personal brand can you continue to grow as a leader and further your career. put yourself in your team members’ position. sit down and ask for feedback from your subordinates. When they’re finished. if you want to improve your leadership skills.for you: 1. See www.) Let each individual know that you’re sincere in your request and that you want candor. Even if the feedback stings in the beginning. and award-winning author of the How YOU™ Are Like Shampoo personal branding book 5 Business Opportunities Journal . (If you try to have a group meeting for feedback. After you’ve gathered all of your notes from your feedback and from watching and listening to recordings. com for more information. 2. Are you communicating the leadership brand you want? If you find it difficult to assess the recordings. Audio or videotape yourself conducting meetings. Based on your learnings. the respect you receive from your team as a result of listening to their feedback is invaluable. and imagine what it felt like to be in that meeting with you. and coaching individuals and companies to greater success through corporate and personal brand development. Most of the behaviors you will want to change have been longtime habits. what are the key behaviors that you want to focus on improving? Choose the top 3-4. so choose carefully in order to find the one that will help you meet your specific objectives.voicespots. then create an action plan to begin to change those behaviors.

the reduction in consumption is likely to be less. While this is the fourth month of slight increase in gasoline consumption. California diesel prices were $2. gasoline demand rose 0.pdf Taxable Diesel Gallons www. While the diesel gallons reflected in the August numbers are down 40. a decline of million gallons compared to last year’s August total of 234.260 billion gallons the same month last year.268 billion gallons of gasoline compared to 1. BOJ The BOE is able to monitor gallons through tax receipts paid by fuel distributors.7%. quarterly. Diesel consumption generally follows economic activity during a recession. Gasoline sold in August generated approximately $324 million in sales tax during that month. Diesel Down Fourth Month Increase for Gasoline While Diesel Follows State’s Economic Activity Michelle Steel. Third District Member of the State Board of Equalization (BOE). an estimated $59 million less than generated last year. The August 2009 credit was larger than most and may have skewed the actual amount of decline. Taxable Gasoline Gallons www.htm.02 million gallons.54 per gallon.BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES California Gasoline Demand Up Diesel_10_Year_Report. so far in 2009 California gasoline consumption has declined 1.13 in August 2008.pdf Source: California State Board of Equalization .7 percent and diesel declined 17.boe. Demand for gasoline increased 0. today released California gasoline and diesel consumption figures for August per gallon compared to $ MVF_10_Year_Report.1 percent.1 percent. because the August 2009 figures include a 19.7 percent when Californians used 1.85 per gallon in August 2009 down 37. a 25. indicating a decline of 17. August sales tax revenues from gasoline would have been about $37 million less had the state portion of the sales and use tax rate not increased by one percent on April 1. Diesel fuel sold in California during August totaled 193.3 million gallon non-recurring credit. which is a decline of 17.2 percent compared to August 2008 when the average diesel price was $4. The gallons included in the monthly consumption numbers are always net of audit assessments and refunds. and annual figures can be viewed at: www.boe. The actual decline may be closer to 20.1 million gallons.6 percent compared to January through August of 2008. All monthly.1 percent compared to the same month last The average California gasoline price at the pump in August was $3.9 percent decrease from a record high price. 2009.8 million gallons. In August Figures for September 2009 are scheduled to be available at the end of December 2009.9 percent.boe.

and hoping to elicit a response. All the posts are about events they’re sponsoring and contributions they’re making. When Business Opportunities Journal . clients. they need to focus on the core message your company wants to portray and then determine the best ways to spread that core message.0 is not just about informing your customers. Employees know that they should post information about personal things they’re doing for the community. When you send your prospects or clients an email. a good social media strategy and employee guidelines are far more than a list of good and bad words or topics.0 tools. With a clear guideline that the social media effort is to increase philanthropic awareness. Today’s Web 2. So it’s not just about talking. it’s about listening. radio. they should take every opportunity to build a reputation of trust and to establish themselves as a credible and transparent representative of the company. it’s easy for employees to know the kinds of things they should be doing on social media sites. your organization needs to pinpoint the specific message you want to put out so that all employees have a guide to follow . social media is not about the media. That’s why upper management needs to take the time to determine the core message and share it with all they know what direction their messages should take and how they should focus their posts. and professional and/or personal interest. and the many other social media options. Instead. Please adhere to your state’s HR laws and seek legal counsel as needed. They also regularly ask customers how they’d like the company to improve customer service. a mailer. In other words. and the public. is your company’s focus to increase customer service? To enhance awareness of your products or services? To boost your brand recognition? Each of these things would have a different consistent message for your employees to focus on. use the following tips to create guidelines that your staff can use to shape their posts around the strategy. all the company’s employees are focused on problem solving and on making the customers happy. LinkedIn. When participating in any online community. When they are reaching out to others on social media sites. it’s about communicating with them. Your employees should use their posts to build a reputation of trust among clients. Once you get clear on the core message you want to send out and the dialogue you want them to engage with. What’s Your Focus? In order to make the best business use of social media. or a newsletter. Facebook. Those are information age tools that still have a purpose. your employees should disclose their identity and affiliation with the organization. With that as the key message. such as blogs. They have a clear focus and a unified purpose. Ultimately. Therefore. All their posts highlight things they’re doing internally to improve the customer experience. trying to get engagement. It’s about the social . Twitter. 7 Another company in the retail industry uses social media to improve customer service.about trying to get people talking about something important to them and to your business.BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES Create Social Media Guidelines to Reach Your Customer By Daniel Burrus The new frontier of Web 2. media. Creating the Guidelines Creating social media guidelines for your company does not have to be difficult. For example. You’re attempting to creating a dialogue. social media is about the communication age. or when you place a TV. such as volunteering at the local animal shelter or helping out with Habitat for Humanity. or print ad. one insurance company uses Twitter and Facebook to let people know all the philanthropic things they are doing for the community. and how they’re handling phone inquiries to deliver a memorable shopping experience. However. • Transparency. you’re informing your readers about something. what they’re doing online to make shopping easier. (Note: the following suggestions are general in nature. are all about customer engagement.) • Build trust.

correct it. please visit: www. This includes doing a spell and grammar check on everything.BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES Social Media Guidelines Cont. Dan has developed the first cell phone business application that allows the user to generate a business plan. have them admit the mistake. All employees should follow local. • Responsibility. content never disappears entirely once it’s been posted. When posting comments. videos. and employee information not made public yet. not an alias.0 tools are great for business building. Employees should never disclose proprietary or confidential information. Propel Your Message Forward Today’s Web 2. they should always use their real name. service updates. photos. employees should refrain from writing about controversial or potentially inflammatory subjects. Negative or questionable posts will not be tolerated. what they publish on those sites should not be attributed to the company and should not appear as endorsements from the company. state. they can do so with focus and purpose. and tools you need to further your company’s mission. • Be professional. never condescending or “loud. Additionally.burrus. Therefore. processes. He is the founder and CEO of Burrus Research. Online lives are ultimately linked. determine why your company is using social media sites. apologize if necessary. and anything else they did not originally create. your employees can voice their opinion. they should avoid personal attacks. and then and move on.” For more information. then they must regard all communication on that network as they would in a professional network.0 Business Opportunities Journal . Remember. untapped opportunities. and with good humor. Since transparency is key.” Additionally. they should identify the original source. When creating posts and content. a research and consulting firm that monitors global advancements in technology driven trends to help clients better understand how technological. • Be direct. and without factual error. religion or any other non-business related subjects. If a blogger or any other online influencer posts a statement with which your company disagrees. Before posting any online material. when employees know how they are supposed to use today’s Web 2. the “Competitive Advantage Business Strategy Builder. they need to ensure that the material is accurate. If your employees post copyrighted materials. They should never use a client’s name in a posting unless they have written permission to do so. and brief. as well as the rules established by each social networking venue. and then let that purpose be known throughout the entire organization. Additionally. including politics. This includes product releases. Make sure employees know that they are responsible for what they post. online fights. and hostile communications. while what they do on their own personal pages during personal time is their business. implement clear social media guidelines that employees can follow. If they choose to list their employer on a personal social network. your employees should be direct. Your employees should always evaluate their posting’s accuracy and truthfulness. the company’s internal rules (typically found in the employee handbook). Ultimately their online activities will be a reflection on the company. factually. Ultimately. • Obey the rules. or federal laws and regulations. posting to a blog. social and business forces are converging to create enormous. leading the organization confidently into the communication age. • Give due credit. informative. This includes sources for direct or paraphrased quotes. Instruct them on how to write reasonably. • Privacy. sex. provided that your employees know how to use them for the company’s ultimate benefit. truthful. BOJ About the Author: Dan Burrus is considered one of the world’s leading technology forecasters and strategists. • Self-edit. and you’ll have the people. have them correct it promptly. Should your employees find an error. The tone of their comments should be respectful and informative. but not escalate the conversation to a heated argument.


This is the starting point: A business broker’s opinion of value is only a starting point in selling a business. Know what you need: Have an idea of what you need to make off the sale of the business so you can be as prepared as possible. Ron Hottes. “Those small business owners who take the time now to improve and prepare their businesses for sale will be the ones who will see their business sold at the best price possible.BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES What Is Your Business Worth? (Sacramento. you know you have time to do things like improve sales and review operation processes to make your business as streamlined and profitable as possible.” Before thinking about selling your business.” Hottes stated. CABB says there are some key things to consider: Take an objective approach: Having a business broker’s opinion of value from a CABB Certified Business Broker automatically gives you the results and creditability you need. knowing what you can expect to make from the sale is an important component of your exit non profit trade organization) says if you are a small business owner looking to sell your business but are waiting for the economy to turn around. If the opinion of value comes back less than what you anticipated. BOJ Source: The California Association of Business Brokers Business Opportunities Journal 10 . If you are selling because of retirement.” www. CA) The California Association of Business Brokers (CABB. “What is important for business owners to know is that a down economy is just one part of the cycle we are in and an upswing will occur. Having this neutral party take a comprehensive look at your financial records and the current market is the best way to get an honest picture of the worth of your business. One of the most vital steps in this process is to understand what your business is worth. “A business broker’s opinion of value gives you a realistic starting point to work from and can give small business owners direction when determining the right time to sell. president of CABB and of several Business Team Business Brokerages says that a business broker’s opinion of value can provide you with an objective view of what your business is worth and is an important piece in determining your asking price.cabb. use this time to start preparing.


The forum was billed as part of a larger effort to help small businesses grow. which President Obama called for in September during the announcement of his proposal to increase financing.” Shay said. “We recommend that before new stimulus measures are passed. and this category of franchise ownership is the fastest growing.IFA participates in White House Financing Forum IFA in the White House IFA President & CEO Matthew Shay Submits Policy Recommendations to help Franchise Businesses WASHINGTON. The event. 2009—International Franchise Association President & CEO Matthew Shay presented the IFA’s public policy recommendations during a White House sponsored Small Business Financing Forum to help franchise businesses create more sustainable jobs. including a new maximum loan limit of $5 million. 18.000 new. create new jobs and contribute to the economic recovery and to challenge the private sector to increase lending to small businesses. Nov. Congress quickly enact the SBA program enhancements the President called for last month. If these businesses can grow at the five percent annual rate that we saw between 2001 and 2005. Shay outlined IFA’s proposal. Business Opportunities Journal . Fifteen percent of all small business franchisees in the United States own between two and five units. “Solutions for the Economy: Leveraging the Strength of Franchising to Expedite Job Growth.” 12 “We appreciate the Administration holding this event and the recognition by many policymakers of the importance that franchise businesses in our economic recovery. This one action item could create 650. During the invitation-only event attended by lenders.” The IFA policy paper included the following recommendations: Increase Small Business Access to Credit The IFA is recommending a renewed emphasis on loan programs for small business start-ups. franchising will grow 16. Mills convened the forum on small business financing issues to explore new ideas and strategies for expanding access to financing for small businesses. included many of IFA’s recommendations. sustainable jobs. policymakers and stakeholders.250 new businesses per year. Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner and Small Business Administrator Karen G. expansions and acquisitions that will promote faster job creation and lead to a stronger recovery.

and helped to kick start the economy after the attacks of September 11.a renewed emphasis on loan programs for small business start-ups’ . Therefore.000 per unit. a larger loan limit. improves quality and decreases the cost of health insurance. capped at $25. Eliminate Tax Uncertainties for Small Business Measures enacted in 2001 and 2003 provided essential tax relief for small businesses.000 to 325.. Help Veterans Own Franchises Act–The bill establishes a tax credit for franchisors equal to 50 percent of the total franchise discount offered to veterans. BOJ ‘The forum is being billed as part of a larger effort to help small businesses grow. 2001. Support Veterans as Small Business Owners IFA recommends enhancing franchise business opportunities for returning military veterans by passing two key pieces of legislation. Reduce the Cost of Health Insurance There is no doubt that the status quo is untenable and makes health insurance unaffordable for many small employers and their employees. Moreover. Veterans Self-Employment Act – This legislation would allow veterans to use a portion of their Montgomery GI education benefits to defray the training costs associated with purchasing a franchise agreement. The military veteran franchisee would also realize a tax benefit of 25 percent of the remaining franchise fee.... This tax relief. For several years. In addition IFA recommends enacting a permanent solution to the estate tax.S.000 jobs (assuming 15-20 direct jobs per store) plus an additional 245. however. create between 450. franchised businesses will be better positioned to invest in growth strategies that create more jobs.FRANCHISING These new businesses will create 243. the IFA has recommended legislation that would enable small employers to band together through national associations or franchise systems to purchase health insurance. will enable some of these franchise small business owners to expand relief is permanently enacted. IFA is committed to any solution that increases access. for example. Without action by Congress. Federal and state regulations often keep affordable healthcare coverage from being available to small employers or individuals.000 new jobs within the next 12 to 18 months.066. $5 million up from $2 million.000 indirect jobs.’ into new markets and help the U.000 to 650. extending the current capital gains tax rate of 15 percent. 27 million small business owners will face an average increase of $4. is scheduled to end after 2010.800. and permanently shortening the depreciation schedule for restaurant buildings to 15 years. taxes will increase for 116 million income tax payers by an average of $1. If tax ‘.750 to 325.

among others.FRANCHISING Checkers Double Jump Checkers Restaurants Nearly Doubles Openings in 2009 Despite Economy and adds 35+ Locations Across the Country in 2009 Tampa. the largest double drive-thru chain in the United States. FL – November 17. As for additional expansion. Orlando and Atlanta. business model. Part of Checkers’ recent success is also credited to the company’s expansion into non-traditional locations such as airports. innovative design and franchisee network are the reasons we’ve succeeded while others may have struggled. “Yet the strength of our product. That growth in combination with the advancement of end-cap and in-line designs is providing new and existing franchisees with a greater range of development options. in 2009 with more than 35 new restaurant openings. Michigan and Indiana. a passion for their communities and the willingness to maximize their territory’s sales through development agreements generally ranging in size from 3 – 10 units. Champ Burger. South Florida. “Both non-traditional and conventional restaurant development are key components for Checkers to sustain the growth we experienced in 2009. universities and turnpike plazas. national marketing and supply chain benefits are just some of the reasons why our restaurant owners can focus on growing their business and the Checkers’ brand. Checkers Drive-In Restaurants has more than 820 locations open across the U.S. Checkers is now actively seeking franchise candidates who possess strong financial backgrounds.” Currently. hand seasoned burgers. thick shakes and famous seasoned fries. Inc. Single restaurant development opportunities also exist in select markets as well as conversions into single and double drive-thru locations. Philadelphia. announced that the company has experienced substantial growth across the U. Signature items include the classic Big Buford. chief executive officer of Checkers Drive-In Restaurants. the company is seeking to add several new development agreements in key markets such as Baltimore. chief development officer of Checkers Drive-In Restaurants. Las Vegas. loaded fries and new classic bone-in wings tossed in one of five flavors.” said Lynette McKee. CFE. BOJ Source: Checkers/Rally’s Restaurants Business Opportunities Journal 14 . “The openings in 2009 were some of the most challenging in our history due to the current economic climate. “Our extensive training. and we’re confident our concept and product offering will continue to be attractive. fresh food for today’s on-the-go guest. speed and accuracy. The new Checkers locations were in markets including New York. These new restaurants represent one of the single largest number of openings in one year for the more than 20-year old company. 2009 – Checkers Drive-In Restaurants.” Known for its full-flavored.” said Rick Silva. operational support. Checkers provides great tasting. Each location strives to serve top-quality meals at a great value with GuestObsessed© hospitality. Inc. a 70 percent increase over 2008. Florida. To fuel this growth for 2010.S.

500 (Financing Available) Includes: -Corporate training program -Complete support in all aspects of operating your ATM network . (For a complete list of our locations please see our website) Fastest-Growing private companies TERRITORIES SELLING FAST Contact us for information about locations in your area Franchise Fee $29. ACFN services world renowned hotel brands as well as movie theaters.The 110+ Franchises Sold! ATM Franchise Business With hundreds of locations throughout the travel and entertainment industries. sports bars. hospitals. night clubs. breweries & city properties.

Two Men And A Truck.” says has advice for entrepreneurs wondering whether their business is franchise-worthy. free-standing buildings aren’t always successful. Fla. * Get consultation. * If you have a dream.” UFG’s services division provides a “continuum” of services designed to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses from a single unit into successful domestic and/or global brands. Foley offers the following tips to help owners determine whether their business has the potential to become a franchise operation: * Assess your profitability. we can’t guarantee everyone who follows our advice will be a successful franchisor. 10.” BOJ Source: United Franchise Group . you may encounter challenges selling prospective franchisees on the concept since they can’t touch and feel the business.ufgservices. – (Nov.? Franchises that only Business Opportunities Journal work in an enclosed mall setting.FRANCHISING United Franchise Group’s Franchise Services Division Offers Franchising Tips for Entrepreneurs WEST PALM BEACH. * Don’t shy away from homebased concepts. “Despite an owner’s hopes and dreams. Having a unique element is important but the concept doesn’t have to be new.S. president of the franchise services division of United Franchise Group (http://www. “While 30 years of experience tells us that these are tried and true tests. Today. was born when a Michigan woman thought there should be an easier way to move her son to college. why would anyone buy it as a franchise? * Consider whether your business is teachable. not every good business can become a successful franchise operation. Some of the best franchise concepts were born from personal need. * Think about tools of the trade. Has the business proven to be successful on a local basis? If it’s not profitable. “The industry is evolving. Look for third-party consultants who will provide honest advice to help you determine upfront if your concept is even franchiseable. Can the business be located in a strip shopping plaza in Anytown U. Food is king in franchising. there will always be demand for pizza and many of these franchises will continue to be successful.” says Foley. 2009) – Dreaming of becoming a franchisor? Tony Foley. What kind of equipment is involved in the business? Is it expensive and hard to find? * An original idea is not required.A. “The business concept must have certain critical elements to translate well into franchising. Although these franchises are often more likely to be successful because of the low overhead and cost of entry. * Remember location matters. It’s a bold jump to take a local business to the franchise level. follow it. Can someone else with no experience in this industry easily learn to run your business? A complicated and specialized product may be too difficult to pass on to others to replicate. Even though it seems there’s a new pizza joint popping up daily. The moving franchise. or expensive custom-built. we’re seeing more and more female entrepreneurs make it big with a great idea and a smart business plan.

Lehr.” China’s GDP is $ 17 Business Opportunities Journal . China is one the fastest growing countries for expansion for franchising. Studio 602-980-0711 FAX 623-935-4744 Internet www.8 percent per year. Department of Commerce. an increase of 7. along with IFA Vice President of Government Relations David French and IFA Educational Foundation President John Reynolds. Great rates and fast friendly service. • Commercials • Industrial applications including training videos or web based audio • On-hold and point of sell messaging Voice Spots Voice Overs. LLC. BOJ Source: The International Franchise Association Professional Voice Services Serving all your Voice Over Needs. China franchise systems grew to 2. companies to expand into China.S.S. “Promoting fair franchise laws around the world and fostering a greater understanding of the franchise model helps governments understand how franchise businesses can grow and sustain healthy economies around the world. They were also joined by Philip Zeidman and Toa Xu from the law firm of DLA Piper who updated the group on franchising laws worldwide. The Chinese delegation was organized by the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China in coordination with the U.S.S.S.” Lehr explained that the meeting was part of an ongoing partnership between the U. updated the delegation on U. “The meeting was very helpful in understanding the challenges and opportunities for U.” Lehr e-mail production@voicespots.000 at the end of 2007. 24. & International Development Scott Lehr.voicespots.IFA Promotes Franchise Model To Chinese Delegation WASHINGTON. 2009 —The International Franchise Association hosted over 20 leaders from the Chinese Ministry of Commerce and Chinese companies at its headquarters in Washington to exchange best practices and marketplace solutions to promote franchising in the United States and China. The total number of the commercial franchise outlets in China exceeded 230. issues impacting franchising and the economic impact of franchising in the United States. “We are hopeful that the more Chinese officials learn about the sound rules and regulations we have in the United States. and China to promote the franchise model. Commercial Service at the U. “We are honored to host the Chinese delegation as part of our ongoing outreach efforts to promote the importance of franchising to the global economy.” said IFA Vice President of U.7 percent over the year before. Nov.800 by the end of 2007. the more they improve their own laws and regulations to promote franchising.S.8 trillion and is growing at a real rate of 9.

at press conference in Copenhagen with the Danish Minister of Climate & Energy Business Opportunities Journal . chairman & CEO of GE.” says Jeff Immelt.GREEN BUSINESS The Time Is Now! Industry leaders: “THE TIME IS NOW.

Chairman and CEO of General Electric. one of the world’s largest corporations. they say. This was the message delivered by Jeff Immelt. If you have high unemployment. during a visit to Copenhagen where the UN Climate Change Conference (COP15) is to commence. said: “In business you always say when is the right time. CEO and chairwoman of China Power Development. India (see joint statement and list of supporting business leaders below). Tackling energy diversity and implementing a low carbon strategy now will cost less over the long term than waiting years to address it. Everyone wants to lead in green technology. The Copenhagen Climate Council. China. Corporate commitment is high. which was hosting Jeff Immelt. unleash huge investments in new. Every Prime Minister. including Li Xiaolin. this is one of the ways to create jobs. These industry leaders also stressed that the cost of failure in Copenhagen is high.Industry Leaders: The Time Is Now! Agreement in Copenhagen in December could create millions of new green jobs. every President. announced that he had the support of the Council and a group of some of the world’s most significant industry leaders from five continents. Immelt. Entrepreneurship is strong. low carbon markets and thereby spur economic growth. and we think the right time is now. CEO of Tata Group. Strong choices now are also economically smart. “The pipeline is very rich. We should . and Ratan Tata. Addressing the press conference.

business will be the biggest loser. We need to hear this voice in order to build the necessary political confidence. These CEOs are leading the world’s largest corporations – and I really hope that their voice is heard all over the world. said: “If we miss this opportunity.GREEN BUSINESS not see technology as a barrier but a facilitator. Connie Hedegaard. The investments we make will be around long after we are gone and creating them without a framework will be more difficult. Countries have to decide whether they are leaders or followers. founder of the Copenhagen Climate Council.” BOJ Source: Copenhagen Climate Council Business Opportunities Journal 20 . the technology will decide. They have so far been too successful. In case of failure. I strongly support their message: We must not let the world off the hook. it will not come back and we lose a global momentum that has been building over several years. added: “I see this statement as a powerful response to the lobby against a new climate change treaty.” He added: “Our belief is that there needs to be a price for carbon and if there is a price. Now business leaders must state loud and clear – as this impressive group does today – that combating global warming is a way to create renewed growth and prosperity and that the costs of inaction are too high. GE and other big companies have really said it’s time for the US to drive forward the need for solutions to climate change.” The Danish Minister for Climate and Energy.” Erik Rasmussen. So I warmly welcome the message today from business. Look at the names: This is not just any group of CEOs.

SAVE TIME. 21 Business Opportunities Journal . Make this your first stop before you do your taxes. Everything you want to know is all in one reliable place— you know the information is good because it’s from the official source—the IRS. You’ll find all the tax information and forms you See how it can help you. Either way. EFFORT AND MAYBE EVEN SOME MONEY ON YOUR TAXES. VISIT IRS.irs. And it’s all free. Prefer the phone? Call 1-800-829-4477 for 150 tax topics in English or Spanish. There are easy online tools to help you calculate your eligibility for tax credits and track your refund.GOV http://www.

Avantair was first in the industry to offset aircraft carbon emissions by purchasing Flight TerraPass credits for all new owners.Avantair. TerraPass works by funding 22 . Avantair has offset over 5. as well as lower overall costs.” said Steven Santo. “At Avantair. -. this in turn leads to an average of 35 percent less carbon emissions. At a time when travelers are evaluating their transportation options. Avantair is a major contributor to recent reports that business aircraft flight activity is at its highest level since last October. ARG/US data shows.7 percent.October 20.5 percent compared with the same month last year.. greener way to travel in comfort and class. clean energy and greenhouse gas reduction projects throughout the US. Fractional Ownership and Jet Cards” by Rolland Vincent Associates. (2) farm power such as dairy farm methane digesters. and (3) landfill gas capture which reduces the impact of human waste. The aircraft fly at a brisk 450 mph while burning 40 percent less fuel than competitors. thanks to fractional provider Avantair. with another delivery to follow this year. the only publicly traded stand-alone private aircraft operator. Inc. founder and CEO of Avantair. As the sole North American provider of fractional shares and flight time cards for the Piaggio Avanti. The TerraPass credits fund three types of carbon emission reduction programs to support: (1) clean energy such as wind. Avantair’s environmentally conscious aircraft and flight programs stimulate owner deBusiness Opportunities Journal mand. according to data released by Aviation Research Group/US (ARG/ US). Avantair’s Piaggio Avanti aircraft feature innovative engineering enabling the lowest fuel burn and carbon emissions in the industry. (OTCBB: AAIR). However. 2009 -. The advanced design of the Piaggio Avanti lends itself to a spacious. fractional turboprop flying is up 24. BOJ Source: Avantair. we want to take responsibility for changing the conventional aviation practices by offering our customers a fuel-efficient. and is the only fractional operator experiencing flight hour growth across all private aircraft categories mentioned in the report. Avantair’s fleet growth comes despite an industry downturn of 40 percent fewer jets sold in 2009 to fractional owners.” Avantair is the sole private aircraft operator of multi-engine turboprops. according to “Business Aviation Outlook. The report states: “Part 135 flying was down just 3. Fla. luxurious stand-up cabin – with oversized leather seats and plenty of workspace.4 percent. attributes its continued growth in an otherwise contracting marketplace to eco-friendly operations and standard-setting aircraft.GREEN BUSINESS Private Luxury Flights Go Green with Avantair Expanding Private Aircraft Operator Offers Lowest Fuel Burn and Carbon Emissions in the Industry CLEARWATER. Avantair recently announced fleet expansion of three Piaggio Avanti aircraft deliveries. This allows Avantair the unique ability to provide luxurious private jet travel while also maintaining a minimal carbon footprint when compared to competitors.8 million lbs. Inc. Setting the pace towards greener aviation. The aircraft also feature the same size cabin cross section as a super midsize aircraft and one of the quietest rides. of CO2 on behalf of its owners to date. while fractional activity fell 7.

followed by Illinois with 22%.649 megawatts (MW) of new power generating capacity in the third quarter—an amount higher than either the 2nd quarter of 2009 or the 3rd quarter of 2008—bringing the total capacity added this year to date to over 5. and we urge Congress. A firm.5 billion in new investment. Investment in our grid has lagged because our transmission policies have failed to keep up with changes in the electric sector. “The wind industry applauds the Obama administration for recognizing the need to address transmission barriers and enacting a measure to improve the speed and ease with which transmission can be constructed across federal lands. the Administration. environment. which installed its first utility-scale project. and New Mexico with 20%.S. “Wind power installations are up.600 MW Washington D. This is particularly true in the Western U.” where the fine-grained lime spoil is too alkaline and lacks nutrients to support vegetation. the wind industry has seen over 1.U. Pennsylvania ranked 2nd in growth with 29%. These projects equate to about $6. WIND ENERGY INDUSTRY INSTALLS OVER 1. The liquid and solid wastes were pumped from the soda ash operation into six ponds covering more than 600 acres. “The policy announced today is an important complement to legislative measures that have been proposed in the Senate to update policies that govern how transmission is 23 planned.700 MW of construction starts. “But manufacturing.000 MW. — The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) reported in its third quarter (Q3) market report that the U. “We anticipate that this new partnership will allow the lime lakes reclamation activities to be completed in half of the original schedule.800 MW. plant. AWEA also reported that wind turbine manufacturing still lags below 2008 levels. This MOU is an important step towards putting more of our abundant renewable energy resources to use.” said AWEA CEO Denise Bode.” Cleveland.S. engineering.600 MW (enough to serve the equivalent of 480. Wyoming with 21%.—The American Wind Source: American Wind Energy Association AWEA APPLAUDS ADMINISTRATION’S STEPS TO STREAMLINE TRANSMISSION Energy Association (AWEA) enthusiastically supports a new policy announced by the administration that will greatly facilitate efforts to access world-class renewable energy resources currently stranded in remote parts of the country. Reforms like the steps announced today are critical for meeting our country’s clean energy and climate goals. and energy security. to become a wind turbine manufacturing powerhouse and create hundreds of thousands of jobs. The state posting the fastest growth rate in the third quarter was Arizona. AWEA’s Bode added. in both production and new announcements.S. which has the potential to employ many more Americans in good.C. PPG produced soda ash to make plate glass at the Barberton plant. and state and federal regulatory authorities to take further action to streamline transmission permitting processes and implement broad transmission cost allocation policies. and that is good news for America’s economy. Ohio. marketing and contracting capabilities through project completion. For more than 70 years.S. PPG has won numerous awards for its reclamation efforts.” Since the early July announcement of rules to implement the stimulus bill. The total wind power capacity now operating in the U. quasar and PPG have partnered together with the goal of accelerating the reclamation project while maintaining PPG’s commitment to environmental compliance and community relations. Washington D.000 MW under construction at this time last year.5%. and permitted. lengthy delays in the process of obtaining the necessary permits from federal agencies to build transmission lines across federal land are a major barrier to accessing the country’s best renewable energy resources. President of quasar. approved biosolids have been mixed on site with the lime spoil to create a stable soil matrix that supports long-term vegetation growth and wildlife habitat.S. generating enough electricity to power the equivalent of nearly 9 million homes. OH – quasar energy group Source: American Wind Energy Association quasar energy group AND PPG TEAM UP (formerly Schmack BioEnergy) has entered into a multi-year agreement to manage the Lime Lakes Reclamation project at PPG Industries’ Barberton. “PPG chose quasar for our turnkey approach from feasibility. domestic sources of energy while creating thousands of high-paying jobs here in America” noted AWEA’s CEO Denise Bode. Since 1985. and over 1. The result from the historically accepted practice created “lime lakes. AWEA does not expect the fourth quarter of 2009 to be as strong as the fourth quarter of 2008 since the 5. including national certification from the Wildlife Habitat Council.” Source: quasar energy group Business Opportunities Journal .000 MW now under construction is nearly 38% lower than the over 8. by the end of 2016. The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) announced today will streamline the transmission permitting process for federal lands by improving coordination among nine federal agencies and creating timelines to limit delays in the permit approval process. wind energy industry installed 1. paid for.C. clean energy jobs. powering American homes and businesses with clean.” said Mel Kurtz. is over 31.000 average households) of completed projects. like the growing need to access renewable energy resources. remains uncertain. avoiding the emissions of 57 million tons of carbon annually and reducing expected carbon emissions from the electricity sector by 2. Currently. where the federal government owns more than one-half of the land and any interstate transmission line is likely to cross land controlled by one or more federal entities. long-term national commitment to renewable energy is still needed for the U.

driven by rising fuel prices and policy. provides the most comprehensive green jobs accounting to date. As the economy slowed between 2007 and 2008. .GREEN BUSINESS CALIFORNIA GREEN JOBS Out Pacing the rest of California’s Economy!? Sacramento. the Bay Area (51 percent). • Even in rural areas with a smaller economic base. The Sacramento Area led the pack with job growth of 87 percent from 1995 to 2008. total employment fell 1 percent. released by the nonpartisan Next 10 and Collaborative Economics. but green jobs continued to grow five percent. according to the report. founder of Next 10.” according to Perry. so too will our widely dispersed green economy.” “Market certainty provided by California’s forward thinking policies combined with ingenuity and the pioneering spirit has put California ahead of the green technology pack.” said F. over time these jobs Business Opportunities Journal 24 could become a growing portion of total jobs in California. CA . they are comparable to the biotech and software sectors. green jobs grew 36 percent while total jobs in the state grew only 13 percent. systematically tracking the most recent available data on green companies. green jobs grew 5 percent while total jobs dropped one percent. location and growth across every sector and region of California. followed by the San Diego Region (57 percent). generating jobs across a wide spectrum of skill levels and earnings potential. Highlights of California’s Core Green Economy: • Between 1995-2008. While the absolute numbers of green jobs are not large. and Orange County and Inland Empire (50 percent). “Data show that green sector businesses are taking root across every region of California. Noel Perry. green jobs are growing faster than the overall economy.New data released shows that California green businesses have increased 45 percent in number and 36 percent in employment from 1995 to 2008 while total jobs in California expanded only 13 percent. • Between 2007-2008. As global demand for these technologies increases. Many Shades of Green: Diversity and Distribution of California’s Green Jobs. “While green jobs clearly cannot solve the state’s current unemployment challenges. green businesses increased 45 percent. job type.

Air & Environment is the largest of California’s green segments. % Energy Efficiency Job Growth 1995 to 2008 2008 Employment Concentration in Energy Efficiency Jobs (a value of 1. since 2005 the number of green jobs in this segment has increased 24 percent. • From 1995-2008.0 More than 2. • With nearly 43. and grew 19 percent. While this segment’s jobs remained steady.0 to 1.) Less than 1.0 Data Source: Green Establishment Database Graphic: Next 10 25 Business Opportunities Journal .5 to 2.000 jobs in 2008. Solar makes up the largest portion.000 jobs. hovering around 35.) • Half of all manufacturing jobs are split between Energy Efficiency and Energy Generation. while manufacturing represents only 11 percent of all jobs in California (January 2008. Energy Generation employment expanded 61 percent by nearly 10. the largest portion in Environmental Consulting.4 1. • Services accounted for 45 percent of all California green jobs.0 1.000 from 1995-2005.• Manufacturing represents 21 percent of all green jobs.0 indicates employment concentration equal to the state average. and strongest growth (63 percent).

• Employment in Green Transportation has increased 152 percent since 1995. Green Transportation Jobs are primarily in Motor Vehicles & Equipment and Alternative Fuels.GREEN BUSINESS • Employment in Energy Efficiency increased 63 percent from 1995-2008. LLC.” said Collaborative Economics CEO Doug Henton. using data from New Energy Finance.” The new analysis serves as a companion to Next 10’s Annual California Green Innovation Index (next issue: March 2010) and builds on the Green Business Analysis published in the Index since 2008. 20% PRO Lease. and representing 48 percent of all jobs in this segment. • Orange County green transportation jobs grew 1. what IT did for communications. As a first mover. the world’s largest sector by revenue. Inc FInAnce Is reAdy to Lend. Matthews Cremation has been helping Veterinary professionals offer total life cycle pet care through the investment in crematory equipment. 84 month term. Clean Tech GroupTM. 815 26 EQUIPMENT SERVICE & SUPPLIES A Month** E m b r a c E t h E o p p o r t u n i t y Business Opportunities Journal .com.875 percent including alternative fuels and motor vehicles and equipment. Regional Highlights: • The Sacramento Area led the pack with green job growth of 87 percent. on approved credit. BOJ Source: www. only in the Bay Area at present. Cremation rate • 300 lbs. first & last payments in advance plus processing fee. “California is home to companies driving technological advances in clean energy products and services. And BAycAp. Both analyses were conducted by Collaborative Economics. and The National Establishments Time-Series (NETS) database based on Dun & Bradstreet business-unit data. power pak Jr. • Green Logistics is an emerging field. We are witnessing one of the fastest.000 budget.Next10. • The San Joaquin Valley green jobs concentration in alternative fuels is three times the state average. • Inland Empire energy generation jobs grew by 85 percent with high concentrations in solar and wind.000). untapped service trends within the pet care industry – pet loss memorial services. per /hr.matthewscremation. requires financial TION D CREMA IVISION Matthews CreMation stiMulus PaCkage For over 50 years. Discover the amazing service and revenue opportunities by contacting one of our equipment consultants at (800)-327-2831 or visit us at www. pet equipment • 75 lbs. • Los Angeles energy efficiency jobs grew by 77 percent. with the latter growing faster at 201 percent. we are well positioned to capture the fast emerging multibillion-dollar global green market. Safe Load Capacity • Smoke-Buster™ 85 • Fastest Selling pet Cremator in the industry. “Green technology has the potential to do for energy. CREMATION DIVISION $ **Based on $55. • The Bay Area had the largest number of energy generation jobs (roughly 7. with employment growing by 1144 percent since 1995.

538.5466 www. All services subject to availability. All Rights Reserved. .1-800getlimo.Get Your Area Code as your Unique Extension On the 1-800-GET-LIMO National Limousine Network Ph : 800. acceptance and review. “1-800-GET-LIMO” is a registered trademark of 1-800-GET-LIMO. All service subject to a definitive agreement and terms may be changed without © 2009 1-800-GET-LIMO.

not enough of that. you will immediately start reducing your stress and feel more in control of how you utilize your time. your brain hears you and empathizes with you. only to have his girlfriend show him how it’s done. Hutchens offers a few tips to tackle stress: For every six minutes you experience a high state of negative stress it takes your immune system six hours to recover. it’s just not easy. Seems simple. As AmyK Hutchens. dealing with vendor shortfalls. The goal is to short-circuit the negative cycle. and we actually need some stress (called eustress) in order to function. Balance is a myth. or both! Really. founder of AmyK Inc. pleasing everybody. This year. Stress has been around since the first human tried to light a fire and failed. . The mere thought of the holidays sends some people straight into stressed-out orbit. You’ve got better odds teaching your brain that the sabertooth tiger is actually a house cat and that your mother-in-law really doesn’t care that you can’t cook. The ubiquitous themes of time. stress can not only be unpleasant – it can actually impact your immune system. and. That doesn’t stress you out does it?! Experiencing a rotten. And while it may seem like a great place to escape your boss and mother-in-law. The part of the brain that processes your emotions also controls your immune system. Short Circuit the Stress Cycle 1. obtaining financing and fundraising. So simple old “stress. and relationships. Let’s get real . lousy. explains. money. From developing the business model. so voila. to put it mildly. isn’t to get rid of stress… our brains are hard-wired for it. your body now proves it too! Twenty percent of the oxygen of every breath you take goes straight to your brain. Your brain doesn’t distinguish the difference. not enough of it. but if you change your priorities. can cause extra anxiety. before it sends you to bed. exhale slowly and repeat.” takes on a whole new meaning for those who have left a comfort zone to launch a new venture. Moreover. more rationally. not reduce them.SMALL BUSINESS Short C rc i i Stress i u t ng b Ay Hthn y mK uces Entrepreneurs face a lot of stress. leaving you exhausted. your focus. Stress starts in the brain and then Business Opportunities Journal Reducing stress is not about creating balance it’s about getting focused. you are stressed. If you strive for balance you’ll only add to your stress levels. especially when your mother-inlaw sighs every time you look at your cookbook. budding business owners face major hurdles on a daily basis. way too much of that.. or acne. spreads throughout your body. there are better ways to spend the holidays. sick and feeling even more stressed. however. it will think more clearly for you. and then gives you a migraine. Telling your brain that “not having enough time in the day” does not equate to “being eaten by a sabre-tooth tiger” doesn’t work. The goal. give yourself a present first: the ability to stop the stress cycle early. food.when it comes to life activities there is no such thing as balance. Attempting to convince your brain that the wooly mammoth in front of you is really just your boss or your mother-in-law is next to impossible. Prioritize & Simplify Reducing stress is not about creating balance it’s about getting focused. the schedule can be grueling – (picture 7 days a week for the first year or so). only priorities. no good. one of the 28 first things that changes in our bodies is our breathing . It’s as if you internally vent on your way home. to sorting out growing pains related to partners and new staff members. stressful day creates a chronic cycle that wears your immune system down. Take a deep breath … inhale slowly. It is simple. Ever experience a stressful week and then get a chance to take a few days off only to find yourself nursing a cold while on vacation? Within seventy-two hours of a significantly stressful event your body manifests some type of physiological symptom. When we’re gets shallower and we take in less oxygen…so right now just breathe. Your brain thanks you. In the following article. thus preventing you from throwing that cookbook at a certain someone. your brain was just trying to prove you right.

upon hearing this news. is a world renowned speaker. Create a list of what you value and need to accomplish over the next two days. A few deep breaths while you’re in time-out is an added bonus. but wouldn’t it be wonderful if you handed her the spatula and said. you have not only changed your perspective. Founder and Intelligence 4. She is best known for helping business leaders capitalize on how the brain and human perception filters work to help them be more effective in business and their personal lives. even if it’s just 3-5 minutes. Place yourself in time-out. The goal is to change your perspective to less painful thoughts. (If only we could use that with our colleagues. so the other 10. BOJ About the Author: AmyK Hutchens. and let it go. Life is good.” There are 10. Schedule 30 minutes to watch a funny sitcom or read a humorous book. consultant and executive coach. It may be a priority that you serve your family dinner tonight. Laughter reduces your stress hormones and literally changes your body chemis- stressed. 2. Every two days (or week) you can create a new list that outlines and accounts for all your responsibilities. You’re not insane. and hassles means you need to appropriately respond and manage the tasks at hand in order of priority. Big bleep-ity-bleep deal. “It’s only five minutes. Follow up that time-framed list with another list of new priorities or re-prioritized activities. Humor releases endorphins and antibody enhancers which aid your immune system. AmyK Inc. “I’m so glad you’re great at cooking. It’s a great start! The objective isn’t to fight circumstances. or pull something out of the freezer. Take 5 of them. just 29 Business Opportunities Journal . your mother-in-law may still sigh. or the energy it requires of you to complete it.Successfully dealing with life’s pressures. is the most effective tool we have for reducing our stress and it’s the least used tool by people when they’re experiencing stress. The purpose of putting a toddler in time-out is to re-set her attitude and improve her behavior. more positive.) Take some time to be silent and reflective.amyk. The goal is to shortcircuit the negative cycle Simplify 1 thing each day. pulse rate. “I don’t have five bleep-itybleep minutes to watch a YouTube video!” there is one thought. Sane people know that arguing with reality only creates more stress because reality always wins. Your boss may still growl and snarl. Typically. my kitchen is su kitchen. and given yourself a thirty minute time-out to go watch that sitcom you’ve been wanting to watch all week. Follow AmyK on Twitter @ AmyKinc or visit at www. you aid your immune system in getting back to healthy. Changing your perspective. then give yourself a five minute giggle and watch a youtube video. these frenetic. Get a giggle. by all means. you’ve simplified your life.” And with that. demands. If 30 minutes just doesn’t exist today. your thoughts.075 minutes are more peaceful. Please. When stressed out individuals scream. more meaningful.080 minutes in a week. It’s not a priority that you cook it.) Assign each priority a chunk of time and then live within the parameters of that scheduled list.. and improve blood circulation. time-obsessed totally stressed out individuals stop holding their breath and suck in a large volume of oxygen. Choose 1 activity each day and find a way to reduce the time it takes. By removing yourself from a stressful environment or giving yourself a moment to biologically shift. There is scientific proof that doing so can decrease blood pressure. Let it win. You can pick up take-out. try. Put it in perspective. one shift in perspective that helps a lot. There are many short clips of truly funny comedians and silly people who will definitely give you a smile that will last awhile. 3. (Don’t forget that YOU should and need to be on that list.

or responding to e-mails with lightning speed. consumer retail or business to business. That makes my decision. Unfortunately.” While basic expectations will vary depending on the nature of your customers. Look at every aspect of how you interface with customers and correct anything that might make you the least bit difficult to do business with. Give them what they want. Demonstrate value: Competitive price and clear value. most of them can’t see much difference between you and your competition. It’s a place in which lowest price almost always wins because customers don’t see any other difference. you just haven’t developed them as such. All it may take is a realization of “Oh. everyone wants it their way. You have to have a tiebreaker. The best way to discover and develop your tiebreakers is to list your customers’ basic expectations of you. Value can also be as simple as sending seven when the customer orders six. extra hot” latte with a shot of vanilla at the coffee shop. but you do have to demonstrate that you’re a great deal. and it has equal importance with retail consumers. double shot. i. today’s buyers just don’t see much difference in their choices. Educate your customers. In today’s “I want it yesterday” world. make their continued on page 39 . You don’t have to have the lowest price. Be relevant: Take a “big picture” approach to serving your customer. You all seem to have competent. no whip. It’s not their job to see your value.” and clearly differentiates you from your competition. It all pretty much just looks the same. “Nobody does this like we do.” The good news is that you probably have one or more tiebreakers right now. guaranteeing two-day delivery but always doing it in one.e. Let the customers decide. here are some typical areas that can prove to be powerful tiebreakers to differentiate you from the competition: Be the fastest: Quick response and always on time. that’s the difference. but more often the mastery of a basic customer’s expectation. Start by choosing one basic customer expectation and stake your claim with it. That leaves one factor to drive the decision: price. Become known for returning customer’s calls within one hour. Tiebreakers usually aren’t anything particularly unusual or exotic. This has been listed as the number one factor with business-to-business customers. You’ve all got good quality products or services. “Ok. Are your invoices clear and easily understood? Is your Web site easy to navigate? Do you empower employees to say “yes” to customers without always having to get approval from a manager? Be easy to deal with and win more business. That’s the essence of value. not what you want to give them. Be the easiest to do business with: Become the “no hassle” choice. Improve your performance in that area until it becomes “your turf. you have to clearly differentiate from your competition. exactly how they want it. Welcome to the commodity trap. Let the customer choose: Offer more selection and customization. It’s not a place where most companies want to compete. helpful people. I didn’t understand before how that was saving me money” for you to lock in customer loyalty. you have to answer the toughest question in business: Why should I choose you? From banking services and insurance products to fast food restaurants and medical clinics. being known for quick response or always being on time can be a powerful differentiator.SMALL BUSINESS What’s Your Tie Breaker? by Joe Calloway Right now there are potential customers for your business trying to decide whether or not to choose you. Never take for granted that your customers understand that you’re worth what you charge. Whether it’s the music mix on their iPod or their “no fat. it’s your job to show them. paying your customer if you are late for a service call. Look beyond the immediate needs of your customers to a bigger picture view of how you can help them succeed. Spell it out for them. You have to give potential customers a reason to say. Reach the point where you have mastered the differentiator and can confidently say. To escape the commodity trap. Unless you want to compete on price. Today’s customers want exactly what they want.

EFFORT AND MAYBE EVEN SOME MONEY ON YOUR TAXES. You’ll find all the tax information and forms you need. See how it can help you. 31 4059-IRS_Ads_7x10_woman. you know the information is good because it’s from the official source—the IRS.indd 10 Business Opportunities Journal 1/6/09 10:34:18 AM .gov. Either VISIT IRS. Prefer the phone? Call 1-800-829-4477 for 150 tax topics in English or Spanish. irs. There are easy online tools to help you calculate your eligibility for tax credits and track your Make this your first stop before you do your taxes. And it’s all free.GOV http://www. Everything you want to know is all in one reliable place—irs.SAVE TIME.irs.

www. . 89% of all businesses in the United States are family-owned and operated and represent 64% of the Gross National Product.” According to a study by the Raymond Institute and Massachusetts Mutual. . .” states Najia Moustafi. returning customer base and sheer determination that have kept our restaurant alive.. Martinizing Tur Directory of ns 60 Pet Opportun ities Forest .. ..” Construction.000 jobs.Ed. lost 1.. bartend.000 or less and gross under $1M a year..000 privately-held family businesses have over $1M in annual sales.6 million by the end of 2008. “During the first three quarters of 2008. Many Mom and Pop businesses are... Poop Ce .ition flourish t in ‘08 res .. Half of all Americans who work in the private sector are employed by a small firm. tthews Cremation .economy dives E 479 Homebuilder Sentiment . as lending institutions tightened their belts to small business loans.. . .. however. .. host and wait tables. of 9 Trends to Watch in ‘09 EstateInvestment SINCE1969 | s CELEBRATING OUR40thYEA R andReal ® Green + Commercial Park www...S... Foreclosure Rat es up 81% Business Opportunities Journal 32 . wash dishes.. We all do whatever has to be done: mop floors.boj. it’s our loyal.. in fact.Speaking Do .. rk. .Butler .. . that unincorporated self-employment fell from an average of 10. the U. .. cook.3 percent on an annualized basis. Arizona. lost 682. an industry dominated by small firms. . ntral Bark Doggy Day Ca . . . Foreclosur e websites th Home pric .. ValPak Turns 40 . plu re Willmar Pizza Family Exp s+ Ma ands .1 percent overall gain for the BusinessOpportu nitiesJournal SINCE1969 | CELEBR ATINGOUR40 YEA R g Homeowners into Landlords Special Reportnities Section Opportu Pet Related Venture Ca pital renewabl plu Boom times e energy for the rep s+ o Man SpecializinginBusin . Not all family-owned and run businesses.. small businesses were concerned about decreasing sales and inflation. and our two sons. of which 60 percent were in small businesses.4 million in 2007 to 9. as America’s backbone weakens. g Pet ..boj. Refi ® essOpportunities.. and the Ford family still owns 40 percent of the voting stock in their prestigious firm. Many have since transitioned to a “Mom and Pop” organization.. are Mom and SINCE1969 | CELEBRATINGOUR 39thYEAR nchise BusinessOpp ortunitiesJour nal 2009 I ISSUE 478 www. Turnin Some bus ..Scooping the . Joe. Big . “micro businesses”—defined as employing five or fewer employees that started with $35.. We’re not afraid to do it all! Although our costs have increased by more than 50 percent and revenues have decreased by more than that amount.Franchising SpecializinginBusinessOpportunities andRealEstateInvestments Today’s economic crisis is threatening the viability of America’s small businesses.. access to credit was a major concern. ss Help for Small Busine Wyly ToronTo STock exchange: inesses thr FEBR UARYplus+ the I ISSU ive when 2009 . bus tables.. Employees are scant or non-existent and anxiety mounts as small establishments struggle to make ends meet. Over 20. Wal-Mart is a family business run by the founder’s son. “Two years ago we had 11 employees. Peer-to-Peer Lending .. past los Resale sto Online .com Tap Your 401 k to Buy a Fra Specializingin BusinessOppo rtunities. Operations are becoming skeletal. Scaled Down Pho enix Homes .. . Mid 2008. co-owner of Andiamo’s Italian Bistro in Scottsdale.Busters . tting green FranchisingandReal icles veh Estate 44... but by year’s end..695. Costs of operation skyrocket while retail prices plummet. even though it saw a 1.. .000 jobs in 2008 and the fourth quarter Gross Domestic Product was down 6. my husband.. Inves tments Fair Trade wine .Franc hising The A Big Opportunity for Small Business ire Sam Rags-to-Riches Billiona .. “Now it’s just me. ‘09 Ble Tumbles ak for . es dive in California Ba .boj. Beetle Blues Or Opp? .. Continued on page 34 Online Edition Rent Your Vacation Home Now ® BusinessOpportunitiesJournal 477 DECEMBER 2008 I ISSUE Online Editio n JANUARY .SMALL BUSINESS Mom and Pop Businesses Fight to Survive Recession The Small Business Administration (SBA) reported recently in The Small Business Economy: A Report to the President. Virtual Home Tours go Masters in ..


It’s cheaper than traditional marketing methods and much more effective at reaching their targeted audience. a significant amount targeted to lower fees for SBA-guaranteed loans and to support economic development and entrepreneurship. and real estate investments. in-depth research.” BOJ Source: Niche Focus Group Business Opportunities Journal 34 . “Individuals are the ones who are using the tools online to compete and win. “Big corporations are losing the search engine marketing war to mom and pop. We want to keep going for our customers.89% of all businesses in the United States are family-owned and operated and represent 64% of the Gross National Product. as well as improved website design combined with search engine optimization (SEO). We’ve reduced our prices and removed the high-ticket items from the menu completely. which. “The National Bureau of Economic Research determined that the U. We take great pride in our fair coverage. improving customer satisfaction. The economy will improve eventually. big or small. owner of Walton Thriftway in Roane County. West Virginia. Many small businesses are in need of this type of direct and immediate funding for simple daily operations.” Business borrowing plunged in the fourth quarter of 2008 to a level comparable to the 2001 recession. Obama signed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.000 small businesses are the city’s most significant tax revenue producer.000 tax credit for small business owners for each full-time employee they hired. 108 today. adds. Fortysix percent of the country’s micro business owners say that the current downturn is the worst they’ve ever seen. The new Obama Administration sought its own stimulus package with the appearance of 2009. and continuing their marketing endeavors. and economic conditions deteriorated as 2008 drew to a close. “We’re having tremendous results implementing public relations. among other things.S. to stay in the game and survive. recession began in December of 2007.” Niche Focus Group is a business development and marketing strategy firm in Phoenix. Considering that 80 percent of all consumers research a business online before they buy. faced a personal crisis as bank loans disappeared and customer spending evaporated. .. Call 800-854-6570 ext. President of Niche Focus Group. like others across the nation. We’re just grateful for every day that we’re still here. Last summer we offered three-course dinners for $20 each. another month we took $10 off every bill over a certain amount. the Advertise in the BusinessOpportunitiesJournal® We specialize in covering the serious business of franchises. The number of ‘to go’ boxes has tripled in the last year. Diversifying and continuing to change with the marketplace helps keep our doors open. This is just who we are. Najia of Andiamo’s Italian Bistro sums it up by saying. New York City’s 220. Our editorial staff includes real world business-ownership experience. so we make changes and work really hard. City Hall is supporting a proposed $700M stimulus package. social media and SEO for our clients.SMALL BUSINESS According to the SBA report. focusing on customer service with a lot of patience and hard work are managing to keep many small businesses alive.” states Tim Morgan. com encourage entrepreneurs like Morgan and the Moustafis of Andiamo’s to stay engaged in their business by revisiting their business plan. The New York Daily News reported recently that to assist the ailing businesses. “This country was built on small business. New York City’s Mom and Pop owners. as banks have slashed federally-backed small business loans by nearly 40 percent. business opportunities. forming alliances within the and AllBusiness. analyzing business practices. Arizona. “So many small towns have seen their Mom and Pop stores closed due to giants. this is the way for today’s businesses. increased funding for the SBA by $730M. and breadth of experience. Less expensive and more effective than past advertising methods.” Troy Bohlke. One month we offered free appetizers.” claims Nick Stamoulis of Brick Marketing. Legislature passed a $3. are internet and social media networking. “Liquor sales are down 20 percent and people are spending much less overall. In January..” Both SmallBusinessNotes. Public or private funding.

you may be able to negotiate an early termination now. you would close the account and pay yourselves back the balance. The account would exist for one year after your LLC dissolves (more on that later). prioritize your other debts and work out a plan as to who will be paid. If there’s any money left over after paying all the other debts. If there are. but we do have a lease and some credit card balances that we have both personally guaranteed. and in what order. and if any liabilities crop up you didn’t know about. We also owe quite a bit to suppliers. and other taxes you may owe for the current year. and sign up a new tenant. If liquidating these assets won’t pay all the debts. You have indicated that this business may have some unknown liabilities. your accountant will file “final” tax returns with all tax authorities. inventory and other LLC assets will pay these in full. DISTRIBUTED BY CREATORS. it’s time to dissolve and liquidate the LLC. visit our Web page at www. ENNICO. use. The business has been clobbered by the economy. author and former host of the PBS television series “Money Hunt. calculate the amount of other debt the two of you have personally guaranteed. Since you probably don’t have good enough records to know if you personally guaranteed these or not. There’s also a good chance we have some debt we don’t know about. and figure out if selling all of your equipment. Very Hard To Do “I have been in a retail business with a partner for several years (we have a limited liability company). lawyers and other professionals whose help you may need to close your doors and deal with unhappy creditors should be first in line for payment. Once you have worked out how all the debt will be as in many states you are personally liable for these even if you have an LLC. pay all debts. and one of us has loaned a substantial amount of money to the business. Be sure to include any sales. There is no bank debt. that partner will probably have to write them off as bad debts if he legally can. Next. Accountants. Assuming you can pay all personallyguaranteed debt by liquidating the LLC assets. If there’s any money left in the account at the end of the year.” This column is no substitute for legal. BOJ Cliff Ennico (crennico@gmail. Most commercial leases do not allow you to simply hand the keys back and walk away from the premises any time you like. give some thought to renegotiating those so you are free to pursue whatever future dream awaits. it will probably be paid to the lending partner so he can recoup at least some of these losses. work out an agreement as to how the two of you will split the shortfall. * Find someone who can sublease your premises for the remainder of your lease term at a rental slightly less than what you are currently paying – that way you will be liable only for the difference between what the sublessee pays and what you were required to pay. tax or financial is a syndicated columnist. thank goodness. However. with the understanding your LLC will still be on the hook for future rent payments. * Offer to let the landlord keep your security deposit in exchange for releasing you from your personal guaranties. especially if the premises are in a desirable location and there’s a good chance the landlord will find a new tenant fairly quickly. contact brokers. Here are some suggestions: * Give the landlord plenty of advance notice – try to make your rent payments as long as you can to give the landlord enough time to advertise the premises for rent. Let’s tackle the tough one first – the lease. which can be furnished only by a qualified professional licensed in your state. it’s best to set up a reserve account in a local bank and deposit in that account your best guess as to what the amount of these liabilities would be.COM 35 Business Opportunities Journal . What’s the best way for us to get out of this business and get on with our lives?” You cannot imagine how many e-mail messages like this one I’m getting these days. which the other partner hasn’t. as we haven’t exactly kept perfect books and records over the years. Your LLC will continue to exist until all “winding up” activities have been completed. with some money left over. COPYRIGHT 2009 CLIFFORD R.SMALL BUSINESS COLUMNIST Cliff Ennico Breaking Up Can Be Very. and distribute any money left over to yourselves as the LLC owners. To find out more about Cliff Ennico and other Creators Syndicate writers and cartoonists. so you can continue to use the LLC name as long as you don’t take on any new business. Your attorney will file a Certificate of Dissolution with your state Secretary of State’s office. and we have decided to shut it down. You will liquidate all the LLC assets. and your LLC will cease taking on new business. As for the loans one of you has made to the LLC. you would pay them out of the account. One last thing: you should review your LLC Operating Agreement (similar to a partnership agreement) to determine if there are any noncompete or other provisions that would survive the liquidation of the LLC.

“The only green shoots contractors are seeing are the weeds sprouting around their idle construction equipment. On the nonresidential side alone. the Associated General Contractors of America noted today. “These figures show just how dire business condiBusiness Opportunities Journal 36 tions are for the nation’s contractors and their six million plus employees. with new federal figures showing private construction investments declined by 20.REAL ESTATE CONSTRUCTION RECOVERY? Congress and Administration Must Embrace Pro-Growth Measures to Stem Private Spending Declines of Over 20 Percent to Avoid Greater Job Losses. the association’s chief executive officer. Sandherr noted. Sandherr.” said Stephen E.” The federal figures show the annualized rate of private construction spending declined from $774 billion a year in September 2008 to $614 billion a year in September 2009.6 percent between September 2008 and September 2009. construction spending continued on page 39 . The new Census Bureau figures show there’s no sign of an economic recovery yet for the nation’s construction industry. Nation’s Contractors Urge The construction industry continues to suffer from significant declines in privately-funded construction investments.

“1-800-GET-LIMO” is a registered trademark of 1-800-GET-LIMO.5466 www.1-800getlimo. .com © 2009 1-800-GET-LIMO.538.Get Your Area Code as your Unique Extension On the 1-800-GET-LIMO National Limousine Network Ph : 800. All services subject to availability. acceptance and review. All service subject to a definitive agreement and terms may be changed without notice. All Rights Reserved.

Since the passage of Proposition 13. The official CCPI number will be released soon. following which the BOE will notify county assessors of the rate to apply to assessed property values.000 in assessed value. the 1978 ballot initiative that generally requires real property to be taxed on the basis of its fair market value as of the most recent change in ownership. Even with this base year value reduction reflecting the deflation. The BOE’s preliminary estimate is based on U. some property owners may not see a reduction in their properties’ assessed values. Michelle Steel serves as Southern California’s elected taxpayer advocate. Proposition 13 requires the assessor to use this higher current market value for the 2010 assessment. but any increases resulting from these annual adjustments are capped at 2 percent per year. all Proposition 13 base year values must be adjusted downward to reflect the deflation. Elected to the Board of Equalization in 2006. 2010 and April 10.60 for every $100.” said Steel. 2011. and in all but five years the inflation factor has been 2 percent or higher. While the savings for the 2010 year is minimal for most taxpayers. The announced adjustment factor will be reflected in assessments made as of January 1. 2009 to January 1. it must be adjusted in subsequent years by an inflation factor. had the 2 percent inflation adjustment occurred that is typical since the passage of proposition 13. Steel uncovered a $42 million mistake in the agency’s sales tax refund procedures. visit www. The California Department of Industrial Relations calculates the California Consumer Price Index (CCPI) using the same price data. the corresponding increase to the homeowner would have been about $22 for every $ Those property owners could actually see an increase in the annual assessed value and resulting tax bill if the current market value of the property has increased from January 1. 2010. Nearly all real estate in California is assessed under the terms of Proposition 13. once such a base year value is established. With negative inflation occurring over the 12 month period ending in October. the tax agency refunded tax security deposits to over 5. Following her investigation. announced that most California homeowners will see a slight decline in property tax bills due to deflation. BOJ Source: State Board of Equalization .S. acts as the appellate body for franchise and personal income tax appeals. BOE staff released an opinion in September of this year determining that if infla- tion turns to deflation in any year. It hears business tax appeals.000 in assessed value. “Property owners should be mindful of the current value of their property. In 2008. Under Proposition 13.REAL ESTATE Michelle Steel. Bureau of Labor Statistics Consumer Price Index (CPI) numbers released in mid-November. and bring any irregularities to the attention of their County Assessor. For more information on other taxes and fees in California. about $2. and serves a significant role in the assessment and administration of property taxes. taxes. The five-member California State Board of Equalization (BOE) is a publicly elected tax board. This official notification will come through a Letter to Assessors released in December. the adjustment factor must go negative. the inflation factor has never been negative. An example of where this would occur is if the assessed value has already been reduced due to recent market declines.500 small businesses. This is the first time such a broad scale reduction in property tax base values has occurred. Property taxes are collected by local county tax collectors and are used at the local level to fund local programs and services. The BOE collects more than $53 billion annually in taxes and fees supporting state and local government services. The base year adjustments will be reflected on tax bills sent out in October 2010 and due by December 10. provided this value does not exceed the property’s factored base year 2010. Third District member of the State Board of Equalization (BOE).

The ultimate tiebreaker: Consistency of performance. Nothing is more frustrating to customers than hearing the words. Effective problem resolution can win you customers for life.” Train your employees to resolve customer problems fairly. the better your chances to win the business when your potential customers ask. whenever possible. Build Now for the Future. IBM and many more have sought his insight into today’s marketplace. and. that’s the most powerful differentiator there is.. visit www. or create new opportunities for them. BOJ Source: The Associated General Contractors of America continued from page 36 for lodging declined by 37. then continue to get better.9 and 1. accounts receivable and other business basics. Think about your own customers’ basic expectations. An auto paint manufacturer offers its body shop customers help with programs on inventory control.2 percent increases.3 percent for offices. from $308 billion to $326 billion. American Express. which were designed to revive the private construction market while improving public investments in the nation’s aging infrastructure. If customers know that no matter who they deal with in your company. However. He called for a quick extension of the first-time home buyers tax credit and expansion of the carry back of net oper39 Business Opportunities Journal . Sandherr noted. Joe provides consulting to help companies accelerate their strategies and make their visions reality. ating loss provision from two to five years for all businesses for 2008. Look beyond your core product or service and explore how a “big picture” approach can be your ultimate tiebreaker.” (August 2009. but this industry will continue to suffer while demand for private construction continues to plummet. then set a goal to improve your performance on one of them by 25 percent. Solve problems on the spot: Empower employees to make it happen.8 percent respectively. with 11 percent and 4. “Why should I choose you?” BOJ ABOUT THE AUTHOR Joe Calloway is a partner in Engage Consulting Group. He also urged Congress and the Administration to support the 30 measures outlined in the association’s construction industry recovery plan. Start there.continued from page 30 lives easier. the most powerful tiebreaker in today’s marketplace is consistency. amicably. Public spending on commercial facilities and power structures grew the most. To purchase his books or hire him as a consultant.” Sandherr said. One company that sells pipe to building contractors invites its best customers to annual seminars on business development. and 36 percent for commercial structures over the past 12 months. but our policy is . or call (615) 383-2249. “I’ll have to ask my manager” or “I’m sorry. The more expectations you master. Publicly funded investments in construction did increase over the past year by 6. and author of several bestselling business books including the newly revised edition of “Becoming a Category of One. While it’s great to hear “superstar” stories about employees that go above and beyond for customers. they will receive the same level of great service every single time. “Increased public investments in construction and infrastructure are welcome news.1 percent. on the spot. with 28. making life easier for the family. 33. ‘09 and ‘10 as a way to stimulate new private demand for construction.. Sandherr added.joecalloway. water supply and sewage investments actually declined by 1. over the past year. A restaurant offers free baby food to customers with infants.8 percent and 27. Wiley).4 percent. Manufacturing and power construction were the only parts of the private construction market to see increased investments.8 percent gains respectively. Corporate heavyweights BMW.

First on Google for “taxi services. . Since 1999. INC. Service is subject to written http://www.1800taxicab.One Number Nationwide® ringing straight into your dispatch office. “1-800-TAXICAB” and “One Number Nationwide” are registered trademarks of 1-800-TAXICAB. All rights reserved. The 1-800-TAXICAB Referral Service is NOT a franchise.” Tel: (800) 451-6092 Email: sales@1800taxicab. Subject to availability and discontinuance at any time without notice. 1-800-TAXICAB® Call today to inquire about putting the National Referral Network to work for your licensed and insured ground transportation company. Business Opportunities Journal © 2008 1-800-TAXICAB.