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Pre-Primary Curriculum

Practical Life
Care of Self Self-Control & Body Movement Fine Motor Development

Dressing Frames Snaps Hooks Lacing Buttons Buckles Bow-tying Safety-pins
Large Motor Skills

Sitting on the Line Passing an object Lining Up Walking on Line (& variations) Carrying a chair Rolling a rug Silence Game Carrying a tray or materials
Grace & Courtesy Lessons

Coordination Balance Swinging Climbing Running Skipping Hopping Jumping Throwing a ball Kicking a ball Bouncing a ball Marching Tip-toe Somersault Squeezing sponge Table crumbing Table scrubbing Washing/drying dishes Cleaning shelves Sweeping Mopping Polishing Window cleaning Cleaning materials Care of animals

Interrupting correctly Apologizing Greeting politely Asking for help Walking around a rug Watching a child at work

Grasping Scooping (lg. & small) Spooning Exercises Dry Pouring Exercises Liquid Pouring Objects Using Tongs Using Tweezers Clamping clothespins Using an eyedropper Using an eggbeater Basting Using a ladle Opening/closing lids Locking/unlocking Puzzles Pegboard Stringing beads Scissors (use correct sequence) Gluing (use correct sequence) Hole punch Screwdriver Nuts & bolts Stamping

Care of the Environment

Food Preparation

Plant & Garden Care

Washing vegetables/fruit Watering plants Scraping vegetables/fruit Cleaning & trimming leaves Slicing…….Chopping Arranging flowers Spreading……Grating Planting seeds Sifting……Kneading Weeding Measuring……Peeling Raking Apple coring Sprouting from seeds Orange squeezing Nut cracking Setting table Table etiquette Preparation of individual recipes using cooking cards


2. Triangles Demonstration tray Circles drawer Triangles drawer Rectangles drawer Polygons drawer Irregular shapes drawer Mathematics Readiness for Math Identifying solids Language Bases of solids Binomial Cube Triangle box Large hexagonal box Small hexagonal box 0 – 10 Activities Decimal System & Operations 1-10 games 1-10 finger plays 1-10 songs Number stories Counting objects in environment Identifying sets of numbers Linear Counting Short bead stair Teen boards Teen boards and beads Tens boards Tens boards and beads Hundred board Number rods Sandpaper numerals Rods and numerals Spindle box 0-9 Cards and counters Odd and even Memory games Write numerals 1-10 Mortenson number bars Many reinforcing activities Decimal presentation tray Form number with golden beads Form number with numerals Combine beads & numerals Decimal lay-out Beginning group lessons: Introduction to addition Static addition 2 . bitter. salty. sour Sorting objects by touch Sorting shapes by touch Sorting sizes by touch Mystery bag Geometric Solids Const.Tablets Fabric Matching Mystery bags Thermic bottles Baric tablets Sense of Taste Stereognostic Sense Recognizing scents Matching scents Language Geometry Geometric Cabinet Identifying tastes Matching tastes Language Sweet.3) Language for all the above Extensions for all the above Sense of Smell Listening for sounds Matching sounds to pictures Matching sound cylinders Grading sound cylinders Story books and tapes Matching music notes Recognizing sounds in environment Touch Boards.Sensorial Visual Discrimination Auditory Discrimination Sense of Touch Knobbed cylinders Pink tower Cross tower Broad stairs Long rods Knobless cylinders Color boxes (1.

Texture Design . spiders Art and Handwork Zoology Parts of a plant Parts of a flower Parts of a leaf Leaf study Apples Corn Chiles Nuts Botany Days of week Months of year Calendar Seasons Left – right Clock: hour History Magnets Sink and float Liquids and solids Parts of body Nutrition Weather Care of materials Clean-up routines Easel painting Large crayons Large markers Collage with wide variety of materials Tearing Water colors Color mixing Drawing Punch-outs 3 Modeling with play-doh Finger painting Chalk Stamping Printing Gluing-use exact sequence Cutting-use exact sequence Sewing-follow sequence Exercises in study of: Line….Language Skills Pre-Reading Activities Insets for Design Phonetic Analysis Sorting Matching Sequencing Category cards Environment cards & labels Figure-ground cards Rhyming skills Opposites Alike and different cards Vocabulary enrichment Moveable Alphabet Shapes with lines Two or more shapes Symmetrical design Fill paper Frame and inset Border design Sandpaper Letters initial consonants ending consonants medial sounds Sandpaper booklets Punch-out letters Recognize sounds-environment Matching sounds-cards Alike & different sounds Handwriting Skills Phonetic Reading Pink level (3 letters.Shape Color…. short vowel) Object Box Pictures & Labels Large cards/pictures Phonetic word lists Phonetic booklets Phonetic sentences Command cards Sand tray Chalk board Tracing raised letters Pencil and paper Writes name Directionality Cultural Subjects Geography Land/air/water Land/water globe Land/water forms Continents globe World map of continents North America Asia – China Africa Australia Science Living/non-living Plant/animal Class. of animal groups Mammals Birds Fish Amphibians Reptiles Insects. short vowel) Dictation Phonetic objects Phonetic pictures Pink level (3 letters.

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