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For Immediate Release: 23rd September 2011 Contact: Iona Sale, IONA PR, 01451 832 268, 07721 030

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THE KIPLING COLLECTION OF F. ALAN UNDERWOOD (1926-2010) Thursday 6th October 2011
Chorley’s are privileged to be offering Alan Underwood’s collection of Kipling books in their forthcoming sale on Thursday, 6th October 2011. Alan Underwood was a lifelong admirer of Rudyard Kipling, having first come across the Just So stories and Puck at school. On reading ‘Plain Tales from the Hills’, aged just 12, he was struck by what he called the ‘serious infection’. He began by collecting standard editions but this grew into a desire to hunt down first editions; ‘the addict can experience the thrill of handling a book in the form in which it first appeared’ was his description of that urge. On his death in 2010 he was one of the longest serving members of the Kipling Society, having joined in 1944. Alan was also well known in the hunting world having been a member of the Berkeley Hunt from the early 1960s and its Honorary Secretary from 1986-1996. A number of sporting volumes from his collection are also offered for sale (Lots 107-119). His knowledge and love of hunting, R S Surtees and Kipling, led him to write a series of articles and letters in the Kipling Journal which bring the three subjects together. Alan Underwood was modest about his collection, no more so than in an article he wrote for the December 1967 edition of the Kipling Journal entitled ‘A Small Collection’. In it he wrote, ‘When I die the American universities will not be competing for my Kipling collection….but it will have given me a great deal of pleasure for most of my life’. Many of the volumes offered in the sale (Lots 1-106) are mentioned in the article. While considering which of his books he would show to a visitor, he mentions his first edition of Departmental Ditties (Lot 21) which he describes as ‘an unusual and amusing example of book production, taking us back to Lahore in 1886’. This was Kipling’s first published book, the binding of which resembles an official

Lot 68 - Rudyard Kipling Soldiers Three est £300 – 500

Lot 91 - Rudyard Kipling The Absent Minded Beggar est £40 - 60

Lot 121 – T A Knight Pomona Herefordiensis, published 1811 est £1,200 – 1,800

government envelope, and the copy in our sale is estimated at £300-500. The range of the collection encompasses pamphlets, autograph letters and bound copies of the magazines in which many of the stories first appeared. Collecting Kipling can be a complicated business owing to the large number of UK and US editions, pirated editions and by the small differences between early editions. Alan Underwood described these as ‘details….which delight the collector’s heart, although probably only another collector would understand’. For further information please contact Catrin Hampton on 01452 344499 or For press information or jpeg images please contact Iona Sale, IONA PR, on 01451 832 268 or 07721 030 825. VIEWING DAYS are Tuesday, 4th October, 9am-7pm, Wednesday, 5th October, 9am-5pm and Thursday, 6th October, 8.30am-10.30am.

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