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A Visionary New Tool for Dynamic Transient Testing

PSCAD/Relay and associated test equipment represent the next generation of relay testing. PSCAD/Relay is a time-based power system simulator that generates test waveforms with the same real world fidelity as events recorded from the power system itself. PSCAD/Relay, can be utilized to test the protection system, using the same signals the system will see. The result is more accurate and more realistic protection testing. The test waveforms are generated in a powerful interactive simulator, taking less time and producing superior results compared to traditional methods.Personnel responsible for relay testing do not have to make assumptions about which waveform characteristics are important for proper relay operation. Real system events, such as current reversal on parallel lines, are easily produced. Faults can be applied at any point on the cycle. Different operating times for breakers, DC offsets, inrush, mutual coupling, resonance, harmonics, and saturation effects are all included. Batch mode simulation allows for a series of test waveforms to be developed quickly and efficiently. Advance and speed up your testing process. Eliminate false operations before they occur.

NEED Accurate results – quickly PSCAD/RELAY SOLUTION Single line diagram. Reuse existing data Models compatible with load flow or fault study data. Distributor: Manitoba HVDC Research Centre Inc. Quick efficient study time. Advanced GUI. ‘What If’ studies Batch mode. Maximize productivity. Reduce human translation errors. High degree of realism Time solution (DC – 20kHz) instead of phasor solution (50 or 60Hz only). Less effort in developing new study. Multiple relay location and communication system testing. No false trips. 50 microsecond or lower time step solution.The following table highlights the benefits of using PSCAD/Relay for designing and testing your protection system. Data file production is automated. Accurate simulation. 244 Cree Crescent Winnipeg. BENEFITS Reduction in case preparation .ca www. Reduction in field-test time. Less training time. Advanced end-to-end testing GPS compatible. Test method supports network growth Adjustable base case PSCAD family of power simulation tools Test relay application and settings in an expanding dynamic network. Reduce time required for relay testing setup Test data files in COMTRADE are automatically generated. Interactive changes to study. Increased system availability Real-world waveforms for testing. Predefined cases. Increased confidence in results. Data investment protection. Reduction in relay false operations. Protection will operate correctly when needed.hvdc. Canada R3J 3W1 T +1 204 989 1240 F +1 204 453 5074 pscad@hvdc. Ability to test modern electronic and digital relay systems. Use existing hardware test equipment Standard IEEE COMTRADE format. Use existing resources. Manitoba. Advanced waveforms Current reversal Staged faults Vary breaker operating time CT saturation Point on wave fault application. Direct feedback for user.