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Lower School Specials

September Newsletter 2011

The 2011-2012 school year is off and running! If you visit my web page, you will find a daily schedule for physical education classes and third grade block class divisions. It is important that the students remember gym shoes on PE days. During the month of September, all students have been introduced to the procedures and rules governing our class. SAFETY is job one! The Fitnessgram assessments have started in each grade level. First grade students have learned various Tag games, been introduced to warm-ups which include spot stompers, yo-yos, and jogging jayhawks. Various Tag games, hockey and Canball have also been introduced. Second, Third, and Fourth grade students have taken part in various warm-ups and been taught the playground game called 4-Square. Due to the wonderful Kansas heat, all 2nd,3rd, and 4th grade students were afforded the opportunity to play hockey in the air-conditioned Multi-Purpose Room. The fourth grade has also played Kickball. Looking ahead, we are anxious to run our first mile run on the new track, play on the new turfed football field, continue the Fitnessgram assessments, and Have Fun! Remember, you can’t spell FUNKE without FUN! Hope you all have had a great start to the year and our gym doors are always open should you like to join in the fun! ~Mr. Don Funke

Greyson B., Maddy M., & Yousuf Q. with edible color wheels

We have started our weekly art classes delving into the world of Georgia O'Keefe and her ability to simplify and enlarge much of what she loved from nature to amazing colors, shapes, and value changes. "Color" has been our main element of design and "balance" our main principle of design. The first graders are creating their own mixed-media enlarged flower drawings and learning about color theory. The second graders are also applying color theory to enlarged, symmetric butterfly paintings in watercolors, and the third graders created edible color wheels and then designed their own color paintings with acrylics that included the primary, secondary, and tertiary colors. In addition, the third graders have also started creating and trading Art Trading Cards (ATCs) and Zentangling! Just ask your 3rd grader what that means! We are off to a great start in Art Studio 204! ~Mrs. Susan Walker

We got the year started by learning about “The Golden Rule.” We talked about how important it is to treat others the way we want to be treated. One way to show respect to others is by using words such as please, thank you, you’re welcome and excuse me. When we are not reinforcing our manners, we are doing activities that revolve around virtues. So far we have discussed honesty and friendship. We learned how to shake hands, use eye contact, be a good listener and a good friend. ~Mrs. Jennifer Hearne

The 4th graders have found their way to the middle school art room and are adjusting well to a new art teacher and new procedures. They are currently working on concepts of symmetry and cutting skills. In October they will learn how to make a hollow-form pumpkin out of clay! ~Mrs. Jan Nicodemus

Students have been brushing up on their typing skills and reviewing computer skills they learned last year. First through third grade students come to the lab twice a week for 30 minutes; first graders come once a week for 30 minutes. Fourth graders have had a typing test already, and are working on remembering how to do ClipArt with several assignments meant to demonstrate mastery. Third graders are reviewing the keyboard in preparation for their first typing test – coming soon! Students have also been working on a pretty big project that tells all about themselves, requires several class periods, and introduces new skills on the computer. Second graders have been reviewing their mouse skills by playing several educational games that reinforce moving the mouse to a corresponding (and specific) place on their screen. They are also reviewing the home row and beginning to expand their knowledge of the keyboard. First graders are learning about mouse control, how to hold the mouse correctly, and exploring both ABCYa! and Build-a-Bear web sites. ~Mrs. Kristy Hoffman

Having fun in Science Class

We’ve been busy in Science learning the science processes through investigations in Balance & Motion (1st grade), Solids and Liquids (2nd Grade), Measurement (3rd Grade), and Magnetism & Electricity (4th Grade). All the grades will receive paperwork periodically that has been completed in class. We also have a Science Notebook that helps us record and organize our data. You are welcome to stop by during conferences and take a look at them. Please check out the WCS website where you will find the “WCS Science Spot” blog. This includes parent newsletters, student pictures, science updates, book orders, and videos! You will find this on the LS page, then to LS Teacher Pages on the left hand side, Specials, Science! That takes you right to the blog! Enjoy! ~Mrs. Sherri Newlin

Not only are the Lower School Music classes hard at work preparing an exciting program to honor our grandparents on October 21, but we are also in the process of becoming master musicians. Grades 1-4 have learned how to distinguish between a major chord and a minor chord, and are now busy learning the interval relationships between notes. We are using solfege syllables to represent each step of an octave scale and are using those syllables to be able to distinguish the distance from one note to another. Our goal is to not only be great performers but to also understand basic music fundamentals. We look forward to seeing all of you at Grandparent's Day! ~Mrs. Jonna Bolan

The library is off to a “THRILLING” start! We’ve introduced the Reading Program for this year, “Reading is a Thrill.” We’re asking 1st through 3rd grades to read for 20 minutes each night and record it on their reading log sheet. Fourth graders we’re asking to read for 30 minutes each night and record it on their reading log. We hope everyone is keeping track of their minutes (remember you can apply the minutes that you read for homework to your reading log). Let’s go Thrill Seekers! ~Mrs. Leslie Prechtel

Bonjour tout le monde! Our 2nd & 3rd graders are busy reviewing last year's material. I was so pleased that they have retained so much of their French. They are quite the little "francophones." Even though I am in Texas settling my aunt's estate, Madame Patricia Hourani is teaching for me; so our students will continue to receive excellent instruction. They will be practicing days of the week & months of the year for the rest of September. Then, October brings a favorite topic for all language students -- food! Merci et au revoir, Madame Leeth

Bonjour, in first grade French class we have been learning how to introduce ourselves, greet, and count up to 10 in French. Be on the lookout for an upcoming surprise!! Au revoir. Madame Zayat