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The resolution of Zero and Infinity : The things that I propose


1. The distance between two points(zero) is Infinity . 2. When we measure the distance only and only then the term infinity vanishes and we come up with some numerical values. 3. We can never actually see the point zero as it’s being restricted by the fact that the point zero is nothing but signifies the zero dimension. 4. And for the same cause of 3rd postulate we can never measure the distance between any finite number like 1 to zero and that distance between the finite number to the zero shall always be infinity. 5.The counting of numerical values starting from 0 going 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,… can never be resolved to like any other physical reasoning and shall remain as infinity.

Explanation: * If we go to measure the distance between two points how it’s going to be? Let’s say we’re measuring the distance between two points separated by 5 centimeters. Now that 5 centimeter is the distance from the point A to the point B. A and B being two points, so they must be the same . And as we started from A and it is the point from where we’re measuring so it is supposedly zero and as B is analogous to the condition of A so B is also be zero(As all the points are actually the same) and 5,the distance defines the difference of length between two zeros/points separated by the other points(numeric rational values) in the length of the space. Now if the difference between two points is increased to something beyond calculation and is ever increasing like two points in the surface of a bubble universe then that we can term as infinity! So from here we can dictate that “the distance between two points or between two zeros is infinity and, when and only when we measure the distance between the points only then infinity term is excluded and we get a definite numerical result like 5 or some other numerical values.” Thinking about the analogy, “Everything fundamental, intrinsic, that has an origin means having a starting point and that thing must have an end. As the point of starting has to be zero then it occupies the same state when it diminishes meaning to be zero. And the total distance between O and O is :

O,…, ½,1/4,1/8,1/16,1/32,…O And infinity={the distances between two zeros} ={ …½,1/4,1/8,1/16,1/32,…} When we count the distance only then we resolve the infinity to a number but we can never end counting the difference between two zeros to that mean we have to precisely take the thing into zero dimension. but when we don’t count then it can actually be anything and that also poses the term infinity. (still have problems then think about the human life) From this definition of zero we can also define 0/0 and infinity/infinity. As source/source is 1 and distance/distance is 1 and numerical values /same numerical values is 1 so 0/0 and infinity/infinity will also be like normal maths: 1!

*Now what if we want to calculate something coming back to zero like the distance between to a finite number 1 to zero then we find that it is also termed as infinity! The answer to this is that the point zero is nothing like we can express by a dot or any other symbol. It’s just an illustration to perform our more complex works of operation. So we designate the dot as zero. Why the dot is not exactly a zero because the numerical value zero of anything means ‘nothing’ whether it is the mass or quantity of an object or whether it is the length of some distance. In other words it is hypothetical and it shall remain hypothetical. It can be proven like this: Whatever the smallest distance we measure we’ll always end up with some numerical values and as we end up with some values so it is not exactly zero. Now why we can never chase down zero because zero is actually a point that physically signifies the zero dimension! Meaning zero is not just a numeric value used in doing mathematics rather it has its origin right at the root of our physical understanding of the universe and everything else. So, we can reason the point of infinite density at the heart of the Black Hole or the point that contains infinite mass density as a zero dimensional point. It shows the relation of the physical reasoning of mathematics, why our nature choose to take such physical constants or values. So to understand the reasoning behind the zero and infinity’s mystery we must go through the understanding of its physical significance. The dimension zero is where the point zero is defined in other words the zero dimension is actually zero! Anything squeezed to zero dimension will be turned into nothing by physical understanding or in other words if we increase the something’s quantity as big as infinity then it also turns out to be physically nothing because to increase something by infinity meaning to approach zero. Numerically we can never find an end of counting numbers because of the fact that the numbers commencing from zero is going large and larger and far larger. For the reason it can’t come back to the point zero to find a stop that means to zero. So as we define that something that starts tries to fall down to an end that is to approach to its initial condition

zero. But here the end it self is perplexed by huge increasing numbers so this distance from initial zero to ending zero can never be resolved and thus it will always remain as infinity because whenever we count down a huge number of infinity then still there are more numbers to go and thus it will never end and we will never see this counting process to be ending. *It can be thought of like this way too : The center of the black hole is a singularity. The singularity is a point in the space-time fabric. The point if thought of as a hypothetical zero dimensional point then it can occupy infinite mass/energy. And as we have come to know that the amount between two zeros is infinity then to accommodate that infinity the structure of the space must be zero! That’s why if we increase anything’s mass to infinity then its mass density must decrease and it will ultimately turned into a zero dimensional thing that is a singularity and that also means physically Nothing. *This can also resolve the Zeno paradox that states: “A journey to any finite number of distances can neither be started nor be completed” – This is because we just never quite start from the point zero to end to another point zero. The all calculation from point A to point B, in distance measuring we do is just not precisely accurate. We start from a point thought of being zero and end at some other point let 5 centimeters away from that point. Now the distance from the point where we started to its nearby point is infinitesimally small or we can say its actually infinity and thus the distance other points that filling the space between the commencing and ending point is also infinity. So the Zeno paradox is actually resolved the fact that we don’t precisely start our measuring from the starting point that is zero and the end point that is also zero. And it is being resolved that the distance between two zeros is always going to be infinity. * We often see the term something/0 is undefined and we use at times infinity to resolve it. From the postulates resolved in the above arguments we can deduce that as something can’t be squeezed/decreased to zero so dividing something by the zero is always going to result in ‘can’t be defined’.