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A Project Report On

“Sales & Distribution in Dairy Industry”
With special reference to Aanchal products

The partial Fulfillment of the requirement for the Degree of the “Master of Business Administration” of “Uttaranchal Institute of Technology, Dehradun”
Bhupendra Singh Rajwar

Dr. Saurabh Joshi H.O.D. Management


(Affiliated to Uttarakhand Technical University, Dehradun)

I take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the management of Nainital, Dugdh Utapadak Sahakari Sangh Ltd. Lalkuan for providing me the opportunity to get an exposure of their esteemed unit. I am sincerely thankful to the Circulation department for coordinating my training and explicitly express my thanks to Mr. Prahlad Singh Haldwani (Nainital) and all the officers at Circulation Department for there continued help and guidance during my stay there. Last but not the least, I express my deep gratitude to my Faculty, Dr.
Saurabh Joshi for his valuable guidance.

I also express my thanks to parents and all family members and friends who directly or indirectly provide me their moral support.

(Bhupendra Singh Rajwar)

This project has been undertaken as a partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of degree of MBA, Uttaranchal Institute of Technology.

The project was executed during the summer break after the Second semester under the supervision of Dr. Saurabh Joshi.

Further, I declared that this project is my original work and the analysis and the findings are for academic purpose only. This project has not been presented in any seminar or submitted elsewhere for the award of any degree or diploma.

(Bhupendra Singh Rajwar) Signature

CONTENTS Chapter - 1
- Objective of the study - Scope of the study - Limitation of the study


Research methodology

Chapter - 2
About Dairy Industry Company Profile
- Sales Management - Growth Development - Function of Channel of Distribution - Marketing Strategy

Chapter - 3
- Data Analysis

- Summary Of Finding Chapter - 4
- Suggestion

Chapter - 5
- Conclusion

Biblography Questionnaire

Chapter .1 Introduction 1 Objective of the study 2 Scope of the study 3 Limitation of the study 4 Research methodology .

these cover almost 40 per cent of cattle population in the division.INTRODUCTION India is the leading milk producer in the world and the dairy cooperatives are the backbone of Indian dairy industry. Anchal should find ways to . which is the need of the day. Lack of business development services related to dairy industry has been found leading the farmers to disassociate from Anchal. incentive package should be provided. the number of agents working for other private dairies has increased. also known as Anchal in the Kumaun region of Uttarakhand and has proposed a model for eliminating these inefficiencies. and price spread of a dairy cooperative. Different marketing channels for milk have been identified and price spread has been calculated for all the channels. It has been found that due to insufficient margins. Uttaranchal Cooperative Dairy Federation Ltd (UCDFL). The study has suggested that Anchal should evolve a definite policy with regard to procurement of milk in both lean and regular periods and to sustain its members. except Udham Singh Nagar. It has been found that UCDFL is focused mainly on liquid milk marketing and has not adopted product diversification. This study has analyzed the inefficiencies existing in improving milk production. marketing channels. procurement pattern. Nainital and Almora districts of Kumaon region have been selected for the study.

middlemen who supplied milk to the consumer were exploiting the dairy industry in the . Local sale of milk at the society level should be encouraged to increase the popularity of Anchal brand. Uttar Pradesh and Delhi with a phenomenal readership of consumers. processing and marketing in surrounding areas. Lalkuan have a head office in Haldwani and many District Cooperative Unions engaged in milk production. Dugdh Utapadak Sahakari Sangh Ltd. procurement. Lalkuan as on today. Before the cooperative movement began. Nainital. is the biggest National Daily across all products in Uttaranchal. I am taking the study because “The study is helpful to understand customer’s expectations from a complete range of dairy products and to know that how is defying the other dairy products to Aanchal? What modifications required in the current strategies in order to make it stronger in market? And what the customers of dairy products want from a complete dairy in market. Nainital. Dugdh Utapadak Sahakari Sangh Ltd. Small dairy for satisfying the people of Uttaranchal conducting regular researches and needs are registered and interesting to know the customer‘s feedback from dairy products.establish fodder banks at strategic locations for providing fodder during emergencies and periods of fodder scarcity.

technologists and workers. It has thrived because farmers who have a stake in its success own it. spread all over the country with a membership of 10 million. Recently one of the European Embassies in Delhi requested us for information on the five biggest "companies" in the dairy business.Uttaranchal. Today in India. it has forged ahead. there are 75. . It began as a response to this exploitation and put an end to it. And because it has been managed by capable professionals and strengthened by dedicated scientists. It grew because it responded to the farmers financially as well as with services.000 dairy cooperative societies. The farmer in the village is now assured of a better future thanks to these cooperatives. The first three are in the cooperative sector.

.OBJECTIVES OF STUDY There are many objectives of this topic under this project. To study the perception and problem of retailers and suggest method to motivate them. Some are as follows:1. To study the level of awareness among consumers about AANCHAL milk and its other products. 2. 3. First and foremost objective of this study is to know the distribution system of AANCHAL industry.

SCOPE OF THE STUDY 1. It is to know Indian market and its environment give us the chance to know to know the environment of the company. 2. At present this study may be helpful in getting the knowledge of distribution system and all the selected facts. We get the chance to know the packing and selling concept of the milk and its product and how it can be made available into the market to the consumer. 3. .

Inadequate time to complete the project. 2. The data collected is not very extensive to draw an accurate conclusion .LIMITATIONS OF THE STUDY Following are the limitations which we deem in the course of the project: 1. Beside Aanchal others are unorganized it is very difficult to cover the data in this time limit.

SAMPLE SIZE The survey was conducted among 150 people Sample unit: 150 people Sampling method: Random sampling PERIOD OF STUDY The period of study was of 7 weeks and survey was conducted for 10 days starting from 1st July 2011 to 10th july 2011. .

SECTOR & PLAYERS Sector chosen for the study is Dairy & F. Retailer. INFORMATION SOURCES Sources of data collection can be divided into two parts: (1) PRIMARY DATA (2) SECONDARY DATA . The tools used for data collection were questionnaires and personal interviews.M. The study considered customer base as well as organization base questionnaires and our sample was 150.G.Research Methodology The research design used for the present study is exploratory research. Under this head we are concerned with Aanchal & remaining players of supply.C. Internet was used as a source for secondary data.

To collect the primary data the method used is: (i) Questionnaire is used for data collection To collect the secondary data the method used is: (i) Books (ii) Journals of Aanchal (iii) Newspaper .

Chapter II Company Profile 1 History Sales Management 2 Growth Development 3 Function of Channel of Distribution Marketing Strategy .

the leading brands and offers strategic analysis of key factors influencing the market be they new product developments.About Dairy Industry Today. A bagful of 'pearls' awaits the international dairy processor in India. It provides the latest retail sales data. economic/lifestyle influences. The liberalization of the Indian economy beckons to MNC's and foreign investors alike. allowing you to identify the sectors driving growth. It identifies the leading companies. India is 'The Oyster' of the global dairy industry. As he expands his overseas operations to India many profitable options await him. . Forecasts illustrate how the market is set to change. Euromonitor International's Dairy Products in India report offers a comprehensive guide to the size and shape of the market at a national level. The Indian dairy industry is rapidly growing. sign joint ventures or use India as a sourcing center for regional exports. distribution or pricing issues. It offers opportunities galore to entrepreneurs worldwide. who wish to capitalize on one of the world's largest and fastest growing markets for milk and milk products. trying to keep pace with the galloping progress around the world. He may transfer technology. packaging innovations.

In the year 1997-98 companies averages sales was 27354 Liter per day which feather increased to 30865 Liter Per day in the year 98-99. thus reason growth of 12. At present time organization is selling nearly 30865 liter milk per day. The everincreasing demand for Milk and Products can e another season for this phenomenal growth.000 Liter per day but it handling 42. Lalkuan can be traced back to 1948. Dugdh Utapadak Sahakari Sangh Ltd. The reason for this impressive growth can be attributed to strategic planning and management of organization functions.000 Liter Milk present time it is handling an average of 39340 Liter Milk per .3% in year 1998-99. Plant’s present handling capacity is 20. Organization first started its operations in year 1949. which was nearly 6. initially organization preceded just 611-liter milk with the help of seven societies per day and its sale was 376-liter milk per day. In the field of handling Milk organization has achieved milk store by handling 2.1 melt as compared plant’s present handling capacity.Company Profile The history of Nainital.8% approx for previous year this growth is must higher then growth rate dairy industry.

Butter.5 63145 08-09 35.7 23.2 75494 09-10 39.56 192.72 274.7 39.5 35. day Ghee (In MT) Butter (In MT) Paneer (In MT) Cream (In MT) Flavor Milk (200 Ml Packed) 06-07 26.6 239. Item 1 2 3 4 5 6 Milk Handling new plant under construction that not increase plant-handling capacity to 50. Ghee.84 113.No. Starting its operation from producing selling Milk only. The table given below reflects performance in recent year. Table 1 S.9 73056 07-08 34.87 111. Organization has added a number of products in it range.41 137.000 Liter per day after coming in operation.2 259.64 75.26 178.1 161. Creams and flavor Milk.8 294. The organization new deals in pasteurized Milk.34 198.2 35.5 84145 BOARD OF DIRECTOR'S .

Haru Devi Mrs. Vinod Fonia Mr. Nirmala Rawat Managing Director/Member Secretary Vice Chairman Member Member Member Member Member/ nominated by state govt. Name 123456789101112- Designation Dr. Sanjay Upadhyay Member/Representative of Director. Gulab Rai Mr.S. Mr. Mohan Bisht Chairman Mr. Kunvar Singh Gusain Mr. Arjun Singh Rautela Mr. Karn singh Bhandari Member Member Member Mrs. Hari Ram Mrs. Dairy Development History: .N. Janki Devi Mr. Bhag Singh Chauhan Mr.

with its head office at Mangal Parao. Uttarakhand Co-operative Dairy Federation Ltd (UCDF Ltd. and restricting of the economy. It was established in the year 2001.Dated 12-03-2001. 555. The annual growth rate raised from 4. 2000.under registration no. after the formation of Uttarakhand as 27th state on 9thNov.The dairy industry in India is going though major changes as a result of liberalization pobues of previous of govt. .5% in 70% in 80’s.) is a apex level state federation of district milk Co-operative unions in the state of Uttarakhand. Today India ranks as world 2nd larges producer after US. Haldwani (Nainital) for the successful implementation of the dairy programmes in the state. After starting at 20 million tons per 20 years between 1950 and 1970 India milk production bean to rise crossing 30 Million tans in 1980 and 596 Million tans 1997. Product branding is "AANCHAL" The Uttarakhand Cooperative dairy Federation Ltd (UCDF) came into existence as is a successor body to the Uttar Pradesh Co-operative Dairy Federation Ltd. The UCFD Ltd is registered under the Uttarakhand state cooperative act in the year 2001. This has brought a greater participation of private sector.

No Name & Address of DUSS 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Phone/ Fax Number Nainital Dugdh Utpadak Sahakari Sangh Ltd. 01376-232042 District. and cooperative sector in the supply of the Milk of consumer in urban areas.Dehradun Haridwar Dugdh Utpadak Sahakari Sangh Ltd. Raipur Road. District.Block New Tehri.H. District. District. Simali.Tehri Garhwal Uttarkashi Dugdh Utpadak Sahakari Sangh Ltd.S.Nagar .Nagar 05943-252555 Pithoragarh Dugdh Utpadak Sahakari Sangh Ltd. Dehradun. District. Matli.Ever science the dairy sector was declined in late 1991. Almora. Khatima.S.Champawat Dehradun Dugdh Utpadak Sahakari Sangh Ltd. Kanjabag Road. District. Members Milk Unions S . District. Dhobighat Pauri 01346-252335 Road.Haridwar 05962-233026/233075 05965-230426 0135-2787225/2787955 01334-254418 Garhwal Dugdh Utpadak Sahakari Sangh Ltd. District.05944-242552 U. there has been significant activity in private sector with many companies making a bid to enter the field in addition the private sector is also directly competing with govt.01374-235256 Uttarkashi Chamoli Dugdh Utpadak Sahakari Sangh Ltd. Patal Devi.05964-226016/225107 Pithoragarh Almora Dugdh Utpadak Sahakari Sangh Ltd. District. Sri Nagar (Garhwal).01363-247420 Chamoli Cattle Feed Factory. District.U. Kichha by pass Road.05945Nainital 268061/268030/268127/268069 Udham Singh Dugdh Utpadak Sahakari Sangh Ltd. Vin.Almora Champawat Dugdh Utpadak Sahakari Sangh Ltd.Pauri Garhwal Tehri Dugdh Utpadak Sahakari Sangh Ltd. VillShikarpur(Landhaura). . District. Lalkuan. Jut Patwa. District. Rudrapur.

Chamoli. to milk producers other than the milk. Pauri Garhwal. providing additional income. UCDF is supplying 12. Elected board of members in position in the district milk unions and state federation./day. Nainital and Almora. through purchase of cow urine from milk producers of milk societies.00 lakhs per day milk price is paid to milk producers of the state. Established cow urine distillery in the districts of Dehradun.000 metric tonne quality cattle feed to the milk producers manufactured in its own Cattle Feed Plant at Rudrapur. an average of Rs 29. • • • • • • . Established Cheddar and Ricota cheese plant in Dehradun. Nainital DUSS Ltd Lalkua ia an ISO certified unit and Udhamsingh Nagar Milk unions is in process to obtaine ISO 9001 and 2000 certificates. At present. Infrastructure of 09 milk Processing plants of installed milk processing capacity 210 Kilo Liters perday and 44 chilling centers with a milk chilling capacity of 100 Kilo Ltr.Performance of Aanchal :- • All the 13 districts of the state are covered by 11-district level milk unions (district Rudraprayag and Bageshwar are included with the Srinagar and Almora milk unions respectively).

• • • • • Products of Aanchal . Successful implementation of state government aided dairy development programmes like Saghan Mini Dairy Scheme. Special components schemes and Mahila dairy vikas pariyozana etc. Clean milk production. Organization of women self help groups within the women D. water and fuel. of India sponsored schemes like Integrated Dairy Development Project (IDDP). Rastriya Krishi Vikas Yojana (NADP). and other schemes. Dairy Venture Capital Fund (Big Dairy).S. area development programmes etc. Successfully implementing Govt. Emphasising establishment of well-designed energy conservation and ecofriendly machines and plants to save energy.Milk . Under STEP Dairy Schemes women from the weaker sections of the society are organized under the dairy Co-operatives providing them a plate-form for upgradation and strengthening their skills resulting into their socio-economical well being.• Wide spread dispersal of cross breed cattle through various govt. power.C.

Chocolate.Paneer .Flavored Milk .Ghee .Ball Mithai .Butter .Cream . ..Curd .Yoghurt .Chhachh .Cheese .


SALES MANAGEMENT DISTRIBUTION NETWORK: Channel Structure AANCHAL Authorized Dealer Retailer Authorized Dealer Customer OTHER’s Customer Customer .

reputation G/will in the Market.G. product especial in confessionary items. Retailers All shopkeepers who deals in F.C.FUNCTIONS PERFORMED MEMBERS BY DIFFERENT CHANNEL AANCHAL Authorized Dealer Selected on the basis.M. Their main function is to hold/preserve Aanchal’s products from Company’s plant and distributes them to the retailers. .

So Milk is growing and developing itself. . Initially organization procured just 611 liter per day with the help of 7 societies and it sales was 316 liter per day.Growth Development: Now a day’s consumption of Milk is increasing rapidly due to very nutritious and multipurpose use. The over increasing demand for Milk and Milk products can be another reason for this phenomenon growth. At present time organization is selling nearly 5115 liter per day. The reason for this improving growth can be attributed strategic planning and better management of organization function. This growth is much higher than growth rate doing industry. In the year 1997-98 company’s average sale was 24718 liter per day.3% in year 1998-99. Thus registering growth of 70.18% approx from last year. which is nearly 6. which further increased to 25915 liter per day in 1998-99.

000 lts. 3 They are planning to add mushroom as a new product in their range for their consumers who quality mushrooms. per day. to 50. 2 To establish the plan pasteurized butter now day table butter is prepared. .Future Planning 1 To increase the handling capacity of plant from 20.000 lts.

Middleman helps manufactures in marketing adequate financial resources available. They purchase the good used b manufacture and make the payment for that in this way. . They can estimate capacity of consumers for products. The Manage finance All the manufactures have limited financial resources.Function of Channel of Distribution: Some of the important functions of channel of distribution are as follows: - 1 Helpful in Price determination Channels of distribution are very helpful in determining the price of products because they are in direct touch with consumers. they help in solving the financial problem of manufactures. Therefore the manufacturer must incite suggestions of middlemen while determining the price of the product.

C. So UCDF provides guidelines to NDUSS also. Channels of distribution help the producers in this regard. Marketing Strategy Uttaranchal co-operative Dairy Federation (U. Therefore it is not very practical for a producer to distribute his goods to his consumers directly. .F) is having its own marketing strategy guidelines as per the strategy decided by the head office are given to all the unions in order to achieve the target given Naintal Dugdh Utpadak Sahakari Sangh is a part of UCDF. particularly a producer of consumer good to be in direct touch with all the consumers.3 To make the process of Distribution easy It is not possible for a producer.D.

6 Appointment of stockiest in sub urban areas as well as in the flehsils. 4 Visit to school children to the factory. . b) Which point will be conceived for the consumer? c) Areas to appoint retailers. this is done increase the awareness. 5 To arrange weekly meeting at level review the marketing operation. 3 Try to convince the agents for door-to-door selling so as to compete with traditional duchies. 2 Proper selection of individual for appointment of agents.Following are the marketing strategy: 1 A committee is formed at every marketing unit headed by in charge marketing the concerned union. Primary jobs of this committee are as follows: a) To do a survey to find out areas where new agents can be appointed.

Regular reporting of the progress of the union should be done at head office and advice form the head office should be sought. .7 8 Distribution channel should be checked and maintained regularly.

Chapter 3 1 Data Analysis 2 Summary Of Finding 3 SWOT Analysis Of Aanchal Dairy Industry .

• And is is only having 35%market share of the whole milk market. • Market share of other dairy product is only 15%. .Data Analysis 1) Which way do you presently buy milk & its product? Aanchal Other Dairy Local Milkman 35% 15% 50% Table 2 Aanchal Othere Dairy Local Milkman Finding: • 50% of the total milk market is being captured by the local milkmen’s.

. you are not totally satisfied? Other Aanchal Dairy Milk-Man Quality Pricing Product Available 25 40 55 Table 3 35 20 15 30 20 60 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 Aanchal Other Dairy Milk-Man Quality Pricing Prduct Avilabety Finding: The persons who look for the quality products mostly use Aanchal but because of improper availability of Aanchal products they prefer to buy from local milkman.2) On what feature of the following.

3) Have you seen the advertisement of the products of? (a) Aanchal (b) Other dairy Aanchal other dairy 60 40 Yes No 90 10 Table 4 100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 Aanchal Other dairy Yes No .

how important is each of the following factors in your decision? Quality Service Price Extremely Imp.Very Imp.Not at all 40 40 18 2 30 50 15 5 15 40 25 20 Table 5 . 4) When you buy milk or its product.Somewhat Imp.Finding: Only Aanchal does properly ad campaign others depend only on whisper marketing.

Some what Imp. Very Imp. .60 50 40 30 20 10 0 Quality Service Price Extermaly Imp. Not at all Finding: For most of the consumers quality of milk is the most important factor which influences their decision to purchase milk from particular source.

5) How do you rate the following features given below? Quality Service Pricing Product Availability Poor 10 15 30 20 Aanchal Good Excellent 60 30 75 10 50 20 50 30 Other Dairy Poor Good Excellent 30 55 15 60 25 15 50 40 10 80 18 2 Local Milkman Poor Good Excellent 70 20 10 5 60 35 10 60 30 55 40 5 Table 6 (a) Quality: 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 Poor Good Excellent Anchal Other Dairy Local Milkman Finding: Most of the consumers believe that the products of aanchal are of good quality. .

(b) Services 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 Poor Good Excellent Anchal Other Dairy Local Milkman Finding: The services of local milkman are perceived to be much better than the services of Aanchal. .

.(C) Pricing 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 Poor Good Excellent Anchal Other Dairy Local Milkman Finding: The prices of the Aanchal products are higher then the other dairy products and milkman’s prices.

(d) Product Availability 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 Poor Good Excellent Anchal Other Dairy Local Milkman Finding: Here also the consumers are rating higher other dairies in the case of availability various products in the market by the other dairies. . Aanchal and milkman.

6) If you have to change your current way of purchasing milk or it's product which would be your first choice? Through Aanchal Through Other Dairy Through Milkman Table 7 50 45 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 1 New Vendor 45 15 40 Through Anchal Through Other Dairy Through Milkman Finding: In spite of looking to the other sources consumers will prefer Aanchal. .

4. For most of the consumers quality milk is the most important factor which influences their decision to purchase milk from a particular source. Most of the consumers believe that the products of aanchal are of best quality. 2. The persons who look for quality products mostly use Aanchal but because of improper availability Aanchal they prefer to buy it from local milkman.FINDINGS: We analysis the data and given result is given below: 1. 3. More then 50% of markets is being captured by local vendor. Others depend only on whisper marketing. 5. . 6 The services of the local milkman are perceived to be much better than the services of Aanchal. Only Aanchal does proper ad campaign.

Presently. Technical manpower: Professionally trained. you can keep on adding to your product line. With balancing equipment. Weaknesses: . built over last 30 years. technical human resource pool. • • • Availability of raw material: Abundant.SWOT ANALYSIS OF AANCHAL DAIRY INDUSTRY Strengths: • Demand profile: Absolutely optimistic. which requires proper canalization. Flexibility of product mix: Tremendous. more than 80 per cent of milk produced is flowing into the unorganized sector. even on packed liquid milk. Margins: Quite reasonable.

there is little control over milk yield. these problems would also get solved. coupled with higher income to rural milk producers should automatically lead to improvement in milk yields. it is only a matter of time before we see the emergence of a cold chain linking the producer to the refrigerator at the consumer’s home! . increased awareness of developments like embryo transplant. But with the overall economic improvement in India. • • • Problematic distribution: Yes. Lack of control over yield: Theoretically. many new processes will follow to improve milk quality and extend its shelf life. However. But then if ice creams can be sold virtually at every nook and corner. why can’t we sell other dairy products too? Moreover.• Perishability: Pasteurization has overcome this weakness partially. artificial insemination and properly managed animal husbandry practices. Logistics of procurement: Woes of bad roads and inadequate transportation facility make milk procurement problematic. all is not well with distribution. UHT gives milk long life. Surely.

Given below are potential areas of value addition: o • Steps should be taken to introduce value-added products like shrikhand. competition is becoming tougher day by day. Dr Kurien bears out this statement perfectly. He met failure head-on. khoa. This will lead to a greater presence and flexibility . He entered the industry when there were only threats. packaging and presentation. and success never ending”. and now he clearly is an example of ‘never ending successes! If dairy entrepreneurs are looking for opportunities in India. But then competition has to be faced as a ground reality.Competition: With so many newcomers entering this industry. Opportunities: "Failure is never final. flavored milk. ice creams. dairy sweets. etc. paneer. the following areas must be tapped: Value addition: There is a phenomenal scope for innovations in product development. The market is large enough for many to carve out their niche.

o o • Export potential: Efforts to exploit export potential are already the market place along with opportunities in the field of brand building. geriatric foods and nutritional. further opening up export opportunities. Following the new GATT treaty. Nigeria. Aanchal is exporting to Bangladesh. o Addition of cultured products like yoghurt and cheese lend further strength . caseinates and other dietary proteins. and the Middle East. Yet another aspect can be the addition of infant foods. opportunities will increase tremendously for the export of agri-products in general and dairy products in particular. . A lateral view opens up opportunities in milk proteins through casein.both in terms of utilization of resources and presence in the market place. Sri Lanka.

The Indian dairy industry. Strengths and opportunities are fundamental and weaknesses and threats are transitory.Threats: Milk vendors. following its delicensing. innovative approach (in product lines and marketing) and values (of quality/ethics). Organized dissemination of information about the harm that they are doing to producers and consumers should see a steady decline in their importance. All the time keep reminding yourself: Benjamin Franklin discovered electricity. the un-organized sector: Today milk vendors are occupying the pride of place in the industry. All that needs to be done is: to innovate. but it was the man who invented the meter that really made the money! . hygienic and cost-effective processing facilities and innovativeness in the market place. has been attracting a large number of entrepreneurs. Their success in dairying depends on factors such as an efficient yet economical procurement network. Any investment idea can do well only when you have three essential ingredients: entrepreneurship (the ability to take risks). The study of this SWOT analysis shows that the ‘strengths’ and ‘opportunities’ far outweigh ‘weaknesses’ and ‘threats’. convert products into commercially exploitable ideas.

which we are giving to automobile companies as follows: 1 We would recommend Aanchal to improve and change the product line frequently as possible. .Chapter 4  Suggestion & Recommendations Recommendations Following are the recommendations/suggestion. which is the key factor for Aanchal Dairy. 2 We would recommend Aanchal to improve the product availability status and focus more on product awareness.

This helps them to serve the customers better. which is reflected in the data acquired from the companies and the customers. which in turn leads to better brand image and gain the trust of the customers. 2 The success of Aanchal is because of the introduction of good quality productes. . 3 There are two PLANTS of AANCHAL in UATTRANCHAL.Chapter 5  Conclusion 1 Aanchal has more sales than others. which provide them with an edge over their competitors.

V ad Magazine ad .Questionnaire 1) Which way do you presently buy milk & It’s product? Through Aanchal Through Other Dairy Through local Milkman 2) On what features of the following. from    News paper ad T. you are not totally satisfied? Quality Service Pricing Product Availability 3) Have you seen any ads of these?  YES   NO IF YES.

how important is each of the following factors in your decision? Extremely Imp d) Quality e) Service f) Pricing g) Product Availability Others (specify) …………………………………………………… Very Imp Some what Imp Not at all Imp . Others 4) Do you recall any of the ads you have seen on T.V or PRINTED? Please describe: i)…………………………………………………………………… ii) …………………………………………………………………… 5) When you buy milk or it’s product.

6) How do you rate the following features given below? POOR-------------------GOOD-------------EXCELLENT The rating lies from 1-----------2-------------3-----------4----------5 Features Quality Service Pricing Product Availability Aanchal Other Dairy 7) If you have to change your current way of purchasing a milk product tomorrow. which way would be your first choice? Through Aanchal Through Other Dairy Through local Milkman Others………………………………… NAME: Phone No: ADDRESS: .

Business & Economics Website: ucdfaanchal.nic. and Forestry Sale and Distribution of Dairy Products The Dairy Revolution: The Impact of Dairy Development in India by Wilfred Wilfred V Chandler .Bibliography Commodity Availability for Food Distribution Programs By We took the data from the “overdrive magazine” and some data from the “Pamphlets” . Nalini