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Vikram Kohli – September 4th, 2011 Part 1 – The Brahmin’s Son Setting – 600 BC Ancient India Time of Gautama

the Buddha Siddhartha – Young, handsome and smart man Mastered all rituals and wisdom of his religion at a very early age Father is a well-known Brahmin “Destined for Greatness” Best friend is Govinda Spends his time studying with his elders and Govinda – however, he’s dissatisfied His father and elders learned perfectly from Holy books – no enlightenment Rituals and mantras he’s learned seem more like customs than paths to enlightenment

Notes – Siddhartha – 1

Feels that he and Govinda are destined to become “sheep in a herd” – makes him greatly unhappy – longs for more Decides to join Samanas – wandering priests Govinda is frightened – but knows he must follow Siddhartha Siddhartha asks permission from his father – father says no – Siddhartha does not move Stays all night standing in front of his father – father can’t sleep Finally consents Siddhartha happy and surprised that Govinda has decided to join him

Vikram Kohli – September 4th. 2011 Notes – Siddhartha – 2 .

goals. dreams.Vikram Kohli – September 4th. 2011 Part 2 – “With the Samanas” Notes – Siddhartha – 3 Siddhartha and Govinda begin wandering – quickly adopt ways of Samanas – dressing in rags. Becomes protégé of the eldest Samana Siddhartha eventually realizes that destroying the will is not the answer Doubts this way of life will provide him with the ultimate spiritual Nirvana that he seeks Govinda disagrees – says that the Samanas have made substantial spiritual advancement Despite disagreeing – both of them stay – 3 years pass After 3 years – Rumor that Gautama the Buddha has arrived to share his teachings News excites Siddhartha and Govinda Samana elder is angry – Siddharta silences him with a stare – gives his blessings to them Siddhartha and Govinda resolve to find the Buddha and follow him Govinda realizes – Siddhartha has reached a higher level of spiritual awakening than the Samana elder . etc. starved and beaten-looking Samana’s philosophy – enlightenment comes when the self is destroyed or completely negated Siddhartha’s goal is to become empty of everything – desires.

2011 Part 3 – Gautama Siddhartha and Govinda travel to the camp of the Buddha – are welcomed as spiritual pilgrims Gautama makes a big impression on the pair – can tell he has been enlightened Notes – Siddhartha – 4 Govinda absolutely dedicates himself to all of the Buddha’s teachings – however. Siddhartha has trouble following and believing quite a few of them Siddhartha boldly speaks to Gautama about his teachings – he doesn’t find some of them coherent – how can you embrace the one-ness of everything if you are told to overcome the physical world? Gautama convinces his that no “formula” for enlightenment or salvation can exist Siddhartha realizes that he cannot rely on any single teacher or religion for enlightenment – they all offer pre-made “formulas” to enlightenment Leaves Govinda behind Seeks a way to enlightenment that is not based on religious instruction .Vikram Kohli – September 4th.

Vikram Kohli – September 4th. learn from and understand his own self Path to enlightenment will not come from following another person’s prescriptive lifestyle His way to Nirvana must only come from himself Wants to go home – realizes then that his “home” is a part of the past Misses his father Realizes he is completely alone for the first time – shudder runs through his body Notes – Siddhartha – 5 . 2011 Part 4 – Awakening Siddhartha leaves the grove where the Buddha is Finished with teachers and teaching Know.

and Siddhartha suckles at her breast Next day – Siddhartha asks ferryman to take him across the river Ferryman says that he has learned a lot from the river Notes – Siddhartha – 6 When they reach the end of the river. Pretty – Siddhartha sees this as his 1st wordly goal Kamala is amused a Samana would ask about love Recommends Siddhartha to Kawaswami – wealthy businessman . Siddhartha’s sorry he can’t pay the ferryman – the ferryman doesn’t mind Prophesizes Siddhartha will come back to the river again Later on. and continues on Falls in love with the next woman he sees – Kamala – Elegant. 2011 Part 5 – Kamala Siddhartha wanders around without any real destination for a while Notices the world “as it is” Spends 1st night of wandering / “new life” in a ferryman’s small house Dreams of Govinda – Govinda asks why Siddhartha has forsaken him Then Govinda transforms into a woman. a woman tries to tempt Siddhartha – he resists. though.Vikram Kohli – September 4th.

accepts him as a protégé Siddhartha’s not very serious about the business world – laughs off failures as much as he laughs at success Learned from the Samanas how greedy and selfish people are – so he detaches himself from these issues Meanwhile. and that he can read and write. quizzes Siddhartha about being a businessman – Impressed by answers.Vikram Kohli – September 4th. 2011 Part 6 – Amongst the People Kawaswami is suspicious about what Siddhartha can do for him Notes – Siddhartha – 7 Later on. but they’re not in “love” Though Kamala says Siddhartha is the best lover she has ever had. she says people like them can’t be in love Kamala also teaches him patience and self-respect . Siddhartha learns about love from Kamala Buys lots of stuff from her – she teaches him about love They share a great connection.

he falls into the love of material possessions and forgets about the path to enlightenment He gets depressed – feels like he’s missing something – same spirit he had that made him become a Samana is no longer there Goes to meditate – realizes that going to Kamaswami was only a path away from enlightenment Realizes he has fallen into the circle of life and death – simply playing the game – however. wealthy businessman – eventually.Vikram Kohli – September 4th. he runs away from the city Tells nobody When Kamala finds out. he realizes he can’t achieve enlightenment like this Out of self-disgust. 2011 Part 7 – Samsara Notes – Siddhartha – 8 Siddhartha becomes a rich. she does not ever have any more lovers Finds out she is pregnant with Siddhartha’s child .

he tried indulging – neither path seemed to work Wanders back into the countryside Notes – Siddhartha – 9 Finds himself back at the river he was previously at – is about to end his life by drowning when he has a sudden spiritual awakening. he tried detaching himself from worldly values – that didn’t work Then. but bows to him respectfully Continues on his journey Siddhartha realizes he was TOO FOCUSED on what he was trying to achieve – overthinking how to achieve enlightenment Looks at the river fondly – resolves to stay by the river . and falls asleep on the grass When he wakes up. as a Samana. recognizes the folly of what he was about to do.Vikram Kohli – September 4th. he sees a Buddhist monk besides him – Govinda Still convinced that the Buddha is completely right Doesn’t believe Siddhartha’s still searching for enlightenment – Siddhartha tells him his story – Govinda is skeptical. as a merchant under Kamaswami. 2011 Part 8 – By the River Siddhartha is confused. depressed – contemplating suicide First.

as well During their travels. and that Vasudeva would help him learn them 1st idea – “Time does not exist” – Siddhartha asks Vasudeva if he had learned this from the river as well – Vasudeva smiles and says yes Also pleased to know that Siddhartha hears many small voices in the river – when combined. 2011 Part 9 – The Ferryman Finds the ferryman again – let Siddhartha cross years before Siddhartha asks ferryman [Vasudeva] to be his assistant at the river Notes – Siddhartha – 10 Vasudeva listens to his story – realizes Siddhartha’s been moved by the river – accepts his request Siddhartha works. Kamala stops for a rest A poisonous snake bites her – Vasudeva hears her son’s cries for help Brings them across the river to their hut Siddhartha realizes he now has a son Feels blessed Last conversation with Kamala – she says she didn’t have to go see the Buddha to see an enlightened one – Gautama and Siddhartha are both enlightened – no difference . sleeps and eats the same way and with Vasudeva Vasudeva teaches Siddhartha about how to be a ferryman – Also tells Siddhartha that the river has many secrets. they say “Om” News that the Buddha is dying sweeps the land Many go to see him Kamala and her [unwilling] son go.Vikram Kohli – September 4th.

he’s a spoiled jerk Can’t convince him that fancy clothes. servants and money is not important Siddhartha thinks he should raise him himself – Vasudeva at first agrees Soon realizes the son is filled with rage Steals from Siddhartha and Vasudeva. Siddhartha remembers his time with Kamala and Kamaswami Realizes he has to let his son go Falls to ground. but Siddhartha follows him As he sees the city again.Vikram Kohli – September 4th. exhausted. the boy has run away and stolen both Siddhartha’s and Vasudeva’s money Vasudeva tells him he has to let him go. who was following him the whole time Return to the river together . and is awoken by Vasudeva. berates them Notes – Siddhartha – 11 One night the son gets really angry at Siddhartha – says he doesn’t have the right or authority to discipline him and that he would rather be a murderer than have his job – Siddhartha is silent Next day. 2011 Part 10 – The Son Siddhartha tries to console his son – however.

just like the river Sorrows in life can’t be prevented – will be passed from generation to generation Siddhartha feels a new sense of peace – tells Vasudeva Vasudeva invites Siddhartha to sit closer to the river Siddhartha realizes that Vasudeva is a Buddha – he’s achieved enlghtenment Siddhartha no longer doubts the world and there is a sense of peace in his eyes When Vasudeva sees this.Vikram Kohli – September 4th. 2011 Part 11 – Om Siddhartha meditates a lot on the loss of his son – full of pain and sorrow Notes – Siddhartha – 12 One day. and departs into the foret Part 12 – Govinda He gets enlightened and whatnot. and realizes that life has an inevitable flow. sees it “laughing” at him. he looks into the river. :3 . he says that he has been waiting for this moment for a long time.