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Change Republic Case Study – Prepared By CONSTRAT

Millions of us feel the same to bring a change in our society. We want to act – but don’t know how to start. We want to contribute - but don’t know what we can share. We want to help others – but don’t know where to find them. Change Republic is an initiative to end this search. Change Republic is a social start up with the aim of creating a better world through social collaboration. For Volunteers, NGOs and Corporates - Change Republic serves as a unique web platform and help them to network, promote, share and act on social causes. What Change Republic Does? Change Republic provides an online platform to enable individuals/organizations to connect to likeminded individuals/organizations - to execute projects which bring about a positive change in the society - by enabling communication, commerce and project management (initiatives). Change Republic is based on a global online network of individuals, NGO/NPOs and business organizations. Change Republic helps You - to join, start and promote initiatives – to manage and evaluate initiatives – to find right partners for social projects – to enable e-commerce for organizations - to network for fund raising – to spread goodwill. Change Republic provides stage, voice and tools to realize the common dream of a socially awaken society. There are three forces that drive Change Republic – 1. NGOs – They are the ones that will drive the content on the website by creating initiatives about the activities they do. 2. Volunteers –They are the ones who will drive activity on the website and encourage NGOs to participate by joining and contributing to the initiatives. 3. Corporates – They are the ones who will drive activity and increase participation on the the website by contributing to initiatives. You can visit the website and register on it, to see how the website works.

The Problem Statement
CONSTRAT has been approached by ChangeRepublic with the problem statement – “How does Change Republic create a sustainable model for itself” The areas that need to be covered for the same are –

7873223326 Judging Parameters Any individual found contacting Change Republic. 4. 3. What should ChangeRepublic’s financial model be to increase its revenues. 3. in order to sustain. will be disqualified from the event and his entry will not be considered. Innovativeness and Creativity Of Solution provided. Ability to create big impact through low budget. Deliverable – Send in your solutions to constrat@ximb. 2.1. There is no maximum slide limit. . in the form of a ppt. 2. 6. Corporates and Volunteers. How does Change Republic ensure continuous contribution from the three sources NGOs. Any queries can be mailed to constrat@ximb or contact Amit Kaundinya .what will Change Republic target in the next 10 weeks. Offline and online promotion at very minimal cost to increase brand awareness. How does ChangeRepublic increase its brand awareness? Which parameters need to be used to gauge the brand awareness of the website. Creation of a detailed 10-10-10 plan .10 months – 10 years. But keep the solution concise and no faff please  Contact Please do not contact any ChangeRepublic personnel for any information on the project. How does ChangeRepublic increase traction on the website and increase the number of NGOs. Practical Implement ability of Solution provided. Maximum slide limit is 20 slides. volunteers and Corporates on its website.