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Advanced Placement Biology Syllabus and Course Policies Mrs. Kohout, Room 208 jkohout@hcpss.

org Reservoir High School 2010-2011 Week of Chapter/Schedule Topic Chemistry of Life Chemistry of Life Cells Cells Cells Cells Cellular Energetics Cellular Energetics Cellular Energetics Heredity Heredity Molecular Biology Molecular Biology Molecular Biology Evolution Evolution Diversity Diversity Diversity Plant Structure & Function Plant Structure & Function Plant Structure & Function Plant Structure & Function Plant Structure & Function Animal Structure & Function Animal Structure & Function Animal Structure & Function Animal Structure & Function Animal Structure & Function Ecology Ecology Ecology Respiration (#5) Transpiration (#9) Labs (AP Lab #)

*Tentative Reading Guide and Lab Schedule: August 30 Chapters 1-5 September 6 Chapters 6 September 13 Chapters 7 September 20 Chapters 8 September 27 Chapters 11,12 October 4 Chapters 10 October 11 Chapters 9 October 18 Chapters 13 October 25 Chapters 14,15 November 1 Chapters 16, 17 November 8 Chapters 18,19 November 15 Chapters 20,21 November 22 Conferences/Thanksgiving November 29 Chapters 26,22 December 6 Chapters 23,24 December 13 Chapters 25,27,28 December 20 Chapters 31,32 December 27 Winter Break January 3 Chapters 33,34 January 10 Chapters 29,30 January 17 Midterms January 24 Chapters 35 January 31 Chapters 36 February 7 Chapters 37 February 14 Chapters 38 February 21 Chapters 39 February 28 Chapters 40,41 March 7 Chapters 42,43 March 14 Chapters 44,45 March 21 Chapters 46, 47 March 28 Chapters 48, 49 April 4 Chapters 50,51 April 11 Chapters 52,53 April 18 April 25 May 2 Monday, May 9 Spring Break Chapters 54,55 Review AP BIOLOGY EXAM

Enzyme Lab (#2) Diff./Osmosis (#1) Mitosis/Meiosis (#3) Photosynthesis (#4) Genetics Lab (#7)

Molecular Bio (#6) Pop. Genetics (#8)

Physiology Lab (#10)

Animal Behav. (#11) Dissolved O2 (#12)

Webaccess for Campbell Biology Textbook support materials.
Students should go to:, Follow the simple directions for registering with this student access code: SSNAST-PASHM-UPEND-KANZU-SAPIR-TRIES

Lab work is a cooperative effort and data should be shared. Calculator. It is your responsibility to make an appointment with me. Campbell and Reece. Evaluation: Class time will be spent discussing the chapters. You are also expected to stay on task and work carefully in the lab to lead to accurate results. & resources. • Assignments/Chapter Notes: It is imperative that you keep up with the reading schedule. Suggested materials: Lab notebook: 1 inch. Safety is essential in the biology classroom. Failure to turn it in the day you are present will result in a ZERO.(25%) a) Chemistry of life (7%) i) Water ii) Organic molecules in organisms iii) Free energy changes iv) Enzymes b) Cells (10%) i) Prokaryotic v. No student may participate in any lab until a safety contract has been signed by the student and a parent/guardian and returned to the teacher. Lab Work: It is expected that you come prepared for each lab by knowing what it is you are assigned to do. Organisms and Populations . • . The chapter assignments will be collected and graded for accuracy or completion. Heredity and Evolution . If the lab is not made up or arrangements to make the lab up have not been made within a week. performing labs and assessing your knowledge of the material through unannounced and announced quizzes and announced tests. Each assignment may range from 5 to 150 points. physiological and behavioral adaptations iii) Response to the environment c) Ecology (10%) i) Population Dynamics ii) Communities and ecosystems iii) Global Issues Materials: Textbook. The hope is that you capture the big picture as well as the corresponding details. Eukaryotic cells ii) Membranes iii) Subcellular organization iv) Cell cycle and regulation c) Cellular Energetics (8%) i) Coupled reactions ii) Fermentation and cell respiration iii) Photosynthesis II. 3ring binder. and blue or black pens will be used on a daily basis. you may not know which when the assignment is given. If you miss a science lab you will have to make arrangements to make it up with in one week.(50%) a) Diversity of organisms (8%) i) Evolutionary patterns ii) Survey of the diversity of life iii) Phylogenic classification iv) Evolutionary relationships b) Structure and Function of Plants and Animals (32%) i) Reproduction. assessments. You must take detailed notes while reading and answer guided reading questions assigned by the teacher. Biology. Chapters in the text range from 10-30 pages in length. 6th edition. Please note: If you miss class due to lateness or early dismissal but are you still in school the day an assignment is due.(25%) a) Heredity (8%) i) Meiosis and gametogenesis ii) Eukaryotic chromosomes iii) Inheritance patterns b) Molecular Genetics (9%) i) RNA and DNA structure and function ii) Gene regulation iii) Mutation iv) Viral structure and replication v) Nucleic acid technology and applications c) Evolutionary Biology (8%) i) Early evolution of life ii) Evidence of evolution iii) Mechanisms of evolution III. highlighter. pencils. growth and development ii) Structural. Molecules and Cells . you must still turn in your assignment. It is essential that all students actively participate in labs and class discussions. Class notebook: 3-ring binder (any size) with suggested dividers for notes on each unit. you will receive a ZERO.The topics in AP Biology are as follows: I.

The teacher will determine the point value when the project idea is presented. Please make an appointment to meet with me. and both students will receive zero credit. This class is taught with the expectation that you will be taking the AP Biology Exam. Copying from another student is considered cheating. If you have an excused absence you may turn in your assignment the day you return. you must make up the test day the next day you return. You may have water bottles in the classroom area only. Make-up tests will only be given before or after school. I will not accept extra credit if you have more than two missing assignments. lab analysis or any independent assignment is not acceptable. If you have an excused absence during a test day. Attendance/Makeup work: In order to learn what is being taught in class. gum and drinks are not allowed in the classroom. any research that you do must include references.5-100%: A 79. Please contact a classmate to determine your missing work so you do not get behind.However. All make-up tests are a different format than the original.4%: C 59. Practice exams and test formats will be used to help you prepare for this test.4%: D <59.5: E . Late work will not be accepted. conclusions and final written reports should be done individually. Please do not arrive unannounced because I may not be available. Each lab may be worth 25 to 200 points.4%: B 69. The student must submit a detailed proposal for extra credit at least two weeks before the end of the quarter.5-89. *There is no class curve. lateness. This is an AP course. The total number of points will be earned during the marking period and will be divided by the total number of points possible.5-79. After that your assignment will not be accepted. you may lose your school computer access per school-wide policies. . In addition. The teacher has the right to refuse any extra credit proposals. Your work will not be accepted if it is not your own. you will be given the appropriate time in class or extended time (before or after school) to use the media center if you do not have access at home. eating/drinking in class FIRST OFFENSE – Verbal Warning SECOND OFFENSE – Conference with student and call/email home THIRD OFFENSE – Detention and call/email home FOURTH OFFENSE – Disciplinary Referral Extra Help/Credit: I am available before school everyday and after school except for Mondays. Success requires that you work to your maximum potential at all times. Academic Integrity: Plagiarism is NEVER acceptable. Grading Policy: A point system will be used. Extra credit can be used for no more than 3% of your grade for the quarter. Collaboration on homework. Computer Expectations: If you are assigned a task that involves the use of a computer. Percentages will result in the following grades: 89. If you abuse computer privileges. and usually all essay. Please refer to the Academic Honor Code for specifics. Please write the date of your absence at the top of the front page of your late work. Food and Drink: Food. Consequences for: Disruptiveness. you must be in class! You are responsible for making up all missed work. If you are absent and your absence is excused you will have one day for each day absence to make up work. It must be a student designed project that has been approved by the teacher. and any that is copied from another source without proper references will receive zero credit. • Test and Quizzes: Tests will range from 100 to 500 points and I will do my best to announce them with at least one week notice. usually harder. Quizzes could be announced or unannounced and range from 10 to 100 points. For safety reasons water is not allowed in the lab area. observations.5-69. If your absence is determined to be unexcused you will receive a zero for all assignments for that day.

and tests in AP Biology from time to time so that you can talk with you child about them. Kohout.AP Biology: Classroom Policies and Procedures Mrs. Kohout. This page will be kept on file by Ms. SIGNATURES: Student name (please print):______________________________________ Student signature: ______________________________________________Date:____________ Parent/Guardian:_______________________________Date:____________ Parents/Guardians: If you would like to receive emails notifying you of upcoming activities. Please sign and return. quizzes. please include your email address (please print using block letters) I will add you to my list. Parent/Guardian name(s):___________________________________ ___________________________________ Daytime Phone #: _________________________________________ _________________________________________ Email address(es):________________________________________ _________________________________________ . understand and will support the attached classroom policies. Room 208 Reservoir High School 2010-2011 I have read.