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DEPARTMENT OF AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERING AE2304 PROPULSION II PART B – UNIVERSITY INPORTANT QUESTIONS 1. 2. 3. 4. UNIT I (i) Describe the working of an axial flow turbine stage with neat sketch. Draw the T-S diagram & velocity triangles. (ii) discuss the limiting factors in turbine design Problem based on axial flow turbine (Like to find rotor blade gas, degree of reaction, temperature drop coefficient & power output... ) (refer class notes – Enough problems solved) What is need for matching of compressor & turbine? Write down the matching procedure with suitable sketches. UNIT II (i) Describe the working principle of a ramjet engine. Depict the various thermodynamic process (ii) Draw & discuss the typical variations in pressure, temperature, gas velocity & gas density in a ramjet engine & compare it with scram jet engine. Problems based on ramjet engines (To find thrust, fuel ratio, TSFC, specific heat ratio,...) (Refer class notes – Enough no. of problems solved) (i) With neat sketch explain critical, sub-critical & super critical operation of a ramjet engine (ii) Discuss the problems associated with supersonic combustion.

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UNIT III 7. Rocket nozzle classification 8. Rocket performance consideration 9. Problem s (To find ideal thrust, Ideal specific impulse....) (Refer class notes) UNIT IV 10.(i) Explain the working of liquid propellant rocket engine with a gas pressure feed system. Write down its merits & demerits. (ii) What are the important factors in selecting a liquid propellant? Justify those points. 11.Problem based on chemical rocket.(To find stagnatrion pressure & rocket thrust....) 12.(i) what are the important factors that influence the burning rate of solid propellant?Explain with neat sketch. (ii) How will you classify solid propellant rockets? Name any four solid propellant ingredients with 2 examples for each. 13.(i) Propellant grain design consideration. (ii) Turbopump feed system UNIT V 14.(i) Draw a neat sketch & explain electric rocket propulsion technique. (ii) With the aid of neat sketch explain various techniques for thrust vector control

How does the shape of the nozzle effect performance? How do you overcome the thrust loss associated with over expansion .(i) With suitable sketch discuss the need & methods for cooling of rocket engine thrust chamber (ii) Ion propulsion technique 16.15.