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Two-Phase Flow Modelling and Experimentation


Two-Phase Flow Modelling and Experimentation

Proceedings of the Second International Symposium on Two-Phase Flow Modelling and Experimentation Pisa, ITALY, 22-25 September, 2004


G.P. Celata
ENEA CR Casaccia, Rome, ITALY

P. Di Marco
Department of Energetics University of Pisa, ITALY

A. Mariani
ENEA CR Casaccia, Rome, ITALY

R.K. Shah
R.I.T. Rochester, NY USA

Volume 1

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A quick perusal of the papers also indicates that the quality of work is not limited by geography. modellers and numerical analysts of two-phase flow for the timely dissemination and cross-fertilisation of ideas. we greatly appreciate the cooperation provided by Ms. The number of the papers and the variety of subjects addressed attest to the continued vitality and vigour of two-phase flow research work. needs. In addition to the Table of Contents at the beginning of the proceedings. that also embraces the whole subject of boiling and condensation. All invited papers are included first followed by Contributed papers. air ejectors. An attempt has been made to use a uniform outline and method of presentation of each paper. Finally. the volumes contain the texts of the 7 Invited Lectures. Gloria and Sandra Borghini of ETS for their preparation of these fine proceedings in a very timely manner. solid-liquid and gas-liquid flows. As an example. often accomplished during the week-end (in spite of the family's demand!). and the numerical analysis. interactions. Advancements in the knowledge of multiphase flow phenomena necessitates a close working relationship among experimentalists. which follows the first one held in Rome. modellers and numerical analysts in order to produce the maximum synergism. and the second held in Pisa. The International System of Units (SI) is used throughout the proceedings. 2004. Specifically.PREFACE These Volumes contain papers presented at the 3rd International Symposium on Two-Phase Flow Modelling and Experimentation. nuclear reactors. The latters are grouped in appropriate sections to provide better access to readers. boilers. distillation towers. 1995. held in Pisa. and 340 Contributed Papers. We are grateful and indebted to the lead scientists of this symposium. The papers cover a broad spectrum from the experimental investigation of complex fundamental aspects of two-phase flow to the study of practical devices and applications. designers. during September 22-25. Gian Piero Celata Paolo Di Marco Andrea Mariani Ramesh K. time consuming and demanding task. Computation may provide the direction for the conduct of efficient experimentation while experimentation is necessary to verify complex computational codes and for complex situations for which no reasonably accurate numerical analysis is possible. gas-liquid flow. We strongly believe interchange of ideas between experimentalists and people involved in mathematical modelling to be of the utmost importance for synergism between the two disciplines. on May 2326. turbines. to solve highly complex fundamental and applied problems. on October 9-11. and we very much appreciated this help in assessing the suitability of these papers for inclusion in our Symposium. Multiphase flow is one of the most common flows of fluids in nature as well as in industrial applications. Refereeing is a difficult. condensers. experts in the area of twophase flow. ITALY. It covers gas-solid. the modelling of two-phase flow phenomena. experimentalists. etc. is a topic of the utmost importance and exists in a wide range of industrial plants including evaporators. Their work and efforts in gathering the papers accepted for presentation at the Symposium and inclusion in the three volumes of the Proceedings has been essential for the success of the Symposium. and also investigation in three-phase flows has gained increasing popularity in the recent past. an author index is included at the end of the volume. The papers contained in these volumes reflect the objectives of this third Symposium. They confirm the necessity to gather researchers. chemical reactors. They were responsible for the selection of the papers and took a very active part in the release of information about the Symposium in their respective countries. results. liquid-liquid. We would like to mention here a special acknowledgement for the professional help of over 600 reviewers from all over the world for selection of papers and suggestions for improvement of the content of accepted papers published in the proceedings. for their contributions in coordinating the evaluation of contributed papers and maintaining the high quality of research papers presented in this proceedings. The contributors to the Volume come from more than 40 countries and provide a clear indication of how well the worldwide scientific community is networked. 1999. Shah . and as a basis for modellization of phenomena.

V. Italy P. Università di Bologna. Kobe University. Rome. ENEA. Sommerfeld. Korea Z. Zummo. Zun. Argentina J. Ecole Centrale de Paris.B. Rome. Chennai. Paris. University of Ljubljana. University of Pisa. Kobe.E. Modena. University of Pisa. NY. Ljubljana. Prasad. NY. Karabelas. Shyu. Greece M. Hsinchu. USA Symposium Scientific Secretary P.Germany B. Di Marco Department of Energetics. Trondheim. A. Italy G. University of Pisa. Ecole Centrale de Lyon. Universidad Politecnica de Valencia. ITRI. Tokyo. Slovenia ORGANIZING COMMITTEE A. Japan R. Bialystok Technical University. India C. AristotleUniversity of Thessaloniki. Hetsroni. Poland C. Celata ENEA. Portugal A. Universidad Nacional del Centro. Hyprotech UK Ltd. Zaleski. USA A. Keio University. Yokohama. Italy. Azzopardi. Lahey. Giot. Poland R. Issa. Taejon.M. Switzerland A. Mariani (Chairman). van der Geld. Pisa. Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg. Troy.T. Pisa.W. University of Technology Darmstadt. UK S. Meyer. Kawaji. Eindhoven University of Technology.S. Spain J. Israel K. Clausse. Bialystok. Chávez Argüelles. Prague. Shah R. Wadekar. Nottingham. Harwell. Valencia. CR Casaccia. Lin.SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE Symposium Chairman G. Soldati. Gdañsk. Rochester. The Netherlands V. Campos. Institute of Fluid Flow Machinery. Università di Pisa. Instituto Mexicano del Petróleo. Russia O-J. Tandil. Tomiyama. France J. Czech Republic M. Veracruz. G. UK J.S.K. Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology.. Italy. China J. Corberan. Lausanne. Norwegian University of Science and Technology. France I.T. NY. London. Thome. Drahos. Japan P. Franco. Eindhoven. Technische Universität Berlin.M. Novosibirsk. University of Pretoria. Lyon. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Technion. ITALY Symposium Co-Chairman R.M. Skiepko. Belgium W. Auracher.. Japan M. Toronto. Hishida.V. Italy. Germany S. Schwarz. Trela. Clayton Vic. Jr. ENEA. Lee. Università Degli Studi di Udine. Institute of Chemical Process Fundamentals. Saccani. USA S. Australia T. CSIRO Minerals. Nakoryakov. UK S. South Africa V. Rochester. Paci.S. Norway B. Berlin . Italy J. Caminono de Vera. Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne. Takagi.L. Xi'an. The University of Nottingham. Udine. Imperial College London. University of Toronto. Darmstadt. Institute of Thermophysics. Bologna. R. Haifa.P. ITALY LEAD SCIENTISTS H.P. Halle.J. Grassi. Porto.Y. Tartarini. Taiwan A. The University of Tokyo. Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto.I. Université Catholique de Louvain. Italy M.J. Mexico A. Louvain-la-Neuve. S. Pisa. Thessaloniki. Stephan. Xi'an Jiaotong University. Kandlikar. Germany P. Pretoria. Canada R. Università di Modena. Bataille.G. Nydal. Rochester Institute of Technology. Italy . Indian Institute of Technology Madras. Rome.H.

Auracher. Florianopolis. Meyer. Franca. Shyu. Sunden. USA A. The Netherlands M. Japan M. USA A. Vice-President University of Tokyo.A. Corberan. Ling. Belgium A. Switzerland .C.K. China L.F. Slovenia ASSEMBLY OF WORLD CONFERENCES General Members H. Rome. Ljubljana. Italy N. USA P. Japan R. Fujikawa. Germany W. Rochester Institute of Technology. Downar-Zapolski.P.A. Germany V. Taiwan B. Mewes.E. Japan L. Giot. Celata. Kasagi. FLUID MECHANICS AND THERMODYNAMICS Officers G. Melo. Di Marco. Australia A.K.A. Beattie. Brazil I. Maroti. Germany M.M. Argentina J. Yadigaroglu.R.J.ON EXPERIMENTAL HEAT TRANSFER. Renz.H. Member Federal University of Santa Catarina. Welsh. Rochester. India Z. Dahm. Poland F. Nakoryakov. Rodi.E. President ENEA Casaccia. Italy P. Maruyama. Spain W. Portugal J. van den Akker. Japan R. Kolar. Member University of Ljubljana.J. Hungary S.S. Jacobi. South Africa D. Sweden H. Brazil S. Russia U.G. Germany B. UK D. Tokyo. NY. Shah. Shoji. Australia G. Zun. Azzopardi. Clausse. Secretary General.T. Prata.


J. Sotgia and P. Pouvreau.V. J. Tartarini Enhancement of condensation heat transfer by using passive and active drainage techniques D.C. Shi. Lohse Models for the forces acting on bubbles in comparison with experimental data for vertical pipe flow D. Boucker Flow characteristics around and drag of obstacle in vertical upward gasliquid bubbly pipe flow T. van den Berg and D. Tomiyama Drag reduction with microbubble injection Y. lift and virtual mass forces acting on a single bubble A.E.TABLE OF CONTENTS Preface Conference Scientific Committee Invited Lectures Drag. Azpitarte and G. T. Lucas. Buscaglia Data analysis for hot-film anemometry in turbulent bubbly flow S. Shakouchi. E. Butrymowicz DNS and LES of turbulent multifluid flows D. T.M. J. Lavièville and M.-M. Rensen.H. Krepper and H. J. Nakamura. Prasser Numerical simulations of a bubbly flow in a sudden-expansion with the NEPTUNE code C. J. Lhuillier CONTRIBUTED PAPERS Bubbly Flow Numerical evaluaton of two-fluid model solutions for turbulent fullydeveloped bubbly two-phase flows O. Lakehal Small-scale and coarse-grained dynamics of interfaces: The modeling of volumetric interfacial area in two-phase flows D. State of the art and recent developments on pressure drop reductions and flow regime transitions G. Luther. Kawaguchi and K. Tsujimoto I-3 I-13 I-19 v vi I-31 I-51 I-67 I-79 I-87 I-95 I-103 I-111 I-121 . A. Voutsinas. Yagov The flow of oil-water mixtures in horizontal pipes. Morel. Hassan Heat transfer and crisis in swirl flow boiling V.

G. Tadrist Numerical calculation of critical mass flow rate in adiabatic capillary tubes D. Tamura. Matsumoto Bubble breakup by pressure wave in bubbly flow A. Shida I-129 I-135 I-143 I-149 I-157 I-163 I-171 I-179 I-189 I-197 I-205 I-213 I-221 I-229 I-237 I-245 . Poniewski Flow boiling heat transfer in a vertical narrow channel J. Yoshida. Kataoka Numerical simulation of turbulent bubbly flows D. Hibiki and M. E. Piasecka and M. Ogawa and H. Okita. Kaipova and A. Drew and R. Mertz and M. Matsumoto Numerical analysis for bubbly flows through a convergent-divergent nozzle K. Minato. Okawa and I. S. N.E. D. Herrero. Takagi and Y. Perez-Navarro Experimental research on the correlations of hold up and frictional pressure drop in air-water two-phase flow in a capillary rectangular channels H.T. Lahey Prediction of void fraction distribution for turbulent bubble flow in a vertical pipe with sudden expansion K. R. Tagawa. Sobierska. Kashinsky. Venere and A. E. H. Ohta. Ide and T.Turbulence modification in bubbly upward pipe flow (Extraction of microscopic turbulent structure by high speed time-resolved PIV) K. Fujiwara. Hazuku. Y. T. R. T. Moraga. Matsumoto Using geometrical automata to develop constitutive laws in bubbly flows V. Ogasawara. Clausse Modeling and simulation of full-scale bubbly flows around surface ships F. Fuentes. Ishii Hydrodynamic structure of two-phase bubbly flow in a horizontal channel O. Ohno. Hishida The clustering phenomena near the wall in a turbulent bubbly channel flow T.V. Shinmoto. Y.. Turek Axial development of bubbly flow under microgravity environment T. Groll High heat flux cooling by forced convective boiling in narrow channels Y. Shuai.A. Brutin and L. K. Chinak Micro and Minichannels Non-stationary analysis of flow boiling in a minichannel D. S. Kondo.N.V. S. A.M. Corberan and A. Tanaka. Yoshimura. Fujiwara. T. O. Takagi and Y. Watanabe. Sato and K. J. Fukano Flow boiling incipience in minichannels M. K. T.J. Takamasa. D. Kulenovic. Takagi and Y. T. Kuzmin and S.

S. Sefiane Numerical study of heating effect on thermocapillary convection for an evaporating meniscus C. K. Bousbia Salah and P.K. Chong Experimental research on flow patterns in two-phase flow in microchannels J. Paillre Numerical analysis of two-phase flow in condensers and evaporators with special emphasis on single phase . Bonuccelli. Lee.R. Pèrez-Segarra and A.W.K. J. J. Devasenathipathy. C. Goodson and T.W. Munshi A method to fix the velocity and temperature fields in two-phase flow . A. Fogg. Keska Liquid velocity field measurements in two-phase microchannel convection E. C. Buffone. K. A. M.D. Oh Flow boiling heat transfer and regimes of upward flow in minichannels V. Khanna. Wang. V. Ershov Two-Phase Flow Modeling A conservative scheme for the study of multi-dimensional two-phase flow J. K. V. Blotto I-253 I-261 I-267 I-275 I-285 I-293 I-301 I-305 I-313 I-321 I-329 I-337 I-345 I-351 I-359 . Ansiati. L. Oliva Simulation of two-phase flows using a multiple-size group model A. Faluomi. Liu Simplified transient multiphase model for oil field development analysis V.G. Kuznetsov. Fogg. Shamirzaev and I.two-phase transitions zones S. C.N. Satyamurthy and P. Chaudhary. Shin. A.M.A homogeneous model P.H. Garcìa-Cascales and H. Bennacer and M. Hidrovo. Faluomi.K. Sefiane. Koo. Dharma Rao. Subrahmanyam. Hidrovo. Santiago. Morales. Rigola. Bousbia Salah Modelling annular flow at high gas velocities for well blowout analyses M.K. Sugumar.Experimental study of convective patterns for volatile wetting films C. R. C. Bonuccelli and A. J. D. Kumbaro Two-dimensional two-fluid simulation of LBE-Argon two-phase flows for ADS target systems R.V. R. Srinivas.G. Kenny Fluorescent imaging of void fraction in two-phase microchannels D. Flynn.J.H. El Ganaoui The effect of operating temperature and working fluid on the heat transport capacity of an inclined triangular micro heat pipe D. P. V. Buffone and K. S.S.N. Zhang and K. P.E. Goodson Experimental analysis of the flow through a micro-orifice J.E. Tio and K. T. Kim and S. Sarma. Sivannarayana and H. A.

Shtinkova. G.Assessment and uncertainty evaluation for the CATHARE 3-dimensional module J. Forgione. U. Wang. Porfiri Numerical simulation of suspension flow in the entrance part of a tube R. D. Lan. Dufreche and I. Balestra.F. Bianchini. Fillaudeau. X. Parozzi and M. Derksen TpSimWin: An advanced simulation algorithm for gas-solid and gasliquid conveying plants analysis C. Li. Ortega. Brunazzi. Saccani I-427 I-433 I-443 I-451 I-459 . Toshev and B. A. S.P. I. H. Leuliet Numerical simulation for microconvection around brownian motion moving nano-particles B. Paci. L. N.T. Magelli Characterization of solid-liquid suspensions (real.X. Kartushinsky. Fajner. Penzo. Best Fluid Particle Flow Bases for dust mobilisation modelling in the light of STARDUST experiments S. Hristov Experimental and numerical studies of pressure drop in particle-laden horizontal channel flow S.C. Berthou and J. Hussainov. Shcheglov and S. Orlandini and F. M. Tisler Experimental measurements of solid concentration mechanically stirred solid-liquid systems E. F. Bournaud. Kussin Riser fluid dynamics simulation in a Spherizone reactor G. E. Montante. Pintus distribution in ammonia I-367 I-375 I-385 I-393 I-401 I-409 I-417 I-421 Role of CFD techniques in discriminating experimental solids concentration data in stirred suspensions and modelling of the solids concentration profiles in a pilot reactor G. F. Paglianti and S. Goudaliez. and C. Peterson Eulerian-Lagrangian modeling of solid-liquid flow in turbulently stirred tanks J. Rudi. Peng and G. Sommerfeld and J. Garcia-Valladares and R. E. M. Dor Two-phase flow modeling in a solar concentrator with evaporation N. E. O. A. R. Renuy. Rinaldi. Amati. Saccani An experimental investigation of effect of the velocity slip on modification of the grid-generated turbulence in a gas-solid particles flow M. Legrand. A. large and non-spherical particles in non-Newtonian carrier fluid) flowing in horizontal and vertical pipes A. M.

Oliemans Interaction between transitional structures and particles in the near-field of a round. Huang. Kaplanski.F.F.I.V.V. Diaz-Goano.A. P.H. S. Hirose and M. Yeoh An experimental study of air-solid flow characteristics near blunted body A. Sbrizzai.G. R. L. Zaripov. Qi. Galiullina and L. P. J.G. confined jet F. You Particle dynamics in a vortex pair F. Brunet and A. Li Particle-driven secondary flow in turbulent horizontal pipe flows R. Megally. Rudi Interaction between boundary layer flow and moving particle A. Minev and K.F.M.Y. Lu. Oesterle 3-D simulation of gas-solid two-phase flow in an operating pre-calciner J. Y. Tsirkunov and B.J. E. Belt. Ren and Z. R.M. Fujie I-465 I-473 I-481 I-489 I-497 I-507 I-511 I-515 I-523 I-527 I-535 I-543 I-551 I-557 I-565 I-571 .A. Varaksin and T. Mudde and R. B. R. Soldati Two-phase gas-particle flow structure and heat transfer in high speed flow over a blunt body A.H.A. Tian. Laure and T. Ivanov Nonlinear oscillations of aerosol in a resonance tube D. R. Portela. Faraldi and A. R. Galiullin. M. L. Tu and G.Y. Oliemans Non maxwellian behavior in sedimentation C.Interaction of particles with secondary flow in high Reynolds number horizontal pipe flow J.A. Zaichik and V.F. Kobayashi. Tkachenko Experimental study on sand incipience process in wind-blown-sand flow by PTV H. Van 't Westende. Belt. Van 't Westende. Yu.C. L.M.M. Bounhoure.M.C. P.Yu. J. Coupez Modeling and simulation of three-dimensional two-phase flows using finite elements and global Lagrange multipliers C.D. Sazhin and Y. Mudde and R.J. Portela. H. R.F. Guo Statistical models of particle dispersion and preferential concentration in turbulent flows L. Verzicco. Alipchenkov On numerical simulation of dilute particulate-gas flow over a backward facing step: Lagrangian versus Eulerian approach Z. K. Volkov. Mori. Nandakumar Large eddy simulation of dense gas-particle flow in a riser P. Gubaidullin.C. Xiang and Y.J.B. Pidria. Wang.R. Y. Merlen Direct simulation of rigid fibers in viscous fluid A. Xi and C. S.F.

A. van Sint Annaland and J. Kuipers I-585 I-591 I-599 I-607 I-615 I-621 I-629 I-637 I-645 I-653 II-661 II-669 .L.G. O.M.A. Mewes due to thermophoresis and I-577 Experimental investigations of particle distributions in stirred solid/liquid systems R. Sotiriadis. Mimouni Measurement Techniques Liquid re-circulation beneath a ventilated cavity in a vertical pipe A. Kirkby and N. Reime and D.F.A. Wang. Taran. Dijkhuizen.Yu.V. Simòes-Moreira Numerical simulation of water-jet-cooling process by using VOF model including phase change and cnjugated heat transfer S.I.Gardin. Bokkers.P.A. Shimasaki. Uchiyama. Simonin and S.B. Borean and M. Fujikawa and M. Hayakawa Studies of flow characteristics affected by two-phase jet flow in aeration tank K. Seiler.R. P. Gryaznova Application of ECT for measuring gas-solid flow regime in circulating suspension bed C. Simòes-Moreira Liquid jets expanding into a low-pressure environment . R. Gardin. Lu Jets Liquid jets expanding into a low-pressure environment . R.Numerical solution E. K. Vieira and J. N. M.K. Angelo and J. Kataoka Modelling and computation of heat exchanges in the configuration of an impinging jet on a hot plate N. Lebouch Numerical simulation of particle-laden compound jet by vortex method T. W. Fukase and K. Yu.Precipitation of very fine particles electrophoresis in laminar tube flow L.Experimental results M. Rockliff Validation of the granular temperature prediction of the kinetic theory of granular flow by particle image velocimetry and a discrete particle model N. Angst and M. P.A. Peng. Minemura Numerical simulation of unsteady cavitating vortex flow in submerged water jet G.A. Ode. J. Li and Z. D. Thorpe. S. Kraume The structure-phenomenological study of two-phase liquid systems E. Yoshida and I.M. Deen. Pridatchenko and V. G..

B. Vicente. Mackley On-line measurement of dust concentration in the exaust duct by laser scattering integration method S. A. Affeld and E. and J. Luther and G. Vicente and J. Simiano and F. de Cachard II-677 II-685 II-693 II-699 II-707 II-715 II-721 II-727 II-733 II-741 II-747 II-753 II-761 II-767 II-773 II-779 . Prssinen Bubble shape and orientation determination with a four-point optical fibre probe S.Z. Wellnhofer Application of ultrasonic Doppler method for bubbly flow measurement using two ultrasonic frequencies H. A. Saarenrinne and T. Eloranta.A.A. Ooms On the accuracy of wire mesh tomography for gas-liquid flow measurement W. S. Repke and G. Hoffmann. Zhao Simultaneous measurement of the local solid phase velocity and the local solid hold-up in a three-phase flow using an X-ray based method U.B. Y. H. Teixeira and M. Joshi Estimation of fiber orientation in pulp-suspension flow H.A. Justus. Guet. Kikura. U. Macias. Kulkarni. Aritomi and T. T.U. Wang. Sokratov and M. H. J. Aakre. Kikura and M. Zboray. Cruz and J. Pereira The lift force on bubbles in a swarm: Experimental analysis using LDA A. Teixeira Estimation of two-phase flow quality with pressure difference oscillation M. C. Osakabe and S. Horiki The use of fibre optic probes for flow monitoring within a small-scale tube N. Kaempfer. Schller Analyzing the surface velocity field of multiphase film flow I. Wozny Void fraction measurement for gas-liquid two phase flow of magnetic fluid T. M. Kuwahara and H.F. P. A. A. S. Yamauchi The effect of the structural evolution of snow on heat transfer TH. K.Leak detection in pipelines operating with gas-liquid mixtures I. Kertzscher. Solbakken and R. Aritomi Local two-phase flow measurements with advanced data processing methods in bubbly plumes R.M. J. Wu. Reis.A. Wangjiraniran.J. S.A. Yamaguchi Study of hydrodynamics and mixing in an airlift reactor with an enlarged separator using magnetic tracer method J. Klein. Braga. Ausner. M.F.A. Seeger. M.B.L. Schneebeli Online measurements of droplet characteristics in a flowing crude oil/water system using an endoscope and a CCD-NIR camera H.R.R. Ye and Y. M. Murakawa.

S. Baek an average II-843 II-851 II-859 II-867 II-875 Gas-liquid phase distribution and void fraction measurements using the MRI N.E. Lee. Pouvreau A rotating electric field multiple-electrode impedance sensor for void fraction measurement M.Measurement of bubble velocity profiles and turbulent diffusion coefficients of the gaseous phase in rectangular bubble column using image processing A. B. Kim. Simòes-Moreira Application of electrical resistance imaging to two-phase flows S. Munaweera. Baek area II-827 II-835 Velocity bias and concentration fluctuations in two-phase flow applications of phase Doppler particle analysis: A post-processing algorithm T. W. K.J. Falcone metering performance using artificial II-787 II-795 II-803 II-811 II-817 Isokinetic sampling in large scale high-pressure two-phase pipe flow P. Bergenblock and B. Schleicher Measurements of velocity. Y. Euh. Zaruba. Solbakken and R. H.J. turbulence and phase fraction in horizontal oilwater pipe flow G.B. Kvandal and M.Y. E.M. Melaaen Characterization of turbulent flow and floc morphology in a flocculation process: PIV/digital imaging experiments M. Euh.J. Yun. Saarenrinne and J.R.H. Fournel. Lemonnier and J. Krepper. Kang. P. Honkanen. Y. Song and K. Hedne and P.H. Song and W. Fuchs Minor geometrical change from erosion affects the three-phase mass flow rate through chokes S. M. Kim. Youn.J. Prasser and E. C. Kim. C. Yun. T. Alimonti and G.J. Schller Benchmarking of five-sensor probe method for interfacial concentration measurement D. Reunanen Improving multiphase flow intelligence algorythms C.J. Elseth.J. E. D. Cho and B.B. H. Lee Measurement of the two-phase mass flow rate using bidirectional flow tube B. Altobelli Bubbles Behavior of bubble departure in the direct-contact boiling field with a continuous liquid-liquid interface K. Daidzic. Ko. Leckner Foam drainage characterization by using impedance methods B.H. Rocha and J.M.S. Park. H. Hasan and S. M.M.C. Kadoguchi II-881 II-891 .P.S. Schmidt.C. H. B.S. Kim. K. K.

M. Watanabe. M. A. Sanada. A. Memoli Bubble nucleation in ducts (numerical simulation) E. M. Loth Simultaneous convective heat and mass transfer during gas bubble dissolution in an alternating electric field T. Fukano Bouncing and coalescence of a single bubble approaching to free surface T. G. J. Grassi. A. Noda and T. Zun Considering bubble size distributions in CFD simulations using a moment method R.M.P. D. Sanada. S. Vasconcelos and S. Alves Bubble formation: High speed images and acoustic signals R.A. Orvalho. Bunganic.S.V. and T. Fukano Experimental study of the onset of the 3D oscillatory thermocapillary convection around a single air or vapor bubble. V. Ruzicka and J. Faini and G. Hishida Bubble behavior and coalescence condition of two bubbles rising side by side T. Bica. Kumzerova and A. O.Yu. Drahos Characteristics of microbubble drag reduction on a 50 m-long flat plate Y. Di Marco. Pop. Schmidt Turbulent bubbly flow in pipes A. Hori. Vakhguelt and S. Fominykh and Z. Marinica. and L. A. Stoica. Stoian. Santini and L. W. M. M.Transient effect of bubble contamination on the drag coefficient and on the gas-liquid mass transfer: An experimental study S. Kageyama. Takahashi. Tomiyama. Saitoh and K. M. Maekawa. Kodama. Influence on heat transfer C. R. Vekas Electric field effects on bubbles of nitrogen in FC-72 originating from a flat plate P. Elperin. Watanabe and T. Tadrist Effect of bubble size on a bubble plume and bubbly flow in a bubble column M.T.C. Al-Zubaidy Phase Distribution and Separation Dispersion in bubble columns with and without mass transfer D. Sou and I. Gorin. Barths. O. Jeschke. Gnotke and R. Ueda Optical measurements of velocity gradient in the near-wall region of microbubble-laden turbulent channel flow Y. Yoshida. A. T. Wiemann and D. T. H. Reynard. Mewes II-899 II-907 II-913 II-919 II-927 II-933 II-941 II-949 II-955 II-963 II-971 II-979 II-987 II-993 II-1001 .D. Orenbakh Effects of an applied magnetic field on the bubble growth and departure in a magnetic liquid F. Makino.

Wang.Two-phase flow behavior inside a header connected to multiple parallel channels J. I. B. B. Huang and J. Fu separation with downhole II-1009 II-1017 II-1025 II-1031 II-1035 II-1043 II-1049 II-1055 Two-phase phase distribution effect on drift-flux parameters in a vertical large diameter pipe X. G. Khlopkov Numerical simulation of the liquid-sand hydrocyclone Z. Che and G. Reeks and A.K. Z.M.Yu. Mishima and H.J. Li. Soldati Particle dynamics simulation . B. Suzuki Neutral and charged clusters in external and internal gasdynamic flows of flying vehicles A. Khalij.S. Tanaka Forces between two spheres at low Reynolds numbers S.E.M. Osakabe The research on the steam-water separator with corrugated plates X. B.F.C. Yang. Easson II-1083 II-1091 II-1097 .V. Lee The approach to stratification of a dispersed liquid-liquid flow at a sudden expansion L. Marchioli. Egorov. S.W. Nakamura An application of Hele-Shaw kind flow in the devices for separation of multiphase mixtures S. Nagayama and K.Y. Zhang and L. Takahashi and A.A. Arcen and A. C. E. Yu. D. Belghazi and D. Li Improvement of the formulation of the dispersed phase boundary conditions for a rough wall needed in two-fluid models M. Horiki and M.S. Tanire Rotating filtration with Taylor-Couette vortex flow for particle-liquid separation H. Markachev. M.Y. A. Baker.Modeling and application to multiphase flow in a cavity K. Kawai. Azzopardi. Ufimtsev and A.M. Wen.J. Artyukhin. Shen. Picciotto. Vargas and W. Drozdov Prediction of phase distribution eulerian/lagrangian method T. H. Plekhanov. Xi in laminar bubbly flow by II-1059 II-1067 II-1075 Particle Motion and Dynamics On the preferential concentration of inertial particles dispersed in a turbulent boundary layer M. Li.H. Giddings Uniform distribution conditions of two-phase flow in horizontal header to vertical branch pipes with horizontal entrance connections S. Lee and S. K.

Osiptsov. Ormiston. Y. Perez-Navarro The effect of turbulence on spontaneously condensing wet-steam flow A. R. Groff. Yesin Analysis of laminar film condensation from vapor-gas mixtures in vertical tubes M. P.B. Fort and J.. Halama Modeling of condensation-induced water hammer J. Butrymowicz. and H. Avetissian.F. Mederic.M. Lin Analysis of condensation flow instabilities in a narrow channel B.K.N. Karwacki and M.A. Parzer Steam condensation on finned tubes. A.R. Nowak Condensation Numerical solution of transonic flow of condensing steam J. Platel and J. diffusiophoresis and settling on aerosol deposition J.L.V. S. Samuilov Thermal design of a condenser operating under mixed regime on the twophase flow side T. Hsieh. J. Omurtag Calculation of inclusion concentration in a spherical rotating volume of self-gravitating fluid A. Skiepko Condensation heat transfer and pressure drop of refrigerant R-410A flow in a vertical plate heat exchanger Y.Y. J. Trela II-1103 II-1107 II-1115 II-1123 II-1131 II-1139 II-1147 II-1155 II-1161 II-1171 II-1179 II-1185 II-1193 II-1201 . Munoz-Cobo.M. Soliman Electrohydrodynamic organisation of condensate drainage for integral-fin tube by means of double electrode D. Chevray and A. G. Lie and T. Johansson Measurement of particle velocity in a free stream by means of a modulated laser beam P.E. Kortsenshteyn and E. I. M.J. V. Zaichik Numerical modeling of supersaturated vapor condensation: On the possibility of the experimental determination of the nucleation rate N. Tiselj and I. Aglar and O. L. Mirek. Lavieille.Separation of particles by chaotic advection R. Pena. Philippov and L.L. Pisarek and W. J. in presence of non-condensable gases and aerosols: Influence of impaction. Herranz and A. Ahuja and B. Belonoshko.I.M. Gale. Miscevic. Joly An assessment of theoretical modeling for in-tube condensation in the presence of air F.

Komov. Agarwal and S. Kljenak. Ribatski.F. Fockink da Silva and E. O. Yu.M. Mavko Boiling of hydrocarbons on a PTFE coated surface S.A. Kim. Konar and B. Chamberlain and T. Matar. Orzechowski Characterization of nucleate pool boiling in aqueous surfactant solutions on a cylindrical heater J.F. Jaworski and P. Kryukov. N. Gupta Variation of the local wall superheat along the circumference of a horizontal tube on pool boiling heat transfer G. Varava.K.S. Zhang and R. Perez de Ortiz and G. Hartman Simulation of subcooled nucleate boiling in a vertical annulus with coupling of bubble-tracking and two-fluid models I. J. Agafonova and I. Gotovsky. Yagov Heat transfer at subcooled flow boiling M. Zhilin Explosive vaporization dynamics on a flat microheater V. Zeigarnik and V.V. P. Grigoriev. Ivochkin. Pianko-Oprych Theoretical prediction with PBE of phase inversion in dispersed two-phase liquid systems B.S.D.A. Dedov and V. Kuznetsov and E. Saiz Jabardo.V. L. Vasserman Liquid-Liquid Systems Two-phase liquid-liquid flows in pipes of small diameters A. Hewitt II-1207 II-1215 II-1221 II-1229 II-1239 II-1247 II-1253 II-1259 II-1267 II-1271 II-1279 II-1287 II-1295 II-1303 II-1311 .S. Wegmann and P.G. Paramonova Certain features of film boiling on a solid hemispherical surface V. Yu. Hewitt and P. A. Angeli Investigation of phase inversion in concentrated emulsions using laserinduced fluorescence L. Henry. V.P. Prasad. Matar. Bhaumik. E.T. K. B. Bugança Stelute Heat transfer regimes at subcooled water swirl flow A.C.T. Gogonin Boiling Heat Transfer A 2D ill-posed problem in predicting boiling heat transfer coefficient T.D. B. Hu.I. O.R.N.G.V.K. Ioannou. A. J.K.L.Generalization of experimental data on heat transfer for condensing vapor flowing inside vertical tubes I. von Rohr The CFD modelling of the turbulent liquid-liquid flow in a Kenics mixer Z. E. G.M. Liu. A. Manglik Heater size and heater aspect ratio effects on subcooled pool boiling heat transfer in low-g C.

Clauss and M. Sazhina and M. Kim.P. Monteiro. surface tension and viscosity on the break-up of a liquid drop J.S. Mantegna Theoretical analysis on the effect of liquid droplet geometry on contact angle S.A. S.M. Podowski. Sunden Hydraulic parameter estimation and uncertainty in using them to calculate the rate of air flow in compressed air tunnelling A. H. Terekhov and M. S.T. Kraume Numerical Modelling Two-and three-phase flow computation for the optimization of oil skimming systems G. Heikal The effects of plate thickness. P. E.M. W. Lexmond and C. Krutitskii. Sazhin. Kuerten II-1319 III-1329 III-1337 III-1345 III-1353 III-1361 III-1369 III-1377 III-1387 III-1395 III-1403 III-1411 III-1419 III-1425 . Vafaei and M. Paschedag and M. Steger A priori testing of large-eddy simulation of particle-laden channel flow J. Uchiyama and T.Distribution and properties of liquid drops in liquid-liquid contacting processes C. Degawa Numerical simulation of two-phase flows using a volume-of-fluid model with various interface reconstruction schemes L. Wang and B. Son. Abdelghaffar. Kim Drop Motion and Dynamics Transient heating of droplets S. M. Rasteiro and J.A.S. van der Geld An experimental investigation on the relative roles of energy input.M.W. Kang and S. Enhancement of single drop mass transfer due to Marangoni convection K.M.G. A. Lee.Z.G.G. surface tension and fluid flow on detachment of drops from a plate A.D.A.R. Chinkulkijniwat. Bertola The study of structure. M. heat and mass transfer in the gas-droplet near-wall jet in a tube V. Pakhomov Computation of asymmetrical drops at rest on surfaces with regular roughness according to the Wenzel equation M. Barata Controlling drop impact on cold and hot surfaces by polymer additives V. Schulze. Y. Semprich and G. Amro Numerical simulation of bubble-laden plane mixing layer by vortex in cell method T.

R. J. R.Effects of channel size and liquid properties A. Hubacz. Slatter Verification and validation of volume of fluid methods L. Lu III-1433 III-1439 III-1447 III-1457 III-1465 III-1473 III-1479 III-1485 III-1495 III-1501 III-1507 III-1513 III-1519 III-1525 .M.G. Cavallini. H. Instability and Unsteady Flow Fluctuation phenomenon of two-phase flow through a vertical pipe with contraction Y. Doretti. Okamoto Analysis of two-phase flow distribution in Couette-Taylor reactor E. Y. M. P. K. Matkovic.Y.and multi-channel M. Wang and S. L. Oliva Modelling of liquid heating under inverted annular film boiling conditions A.A kinetic energy correction factor for the laminar pipe flow of viscoplastic fluids M. Lin.G. Morimoto. Ahmed.H.C. Jeong and S.V. Kawahara.T. Wolinski and S. J. Jung.Y. Del Col.H. Szulc Stability of gas-liquid flow in vertical helical coils and inclined tubes V. C. Rossetto and C. Pozo and A. Chen. Dluska. Leal. C.Y.Y. G. M. Pienaar and P.A. C.R. Huang.C. Kim.H.Yu. Li and J. Baudouin. Madarame and K.W. Kano Single-phase and two-phase frictional characteristics of R-410A flow in small U-type return bends I. L.Y.Lin A study on the two-phase flow in single. Zilio Oscillation. Okayama and K.G. Palagin Pressure Drop A new model for the pressure recovery of air-oil two-phase flow across sudden expansion W. Osiptsov A study on the two-phase Strouhal number of cylindrical structures Z. D. Shoukri Pressure drop for gas-liquid two-phase flow in microchannels . Wronski Modelling of instability of water and steam water flow in evaporator K. Heo Measurement of pressure gradient during two-phase flow inside multi-port mini-channels A. Ching and M. Ha. Sadatomi. Castro. Wojs and P.H. Boudlal Numerical modeling of self-oscillations in a two-layer viscous fluid with bottom mass supply A. V. Liapidevskii and A.

B. Bustos On the influence of the inlet slug length distribution . Randin and A.M.Giraldas . K.L. A. Ishino and N.N. Zhang. S. Campos Predicting the rise velocity of a single gas slug in stagnant liquid: Influence of liquid viscosity and tube diameter M. Ramirez de Santiago. Fidos Evolution of local characteristics of upward slug flow in a vertical pipe O.F. F.F. Talaia III-1531 III-1539 III-1547 III-1555 III-1561 III-1569 III-1575 III-1583 III-1589 III-1593 III-1601 III-1605 III-1613 III-1621 . Falcitelli. V. N. Fomin An experimental study on removal of NOx in flue gas at the nonequilibrium plasma Q.L. Cabrales Cruz and E.R. Riethmuller and J. Mancini and F. Suàrez Chàvez. Blotto.M.B. M. Son and S. Kim Modelling of multiphase unconfined high speed jet flames P. Chavez-Arguelles and J. Yamakita.G. Bonuccelli. Riethmuller. Miura.S.V.S. M. Sotto Mayor.L. Zhou Slug Flow Flow in the annular film around a Taylor bubble rising through vertical columns of liquid S. A.M. J.R. Pinto and J.F. M. Pinto A simple model for slug flow of gas and non-newtonian liquid mixtures in a vertical pipe M.. A. Xu. Pinto. C. M. Sousa. Podenzani Combustion of isolated single droplets of vacuum residue-water emulsions R.M.M. A. de Moraes Franklin and E. Gu and T.Combustion Burning processes of polyethylene terephthalate resin powder in a high temperature oxidizing atmosphere R.R. M. Fedorov and V.A slug flow simulator T. Nogueira.CPG Cactus" using a multiphase transient simulator A.L.R. Campos and A.D. Ohiwa Reactivity and attrition characteristics of oxygen carrier particles for chemical-looping combustion S.R. Ocampo-Barrera.A.M.B. Y. Kurdyumov Dynamic slug tracking model for horizontal gas-liquid flow E. Khmel.A.L. Martinez-Ramon Numerical investigation of cellular heterogeneous detonation in aluminum particle gas suspension T.M. A. Campos Flow around individual Taylor bubbles rising in stagnant CMC solutions: PIV measurements R.V.P. Spanò Rosa Improving the sour wet gas transport "Sunuapa . Dziubinski and H. Kashinsky.

Chkheidze. Soldati III-1665 III-1629 III-1637 III-1641 III-1647 III-1655 III-1673 III-1681 III-1687 III-1693 III-1701 III-1709 III-1717 . V.V.H.Mixtures Numerical simulation of capillary-tube working with pure and mixed refrigerants under adiabatic and non-adiabatic conditions O. Lucci. Poltorak Flow and heat transfer properties of ice slurries in a vertical rectangular channel E. M.M. Goderdzishvili and I. Kawaji Simulation of laser-induced detonation in multi-phase mixtures V. Huang. Cheung and S. S. Lu.J.P. Yildiz and G. J. Avaliani. Emelyanov and K. Suh.B. Kordzakhia Critical heat flux in thin rectangular channels for low flow rate D. Kim. A. Stamatiou and M. Ovchinnikov Study of CHF on graphite rod in annular channel at low velocity of subcooled flow boiling J.P. Carlier. G. Giusti and A. Khalij and B. F.L.B. Bai and Y. Y. Oliva Mixing of viscous binary mixtures N. Rempe. Vladimirova and R. Kim An experimental study of third heat transfer crisis at stepwise power generation B. Volkov Critical Heat Flux The effect of porous coating on critical heat flux temperature S.-like approach for turbulent shear flows O. Noh.L.S. Kim.H. Liu Turbulence An anisotropic dispersion model based on a G.J.Ph. Caballina.M. Garcìa-Valladares and A. Broniarz-Press and I. Mauri Studies on the drag reduction by the mixtures of polymer/surfactants solutions L.Y. J. Kravchenko and V. Oesterle Modeling of anisotropic particle motion in turbulent channel flow and comparison with experiments J. Avksentyuk. Kheiri and B. A. X. Oesterle Infuence of lift force on microbubble behaviour in the wall region of upward/downward turbulent channel flow F. Bartsch Critical heat flux phenomena in one-dimensional narrow gap Y. M. Kim. K. S.W.

Bufetov and R. Okamoto and Y. Xu. Hsu and K. L. Aliseda and J.Y. Janicka Study of turbulent particle-laden flow by a nonlinear eddy-viscosity model with direct simulation Monte Carlo method C. Kato. N.E. S. Nakoryakov. Lee.C. Y. R. Grandas. Zapalowicz and M.Y. Chrigui and A. Chang Dynamics of a bubbly turbulent boundary layer along a surface-piercing flat plate A. S. Soliman. Bai and X. Shishikura and T. Ganiç III-1725 III-1733 III-1741 III-1749 III-1757 III-1765 III-1771 III-1781 III-1789 III-1797 III-1801 III-1807 III-1813 III-1821 III-1829 . Sikalo.A. Lee. Shawkat. Chen Interfacial Phenomena Study of countercurrent flow limitation in a horizontal pipe connected to an inclined one M. Imai Heat and mass transfer of an evaporating sessile drop: An experimental and numerical investigation L.W. Sadiki and J. Santini and L. Shoukri Prediction performance of a thermodynamically consistent turbulence modulation for multiphase flows M. Trela Dynamic wetting angle of a spreading droplet S. Furuya. Tropea and E.A.T.H.M. Jeong and M.C. Matsumura. T. Lasheras Numerical study of turbulent heat transfer in an inclined pipe under supercritical pressure F.Turbulent structure in a turbulent boundary layer with microbubbles M. C. Usui Liquid turbulence measurements in gas-liquid bubbly flow in a large diameter vertical pipe M.H. Sims Influence of environment parameters on the surface wetting by droplets Z. T. Guo. Kim Radiation-induced and photo-induced hydrophilicity M.F.J. Bartley.S. C. Veyret. Dekhtyar Analytical prediction of single and dual two-phase discharges from stratified regions J. Navarro Study of flow reversal phenomenon in crank-type vertical tubes C. Honjo. Tadrist Absorption with high heat release in the presence of n-octanol V. Ching and M. and G.E. Hamada. H. D. H. Takamasa.J. D.B. Sadiki Large eddy simulation of particle-laden vertical channel flow under consideration of a consistent modeling of turbulence modulation B. Groh. A.E. B. K. N.

H.M.Influence of liquid content in foam flow on heat transfer intensity J. Cervone. E. Joshi and R.F. Souza. Zdankus Two-Phase Flow Equipment and Industrial Applications Rotating sorbent reactor E.K. Franco Modeling of two-phase convective-radiative heat exchange in the cooling basin V. S. Markevicius Heat exchangers and thermal systems for fuel cell systems R. Gylys. Takagi and Y. E. Borges da Silva. Volkov Two-phase flow characteristics in gas-liquid microreactors S. Kim and K.P. Mondt. Press A numerical study on mass transfer efficiency in bubbly plumes for water purification with ozone X. Pustovoit and N. Srivastava Two-phase heat pipes in heating systems for housings and civil structures R. G. van Kemenade. Z. Shah Mass Transfer and Non-Boiling Heat Transfer Mass transport enhancement in turbulent dispersed media L.G.T. A. Gunaseelan. Bayasan. Liu and Z.M.P. Gong.G. Rapposelli. H. Szaferski and M. de Souza and A. Katinas. von Rohr Gas hold-up and power input in agitated gas-liquid system in a tank L. Sypula Analysis and experimental investigation of a bubble pump for absorption diffusion refrigeration systems A. Vaitiekunas and A. C.H. Kshirsagar. Broniarz-Press and V. Waelchli and P. Bramanti and L. Korotchenko. Sinkunas and T.A. S. Ulson de Souza Thermodynamic effects on hydrofoil and inducer cavitation A. Guelli U. S.K. J. d'Agostino Investigation of siphon action in a discharge duct J. W. Ma III-1837 III-1845 III-1853 III-1861 III-1869 III-1875 III-1877 III-1885 III-1891 III-1901 III-1907 III-1917 III-1923 III-1931 III-1937 . S. Yi. Broniarz-Press.G.A. S.A. Cho Non-boiling heat transfer characteristics of annular two-phase flow of nitrogen gas and water in a small vertical tube J.J. Brouwers and E. P. Matsumoto Enhancement of absorption performance due to the film wave formation on the vertical absorber J.A. Bramer Modeling of the packed thread dyeing process and numerical results for effective diffusivity D.P.R.

T. Oiwa. Miao Bubble Motion and Dynamics Experimental study of the luminescence during the cavitation of a single bubble M. Sakoda. Bove. T. Solberg and B.A. L. P. Liu. Tian and Z. Hjertager The boiling bubble dynamics on the oxide metal accompanying radiation induced boiling enhancement phenomenon Y.M. Rzanski Analysis of the behaviour of the simulated moving bed reactor in the sucrose inversion process E. H. Agacinski and J.Mixed convective flow and heat transfer of water in a horizontal pipe under supercritical pressure F. Takamasa and M.P.J. Xu. T. particle models. Chen. Kawalec-Pietrenko Comparison of CFD models for fluidized beds.F. Souza Application of time-frequency analysis to fluidization regimes recognition in circulating fluidized beds Y. Barbaglia and F. Broniarz-Press. Johansson. Chen Packed Beds. D. K. Madarame. Tanaka and Y. R.G.E.A. B. Murai. Tomiyama. Z. T. T.H. Y. Scargiali. Furuya Modification of shear stress in Taylor-Couette flow containing bubbles Y. Almstedt Shear-thinning fluids flow in fixed and fluidised beds L. K. H. Hirata. Tsuji Liquid phase mixing in the loop-type column reactor B.A. Takeda and F.Q.J.P. Borges da Silva. Bonetto Free turbulence effects on bubble terminal velocity F. Brucato Numerical prediction of bubble coalescence and breakage by the novel parallel parent and daughter classes technique (PPDC) S. Di Maggio and A. Zun III-1945 III-1953 III-1959 III-1965 III-1973 III-1981 III-1989 IV-1997 IV-2001 IV-2009 IV-2017 IV-2021 IV-2027 .G. Porous Media Numerical simulation of segregation in fluidized bed using discrete element method and the experimental verification Z. Imai. Guelli U. Ulson de Souza and S. Yamamoto A simple method for evaluating fluctuating bubble velocity and its application to a hybrid bubble tracking method A. Bai and X. G.M. Okamoto.P. B. van Wachem and A. Souza. Kawaguchi. solver and experimental validation K. A. Celata and I. Guo.

D.J. Orczykowska and P. Gualtieri and H. van der Hagen Air-water flow in a vertical pipe with sudden changes of the superficial water velocity H.S. Manera. Ishida. C. Lucas and T.P. L.M. Okawa. J. Fedotovsky.N. Hewitt Bubble size distributions and three-dimensional flow pattern visualization in stationary and transient upward flashing flow A. Chen. G.J. T. Jia.S. I. Kashinsky. Chao and W.H. Lawrence and G. Dziubinski.D.J. H. Mori A unified model considering force balances for departing vapour bubbles and population balance in subcooled boiling flow G. Tu Dynamics of bubbles and bubble clouds: Structure formation in acoustic cavitation S. Budzynski Analysis of air bubbles probability distribution functions in a large-size dropshaft C. Prasser and E.F.H. Dziubinski Approximations to the drag coefficient on a bubble moving through powerlaw or carreau fluid M. Konovalova.N. Budzynski and M.Y. Lao. Kataoka and M. Wang IV-2035 IV-2043 IV-2053 IV-2061 IV-2067 IV-2073 IV-2081 IV-2089 IV-2097 IV-2103 IV-2113 IV-2121 IV-2129 IV-2139 IV-2147 . T. Prasser. Timkin.Y. L. Sanyal and M. Zakirov and I. Krepper Two-phase flow regime identification in a horizontal flow using dynamical clustering method Z.V. R. K. M.S. Dudukovic A model of bubble departure from copper-graphite composite surfaces N. Akhatov Effect of different breakup and coalescence closures on bubble column CFD simulation P. Yang Break-up of bubbles and droplets in stagnant media P.H.F.J. Laforgia.M. Zhang. Laurien Modeling of vertical annular and wispy-annular flow A. Lobanov Dynamics of bubble media under vibration V. Chanson A single bubble impact on the wall in upward laminar bubbly flow O.. Yeoh and J. Vereshchagina and L. Niu and J. Gorelik and P. D.Bubble rise characteristics after the departure from a nucleation site in water saturated and subcooled flow boiling T. Terenik Flow Structure Influence of the model bubble diameter on three-dimensional numerical simulations of thermal cavitation in pipe elbows E.

Poesio and G.M. Prasser and M. falling film absorber of an ammonia-water absorption cooling machine J. O. A.G. Lopez de Bertodano The levitation force on the core in a stationary core annular flow through a horizontal pipe P. Pozo and A. Stephan Performance of an air-cooled. Castro.V. Markovich Waves Periodic travelling waves of finite amplitude in two-layer flow A. Matsumoto and I. Matsekh.M. Frepoli and K. Kataoka The analysis of interfacial waves A. Rauenzahn Pressure waves of moderate amplitude in gas-liquid medium with cluster structures V.N. Galimov. P.J.M. Kashiwa and R. A. Morozov Gas-driven disturbance waves on vertical liquid film S. Ooms R134A flow patterns in small diameter tubes L. Starodubtseva and A. Alekseenko. Moraga Numerical dissipation and simulation WCOBRA/TRAC thermal-hydraulic code C. I.A.V.A. B. Ohkawa A study of two-body forces in fluidization B. Paras Effect of the microscale wall topography on the thermocapillary convection within a heated liquid film T. Alexeev and P.E.M. Dontsov and V.N.M. Boudlal Studies on dynamic interaction between gas and liquid flows through interfacial waves in vertical upward annular flow K.T. Cherdantsev. Pavlenko. Vanga. V. Krepper. D.P.Experimental and numerical studies of void fraction distribution in rectangular bubble columns E. Y S. Leal. L. and F. T.S. Lioumbas. Chen. Drew. Yoshida. R. Lahey.A. Nakoryakov of Faraday waves with IV-2153 IV-2161 IV-2167 IV-2177 IV-2185 IV-2193 IV-2201 IV-2209 IV-2219 IV-2225 IV-2233 IV-2239 IV-2253 IV-2265 . Gambaryan-Roisman. A.A.Yu.V. Kharlamov and D.E.V. Tian and T.R. Nydal and S. Karayiannis Falling Films Study of free falling liquid layer in inclined pipes: Effect of diameter and inclination angle J. Jr. Antipin.J. H. Oliva The study of flow dynamics and heat transfer in falling intensively evaporating wave films of liquid A. S.

Panella Validation of Eulerian multiphase flow models for nuclear safety applications Th. C. Saraceno Direct vessel vertical injection for advanced emergency core cooling system S. Dammel and P. Bianchi and P. V. Melikhov. F. Bychkova and A. G. Shi and A. Bahajji. Belsky Evaporation Study about the flashing process through a metering expansion valve M. J. A. D'Auria and G. Corberan. Urchueguia. Achilli. Ambrosini. Yoon. J. F. Melikhov.2 O. Castiglia.M. Casamirra. De Salve. A. Burns Nodalisation qualification in preparation of counterpart test analysis M. Forasassi. Yu and K. G. Tarantino Demonstration of the heat removing capabilities of the EPR core catcher M. Munoz-Cobo.Y. M. Fischer. Escrivè Gas driven circulation enhancement in an adiabatic air-water loop M. O.V. Suh Analysis of the Peach Bottom BWR turbine trip pressure wave propagation and its effect on the kinetic core dynamic A.A. N. Mariani and L. F.H. S. Meloni Rewetting of a hot vertical surface by liquid sprays M. Frank. Santiago Transient and steady-state computations of the direct-contact evaporation of a two-phase drop F. M.I. Giardina.P. Celata. Gonzalvez and J. G. Herbst and H. Papadimitriou IV-2361 IV-2273 IV-2283 IV-2291 IV-2301 IV-2309 IV-2317 IV-2325 IV-2333 IV-2339 IV-2347 IV-2353 IV-2367 IV-2373 . Malandrone and B. Cherubini. J.I. Bousbia-Salah and F. F.Nuclear Reactor Safety Influence of subcooled boiling on out-of-phase oscillations in boiling water reactors L. Cattadori. D'Auria Analysis of effect of noncondensable gases in horizontal steam generator with Relap5/Mod3. Skorek and P.D. Y. Ferri. Forgione. Stephan Evaporation modelling in fields with strong pressure gradient-critical flashing flows in nozzles T.H. Oriolo and M. Chiva and A. Schmidt Design. Galassi Experimental study on combined natural and gas-injection enhanced circulation W.A. G. Lombardo. J. experiments and RELAP5 code calculations for the PERSEO facility R.M.

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