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Prof. Yogesh Kolhatkar

Submitted by: Md. Abdussalam Shraddha Modsing Vishnu Mudiraj Shraddha Naik Navtej Vinodkumar Shetty Anisha Shinde Ganesh Shinde Ranjeet Singh Devesh Suryawanshi Ammar Kadri 1066 1067 1068 1069 1070 1096 1097 1098 1099 1100 1132



We take immense pleasure in thanking Prof. Yogesh Kolhatkar and Kolhatkar, Dr. R. K. Singh, for having permitted us to carry out this project work.

We would like to express our special gratitude and thanks to industry persons for giving us such attention and time.

During this project we came to know various insights of the topic. We would also like to thank all the people who have helped us directly or indirectly in making this project.

Our thanks and appreciations also go to our colleagues in developing the project and people who have willingly helped us out with their abilities.














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10.2 Need For Integrated MIS



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internal reporting was made manually 7 NOITCUDORTNI NOITCUDORTNI NOITCUDORTNI NOITCUDORTNI . data had to be separated individually by the people as per the additional statistic(s). data was distinguished from performance.citametsys a si SIM ro metsyS noitamrofnI tnemeganaM A slennahc noitacinummoc lla fo krowten eht fo gnitsisnoc metsys a" si metsys noitamrofni na taht edulcnoc ot efas si ti suhT .serudecorp . Previously.detacitsihpos ssel era smetsys rehto .metsys eht otni swolf noitamrofni yaw eht fo smret ni yltaerg yrav serutcurts SIM . as a by-product of the accounting system and with some Initially in businesses and other organizations.lortnoc ytilauq .secruoser sti gnisu dna slaog sti gniveihca ni ssenevitceffe s’tcejorp ruoy tuoba stnemgduj demrofni ekam ot stnemele margorp yek tuoba noitamrofni tcelloc yllacitametsys nac uoy woh sebircsed retpahc sihT .elpoep fo gnitsisnoc metsys a si )SIM( smetsyS noitamrofnI tnemeganaM data that is needed by the organization was stored.ot stroper dna noitamrofni deriuqer gnidivorp ni uoy stsissa SIM dennalp-llew dna dezinagro na .secruoser dna seitilibapac . Later."noitazinagro na nihtiw desu information.margorp ralucitrap a tuoba noitamrofni gnitroper dna gnitcelloc rof dohtem mrofinu .noitidda nI .sdeen euqinu sti .senihcam .liated fo level .stnenopmoc sti sa .seitivitca s’tnarg ruoy tuoba noitamrofni ylemit . important and to the point requirement and necessity of the organization.snoitcnuf .noitazinagro na fo secruos lanretxE dna lanretnI morf atad srehtag metsys ehT .etarucca htiW .detareneg stroper fo sepyt eht . and gave limited and delayed information on management and only periodically.ytinummoc eht ot eulav s’tcejorp ruoy fo ecnedive evitcejbo niatbo dna reganam retteb a eb nac uoy .ytivitca ro .stnemeriuqer noitamrofni euqinu s’tcejorp eht ot deroliat si taht SIM na pu tes ot eetnarg wen a rof emit tnellecxe na si noitatnemelpmi tcejorp rof snalp ruoy ezilanif uoy sA no desab si SIM s’noitazinagro na . and so instead of the collection of mass of data.LOD .sledom atad dna sesab atad .yletamitlU SIM rehto dna . .derutcurts .yrtne atad rof ffats deniart ylhgih eriuqer emoS si SIM na yaw eht stceffa taht elbairav a si sretupmoc no ecnailer fo tnuoma ehT eht dna .tneve .gnikam noisiced ni ssecorp eht ni sreganam tsissa ot noitamrofnI tnemeganaM seilppus dna ti sessecorp .

Over time. Philip Kotler "A marketing information system consists of people. Customer applications. timely.Earlier. Information systems include sometimes referred to. storage and dissemination of data in the form of information needed to carry out the management functions. As more and more data was entire management reports from the raw. MIS has also some differences with ERP which incorporates elements that are not necessarily focused on decision support. and accurate information to marketing decision makers. The area of study called MIS is management is a practitioner-focused discipline. resource and people management applications. analyze. processing. inventories. According to procedures to gather. equipment. about sales. the term is used broadly in a number of contexts and includes (but is not limited Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). 8 . which were developed to provide managers with information Today. business computers were mostly used for relatively simple operations such as tracking sales or payroll data. IT service systems that are not intended for decision making. in a restrictive sense. That area of study should not be confused with computer science. as information technology management. evaluate. stored data. The term "MIS" arose to describe these kinds of applications. often without much detail. Supply Chain Management (SCM). project management and database retrieval An 'MIS' is a planned system of the collection. In a way. Relationship Management (CRM). and distribute needed." it is a documented report of the activities that were planned and executed. sort. creating interlinking with previously separate information systems. to): decision support systems. and other data that would help in managing the enterprise. these applications became more complex and began to store increasing amount of information while also stored and linked man began to analyze this information into further detail. and ]3[ The terms MIS and information system are often confused.

but why they are not going as well as planned where that is the case. Design. The life cycle includes Analysis. In effect. These or loss. Requirements. Testing and Implementation. including recruitment and training regimens. and do so in such a way that identifies individual accountability. MIS must not only indicate how things are going.The successful MIS must support a business's Five Year Plan or its equivalent. Development. and in virtual real-time. provide for reports based upon performance analysis in areas critical to that plan. It must feedback loops that allow for titivation of every aspect of the business. 9 . with reports would include performance relative to cost centers and projects that drive profit Anytime a business is looking at implementing a new business system it is very important to use a system development method such as System Development Life Cycle.

irrelevant or obsolete information.syaw ynam ni ynapmoc a rof ffo yap nac smetsys noitamrofni ni gnitsevnI . analyzed.ytiuqe dnarb sdliuB .2 . For taking rational decisions. processing In today’s world of ever increasing complexities of carrying out business.NEED FOR MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM This is a universally accepted fact that all managerial functions are performed through decision making. it may the organization.1 .level tuptuo sti ni ytilibixelf ynapmoc wolla smetsys noitamrofnI sessecorp noitcudorp tsoob nac tnemtsevni TI . On the other hand. organization. if an MIS is poorly planned and constructed. every designed and maintained MIS. by providing the required information at various stages of objectives. which may even prove fatal for . in order to survive and grow. This need is even more increased because organizations now have to compete not only locally but also globally.tnemeganam lennahc noitubirtsid ecnahnE .3 .4 .5 STNEMTSEVNI SIM FO STIFENEB STNEMTSEVNI SIM FO STIFENEB STNEMTSEVNI SIM FO STIFENEB STNEMTSEVNI SIM FO STIFENEB 10 . timely and reliable information is and disseminating to decision makers. decision making and thus greatly help the organization to achieve its goals and MIS assist decision makers. essential and is procured through a logical method of information collecting.ycnetepmoc eroc a troppus nac tI . provide inaccurate. must have a properly planned.

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elpmis ro etarobale rehtehW OBJECTIVES OF MIS 13 .1 :LOD ot stroper fo sepyt owt timbus tsum seetnarg .yaw ev tceffe na n margorp ruoy etau ave dna eganam .serutidnepxe tnarg .slevel ffats lla ta sdeen noitamrofni sserdda .sesoprup detangised sti seveihca ti fi ylno elihwhtrow si SIM na .noitca evitcerroc rof emit ni yreviled ecivres ni seicneiciffeni seton dna krow tcejorp dna elbatemit ruoy htiw ecap gnipeek si sdnuf fo erutidnepxe taht ssenerawa setatilicaf noitamrofni sihT .yreviiiilllled eciiiivres eviiiitceffe erom niiii ffats ediiiiug oT .stroper laredef deriuqer eht secudorp taht SIM na deen uoy .etacolla ro hcaorppa rieht egnahc .yaw eviiiitceffe na niiii margorp ruoy etaullllave dna eganam .tnemellllpmiiii oT .raelc htiw uoy sedivorp SIM evitceffe nA .muminim a tA .gn tau ave dna gn rot nom n esu rof stnemer uqer c tammargorp dna aredef teem oT .sdohtem yreviled ecivres dna .dna noitalupop tegrat rieht gnivres yletauqeda era yeht fi enimreted nac ffats ruoY ot derugifnoc eb osla nac atad esehT .tneme pm oT .yrev ed ec vres ev tceffe erom n ffats ed ug oT .2 .tneme pm oT .tneme pm oT stropeR laicnaniF ro lacsiF stropeR margorP ro citammargorP .yaw ev tceffe na n margorp ruoy etau ave dna eganam .gn tau ave dna gn rot nom n esu rof stnemer uqer c tammargorp dna aredef teem oT :desu eb yam poleved uoy metsys eht .sevitcejbo dna slaog tcejorp sdrawot ssergorp gnikam era uoy rehtehw dna gnitarepo si tcejorp ruoy woh tuoba noitamrofni esicnoc .gniiiitaullllave dna gniiiirotiiiinom niiii esu rof stnemeriiiiuqer ciiiitammargorp dna llllaredef teem oT .yrev ed ec vres ev tceffe erom n ffats ed ug oT .muminim a tA .gniffats ni stnemtsujda troppus ot elbaliava si osla noitamrofnI .yaw ev tceffe na n margorp ruoy etau ave dna eganam .yreviled ecivres ot secruoser erom .seussi lanoitarepo eniltnorf tuoba ytinummoc eht dna srentrap mrofni taht ro gniod era stneilc llew woh no kcabdeef ffats reffo taht stroper tnaw osla yam uoy .yllaniF ruoy .yrev ed ec vres ev tceffe erom n ffats ed ug oT .noitidda nI .eroferehT .snoisivorp ytilibatnuocca .ton fi .snoisiced tnemeganam ediug taht stroper dleiy dluohs SIM .gn tau ave dna gn rot nom n esu rof stnemer uqer c tammargorp dna aredef teem oT .

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and other strategic management 16 . storing. corporate objectives. supply chain data. It involves business processes and operations by: collecting. THE FUNCTIONAL SUPPORT ROLE to monitor results and performances (reach ratios) Business processes and operations support function is the most basic.ROLES OF MIS THE PERFORMANCE MONITORING ROLE MIS are not just statistics and data analysis. They help: to establish relevant and measurable objectives to send alerts. purchase data. storing an processing business intelligence data. Information systems support recording. competitor analysis records data. employment histories. equipment repair and maintenance data. work in process data. storing and processing inventory data. in some cases daily. on all deviations between results and pre-established objectives and budgets. salary data. storing and processing market data. and other production/operations records recording. payroll data and other accounting records recording. advertising data. marketing research data. storing and processing sales data. customer purchase histories. They have to be used as an MBO (Management by Objectives) tool. and basic processing of data. and other human resources records recording. recording. to managers at each level of the organization. storing and processing personnel data. investment data. and other marketing records recording. industry data. customer profiles.

It is an integral part of making decisions. It allows users to ask "What if…?" questions: What if we increase the price by 5%? What if we increase price by 10%? What if we decrease price It also allows users to deal with contingencies: If inflation increases by 5% (instead of strike or a new competitive threat? by 5%? What if we increase price by 10% now.THE DECISION SUPPORT ROLE The business decision making support function goes one step further. then decrease it by 5% in three months? 2% as we are assuming). then what do we do? What do we do if we are faced with a Contingencies: If inflation increases by 5% (instead of 2% as we are assuming). then what do we do? What do we do if we are faced with a strike or a new competitive threat? 17 .

A management information system uses TPS for its data inputs. analyzing making models and thus area capable of performing what-if analysis. strategic and long-range planning. Decision Support System 2. Business Expert System much controversy. Executive Support System 5. DSS tends to be used in planning. which is a matter of degree rather than an absolute one. Transaction Processing System 3. Office Automation System 6. application that assists decision-making. It represents the automation of fundamental. short-range planning. routine processing used to support business operations. Management Information System 4. TPS uses data and produces data. Management Information System: MIS in an information system that processes data and converts it into information. The information generated by the information system may be used for control of operations. We would make an attempt to try to look into different types of MIS Transaction Processing System: It processes transactions and produces reports. 18 Decision Support System: A decision support system is an information system alternatives and trial and error search solutions.TYPES OF MIS MIS CLASSIFICATION MIS is a concept. 1. management control and other managerial problem solving. They incorporate a variety of decision- . In management there are perhaps few other areas other than MIS which gas created so as they have evolved during the course of time. It does not provide any information to the user for decision making.

complex application area to act as an expert. 19 . It is specially tailored for the use of chief executives of an organization to support his decision-making. but it is more specific and person oriented. is a comprehensive information system that includes various types of decision support Office Automation System: Office automation refers to the application of computer and communication technology to office functions. Business Expert System: A BES is a knowledge based information system that uses its knowledge about a specific. Office automation systems are meant to improve the productivity of managers at various levels of management by providing secretarial assistance and better communication facilities. Thus ESS systems.Executive Support System: An ESS is a special kind of DSS.

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Overview of the MIS Development Process Identify type of system Define data requirements Establish data collection methods Set up procedures for data collection Assign staff Set up schedule for data collection Define type of reports to be produced Establish reporting system Conduct data entry into system Maintain files Generate reports Check for data accuracy Complete required forms for submission to DOL 26 Quality Control and Monitoring Procedures .

customer relation management systems and enterprise resource planning systems are types of information management systems. The following are some of the benefits that can be attained from different ]4[ 27 . some of them.Basic flow of information in MIS Information management systems There are many types of information management systems in the market that provide a wide range of benefits for companies. Strategic information management system.

tnemeganaM gnitekraM . employee improve their business processes and operations. (2) The availability of the customer data and feedback can help the company to allign their business processes according performance records etc. The consumer buying trends and behaviors can be predicted by the analysis of sales and revenue reports from each operating region of the company Applications of MIS :rotceS gnirutcafunaM dna tnemeganaM slairetaM .noitcudortnI tnemeganaM gnitekraM 28 . The effective management of customer data can help the company to perform direct marketing and promotion activities. The identification of these aspects can help the company to to the needs of the customers.tnemeganaM lanosreP .tnemeganaM ecnaniF dna gnitnuoccA . (3) Information is considered to be an important asset for any company in the modern competitive world.tnemeganaM noitcudorP .Advantages of information management systems (1) The company is able to highlight their strength and weaknesses due to the presence of revenue reports.

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