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WHAT IS BUSINESS RESEARCH Literally the term “research” (re-search) means to “Search again”.

Business research is defined as “The systematic and objective process of gathering, recording and analyzing data for aid in making business decisions”. “Scientific research is systematic, controlled, empirical, and critical investigation of hypothetical propositions about the presumed relations among phenomena”. The task of business research is to generate accurate information for use in decision making. Business research helps decision-makers to shift from intuitive information gathering to systematic and objective investigation. Information from a manager’s experience is frequently used in an intuitive manner because of time pressure on a business decision or because the problem in minor. Fortunately, there might be success, but in the long run intuition without research can lead to disappointment. RESEARCH TITLE The measurement of the satisfaction level of commerce student. RESEARCH PROBLEM Measurement of the satisfaction level of commerce students regarding the facilities offered by their institution and availability of institution regarding their future study in Multan. After we have formulated the research problem, we will develop the research design. A research design is a master plan specifying the methods and procedures for collecting and analyzing the needed information. It is a framework of the research plan of action. The objectives of the study determined during the early stages of the research are included in the design to ensure that the information collected is appropriate for solving the problem. TYPE OF STUDY As exploratory studies are conducted to clarify ambiguous problems, thus our research project is of an exploratory one. EXPLORATORY RESEARCH Initial research conducted to clarify and define the nature of a problem. BASIC RESEARCH DESIGN TECHNIQUES As our research will be conducted by applying primary data. “Data gathered and assembled specifically for the research project at hand is called as primary data”. And the most common, inexpensive and quick method of generating primary data is through surveys. SURVEY RESEARCH “Surveys require asking people, who are called respondents, for information, using either verbal or written questioning. Questionnaires or interviews are utilized to collect data through the mail,

Due to which it has low cost and normally lesser time and efforts is spent to collect the secondary data. RESEARCH OBJECTIVE On the basis of our problem statement we can categorize our research objective as follows: i) To check the satisfaction level of the commerce students about the facilities currently offered by their institution.on the telephone.” The more formal term sample survey emphasizes that the purpose of contacting respondents is to obtain a representative sample of the target population. Ø PRIMARY DATA Hence in the absence of above source of information all reliance of our research was on primary data i. RESEARCH DESIGN While developing the research we should decide about the source of data the basis on which we will be able to reach at some results. There are two sources of data Ø Primary data Ø Secondary data Primary data is collected specifically for research needs while secondary data is already published data collected for purpose other than specific research needs at hand. This distinction defined for the purpose of which the data were collected. Hence for this research study we did not relay on secondary data. iii) To get the knowledge of reason behind the satisfaction of the student iv) To get the knowledge about their future study plan and getting suggestion.e data specifically collected together information regarding our research problem. while meeting the respondents personally. Ø SECONDARY DATA Since mentioned earlier.” And in our research we will use sample questionnaire for the data collection method. . Our basic source of gathering research are respondents Ø Both males and females students Ø Between age of 18-25 Ø Student of B-com belonging to different colleges COMMUNICATION WITH RESPONDENTS In order to communicate with respondents to collect information we use following methods of communication. Because our topic of study is unique and the secondary data about this topic is hardly available. or face to face. ii) To see the availability of institution regarding their future study in Multan. Thus a survey is defined as “a method of primary data collection based on communication with a representative sample of individuals. secondary data is already available data collected for some other purpose but has the same nature as on current research problem at hand.

in our opinion. could help us better and after interviewing more or better in sight was gained in matters related to the particular study. SELECTION OF SAMPLE DESIGN What do we mean by sampling. For that matter normally 10% of total respondents are interviewed to know their ideas and views and then we define our variables completely to design questionnaire VARIABLE OF RESEARCH Following are the variables defined on the basis of our pilot survey Ø The availability of books in the library Ø The availability of computer lab Ø The extra curricular activities supported by the institutions Ø Scholarship offered by the institutions Ø The availability of qualified teacher Ø Justification of dues against the facilities offered by the institutions Ø In which program students are interested in future Ø The availability of the institution for their future study Ø Different facilities provided by these institutions Ø Up to what extent students are satisfied with the standard of these institutions Ø Dues of these institutions are affordable or not RESULTS OF PILOT SURVEY Refining our questionnaire before going to proceed in our research first of all we need to explore each and every dimension related to our research problem and then on the basis of that informal survey i. the cook checks the taste of the whole dish by taking a few grains or drops of the dish.e the research design and then finally the findings of research which provides a solution to our problem or keep us to have a better understanding of the subject matter. SAMPLING . PILOT SURVEY Pilot survey is conducted among the respondents to collect the information regarding variables of research to be analyzed on the basis of which we develop our questionnaire. For pilot survey we interviewed ten students the topic is more concern or related to them so they are in better position to give us a comprehensive understanding and response.Ø Personal interview Ø Questionnaire For our pilot survey to define variables we contacted the respondents personally and to unstructured questionnaire we find out the different dimension and the variables. during cooking. The selection of those ten students was selecting on convenience basis who. After deciding our questionnaire we got filled them personally by our respondents to avoid any error (nonresponse error and delayed response error).e pilot survey you develop questionnaire while encompassing each and every related field / area explored in pilot survey and then we work on formal research i. as we use the technique of sampling in our daily life? While selecting a book we read some pages or lines of it.

INTERPRETATION OF THE QUESTIONNAIRE After the final selection of questionnaire or final design of questionnaire the next step is to interpret the different question included the questionnaire that what’s the justification for asking those question what we are trying to find out.These groups are internally heterogeneous and externally homogeneous. which is attached with the report in last. Sample Size: In our research the sample of our research was 60. . We collected information of our sample from following colleges 1-International college of commerce 2-Multan college of commerce 3-Allama Iqbal College of commerce 4-Pioneer Finance College of commerce 5-Zakariya college of commerce 6-Punjab college of commerce The Male and Female population of our sample as fallows Female population 16% Male population 84% We conduct our research with the help of questionnaire.In which random sample of subgroups is selected and all members of the subgroups become part of the sample. In our research the sixty respondents who were selected by us represent the sample. PROBABILITY SAMPLING A probability sampling is one in which the sampling units are selected by chance and for which there is a non chance of each unit being selected Sampling technique in our research In our research our technique for sampling was CLUSTER SAMPLING which is define as fallows CLUSTER SAMPLING A probability sampling method technique . POPULATION A complete group of entities sharing some common set of characteristics is called as population. SAMPLE A sample is a subset or some part of a larger population.The process of using a small number of items or parts of a larger population to make conclusions about the whole population. The population of our research was the total population of Multan city.

gender.First section contains the personal information about the respondents i. Information related to gender and program is mainly require to justified our sample size which we have selected to find out that whether different behavior exist in those two categories and the program information is targeted mainly to select the sample consist of the graduate (mature) students. and program.e name. .

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