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This is to certify that MISS ZEBA NAWAB is a bonafied student of Neville Wadia Institute of Management Research and Studies, Pune undergoing the Masters in Personnel Management programme. She has successfully completed her project titled Recruitment and Selection at Workforce Asia Recruitment Consultants, Pune under guidance of Mrs. Karuna Jadhav and Course Coordinator Dr. A.B. Dadas. This project is in partial fulfillment of the Masters in Personnel Management programme of Pune University.

Mrs Karuna Jadhav (Project Guide)

Dr. A. B. Dadas (Course Coordinator)

Dr. Girija Shankar (Assistant Director)

This is to certify that Miss Zeba Nawab , a student of Neville Wadia Institute of Management Research and Studies doing Masters in Personnel Management has done her project on “Recruitment and Selection” with this organization during 1st June – 1st August, 2011 as part of her MPM curriculum.

We wish her all the best for her future endeavours.


, 2011

SWETA BURMAN Human Resource Manager

I believe that this Endeavor has prepared me for taking up new challenging opportunities in future. Dadas (Course Coordinator) – NWIMSR. who have provided their whole hearted support to me in this exercise. Karuna Jadhav (Project Guide) and Dr. 4 . Project guide. I would also like to specially thank Dr. To commence with things I would like to take this opportunity to gratefully and humbly to Miss Sweta Burman . I also thank my friends and well-wishers. R. B. friends and colleagues who helped it materialize. Dastane (Director) NWIMSR. My parent„s need special mentions here for their constant support and love in my life. Pune for being appreciative enough by giving me an opportunity to undertake this project in Work Force Asia I would like to extend my sincere thanks and gratitude to Mrs. whose guidance and trust encouraged me to develop my ideas and understanding to complete the project. family. A.ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Presenting the project report on Recruitment and Selection at Work Force Asia Recruitment Consultants Pune has not only called for an immense effort but also the attention and invaluable help from my peers. Work Force Asia Recruitment Consultants. S. for his overall direction.

DECLARATION I hereby declare that the project titled “Recruitment and Selection” is an original piece of research work carried out by me under the guidance and supervision of Mrs. The information has been collected from genuine and authentic sources. The work has been submitted in partial fulfillment of MASTER IN PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT of Pune University. Karuna Jadhav. Place: Date: ZEBA NAWAB .

. recruitment and selection gives a home ground to the organization acumen that is needed for proper functioning of the organization. Which is considered as a necessary asset of a company? In fact.EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The project titled “RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION” Undertaken in WORKFORCE ASIA RECRUITMENT CONSULANTS. It gives a organizational structure of the company. The project report is about recruitment and selection process that„s an important part of any organization. beginning with an initial screening interview and concluding with final employment decision. Selection process or activities typically follow a standard patter. It is a methodology in which the particular organization works and how a new candidate could be recruited in such a way that he/she would be fitted for the right kind of career. Workforce Asia is one of India's leading executive search companies with a specialized focus across various industries spread throughout India and abroad. The objective of selection decision is to choose the individual who can most successfully perform the job from the pool of qualified candidates.

9-10 12-23 25-31 33-34 36-51 53 55 57 59 .CONTENTS CHAPTER NO. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 TITLE Introduction Theoretical Perspective Company Profile Research Methodology Data analysis and interpretation Findings Conclusions Recommendations Bibliography Annexure PAGE NO.

Searching right candidate for right job is not a easy task because if wrong decisions are taken it can turn out to be a costly affair. The scope of studying this project report is to identify the needs or requirements of clients of manufacturing and IT sectors and to search for the candidates according to client‟s requirement. so it is necessary to enquire into the difference in human behaviors” The project report puts light on the theoretical aspects of recruitment. 9 . Recruitment is the process of finding and attracting capable applicants for employment. According to ARTHUR LEWIS: “There are great differences in development between countries which seem to have roughly equal resources. Mission of human resource management is to assure a steady source of talented people who can contribute to success of organization. Human resource management is concerned with management of people and people are the main assets of any industry. steps of recruitment process followed in WORKFORCE ASIA. Even when the placement consultancy fails to provide good and appropriate candidate. On a final note I have tried to understand the steps and procedure followed by Workforce Asia tried to learn the recruitment procedure. The process begins when new recruits are sought and ends when applications or resumes are submitted. My objective of study was to identify the gap while implementing selection process. The project aims to study the recruitment procedure which is one of the important functions of human resource management. Recruitment involves attracting and obtaining as many applications or resumes as possible from eligible job seekers. they can lose a valued client or even tarnish its market image.INTRODUCTION Human Resource is a basic need of any work to be done. NEED OF STUDY  To understand the basics of recruitment and to study what are the steps to be followed in recruitment process.

 To understand the latest trends in recruitment selection process.  Study covers recruitment procedures for all middle management.  To analyze recruitment policy with general policy. OBJECTIVES OF STUDY  To identify the gap while implementing the selection process. and in senior management.  To provide a systematic recruitment process. LIMITATIONS OF STUDY  Last minute initiation of company  Wrong job analysis  Inappropriate compensation package  Selection Biasness .SCOPE OF STUDY  To study recruitment policy of Workforce Asia for different categories of employees.

Orientation and On-boarding  Skills management  Training and development  Personnel administration  Compensation in wage or salary  Time management  Payroll  Employee benefits administration  Personnel cost planning  Performance appraisal 12 . ARTHUR LEWIS observed “There are great differences in development between countries which seem to have roughly equal resources. Its features include:     Organizational management Personnel administration Manpower management Industrial management.MEANING OF HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT Human Resource plays a crucial role in the development process of the modern economics. Human resources management comprises of several processes:  Workforce planning  Recruitment  Induction.the people working there who individually and collectively contribute to the achievement of the objectives of the business. so it is necessary to enquire into the difference in human behaviors” Human resource management (HRM) is the strategic and coherent approach to the management of an organization's most valued assets .

disability insurance. Fiscal Policy: Staffing budgets. Insurance receivables. resolution of enrollment or claim problems. Leaves of absence: State and/or Federal Family and Medical Leave rights. 13 . Educational assistance. section 125 plan. employee newsletter. dental insurance. Employee relations: Disciplinary processes. educational incentive. life insurance. departmental budget. policy recommendations. employee discounts for recreational spots. insurance fund management. job descriptions. Compensation: Salary and benefit surveys. labormanagement relations. sick leave. retirement benefits. and others. drug testing. total package costing.FUNCTIONS OF HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT Administration: Strategic planning. donor program. complaint/grievance procedures. insurance fund management. paid holidays. Health and safety: Employee assistance. job descriptions evaluation. employee service awards. light duty assignments for temporary periods. total package costing. County Board relations. job evaluation. Employee services: Enrollment in benefits. rights upon return to work. workers compensation claims. organizational evaluation. safety compliance and training. accounts payable. incident investigations. uniform allowance. insurance receivables. supervision of department staff Benefits: Health insurance. vacation. County approved leaves of absence.

Benefits orientation for new and transferring employees. Salary and benefits: Salary/wage plans and employee benefits 14 . Selection: After identifying the sources of human resources. supervisory training. testing administration. Recruitment: Recruitment is defined as a process to discover the sources of manpower to meet the requirement of the staffing schedule and to employ effective measures fir meet the requirement of the staffing schedule and to employ to employ effective measures for attracting the manpower in adequate numbers to facilitate effective selection of an effective workforce. searching for prospective employees and stimulation helps too apply for jobs in an organization. advertising. litigation files. compliance with timeliness standards. safety records and other administrative files. Separations and terminations: Rights upon termination of employment. the management has to perform the function of selecting the right man at right job and at the right time. Training and development: County-wide needs assessment. development of supervisory and management skills. Record-keeping: Job posting. severance benefits. payroll records. exit interviews. background investigations. Supervisory newsletter. employee training and workshops. post-offer employment testing. Performance appraisal: Employee files. employment interviews. unemployment compensation.Payroll administration: Computer-based or manual evaluation systems.

 Helps the organization to create more culturally diverse workforce.e. resulting in unavoidable consequences.s the selected candidate stays longer with the company. Whereas. Thus the effectiveness of the recruitment process can play a major role in determining the resources that must be expended on other HR activates and their ultimate success. This can distort traditional wages and salary relationship in organization. a typically response is to raise entry level pay scales.  Make sue that there is match between cost and benefit. Negatively all employees at all levels in organizations HR that the Positively 15 .IMPORTANCE OF HUMAN RESORCE MANAGEMENT  Attract highly qualified and competent people. the poor quality of selection means extra cost on training and supervision. SCOPE OF HRM AT ORGANIZATIONAL LEVEL Human Resource of employers and experts of other organization HR that affects Core of affects the employees organizational employees Human Resource i. when recruitment fails to meet organizational needs for talent.  Ensure that. Further more.

16 . accidents. deaths. PURPOSE AND IMPORTANCE OF RECRUITMENT  Attract and encourage more and more candidates to apply in the organization. illness give rise to unexpected needs. Unexpected: Resignation. RECRUITMENT NEEDS ARE OF THREE TYPES Planned: Needs arising from changes in organization and retirement policy. Recruitment is a continuous process whereby the firm attempts to develop a pool of qualified applicants for the future human resources needs even though specific vacancies do not exist. which an organization can predict by studying trends in internal and external environment. Anticipated: Anticipated needs are those movements in personnel.  Determine present and future requirements of the organization in conjunction with its personnel planning and job analysis activities. Usually. which helps create a pool of prospective employees for the organization so that the management can select the right candidate for the right job from this pool. Recruitment of candidates is the function preceding the selection.RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION Recruitment is the process of searching the candidates for employment and stimulating them to apply for jobs in the organization. the recruitment process starts when a manger initiates an employee requisition for a specific vacancy or an anticipated vacancy.  Create a talent pool of candidates to enable the selection of best candidates for the organization.


 Integrates employee needs with the organizational needs.  Optimization of manpower at the time of selection process.  Defining the competent authority to approve each selection. Components of Recruitment Policy :  The general recruitment policies and terms of the organization  Recruitment services of consultants  Recruitment of temporary employees  Unique recruitment situations  The selection process  The job descriptions A recruitment policy of an organization should be such that:  It should focus on recruiting the best potential people.RECRUITMENT POLICY Creating suitable recruitment policy is the first step in the efficient hiring process. 18 . task oriented and merit based selection.  To aid and encourage employees in realizing their full potential.  To ensure that every applicant and employee is treated equally with dignity and respect.  Transparent. A clear and concise recruitment policy helps insure a sound recruitment process.  Unbiased policy.  Abides by relevant public policy and legislation on hiring and employment relationship.  Weight-age during selection given to factors that suit organization needs.

the organization‟s corporate web site or its own intranet. The job seekers send their applications or curriculum vitae (CV) through an e-mail using the Internet. Also. It is the use of technology or the web based tools to assist the recruitment processes. where the „passive‟ job seekers can submit their resumes into the database of the organization for consideration in future. Job sites provide a 24X7 access to the database of the resumes to the employees facilitating the just-in-time hiring by the organizations. the jobs can be posted on the site almost immediately and is also cheaper than advertising in the employment newspapers.  Creating a complete online recruitment/application section in the company’s own website : Companies have added an application system to its website. They advertise job vacancies through worldwide web. payroll etc. Many big and small organizations are using Internet as a source of recruitment. as and when there are requirements. which can be drawn by prospective employees depending upon their requirements. Sometimes companies can get valuable references through the “passers-by” applicants. Alternatively job seekers place their CV‟s in worldwide web. monster jobs etc. Online recruitment helps the organizations to automate the recruitment process. 19 . keywords. The tool can be either a job website like naukri.) of the job. It is also known as “Online recruitment”. qualifications. It enables the employees to screen and filter the resumes through pre-defined criteria‟s and requirements (skills. The two kinds of e-recruitment that an organization can use is –  Job portals : It is posting the position with the job description and the job specification on the job portal and also searching for the suitable resumes posted on the site according to the requirement of the client. The latest trends in recruitment are the “ERecruitment”.E-Recruitment E-recruitment is the evolving face of recruitment. experience. save their time and costs on recruitments. Resume Scanners: Resume scanner is one major benefit provided by the job portals to the

Release of offers. Releasing advertisements of positions vacant in the organization 4. Human Resource planning 2. Selection of resumes 6. RECURUITMENT PROCESS HR Planning Job Analysis Employee Requisition Screenin g Job Vacancies Recruitment planning -Number -Types Searching -Message -Media -Advertisements Applicant Pool Potential Hires To Selection Strategy Development -Where -How -When Applicant populatio n Evaluation and control Steps in recruitment process:1. 20 . Collection of resumes (received as a result of advertisements or other sources) 5. Job Analysis 3. Written Tests 7.  A well defined and structured applicant tracking system. Interview rounds/ H.  Along with the back-office support a comprehensive website to receive and process job applications (through direct or online advertising).Online recruitment techniques:  Giving a detailed job description and job specifications in the job postings to attract candidates with the right skill sets and qualifications at the first stage.R rounds 8.

employment test. It is to calculate the number of applicants the company must generate to hire the required number of employees. SELECTION Selection is a negative process and involves the elimination of candidates who do not have the required skills and qualification for the job proposed. comprehensive interview. Selection process or activities typically follow a standard patter. beginning with an initial screening interview and concluding with final employment decision. It is the system of function and devise adopted in a given company to ascertain whether the candidate‟s specifications are matched with the job specifications and recruitment or not. physical examination and final employment decision to hire. The traditional selection process includes: preliminary screening interview.The Recruiting Yield Pyramid It is the arithmetic relationship between recruitment leads and invitees. completion of application form. interviews and offers made and offers accepted. background investigation. Also it is a process of differentiating between applicants in order to identify and hire those with grater likelihood of success in job. 21 . The objective of selection decision is to choose the individual who can most successfully perform the job from the pool of qualified candidates. invitees and interviews.

Many mangers insisted on screening their own employees as they thought no one else could do that as efficiently as they themselves. In some companies. This type of arrangement is also preferred due to some of these advantages:  It is easier for the application because they can send their applications to a single centralized department. each department screened and hired its own employees.  With increased governmental regulation on selection process. it is important that people who know about these rules handle a major part of the selection process. a selection process involves mutually decision making. Ideally. 22 . But now selection is centralized and handled by the Human Resource Department.  It can provide for better selection because hiring is done by specialist trained in staffing techniques. The organization decides whether or not to make a job offer and how attractive the job offer should be.  It facilitates contact with applicants because issues pertaining to employment can be cleared through one central location.  It helps operating managers to concentrate on their operating responsibilities.Organization for selection: Until recently the basic hiring process was performed in a rather unplanned manner in many organizations.  The applicant is better assured of consideration for a greater variety of jobs.  Hiring cost is cut because duplication of efforts is reduced. This is especially helpful during the chief hiring period.

But due to some reason the main purpose of effectively selecting candidates is defeated. Pressure: The people from the HR department and also have a lot of pressure from the top management and from other top class people for selecting the candidates they want. . This ways the purpose of effective selection process of effective selection process is defeated as they have to select that individual whether or not he is capable of the job that is being offered. This way he does not see through the caliber or the efficiency of the individual and many times it leads to the selection of the wrong candidates.  There must be some standards of personnel with which a prospective employee may be compared.BARRIERS TO EFFECTIVE SELECTION The main objective of selection process is to hire people having competence and commitment towards the given job profile. These reasons are: 1. Perception or the Halo effect: Many a times the interviewer selects a candidate according to the perception he has or he made up while talking or looking at the individual.  There must be sufficient number of applicants from whom the required number of employees to be selected. Fairness: During the selection process the interviewer does not select the individual on the basis of his knowledge and hence the right type of the candidates is not selected. 3. ESSENTIAL OF SELECTION PROCEDURE  Someone should have the authority to select. FACTORS EFFECTING SELECTION DECISION Includes:  Profile matching  Organization and social environment  Multi correlations  Successive hurdle. 2.

from Breakthrough Technologies. who is having 28 years rich experience in Industrial Relations and Human Resources with MNC. as a Senior Manager – Personnel and Administration. With over an exclusive clientele spread across the globe Workforce Asia offers a wide variety of recruitment research services that help our clients grow and succeed in businesses. 21st Century Management. Asmit Bapat has total 25+ years experience in the field of Personnel & Human Resource Development with MNC in Pune. The firm is led by Mr Asmit Bapat. Mr Asmit is a Commerce and Law Graduate and has done Diploma in Corporate Laws. identifying the companies where the talent is hidden and then extracting them for you. Vision: The Company‟s vision is to develop long term relationship with their client to understand and identity their present and future requirements. such as Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. It was a fairly generic term encompassing in itself all the processes of recruitments. Somewhere down the line the most important aspect of recruitment got lost. India is a leading provider of Recruitment Research services. Asmit has number of Certifications in the area of Management. Our challenges lie in intense research. His experience includes both industrial Relations and HRD. USA.UK) and ISO 14001 (Environment) certification. As the year moved on Recruitment Process Outsourcing industry gained on progressing as no one would have imagined and it became an important addition to the internal recruitment cycle of corporate culture. He has done a Green Belt Project under Six Sigma on HR. Effective Communication Techniques etc. He is a Certified Lead Auditor under ISO / QS (BVQI .Out of which for 12 years he has worked as Senior Manager. . and has excellent associates & team of people to work with. Workforce Asia based in Pune. He has undergone qualitative training programs on Personality Development.WORKFORCE ASIA RECRUITMENT CONSULTANTS In the early 2000‟s the term “Recruitment Process Outsourcing” came into being. Human Resources. Brief Profile of Mr Asmit Bapat : Mr. Workforce Asia interviews candidate to maintain quality and service for their client to meet their expectation and requirement. Workforce Asia was established in 2002 is a group of professionally competent people to provide you consultancy in HR Management and Executive Placement Services.

Workforce Asia believes in conducting business with honesty and professional integrity. hospital and retail industry. call centre. IT. Motto: “Passion for Perfection” This passion comes from the understanding that only by providing the perfect match for the perfect job to our clients who demand nothing less than perfection helps them in making a perfect placement. Their aim is not to misguide both candidates as client group.25 Mission: Our mission is to be the best at identifying. Their focus is to provide best and comprehensive services related to recruitment and staff Outsourcing to fulfill their client‟s needs by understanding them at lowest possible costs. Workforce Asia is incorporated with an objective of providing integrated solution for complete recruitment and HR outsourcing for automobile. . They provide company with all candidates only when they are sure that they would align with organizations value system and culture. Non-IT firms. qualifying and delivering world class service in the Research Process Outsourcing industry that enable our clients to meet their business goals more effectively. Values and belief of organization: The company‟s values are to provide right candidate to the client who are fruitful and useful to their organization. They never provide doubtful candidates to their clients and does their business with transparency.

Role of Recruitment Consultant: Identify and develop clients‟ business or relationship in a competitive environment.  Source suitable candidate and brief them on opportunity offered by client.  Offers resume related and general career advice...e.26 Placement Consultancy: Placement consultancies are the intermediary between organizations willing to recruit (i. candidates). Recruitment consultant is a service that helps professional people to find work by introducing them to potential employers.  Attract candidate and maintain candidate database.  Manage process through interview.e. client) and an individual seeking a career move (i. What makes a successful recruitment consultant?  Attitude  Teamwork  Judgment  Good analysis of resumes of all types .  Assess and respond to needs of each client or assignment.

 Core HR Activities: Outsourcing HR services for medium size organizations. PF. such as Kaizen. etc. documentation and system development (Policy and Procedure Manual). Infrastructure:  1500 sq. ft. Standing Orders etc.). Best HR practices. House Journals & bulletins etc. VRS proposal.  Application of Advanced Management Tools for cost reduction and process improvements.27 Workforce Asia offers the following services:  Total Solution for Legal Compliance: (The Factories Act. office space  Servers  Workstation  UPS system connected through LAN connectivity  24 hour internet connectivity  Video conferencing facility  Data base system  Mobiles and telephones to each recruiter . Performance Management. ESI. Outsourcing legal compliance and issue resolutions. Organization development & Restructuring. HR Audit and Surveys. Contract Labours. Recruitment. Communication.  HR Quality Systems Services: Training needs identification. Training & Development.  Executive Placement Services: for middle and top management people with right first time quality services. deployment. pre and post counseling.

Workforce Asia‟s team consists of a HR manager. This enables them to have effective interaction with candidates at all levels and to assess.28 Workforce Asia’s Official Team The Company‟s team has members with varying degrees of experience and office of Workforce Asia is managed by professionals with experience and knowledge to validate and assess candidates irrespective of their professional background. To do registration of the candidates. Accountant Accounts Accountant takes care of all the collections and payments. Conduct telephonic interviews. To search resumes from portal or database. Roles Human Resource Manager Responsibility Finalizing on the candidates to be sent to the company. Department Human Resource Comments It was his final decision of whether to send the candidate to any particular company. These responsibilities are shared among six HR executives of Workforce Asia. a receptionist. To introduce the placement consultancy to candidates and explain them related formalities. To collect Commission from company. Shortlist resumes. . Human Resource Executives Human Resource Receptionist Reception The receptionist made the candidates feel comfortable and familiar to the procedure. 6 HR executives. an accountant and a marketing executive. counsel and identify positions appropriate to their experience and capabilities. Arranging interviews with clients.

Call Centers. Telecom. Name of the companies of Workforce Asia: Apollo tyres  Amtek industries  Arihant domestic appliances pvt ltd  Arihant steel  Birla groups  Cotmac electronic  Cee dee vaccum equipment pvt ltd  Demech Industries  D.Marketing/Sales Executive To market consultancy in various organization. Automobile and Hardware networking. It provides services to clients from diverse industries like manufacturing.B Power electronics pvt ltd  Image publications  Intect  Idea cellular  Jagdamba . Workforce Asia is associated with many companies as a recruitment partner. Workforce Asia’s Clients: Workforce Asia has prestigious client list in domestic market. FMCG. IT. Marketing To introduce the consultancy in various manufacturing industries to get the business. Banking.

 Jyoti tooling  Kalyani forge  Kinetic engineering  Minilec group of industries  National bearing corporation  Nutan Chemicals  Polybond group of computers  Shree automobiles  Siddheshwar industries  Synise technologies  Vijay Motors  V customers .

PRE-SELECTION PROCESS OF WORKFORCEASIA INDIA Phase – I: Selection Human Resource Requirement Approving Authority Approval Job Description & Candidate Profile (Education. Interviews (Outstation candidates) Short-listed candidates Final Interview (As per the Selection Approving Matrix) . Attitude etc) Search HR      CV Sources Internal CV database Hiring Consultants Employee Referrals Personal Networks Market Intelligence CV Bank Phase – II: Selection Initial HR Screening CVs not short-listed go to CV Database (For Future use) Short-listed CVs Called for Personal Interviews (Local candidates) HR co-ordinates to organize the interviews Preliminary Interviews (As per the Selection approving Matrix) Short-listed CVs Tel. competencies.

POST SELECTION PROCESS OF WORKFORCE ASIA Salary proposal (HR to prepare it keeping in mind the Internal Equity) HR does Salary Negotiation & Extends the offer Offer Accepted HR closes it & sends out the offer letter Offer NOT Accepted HR works out the modified offer. and tries to pursue & seals the offer HR informs the concerned Functional Heads about the probable DOJ HR does the necessary Reference checks & get the details documented in specified format New hire joins . if possible within the band.

going through the records of the organization.RESEARCH METHODOLOGY Population: The employees of workforce Asia were taken as the population Sample size: Sample size taken is 15 employees of Workforce Asia. Sampling method: Simple random sampling method is used i. .. Method of data collection: Method of data collection was both through primary source and secondary source of data collection. Primary Data: Primary data was collected through survey method by distributing questionnaires the employees. The questionnaires were carefully designed by taking into account the parameters of my study. Pie chart analysis and statistical Diagrams are used for this study. Sources of data Collection: Primary data and Secondary data were used for collection of data. web sites. magazines. employees are chosen randomly for the research. Data analysis technique: Percentage analysis. Secondary Data: Data was collected from books.e.

80 resume links in 1 page. experience. 60. internal and external sources to search for appropriate candidate: To use job portals like times jobs. One of the HR executive read and scrutinized the requirement collected from departmental manager. post.. This format is made in an excel sheet to make the work easy mentioning name of position. work location. key skills required. To use resources like newspapers. One of the executives of consultancy collects all department requirements. qualifications etc are downloaded in word format and a separate folder is created mentioning name of the company. number of requirements. This step is very difficult because right candidate has to be selected for right job for the benefit of both client and candidate. Resumes of candidates who have given their acceptance for the said post is sent to the respective departmental managers for their references and short listing. salary details which are required for that particular job. appropriate resumes with required skills. Requirement parameters are written as per the advanced search form of Calling: a call is made to the candidate whose resume has been shortlisted. number of vacant positions. qualification. an overview of all details regarding the requirement are filled in excel sheet.DATA ANALYSIS AND INTERPRETATION To collect requirement from departmental manager or office: “A man power requisition form” is sent to each and every departmental manager of any organization so as to take review of present requirement. A call is given to departmental manager for giving information regarding the requisition form and informs them about how to fill the form. qualification etc i. 36 . employee databank. It should give details like functional areas. Advanced search form is filled and submitted which gives numerous resumes to read and select from. These requirements are arranged in a standard HR format. The advanced search result gives 20. The candidate is given information regarding company profile. 1 form is given for 1 requirement. Acceptance of candidates: It is most important to know the interest of candidate in any organization after selecting the resume of candidate.e. job description and CTC and is asked whether he is interested in doing that job. Detailed individual resumes are opened up showing details of candidates. If the candidate is willing to work or gives acceptance his name is entered in the folder created for candidates who have given their acceptance for that position. After deep scrutiny of the resumes. monster jobs naukri. name of position and date.

Feedback of short listing is taken from the clients: Manager of the concerned department is asked the list of shortlisted candidates against the resumes provided to them previously. and list of documents required. List of candidates who would be attending the interview is made and is mailed to the respective departmental mangers. contact person. In this manner they work as a coordinator or mediator between managers and candidates and arrange interview as per convenience of both. To send call letter to shortlisted candidates: Interview call letter is sent on the respective e. time and venue are also taken To arrange interview of shortlisted candidates: Calling: shortlisted candidates are called and are informed regarding their short listing and interview date . address. contact number. time . This completes the recruitment process followed by Workforce Asia to select the right candidates.mail ids of the shortlisted candidates mentioning company‟s name. venue are given to the candidates. Along with the names of shortlisted candidates their interview date. interview date and time. 37 .

1. Sources of recruitment were: 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 Job Portal Data bank Registerd candidates Referrals Job Portals 60% Interpretation: Registered candidates 20% Data Bank 20% Referrals 10% In Workforce Asia about 60% of candidates are searched through job portals. about 20% of registered candidates were approached. . 20% of the candidates were selected from their data bank and for the remaining 10% referrals were taken from reliable sources.

. How did you come to know about job openings in Workforce Asia? Others Friends Friends Internet Newspaper Internet Newspaper Others Friends 10 Internet 40 Newspapers Others 40 10 Interpretation: About 40% came to know about job openings through internet. . 40 % through Newspapers. 2. 10% through friends and rest 10% through others.

Q3. . Do you want to refer more friends to Workforce Asia? No Yes Yes 75% No 25% Interpretation: It was observed that only 25% of the employees did not refer their friends while 75% referred their friends.

Candidates within these age groups who approached for jobs were: 5 30 5 15 40 19-25 Years 25-30 Years 30-35 Years 35-40 Years Above 40 Years 19-25 Years 5% Interpretation: 25-30 Years 5% 30-35 Years 15% 35-40 Years 40% Above 40 Years 30% It was seen that most of the people who came for job were between the age group of 35.40 years. 30 % were between 40 years and above of age group. About 5% of people were in the age group of 19-25 years and 5% between 25-30 years. .Q4.40% of the people were between the age group of 30-35 years.

30% were from technical background and 20% were from customer support and 15% from management background.Q5. . Qualification of the job seekers: 50 45 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 Engineering Customer support Technical Jobs Management Engineering 45% Technical 30% Customer support 20% Management 15% Interpretation: It was observed that 45% of candidates were from engineering background.

. Are you happy with the Recruitment process? 40 60 Yes No Yes 60% Interpretation: No 40% It was observed that only 60% of the employees were happy while 40% were not happy with Workforce Asia‟s recruitment process.Q6.

.Q7. 30% rated good. 20% rated satisfactory and 10% rated poor. Rate the interview panel? 10 20 40 30 Excellent Good Satisfactory Poor Excellent Good Satisfactory Poor 40% 30% 20% 10% Interpretation: About 40% employees rated excellent for the interview panel.

.Q8. Did Workforce Asia meet your expectations? 40 60 Yes No Yes 60% Interpretation: No 40% It was observed that 60% of the employee‟s expectation was met by Workforce Asia while 40% expectations were not met.

.Q9. Are you happy with the salary that is offered to you by the company? 30 70 Yes No Yes 70% Interpretation: No 30% It was observed that 70% of the employees were happy with their salary while 30% were not happy with salary offered by the company.

What should be the best recruitment sources according to your preference? 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 40 60 0 Internal Recruitment Internal Recruitment External Recruitment External Recruitment 40% Interpretation: 60% Employees preferred 60% external recruitment as best recruitment source and some emplolyees preferred 40% internal recruitment as best recruitment source. Did you fully know about the company policies before you joined this company? . Q11.Q10.

40 60 Yes No Yes 60% No 40% Interpretation: It was observed that 60% of the employees were aware of the company policies while 40% were not aware of the companies‟ policies .

13. How do you think about Recruitment and selection procedure in your company? . Have under gone any Written Test during recruitment? 5 95 Yes No Yes 95% Interpretation: No 5% It was observed that 95% of the employees were undergone written test while 5% did not undergone any written test during recruitment.Q12.

Out of the total resumes selected number of candidates who gave acceptance were : .80 70 60 50 80 40 30 20 10 0 Satisfactory Unsatisfactory 20 Satisfactory 80% Unsatisfactory 20% Interpretation: It was observed that 80% of the employees were satisfied with recruitment and selection procedure while 20% were not satisfied with recruitment and selection procedure. 14.

15. the percentage of people who gave acceptance on telephonic interview was 80% and 20 % of them didn‟t give acceptance. Reasons for searching the job: .20% 80% Accepted Rejected Accepted 80% Interpretation: Rejected 20% Out of the total resumes selected.

Fresher's 10% Incresed Package 10% 10% 30% 40% Growth and Promotion Job Satisfaction Work culture Fresher‟s 10% Interpretation: Increased package 30% Growth and promotion 40% Job satisfaction 10% Work culture 10% 10% of the job seekers were fresher‟s. Number of resumes selected by the companies after short-listing: . 40% wanted growth & promotion. 30% of them wanted to change the job for increasing their salary. 16. 10% were dissatisfied with their job and 10 % were not able to adjust to the work culture.

Candidates who joined the organization after selection: . 80% of them were approved while 20% were disapproved by the company. 17.80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 80 20 Approved Approved 80% Interpretation: Disapproved Disapproved 20% Out of the resumes send to the company.

Number of candidates who left the company after joining was: . The reason may be the non acceptance of signing any bond or demand of heavy amount as a bonding token from employer. 49 18.70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 70 30 Joined Not Joined Joined 70% Not Joined 30% Interpretation: After selection about 70% of the candidates joined the organization and about 30% didn‟t joined the organization.

Time taken to complete the recruitment process of one requirement is: .2% 98% Candidates Joined Candidates Left the Job Candidates Joined 98% Interpretation: Candidates left the job 2% About 2% of employees left the organization after joining. There could be many reasons it can be conflict with boss or offer of a higher package or not able to perform or health issues while 98% remained in the organization. 50 19.

. 20% was completed in 20-30 days.80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 10-20 Days 20-30 Days More than a month 10-20 Days 20-30 Days More than a month 10-20 days 75% Interpretation: 20-30 days 20% More than a month 5% 75 % of recruitment process was completed in 10-20 days. and 5% took more than a month.

.20. while Sourcing and Selection were given 20% each and Screening and Joining were given 10% each. The most time consuming process in the entire recruitment and selection process is: 10% 20% 20% 10% 40% Sourcing Screening Interviewing Selection Joining Sourcing 20% Screening 10% Interviewing 40% Selection 20% Joining 10% Interpretation: According to 20% employees interviewing were the most time consuming process in recruitment and selection process.

21. The most critical process in the entire recruitment and selection process is:



Sourcing Screening

20% 10% 20%

Interviewing Selection Joining

Sourcing 30%

Screening 20%

Interviewing 10%

Selection 20%

Joining 20%

According to 30% employees sourcing were the most critical process in recruitment and selection process, while Interviewing and Selection were given 20% each and Screening and Joining were given 10% each.

22. The most challenging step in the entire recruitment and selection process is:

10% 20% 40%

Sourcing Screening Interviewing



Selection Joining

Sourcing 40%

Screening 10%

Interviewing 20%

Selection 20%

Joining 10%

According to 40% employees sourcing were the most challenging step in recruitment and selection process, while Interviewing and Selection were given 20% each and Screening and Joining were given 10% each.


 Out of the selected candidates.  Most of the requirements were from manufacturing sector and IT Sector. sometimes 2-3 candidates didn‟t agreed with the terms and conditions of the company. Company shortlisted around 10-15 candidates.  For at least 1 requirement I searched around for 50-100 resumes. .  Out of which around 50% of resumes were found to be relevant as per the requirement given by the company. the recruitment and selection process ended.  Out of which I worked in 10 of the requirements. Recruiters have to work very hard to find the right candidate for right job.  Company selected the candidates as per the number of vacancies they had.  From these candidates around 10-12 or sometimes all the candidates attended the interview.  Out of these 20-40 candidates.  From these 50% of candidate around 20-40 candidates gave acceptance who were interested in working with that company and to attend the interview.  Thus.FINDINGS Recruitment is a very challenging job in any company. While studying the recruitment process followed in Workforce Asia I found that:  Around 100 requirements came in Workforce Asia Recruitment Consultant.

53 .

55 .CONCLUSION Recruitment is one of the important functions of human resource management. First they searched for the appropriate candidate using various sources and then arranged an interview with the company. Selecting the right candidate for the right job was the aim of the company‟s recruitment team. how employees are recruited in any organization and I also learned the recent trends followed in recruitment process. Learning Recruitment in Workforce Asia was a good experience. After completing the project I learned about the process of recruitment. They mainly followed online means like job portals of Naukri and Times to search for the candidates which is a very easy means of searching for the candidates. They carried certain steps after receiving the requirement from any company. It is mainly sorting out the relevant resumes and selecting the right candidate as required for the requirement after following a series of systematic process of recruitment and selection.

It is the art of finding closest match.RECOMMENDATIONS Recruitment is the biggest challenge for any HR manager. Attracting the right talent to an organization helps in gaining competitive advantage. Selecting wrong candidate makes achieving goals and objectives difficult. . Making wrong decisions when recruiting staff can prove to be a costly affair and further increase attrition rates. Recruitment is all about attaining a right fit between a person. and the company. job. There needs to be an element of efficiency and competency from the start of the process so as to avoid any unfortunate situation.

this results in wrong selection of the candidate. b) Wrong job analysis by clients i.e. I would recommend that company should thoroughly understand the job profile and should then send it to the placement consultancy..e. 57 . at the last moment company gave the requirement and demanded right candidate. the company gives a wrong job description about the post. competencies and qualities as required by the post. Some of the limitations which I found with the organization are a) Last minute initiation by the company i.The main idea is to get in the best people who have the right blend of qualification.. This creates a chaos in the organization and the consultancy is unable to provide the company with the appropriate candidate. I would recommend that company should be requested that they should give the requirement at least few days before.

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59 .

How did you come to know about openings in Workforce Asia? a) b) c) d) Friends Internet News Paper Others Q3. What are the sources of recruitment used in Workforce Asia? a) b) c) d) Job portals Registered candidates Data bank Referrals Q2.SAMPLE QUESTIONAIRE Name: Gender: Age: Email id: Designation: Q1. Do you want to refer more friends to Workforce Asia? .

What should be the education qualifications of the job seekers? a) b) c) d) Engineering Technical jobs Customer support Management Q6. What should be the best recruitment sources according to your preference? . Rate the interview panel? a) b) c) d) Excellent Good Satisfactory Poor Q8.a) Yes b) No Q4. Are you happy with the Recruitment process? a) Yes b) No Q7. What is the age group of candidates who approach for the job? a) b) c) d) 19-25 yrs 25-30 yrs 30-35 yrs 35 and above Q5. Are you happy with the salary that is offered to you by the company? a) Yes b) No Q10. Did Workforce Asia meet your expectations? a) Yes b) No Q9.

What was the no.a) Internal Recruitment b) External Recruitment c) Both Q11. How do you think about Recruitment and selection procedure in your company? a) Satisfactory b) Unsatisfactory Q14. Percentage of candidates who joined after selection? a) Joined b) Not Joined . What were the reasons for searching the job? a) b) c) d) e) Fresher‟s Job satisfaction Increased package Growth and promotions Other Q16. Have under gone any Written Test during recruitment? a) Yes b) No Q13. Did you fully know about the company policies before you joined this company? a) Yes b) No Q12. of resumes selected by the organizations after short listing? a) Approved b) Disapproved Q17. What was the total percentage of candidates who gave acceptance for the job? a) Accepted b) Rejected Q15.

Time taken to complete the recruitment process of one requirement is: a) 10-20 days b) 20-30 days c) More than one month Q20. What do you think is the most challenging step in the entire recruitment and selection process? a) b) c) d) e) Sourcing Screening Interviewing Selection Joining .Q18. What do you think is the most time consuming process in the entire recruitment and selection process? a) b) c) d) e) Sourcing Screening Interviewing Selection Joining Q21.Number of candidates who left the company after joining? a) Candidates Joined b) Left the Job Q19. What do you think is the most critical process in the entire recruitment and selection process? a) b) c) d) e) Sourcing Screening Interviewing Selection Joining Q22.