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Salary Guide 2009

Hays UAE
Salary Guide 2009
Specialist Recruitment

This Salary Guide displays typical salaries for several roles across the sectors covered in the United Arab Emirates by Hays Dubai. and other key areas in the region. Hays Middle East is currently based in Dubai.000 employees worldwide providing recruitment. Bahrain.hays.Salary Guide 2009 Error! No table of contents entries found. If you need further information regarding any aspect of this guide. e-solutions and HR services. Saudi Arabia. covering the following specialisms: • Accounting & Finance • Architecture • Banking / Insurance • Construction & Property • Education • Engineering • Healthcare • Human Resources • Information Technology • Legal • Office Support • Oil & Gas • Purchasing & Supply • Sales & Marketing Our Dubai office currently caters to clients in the T 04 361 2882 About Hays Hays is a leading global recruitment specialist. Oman. please do not hesitate to contact us: E dubai@hays. The overviews have been produced using our database of registered jobs in 2008 and our consultants’ first-hand knowledge of the current market. operating from over 380 office locations in 28 . Qatar. Hays specialist consultants use their in-depth sector knowledge and experience to place the right candidate in the right job with the right employer. “Our purpose is to place the right person in the right job every time” Specialist Recruitment www. We have over 8.

40k 32 .25k Salary per month in AED Senior 30 .30k 15 .50k 35 .60k Engineering Civil Design Engineer MEP Manager Health & Safety Resident Engineer Structural Engineer Intermediate 20 .30k 25 .40k 20 .60k 50 .50k 40 .60k 55k 58k Specialist Recruitment www.40k 30 .40k 40 .30k 25k 26k Salary per month in AED Senior 30 .60k 60k+ Property Property Manager Development Manager Valuations Surveyor Research Analysts Leasing Strata Manager Facilities Manager Intermediate 25 .45k 32 .40k Director 45k+ 60k+ 45k+ 40k+ 50k+ 50k+ 45 .40k 25 .50k 35 .60k 50 .Salary Guide 2009 Construction Procurement Manager Construction Planner Urban Planner Quantity Surveyor Contracts Manager Commercial Manger Project Manager Intermediate 20 -25K 25 .60k 55 .35K 30 .45k 30 .45k 35k 36k Director 50 .35k Salary per month in AED Senior 30 .40k 25 .60k 30 .30k 30 .30k 25 .45k 40 .45k 40k+ 35 .30k n/a n/a 25 .20k 15 .60k 50 .ae .30k 10 .50k Director 50k+ n/a 50k+ 50 .25k 20 .30k 25 .hays.

35k 35k 25 .45k 35k Director 50k+ 45k Purchasing & Supply Supply Chain Director Supply Chain Manager Logistic Manager Purchasing Manager General Manager Operations Manager Production Manager Fleet Manager Freight.Salary Guide 2009 Architecture Intermediate Architect Interior Designer 20 .40k 35k 40 .22k 18k 8 .50k 40k 40 .35k 25k 25 .35k 35k 30 .40k 35k 10 .20k 15k 15 .15k 8k Specialist Recruitment www.30k 20k Salary per month in AED Senior 35 . Import & Export Manager Purchasing Co-ordinator Warehouse Manager Warehouse Supervisor/Executive Salary per month in AED Basic salary range Typical 50 .50k 40k 30 .70k 50k + profit share 40 .45k 40k 30 .

hays.35k 40 .16k 20 .30k n/a Senior 25k+ 20k+ 25k+ 40k+ 20k+ 25k+ 20k+ 30k+ 50k+ Databases Java Dev Web Master SAP ( PM) Support – IT Officer PM ( PMP – Prince2) BA IT Manager CIO Specialist Recruitment www.45k 35 .18k 20 .30k n/a n/a Salary per month in AED Senior 14 .65k Information Technology Junior 15k 10k 15k 20k 10k 15k 14k n/a n/a Salary per month in AED Intermediate 20 .40k 35 .30k 25 .25k 10 .25k 20 .20k 20 .30k 25 .Salary Guide 2009 Human Resources HR Officer Recruitment Specialist Comps & Bens Specialist Learning & Development HR Business Partner HR Manager HR Director Group HR Director Intermediate 8 .ae .20k 12 .19k 15 .30k 25 .12k 10 .25k 14 .52k 50 .40k n/a 35 .15k 16 .40k 45 .22k 25 .30k 10 .28k 30 .45k n/a Director n/a 30 .20k 20 .

28k 26k 24 .32k 30k 24 .28k 28k 24 .28k 26k 30 .34k 32k 24 .26k 25k 34 .25k 24k 24 .hays.Salary Guide 2009 Office Support PA-Director Administrator Receptionist Office Manager Secretary Legal Secretary Paralegal Salary per month in AED Intermediate Senior 15k 20k 10k 12k 10k 12k 20k 25k 14k 16k 15k 20k 16k 22k Oil & Gas Civil/Structural Engineer Electrical/Instrumentation Engineers Mechanical Engineers Geologist Materials/Contracts Specialist Petroleum Engineers Process Engineers Project Engineers Quantity Surveyors QHSE Salary per month in AED Basic salary range Typical 20 .28k 26k 24 .28k 26k Specialist Recruitment .40k 38k 28 .

20k 15k Specialist Recruitment www.35k 22 .35k 22 .) CFO (Med Co.60k 45k 18 .5k 12k 22 .Salary Guide 2009 Sales & Marketing Marketing Communications PR & Media Relations Sales 3yrs exp 10 .15k + comms Salary per month in AED 5-8yrs exp 20 .15k 12 .100k 75k 55 .hays.60k 50k 30 .30k 25k 15 .ae .25k 20k 14 .15k 10 .35k 30k 40 .80k 60k 40 .18k 15k 10 .) Finance Director Finance Controller Finance Manager Head of Internal Audit Internal Auditor (Qualified) Internal Auditor (Non-Qualified) Senior Accountant Accountant Credit Manager Credit Controller Salary per month in AED Basic salary range Typical 80k + 115k 70 .35k + comms 10yrs exp + 45k+ 45k+ 45k+ 45k+ (+comms+ bonus) Accounting & Finance Group CFO CFO (large Co.15k 12 .35k 20 .26k 25k 9 .45k 40k 20 .

80k 70k 22 .30k 25k 35 .30k 26k 30 .40k 33k 40 .50k 45k 45 .150k 90k Specialist Recruitment www.50k 40k 35 .ae .70k 60k 60 .30k 25k 25 .Salary Guide 2009 Banking Head of Consumer/Retail Head of Corporate Corporate RM Corporate SRM Compliance Officer Compliance Manager Wealth RM Wealth SRM Product Manager Branch Manager Private Banker Portfolio Manager Trade Finance Manager Cash Management Sales Manager Credit Analyst Salary per month in AED Basic salary range Typical 50 .25k 21k 25 .30k 27k 20 .90k 70k 70 .60k 50k 20 .hays.18k 15k Investment Banking Associate AVP VP SVP Director Head of Division Salary per month in AED Basic salary range Typical 25 .45k 40k 25 .35k 30k 30 .35k 30k 13 .40k 33k 12 .38k 34k 17 .24k 18k 24 .65k 50k 60 .

25k 20k 25k .18k 14k 18k .35k 30k 13k .35k 31k 13k .62k 59k 55k .Salary Guide 2009 Insurance Assistant Underwriter Underwriter Senior Underwriter Junior Account Executive Broker Account Executive Broker Senior Account Executive Broker Assistant Branch Manager Branch manager Claims Analyst Senior Claims Head of Claims Operations Senior Operations VP – Multiple Disciplines SVP .15k 13k 15k .Multiple Disciplines MD/GM .Dependent on Regional Coverage CEO – Dependent on Regional Coverage Salary per month in AED Basic salary range Typical 10k .Dependent on Regional Coverage CFO .25k 22k 32k .27k 24k 27k .Multiple Disciplines COO .16k 15k 17k .46k 43k 46k .28k 25k 22k .62k 58k 80k -100k 90k Specialist Recruitment www.22k 20k 22k .40k 36k 40k .17k 15k 17k .28k 25k 10k .22k 20k 22k .52k 49k 55k .ae .hays.