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Setember 29, 2011

How rowing dees aging

by Lois Alcosser
Paul Green, 87, rowed at Brown University
when he was in the Navy, rowed in Long
Island Sound for awhile on his own and
went back to rowing seriously 17 years ago,
after he was diagnosed with Parkinsons
disease. He decided that by improving the
blood circulation to his brain, stimulating
neurons, he could stabilize his disease
and possibly prevent further deterioration.
The brain has plasticity. Exercise releases
serotonin and dopamine, a major medication for Parkinsons. But the exercise has to
be vigorous, and you have to stay with it.
Youre not gong to be cured. But you can
live a good life, he says.

rons healthy and makes them more ready

to connect with each other. It also encourages the creation of new nerve cells. Since
he started rowing regularly, Greens tremors
have decreased and his disease is under
Paul Green rows at Westports Saugatuck
Rowing Club (SRC), as does Eve Green,
78 (no relation to Paul). She started rowing at 61, when she retired from 38 years
of teaching. My main worry when I had
breast cancer was that I wouldnt be able
to row anymore, but I rowed through treatment and I think that helped. She keeps
winning races, a role model for the younger
women who row with her. Rowing requires
100% of your body and mind. Youre not
daydreaming; youre simply happy, she

A former publisher of international

magazines, Paul has a Web site, Nevah
Surrendah (Winston Churchills phrase) to
carry out his mission. He offers a booklet
with comments by John Ratey of Harvard
Medical School, whose book, The New Another Saugatuck Club rower is Dr. Bart
Science of Exercise and The Brain, cor- Pasternak. He was the head of vascular
roborates his theory. Author Ratey writes:
Rowing continued on page 7 A sport for a lifetime, rowing keeps Paul Green going strong at the age of 87.
Increase in cerebral blood flow keeps neu-

Health & Fitness Hersam Acorn Newspapers

September 29, 2011

The battle of the

bulge-ing spider veins
by Stacy Lytwyn Maxwell

Four years ago, my fright-and-ight response in the doctors ofce put the kibosh
on the treatment of my spider veins, which
embroidered the bottom of my thighs. Poke,
stab; why succumb my legs to the costly
pain for the sake of vanity? Then again,
admittedly, Im vein, I mean, vain. The red
web-like doodles really got under my skin!

aching, itching and other symptoms, and

therefore, most health insurance companies
reimburse treatment. Spider veins, on the
other hand, are small blood vessels, sometimes red, purple or blue, that lie close to the
skins surface. Spider veins are usually painless, so patients pick up the tab for treatment,
which is cosmetic in nature.

However, I was not alone; more than 80 million Americans have varicose or spider veins,
mostly affecting the legs and generally caused
by poor circulation. Varicose veins are those
twisted, bulging rope-like blue or dark purplehued intruders that can cause leg fatigue,

As a journalist, there would be no escape

from treatment if I wrote a rst-person article. So, I picked up the 100-pound telephone to call the Vein Therapy Center of

Spider continued on page 6

An Open Invitation to Businesses,

Schools and Organizations to

This October With

The Valley Goes Pink

Spine Specialists

OUR THANKS to the following participants:

Excellence in care

Health & Fitness Hersam Acorn Newspapers

September 29, 2011


A principled road
to recovery
by Karen Dydzuhn
Twenty years ago, at the pinnacle of his
career, after launching 16 successful businesses in diverse industries, Fairelds Walter Levine was devastated to be diagnosed
with multiple myeloma. However, after
undergoing a stem-cell transplant and beginning a daily regimen of TBL-12/Sea Cucumber, a dietary supplement, Walter, now
73, is completely recovered from this debilitating and near fatal disease. Moreover, he
said that he feels more energetic than he
did before receiving the dire diagnosis. I
feel great! Walter said, sitting in the ofce
of his Faireld residence that he shares with
his executive assistant, Kathy Beck.
Walter chronicles details of his journey toward health along with tips for managing
ones personal and business life in his
recently released book, How Can I Help You?
The Most Important Question in Business and
in Life. Filled with anecdotes about celebrities in show business, politics and international corporations, the autobiographical
tale demonstrates Walters lifelong tendency to see the positive in all situations.

cent exam showed there were no signs of

cancer tumors anywhere in his body. He
attributes his recovery and overall feeling
of wellness to maintaining a daily regimen
of TBL-12/Sea Cucumber, which he now
distributes through his company, Diversied Holistics. Although the supplement is
currently being used to treat patients with
multiple myeloma (under the direction of
Dr. Sundar Jagannath) in a Phase II trial
at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, and
another clinical trial is scheduled to begin
in January at New York University Medical
Hospital, it has not been approved by the
FDA. It is billed as an energy booster that
stimulates the immune system.
Walter, however, refers to a notebook lled
with written testimonials from people who
feel that their consumption of sea cucumber resulted in their recovery from cancer.
It kills cancer cells; its an antioxidant and
it rebuilds the immune system, he said.
He also points out that the rst part of the
Mount Sinai clinical trial revealed a success Walter Levine, a cancer survivor, says that a postive attitude and can-do spirit are several
rate of over 50 to 60 percent. When asked things that helped him on the road to recovery.
about his own battle with cancer, Walter admits that the stem-cell operation is likely to
have impacted his recovery. However, he

also notes that other cancer patients who

had stem-cell transplants needed to have

a second operation. That is, if theyre still

alive, he added.

When he was told by the New York medical community that he should get his affairs
in order because he had only a brief time
to live, he took action. Seeking treatment
at the Arkansas Cancer Research Center, a
hospital that specializes in multiple myeloma, Walter applied the same principles he
used in business to recovering his health.
These are the ABCDS of Life (Attitude, Be- Walter takes two doses daily of TBL-12,
lievability, Commitment and Discipline) that which is comprised of a mixture of sea cuhe writes about extensively in his book.
cumber, sea squirt and amino acids. There
are very few traces of mercury, lead or PCBs,
Finding solace in his family and his keen he said. He also regularly takes vitamins D
sense of humor he gradually improved.
Today, at age 73, Walter is cancer-free; a reRecovery continued on page 7



TUES. OCT. 25, 6:00PM










Health & Fitness Hersam Acorn Newspapers

September 29, 2011

Finally ... a great nights sleep!

by Robin E. Glowa
How often does this happen to you? Youve
just nodded off and are drifting deep into
a sweet slumber, when suddenly you are
abruptly awakened by the raucous rumblings of your partner. Short, gun-shot-like
bursts of ear-shattering noise, alternating
with what sounds like an engine being
revved up, then a descent into a series of
pup-pup-pup sounds, has sadly compromised your sleep. You toss and turn before
hoisting your half-conscious body out of bed
and into the guest room to try and salvage
whats left of the nights sleep.
Or maybe you have been tossing and turning night after night, ruminating on the
days pressures and strains, and cant fall
asleep. According to Dr. Stasia J. Wieber,
director of the Faireld County Sleep Cen-

The Faireld County Sleep Center is an independent center that offers a comprehensive approach to all sleep disorders, including snoring, insomnia, sleep apnea, sleep
walking, excessive daytime tiredness and
restless sleep and leg movements.
Obstructive sleep apnea is a common and
often undiagnosed sleep disorder in which
one stops breathing during the night, sometimes hundreds of times or more, for as
long as a minute. When breathing stops,
oxygen levels in the blood drop and carbon
dioxide levels rise. This causes the heart to

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Provent is basically a valve with a BandAid, says Dr. Wieber. Each side of the
nose gets a Band-Aid, and the valve goes
inside the nose. When you breathe in, the
valve opens, and when you exhale, the
valve closes.

ter, Nearly one third of us complain of insomnia or other sleep disturbances, often
brought on by stress. Stress is a huge contributor to disruptive sleep, she says.

Healthy Foods Plus

Healthy Foods Plus

246 New Haven Ave Milford 203-882-9011

For patients who cant tolerate CPAP, this

may be an effective therapy, says Dr.
Wieber. We carefully match our patients
with appropriate treatment for their indiFor a restful nights sleep, this Provent device vidual disorders. Some will do better with
Provent. Like any other therapy or treatmight be just the therapy for you.
ment, it takes getting used to, and the more
open and receptive a patient is to the treatment and the more willing they are to give
pump harder and can result in an irregular
it a good effort, there is a higher percentage
heartbeat. The heart can even stop beating
of effectiveness and relief.
for a few seconds. The diaphragm and chest
muscles have to work harder and blood
Getting a good nights sleep is so imporpressure rises. Eventually your brain senses
tant, says Dr. Wieber. A common misconthat the body is in trouble and awakens the
ception is that only overweight men have
body enough to breathe, and during this
snoring issues. But women, teenagers and
state, snoring may occur. And while snoring
even little children can all suffer from poor
is almost always a symptom of sleep apnea,
quality sleep. Some studies suggest that
not everyone who snores necessarily sufchildren who dont sleep well have learning
fers from sleep apnea.
difculties. Untreated insomnia and sleep
apnea can most denitely lead to increased
Millions of people in the United States are
health risks. When sleep is not rhythmic,
suffering from sleep disorders, which can
you dont get the quality and quantity of readversely affect their relationships, energy
storative sleep you need to feel your best.
levels and health, including an increased
Feeling tired and irritable will not give you
risk of developing high blood pressure, heart
the power you need to function at your
attack or heart failure, stroke, diabetes, obebest.
sity and work or driving-related accidents.
According to Dr. Wieber, the gold standard of
treatment for sleep disorders, such as sleep
apnea, has been Continuous Positive Airway
Pressure (CPAP). This treatment opens the
air passage by using pressurized air blown
into the nose through a nose mask device.
Most people who use the mask have reported sleeping better the next day, says Dr.
Wieber, but other patients have expressed
anxiety at the thought of wearing a mask
for them its a little scary.
Now there is an exciting alternative for
treating sleep apnea. Provent, a newly developed device, which may revolutionize the
treatment of this disorder, has been used by
Dr. Wieber, who is nding it to be successful
for several of her patients.
Provent Therapy uses a micro-valve design
that creates pressure to keep the airway
open when you exhale. The device attaches
over the nostrils with a hypoallergenic adhesive. Small and disposable, Provent is a
discreet and more convenient alternative to
masks, tubes and machines.

Sleep medicine is a recognized medical

subspecialty, says Dr. Wieber, but sleep
problems have only been studied since the
1950s, so we are still learning, still searching for the best answers. But anyone who
has sleep issues should consider treatment
and eliminate any additional risk factors to
their health.
Faireld County Sleep Center is a nice facility, Dr. Wieber says. We are not a hospital setting; we have given the facility a
more spa-like atmosphere, with very pretty
details and a very comfortable atmosphere.
Patients come to us from all over the area to
utilize our services, and if your regular doctor is unable to provide relief to sleep issues,
we are here to help. As sleep specialists, we
can deal with any sleep-related complaint
and offer a solution.
Faireld County Sleep Center , a PRI-MED
lab, is at 501 Kings Highway East, Suite 105,
in Faireld; 203-610-8745; For
more information on Provent: proventtherapy.

Health & Fitness Hersam Acorn Newspapers

September 29, 2011

Preparing for a family emergency

by Bonnie Joy Dewkett
Everyone thinks that it will never happen
to them. They will never be rushed to the
hospital, nor will their family members
need to be contacted in case of emergency.
Well, think again. Even the healthiest family members can have an accident and
need assistance. Here are some tips to help
friends and family take immediate action if
there is a crisis.

er. Type it up, shrink the font, and tuck it in

your wallet. You can do the same for your
kids and put it in their backpacks.

1. Have a cell phone entry for In Case of

Emergency, or ICE. Emergency medical personnel will look for this rst. Program in more
than one if you can. You can call them ICE 1,
ICE 2, and so on. Also, carry a card in your
wallet/purse with any medications that may
cause you to have an allergic reaction. Have
the names and numbers of family members
you would like to have contacted if you are
unable to do so yourself.

8. Talk to your family members. Devise a

plan about who will take care of children,
who will be responsible for calling other
family members, etc. Having a plan in
place will help a stressful situation go much
more smoothly.

2. Have a phone sheet at your home or give

it to family members in advance. The sheet
should include anyone needed to care for
your home or children, including school
telephone numbers.
3. Keep a small travel kit ready for each
family member. If you are hospitalized, a
family member can bring it to the hospital for you. If your children need to go stay
with a family member, they will be ready to
go quickly and easily.

7. Contact your kids schools about what

action they would take in case of emergency. Also, make sure a family member (with
proper identication) can pick up your children in case you are unable to.

4. If you are out running, playing tennis, etc.,

use a shoe or bracelet identication system.
This should include names and numbers of
those you want to be contacted rst. Tell your
family members you are putting their names
on your identication. Road ID (www.roadid.
com) offers a service that will also house your
medical information.

9. Dont be afraid to ask for help. If you

need assistance, ask for it. Family mem-

bers, school teachers, and friends will all

step up and help you in an emergency situation. Dont suffer because you are worried
about taking up someone elses time.
10. Make copies of your address book.
Many phone and hand-held address books
will allow you to make printouts. Provide
at least one other family member with a
copy to make calls on your behalf if you are
Bonnie Joy Dewketts company, The Joyful
Organizer, creates and implements systems
for home or ofce. She is a member of the
National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) and the National Study Group
on Chronic Disorganization (NSGCD);

5. Know your medical history. If you are

on medications, know their names and
doses. Go to the doctor regularly, and pay
attention to key health numbers blood
pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, etc.
Providing emergency personnel with your
normal levels will help them determine
what is wrong.
6. Cant remember your medications and
health history? Dont worry! You can create
yourself a mini cheat sheet on the comput-

Call Janet
(203) 372-6567 ext. 125
4200 Park Ave., Bridgeport

Amazing Technology Relieves Serious Back Pain

Who Else Wants to Get Rid of Sciatica,

Bulging Discs, And Leg Pain Once And For All?
Having back and leg pain can feel like a crippling condition.

Youll simply lie on your back and then a specialized belt is

gently put around your waist. Well set the machine to focus
on your problem area then the advanced decompression
computer system will do the rest.

You might not be able to play golf, work, or even sit in

the car for a 30-minute drive. Its almost impossible for
anyone around you to understand how you feel. You cant
remember the last time you even had a restful nights sleep.

But I feel ne as long as I take my pain pills.

Do You Have Any of the Following?

Theres a time to use pain medications, BUT not before

seeking a natural way to correct the CAUSE of the problem!

Sharp pains in the back of the leg

Lower Back Pain
Herniated/bulging discs
Numbness in your arms or legs
Shooting hip or thigh pain
Muscle spasm, sprains & strains

DRX 9000 spinal decompression just may be the answer

that youve been looking for. Ask yourself ... after taking all
these pain medications and playing the wait and see game,
maybe for years...are you any better off?
Call anytime between the hours of 7:00 am and 6:00 pm
Monday through Friday. Tell the receptionist youd like
to come in for the special DRX 9000 decompression
evaluation before October 15, 2011.

If youve suffered from any of these annoying conditions,

you may have Sciatica.
Sciatica is a compression of the sciatic nerve, usually by an
L4 or L5 disc herniations. As you know, sciatica can be a
very painful problem, even crippling at times.
Nothings worse than feeling great mentally, but physically
feeling held back from life because your back or sciatica
hurts and the pain just wont go away!
Fortunately, if you are suffering from any of these problems,
they may be relieved or eliminated by nonsurgical DRX
9000 spinal decompression.
Whats The Chance This Will Work For Me?
A medical study found patients went from moderately
painful to almost no pain with spinal decompression
treatments. Those that took pain pills improved less than
5%. Am Society of Anesthesiologist, 2006 Chicago, IL
Another study presented at the American Academy of Pain
Management in 2007 showed...
Patients reported a mean 88.9% improvement in back
pain and better function...No patient required any invasive
therapies (e.g. epidural injections, surgery).
These are just two studies out of a dozen done in the last
few years, all showing promising results.
Heres the point of all these studies... spinal decompression
has a high success rate with helping disc herniations,
sciatica, and back pain.
This means in just a matter of weeks you could be back on
the golf course, enjoying your love life, or traveling again.

The Single Most Important Solution To Your

Sciatica and Back Pain
The rst 20 callers will get...
An in-depth consultation about your health and well-being
where I will listen...really the details of your
A complete neuromuscular examination.
A full set of specialized x-rays to determine if a spinal
problem is contributing to your pain or symptoms...
(NOTE: These would normally cost you at least $100).
A thorough analysis of your exam and x-ray ndings so we
can start mapping out your plan to being pain free.
Youll get to see everything rst hand and nd out if this
amazing treatment will be your pain solution, like it has
been for so many other patients.
First DRX 9000 treatment.
Ill answer all your most probing question about our pain
free evaluation and what it can do for you.
The appointment will not take long at all and you wont be
sitting in a waiting room all day either.
And the best part about it is...
No Dangerous Drugs, No Invasive Procedures,
And No Painful Exercises
DRX 9000 spinal decompression treatments are very gentle.
In fact, I even catch a few patients sleeping during sessions
every once and awhile.

We can get started with your consultation, exam and x-rays

as soon as theres an opening in the schedule. Our ofce is
called Westport Chiropractic and you can nd us at 256 Post
Road East in Westport.
I look forward to helping you get rid of your pain so you
can start living a healthier, more joyful life.
Dr. Patrick Guerin, D.C.
256 Post Road East
Westport, CT 06880
P.S. The only real question to ask yourself is this...
What Will Your Pain Feel Like
1 Month From Today?
One of the biggest myths about pain is that it goes away all
by itself, without any treatment.
A May 1998 study in the British Medical Journal proved
this myth false, showing that 75% of back pain sufferers
who do nothing about it will have either pain or disability
12 months later.
Lets face it, if the pain hasnt gone away by now, its not
likely to disappear on its own.
Lifes too short to live in pain like this. Call today and soon
Ill be giving you the green light to have fun again.

Call 203-227-4474

Health & Fitness Hersam Acorn Newspapers

September 29, 2011

Spider continued from page 2

to schedule spider-vein treatment with

healing complete just in time for summer
Faireld County in Norwalk and made an forays. Plus, although patients are restriction-free and can resume normal activity,
they must protect the treated area from sun
Adults or teenagers can develop spider or vari- exposure.
cose veins on one or both legs. I was 16 when
mine appeared. At the time, I worked as a I had hoped for only one treatment, which
is the norm. I did not want to later endure
part-time waitress and my legs suffered.
a topical laser treatment. Although Michelle
Chalking it up to heredity, Michelle Grasso, my described it as tolerable, like a rubber
certied physician assistant at the centers of- band, she added that most people think
ce, had said to me, Youre going to get them laser work is worse than injections. Theyre
really for those who want every line erased
anyway, regardless of your activity.
from their life. Occasionally, during the folMichelle, who had worked in plastic sur- low-up visit, a vein must be opened to regery before coming to the center four years lease blood; another procedure I hoped to
ago, added that activity, such as prolonged skirt.
standing, could worsen the condition. Trauma and pregnancy, especially repeated In hospital-blue shorts, I lie on my side on
pregnancies, placing undue pressure on the the doctors table. Ready? Uhhh ... ouch!
The pinch was bearable, but, then, whoa! ...
pelvis are other culprits.
my leg went on re. Then another jab, then
Sitting there in Michelles ofce, I was more burning, which is typical, lasting ve
tempted initially to use my ight tactic. But to 10 minutes.
Michelle eased my fright by explaining that
the needles used in the sclerotherapy (in- A sclerosant, an injectable irritant, is injection therapy) the main treatment for serted into the spider vein causing it to
spider veins are razor thin and make su- collapse and fade from view. If you were
up to watching, it is actually quite interestpercial marks on the skin.
ing, because you do see the medicine travel
With this knowledge under my belt, and through the vein, Michelle exclaimed, covone can of OJ to remedy a brief dizzy spell, ering each part of her injections with banI was in for the long haul quite literally. dages. No thanks!
Unlike varicose-vein treatment, spider-vein
treatment is not a quick x. Optimal results Patients receive the identical solution; the
may not appear for six to eight weeks number of injections required varies by pasometimes six to nine months. With vari- tient and size of the spider veins. During
cose veins, Michelle said, You take them my hour-long session, Michelle had used initial treatment runs around $450 for six and some pills to expedite the healing proapproximately six to eight ccs of solution ccs of solution, including the consultation cess, I was off, with no need to revisit the
out, boom, theyre gone!
on each leg not terrible in the grand and treatment.
center until my four-week follow up.
September and October are ideal months scheme of things, she said. Cost wise, the

Patients can expect anywhere from a 50

percent reduction to a total disappearance
of spiders veins. Although Michelle said that
after treatment some people generate a really phenomenal response and never see
a vein again, Typically youre still going to
have a couple of little lines here and there.
Fortunately, treated spider veins will not reappear. Unfortunately, the treatment does
not prevent new vein growth. Another
pinch down here and a big pinch, and were
done, she said. Phew!

The bruising was the worst on the rst day.

The second day oh, that itching! By the
fourth day, the stockings were off and I
barely felt a thing. In the rst three weeks,
my legs looked worse than when I started
a typical outcome. Four weeks now, and
my lines are nearly 50 percent diminished
... shopping the swimsuit catalogs already!

The Vein Therapy & Laser Center of Faireld

County is at the Norwalk Radiology and Mammography Center, 148 East Avenue, Norwalk;
203-855-0167 or toll free, 1-877-999-VEIN
Along with my compression stockings, (8346);
which I put on before I left, some Arnica gel

Health & Fitness Hersam Acorn Newspapers

September 29, 2011

Rowing continued from page 1

surgery at Norwalk Hospital for 25 years.
I rowed in college, but I hadnt been in a
boat for 45 years until I joined the club,
he says. Now I row every day. Rowing
exercises the entire body, every muscle,
yet theres no impact except the lower
back. Its a magical sport. People who
cant run or play hockey can row.

who coaches master classes for rowers

in their 50s, 60s and 70s, says the sport
gets locked into your body, no matter
what your age.

I like rowing in the early morning, which

is the quietest time, the least wind. The
sun is rising, the birds are just waking up,
there may be steam rising from the water
its an artistic experience. The emotion
you feel is that youre grateful to be here
at this moment, he says.

Rowing for health as an older adult is a

choice for more and more people. But, as
might be expected, learning to row when
youre young is ideal. There are nearly
200 youngsters in the youth program at
the club. Chad Gleason, SRC manager,
says parents tell him about kids who
were lax in school, didnt do homework
and got into trouble, but after about six
months of rowing, they do their work as
fast as they can to get to the club. The
coaches make it clear, you dont do well
at school, youre out.

Women have discovered the fitness

results of rowing. Dr. Pasternak says its
actually easier for women to row because
their center of gravity is around the hips.
Mens center of gravity is the head and
shoulders, which makes it more difficult.
Teams of women have been winning
many of the clubs medals. Florian Tudor,

Theres something about the discipline,

the teamwork, the ultimate beauty of
rowing that has been a classic tradition for ages. The discovery by people
like Paul Green that rowing can put
Parkinsons disease in remission is a
new one that can turn a disability into an
opportunity for renewed health.


continued from page 3

and E, eats healthy, wholesome foods and

exercises daily.
At a time when most men his age would
be retiring, Walter is revving up a new
career as a book author and founder of
a non-prot organization that assists
people in obtaining sea cucumber. In his
book, he writes, Ive been able to help
people from all over the country, and I believe that it has kept many alive for many
years. I love the feeling.
Walters upbeat personality has also contributed to his foray into yet another career as a motivational speaker. He said
that people pay him anywhere from
$10,000 to $30,000 to offer uplifting
words of encouragement.
Clearly, Walter has come a long way from
his days of growing up poor in the tenements of Brooklyn. His rst business enterprise was started at the age of six, when

he cleverly collected clothespins that had

fallen to the ground and sold them for a
penny to the families who hung out their
daily wash. I told my father that I needed
a dime to go to the movies and he told
me to get a job, Walter recalled. So, I
did. I made enough money to take myself
and all of my buddies to the movies every
To remind himself, and others, of his prodigious start, when he sends out copies
of his book, Walter includes a bookmark
in the shape of a clothespin. In his book
he outlines 12 life lessons as a blueprint
for success, and his boundless enthusiasm shines through the pages. In the nal chapter, Parting Thoughts, which
includes his 40 Tips on Winning, Walter notes that There is always more to
Although he speaks about the dark time
when he was diagnosed with cancer, Walter is looking ahead. Waking at 6 a.m.
each day, he is open to whatever next adventure is lurking around the corner.

865 River Road (2nd Floor) Shelton 06484

203-925-VFit (8348)

Health & Fitness Hersam Acorn Newspapers

September 29, 2011