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Association of Indian Economic and Financial Studies (AIEFS


AIEFS Program at ASSA 2012 Chicago
January 06, 2012 AIEFS Executive Committee Meeting: January 06, 2012 4.45-5.45pm, Hyatt Regency, Picasso Invitation: Executive Committee Members AIEFS Reception: January 06, 2012 6.00 - 8.00PM, Hyatt Regency Dusable
Invited Speaker: Niloy Bose, University of Wisconsin & National Science foundation,

Shadow Economy and Financial Development Invitation: Members, colleagues, friends and others January 07, 2012
January 07, 2012 10:15am, Hyatt Regency, Setson suite BC

Topics in Economic Development (O1)
Presiding: Sushanta K. Mallick, Queen Mary, University of London ( Goods Allocation by queuing and the Occurrence of Violence: A Probabilistic Analysis Amitrajeet Batabyal, Rochester Institute of Technology Greg DeAngelo, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Bad Advice: Explaining Persistence of Whole Life Insurance Santosh Anagol, University of Pennsylvania Shawn Cole, Harvard University Shayak Sarkar, Harvard University Do Natural Resource Revenues Hinder Financial Development? The Role of Political Institutions Sambit Bhattacharyya, University of Oxford Roland Hodler, Study Centre Gerzensee, Switzerland How Does Targeting Emission Embedded in consumption rather than Production alter Welfare Implications in Developed and Developing Economies?

Manmohan Agarwal, Center for International Governance Innovation Madanmohan Ghosh, Environment Canada Government Bias in Education, Schooling, Attainment and Growth Prantap Basu, University of Durham Keshab Bhattrai, University of Hull Discussants: Parag Waknis, University of Connecticut Amit Ghosh, Weslyan Illinois University Kusum Mundra, Rutgers University Neha Khanna, Binghamton University Shailendra Gajanan, University of Pittsburgh January 07, 2012 12:30pm, Hyatt Regency, Stetson Suite BC

Religion, Caste, Gender and Migration in Development (O1)
Presiding: Kusum W. Ketkar, AIEFS ( Wealth Accumulation among High-Skilled Immigrants: A Study of Chinese and Asian Indian Immigrants Kusum Mundra, Rutgers University Half the Sky? The Status of Women in India Meenakshi Rishi, University of Seattle Nabamita Dutta, University of Wisconsin- La Crosse Sanjukta Roy, World Bank Tamil Names, Castes, Identity and Economic Outcomes Shailendra Gajanan, University of Pittsburgh- Bradford B. P. Chandramohan, Presidency College K. Chitra Devi, University of Madras Electoral Competition, Fiscal Policy and Economic Growth in Indian States Yogesh Uppal, Youngstown State University Regional Development Policies and Regional Income Inequalities Raja Shankar, Oxford University Anwar Shah, World Bank

Suhas L. Ketkar, Vanderbilt University Satis Devkota, Wayne State University Mukti Upadhyay, Eastern Illinois University

Zahara Siddique, IZA Madanmohan Ghosh, Environment Canada

January 07, 2012 2:30pm, Hyatt Regency Stetson Suite BC Trade, Exchange Rates and Economic Development (F3)
Presiding: Amitrajeet Batabyal, Rochester Institute of Technology ( Evaluating Exchange Rate Assessment and Sustainable Policies Valerie Cerra, International Monetary Fund Sweta Sexena, International Monetary Fund Productivity Performance of Export Entry and Exit: Evidence from Indian Firms Sushanta Mallick, Queen Mary, University of London Yong Yang, University of Essex China and India Prospects: An Endogenous Growth Perspective Parul Jain, Baruch College and Macrofin Analytics Leo Kemp, Independent Economist Capital Controls, Exchange Rate Regime and Monetary Policy in India Ramya Ghosh, Drexel University Amit Ghosh, Weslyan Illinois University Effect of Economic Development on Corruption: Cross-country and Regional Results Shrabani Saha, Edith Cowan University Rukmani Gounder, Massey University What can Colonial Indian Sowcars Teach Us about Modern Microfinance? Susan Wolcott, Binghamton University Discussants: Chandana Chakraborty, Montclair University Arun Sarkar, University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee Valerie Cerra, International Monetary Fund Kalyan Chakraborty, Emporia State University Rajeev Sooreea, Pennsylvania State University