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Good luck to all 12 Week Challenge Participants!

Initial Assessment winners
Most push-ups - Joe Dziuban Best mile - Kyle Bierlein Best sit & reach - Kathryn Laethem Winners win 1 Personal Training Session Diversified Fitness Club Now has


Diversified Fitness Club will be having Flu Vaccines on Monday October 17th, 2011 from 7:00am - 9:00am.
Get Fit Muth A great success! Welcome to all our New Members!
We appreciate your Business!

A Life of Health and Wellness Naturally

Chi Machine-Major benefits
1.Activates Cells 2.Spinal balancing 3.Improves immune system 4.Increases blood production 5.Restores balance to autonomic Nervous system 6. Exercises internal organs 7. Eliminates fluid and water retention 8. Weight loss

E-Power-Major functions
1. Activates Cells 2. Increases blood circulation 3. Adjusts nervous system 4. Normalizes metabolism 5. Detoxifies your body 6. Improves physique 7. Boosts immune system 8. Enhances Beauty 9. Improves skin

Hot House-Major functions

1.Activates Cells 2.Adjusts nerve system 3.Eliminates tiredness 4.Increases blood circulation 5.Provides more oxygen to cells 6.Detoxifies the body 7.weight loss 8.Improves shoulder stiffness and Waist pain 9.Improves irregular blood pressure 10.Eliminates harmful metals from The system

Advanced ERE-Functions
1. Foot massager 2. Assists weight loss 3. Reduces stress 4. Relieves pain 5. Induces deep relaxation 6. Adjusts autonomic nervous system 7. Balances the whole system 8. Revitalizes energy 9. improves circulation

Abbenante, Mark Ackerman, Jean Anscomb, Megan Ayling, Lisa Baker, Pamela Bauer, Karen Bender, Chelse Bender, Kayla Bernthal, Sharon Beythan, Carol Bickel, Lillian Bierlein, Gerald Bierlein, Randy Bierlein, Sandy Blegen, Brett Blehm, John Bonkowski, Monique Butman, Mildred Calligaro, James Cartner, Brian Cederberg, Kim Chowaniec, Joe Crary, Joann Cromie, Karen Daenzer, Tammy Dennison, Robert Doud, Glenn

Drzewiecki-Burger, Mary Jo Histed, Julie Edmond, Mary Eigner, Jason Elliott, Larry Fagan, Phyllis Fouts, Rick Fox, Fred Frank, Janet Fritz, John Fritzler, Cody Godi, Frank Graham, Ann Griffin Jr., William Grossi, Egidio Grzenia, Carole Guerra, Victor Haber, Diane Hamlin, Carol Harns, Dennis Harpst, Homer Hart, Vickie Haubenstricker, Ivan Hecht, Amanda Hecht, Mike Henige, Victoria Herzberg, Aimee Heyse, William Hodo, Lori Hornick, Marty Kaiser, Terry Kasper, Linda Kelsey, Patricia Keyes, Scott Kovacs, Jerry Lauman, Christie Lindow, Ann Loesel, Arthur Loveless, William Maroun, Greg Martinez, Renee Masud, Sandra Metcalf, Jason Nightingale, Jared Pettengill, Sonja Petteys, Janice Ramon, Martin Reimer, Angela Richardson, Ryan Ritter, David Rogner, Eric Ross, Chad Rummel, Stephanie Runyan, Mary

Russel, Larry Santoviz, Susan Schmidt, Lisa Schuler, Brian Schultz, LouAnne Schultz, Robert Schury, Ronald Sebold, Gloria Shortland, Stephanie Smith, Bridget Stevenson, Patricia Strickert, Steve Stuart, Michael Sutorik, Christopher Tebedo, Brent Tuckwell, Jamie Tuckwell, Stan Valone, Michael VanDevenne, Tracy Villarreal, Kristin Voss, John Vossen, Rebecca Wagner, Lori Weigle, Janice Wernette, Gail Willcox, Kelby Zehnder, Jenny

Ryan Love ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Priorities The greatest obstacle in the way of your results is your own ability to justify not working out. I know that things come up. You have to work. Your kids/family need you. You get sick. You need to go shopping, get a haircut, etc. The bottom line is that it takes dedication and hard work to get results. This means eating right (not starving), documenting what you eat, and exercising the right way. I know what youre thinking. Ryan, How am I supposed to find the time to do this? Well, that may be best answered with another question. How did you find the time to work extra hours, raise your kids, play softball last summer, go to your cousins wedding, etc.? You made it a priority to make it happen. If a better body and the health benefits that go with it are important enough to you, then make it happen. Dont question how it can be done. Get it done. Be positive and dont give yourself options. Then, a year from now, when you are on your way to where you want to be, tell yourself Thank you.