Diabetes patients may get benefit by forwarding my article at OMJ 19(3): 32-37, 2011 to their physicians

Johnson K. Gao E-mail: jkxgao@gmail.com (Sept. 29, 2011)

Most of American patients respect their doctors as an emperor. They follow the words 100% whatever their doctors said just like to obey the order from an emperor. They don’t realize that doctors’ knowledge may be sometimes incomplete and certain common knowledge in medicine may be even incorrect or out of date. I believe that the understanding and treatment of diabetes might be somewhat like that. Most of American doctors, for various reasons (such that some of them graduated too early before the research was published; few of them were too busy in making money, on their way of how to be rich, or, for any other reasons, so as to have no time to read or search on the web, etc.), may have never seen the image-processed microphotographs of liver at a magnification about 3,000 fold that I had published 17 years ago. (Refer to the Journal of Histochemistry and Cytochemistry, 1994, 43(12): 16511653, which had used immongold cytochemical stain and silver enhancement method and the section of half micron thick was observed under the epipolarization microscope.) One of similar image taken from that study is shown in the above figure. And there is another fact that most of American doctors do not know Chinese language and traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). How could the patient ask them to believe that carbohydrate metabolizing enzymes in liver are more fundamental than insulin in causing certain types of diabetes and some TCM may more effective, or hit to the point, than insulin to cure type 2 diabetes? Based on liver carbohydrate metabolizing enzyme immunocytochemistry and knowledge of Chinese herb medicine for treating liver that may help cure diabetes, a hypothesis of how to distinguish the type 1 and the type 2 diabetes was postulated. I suggested that maybe we can call the type 1 diabetes as the “pancreas originated diabetes” and the type 2 diabetes as the “liver originated diabetes”. The later could be possibly further divided into two sub-types: The “glycogen syntheses-enzyme deficient

type” and the “glycogenolyses-enzyme over expression type”. The immunocytochemistry and Chinese herbs might be able to help the diagnosis and treatment of diabetes in the future. Diabetes patients may possibly get some benefit by reading and forwarding my article, at Oriental Medical Journal 19(3): 32-37, 2011, to their physicians. There are 22 useful articles and short video files included in that paper. I shall especially mention the reference No. 5. How to treat diabetes by Traditional Chinese Medicine (2008), http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9IKQjYKYxpA because that the treatment seems very effective from twenty thousand cases. Not long ago, in October 2011, two outstanding young scientists, Danny Zhang and Terry Zhang, (Zhang Guodong, Zhang Shuaidong) of the United States International Diabetes Research and Treatment Center, had translated my article into Chinese. They will soon publish that Chinese version in one of the top medical journal in China. Curing a patient shall be better not to wait longer. People, who want to read the Chinese version as soon as possible in advance, may request an electronic Chinese version from them or me. My e-mail address is: jkxgao@gmail.com

糖尿病患者 轉發我的文章
OMJ 19(3):32-37,2011

給他們的醫生 可能因此會得到好處
Johnson K. Gao
電子郵件: jkxgao@gmail.com

(2011 年 9 月 29 日)

大多數美國患者尊重醫生似皇帝。他們百分之百遵循醫生的 話,無論他們的醫生說什麼,他們就像服從皇帝的命令一個 樣。他們沒有意識到,醫生的知識有時可能是不完整的,有一 些醫學常識可能不正確或甚至已過時了。我相信,認識和治療 糖尿病可能會是這樣的。由於種種原因,(例如,其中一些醫 生畢業早於研究結果發表之前; 他們之間或還有人因忙著賺錢 致富或任何其他原因,從而沒有時間閱讀或在網絡上搜索等 等),大多數美國醫生可能從未見我在 17 年前出版的經圖像 處理過的免疫金標記的細胞化學肝臟顯微照片。(參閱組織化 學與細胞化學雜誌,Journal of Histochemistry and Cytochemistry, 1994 年,43(12):1651 至 1653,使用 了免疫金標記的細胞化學染色法和銀增強方法和半微米厚的切 片用上落式偏光顯微鏡下觀察。約放大三千倍。從這項研究中 採取了類似的圖像之一如上圖所示。)還有另一個事實,大多 數的美國醫生並不知道中文和傳統中國醫藥 (TCM)。病人如 何能請他們相信,肝臟的碳水化合物代謝酶或許是比胰島素更 為基本的因素導致某些類型的糖尿病和一些中藥可能會比胰島 素治療 2 型糖尿病更有效,更擊中要害? 基於肝碳水化合物代謝酶免疫細胞化學和中藥治療肝臟可能有 助於治癒糖尿病知識,我提出如何區分 1 型和 2 型糖尿病的 一個假設。也許我們可以稱 1 型糖尿病為 "胰源性糖尿病" ; 2 型糖尿病為 "肝源性糖尿病"。後者可進一步分為兩個亞 型: "糖原合成酶缺陷型" 和 "糖原瓦解酶過度表達型"。 免疫細胞化學和中藥可以在未來協助診斷和治療糖尿病。糖尿 病患者通過閱讀和轉發我發表在 Oriental Medical Journal 19(3): 32-37,2011 年的文章給他們的醫生,也許能因此會得 到一些好處。在該文中包含有 22 個有用的引文和視頻短片。 我特別要提到參考第 5 號。如何用中國傳統醫學治療糖尿病 患者(2008),因為從兩萬例治療中似乎非常有效。 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9IKQjYKYxpA

不久前,在 2011 年十月,美國國際糖尿病研治中心的兩位優 秀的青年科學家,丹尼和特里 (張國東, 張帥東) 已將我的文 章譯成中文。他們很快會在中國頂尖醫學雜誌上發表中文版。 治愈病人最好不要等待更長的時間。要想儘快提前看中文版的 人可向他們或我要一份電子中文版。 我的電子郵寄地址是:jkxgao@gmail.com

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