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mMJ UN HH|| 8H J m HM |NH N v

|JU H| H |H| UJ H|J J v9v
mMJ H H| U| v
N| |HJH| HU| v9v J v
U U|H J| N 8H ||H mMJ HNH v
|UM H|J |H |UM |U|M HJ UJ| HNH v7v
8JH |NmH N|J 88|H NH| HJ HH v
|NmJ HH H N UN H|J | vv
NJ K|H HH N|m |Nm HH|| |H lU v
|UM H|J NJ |H NH |Nm JH N8 HlU v0v
U m HU HH U H H v
N8| N H mMJ N H N | JH vv
NJ N8| HJ J UN N| H v
NM H HJ | 8 J| |J8 vv7v


If Allah lives only in the mosque, then to whom does the rest of the world belong?

(Similarly if Waheguru lives only in Gurudwara, then who lives in rest of the world? The truth is
that the lord is everywhere. No place is devoid of him. He is within each and every one of us.
Those who find Him within are able to see His presense in the whole world. We try to do good
things in the Gurudwara and avoid doing bad things there but as soon as we come out, we start
doing bad things, as if God is only present in Gurudwara, not at other places. Kabir ji is making us
realise our mistake)

According to the Hindus, the Lord's Naam abides in the stone idol, but there is no truth in either of
these claims.

(In other words, God is not found by worshipping stone idols or just going to mosques or our
religious places )

O Allah, O Raam, I live by meditating on your Naam. Please show mercy to me, O Master.

(This is how Lord can be found by meditating upon Naam. But one can not meditate upon
Naam without the mercy of the Lord and the Master )

The God of the Hindus lives in the southern lands, and the God of the Muslims lives in the west.
The truth is that the Lord lives inside us - So search in your heart - look deep into your heart of
hearts; this is the home and the place where God lives. ||2||

(Here again, Kabir jee asks us to search for God within not outside in the religious places of
worship. He can not be found outside.

Guru Amar Das Ji also says

N|Um mU| m H mM M|m HU| v HH HN 8 J| 8J| M|F HU| v
The Lord Himself dwells within the body; He is invisible and cannot be seen. The foolish
manmukh does not understand that He is within the body; he goes out searching for the Lord

The Brahmins observe twenty-four fasts during the year, and the Muslims fast during the month
of Ramadaan. The Muslims set aside eleven months, and claim that the treasure is only in the
one month (of Ramadaan). ||3||

(In other words, the Lord can not be found by observing fasts during the year as Hindus do, or
only during one month as Muslims do. It is also very surprising that they set aside one holy month
of God, as if other months do not belong to Him. It is surprising that they avoid doing bad things in
that one month only, while they do bad things rest of the year.

At another place He says

H H mMJ HmU| H|m HW v m U| m J| U NJ N H v
You keep your fasts to please Allah, while you kill other living beings for the pleasures of the
taste. You look after your own pleasures, and so not see the pain of other living beings. What
good is your word? They keep fast during that holy month, but kill animals and eat their meat for
the pleasures of the taste rest of the time Kabir jee says this is very surprising as if only one
month is holy and belongs to God)

What is the use of bathing at Orissa? Why do the Muslims bow their heads in the mosque?
If someone has deception in his heart, what good is it for him to utter prayers? And what good is it
for him to go on pilgrimage to Mecca? ||4||

(Once again, God is not found by bathing at sacred places, rivers or sarovars. Neither is he found
by going to religious places like Mosques, temples, gurudwaras, churches, Mecca, Kaashi, Gaya,
Benaras or Amritsar. He is not even found by uttering set words in prayers or ardaas. The main
thing is to engender the love in the heart. When we love the Lord, we see his light within
everyone. we love the whole creation created by him as he abides in every living being. All are
created by Him and are equal.)

You fashioned all these men and women, Lord. All these are Your Forms.

Kabeer is the child of God, Allah, Raam. All the Gurus and prophets are mine. ||5||

Says Kabeer, listen, O men and women: seek the Sanctuary of the One.
Meditate upon Naam, O mortals, only then you shall surely be carried across. ||6||2||

(Again, Kabir Jee says that the only true worship of God is to meditate upon Inner Naam. God
can never be found by Fasting, Bathing in sarovars, Reading Scriptures, going to religious places
of pilgrimage, worshipping stone idols etc. This is where most of us make the mistake. We always
try to seek him outside, rather than turning inside this body and medtitating upon that Inner Naam

Guru Amardas jee also says

| H H H8 UN H8|U |M MU| vv |8 J H J| |H M| MNU| v?v
Pure are those true beings, who are attached to the Shabad within. There is no other worship of
the Lord, other than Naam; the whole world wanders here and there, deluded by doubt.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji says

H N|8 H |mU|m |8 H J|U v9v J v
Perform worship by meditating on the Naam ; without Naam, there is no other worship of God.

Guru Ram Das Jee also says

HHU ||M H| JH U|m |UN H m |UU| v N N| U N|U N J N U U| v
I have churned the ocean of the body, and I have seen the incomparable thing come into view
within. The Guru is God, and God is the Guru, O Nanak; there is no difference between the two.