Who’s who on

The Roadtrip to Canterbury
You  will  find  below  all  the  pilgrims  mentioned  in  “The  General  Prologue”  in  the  chart  below.  Answer  the  following:   1. 2. 3.   Pilgrim   Job  description     The  Knight   Two  Superficial  Details  

What  do  they  do  for  a  job?  I’m  looking  for  an  explanation,  not  just  an  obvious  word  or  a  phrase.   Give  two  superficial  details  with  line  numbers  of  what  the  traveler  looks  like,  how  they  are  acting,  etc.  (In  other  words,   something  we  can  obviously  see  about  the  person.)   Explain  what  kind  of  person  the  pilgrim  is  by  interpreting  their  actions  and  visual  details.  (For  example,  if  they  are   dressed  in  expensive  clothing  and  acting  flirty,  what  kind  of  person  would  you  think  of  them  as?  Why?)   Chaucer’s  Characterization  

Fought for and served his lord and the king

2.  He wore a fustian tunic

  He was modest. P117 L71 He is a gentle and true person.

stained and dark. P118 L77
1.   He was of a moderate  He was courteous, lowly, length in stature. P118 L85 and serviceable. 2.   His gown was short. The sleeves were long and wide. P118 L95 1.   He wore a coat and hood  


He sang all day to entertain others.



He will become a knight someday   Served and guarded whoever he is in service to

of green. P118 L105
2.   His head was like a nut

He likes battles and he is very organized.

and his face was brown.


    Similar to a nun, she is 1.  Her nose was elegant. Her She is soft and eyes were glass-gray. P118 higher in rank, her life sympathetic and kind. L156 is devoted into serving 2.   She wore a coral trinket her religion on her arm. P118 L162  
He prepared medicine, prayed meditating and did tasks.
1.  His head was bald and

P118 L111


shone like looking glass.
L120 L202 2.   He was fat. P120 L204
1.  His neck was whiter

  He was strict and hardworking.


  Serves the community and lives on donation from others  
He bought and sold goods.

P122 L242 2.   He had a gay and sturdy voice. P122 L239
1.   He had a forking beard.

than a lily flower.

He was a merry and festive fellow.



P123 L280
2.  He had a flemish beaver

He is boastful and serious.


Such as fur
  He was a scholar, so he read alot of books and didnt have alot of money  

hat. P123 L282
1.  He had a hollow look and


sober stare. P123 L299
2.   He was not too fat. P123 L298 1.   He wore a homely parti-

He is a person who valued knowledge more than fashion.


Ensures justice in Sergeant-­‐at-­‐Law     matters Studies law (lawyer)
  He manages his property and lives his life tasting wine

He is wise and wary.

colored coat. P125 L338
2.   He wore a silken belt. P125 L339 1.   He had a beard white as a

He is a sanguine and generous man.


daisy petal. P125 L342
2.  He had a dagger and a

purse of silk at his girdle. P126 L367~368

Pilgrim   Haberdasher     (et  al)  

Job  description    
A dyer carpenter and a weaver.

Two  Superficial  Details  
1.   Trim and fresh. P126 L375 2.  

Chaucer’s  Characterization     He very much liked their looks and clothes, but did not mention much of their personality  
He is antisocial and very professional.

Haberdasher and carpet maker, basically all   artisans
Boiled chickens with a marrow-bone.

Guild fraternity P126 L374
knee. P126 L396

1.   He had ulcer on his 2.   1.   He wore a woolen gown. P126 L401 2.   There was a dagger


The cook...cooked
He trade and sunk ships.

He was hardy and prudent.

  Doctor  of   Medicine  
He is physician and gave people medicine.

P126 L402~403 1.   He had blood red garments. P127 L449
2.   He was lined with

hung from his neck.

He loves money and is also professional.

taffeta. P127 L450

  Wife  of  Bath  
She made cloth.

1.   She had soft and new shoes. P128 L467 2.   She had a bold face. P127 L468

She was a worthy and strong woman.

He gave to the poor and preached.

1.  Upon his feet and in his hand is a stave. P129 L505 2.   1.  He wore a tabard smock.

He did not need a lot of things. He was a Godloving man.


He went to thrash his corn, made a ditch and helped the poor.

He was honest.

P130 L555
2.   He rode a mare. P130 L555 1.   He was short shouldered.

Overall a good christian
He was arrogant and sly.

He grained grain.

P130 L565
2.  There was a wart on his nose. P130 L570~571

He bought victuals.

1.   2.  

Not much described...


Supplies for schools
He took care of animals and farmed.
1.   He was old and thin. P131 L605 2.   His legs were lean.

Though he did not go to school, he was clever

He was trust-worthy and clever.

P131 L609

(seemingly hehehe...)


  He brings people who violated the church to court  

1.  He had a fire-red cherubinnish face. P132 L642 2.   His eyes were narrow.


He was gentle and kind and a heavy drinker.

P132 L643
1.   His hair was yellow as wax. P133 L695 2.   He had bulging eyeballs.

He liked money and was good with words.


He sang and preached.

P133 L704


  He welcomed and served guests, made sure they were happy

1.   He was striking.

P134 L771


2.   His eyes were bright.

P134 L773

He was a happy and hospitable man


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