WSF - An Imperialist Trojan horse!

(Pamphlet issued by PALA and NDLF in WSF) Dear friends WSF is holding its fourth annual meet at Mumbai. With its slogan “another world is possible”, the WSF has succeeded in projecting itself to be the centre of AntiGlobalisation movements. The pomp and glitter created by its huge money power, the participation of intellectual celebrities and the international dignitaries along with wellexecuted media hype, naturally draws the attention of the masses. In the coming days media will blare the loud ‘anti- imperialist’ proclamations of the WSF speakers, leading people to believe WSF to be a congregation of anti- imperialist forces. Is it true? The truth is a resounding NO. WSF is not a vanguard of anti- imperialist forces, but a Trojan horse of imperialism, cunningly designed and launched for the express purpose of sabotaging anti- imperialist struggles. In the last decade when anti-globalisation demonstrations rocked the European, Latin American and south east Asian countries and also the US., when the number of people participating in such demonstrations swelled to millions, when their screams against capitalism got louder, and finally when the high priests of the empires were forced to search for safer hide-outs to conduct their deliberations the idea called WSF was born. WSF is not a new formation altogether. It’s only a reincarnation of voluntary organisations (now called NGOs or Civil Society Organisations) begot by the imperialists 40 years ago. The massive student demons trations and the widespread anti- imperialist movements of the sixties and the ignominious defeat of America in Vietnam shattered the credibility of Imperialist Global System and the public opinion swayed in favour of communism. Unable to quell the people’s movement from above, the imperialists resorted to the strategy of penetrating and contaminating the grassroots, through largescale recruitment of the educated middle class in Non Governmental Organisations. The mission of NGOs is to divide the people on the line of identities, promote careerism, Economism and Apoliticism amongst the masses, while indulging in radical phrase mongering. 70% of the World Bank aided projects are routed through NGOs and they serve as the power centers of Imperialists, studded in the grass root to monitor the project of Recolonisation.More than 10 lakh NGOs are functioning in India, and they receive around Rs.5000 crores annually form the imperialist funding agencies. Though the NGOs are segregated and seem mutually independent of others, they are coordinated and directed by a centralized imperialist think tank. Thus NGOs are strategic weapons of the imperialists to be use against communism and tactical tools to implement the globalisation form below. Their sphere of nefarious activity encompasses a wide spectrum including economics, politics and culture of a country. Neither the ‘honesty’ of the individuals who work for the NGOs nor the immediate succor provided by them to the poor, can justify this treason. NGOs are political mercenaries who form the backbone of the WSF.

The second important constituent of the WSF are the pseudo communists i.e. the CPI, CPI(M) and the various shades of socialist parties. They cry hoarse against Globalisation, when they are out of power; in power they behave as servile slaves of the World Bank and IMF and implement their diktats. From Lula of Brazil to Buddhadeb of India, they have proved this in practice. Red is the banner, but it is soaked and drenched in bourgeois politics. Opportunistic electoral alliances to share the spoils of the state machinery and betrayal of the working class for holding on to their leadership in trade unions remain to be their ‘revolutionary’ politics. Their anti- globalisation ‘tirade’ is just a ruse to assuage the sentiments of the masses.The Economism of the pseudo communists and the identity politics of the NGOs belong to the same genre. No wonder that the CPI (M) has seamlessly coalesced with NGOs in the WSF conveniently forgetting their own outcry against these imperialist stooges in the past. The active role of CPI, CPI (M) and other pseudo communists and the presence of anarchists and Trotskyites lend the much needed credibility to the WSF. Thus an imperialist Trojan horse is portrayed as a red coalition! The next important partner in this coalition is the church. The church, which has a tradition of serving as a henchman to the Empire during the colonial era, also plays an important role in the WSF. It organises the people under its control and offers them at the altar of Imperialism. This is what the WSF is! This is a combination that pretends to be anti- imperialist. Radically sounding slogans like “abolish World Bank and IMF”, “Scrap WTO” etc., are raised from the ‘space’ called WSF. But those words are mere sounds and they do not bear any practical significance. The ‘practice’ of WSF is confined to debates; endless debates and empty sloganeering to dissipate the anger of the people ravaged by imperialism! Even a political novice can understand that ‘Globalisa tion’ is a euphemism for blatant imperialist aggression. Hence, an alternative that does not demand the destruction of Imperialism, or stops short of overturning the capitalist social system, betrays itself to be hollow. The cry for a solution to this crisis is destined to be a cry for socialism and communism. Armed aggression and oppression can be repulsed only with an armed retaliation. Centralised apparatus of the enemy can be smashed only with a Centralised party organisation; a revolutionary communist party organisation. But the WSF is a crowd of incongruent forces. It’s a Trojan horse of Imperialism. We call upon the people to boycott WSF! We call upon you to join the revolutionary movement!

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