Indian spokescharacters
In the context of spokescharacters, India was not far behind the west since we had our own spokescharacter as early as 1946. The Air India Maharaja, which was conceived and developed by Bobby Kooka and Umesh Rao, (of J Walter Thomson Limited) became synonymous with luxurious and comfortable travel and was a prominent spokescharacter for decades after it was launched. And who can forget the Amul Girl, who till date has always been before our eyes with up-to-date advertisements on current issues ranging from politics to movies. The chabby Amul Girl was the brainchild of Sylvester deCunha, the than managing director of advertising agency ASP who worked with the Art Director Eustace Fernandez to give her form. It was more of a rival to the contemporary competitor „Polson Girl‟. The Amul Girl first appeared in 1966 and straight away won the heart of its target audience. Since then it has given India one of its best series of advertisements ever. Before the arrival of the Amul girl in 1954 there was another kid on the block, Gattu the paint boy of Asian Paints that immediately captured attention with his dripping paintbrush. As creation of the noted cartoonist Laxman, the boy in shorts with a paint bucket and brush literally gave Asian Paints the mileage they needed. The Competitior of Asian Paints was also not behind in terms of creating a spokescharacter. Goody, the Nerolac Tiger was born in 1970. At around the same time, the lion was replaced by the tiger as India‟s national animal and the WWF started the „Tiger Project‟. Thus, Goody got all the attention he needed. Goody was given a different look in 1972, by subhash tendle of Ulka Advertising. The colorful and unique personality of Goody blended well with that of the paint company. Goody was removed from nerolac advertisements around 2006. But just after one year, the company realized the impact of Goody on the Brand and has plans to bring him back. Quite similarly, Asian Paints have also removed Gattu from their advertisements from early 2002. Lastly, there is one spokescharacter who needs mention. He was not created as a spokescharacter but as a representative of the common man of India. That was the „common man‟ by RK Laxman. The common man was selected as the company is to provide the laxury of air travel to every Indian at least once. To quote Air Deccan Chief Executive Officer GR Gopinath, “ The Common Man in Laxman‟s cartoon brings out an element of courage and optimism. Since our vision is to make every Indian fly at least once in a lifetime, we are proud to select such a universal personality as our brand ambassador.” The common man was selected as the Air Decan mascot is 2005, Indian Spokescharacters Spokescharacter Brand Maharaja Air India Gattu Asian Paints Amul Girl Amul Goody the Tiger Nerolac Common Man Air Deccan

Year 1946 1954 1966 1970 (revamped 1972) 2005

Creator Bobby Kooka and Umesh Rao RK Laxman Sylvester daCunha Subhash Tendle RK Laxman

This document is compiled by Mr. Jaydev Chauhan, students of S.V. Institute of Management, Kadi, Batch 2010-12.




Amul Girl

Goody the Tiger

Common Man

Foreign Spokescharacters Spokescharacter Brand Aunt Jemima Quaker Oats The Michelin Man Betty Crocker The Green Giant Michlin Washburn Crosby‟s Minnesota Valley Canning Co. Borden‟s Dairy Products Kellogg‟s Philip Morris McDonald‟s General Mills/Pillsbury Eveready Energizer

Year 1893 1897-98 1921 1928

Creator Chris Rter, DDB Needhamutt/Davis Milling Co. Edouard Michelin/la Washburn Co. Minnesota Valley Canning Co. Stuart Peabody, Borden‟s Director of advertising Leo Burnett Co. Leo Burnett Co. Oscar Goldstein and local ad agency Leo Burnett Co. Chiat/day

Elsie Tony the Tiger THe Marlboro Man Ronald McDonald The Pillsbury Doughboy The Energizer Bunny

1939 1951 1955 1962-63 1965 1989

This document is compiled by Mr. Jaydev Chauhan, students of S.V. Institute of Management, Kadi, Batch 2010-12.


Aunt Jemima The Michelin Man

The Green Giant


Tony the Tiger Ronald McDonald The Pillsbury Doughboy

The Energizer Bunny

The Marlboro Man

Written by: Subhadip Roy (Source:-Advertising Express)

This document is compiled by Mr. Jaydev Chauhan, students of S.V. Institute of Management, Kadi, Batch 2010-12.

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