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- Intro paragraph is important. It has to have a brief overview: 1. Define ONLY the things that have to be explained in order to justify the direction of the essay. 2. Set the scope of the essay then narrow it down. 3. Give a brief summary of the ideas to be established in the essay. 4. Give a clear stand without repeating the question. - Body should show inter-relationship of ideas across multi-disciplines supplemented with own ideas and opinions. - Essay has to be constructed such that it becomes a fluent argument. - All questions are set such as they require and evaluation of one view against another. Provide about 3-4 well-evaluated ideas with examples. - Form clear topic sentences and thesis statements “answering” the question using synonyms. - Evidence provided must be tied to the question and different perspectives have to be shown. For example, Science includes its history, philosophy, general principles, current developments and its application. - Views from historical, social, cultural, economic, political and philosophical aspects. - For concluding paragraph, give a sound affirmation of stand and short reminder of content.

Thing to make sure:
1. Error free first sentence. 2. Clear stand and thesis statements. 3. Clear topic sentences which answers the question. 4. Usage of examples to support points is required. 5. Presence of concluding statement. 6. Structure: 2 CA, 3MA; CA MA CA 2MA; 3CA & 3MA alternating. 7. Signaling of CA using minority view points (some people) and other viewpoints. 8. Words in list of fifty words spelled correctly.

Moreover… .These exceptions aside… .Also… Example words For example For instance First.However… .Although… .CA signal words/ phrases .Additionally… . etc… Namely Specifically Such as To begin with That is To illustrate .Some people may feel… .Critics claim that… Transitions to MA .To add on… .On the other hand .Common misconceptions dictate… .Others may think/observe/feel… .Furthermore… . second.Yet… .There are exceptions… .It is lesser known that… .Most importantly… .Still… Words supporting MA .Some might argue that… .Some critics state that… .In addition… .

. resulting in the election of Barack Obama. corn and soybeans were among the few vegetables to be genetically modified. radio signals and certain mobile alerts to mitigate damage from earthquakes. . a living thing’s genetic material.Japan’s earthquake warning system put into practical use in 2006. .Beware of profiteering and environmental damages. creating extremely destructive tsunami waves which hit Japan just minutes after the earthquake.More effective and efficient than conventional breeding as it involves the transfer of thousands of genes and takes many years to produce crop with desired characteristics. Genetic modification is being applied to develop new benefits. . .Google has also set up a crisis response page to coordinate relief efforts and aid survivors.Concluding words As a result Consequently In fact On the whole Therefore Thus To summarize To sum up Examples .Political videos of nearly every political candidate can be found on Youtube. Uses internet. In these videos.0-magnitude earthquake occurred near the northeastern coast of Japan. . . creating greater resistance to pests. they may contradict their current political positions regarding several issues. television transmissions. or creating the ability for crops to grow in different environmental conditions.Tomatoes.Democrats used online campaigning such as Obama’s facebook page and use of Twitter in 2008. which organized a person's iPhone contacts to enable supporters to call friends located in important electoral districts among other features. Warnings are issued by Japan Meteorological Agency. . . such as increasing the shelf life.Genetic modification involves direct modification of DNA. .On March 11 at 2:46pm JST a massive 9. and triggering evacuations and warnings across the Pacific Ocean.Obama campaign released its free Obama08 app.


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