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Online Hotel Reservation Project Development Plan for SAS Patel Vikas ,Patel Tejas

Document Modification History No. Version Release Date 1.0 2nd 1 February 2.0 12th 2 February

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Description Issued Initial Version Updated Version Mr. Chirag Patel Mr.Chirag Patel

Approved Dr. J S Shah Dr. J S Shah

Contents Introduction Definitions and Acronyms References About Project Project Overview About the User LIFE CYCLE MODEL RESOURCES PEOPLE Environment Special Hardware Requirement Software Tools Customer Supplies SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT PROCESS SOFTWARE DEV. METHODS/ TECHBNIQUES / STANDARDS/PRACTICES Methods / Techniques Standards Practices Backup Storage DELIVERY & MILESTONES Deliverables Milestones Customer Communication Intra-team Communication Assumptions, Dependencies and Constraints Assumptions: Dependencies: Verification and Validation Activities Software Configuration Management RISK MANAGEMENT

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Introduction This is the Project Plan for Web-Application for Online Hotel Reservation This identifies applicable policies, requirements, standards and defines schedules, organization, resources, and processes to be followed for development of the application. No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Definitions and Acronyms References Following Websites have been referenced in this document No. Website Title Location of the Website 1 2 Table 2- PDP References Term description Project Development Plan Enterprise Application Archive TC Test Cases. WSR Weekly Status Report. SRS System Requirements Specification UC User Cases MSW Mail server Web Table 1-PDP Definitions & Acronyms Terms used PDP EAR

About Project Project Overview The Web-application Provide the Full Detail of Hotel booking ,Enquiry,information and Search hotel. Life-cycle Model Table illustrates different SDLC phases with their sequences for components of SAS No. Module Name Applicable SDLC Phases 1 MSW Requirements Gathering, Analysis, Design, Development, Testing, Implementation Table 4 Module wise SDLC Phases

Resources People: Name / Project Designation Dr J. S. Shah Project Manager / Project Guide

Mr.Chirag Patel (Internal Guide)

Patel Vikas ,Patel Tejas

Responsibilites Approve Project Plan (PDP) preparation Approve Project Planning / Scheduling Project Communication Review and Approve project artifacts Understand requirements Implementation issues Project reporting, WSR Implementation of processes Test changes artifacts Technical guidance to the team member Project Communication Review project artifacts Review project activities Understand requirements guidance Review detailed design Software design, Implementation issues guidance Project reporting, WSR Implementation of processes Reviewing coding & debugging Project communication Understand requirements Prepare detailed design Software design, implementation issues Project reporting, WSR Implementation of processes Develop Software Test changes artifacts Fix defects Test changes artifacts Prepare Test Reports Ensure overall quality of the deliverables Provide secure work environment Backup central Table 5 PDP People & Responsibilities

Environment No.


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H/W Available / To Configuration/ be procured Version Number Pcs Core2Duo Available Processor machines with 1GB RAM And 160 GB Hard disk PC Test Machine -DoAvailable Windows XP Profesional Available Table 6 PDP Environment

To be procured by date

Special Hardware Requirement Following hardware would be required for the project. No. Item H/W Available / To be Configuration To be produced /Version produced by date Number 1 None Table 7- PDP Hardware Requirement Software Tools The project will require following software tools No. Item /Version Available / To Number be produced 1 2 3 4 Internet explorer 8.0 MySQL MS-Office 2007 Visual Studio 2008 Available Available Available Available


To be produced by date -


Customer Supplies No. 1

Item None

To be received by date Table 8-PDP Customer Supplies

To be received and checked by -

Standards The project will follow following standards No Name of the standard Internal / External 1 Coding standard Internal Microsoft standards 2 Documentation Standard Internal Table 9 PDP standards Practices Backup No. Back up of what Mode Frequency Responsibility 1 All the checked EAR The server is Project team in artifacts backed up at (source code, least once every executables) fortnight Table 10 PDP Backup Storage All the artifacts (source code, executables) will be stored in EAR. The files will be checked out and checked in as required.

Deliverables & Milestones Deliverables Description Planning Requirements Use Cases Design Testing Milestones No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Output Planning Docs. SRS UC Design Docs. TC Table 11 PDP Deliverables

Committed Delivery Date 2nd Feb 2010 15th Feb 2010 14th March 2010 29th March 2010 4th April 2010

Milestone Activity


Project Information gathering Project analyzing requirements Project database designing Project report & form designing Project Development Project QA and testing Project user manual & final documentation Table 12 PDP Milestones

Scheduled Achievement Date 25th Jan 2010 6th Feb 2010 14th Feb 2010 21st Mar 2010 5th Apr 2010 10th Apr 2010 15th Apr 2010

Intra-team Communication A weekly project review meeting will be held as and when required. All the project team members will attend this meeting.

Assumptions, Dependencies and Constaints Assumptions Query turn-around time of 1 day is assumed Progress reporting will be done on weekly basis or for some specific time period depending on the availability of the Project Manager. Dependencies: 1. Technical queries to be resolved in 1 day. Constraints: 2. Technical knowledge of team members may affect project delivery Verification and Validation Activities The V&V activities planned for the project are listed below. This activity will be carried out by the developer only as no QA is defined for this maintenance project. 1. Testing 2. Code reviews Software Configuration Management The MSW activities planned for the project as listed below Version Control Name of the Task to be Tool performed Enterprise Version Control Application Archive

Available / To be acquired Available

Training required Not Required

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Risk Management The following table reports the identified and assessed risk factors associated with this project along with providing a mechanism for tracking and control. No. Risk Impact Severity Likelihood Mitigation plan Contingency Statement of Plan occurrence 1 Technological Poor Medium Medium Required quality resource with required expertise are available on the project 2 Non Project Low Low Task of that availability of schedule member will be team member will be distributed adversely within team affected 3 Change in Additional Medium Low In case of requirement efforts and additional or time new requirements, new proposal will be submitted to the client and the schedulers will be modified/defined accordingly. 4 Security Poor Medium Low Modify with quality necessary security features 5 NonProject Low Low Doing the work availability of schedule that will not Project will be require Manager affected involvement of Project Manager 6 Natural Additional Very low Very Low Schedules will calamities efforts and be modified / time defined accordingly. Table 13-PDP Risk Management