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Basic DBA Tasks

Basic DBA Tasks

Basic DBA Tasks
This chapter covers the following topics: Administering the Database with Control

Administering the Database with Control
In this section you will use the Control utility to monitor and increase the size of the database as well as perform a full backup of the data in the demonstration database, TESTDB. Upon completion of these exercises you will be able to perform database backup functions as well as change database parameters. Monitoring the Database Size Remote Control Enlarging the Size of the Database in Control Remote Control Perform a Full Backup of the Data in TESTDB Remote Control

Monitoring the Database Size
Control has a main operation screen that monitors the usage levels. The graph shows the amount of data that is taking up the allocated space on the disk, as well as log space and the number of users in session on the database. Control can be called from the operating system level (Unix, Linux, Windows) using the following command: xcontrol -d <serverdb name> -u <controluser name>,<password> If a non-existent SERVERDB is specified for the call of Control, the Installation Screen appears. Installing a serverdb is described further in Section 2. If no parameters have been specified, the Connect Screen appears. In the Connect Screen, the Control user identification, the Control user password, and the name of the SERVERDB must be entered. To enter the program, type the user ID and password for the Control user of the demonstration database, TESTDB, control; press the TAB key. In the PASSWORD field, type the Control user’s password: control, and press the TAB key. Specify the database in the SERVERDB field by typing the name of the database: TESTDB. Press the Enter key. If the database is not started, the database State field will read OFFLINE. Start the database by selecting Restart on the Operating menu bar; click Warm . The database will restart and this will take some time. When the database is restarted, the bottom of the screen will read Restart successfully finished.


you obtain the same information about the running database as described above. Actually altering the size of an existing devspace is possible in principle but definitely not something for the beginner to attempt. The other bars on the graph refer to the space allocated for the transaction log and the number of sessions. take a look at the last paragraph of Section 2. you are provided with a list of all databases already installed. call adcontrol In the left hand partial window. The DBA needs to monitor the log usage and start a manual backup of the log or of a log segment. Remote Control To use the GUI tool for the same procedure. If you have entered the name and password of the controluser. Enlarging the Size of the Database in Control DEVSPACE is the term used to describe a space on the physical disk allocated to a database. you can display the operating menu. In this exercise.Basic DBA Tasks Remote Control A screen similar to the following will appear: Figure: Control Main Screen with a WARM Database The top bar on the graph above shows the current utilization of the database as a percentage of the whole space allocated to it on physical data disks. Then clicking on the "InfoSheet" item displays the connect screen for that database. After a save of a log segment. 2 . in this case) of that size. the actual data is using 54% of the memory designated for data. For a basic description of DEVSPACEs see Section 2. you will add 16MB of physical disk space to the database by creating a new DEVSPACE (a file. By mouse click on the icon of the desired database. For a short introductory description of the workings of Remote Control. when this becomes necessary. the utilization level of the log will decrease accordingly. In this example.

or only the modifications made since the last database log backup medium used for the backup can be a tape. click Add Devspace : Set the number of 4 KB pages to be added by typing: 4000 in the Size in pages field. then on the icon "Devices". to define the backup media in the Media Manager in advance.Remote Control Basic DBA Tasks Instruct the Control Program to increase the database size by selecting Alter Configuration on the Configuration menu bar. You will be prompted twice to verify that you want to extend the size of your SERVERDB with the space defined as NEWDATA. type: NEWDATA and press the Enter key. Control will allocate this space on your physical disk for the database TESTDB. Then click on the directory icon "Configuration". Use the cursor keys to go to the medium you want and then click Select to choose this medium for your backup. Remote Control Using Remote Control you will find this function in the following way: Expand the tree belonging to the database you want to work with. The main window then displays a screen where you can modify the devspaces or define new ones. and choose Data. After selecting the corresponding type of backup in the menu. however. Each backup is done to a backup medium that can be selected from the Media Manager. To begin a full backup of the database. In the Name field. select Save on the Backup menu bar. You will be returned to the Control main menu screen. We recommend. 3 . press the Enter key. A screen appears with the selection of predefined backup media. in this example FULLSAVE is defined . but you can also write the backup to a file. After confirmation of this increase. the Media Manager appears to select or define the backup medium (see section Backup / Media Manager in the Control manual). Specify a file name for the memory increase. Perform a Full Backup of the Data in TESTDB The Control Backup menu function allows you to save and restore the complete database contents and log contents.

the screen will read. The further required menu items will be displayed. The Insert Label window appears. Click Ok. FULLSAVE. For defining a medium. click on the icon "SaveOperations". The medium label uniquely identifies the tape and must be written to the sticker of the tape. you will find this function in the following way: After having activated the operating menu of the desired database. Medium Label in the Control manual). The Control program will perform a full backup save of all the data in the database. there is a separate "Media Manager" icon. 4 . (see Section. To instruct the program to proceed with the backup.Basic DBA Tasks Remote Control Figure: A backup media definition for a full SAVE DATA in Control The program prompts you to verify this medium. if a tape is used. Click Ok to confirm. Click End to exit the backup program Remote Control Using Remote Control. The backup save is complete. When finished. Data Save successfully finished.