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Eridia Campaign Setting, for use with WFRP game.

Setting Basics The tech level in Eridia is late medieval/early gunpowder. Gunpowder is available, but expensive. Few common troopers are equipped with it, but many nobles, especially of the younger generation, are. Cannon are available for the army, but limited. The armored knight is still king of the battlefield. Magic is rare, save in a battlefield setting. On the battlefield, huge, impressive magic is available, and if not common, then not rare. Wizards are mysterious, powerful figures, and their magic can backfire on them if they aren’t careful. The setting tends towards realism: dirty and gritty. At least at the start, expect a lowfantasy environment, with the PCs struggling to survive. THE PRE-WAR SETTING IN ERIDIA Or, where were we before this all happened? Geography Eridia is a little bit larger than Washington State, or one of the Dakotas. It stretches about 300 miles east-west, and 200-300 miles north-south. To the west lies the Great Sea, an ocean over which a great deal of trade passes. The coast runs from southwest to northeast. Eridia’s northern border is the Elven forest, which stretches leagues upon leagues to the north. The Elven/Eridia border runs roughly east-west, along the edge of the forest. The eastern border is defined by a high range of mountains, the Karz range, which peters out into large hills and turns west as it runs into the southern part of the range. A large river, the Birs, defines Eridia’s southwestern border. Across the Birs lies Eridia’s neighbor, Laupen. The River Eridia bisects the nation, running from the northernmost of two passes across the Karz, roughly east-west through the center of the nation. The capitol city, Odon, sits at the mouth of the Eridia on the coast. The western half of the nation is very fertile farmland, and supports high-density farming (for medieval times). Two substantial cities, Edros and Sichsvold, lie at the eastern edge of the heavy farming zone. The South Pass through the Karz is about 100 miles south of the North Pass, and a smaller tributary, the White River, flows out of it and into the River Eridia. Along the coast, fishing villages are common. The shore is mostly long, sandy beaches, with the occasional rocky inlet perfect for a small fishing village. Off the coast, there are a great many small islands, and Eridia possesses a group of islands, the Argets, about 100 miles west-northwest of Odon.

It is home to 13. sits at the mouth of the River Eridia.000. the capitol. Lumber from the Arkanvold makes its way down the Birs and passes through here to major trade destinations on the Great Sea. The 14. Cow’s Ford is also wellfortified against the threat of the Gandar Empire. The north-central part of the country is lighter farmland. The towns are concentrated in . along the north edge of the Arkanvold.000. It is the center of Eridia’s trade in precious gems and metals.To the south of the main river. with populations of 4. it is also the center of the national religion and the center of social life and learning. and the occasional strike of mithril. Business has been terrible the last two or three years. Andrach is at the center of the rich farming territory south of the River Eridia. with the country growing more and more rugged the farther east one travels.000 spread across Eridia. Both are centers of trade and commerce. or sell equipment to the miners who work in the hills.000.000-8. Trade with Laupen is also brisk through this port. The Arkanvold spans the southern tip of Eridia. These hills are possessed of enormous mineral wealth. Silverhome lies south of the Silver Hills. between Edros and the Karz. It is the last stop on the way into the Gandar Empire. Sichsvold lies at the east edge of the good farmland. with populations around 10. and innumerable villages dotting the area between them.000. Major Cities and Towns of Eridia Odon. The Silver Hills lie in the northeast of the country. It is one of the major trade stops in Eridia. expansive silver mines. South of those ranches lies a substantial forest. Population is about 36. along the River. Sichsvold and Andrach are the other major cities of Eridia. lies a large plain that is used for cattle ranching. Edros lies at the center of Eridia. Not only is Eridia the seat of government.500 who live there are engaged in the precious metals trade. the Arkanvold. and its major business is the cattle trade that moves over the pass. on the Eridia River. The population is about 16.000 still make this city home. It is also the home of the a substantial portion of the Eridian Federal Army. and it lies at the convergence of substantial farmland and the resources of the eastern half of the nation. on the Birs River. Arkan sits at the west edge of the Arkanvold. The population is about 18. and is the wealthiest city in the nation. Kribben-on-the-Coast sits at the mouth of the Birs river and is a substantial trading hub. but 12. and is heavily involved in the lumber trade. There are about 50 smaller towns. as Gandar has become more and more menacing. Cow’s Ford lies at the end of the South Pass through the Karz. including a university and a college of magic.000. including large gem and gold mines.

There is also a large population of halflings (or hobbits. Within the last twenty years. The King holds the right to tax his vassals to maintain a standing army and set foreign policy for the nation. the King has given in to pressures to establish a House of Commons to advise the King on domestic policy. there is a substantial population of dwarves. lesser lords who swear fealty directly to the king. These men are traditionally drawn from the petty nobility of the kingdom. to form a stable and growing middle class. Eridia is a multi-racial nation. The members are chosen from the various towns and cities in such manner as the local municipalities have established. usually of about 200 men. There are a couple each within the boundaries of the Silver Hills and the Arkanvold. The merchant class and the minor nobility have been gradually merging over the last century or so. (of which there are seven. There is a substantial and growing merchant class. as they style themselves) in the northwest of the nation. Serfdom and slavery were abolished with the ascension of the current line of kings. yeomen and watchmen. the Count of Cow’s Ford hails from this sturdy race. although some are hired men working the estates of the nobility. They nominate lesser lords to serve as administrators on their lands.” or “Baron. That middle class is demanding more political power. and for defense of their lord. These troops are mainly used for police enforcement in the local cities and towns. with much the same duties. The lesser lords employ 20-50 common soldiers. Most of these lesser lords are known by titles like “Sheriff. It is dominated by humans.” The Counts maintain small standing forces. They carry hereditary titles such as “Earl.” There are other.the western half of the country. Each great lord. Military . Indeed. or Count. and are taxed like the Counts. including the king and the high nobility. but they serve at the pleasure of the great lords. However. too. as Eridia’s growing sea power and inland trade are gaining strength. and the average Eridian citizen is gradually gaining more rights while the laws of the kingdom are being codified. 367 years ago. but day-to-day domestic policy is in the hands of the local lords. Government The government of Eridia is largely federalized. They control small estates. Demographics The Eridians are a free people. concentrated in the Silver Hills. but they are not represented in the noble class. Many own their own land. plus the king) holds the rights to large swathes of land.

along with the Royal Dragoons. Artillery support. The Lupinknights are a semi-independent order that is stationed in Silverhome. non-gunpowder pieces. utterly dependable in the thickest combat. and armed with axes and shields. and often pull ceremonial duties. The Royal Lancers are an Eridian Army formation. They serve as the garrison of Odon. is available to the army in limited numbers. who has traditionally seen their presence as additional insurance against a too-powerful central government. they are maintained by the joint expenditures of the Count of Cow’s Ford and the Eridian Federal treasury. They are an entirely religious order. and has finally finished obsolescing all of their old. The Eridian Army has struggled to make a complete transition to gunpowder artillery. The knights are the traditional defenders of the peasantry. as integrating them into Regular Army formations would be expensive and difficult. and the Knights of the Cross are traditional horsed knights. . At need. In such dire times. The Knights of the Cross are also stationed in Odon.The Eridian Federal Army numbers about 22. but there is a substantial leavening of commoners in their ranks. and are armed with swords. with seventeen infantry regiments. The individual knights are most often noblemen who have proved themselves worthy of the honor. The Steel Reapers are an over-sized infantry formation. The army is organized into regiments of about 1000 men each. These men are usually used as scouts and outriders for the army. Like the Lupinknights. shields. accountable only to the church. and support the local constabulary against threats to the peasantry. the King can petition his vassals for additional troops. and enjoy a reputation for absolute honesty.000. in the form of mortars and cannon. Their membership is drawn from all classes and ranks of society. The dragoons are horsemen who dismount to fight on foot. the Reapers are the rock of the Eridian Army. the Lupinknights. The famed Steel Reapers are an oversized infantry regiment consisting entirely of dwarves. the local lords can choose (and usually assent) to send some of their household troops off for Army service. and contain one or two companies of crossbow and/or longbow armed troops for missile support. They are maintained by the Eridian Federal Army and by the Count of Silverhome. and attached to infantry regiments on an as-needed basis. and some of their members are rumored to have access to magical powers. The Eridian army can also call on four orders of armored knights for support: The Royal Lancers. and limited numbers of handguns. and are the cream of the army. They serve as arbiters of disputes between the peasants and the nobles. and three regiments of dragoons. Heavily armored. The infantry regiments are armed primarily with spears or halberds. In times of great need the church has released them to service in the Eridian Army.

Their first exposure to the service is with provisional cavalry companies. and are trained to harass enemy flanks and serve as outriders for the main body. He is famous for nailing his theses to the door of the Odon cathedral. The Eridian Reformed Church is an off-shoot of the Laupenian Orthodox Church. however.The petty nobles of the Kingdom serve in the army in large numbers. Aedon. and can be increased in size during time of need. with 22 ships of the line and several other smaller vessels. At this time. he had gained great powers. and has maintained itself ever since. all of whom possessed some of Aedon’s same powers. Very few priests of the Father still maintain the power to work miracles. and returned to confront the local authorities. but some few still do. The Royal Navy is a medium-sized formation. He spent two months in the wilderness. The church hierarchy was established less than 100 years after Aedon’s death. and Aedon’s message was spread to the four corners of the world through his disciples. they must learn something of the military life. and declared independence from Laupen proper. The existing government in Eridia took up his cause. Several years of civil war ensued. as revealed by his prophet. Laupenians worshipped a large pantheon of gods. Both think the other has made incorrect doctrinal choices. or promoted for service as an officer. Their priests were impotent to stop him. and Scripture relates tales of Aedon working miracles. but the Father has chosen to honor both of . The provisional companies themselves are temporary formations. During that time. as Aedon and his disciples did. Religion The dominant worship of Eridia is worship of the Father. a reformer. communing with the Father. These men are often recruited for duty in one of the knightly orders. until Eridia was victorious. They are universally young men. The Orthodox and Reformed churches have since come to an uneasy truce. impetuous and eager to prove themselves for more responsible duty. with many of the young nobles leaving military service. took issue with some of the doctrinal points of the Orthodox Church. Aedon defied the local religious authorities. The Laupenian Orthodox Church is the first branch of the theology espoused by Aedon. and the new church was established. Aedon lived in southern Laupen about a millennium ago. First. Even some of the great Counts send their sons off for military service. Turnover in these units is high. calling on good people to repent and confront the darkness within their souls and threatening their lives. The local authorities cast him out of his hometown. The Navy keeps about 5000 sailors. Varden. Almost four hundred years ago. including fire from the heavens to destroy the houses of worship of the heathen gods. These light cavalrymen are usually armed with sabers and pistols. plus about another 1000 marines. and some others being promoted for other duties in the Army.

but not nearly to the extent of the Orthodox Church. Elven craftwork and artwork are intricate and beautiful and have tremendous value in Eridia. gemstones and precious metals to Laupen. with iron and steelwork being the most common returned item. and Elven craftwork is heirloom-quality. halflings or dwarves for close to five hundred years.] Foreign Relations Eridia has three neighbors: The Elves to the north. The Reformed church is not nearly as stringent on doctrine as the Orthodox Church. The Archbishop of Odon is the head of the Reformed Church hierarchy. but the Reformed Church is dominant. but this is not always a guarantee of fair treatment. Most parishes operate on their own. Laupen was forced to recognize that trade with their former province was in their best interest. The hierarchy has chosen to become involved in serious doctrinal matters in times past. touchy. Eridia is poor in useful metals. Relations with Laupen are good. Since then. no human. and cattle ranching in the southeast part of the nation. [Flesh more out later. farming in the western half of the country. the two churches have had no choice but to recognize the existence of the other. The Elvenking has attempted no communication with men. In some quarters.their churches with miracle-workers. lumber from the Arkanvold. rather than Eridia. . Thus. Economy and Trade The Eridian economy rests on five pillars: mining in the Silver Hills. the Laupenians to the south and the Gandar Empire to the east. and its members are considered to be loyal to Laupen. There are several Orthodox cathedrals in Eridia. with little interference from the hierarchy or the state. Eridia’s relationship with the Elven Kingdom is. the Orthodox Church is viewed with suspicion. dwarf or halfling has set returned from that Kingdom. Most are in the hands of wealthy noblemen. but rich in precious metals. Some few elves still emerge from the great Elven Forest at irregular intervals to trade with the residents of Eridia. The last communication from the King was a notice to all other races that their presence in his Kingdom was not allowed. at best. Most Orthodox Eridians maintain a clear line of separation between their religious and secular affairs. There is a brisk trade in lumber. fishing and trade over the Great Sea. After Eridia won its independence from the old Empire.

and the Eridian King has taken steps to secure his borders against his much larger neighbor. Their foreign policy has become much more aggressive. Trade was brisk across both the North and South Passes over the Karz Mountains. mostly in exchange for horses. A new faction in Gandar has seized the Emperor’s ear in the last decade. [Need more details on Gandar. especially since I view its army as a home for Orcs and Ogres.The Gandar Empire used to have fair relations with Eridia.] . and Eridia exported a large amount of beef to Gandar.

and his young nobles were already so prepared. activating the army’s contingency plans. The situation at the North Pass is grimmer. Resistance is stiff. Hundreds of young noblemen assemble at Edros for induction into provisional cavalry companies. and the lords respond. a transfer of regiments to the east had just been completed. April 6 Word reaches Silverhome of the invasion. The Reapers arrive just in time to stop the second assault cold. Word reaches Cow’s Ford the next day. how the PCs got to be in the mess they’re in. Three infantry regiments delay the Gandar assault as long as possible. The foot regiments of the army follow in their wake. and four infantry regiments are available. April 1. Fallow Castle is chief among them. . The King responds immediately. although very few of the fortifications are still holding out. The Black Torrent Guards are still under siege. The Count of Silverhome had been farsighted. The Royal Lancers.RECENT HISTORY OF ERIDIA Or. Two regiments of dragoons and the Lupinknights ride out immediately for the North Pass. Two of the regiments are chewed into bits. April 13 Word reaches Odon of the invasion. Two are sent to the North Pass and two are sent to the South Pass. led by Colonel Barnes. 367th year of the line of Eridian Kings The Gandar Empire makes a long-expected assault across the Karz Mountains. These three companies of pistoliers finish marshalling a week later. the regiment’s commander. April 16 The first wave of reinforcements arrives at the North Pass and stabilizes the front. The King also calls upon his vassals. and ride to the border to cover the smaller tracks through the Karz Mountains. and Colonel Barnes is everywhere at the defense. They begin to engage in hit-andrun skirmishes with smaller forces trying to infiltrate into Eridia. Two regiments of infantry at the South Pass stop the Gandars cold at the border fortifications with moderate casualties. authorizing increased recruiting for the army and sending reinforcements east. The King’s Own Black Torrent Guards retreat to the castles sprinkled throughout the pass. including four companies at Fallow Castle. the Royal Dragoons and the Knights of the Cross ride out immediately. Fortuitously. Most of the army is ordered to march for Silverhome. and the Steel Reapers march east to the fortifications to reinforce them. trading time for space.

The pass is lost. the Royal Lancers. April 25 The front quiets. Only two infantry regiments are kept in reserve around Odon. arrives at the passes and joins their brothers in scouting and reconnaissance duties.Also on the sixteenth. until the 23rd when it is stormed and overtaken. most of the army has assembled in Silverhome. The Lupinknights and the dragoons manage to retreat in good order. Another provisional company of elves. The first company of elvish scouts. Combat is fierce but sporadic at the North pass. Word reaches Silverhome of the attack on the 24th. arrives. a mounted unit equipped with longbows. but can not stop their advance. and harass Gandar supply lines. the Royal Dragoons. The infantry regiments are surrounded and cut to pieces. The Black Torrent Guards continue to hold Fallow Castle. twelve artillery batteries. with occasional probing attacks. June 3 . and the army there marches out for the North Pass at best possible speed. The defenses are fractured. Early May Forces begin to arrive at Silverhome and organize into a coherent army. still harassing the enemy. including the bulk of Eridia’s artillery. The South Pass has quieted completely. and they are occupied with training new inductees into the Federal Army. eight provisional cavalry companies. and each regiment is left to fend for itself. The infantry regiments have arrived at both passes. Minor probing attacks continue. and begin to dig in. Forces include the Knights of the Cross. this one on foot. six regiments of infantry. and the Eridian command begins to organize the defense. Late May By this time. with only occasional skirmishes. They offer their assistance to the Eridians in the form of volunteer companies of elvish scouts. and outriders from the nobles’ forces. They are assigned to reconnaissance and harassment duties around the passes. May 21 A huge assault begins on the North Pass. a small town in northern Eridia receives a shock when a delegation of elvish lords rides out from the Forest.

another strong force has attacked the South Pass. The first day finds the Royal Lancers and the Knights of the Cross smashing the Gandars’ right flank and forcing the entire army back towards the pass. and are whittled down to ineffectiveness before they can retreat to safety behind the castle walls. tearing up their missile troops badly. managing to contain the assault. Unbeknownst to this army. overrunning all opposition. June 9 Both Gandar forces have maneuvered against the June 14th Word reaches Odon . stronger force marches through Cow’s Ford. but the Eridians hold their own. the army is too exhausted to maneuver properly. pausing only briefly to sack the town and crucify the Count. trying to slowly fall back to the Cow’s Ford defenses.The Silverhome army meets the Gandar force in battle. but after two battles in four days. Scouts reach the army in time to warn them of this new threat. They never lose unit cohesion. June 6 Three days later. Few are taken prisoner. with initial success. This second. The Gandars have been reinforced. the two armies clash again. The Lupinknights mange to work their way around the left flank and into the enemy rear. The Steel Reapers are the last to fall.

all at once. They’ll be offered a deal: The mercenaries will be by on occasion to offer support. offended the Gandars. This is a combat-heavy group. They’ll be broken out and transported to a remote location. Either they were soldiers in the old army. The plot mainly serves as a mechanism to get the players from one battle to the next. The PCs have. if the players will begin a guerrilla war against the Gandar occupiers. They have been imprisoned in a dungeon POW camp. Food is delivered in one big drop. as everyone is kept in one large. and the prisoners must fight with each other to get their share. sealed cavern. and so the plot and setting have been tailored to that effect.THE PLOT Or. or they have objected to the rule of their new masters. There is no interaction with any guards. at least at the start. . for some reason. Who’s supplying and paying those mercs? The players have no idea. The game will begin with the players’ rescue by mercenary forces. The camp is a nasty place. what I’m planning on doing to those poor bastards. Eridia has been conquered by the Gandar Empire.