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Epicor ICE 2.

Next-Generation Business Architecture February, 2009

An Epicor White Paper


Executive Summary
Nothing stays still for long in our global economy. Business today is fastpaced, highly competitive, and more demanding than ever before. In order to remain competitive, enterprises must be prepared to adapt business processes quickly to reflect ever-changing market trends and demands. The business technologies of tomorrow must be intuitive, compliant and super productive. In response to this demand, Epicor has created a new concept in software: an agile, next-generation business architecture.

Epicor ICE helps enterprises achieve new levels of business agility and productivity by combining Epicor True SOA™ with proven Web 2.0 concepts.

Epicor Internet Component Environment (ICE) delivers a true service-oriented architecture (SOA) called Epicor True SOA™ using Microsoft® .NET server infrastructure and extensibility tools for the swift development of powerful next-generation business applications. With the advent of Epicor ICE, today’s businesses now have a highly sophisticated standards-based platform for low-cost integration and intensified functionality that offers a rapid return on investment (ROI). Epicor recognized that business software requirements were changing as early as 2002 when we introduced our first business software built from the ground up using 100% SOA standards. Our years of experience with this modern business architecture and our many successful offerings built using a service-oriented approach to software development have resulted in a process that allows us to separate technology framework from business application. This promotes lean and efficient software development that in turn provides the agility, scalability, and extensibility needed by our customers. We call this business architecture Epicor ICE.

The foundation for the next-generation of enterprise applications:
• • • • • • • • • • Close Business/IT Alignment Agile, Reliable Technology Straightforward Integration Exceptional Flexibility Rich User Experiences Productive Collaboration Vast Scalability Blistering Performance Ubiquitous Access and Availability Strictly Enforced Security

We also recognized that SOA alone was not enough to allow us to offer the type of business software that would help our customers achieve their goals and stay ahead of the competition. Epicor ICE 2.0 re-defines the concept of business architecture by fusing proven consumer Web and Web 2.0 technologies with Enterprise SOA concepts to deliver a solution that is at once designed for people, built for business, and ready for change. Together, Epicor ICE 2.0, Epicor productivity tools like Epicor Portal, Epicor Service Connect, and Epicor Information Worker, and Epicor next-generation business applications provide a truly collaborative and dynamic enterprise application experience, offering new levels of flexibility, usability and scalability to help businesses reduce costs, increase hardware utilization, optimize infrastructure and server availability, and drive unprecedented user productivity. In a demanding and highly competitive market, Epicor ICE is fulfilling the requirements for next-generation business agility, providing a global solution platform that is incredibly powerful, yet relatively inexpensive to maintain.

Epicor ICE 2.0: Next-Generation Business Architecture



Table of Contents
Introduction Architectural Models Focus on Extensibility Scalability to Match Business Growth Reliability to Meet Business Demands Low Cost of Ownership Collaborative Future Proof Business Architecture Overview Service-Oriented Architecture Web Services Benefits of Epicor True SOA to Business Bringing Web 2.0 to the Enterprise Enterprise Search Software as a Service Summary Server Architecture Overview Application Server Database Server Application Web Services N-Tier Scalability Replication Support Summary Business Logic Layer Overview Business Logic Layer Business Object Design Microsoft .NET Framework Summary

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Epicor ICE 2.0: Next-Generation Business Architecture



User Interface Overview Smart Client Smart Client Deployment Structure Smart Client Characteristics Smart Client Extensibility Epicor Everywhere Framework Epicor Web Access Microsoft Office Client Summary Extensibility Overview Flexible and Extensible Layered Adaptability Epicor ICE 2.0 Software Development Kit Business Process Management Epicor Service Connect Task Management Business Activity Queries Role-based Dashboards Global Business Management Summary Security Overview User and Group Security Management Summary Conclusion About Epicor

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Epicor ICE 2.0: Next-Generation Business Architecture


0: Next-Generation Business Architecture 1 .0 and Enterprise SOA concepts to deliver rich and productive user experiences coupled with support for agile business processes. There have been many architectural models in the history of computing. Architectural Models When starting a discussion regarding enterprise technology.0 framework is a robust combination of our adaptable SOA with insightful Business Process Management (BPM). but the monolithic nature of the application remains—the application is a self-contained unit with all processing happening in the application itself. Epicor ICE 2. Input and output is accomplished through the use of terminals.0 are able to provide a rich and collaborative enterprise experience. and fuses Web 2. packaged software applications began to take hold and businesses saw the significant value and benefit.WHITE PAPER Introduction At the heart of Epicor next-generation enterprise applications is a unique business architecture called Epicor Internet Component Environment (ICE) 2. This white paper provides an in depth look at Epicor ICE 2. The Epicor ICE 2. Over time there have been variations on this model for multi-processor machines. but three in particular are important for our discussion.0 exploits the capabilities of Microsoft Windows Server®. and began migrating to them from their proprietary. In this first model. Applications using this architecture model also run on minicomputers and it is the architecture for stand-alone PC applications. workflow orchestration. for purposes of deployment. which can be easily extended to meet the changing needs of businesses today and help businesses anticipate and adapt to the needs of tomorrow. The structure of this architectural model is monolithic—the application is. a single program that runs on one machine. with the advent of mainframe technology. the entire application resides on a single machine. custom-developed platforms. Microsoft SQL Server®. Mainframe Architecture In the mid 70’s.0 technology and explains how its many components and capabilities will benefit businesses of all sizes. and dynamic embedded personalization and productivity tools to provide the most advanced business software framework available today. Epicor business applications built on Epicor ICE 2. Microsoft Visual Studio®. one should first understand some common software architectures. Epicor ICE 2.0.

the client and server remained tightly coupled. Services interact in a language and operating system independent manner—reducing the complexities of integration. While the concepts behind SOA have been around for many years. before tapering off as a new innovation cycle begins. the processing is no longer monolithic. anywhere. At the same time. The Gartner. expanded by early adopters. Inc. Mac®. describes the adoption of these new paradigms as a cycle initially driven by a small group of technology-savvy innovators. riskadverse late majority. significantly reduced the role of the large corporate mainframe by the mid 90’s. There are variations of the processing mix between client and server. One advantage of this model is the ability to create more than one client to interact with the server. The advent of the Internet. we recognize that client-server technology likely reached its pinnacle in the mid 90’s. and its ability to provide a collaborative environment with access to information anytime. it is now clearly in the late majority phase. Because SOAs are loosely coupled and modular. networked computing model which. but in all cases both the client and server are necessary for the application to function.0: Next-Generation Business Architecture 2 . The service can be dynamically located and invoked. and UNIX®). the introduction of personal computers and client-server technology precipitated a more decentralized. Epicor has taken a leadership position in the adoption and delivery of SOA. In this second model. Service-Oriented Architecture Today. And while it will be around for some time to come. one service can be replaced with a new one without affecting the client or other services that talk to it. the execution and deployment have been greatly enhanced by the advent of Web services. Services are self-describing. which is featured prominently in many of our product lines and newest solutions. particularly in small and midsize businesses (SMBs).e. self-contained.. Some of the application resides on the client and other portions on the server. Over time. The service is self-contained. A service within an SOA is an exposed unit of functionality with three properties: • • • The interface to the service is platform independent. Many companies did this to support multiple client platforms (i. and ultimately becoming mainstream through the large. As a technology innovator. Epicor is cognizant that many customers have invested significantly in the current version of their software Epicor ICE 2.WHITE PAPER Client/Server Architecture In the mid 80’s. While this model added flexibility and ease of use in application design. our evolution to a serviceoriented approach to developing software will provide value and business benefit to all our customers. Microsoft Windows®. modular applications that can be mixed and matched with other services in an SOA. Services fulfill a specific task or a set of tasks and work with many other services in an interoperable manner to carry out their part of a complex workflow or a business transaction. has once again revolutionized computing and introduced today’s new platform for innovation: service-oriented architecture (SOA).

0: Next-Generation Business Architecture 3 . This empowers companies to leverage SOA for flexible application management. Epicor ICE 2. Focus on extensibility and interoperability within Epicor ICE 2.0 to the Enterprise.0 is a new generation of business architecture built from the ground up is significant.0 was developed for the evolving enterprise. As noted in a recent Forrester Research® report authored by senior analyst Larry Fulton.WHITE PAPER and that implementing next-generation architecture. Web-Oriented Architecture Some might say there is a fourth architectural model: Web-oriented architecture (WOA). nor does it require Web services (Web services are simply the preferred standards-based way to realize SOA). you need to integrate the application's service library. WOA is really just a subset or extension of SOA in that it has all of the attributes of SOA but with a focus on the Web. solution-assembly approach. For additional information on Web 2. design philosophy. offering maximum extensibility and accommodating changes in performance or functionality while maintaining system compatibility.0 leverages and optimizes the Microsoft . and does so efficiently and cost-effectively. Existing systems can be enhanced and extended without local code modification and capabilities from other systems can be invoked to extend the application. into our SOA to create Epicor ICE 2. Inc. and the efficient ease-of-use common to social computing. release strategy. Focus on Extensibility Epicor ICE 2. inexpensive and noninvasive.NET Platform to deliver scalable. effectively protecting the technology investment. To achieve these benefits.0. we have incorporated much of the flexibility of the consumer Web and related technologies. “A service-oriented application should enrich your own SOA not only by providing out-of-the-box business functionality but also by bundling that functionality as a set of services that promotes your ability to extend both the functionality and reach of the application across your enterprise. However. Additionally. development and deployment through a granular.0 yields affordability in system adoption and maintenance. must be carefully planned. and infrastructure with your own SOA strategy. we at Epicor recognize our customers’ need for distributed systems. The fact that Epicor ICE 2. this focus enables the technology to adapt to new and emerging requirements.0 please see Bringing Web 2. Adding functionality is generally easy. 1 “Embracing Your Application Vendor’s Competing SOA Vision” Forrester Research. Although SOA is not necessarily Web-centric. 2008. flexible and cost-effective solutions. October 2.”1 Epicor ICE 2. To this end. no matter how compelling. the ability for diverse client access. often referred to as Web 2.0 business architecture.

and have the firm understanding that they will be able to scale up or down without the need to change their businesscritical enterprise application. it’s now possible to access and update just one component in the system using only a fraction of the amount of code. the processing on which business applications depend. whether that’s Windows. or Linux. distributed around the globe. with virtualization support. Epicor ICE 2. facilitating quicker response to enterprise and functional needs. Reliability to Meet Business Demands Many companies now run 24x7x365 to service the needs of global operations or customers who can access their systems via the Web. Epicor ICE 2. Epicor ICE 2.0 platform is designed to meet the needs of these companies.0 business architecture offers deployment choices to achieve efficient scalability across an unlimited number of machines. This means that scalability is more important than ever. But the last thing companies want to do as they expand their reach is to replace a critical system such as their enterprise solution. Rather than updating tens of thousands of lines of code. The Epicor ICE 2. Epicor ICE 2.0 can support the deployment of business applications on a single server yet scale out and up over time to deliver n-tier scalability and protect your investment in hardware resources. Epicor ICE 2. It is therefore imperative that the architecture is reliable and does not need to be shut down for maintenance or backup.0 business architecture will ensure that customers are able to deploy their application on the technology framework that suits the size of their business today. Delivery of new features. Epicor ICE 2.0: Next-Generation Business Architecture 4 . UNIX. Epicor ICE 2. But it is difficult to project exactly how much growth a business will experience or where expansion will occur.0 was built specifically for high performance in online transaction processing (OLTP). tools and applications is streamlined. The dilemma is how much infrastructure should a smaller business acquire to meet these future needs—too much puts undue pressure on cash flow and the bottom line.WHITE PAPER Scalability to Match Business Growth One of the primary goals of any business is growth and expansion.0 provides cost savings and economies of scale through the use of modular and highly granular business logic which translates to easier plug-n-play of new functionality.0 features built-in replication technology to provide the option to move reporting and other business intelligence (BI) functions to a “non-production” environment. to little means the system will need to be replaced as growth exceeds capacity. Additionally. Additionally. but still with access to current business data. The framework allows online backup and complete fail over options to ensure that availability meets the specific business requirements of our customers.

exception handling. Not only will Epicor ICE 2. Risk is reduced with a high-performing. which provides the necessary messaging. Future Proof The Epicor ICE 2. and other business applications. distributed model adopted by Epicor ICE 2. Epicor ICE 2. One of the main objectives of the Epicor ICE 2. Epicor ICE 2.0 provides the most cost-effective platform. No matter how you look at it. and scalable solution.WHITE PAPER Low Cost of Ownership Low cost of ownership has always been one of the fundamental principles that Epicor has brought to the marketplace—the ability to deploy sophisticated solutions without complication. customers. Collaborative The n-tier. CRM.0 framework was chosen because it enables Epicor to continually adopt the latest technologies available. suppliers. transformation. financial.0 (see Server Architecture) provides an ideal platform to offer a SOA for ERP.0 framework was the ability to append or write out a technology partner within a 12-month timeframe. SCM. application interfacing. it will also allow the rapid introduction or removal of technology in the future. All interfaces against the business application are handled via Epicor ICE 2.0: Next-Generation Business Architecture 5 .0 technology continues this tradition. It minimizes administration and maintenance while at the same time maximizing a company’s resources and productivity. and pass them on to our customers so that in turn they can be more competitive in their field of business. reliable. Epicor ICE 2. and security capabilities for a collaborative environment. Epicor ICE 2. available.0 provide complete choice of technology.0 provides the seamless integration and open standards support needed to connect the IT environment to users.0 SOA. and partners.

“The Dynamic Business Applications Imperative. SOA provides the ability to streamline those business processes. scalability. business workers are no longer office-bound nor do they wish to be applicationbound. By exposing business processes. workflow. and application integration by providing a development environment that’s built to allow business applications to change independently of each other without such restraints. “service-oriented architectures (SOAs) are the best approach for building corporate software today”3 and Epicor ICE 2. 2 3 John R. Rymer and Connie Moore. 2007 Epicor ICE 2. businesses need flexibility from their business systems to quickly respond to changes in the market and customer demands.WHITE PAPER Business Architecture Overview While an enterprise solution should offer a full range of functionality.0 is exactly that. inflexibility. and an n-tier environment can offer this type flexibility. customer requirements can be a moving target. which in turn promotes agile change management. and low cost of ownership.0 technology. and tight client to server coupling of existing approaches to business process design.0: Next-Generation Business Architecture 6 . “SOA: The State of the Market”. Because business processes are broken down into smaller functions that can be accessed and manipulated. December 18. Service-Oriented Architecture According to AMR Research®.0 is that system.”2 Only a system built from the ground up to support a service-oriented architecture (SOA). SOA is an approach to developing enterprise software applications in such a way that software processes are broken down into granular ”services” which are then made available and discoverable on a network. To remain competitive. Web services. from any place. SOA addresses the complexity.” September 24. Business information needs to be available any time. 2007 Ian Finley. reliability. According to Forrester Research. Additionally. and via any device. it becomes much easier to match your business rules to the processes in your business system. there needs to be “a new generation of enterprise software that adapts to the business and its work and evolves with it. and Epicor ICE 2. Each service provides functionality that can be adapted to the needs of the enterprise while hiding the underlying implementation details. Web 2.

Although Web services’ loosely coupled messaging approach supports multiple connectivity and information sharing scenarios. “Divorcing SOA and Web services”.0 delivers what we refer to as Epicor True SOA™. Bloomberg notes. 2007 Epicor ICE 2. Epicor ICE 2.0 is 100% SOA which just happens to use Web services as the messaging protocol. utilizing Web services does not make business software true SOA. 2007 Jason Bloomberg. enabling our customers to be among the first organizations in their industries to fully exploit the many benefits of applications built from the ground up using SOA. The benefits of Epicor True SOA™ are many. and inexpensive. SOA supports these global operations and networks—and geography becomes irrelevant. “Perhaps the most aggravating of misperceptions surrounding service-oriented architecture in the marketplace is that SOA and Web services are the same thing. “…vendors started slapping Web services interfaces on their products and calling them service-oriented.0: Next-Generation Business Architecture 7 . Because SOA breaks down complex business processes into many smaller processes which can be bypassed or accessed in any order and from anywhere. many vendors simply wrapped Web services around their client-server applications and re-branded them as SOA. Using Web services. we were one of the first to deliver 100% SOA solutions. we positioned ourselves on the leading edge of SOA-based enterprise software development. June 20. We at Epicor are convinced that it will be the standard platform for all modern ERP systems for many years to come. they can rest assured that their ERP solution can grow and expand right along with them. standards-based messaging protocol and that Web services was the ideal mechanism for processes and documents to “talk” to each other. Therefore. an approach that amounted to little more than lipstick on the pig. As our customers’ businesses continue to grow and expand. businesses can 4 5 Jason Bloomberg.”4 SOA has been in existence much longer than Web services—the two technologies were intertwined when it became obvious that XML was an excellent. Epicor ICE 2. Epicor ICE 2. In doing so. granular business processes that can be easily accessed and manipulated. June 20. To ride the SOA wave. According to Jason Bloomberg. Businesses today are not confined to a single location—they tend to be spread out around the globe. the Internet provides a vehicle to expose business processes in an industry standard format that can be accessed from numerous disparate systems.0 provides distributed processing that is location and platform independent and exceptionally scalable. Benefits of Epicor True SOA™ to Business SOA is the foundation for truly agile ERP software. paused for human intervention or modified. reliable.”5 Epicor ICE 2.WHITE PAPER Web Services The Internet is an open backbone for enterprise applications that is ubiquitous.0 is an SOA that exposes and streamlines loosely coupled. SOA supports that need for business agility. “Divorcing SOA and Web services”. In fact. Businesses today need to anticipate change and adapt quickly in order to stay competitive. it is built from the ground up using SOA best practices and industry standard tools.

SOA makes it possible for any number of interface devices. Web services. real-time connectivity with business partners.0 to the Enterprise Web 2. Finally. Epicor’s architecture allows for adaptable workflow orchestration.0 capabilities have become pervasive in our personal lives−we are no longer just passive viewers of information on the Web.”6 According to Forrester Research. really simple syndication (RSS) feeds.” Web services “crush” the cost of business interactions by replacing manual communications to save time and money. easy contacts and communication. Another consideration is the growing demand for software as a service (SaaS)—SOA is a key component of SaaS.0 concepts like rich consumer Web content. and virtualization to deliver on the benefits of Web 2. SOA reduces the time. We are taking the best of Web 2. Epicor ICE 2. It’s only natural that we have come to expect the same types of social interaction and collaboration in our business lives. These technologies will be essential to increasing business performance in coming years. cutting the cost of connecting to partners. such as social software. easy integration. this makes it faster and less costly to implement or change business processes that use those applications. SOA allows you to adapt your business software to meet your unique processes and policies.0 provides Epicor True SOA™ to let you build your own business rules and manage them at a business level. and superb collaborative information sharing for quick and accurate decision-making. and enabling new kinds of business collaboration. According to Gartner. and IT 6 7 “Cost Cutting Strategies for SOA. Epicor ICE 2. we have become active contributors to blogs and other participatory networking communities. representational state transfer (REST). “Flexibility leads cost savings as a driver for service-oriented architecture (SOA). SaaS. effort and cost needed to implement or change distributed application systems compared with using other architectures for distributed applications.0: Next-Generation Business Architecture 8 .0 is leveraging consumer Web concepts to create innovative business Web solutions which open up many avenues of collaboration for all business workers in the organization and across the supply chain. According to Gartner. Enterprise Search. and manage these business rules at the enterprise level. extensive integration of mobile computing and enterprise mashups.WHITE PAPER anticipate changing markets and supply-chain demands and quickly adjust operational workflows to maintain their competitive advantage. to interact with our services from virtually anywhere in the world. and ensures that businesses can take advantage of growing cloud computing resources in a hybrid software plus services world. SOA and Web 2. Indirectly. CEOs identify with these technologies. and PCs.” November 11.”7 Bringing Web 2.0 features are no longer an option if companies want to stay competitive. and wikis and utilizing the most current technology such as asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX).0 technology innovations. “Over the long term. 2008 “Pursuing SOA in Hard Times.0 for business. making internal services available across departments and geographies. build your own work flows. “an SOA-based ERP will provide the foundation for enterprise support for Web 2. blogs. 2008 Epicor ICE 2. You can present information the way you want it.” May 6. such as smart mobile devices. SOAs are expected to save companies money.

you will be able to see results that drill down into sales orders. to ensure relevance and productivity. to name a few. it will not be listed in the results. Enterprise data. effortless mobility. synchronized. to enable rich collaboration across functional boundaries in a way that is seamless. or calls.0 as well as data stored locally. if you search for a customer.” March 20. business workers are no longer tied to traditional ways of accessing information—now they can specify exactly what they are looking for and pick and choose from the result set to see the data. Application data search results are returned to workers based on access rights—if a user is not permitted to view certain data. to unstructured data if desired.0 delivers “Enterprise Search”. Epicor Enterprise Search provides embedded search capabilities that span the entire suite of applications built upon it and extends beyond structured enterprise data.0 also includes personalization and customization abilities. or on the Internet.0 promotes disconnected use. and productivity with little or no additional learning requirements. By utilizing Web 2. productive communication channels will be greatly enhanced through the planned incorporation of Microsoft’s unified communication technologies by including the same presence technology that appears throughout the Microsoft Office system. business-to-business. Every person who works on a document stays associated with it. Epicor ICE 2.0: Next-Generation Business Architecture 9 . payments. such as SQL Full Text Indexing. With Enterprise Search. Enterprise Search will also include the ability to “drill down” into related data and take action upon it.0 was built foster composite applications. so that users can easily and quickly modify specific functionality in their business software.WHITE PAPER organizations that aren't prepared to support them will be seen as behind the times and unresponsive to the needs of the business. This allows you to communicate in context. For example. Enterprise Search Today’s business workers are typically savvy Internet users in their personal lives and have come to expect the same sort of access and community in their business lives. With Enterprise Search.”8 Epicor ICE 2. an application that is built by “mashing-up” multiple existing functions into a new application. Enterprise Search allows you to set the sensitivity level so you don’t get irrelevant data in result sets. Microsoft SharePoint®. All of this promotes innovation. Epicor will continue to enhance user-to-user. users get the information they need with less input and without having to move from form to form within the application. on the network. invoices. Business workers will be able to search data that resides within applications built using Epicor ICE 2. Epicor ICE 2. phone call. and secure. or audiovideoconference with one or all of the document's owners. collaboration. and trouble-free accessibility. which allows many options for shared communication including an instant message session. Finally. dashboards. and business documents can all be made available on today’s most popular collaborative portal. 2008 Epicor ICE 2. an enterprise search tool that brings the personal Internet experience to the workplace. and business-to-customer collaboration. 8 “Business Managers Need to Care About SOA in ERP. Epicor ICE 2. Furthermore.0 technologies and the building blocks of Microsoft Search.

settings to establish ranking. which terms the user wants omitted. and already incorporates enterprise business processes such as financial periods.0: Next-Generation Business Architecture 10 . Stemming. define index definitions. and which terms are optional. • • • Epicor ICE 2. Crawl Inquiry. which determines which search terms the user requires in the search results. Epicor chose to create our own search engine using Microsoft technology to provide rankings that would be relevant to our customers—most search engines do not allow any customization to their ranking schemes. including a crawl table to hold hash hits by BAQ and company. Category Data < 1% Resource Data 10% Transaction Data 30% Audit/Support Data 50% Enterprise Search Ranking Pyramid Enterprise Search Ranking Pyramid Enterprise Search includes tools to import and tune BAQs. Our search results are ranked first by the number of hits (similar to other search engines) but then by business activity query (BAQ) priority. Enterprise Search also permits customers to define their own search content body.WHITE PAPER Search Technology Enterprise Search uses SQL indexing to provide quick and accurate results. Tuning options allow customers to influence ranking and presentation. Epicor Enterprise Search execution performs the following steps: • Parsing. Epicor provides 25 BAQs specifically in support of Enterprise Search. which reconciles the search with the “trade terms” known to ERP and resolves “wildcard” search terms. where the search results are processed and ranked. Enterprise Search allows the user to browse data before logging into the system—greatly reducing resource requirements. which converts the raw XML results to a Web page. add calculated fields that do not exist in the database. Analyze and Format Results. and several new tables to aid in searches. and customers can also import their own BAQs into the product.

Single Database. Epicor’s SaaS model utilizes browser based versions of ICE 2. software.0 developed applications that make use of a zero or very thin client deployment. In this environment. This configuration specifically excludes the possibility of supporting multiple different sets of multi-company instances in a single database. Epicor ICE 2. then they should have their own dedicated database.0. SQL.0 will support physical servers that are hosted in a data-center center or cloud-based computing service. Epicor ICE 2. without utilizing a license. etc. Software as a Service More and more companies are looking to reduce or eliminate hardware. which as part of Epicor True SOA™ and allows generation of Web-based forms from XML metadata. and administration costs by moving to hosted. and shared service environments. The server configurations supported by Epicor ICE 2. managed.0 was built to provide support for application deployment via a multi-tenanted software as a service (SaaS) or single-tenanted hosted on-demand environment. The rationale here is that when an organization is large enough to require a multi-company installation.WHITE PAPER Epicor Enterprise Search delivers secure search options for all business and other content—search results are bound to the BAQ security rules—if a user does not have access to columns. Users will be assigned to one company only (with the exception of global administrators). distinct (unrelated) companies with complete business process separation between the companies. With Enterprise Search you get fast. Single instance of software.) Sharing software instances/configuration (single copy of application) Sharing databases (single backup) Epicor ICE 2. Also available as a Microsoft Azure™ Services Platform cloud-based offering. relevant and secure access to all of your information. In this configuration a single database supports multiple.0 fall into the following categories: Single Server. Multiple Single Companies This configuration is offered as standard with the release of Epicor ICE 2. they are not displayed for that user. This is accommodated by Epicor Everywhere™ Framework. Enterprise Search brings relevant business information to employees and customers in a familiar and easy-touse setting.0: Next-Generation Business Architecture 11 . Epicor applications can be configured and maintained by Epicor hosted and/or managed services resources remotely or combined with co-location equipment and internal services as applicable. There are many models for SaaS deployment with the key driver being economies in deployment and administration by: • • • • Sharing physical servers (hardware) Sharing software licenses (Windows.

0 embraces the value of Web 2.0 technologies boost the usability of business applications. Multiple Servers. collaboration. thus they are all at the same patch level and one installation of a patch updates all databases. and productivity without sacrificing security. Epicor ICE 2. But Epicor ICE 2. like enabling users to securely access structured and unstructured information across the enterprise in a single search.WHITE PAPER Single Server. The end result is improved efficiency. and mashups that consumers rely on in their everyday lives to business applications.0 technologies. such as creation and maintenance of users and groups can be achieved by a company administrator without visibility or effect on other companies. and pass them on to our customers so that in turn they can be more competitive in their field of business. Epicor ICE 2. suppliers and customers. Epicor ICE 2. Multiple instances of software. Multiple databases. Multicompany This is the configuration for larger enterprises where processing is shared on multiple servers.0 will ensure that administrative functions.0. Global processing synchronizes software and business entities across servers. This configuration will be supported in a future release of Epicor ICE.0. This configuration will be supported in a future release of Epicor ICE. Multicompany Multiple application servers are defined for each database.0 and Web 2. but they all run the same instance of the application. This configuration will also be used to support multiple databases for separate enterprises comprising of multiple related companies in each. The Epicor ICE 2. enhancing collaboration both internally and with partners.0 technologies to bring capabilities to business users that were not possible before. All of the features of a rich technology platform have been incorporated into Epicor ICE 2.0 and all at a low cost of ownership. the Epicor ICE 2. with minimal overhead. brings maximum productivity and flexibility to all businesses. presence.0 concepts.0 framework also provides software plus services and SaaS opportunities.0 framework enables Epicor to continually adopt the latest technologies available. Dedicated databases.0: Next-Generation Business Architecture 12 . The combination of Epicor ICE 2. Summary Epicor ICE 2. Single instance of software. and improve the ability to customize and integrate applications without causing problems for application upgrades and maintenance.0 moves a step beyond the norm by seamlessly merging SOA with Web 2. Epicor ICE 2. such as enterprise search. which fuses Epicor True SOA™ with Web 2. For those companies looking to reduce hardware and administrative costs.0 delivers a truly adaptable SOA that will help businesses take control of their processes. This innovative combination brings all of the collaborative Web 2. Customization and BPM functionality can be utilized by a company administrator without visibility or effect on other companies.

The diagram below illustrates the Epicor ICE 2. the following layers will allow for the flexibility. and Microsoft . Epicor ICE Application Servers allow for scalability and are location transparent—they can be deployed on multiple physical servers in any location. This allows for load balancing where processor intensive applications (such as finite scheduling) could be located on their own application server so that they do not slow down normal users and also allow the process to execute quicker. or Linux platforms. hardware. extensibility. to some customers. among them Web services.0 framework that runs on Microsoft SQL Server with Windows Server 2003/2008 is identical to the solution that runs on Progress® RDBMS with UNIX. the Epicor ICE 2.0 server technology stack. The application server is platform independent and can be deployed on Windows. Because most customers will use the applications that are built on the Epicor ICE 2. It is these separate layers that allow Epicor ICE 2.WHITE PAPER Server Architecture Overview The following section describes the key elements of the Epicor ICE 2. As companies grow. It supports multiple interfaces. Application Server The application server layer exists to encapsulate all of the business logic rules and provide a single point of entry to all application logic irrespective of the interface layer. UNIX. HTML Web access. the following elements will never become visible to them. and database platforms.0: Next-Generation Business Architecture 13 .0 applications to be run on different operating systems. In essence.NET. Epicor ICE 2. and scalability that may become essential to optimizing their use of the system. additional application servers can be added to accommodate that growth.0 framework layers on the server. However.0 framework as they are delivered out-of-the-box. The data server and application server components allow Epicor application engineers to develop solutions without being preoccupied with scalability or multiple database issues.

partners and employees where business processes can be brought together dynamically without private networks or proprietary interfaces to not only cut costs but also create digital assets that drive revenue and profits.0 business logic provides simplified multi-channel device access with greater interface flexibility and IT management ease. By reducing implementation times using industry standard interfaces. Rather.0 with component interfaces configured and optimized to match the deployment profile.. such as EDI. transaction processing. over the Internet.0 offers the flexibility to deploy functionality locally or remotely. producing a myriad of deployment scenarios. the four walls of the enterprise do not limit integration.0 is distributed-deployment capable. The database server offers users advanced scalability. businesses can integrate processes with customers and suppliers up and down the entire value chain. and Virtual Private Networks (VPN) whereby the Web server runs an installation of Epicor ICE 2. This integration can be achieved without having to understand the specifics of how suppliers. It just happens to look a lot like our present day technology…only a bit faster. Distributed Deployment Epicor ICE 2. partners or customers built their own IT systems. 2009 Epicor ICE 2. Application Web Services Software business services made available as application Web services allow for advanced workflow orchestration and dynamic integration between applications. According to Ian Finley of AMR Research.” January 20. “Applications delivered using an SOA approach. performance.0 currently supports the Progress RDBMS and Microsoft SQL Server databases. and roll back recovery). cheaper. integration using Web services produces a secure plug-n-play interaction with customers. hard coded binding of specific versions of specific systems. The platform is deployable through a corporate intranet. With Web services. Epicor ICE 2. record locking. can be modified faster than those built with a traditional approach. 9 “The Four Big Myths of SOA. availability. Rather. improving inter-enterprise collaborative capabilities.WHITE PAPER Database Server The database server enables Epicor applications built on ICE 2. especially in conjunction with business process management (BPM) technology.0 to run on a number of databases with a single application code set. and data integrity features (e. The database server supports the full capabilities of each database.”9 Integration is no longer a fragile. Web services can accelerate the return on software investment for midmarket companies. anytime to Epicor ICE 2. “The future of SOA is secure. without costly and time-consuming programming.0: Next-Generation Business Architecture 14 . and better.” He added.g. Secure global access from anywhere. Web services’ granular logic creates choice and accessibility. matching the distributed or centralized pattern of physical business operations. beyond the firewall. suppliers. Epicor ICE 2.

Sales Connect.WHITE PAPER N-Tier Scalability Epicor ICE 2. such as trackers Offline access to archived as well as live data Offline ad hoc queries (including those from Epicor Portal and Epicor Information Worker) Offload external system processing (Mobile Connect. so it is used to support Epicor Portal BAQ views and Epicor Information Worker. Not able to scale outward to more servers creates a performance bottleneck for client/server applications. deploying services on separate servers.0 applications scale easily by adding application servers.0 that is used for offline reporting and retrieval of archived data.) Aggregated database holding records from multiple companies across multiple servers Data transfer for Epicor Enterprise Performance Mangement (EPM) or other Business Intelligence (BI) solutions One to many. many to one.0 business architecture creates deployment choices to achieve efficient scalability across unlimited numbers of machines. Epicor Replication Server is designed to offload processing from the main Application Server and will support the following functions: • • • • • • • Offline reporting and inquiries. Epicor ICE 2. All trackers. or implementing multiple database servers—making Epicor ICE 2. Replication Support Epicor ICE 2. reports and other forms are functional. On the other hand.” Implementing a bigger box solution is an extremely expensive process and performance gains are limited by Moore’s Law with each implementation (computing power doubles approximately every 18 months). choices that are not available to most client/server ERP applications. The bottleneck can only be removed and performance improvements realized when the client/server application is moved to a “bigger box.0 easy to load balance and grow as performance needs increase.0: Next-Generation Business Architecture 15 . This is the only type of replication database that supports Business Activity Query (BAQ) execution. but the database will not allow updates via forms or Web services. Many client/server ERP applications have few deployment options and are limited to only one or two servers. etc.0 also offers Replication Server support that can efficiently replicate all database transactions from the Application Server. and many to many configurations Epicor Replication Server supports three different types of replication databases: Functional Reporting: This type of database is a complete installation of Epicor ICE 2. Epicor ICE 2.

Business logic defines how these business objects interact with each other. hardware. Epicor ICE 2. and how they are updated. performance.0 framework was designed to utilize separate layers for the application and database. Business logic performs calculations. and database platforms and the entire system is completely scalable. Web services and SOA also facilitate distributed deployment where application servers and database servers can be deployed on any physical servers located anywhere around the globe. Business logic contains the rules that are used to enforce business policies and workflows that determine the order in which business tasks are handled. Business Logic Layer Overview Typically business logic represents business objects like accounts. it now becomes easy to customize and extend Epicor ICE 2. parts. and data integrity. availability. It may be used for ad hoc reporting (via Crystal Reports® for instance) and for Epicor Portal views that are defined directly against the database (but not via BAQs). An additional benefit of this design is the ability to easily provide replication services for load-balancing. and is separate from the database layer. DataMart: This type of database is used to support Epicor EPM functions. Since the application layer contains all of the business logic.WHITE PAPER Ad Hoc Reporting: This type of database comprises a selected sub-set of tables defined by the publishing servers and by filters on the subscriber(s). Epicor ICE 2. More information can be found within the Epicor 9 Performance Benchmark Technology Briefing.0: Next-Generation Business Architecture 16 . utilizes Web services and SOA. Summary Because the Epicor ICE 2. customers. and the Epicor 9 Hardware Sizing Requirements and Recommendations Technology Briefing.0 provides scalability across an unlimited number of machines and the database server supports the full capabilities of each supported database and offers advanced scalability. The n-tier design for Epicor ICE 2.0 replication architecture includes fast data capture based on file triggers and includes the ability to replicate multiple company data from multiple servers and selective table synchronization.0 server layers. Epicor ICE 2. reporting and ad hoc queries. and inventories to name a few. Epicor ICE 2.0 business applications to meet specific business rules without affecting source code. enforces validations and manages data access. how they are accessed.0 applications can be run on different operating systems.

or some middle tier (physical server)? This decision is important because the location of business logic has several implications. both the client and the server. Epicor ICE 2. Epicor ICE 2. business logic was moved all or in part to the server. In a client/server system there are only two tiers. to create business objects. Because of this abstraction of complexities. the server was seen as just data storage and the business logic was implemented in the client. The definition would contain the definition of each table. each field within those tables and the indexes associated with each table. This resulted in heavy network traffic as the client sent data to or requested data from the server. The problem with this scenario is that databases are designed for storage and retrieval and database languages are not designed to handle the types of validations and calculations required by business logic. In some scenarios.0 embraces n-tier design by providing a business logic layer which separates business process rules from the application logic and database layers. Business Logic Layer Epicor ICE 2.0 provides the Object Design Tool (ODT) which allows us. new business processes can be added and existing processes modified easily without disrupting the surrounding layers—a key benefit Epicor True SOA™. It also resulted in the need for client redeployment every time business logic changed.WHITE PAPER Over the years. Epicor saw the problems with the two tier scenario and realized that the best way to separate business logic from the client and the server is through an ntier design where business logic lives in its own layer (section of the system that is contained within its own process) and on its own tier. To reduce network bandwidth and reduce the redeployment effort. and you.0: Next-Generation Business Architecture 17 . This business logic layer is also critical to Epicor True SOA™—an SOA that is not an integration framework or Web service wrapper but a ground up creation of SOA business services and client services such as Epicor Everywhere™ Framework and XML metadata.0 creates an enterprise solution that evolves and grows. There are four major elements to a business object: • • • • Database Definition Datatable Definition Dataset Definition Business Objects Database Definition The database definition resides at the database level and contains the base level definition of the data. Epicor ICE 2. the server. Does it belong on the client. the decision on where to place business logic has been a moving target. eliminating the diminishing returns of client/server reimplementation cycles and complexity of managing application upgrades.

OrderDetMisc (sales order detail miscellaneous charges). OrderDet (sales order detail table). lines and releases). and virtual fields. A dataset gathers together many datatables and other related datasets in order to present a complete transaction to the end user. Business Objects A Business Object consists of its defined datasets. and OrderRel (sales order release table). The object interface is a C# class that is built into a . Inherent in the dataset is the way in which all of the datatables and datasets interact to produce a complete transaction. the business object and its datasets have to have interfaces defined for them.XSD file. Datatables point to the physical database definition table and produce a more real-world view of the data. The dataset in short produces a multi-tiered record which contains all of the information relating to a sales order (all the header information.0: Next-Generation Business Architecture 18 . These interface files are Microsoft . base framework methods.NET assemblies and can be referenced as needed by developers working with Microsoft Visual Studio. The data table will hold extra information like foreign key links. Dataset Definition The dataset is a further abstraction of the data structure.WHITE PAPER Datatable Definition The data table definition is an abstracted view of the database definition and contains many extra elements that improve the development and maintenance of the application. Business Object Design To be used. and its unique methods contained in an object. standard global definitions. For example. Epicor ICE 2. The dataset’s interface is the XML Schema Definition and stored in an .DLL file. a sales order dataset may contain OrderHed. The dataset produces a business view of the physical data.

and retrieve foreign key information). Change Log The change log allows you to track changes that have been made to a specific record.0. Users can specify e-mail addresses manually. One of the key goals of Epicor ICE is to ensure that customers are able to change their applications without the need to alter the core application. or let the system automatically derive them based on a person’s roles associated with the transaction. It can be exposed in many different ways allowing any type of client access to its functionality. Web client. Isolating their changes from the core application allows customers to keep up to date with the latest software releases and therefore maximize return on maintenance payments. list. That client could be a Windows smart client. For example. The system will automatically generate the appropriate e-mail addresses from the customer record.0: Next-Generation Business Architecture 19 . Send Alert Send alert allows you to monitor changes to key areas of the system and immediately send an e-mail alerting internal or external users of those changes. Thus users will have business flows that are entirely customized to their own requirements and still be able to easily take on a new release. what and when changes were made to the data elements. a message can be sent to the associated salesman and buyer from the customer’s site. deleting a transaction. Epicor ICE BAM allows users to alter the business rules within the base system without touching source code through the use of three major components. A business object allows complete control over any transaction. updating a transaction. use scripts to identify e-mails based on rules. looking at a transaction. allow users to embed their own business rules into Epicor ICE 2.WHITE PAPER The structure of an object defines what datasets are contained within the object and how they are related to each other.0 applications without touching standard source code. Using the Epicor ICE object design tool and with just referencing the base object framework a non-programmer can define and build a working business object that can immediately be used in UI development. etc.0 provides Business Activity Management and Monitoring (BAM) capabilities to allow a company to build proactive business rules against all the business logic within applications built on Epicor ICE 2. Epicor ICE 2. These processes can be very sophisticated and. the new system can be set up to automatically carry out a process to update other parts of the system. Carry Out Process Users can define rules against changes to individual or groups of data changes throughout the system. delete. simply put. A base object framework of common logic is used to reduce/eliminate many globally needed tasks (such as create. creating a new transaction. E-mails can be automatically constructed by the system or users can construct sophisticated HTML-based e-mail messages using related information. Web service. Business Activity Management Epicor ICE 2. read. You are able to track who. if an alert has been set up to identify changes to the customer’s address. etc. update. When that change takes place.

perhaps most importantly. servers. smart client applications. Microsoft's managed code framework for building applications on Windows clients. And. a business process-oriented approach provides control. server applications.0 BPM is cost effective and enables companies to automate and streamline business processes for continuous improvement without expensive after-the-fact integration—precisely because it is a standard embedded feature of the platform. decision response time and lost paper. or they undergo a massive and costly customization initiative to conform the application to a proven business processes. and/or after the base business process is run. console applications.NET Framework Epicor ICE 2. Epicor ICE 2. accountability. during. Epicor ICE 2.0 business object design exploits the capabilities of the . database applications. Each business process contains methods that perform specific tasks within the application. BPM increases accountability. This allows you to validate. Microsoft . and mobile or embedded devices.NET Framework. Epicor BPM permits you to intercept communications between the client and the server. Epicor ICE 2. However. BPM and workflow technology allow you to automate and streamline business processes—removing mundane paper shuffle activities from the decision making process of information workers.0 transforms Web service OLTP messages into higher-level business event messages that in turn drive business process management.NET to build applications of many types: Web applications. creating workflow-aware enterprise applications. cost effective match between best business practices and enterprise software. Enter the roles of Epicor Service Connect and Epicor Business Process Management (BPM).0: Next-Generation Business Architecture 20 . manipulate. Other business systems consider BPM to be just another customization layer that requires expensive integration with an ERP application. matching best practices to enterprise applications has historically been an expensive endeavor. and more. neither approach creates a solution agile enough to adapt to changing market conditions and new business opportunities. collaboration and productivity and reduces errors.0 platform rather than an add-on. companies can focus human resources on the most critical parts of the process where their efforts will produce the greatest value. or create workflows that are based on the data being passed throughout the application. And. By automating business processes. Developers use .WHITE PAPER Workflow and Business Process Management Best practices drive business efficiency and profit. BPM can enforce internal business controls and enhance business processes. BPM is part of the Epicor ICE 2. Neither approach is cost effective. Epicor BPM tools allow you to manipulate the way in which these methods perform before. Companies have either chosen not to incur the expense and change their business processes to fit the application.0 platform contains the necessary infrastructure to easily and effectively integrate workflow into online transaction processing (OLTP) applications.0 provides an integral embedded BPM framework to allow you to modify and extend your business processes without touching the application itself. The Epicor ICE 2. Epicor ICE 2. BPM reduces employee training requirements. creating an agile. and results.

Libraries for handling XML. the application server. in its own tier. written in a standard language. including: Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). The Epicor ICE 2. Windows Workflow Foundation (WF).0 framework allows you to make the necessary hardware and business process decisions that make sense for your business. ASP.NET Framework includes a broad set of supporting class libraries. text-tospeech. using 100% SOA standards. messaging and name services. for visually stunning user experiences on Windows clients. the . while leaving your relational database management system (RDBMS) to be purely optimized for persistence. allowing developers to build workflows into any application. The n-tier design of Epicor ICE 2. We did this by building a framework from the ground up.NET. The ability to use a true development language to implement business rules as opposed to SQL stored procedures and triggers provides more flexibility to proficiently implement business rules.0 allows for more flexible hardware decisions because middle tier application servers significantly decrease the load on the database server.0 is a completely adaptable framework that ensures Epicor next-generation business applications align correctly with your business rules and procedures. data. Epicor ICE 2. enabling fast and flexible communications among applications across your enterprise.0 puts business logic where it belongs and where it can be easily accessed and modified to fit any business requirements without touching source code. Summary Epicor recognized early on that business logic did not belong on the client or on the database server and implemented an n-tier design where business logic is encapsulated in the business logic layer. and more. Epicor ICE 2. Windows Communication Foundation (WCF). cryptography.0 takes full advantage of this business logic layer to automate a number of services like transactions.0: Next-Generation Business Architecture 21 . Epicor ICE 2. IO. The n-tier design of Epicor ICE 2. for high-performance and interactive Web-based applications. XML.WHITE PAPER To support this variety. security.0 and Epicor True SOA™ make future modifications much easier to implement because all of the business logic is contained in a single location. persistence/connection pooling. and isolated from the client and the server. Epicor ICE 2.

and distribute information to help create new products.NET client working against a . 10 https://www. analyze. saving organizations substantial application deployment and maintenance costs and all three options are intuitive. Epicor ICE 2.0 offers the ability to have multiple user interfaces interact with the same business logic. and a Microsoft Office Business Application (OBA) client. including support for a “Smart Client”. consume.NET interface layer. intuitive.0 can take full advantage of Microsoft’s . aesthetic. use familiar words and concepts. and therefore the application as a whole.WHITE PAPER User Interface Overview The user interface (UI) is one of the most important features of any business software. Business workers can take advantage of increased opportunities to extract. a Web browser-based client. Since the client is abstracted from the application by a . and above all. expand into new markets. allow users to handle processing in a natural way.mspx Epicor ICE 2.0 is a fully n-tier application. the architecture supports the possibility of using any . Either way. no locally stored application code resides on the Next-Generation Business Architecture 22 .10 Smart Client Deployment Structure Epicor ICE 2. The UI needs to be easy to use. Smart Client Epicor ICE 2.NETcompliant smart client against the interface. The UI is the client software that facilitates interaction with the system. must be flexible and mobile. a unique and modern concept that provides extensibility in terms of user experience. Smart clients are easily deployed and managed client applications that offer users a powerful interactive experience—an experience that takes advantage of local resources to connect intelligently to distributed data sources.NET smart client technology to deliver a rich user experience in a traditional local client environment. and provide better operational control. and promote user productivity.NET interface layer to an application server containing the application business logic. with a .0 includes the Epicor Everywhere™ Framework. streamline business procedures. Epicor ICE 2.

and collaborate with Microsoft SharePoint document integration. fields. rows can be cut and pasted to and from Microsoft Excel). search criteria and trackers. Because styling themes can be deployed for a department. Epicor ICE 2. Microsoft Excel® Style Grid Manipulation The Epicor ICE framework allows you to freeze multiple areas of a grid vertically or horizontally so multiple areas of a grid can be seen simultaneously and create multi-tiered groups to quickly make sense of large amounts of data. Epicor ICE 2. you can set their unique theme for easy recognition. Cut and Paste Capabilities Cut-and-paste information to and from all areas of the system and other applications (e.NET capabilities to deliver a productive end user experience by providing the following features: Microsoft Outlook® 2007 Styling and Methodology Styling offers complete control over the look and feel of the entire user interface. company. etc.) Linked components within a dashboard communicate through a publication/subscription mechanism and dynamically refresh with new data based on user selection. Navigation Tree A navigation tree view provides an at-a-glance summary view of transaction structure and attachments at any level of the transaction. It works by letting you define the look of each item within the interface—buttons. Dashboards provide intuitive visualization of task oriented processes centralized in one view.g.0 provides a new style which provides the same look and feel as Outlook 2007—a tree view pane to let you easily navigate to any company and processes. check boxes. User Sizeable Forms All forms have the capability to be sized horizontally and/or vertically to fit each user’s need. shipment.0 is built using Microsoft Visual Studio . Ability to Embed Dashboards and Web Pages Statistical analysis using key performance indicators can be embedded sideby-side with data entry forms.WHITE PAPER Smart Client Characteristics The user interface that is delivered with Epicor ICE 2. Other Excel-like features include drag and drop column manipulation and the ability to sort multiple grid columns. sales order. stay up-to-date with URLs and RSS feeds.0: Next-Generation Business Architecture 23 .NET and the industry standard presentation layer components from Infragistics. Tear Off Sheets Multiple data sheets per form that can be ”torn off” the main form and positioned at will on the user’s desktop in order to work with multiple views simultaneously.0 takes full advantage of Microsoft Visual C#® . quote.. etc. (Trackers are associated linked business processes such as customer. Epicor ICE 2. Inc. a favorites panel where you can list the items you use most frequently. or multi-company deployments. job.

Attachment/ Document management capability also includes the use of a Microsoft SharePoint document repository. These include: • Personalization options allowing an individual user to create a specific layout style for each form. add columns to a grid. Basic and full search windows provide different levels of predefined selection criteria for system tables. flexible. Documents attached at the process level would typically contain information associated to process execution. while advanced searches allow the user to select from any of the fields available in the database for complex tables and to select from a range of criteria against each field. change tab order. rather than being built into the client user interfaces. All companies to which a user has access are available within the client menu. documentation. the architecture places great emphasis on ensuring that the business logic and rules are centralized on the application server. and much more. Smart Client Extensibility The objective of the smart client is to provide a highly functional. This includes the ability to skip fields.0: Next-Generation Business Architecture 24 . and integration to other best-of-breed document management systems will be facilitated. Search Forms Powerful search forms provide basic. Business Entity Virtualization Epicor ICE 2. without having to log out and log back in again.0 architecture supports the ability to manage and view attachments against any record or application process. Supporting Microsoft SharePoint means that document versioning is also supported. Attachments at the record level would typically provide information. change color or other properties of a field. intuitive. full. and advanced criteria sets. All attachments can be secured using standard role-based security. Drag and Drop Attachments The Epicor ICE 2. reorder columns in a grid. • Epicor ICE 2. and attractive user interface that works through the Microsoft . In addition to the usability features above. or business practices for the process itself. Optional settings to remember last position of all data sheets and main form on closing the form so that preferred layout is preserved. or context specific to that record.WHITE PAPER Non-modal Forms Most forms are non-modal—this means a user may have several forms open and be able to move between forms as needed. all forms support sophisticated mechanisms designed to allow flexibility of use depending on preference and other factors. In order to facilitate this flexibility. workflow.0 Smart client technology makes transition between secure business entities seamless through menu virtualization of multiple companies.NET interface layer against business objects on the application server. The user is able to move between companies simply by clicking on menu options.

and User’s language is available regardless of which PC they are logged into. Using our Epicor Everywhere™ Framework. the Epicor Everywhere™ Framework supports generation of asynchronous Java and extensible markup language (AJAX) Web browser-based forms from existing Windows forms (C#). Customization is always deployed automatically to all users once approved. contain the same business logic as Smart Client forms. and are browser neutral. or Google™ Chrome and can run on most operating systems. many enterprise applications are being rewritten to support mobile devices and browser-based clients. thus logging into a different PC provides the same user personalization settings. this allows a user to specify that they always work with a specific set of Vendors or Parts.0: Next-Generation Business Architecture 25 . Mozilla® Firefox® Apple® Safari®. Linux.WHITE PAPER • Optional settings to define initial data loading to a form including automatic loading based on predefined.clr assemblies to HTML. For added flexibility Web forms can be accessed from different mobile devices and browsers. Rather than rewrite application forms to support mobile devices and the Web. This framework also ensures that user customizations and personalizations remain intact. Epicor Web Access Epicor ICE 2. you can customize your smart client forms to meet your specific business needs and then simply re-generate the form’s metadata and output it as a Web form with all customizations included. more convenient access to business information and easier deployment. Epicor ICE 2. a unique technology that stores all client business logic as tagged XML metadata. and support for inbuilt language translation capability. named search definitions. which provide easier. This ensures that: • Personalization follows a user from one physical client to another. UNIX. Epicor developed the Epicor Everywhere™ Framework. Currently. These clients are generally considered “zero-footprint” or “thin” clients. For example.0 Web client forms are a straight conversion from the WinForm . including Windows. or Mac. all from the same source code. customization and language parameters are stored on a central server and are deployed via XML documents to each client on request. This permits Epicor applications to run as smart clients or Web clients or on mobile devices. Support for inbuilt customization allowing add/change/delete of all types of data controls on the form. • All personalization. whatever the UI. including Microsoft Internet Explorer®. • Please refer to detail sections in the Adaptability section for more information on personalization and customization. and to automatically load these on form entry each time. Epicor Everywhere™ Framework Today.

Epicor ICE 2. analysis. and does so from within their familiar Office applications. Epicor ICE 2. The possibilities are endless and allow business workers to quickly access data and reuse and repurpose documents for presentations. and download data for viewing and/or updating. transactions are validated and submitted using the same Web services utilized by the standard client. Summary Success or failure of implementing business software depends on user acceptance. create customer calls from incoming and outgoing emails. Epicor Information Worker provides for disconnected use so it does not place further burden on IT and network resources. Microsoft Office Client Epicor ICE 2. Once connected. and Web services make it possible to use Microsoft Office applications as a client for many business system processes. Epicor Information Worker utilizes Epicor ICE 2. and communications without revisiting. simple to deploy. All transactions entered offline remain on the client as XML files until reconnected to the network. proper form layout.0 SOA and Web services to seamlessly meld business data and business system functionality with Microsoft Office to create an Office Business Application (OBA). pulling and updating source information—allowing workers to accomplish more in less time. and then send the updated information back to the database. Microsoft Word can incorporate business data within a template and mail merge routine to simplify communication with customers or vendors.0 client features and design leads to maximum productivity for employees at all experience levels. Using Epicor Information Worker and Microsoft Office allows business workers to download contacts into Microsoft Outlook. Visual indicators. and easy to maintain. Epicor ICE 2.WHITE PAPER Epicor ICE 2. Furthermore.0 makes no trade off between a feature rich Smart client and the ease of Web client deployment through our Epicor Everywhere™ Framework. Users can retrieve data into Microsoft Excel.0.0 provides a vastly configurable and productive user experience that is at once feature rich.0: Next-Generation Business Architecture 26 . edit in place. The result is a broader user acceptance and the elimination of training costs for two distinct interfaces. Epicor ICE 2.0 Web Access provides a rich user experience for both the seasoned user and the new hire coupled with the ubiquity of browser access. which positions the user interface of an application as a critical factor to the project outcome. and easily accessible help guides educate new users without impeding those with more experience. By utilizing SOA for application logic. SOA. Epicor Information Worker extends the reach of essential business data to users who might not have direct access to enterprise systems. operational workflow.

Epicor ICE 2. whether in terms of integral support for changing business processes. users of packaged software often had to resort to invasive customization or changes to source code in order to affect workarounds to make rigid code work for their particular enterprise—all too often a time-consuming. and businessto-business integration and connectivity. market trends and changes in the competitive landscape—without recourse to source code. all too often being the transition from packaged software (the benefits of which come from regular functional updates) to a customer-specific code line. and allows businesses to quickly take advantage of windows of opportunity. Epicor ICE 2.0: Next-Generation Business Architecture 27 .0 offers a set of non-invasive yet embedded application management tools.0 delivers unprecedented extensibility. complex and expensive process. These tools provide the needed flexibility to modify applications as the situation warrants. Since Epicor ICE 2. Epicor ICE 2. and simplifies the management of enhancements and extensions over the application lifecycle. Yet. Extensibility Overview In many cases up until now. To address this need.WHITE PAPER The Epicor ICE 2. In fact. Epicor ICE 2. organizations must have the ability to control their business applications to ensure they continue to fit their changing business requirements.0 reduces the cost and effort of extending an application. many vendors positioned the availability of source code for customization as a positive.” It might also be accompanied by heightened investment in internal or third party IT resources in order to support the customizations. until the advent of more flexible business logic offered by SOA-based packaged software. extending the application software to meet your specific business needs becomes painless and your changes do not interfere when it’s time to upgrade.0 framework provides maximum choice in terms of UI starting with a Smart client that offers all of the functionality that a user expects. including personalization and customization. Epicor Information Worker offers Epicor next-generation application access through a familiar Microsoft Office client. which is often referred to as being “version locked. but with the added bonus of embedded personalization and customization capabilities. The result. What many failed to consider is that this legacy lives long after the customized software is implemented. Finally. to involve and deliver maximum business insight to a broader user community. The Epicor Everywhere™ Framework extends this further with the ability to transform Smart client forms into Web forms— without losing functionality.0 utilizes SOA and a separate layer for business logic. or in the reduction of cost and complexity in terms of application-to-application.

0 supports both Progress and Microsoft SQL Server databases. and deliver advanced features such as optimistic record locking (reducing locking congestion and increase total throughput). or changing the business rules to ensure your processes are followed.0. Adaptation There are three important types of adaptation for enterprise business applications.0: Next-Generation Business Architecture 28 . Epicor ICE 2. While there are many options available today. but also lock the user into a single vision of the future. it is very important that you protect your options for the future. Applications that run on a single. in order to address the adaptation needs of most business scenarios. or hardware platform. UNIX. proprietary system limit not only the ability to configure the best current system. There are three major aspects of choice and flexibility to consider: • • • Operating System Database Adaptation Operating System When making a business application selection. This first type of adaptation can easily be achieved through the embedded management tools provided by Epicor ICE 2.0 framework will allow users to deploy their Epicor business applications on a number of operating systems including Microsoft Windows 2003/2008. The Progress OpenEdge® platform provides transparent access to a wide range of heterogeneous data sources including native access to Microsoft SQL Server databases through Progress DataServers.0 will allow companies to choose the operating system that best fits their business. Many larger companies prefer the price performance of UNIX to Windows. but from a lack of operating system or hardware support. Database Epicor ICE 2.0 provides a sophisticated built-in capability to adapt the UI and to leverage exposed events in both the UI and the application server code. it is important not to get boxed in to a particular operating system. Many applications have been replaced not due to any problem with the application itself. Epicor ICE 2. and Linux. hardware vendor. rearranging fields to support your workflow. The base Smart Client model of Epicor ICE 2.WHITE PAPER Flexible and Extensible Epicor ICE 2. The Epicor ICE 2.0 business architecture allows for complete flexibility and choice. the same goes for smaller companies with simplicity of Windows over the complexities of UNIX. The first is the ability to change existing capabilities—adding or subtracting fields. The second type of adaptation enables the purchaser of additional software to extend the functionality of an application. and stored procedure support. These dedicated DataServers enable exceptional performance and scalability. asynchronous default database connections.

This adaptability is crucial to being able to provide cost effective. for instance.0 built-in business process management tools and can be extended even further with Epicor Service Connect. Changing the flow of entry through a form. and adding human intervention to a workflow. Alternate or additional functionality is available according to licensing.0: Next-Generation Business Architecture 29 . This allows Epicor to support a full array of variations ranging from wide differences in product functionality to minor differences in personal preference through a single framework and code base. framework UI and business logic tools necessary to write your own additions and extensions to the application using the Epicor ICE 2. The contents of these documents are able to change the presentation of the application by: • • • • • Disabling or hiding fields and/or entire areas of the form. This third type of adaptation can be easily achieved with Epicor ICE 2. the business logic is built to support functional variations according to: • • Product version licensed.0 was built from the ground up to be adaptable in both the functionality and the user experience according to specific needs. sending emails for notification or approval. Epicor ICE 2. Epicor ICE 2.0 framework. Multiple versions of the product may support restricted or advanced levels of functionality. which supplies client source. centralized deployment of layered XML documents that contain overrides to many properties of a form. a powerful automation and integration tool that allows you to create workflows for each process to fit your business rules. In terms of the user interface.WHITE PAPER The third type of adaptation involves automating processes. For those requirements that cannot be satisfied by the built-in model or by Epicor Service Connect.0 also offers an advanced software development kit (SDK). variations are managed via a sophisticated. Layered Adaptability Epicor ICE 2. In terms of the application functionality. yet powerful solutions to our customers. Modules licensed. Changing terminology or language used on a form. Enabling additional fields and/or adding new areas to the form. Changing the layout or visuals on the form. adding or removing process steps in a workflow.

0 is ready to meet the requirements of countries around the world. With a global perspective at the forefront of every phase of the development process.WHITE PAPER This layered adaptability is manifested in five distinct categories of adaptation as illustrated in the technology stack diagram below. some can be done as extensions to that release by value-added resellers.0: Next-Generation Business Architecture 30 . Productization Productization refers to the ability for multiple product variants. Epicor ICE 2. Translation Translation refers to the ability of the Epicor ICE 2.0 release. Localization Epicor ICE 2. Translating the language can be done both from within the application or off-line (via an export/import mechanism). utilizing Microsoft’s standard transactional format assemblies.0 was designed as a global business architecture and includes a separate localization layer. This layer allows Epicor ICE 2. Online translation can be performed in two places: Epicor ICE 2. Epicor ICE 2. Epicor has ensured that the application's resources that require localization and translation have been separated from the rest of the application's code so that source code need not be modified during localization. This layer isolates country-specific localizations and makes version migration easier for customers and localization partners.0 is designed to support global-ready applications. and others will be delivered by Epicor in subsequent releases.0 to meet the requirements of each type of Epicor customer by providing an architected presentation and workflow layer that suits the size and type of customer using the product. Some country specific localizations will be included with the first Epicor ICE 2.0 application to manage and store multiple language variants and to deploy these on demand to the client.

the base currency. Such verticalizations can be packaged and delivered as a variation to the base product. Finally. then system-wide. then business object. In the actual application screen where it is on a screen/program basis (i. regional dialect level—not all strings need to be translated. Each language has a parent language and if the particular string is not translated in the user’s language the parent language is checked for translation as well. all of the screen’s/program’s text is made available and can be translated “in context. Translations are mainly done at the system-wide level. industry. Epicor ICE 2. data fields and flow to support a specific industry vertical.0 allows the user to view currency amounts and edit them in either the document (transactional) currency. This is to allow for easier localization at a company.g. The Translation Business Object then translates the text and returns it to the client for incorporation into the form.”). Translation would also be done here on all business object text. search for all instances of the word “job” in all of the text). Real-time translation of the text takes place when the screen is initialized. Languages also have a hierarchy. Translation features include: • • • • • • • • • All Text Stored in a Database Repository Individual Label Translation by Form Export/Import Language Files with Translation Tool Mass Update and Replacement of Like Labels 30% Form Allowance for Labels with Stretch Support User Language Preferences Change to Any Available Language at Runtime Multi-language by User Co-exists by Company Double Byte and Unicode Verticalization Verticalization refers to the inclusion of industry-specific features and the ability to modify terminology. Epicor ICE 2. just the differing ones. • Translations have a hierarchy of screen.. or the reporting currency.e. A dataset of all the text that needs to be translated (this is built up by the UI framework automatically) is sent to the Translation Business Object.WHITE PAPER • In the language maintenance/translation screen where it is done mainly on a word or phrase basis (e.0: Next-Generation Business Architecture 31 . but it is occasionally necessary to override the generally used translation in a specific instance.

0: Next-Generation Business Architecture 32 . tabs. The modification of existing UI Form component properties (e. Adaptation is a key requirement for many Epicor customers and Epicor ICE 2. Modification of UI flow by changing the tab order on components.0 technology supports two distinct layers depending on company need. The code points will have access to the active dataset within the UI application and to the extended column and row properties. etc. One section is resident within each UI application form and the other section resides in the business application layer. built-in customization engine that allows authorized users to add. The UI customization component acts like an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and allows the following: • The addition of UI Form components (e. and the layout of grids. pilot changes. size. This includes the ability to change the flow through the form. • The built-in customization engine is composed of two sections. size. This includes the position. • • • • Personalization Personalization is composed of runtime personalization. These are: • A sophisticated. check boxes. An advanced software development kit (SDK) that supplies the client source. change and delete fields on a form and to modify flow and visual appearance of controls on the form. floating sub-forms. add columns to grids or arrange columns in grids.g. text). and personalization that is a subset of customization. The ability to add VBScript “code points” to run before or after data field modifications. buttons. font. and order of UI forms. location. track changes. visible. change field properties such as color. and at Form Load or Form Exit. Epicor ICE 2. This includes the ability to model the changes. Runtime Personalization provides the ability to save the current layout and location of a UI application.WHITE PAPER Customization Customization refers to the ability for the end customer to modify aspects of the user interface and application functionality. Additionally.g.) and the ability to bind the value property to fields in the active dataset. framework UI. the code points will have access to the data within the database. labels. and business logic tools necessary to write additions and extensions to the application using the framework. before or after data view changes. The built-in engine also allows customization of database tables via updates made through application triggers and through code associated with business activity management (BAM). etc. grids. Personalization that is a subset of customization refers to the ability of an individual end user (or group of users) to personalize a form to their own requirements by using the built-in customization engine. The ability to add/remove data columns to/from grids. enabled.. and deploy and rollout changes to the user community. panels. Personalization is restricted to those changes that do not affect the actual data or minimum mandatory requirements of the application. text boxes.

0 BPM augments your current efforts of continuous improvement by allowing you to more closely tailor your Epicor solution to reflect the best practices you have developed.0 SDK provides: • • • • • Enterprise RAD platform for interaction with smart client Shared development tools. The advanced developer module contains the client source code. some to meet strict regulatory and quality standards for their industry and others for improved business efficiency. Epicor ICE 2. The Epicor ICE 2. and business logic tools.0 incorporates BPM technology to enable organizations to automate and streamline business processes for continuous improvement.NET Business Process Management Business Process Management (BPM) is all about identifying and improving processes to make your business more efficient. In order to use the SDK.0 Software Development Kit The Epicor ICE 2.NET 2008 Infragistics Controls (advanced UI control objects) Business Logic Toolset Progress AppBuilder Object Design Tool The SDK allows users to build their own custom modules and integrate and embed them into the product as though it were part of the base system.WHITE PAPER Epicor ICE 2. Many of today's businesses have already spent the time and effort to document and outline their business processes. Customers and Partners Build new functionality that behaves identically to the standard application Extend business layer components Sub-class Business Logic for development in Visual Studio . and better able to adapt to change. Epicor ICE 2. the developer would need the following tools: • • • • • Microsoft Visual Studio . platforms and framework for Epicor. coupled with Epicor Service Connect. as such. As an integral part of the Epicor business architecture.0 software development kit (SDK) allows customers to enhance or develop new forms with exactly the same toolset that the Epicor developers use.0 BPM automates delivery of information to customers and suppliers directly from within the Epicor application. The Epicor ICE 2.0 BPM tool includes the ability to track data Epicor ICE 2. give Epicor customers seamless integration capabilities with any service driven application. BPM provides a layer to each Epicor service for applying rules and conditions whether the service is called from a client. or another program. Epicor ICE 2. more disciplined. another service.0: Next-Generation Business Architecture 33 . Best practices dictate continuous improvement of business processes within and throughout the enterprise. BPM provides a framework for building process driven integration points that. framework UI.

Pre-process Build pre-process conditions that require approvals or other conditions to be met before processing continues. Workflow Build and execute workflow throughout the system for your unique business rules.NET method. With Epicor ICE 2. Epicor ICE 2. send an e-mail. invoke a .0 will allow the simultaneous update of changed rows to support new BPM method directives and to improve processing performance. you can intercept Web service methods with Method Directives and add custom logic to perform actions before. execute code. BPM allows you to apply business logic to every aspect of the system. managing your business specific processes is intuitive. or after a process occurs.0 BPM combined with the agility of Epicor True SOA™ and the powerful business orchestration and workflow capabilities of Epicor Service Connect. Epicor ICE 2. Epicor ICE 2. execute code. or replace an existing Web service with your own.0 BPM allows you to build pre-process conditions that require approvals or other conditions to be met before processing continues. Base Process Replace an existing Web service with your own. or create a record such as a workflow task.NET method. Post Process Automate post process routines such as an Epicor Service Connect workflow that provides integration to an outside system.0 BPM gives you complete control over your business—before. or in place of a Web service method. Epicor ICE 2. require approval for customer credit limit change. invoke a .0: Next-Generation Business Architecture 34 . For example. during.0 BPM provides a wizard-driven interface to specify conditions and actions that modify the behavior of business logic methods. after.WHITE PAPER changes within the database and automatically send alerts or print reports when change events occur. Designed similar to the Microsoft Outlook rules wizard. Complex logic can be inserted into every aspect of the system and executed as though it were part of the standard code itself. Electronic Signatures Invoke and require electronic signature for processes with secure authorization and password.0 BPM. helps business be more competitive by maximizing operating efficiency. Epicor ICE 2. or create a record such as a workflow task. Epicor ICE 2. send an e-mail. automate post process routines such as an Epicor Service Connect workflow that provides integration to an outside system.

Notification.0 applications through its BPM tools. Messaging. The service-oriented architecture (SOA) of Epicor solutions enable workflow orchestrations within Service Connect to streamline processing within Epicor ICE 2. Service Connect harnesses the openness of XML and includes service-bus functionality for Security. Transformation. The business analyst can choose from many pre-configured actions (attach a hold. The business analyst can even choose to substitute a completely different action for the one that would normally occur in the system. Service Connect uses XML documents to provide simple Web service connectivity to Epicor solutions and other applications that support XML standards. a Service Connect workflow can be initiated to start a process that requires human intervention. Integration can be easily built by using the Service Connect Visual Data Mapping tool to link and transform XML documents to map to different systems along multiple communication channels and protocols to support a wide range of integration scenarios. such as approval of an order. functioning as a central integration point for secure workflow orchestrations within Epicor applications as well as external connectivity to Epicor and non-Epicor applications. it is a rapid platform for incorporating workflow and system orchestration through visual designers with little to no programming effort. Service Connect lets employees focus on value added activities and management by exception instead of repetitive data (re)entry tasks.WHITE PAPER Epicor Service Connect Epicor Service Connect is a business integration platform. BPM allows a business analyst to react to events raised in the course of normal business activities by intercepting that event and either performing additional actions before or after that event occurs. Users can automate tasks and processes within the application to promote lean principles. Service Connect links different business entities. Orchestration. or calling a customer. and Exception Handling to deliver rock-solid reliability combined with ease of use.0: Next-Generation Business Architecture 35 . Built to support collaborative processes. raise an exception message. Scheduling. Epicor Service Connect is more than a tool for integration. update a record in the database). industry wide standards and technology that enables businesses to deploy solutions—confident that their investment will remain intact for the future. or they can choose to initiate a Service Connect workflow which allows them even greater flexibility in defining what actions to perform. applications or users using open. continuous performance initiatives and Six Sigma quality within the organization or across the supply-chain. For instance. Epicor ICE 2.

Task sets can be dynamically assigned based on circumstances.g. User-definable tasks identify type of work to be carried out (e. credit approval from a leasing agency. task management will look at the territory in which the opportunity is located and select the appropriate manager to sign it off. pricing approval. detailed engineering of the potential product. quote generation. to-do. in real-time.. Each event may be a key milestone with many other subsequent tasks that need to be carried out. mandatory tasks. Automatic assignment and routing of work is based on required role codes and the context of the transaction being worked on. • • • Epicor ICE 2. Telemarketing Follow Up). Urgent Item.). Tasks may be a single step process or may be a series of interlinked processes involving many different parties. and to provide control and feedback. Typical business processes require the ability to link both computer and non-computer events in a logical and conditional sequence. etc. Supports companies striving for ISO certification. a quote cannot be sent out to the prospect unless the sales manager has approved the pricing.WHITE PAPER Task Management Many times a company’s workflow is a lot more than just executing predefined application screen functions. It may require the outline quote to be entered. User-definable task workflow sets define complete workflow processes for different types of jobs. The task management system will automatically assign and route the work needed to process the change. At all times users have a dynamic task list that informs them of what they are needed to do. milestones.. if the opportunity requires a sales manager to sign off the pricing. For example. Task management functionality allows users to define workflow processes that key transactions need to go through in order to be completed. revision update. to schedule and manage the event queue. the processing of a sales opportunity may require substantially more than the entry of a quote on the system. For example. etc. circumstances may cause the sales opportunity to be routed via a very different path during its lifecycle. including multi-level tasks. supplier involvement for quoting key materials and services. Task sets are tightly embedded into the system ensuring that transactions can only be updated if the task set is at the right status. Visual representation of process status. a sales visit to establish the requirements. a sales engineer to then clarify the requirements. For example.0: Next-Generation Business Architecture 36 . to assign responsibility for each stage of a process execution. For example. Key functionality within Epicor ICE task set management: • • • • User-definable task types categorize work (e. Electronic sign offs ensure traceability and adherence to procedures by requiring a password when signing off a key task. different types of engineering change may require different levels of authorization and work. and alternative routes.g. And although a clear process may be known at the beginning.

Once the query is created. Ability to manually alter task set against a job based on circumstances.WHITE PAPER • • • • • • Message log of all interaction.0 provides the business activity query (BAQ) Designer. BAQs are “callable” from within BPM. Calculated columns in free form. A graphical mechanism for showing table linkages. or to view the results in a role-based dashboard. The workflow system will evaluate. Epicor ICE 2. both during planning and the actual process. The solution takes into account the real-life circumstances that define any environment. who should complete a task and automatically assign the task to that person’s queue. e-mails. Ability to manually route a task. Provide to-do lists specific to each employee. automatically driving a user to the area of the system to be worked on. Ability to see every place that a BAQ is used. Ability to manually create a task for someone to carry out. when you need it. which allows you to create personalized queries or to copy standard queries so that they can be modified. The BAQ Designer includes the following features: • • • • • • • • • • • • Multiple ways to define a BAQ (free form or wizard). Ability to test the BAQ before putting in production. Easy to use wizards. A double-pass approach for additional filtering of data on the server. calls. Epicor ICE 2. Multiple instances of a single table are allowed. Optional automatic notification of task creation and completion via e-mail. The ability to access the BAQ wizard or other components from other parts of the application (such as customization). Epicor ICE BAQ lets you create queries that display the data you need. for quick searches. based on roles. it can be used throughout Epicor nextgeneration business applications—to generate reports. Use of temp tables for BPM. SQL injection restrictions. Business Activity Queries Every business needs an intuitive and easy to use query engine. etc. The embedded workflow solution provides a comprehensive and flexible workflow solution that gives users the tools needed to respond quickly to critical business requirements.0: Next-Generation Business Architecture 37 . regarding the task.

and run the query to confirm the query is correct before it goes into production. For example. Regardless of how your business is distributed or where your business goes. stocks. commitments. test the syntax.0 delivers predefined role-based views for most areas of Epicor next-generation business applications out-of-the-box. This information may be cross discipline. Epicor ICE 2. Epicor ICE 2. and the customer’s current bookings shown graphically. The BAQ designer provides all the tools you need to quickly and easily create queries that return the relevant data you need. Role-based dashboards allow users to define their own virtual system by giving them the ability to generate a form set that presents information the way they want to see it. Epicor ICE offers choice of deployment either centrally on a single server/single database.0 applications are made up of many forms that allow users to run a complex business. Epicor ICE 2.WHITE PAPER In addition to providing a visual presentation of the query being created. Epicor will keep it all in synch for seamless operation and total visibility of the enterprise. a view of the customer’s supplier portal. etc. the BAQ designer also provides tabs where you can analyze. a user may want to see their outstanding tasks. or dynamic report.0 role-based dashboards allow users to define a single form set that contains all of this information and dynamically puts into context those areas in which the user is interested.0 allows applications to be distributed across multiple servers utilizing master data management and other technologies to ensure real-time connectivity and so provides complete logical and physical business distribution across hardware and networks. or on multiple databases/multiple servers around the world as needed. and additional views can be easily created using the built-in adaptation management tools. For example. customers on hold. quick search. highlighting a part would then show only those POs. Epicor ICE Dashboard technology is a completely flexible environment that is defined to meet the exact unique needs of each user based on their role. and cross system. Role-based Dashboards Epicor ICE 2. Epicor ICE 2. that were related to the part. To help these businesses virtualize their enterprise. cross technology.0: Next-Generation Business Architecture 38 . and in so doing offers low cost management of a highly distributed enterprise as a single entity regardless of information technology deployment choices. There is also a tab to display where an existing query is being used— dashboard.0 global business management (GBM) is a means of creating a single virtual enterprise and provides the essential tools needed to create and maintain a single version of the truth. Global Business Management Epicor ICE 2.

). Epicor ICE 2. etc. developing countries. There may be many reasons for this: Low bandwidth networks: In many parts of the world communications are still poor. These types of enterprises cannot afford to have their entire systems go down because of power outages. If the system goes down. etc. customer’s sites.WHITE PAPER Epicor Multi-Tier Deployment Epicor Centralized Deployment Distributed Data Management Although global communications have improved drastically over the last 10 years. communication problems.0: Next-Generation Business Architecture 39 . they stop shipping products and cannot take orders. there are many instances where enterprises want to distribute their information around multiple servers in different geographic locations. Reliability: Many companies truly rely on their enterprise system. Redundancy: Insuring that all of a company’s information is not on one server. Mobile Computing: Although Web access allows many more employees to access the system with a PC and an Internet connection there are many occasions that an Internet connection is not available (in flight.

Based on a set of user-defined rules and mappings. but still be tied back to the master information. the potential for multiple. Epicor ICE 2. Local copies of the master can have varying levels of differences (locally maintained). diverse global entities may now have records transferred and maintained between companies with the assurance that new and changed records are sent to all companies within your enterprise. This also allows each company to produce/sell their own product line by having localized part values that are specific to each company. Purchase Orders on one system become Sales Orders on another. and mergers and acquisitions has made the creating and maintaining of accurate and complete master data a business imperative. At the same time. and so forth. suppliers. inventory. Epicor MDM captures these hierarchies and also allows you to modify the hierarchies independently of the underlying systems. Epicor MDM works across a single database or multiple databases in different locales around the globe by utilizing an eXtensible Markup Language (XML) message-based infrastructure to facilitate the movement of disparate data into and out of the master data repository. Epicor MDM allows you to maintain data hierarchies—for example. part or any other records that are part of the master data repository that are located in different companies. in each company remain autonomous between your companies. or make acquisitions. local customers. and better decision-making. In addition to the master data itself. Epicor MDM includes a powerful transformation engine which provides the mapping capability to transform inbound data to the requisite master data definition and to map data definitions retrieved from the master data repository to XML for output. sales territory structure. Epicor EDM manages hierarchies so that a change to the hierarchy in a single place can propagate the change to all the underlying systems. Special note is made of buying and selling transactions between companies within the same organization so that proper revenue back out and consolidation can occur. organization structure for customers. Information often “transforms” when moving between companies. With MDM. The recent emphasis on regulatory compliance. inconsistent versions of the same data in different parts of the company can cause real problems with the quality and reconciliation of data. For example. SOA. decentralize. parts. This is vital so that each company can maintain its own business function without being restricted to working only with global customers or suppliers. Epicor MDM provides total control over which fields are managed by the master data publisher and which fields the subscribers can change and offers enterprise views and a complete menu system to allow you to view all entities from single login. At the same time.WHITE PAPER Master Data Management As organizations grow. bill of materials for products.0: Next-Generation Business Architecture 40 . Epicor master data management (MDM) can help to ensure that your multi-company data meets regulatory requirements and also provides the consistency needed for customer satisfaction. This means you are able to simultaneously view the customer. data conflicts are eliminated by clearly defining the one owner of the master information. operational efficiency. etc.

easing the management and integration of new applications with existing infrastructure components. protecting existing changes while realizing new version features without a complete re-implementation. and other business objects can be added or modified easily without disrupting surrounding application layers or source code. simplifying application updates and version upgrades. Epicor ICE 2.0 provides a flexible framework that allows businesses to attain the agility necessary to remain competitive.0 SDK extends your possibilities beyond the already powerful embedded capabilities. allowing complete programmatic access to the entire application.0 GBM and embedded capabilities like MDM provides all of the mapping and transformation capabilities to meet the demands of today’s distributed computing requirements. When extensive or more complicated adaptation is required.0 provides unlimited extensibility. Epicor ICE 2. Epicor ICE 2. Epicor ICE 2. for those organizations that have grown through acquisition or have simply decentralized. Adaptation can be managed and maintained easily from upgrading version-to-version. fields.0 next-generation business architecture provides a very complete and robust set of tools that enable businesses to both use and enhance the application. Modifications to business services are isolated from source code.WHITE PAPER Summary To truly become an agile business. Both provide easy to use message-oriented workflow processing and application integration. Finally. Epicor ICE 2. Epicor ICE 2. enterprises must be able to bend and adapt as market demands and the business evolves.0 provide many options for flexibility in the system. The intrinsic adaptation and translation tools included with Epicor ICE 2. By separating business process rules from application logic and database layers.0 provides Epicor True SOA™ a self-documenting and open Web-based API. Workflow is inherent within Epicor ICE applications and can be orchestrated for real-time business processing with BPM and/or Epicor Service Connect. the Epicor ICE 2. Business processes. The ability to transform Smart Client forms to Web forms with the Epicor Everywhere™ Framework provides ultimate portability.0: Next-Generation Business Architecture 41 . Epicor ICE 2.0 reduces the cost of extending applications to meet specific business needs and simplifies managing extensions over the application lifecycle.0 amplifies Web services interoperability. Epicor ICE 2. forms.

and method calls. Application Security Application security ensures that the business logic protects the database from corruption by always ensuring that an update is valid. This includes: • • Login security to the menu system either by entry of user ID and password. bar code devices.0 provides comprehensive user and group security to restrict data and application accessibility as needed.) Access Security Access security verifies that whomever (or whatever) is attempting to access the application server is permitted to do so. User and Group Security Management Security Epicor ICE 2. Security can be granted at user and group levels for all security objects including forms. menus. but you also need the ability to keep your data safe—from within your organization and from outside sources.0 delivers all of the security features you need to keep your data safe and secure. etc. or via Windows user authentication.0: Next-Generation Business Architecture 42 . regardless of the source of the transaction. Epicor ICE 2. There is also an option to use Windows Authentication to support a Windows single sign-on and password policy. reports. fields.WHITE PAPER Security Overview A business framework can have all of the features and functionality you could possibly want. Data tier security is also available for both tables and columns. The key levels of security are as follows: Product Security Product security includes protection to ensure that the application only allows use of modules and product variations purchased and licensed. This is necessary in a service-based architecture since the business logic can be called from many environments. including: • • • • The smart (primary) client External Web services Browser-based clients Other smart devices (cell phones. Epicor ICE 2. Session security (same as login security) for application components that are run directly from the desktop or other non-menu areas.

0 data access options and rest assured that the data is safe from unauthorized access. Epicor ICE 2. This much freedom of access may cause problems with some business software.0 provides user interface security. Epicor ICE 2. reports. menu. So you can take full advantage of the Epicor ICE 2.0 provides the option for Microsoft Windows Authentication and Windows Single Sign-on and Password Policy. business object and method security. Epicor ICE 2. and table and column security—security is available at every level and for every object.0 provides data security from the field level all the way to the database level—only those users with proper permissions will see the data. but not with applications built on the Epicor ICE 2.0: Next-Generation Business Architecture 43 .0 framework. Epicor Portal. Business Security Business security includes ensuring that individual users and groups of users have access to the business functions and data that they might be attempting to view or update.0 provides many ways to access your data—smart client. Epicor ICE 2. application tier security. Additionally. form and field security. data tier security. Summary Epicor ICE 2. Security is available at the column or field level and can be applied to all data access: Including forms. and Microsoft SharePoint. Web client.0 allows you to grant security at both user and group levels for all security objects. and method calls. mobile device. Enterprise Search.WHITE PAPER • Services security through the SOA to ensure that an external system may access the business logic. Epicor ICE 2. Microsoft Office. and they will only see the data they are allowed to see.

0 underpins the next generation of Epicor ERP solution. but is designed for the way people work today. practical means that we meet our target customers’ key requirements.0 offers the first truly agile Epicor True SOA™ for global business. interoperability and extensibility capable of complying with current and future standards and protocols. providing the premium performance and ease-ofuse your company demands. • • architecture and Web 2. Epicor ICE 2. It is an intuitive technology asset that builds on a breakthrough in serviceoriented software development and ultra distributed computing.0 is the platform that supports complete business solutions created for small and medium enterprises and divisions of Global 1000 organizations.NET platform to build an object-oriented client and Web services based application which delivers truly rich user experiences and ubiquitous accessibility options.0 boasts extensive flexibility through its innovative granular business services design. and enforces agile business processes at the business level Epicor ICE 2.0 utilizes Epicor True SOA™ for agile and interactive business process modeling to help midmarket business rapidly respond to change.helping global enterprises think ahead and stay ahead. adjust for growth. enhances. To Epicor.0 brings the power of Epicor True SOA™ to enterprise resource planning in order to satisfy these key architectural requirements.0 enables business rules and processes to be added or enhanced as the market demands.0 allows straightforward. Epicor ICE is the foundation for the new breed of next-generation solutions from Epicor and builds on a tradition of offering technology solutions that yield measurable business benefits and clear customer advantage . Epicor ICE 2. Epicor ICE 2. In the introduction. and maintain a competitive advantage. plus enterprise levels of scalability.0 concepts provides a vastly extensible and interoperable framework that correctly positions your company to realize more business opportunities and accelerate the returned value on technology investments. we explained that a technical architecture needs to be practical.NET-based adaptable and extensible toolset for rapid application development of next-generation enterprise applications.WHITE PAPER Conclusion Epicor ICE Business Architecture: • Fuses service-oriented Designed for the real-time enterprise. offering a Microsoft .0: Next-Generation Business Architecture 44 . it reduces the cost and complexity of technology adoption by being completely ready for business today yet provides a business architecture for tomorrow. The pairing of Epicor ICE 2. Epicor ICE 2. Each business service operates as a reusable self-describing software component.0 delivers a technology resource that’s not just built for change. Epicor ICE 2. This solution assembly approach within Epicor ICE 2.0 to harness the power of collaboration Aligns ERP with the tools and devices business people use every day Establishes.0 with SOA and Web 2. low cost interaction with existing company IT hardware and software in addition to outside collaboration with suppliers. enabling enterprises of all sizes to tailor on-demand solutions with other Web services or business operations. partners and customers—all delivered within the strictest security. Epicor ICE 2. It leverages the rich functionality that can be developed on the . Epicor ICE 2. Epicor ICE 2. In fact.

449. With 20. and also empower global enterprises to achieve even greater success. However. California 92612 USA Toll Free: +800. dates and functional content expressed herein are believed to be accurate as of its date of publication.417. All other trademarks acknowledged. February 2009. Epicor Software Corporation makes no guarantee. This document and its contents are the property of Epicor Software Epicor ICE 2.epicor. Epicor provides integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP). distribution. contact Epicor Software Corporation: info@epicor. representations or warranties with regard to the enclosed information and specifically disclaims the implied warranties of fitness for a particular purpose and merchantability. Epicor is a registered trademark of Epicor Software Corporation. customer relationship management (CRM). supply chain management (SCM) and enterprise retail software solutions that enable companies to drive increased efficiency and improve profitability. All information contained herein is subject to change without notice. hospitality and services industries.5207 (International) www.6772 (US/Canada) Phone: +952. including the viewpoints. Recipients of this document should not distribute to any third parties without Epicor’s prior written consent. The usage of any Epicor Software shall be pursuant to an Epicor end user license agreement and the performance of any consulting services by Epicor personnel shall be pursuant to Epicor’s standard services terms and conditions. Copyright © 2009 Epicor Software Corporation. Worldwide Headquarters 18200 Von Karman Avenue.WHITE PAPER About Epicor Epicor Software (NASDAQ: EPIC) is a global leader delivering business software solutions to the manufacturing.000 customers in more than 140 countries. Disclaimer This document and its contents. For more information.0: Next-Generation Business Architecture 45 . Suite 1000 Irvine.