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From “A Beautiful Life - Part Two – The Wonder of You”

A Great Outpouring of Light Begins September 21, 2011
Beloved Akasha addresses the Students in Calgary, Alberta And I thank you beloved hearts, beloved hearts of Love. I Akasha greet you and I feel the love that is in your hearts and perhaps even more important for the last days of the consciousness of man that has wrecked such havoc upon this Earth, I feel your hearts so open and I know in your days ahead with all the mystical chambers of your hearts open and all the pillars of The Diamond Heart active within your hearts, and your willingness to be raised, to be touched by The Light, and your willingness to discover the wonder of you and never again allow your True Valliant Self be hijacked be handicapped by the darkness that has so soured life upon this Earth. You are ready dear hearts; God bless you. Please take your seats, I thank you for your Love. As I begin our time with you in my opening remarks I hope that you will sense an urgency because if you can sense an urgency in what I have to share with you every one of you, this autumn can be so touched by the greatest Love in the universe and as we say in our octaves above, you may be so touched by the Light of God that never fails, and if you can hear the urgency of my opening message, each of you can close this year 2011 with the kind of evidence of such wonder such joy and a passage, a passage in which there is the beginning of a metamorphosis and the you that you have known to yourself, the you that you have known to loved ones, friends and family rises in such transformation, and the kind of transformation that your loved ones your friends your colleagues feel a difference in you and how you carry yourself and how you express yourself and how you exist in such light in such peace in such harmony in the midst of such chaos that exists in the world and the collapse of civilization as you have known it that will occur in 2012. I wish you to feel dear hearts it is here now. There is a new breeze in the air, there is a Light that is pouring into the lower atmosphere of your world and I wish for each of you to sense it, to feel it, to tap into it and to feel the joy and to feel the expansive presence that it gives you that you know there is just not anything in this world that you cannot overcome, and there is everything that you possibly can conceive with your minds that you can bring in great achievements in your future. There is a new breeze in the air, it is what exists up in the fifth and greater dimensions, it is everywhere in our homes, it is everywhere in galaxies and solar systems where duality and imperfection discord and darkness has not registered the way it has upon your planet and the reason we call this breeze ‘The Light of God that never fails,’ is that in our octave it is everywhere present and no darkness exists.

Radiant Rose Academy |     1   

com     2    . (laughter) will make no difference. it is coming from the Great Central Sun itself. and it is expanded upon by his mother the blessed Mary as her Ascension Anniversary gift to human kind. It is amazing how the human race projects in such a pitiful way. We call yourselves the I AM Race. in fact such insane human stories of fallen angels who’ve become satans. The only fallen Angels in this galaxy of which your solar system is a part of is what you call yourselves. how is it you say you call a spade a spade. you will miss it! If you walk with your heads down. even though there may be a part of you that does not care to hear it. this autumn in preparation for 2012 is going to give every person on Earth the most extraordinary of opportunity. why you were created and what is your destiny. Through cycles of time over the last 3000 years and it began 2800 years ago with the ascension Radiant Rose Academy | www. there’s a new breeze in the atmosphere. it is the deepest darkest blue.akashaonline. There’s a new breath of air in the atmosphere. we do not have Angels who create discord. that is it. The human race failing to acknowledge their own Spiritual Angelic nature invent ideas of fallen angels and call them Lucifer’s and satans and devils having forgotten your own beautiful Spiritual Angelic nature. it is more. direction comes from The Light. We do not have discord. Let’s breathe into that…. the human race. for one reason and one reason only. it is coming from The Secret Love Star that you once referred to as the Star of Bethlehem that appeared in your world in the time of Jesus’ birth. and there is a phrase. well. We do not have discord. those are all man-made inventions. In our realms in the stratospheres. I am speaking of a very direct outpouring of the Light of God that never fails that is pouring everywhere and if you allow your life your sight. expansion comes from The Mother. well here is calling a spade a spade. everyone is going to have the opportunity.As I Akasha open my time with you this weekend we take some of your phrases. This breeze that is coming on to the Earth it is new. We have no darkness in the Angelic Realms. And so the urgency of my opening message is this. it is a gift from Jesus the Christ and it is expanded upon because expansion. if you become so concerned by the various activities of your outer world and your attention is on problems and the things that most people’s attention is on. fifth dimension of your Earth and greater. we have beautiful indigo evening like you do but it is not black. if you allow the challenges or the happenings of what is occurring in your life to register further discord inside you. it is coming from the great harmonic spheres that the Music of the Higher Spheres creates through interstellar space that holds planets and suns and solar systems in absolute perfection and precision. Love. we have no darkness in the Ascended Master Realms. there is no darkness. if you allow the comings and goings of what is going on in your life. it is a greater concentration. makes no difference whether that person is the most awakened person on Earth or as I love to say the most dense individual you’ve ever met. it is coming from your sister planet Venus. for we know where you came from. what your beginnings are. if you are in a state of constantly reacting to a world outside of you when there is all along a world inside your heart that is more powerful than any appearance in the outer world if only you would give that power back to where it belongs and invite it to express once again. we do not have Ascended brothers and sisters who create discord. and precious hearts I will tell you right now 88% of humanity will miss the opportunity. it is coming from your Physical Sun. the energizing rays that sweep across our atmospheres in our octave energizing our evenings for the day that is to come tomorrow. it is coming from the Ascended Master temples and the gas belts around the Physical Sun. As I come to you this day and open our weekend together I wish you to be very clear.

Everyone can have a human moment and everyone can have a moment where perhaps there’s not as much peace as much joy as much harmony as much happiness. discord is darkness.akashaonline. The gates from above have already opened. we are still only in preparation dear hearts. darkness is discord. In1963 an American president was assassinated. Harmonic convergence came again twelve years later in 1987 and harmonic convergence. Is that discord? Radiant Rose Academy | www. everyone can have a human moment in which there is a flash of irritation or anxiety or fear or anger. 22nd of September. the greatest outpouring of The Light of God that Never Fails begins in the autumn equinox. amazing minds that have come from the Company of Heaven. Christ’s. To be touched by The Light of God that Never Fails is to be touched by such a great Force of Light that it is the great undoing of discord. streams of Light are pouring. another great outpouring came again in 1999. the Great Ascended Master who today is known to you as Lady Nada. the most amazing Light throughout the autumn season is coming to the Earth and it is coming to the Earth in such a way that the most awake and the most dense unawake individual all who care to choose to experience this Light will have the opportunity to experience it regardless of the knowledge they have. this is the last final most intense incoming of Cosmic Light and it is the very same Light that exists in the higher stratospheres. visitation from other systems of worlds. as I begin my time with you think carefully upon this time period that is coming up. So for some 3000 years your planet behind the scenes. then 81 years the Ascended Masters have been consciously communicating with a portion of human kind. I am speaking to you the absolute truth. the higher dimensions. Said another way. this autumn. And so     3    . visitation of Prophets. and this is to prepare you when your world and a great cosmic gateway between the 3rd dimension and 5th dimension opens May 26. regardless how enlightened they are. As the years of the 1900’s passed 1963 was destined to be the year. North America. In giving you this truth I say to you if you so choose to remember the greatest outpouring in preparation for next year. regardless how awake they are. The sinister force that has wrecked havoc upon your planet has done everything it possibly can to delay the dispensations of Divine Intervention. In the land of America. And so tremendous outpouring in 1963 that was to begin the raising of human kind was delayed until 1975. those willing and ready to listen. humanity has had this occasion. schools of inner wisdom were closed. In 1975 was the first recorded Harmonic Convergence in which a converging presence of light and harmony pouring into the atmosphere of Earth and into the hearts of the people began an initial raising. I believe you celebrate that on the 21st. it was destined under a Divine Plan to end the Christian dispensation that brought The Light to the world and to usher in the Resurrection Dispensation. In 2011. and 800 years ago followed by the birth of Christ into your world. to December 22nd. for Light my beloved hearts is the radiation of the Sacred Fire element.In 1930 the last Ancient Mystery School where people like yourself sought entrance. This is The Light of God that Never Fails and every human being has the opportunity to feel it and to be touched by it. and this assisted millions of the seven billion almost on the Earth to awaken. Now remember dear hearts try and remember this piece over here. the Ascended Masters octave.of the Princess of the 5th Golden Age of Arabia. Buddha’s. it is the Light of God that never fails. and all of this was moving human kind spearheading human kind to moments that unfold in 2012. the three Americas that have a destiny a destiny to be a cup of Light to the rest of this world if this world is going to be saved.

accept it as a great reality. it will support a 4th dimensional reality. it is the very nature of believing that has replaced your God-given knowing. it is the Light that is inside the atmosphere of our dimensions.4 vibration to the Earth at this present time. I have said in classes over the last 2 weeks since the Montreal Conclave that these next 15 months that take us into your calendar year December 22. And I say to you dear heart when you hear that on December 22nd 2012 the Sun will change the Sun is in preparation of this now. This Light of God that never fails. Where will the darkness run? Anyone who chooses the path of darkness selfishness discord will stand out like sore thumbs. the Sun will change its vibration. Radiant Rose Academy | www. be conscious of it. In no place in my being to I wish to encourage any fear when over the years I’ve sought to teach you to live without fear and also taught you how to accomplish that. By December 21st next year this will steadily step up to about a 3. 70. and those of you who may be new to this material.000 years in preparation begins to unfold. The Sun is pouring a 3.9 vibration and the morning of the 22nd of December 2012 your Sun will enter into a 4. strengthen you and help you for that day in which a divine plan some 70. Awakening humanity will know governmental officials who lie to them even though most do. As the light increases upon the planet. every weekend gathering. you are strong enough now. I urge you. you’ve all entered into a series of experiences intended to awaken you. in your raising. yet selfishness breeds discord and discord breeds darkness. 2012. so that each day moving forward you are more Light you are more Love your minds your feelings are transitioning. the physical body is intended to be the Temple of the Most High. Periodically throughout your day even if its one minute whenever you have a moment of knowing. cultivate you. The Light in you and all of you who’ve come to love The Light. What I do ask you is be sincere. and your physical garments are changing before your eye because you finally have become convinced that the physical body as it is said in Holy Scripture. Do not forget what I have shared with you.000 years of plans begin to unfold. in other words the vibration of Light your Sun is pouring to the Earth will not support a 3rd dimensional reality much longer. By the end of 2013 the Sun will be at about a 4. every class. of course we may be hard pressed to get them to agree that there’s darkness that is acting inside     4    . When there are those who choose to be selfish. and the ways to fill yourselves with Light are going to dramatically increase this autumn and next year. quickening life. you’ve entered into this embodiment.2 vibration. every conclave is intended to provide you with the curriculum that is going to assist you in your Resurrection. The Most High is the wonder of you your True Self.6 dimensional vibration to the Earth. The 22nd of December 2012 everything begins to change dramatically. A 4th dimensional reality is a reality of transition. accept what I am saying and give yourself a chance to feel. you’ve walked the paths.akashaonline. You will know a person instantly whether they are telling you the truth. over the years I have hesitated giving you exact dates dear heart. as people whose heart is open and they are carrying and expressing more Light in themselves. And so beloved hearts especially you who represent a portion of my student body around the world. to experience this Light this Cosmic Light. just stop. Give yourself the opportunity to experience it.Then you might as well call a spade a spade. the I AM that you are. get your hands over your precious hearts and say to yourself. Be very clear. this is going to expose the darkness. to breathe it in. and have discovered how to fill yourselves with Light. even your own Physical Sun will change the vibration of the Sun of Even Pressure or the sunshine the light that is provides to your planet. they are absolutely linked. you will have all the proof of my words. I do not ask you to believe.

I am willing to accept this. to know that it is everywhere. everywhere present. imperfection cannot register and where it is disappears once that Light comes in. Fortunately for you and because there was intervention at the close of every incarnation every embodiment. lifetimes you’ve become so lost in the darkness that was here. your Guardian Angel escorted you back to the Plains of Bliss and all the constructive energy of your lifetime. will be those that will have the evidence of what it means to be touched by The Light of God that never fails. it is the undoing of darkness. The tragedy is that 88% of humanity as of an hour ago when I checked will have no awareness that this is even entering into the atmosphere except. of duality. What happens my beloved when you walk into a dark room at night. all the kind actions your Guardian Angel took that up to your I AM Presence and stored it in the Causal Body the circle of colours around your Presence. Let me carry a message to the world through you. And all of that is transferring so quickly back into your feeling side of life. it is omnipresent. On the equinox the greatest outpouring of the Light of God that never fails. and I acknowledge this and this great outpouring of The Light of God that Never Fails that is pouring in from many Great Sources of Light I pause. (Applause) Absolutely dear hearts. There are three mighty dispensations upon this planet and they are all uniting into one great dispensation to herald in the Seventh Golden Age beginning in 2013. what happens to that Light when you turn on the artificial light? Disappears! Does the darkness battle the artificial light? No. I pause to acknowledge it. keep driving in the Light keep driving in the Light and where does the greed go? Where does the selfishness go? It gets cornered. I say to the world those of you who have loved your good and evil. Keep driving in the Light people start getting irritated because that Light will push their own darkness into their face and that Light will come around and will confront people with their own     5    . I acknowledge.“Akasha says The Light of God is pouring onto our planet this autumn. except. They are supposed to get intense out there.akashaonline. those of you who wish to further the consciousness of man. those who choose to stand and pause and welcome that Light in. to accept it. Radiant Rose Academy | www. those who remember. Other lifetimes you clung so close to The Light and did so well and your achievements were so great. it just disappears because that’s what Light does. Blessed hearts this is not difficult.” And yet here it the tragedy. those of you who have chosen to disgrace The Mother’s story by the message of Eve and the blame. will remain through your entire season of autumn. all the kind thoughts. This is The Light where darkness and discord. except that the mass of the people will know just like you that things are getting more intense out there. your days are numbered. all the nice things you did. would you like to know what happens? (Yes) I start seeing all the faces of your past lives. will begin. And so as I open this time with you my goodness do you know what happens when I Akasha use the messenger’s eyes and do you know that if I rest the messenger’s eyes on any one of your faces for a moment and using his central nerve system using his sight and I look at you for more than 3 seconds. Those who acknowledge. it’s like mask after mask after mask after mask because you’ve lived hundreds of lifetimes on the Earth and some really difficult lifetimes. even though it is coming in and will fill your atmosphere so that it fulfills what it does in our atmosphere. those of you who have loved to propagate your stories of Adam and Eve. it gets revealed.

in fact when that Light is present in its totality it’s impossible to think a discordant thought or to feel a discordant emotion.” And just be still for a minute and then go on about your day. each of you approach things uniquely and perceive things differently. your autumn season and that is to be touched by The Light of God that never fails. So will you acknowledge that this is coming? (Yes) will you pause. just pause and acknowledge this Light is pouring for one full season and it requires you to acknowledge it. 6. tell yourself.In these 17 years that I have been with you I’ve discoursed on a thousand and one and more different subjects. for each of you have a human history. The mass of un-awakened human kind. just say to yourself. My goodness dear heart that’s not difficult is it! (No) Set the habit. It gets worse.akashaonline. I wish to make sure each of you have the greatest thing happen as you begin a new season. God Meru. that is a universal law! So acknowledge it. For all of them it will get worse. but for whom? Now listen to this part my beloved listen to this part. there is a secret agenda with your ego and it’s about time that you know Radiant Rose Academy | www. I ask you to reason with it. do it several times a day. “This Light is the Light that exists in the 5th and greater dimension all the way to the 33rd dimension of our planet. This Light is where no imperfection can exist! This Light discord cannot register. In 17 years this small group here represents a larger student body of 4000 students around the world. This is what’s coming. To company this knowledge that this Light of God that never fails many of you have heard this phrase and used it in your prayers and calls and asked us to charge you with this. God of Air. you’ve got to live from the inside-out. Those numbers will swell as I commune in the hearts of many who are ready to celebrate the return of Divine Love to this planet. this is the greatest gift God has given you!! And if you don’t use your free will to acknowledge the Greater the Greater cannot help you.6 billion human beings who do not know that they are the incarnation of Mother/Father God. I ask you to think about it. for you it’s going to get better.6 billion life streams who do not know that they are such precious Souls. doesn’t matter where you are. others of you were way too much in the emotional body. God of     6    .6 billion human beings who are living an artificial sense of self rather than their True Self. couldn’t make a decision. 6. God Tabor. 6. “I love to stand and face The Light and Akasha speaks of The Light of God that never fails that is pouring for one full season from September to December and I just stop to acknowledge it’s pouring into the atmosphere and I just bless that Light and I am so grateful and I just open to receive it. There is a storm brewing upon your planet. And this autumn dear hearts you’ve heard me. But then of course. worse in a severe way before it gets better. You must use your free will. others of you were way to much in the head. stop whatever you’re doing. contemplate it. There’s many reasons why there is a dispensation. why there is an intervention. Years ago some of you were way too much in the body. you’ve heard Asun say this. For whom does it get worse before it gets better? Not you. I don’t care if you’re in a supermarket. this is coming into your entire planet and many of the Great Beings . beings who work with the Powers of Nature the Forces of the Elements are going to draw significant amount of that Light into the Earth and help stabilize her so she can continue to shift her axis.

The heart was created to provide for you a beautiful life and allow you to get in touch with the wonder of you because it is the heart that produces the T-force the force of transformation transmutation and transfiguration. to make sure I didn’t get you ahead of yourself. Everyone who achieved their ascension had this.force. but not for the mass of the humanity. and the secret agenda of your ego is to influence you strong enough so that. all the teachings. and a little bit more enlightenment a little greater understanding of what is to take place in your physical heart and you will discover to live a beautiful life and to allow the wonder of you to unfold the most beautiful personality. exceptional and exemplary. A personality that can make a difference in this world is a person who’s heart finally has the opportunity to do what the physical heart was always supposed to do. your testimony. chivalry. Of the larger student body Resurrection is happening. the T –force. Throughout the years I have been very thoughtful in all my discourses. Its child’s play to what the heart is really. and you turn out to these gatherings. Jeshu ben Joseph when he was in the Himalaya Mystery Schools had all the chambers of his heart opened. your heart would probably say. to be raised into more Light more Love more intelligence where you are expressing the Great God Powers of your true spiritual nature This weekend Asun and I and a few special guests are going to walk you through an understanding as to why it is possible now to live a beautiful life and to get in touch with the wonder of you. It is the heart that produces the C-force. I say to you dear hearts everything I have taught you is to bring you to a place where by your allowance by your willingness. your conversations with each other about what happens when you come to these events. a personality that people just love to be touched by.” If you were to ask your heart.” And the secret agenda of the ego is the ego does not want you to have the proof of what I’m speaking. fully exposed within your heart. your heart distributes that life force through the central nerve system. “I don’t feel like it. was really created to do. etc. but I think you get my point dear hearts. there’s no stopping and you don’t wish to stop it because to Resurrect is to be everything activated. charisma. There are those amongst you precious hearts those who are the core of the Radiant Rose Academy. you come to the conclaves. permission. and it is the heart that produces the E-force. (Applause) am I right? (Yes! – applause) And it has begun. “Oh if you can do it a hundred times today that would be just awesome. and today tens of thousands of students of other spiritual groups are having their heart automatically opened with no effort on their part because that is the gift of The Mother’s Presence.akashaonline. yes? Your heart receives the life force of your Higher Self your I AM Presence. his heart started pumping out the C-force. excellence. So. because everything that covered over the wonder of you is being so dramatically removed and there it is. that is basic primal     7    . what it thinks. blood. character. if you were to ask the intellect.” or “I don’t remember it. through your body. basic primal stuff. extraordinary. “Ah you don’t really need to do this. to make sure that I wasn’t teaching you something that you were not capable of creating. you know that the energy of Resurrection is taking place. it began to express through Radiant Rose Academy | www. If you have the proof of what I’m speaking it will change your life in the most beautiful and the most wonderful way. and the ego lives in the intellect. by your acceptance that your own hearts would start pumping out the three great forces of action that the heart provides. you’ll probably get one answer.” Of course I’m exaggerating now. the E. I could not have presented this series “A Beautiful Life” to you four years ago when you only had one or two chambers of your heart open and so methodically through these discourses through these teachings this student body of the Radiant Rose Academy achieved the full opening of the heart. and I say to you you yourselves.

Those three forces assisted him in expressing his I AM God Self and the world watched as he began the beginning of what would change this world. it’s what you agreed to. The Great Ascended Master Lord Maitreya tutored and came and took Jeshu as a boy and took him to the Himalaya Mystery Schools and gave him the knowledge that you’re receiving. and the record of his Ascension that he left on this planet. and their works will be greater than my own and I call them The Untouchables. the same choice. Well it is but not just. you are the fulfillment. Radiant Rose Academy | www. “You will give birth to one who will give birth to the King of Kings.” That’s number one. that is the Divine Plan. Jeshu ben Joseph was under Divine intervention. You are supposed to receive Divine intervention. many of us have seen the record. You dear hearts although he has much work to do still. The point is every step there was Divine intervention on his life. why is it important for each of us to remind ourselves that we are the fulfillment of his ministry?” For two reasons. after my time. to have Divine intervention come into every one of your lives.akashaonline. Tremendous intervention and look at the miracles he performed. You are the fulfillment of his entire ministry and why is that important? Is that just a nice piece of information to have in your mind? No.” Gabriel came to Mary and Jeshu ben Joseph was born and studied and raised a good family life and achieved everything he was supposed to achieve. You must fulfill his prophecy. He told you. But what else? And this is very important. Raphael came to his grandmother. Do you know that you are the fulfillment of everything that happened to Jesus the Christ? You are the fulfillment of why he came to the Earth. you are the fulfillment of his crucifixion his two Resurrections and his Ascension.his personality as he developed the most beautiful relationship with his God nature. And the great satellite from the Great Central Sun that we call The Secret Love Star and human kind called the Star of Bethlehem that came in over the lands of Judea. and he made sure he did that because of the stupid opinions and controversies of those who stand for the dark rather that the Light who would deliberately stir stories that Jesus died and did not ascend. You are supposed to under the Divine Plan. The record stands. that’s what’s behind your life. the     8    . “I and others like me who are awakening and entering on the spiritual paths and becoming our true spiritual nature. You are supposed to receive help. that is why in the 17 years of these discourses I have never failed to encourage you to bring back to the table another choice. “There will be others who come after me. you and people like you in various spiritual groups around the world. with all the doom and gloomers out there and all the false prophets I say to you again there’s only one prophecy you should be interested in listen to. the Archangels worked with his mother and his grandmother. What an exciting time as you watch civilization of duality collapse and you are amongst those in great minds who usher in an amazing new civilization upon this Earth. and said to Anna. tremendous. And yet let me finish with my point. Why is it important for you to acknowledge. this is what takes anything that tries to make you feel that spirituality is overwhelming and just lifts that right off you. that’s the force that’s been awakening. I Akasha poured the Love of the Central Sun.

and who couldn’t use that! (Yes!) So God bless you and God bless your journey and I will see you tomorrow. relationship with money. That is what is most important to me. it’s perfection. every other relationship spins off that one relationship if it’s allowed to be. we are so grateful for your Love and your Presence with us today. an edonic state. remember because sometimes I see you struggle with this. why does your Presence live in our octave instead of yours. my own Beloved I AM Presence. you absorb warmth. my Higher Self is a perfect being and could not survive in a dimension where the very powers of nature and the forces of the elements and the environment and weather conditions are forced to take on the discord of human beings. please stay consciousness. the I AM that I AM that each of you can be clear is a Presence within your heart. God bless. because humanity has created an imperfect dimension. it’s abundance. relationship with others.” And so I leave you with those words. and may you just love to receive this Light that is coming in because wherever there’s darkness wherever there’s limitation that Light is going to go into those places and that Light is fulfillment. and I thank you dear hearts. Edon is a word from the language of Light and it means perfection. it’s everything.“I will continue to develop the most amazing relationship with my own Great God Self. it’s a Great Being that stands above your physical garment and lives in our octave. When you first arrived here 15 million years ago it is said that the atmosphere of Earth that it was a Garden of Edon. A lot has changed if 15 million years has it not? And so beloved I thank you. I thank you. yes? I thank you. God bless you. wintertime in Alberta unless you dress up your bodies absorb coldness. the feeling absorbs. It is time for your evening break and then Asun will be with you. Every human garment absorbs. (Applause) And thank you for all of your Light. that’s why you can have a feeling that someone’s coming even before you hear them or see them because your feeling side of life absorbs. your bodies naturally absorb. I thank you for listening to what I have had to say. have you ever asked yourself that question? “Why does my Higher Self have to live in the Ascended Masters’ Octave instead of our dimension? Because my Presence. Asun will carry the evening. So you have no problem absorbing and receiving this. Deep breath everyone…thanks everybody we will take a good 20 minute break and then Asun will be with us. relationship with health in the body.  Radiant Rose Academy |     9    . having a relationship with my own spiritual nature because every other relationship. The most important relationship that you could have is a relationship with your True Self. Just keep acknowledging the Light of God that never fails. I thank you God bless you. how do I get that inside me?” We’ve covered this. and remember this.akashaonline. I thank you dear hearts * We love and bless you Mother Akasha. other Masters have covered this. “How do I get these energies these vibrations. And why beloved. the I AM that I AM.” That is why your Presence cannot live in this octave with you.