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Project Report on H R practices at HARSHA ENGINEERS LIMITED

Sarkhej-Bavla Road, P.O. Changodar, Ahmedabad - 382213. INDIA Tel. : +91-2717-391200 Fax : +91-2717-391259

Submitted To : Prof. Deepalee Atre

Submitted by : CHIRAG K. SOLANKI Roll No. 283 SYBBA – C N. R. Institute of Business Administration Ahmedabad 2010 – 2011

GLS Campus, Mardia Plaza Lane, Off. C.G. Road, Ellisbridge, Ahmedabad-380006, Phone:6430373

This is to certify that the report on the visit to HARSHA ENGINEERS LIMITED is submitted by Mr. CHIRAG K. SOLANKI to N.R. Institute of Business Administration, affiliated to Gujarat University, in the partial fulfillment of the requirements for the completion of “Practical Studies” in the area of Human Resource management at the Second Year of the B.B.A. Program for the year 2010 - 2011.


Prof. in – charge

External Examiner

Date: / /2011


Acknowledgement I am highly thankful to the management and staff of HARSHA ENGINEERS LIMITED. I am especially thankful to Mr. Profess in-charge Deepalee Atre for their encouragement and the office staff for providing us all the facilities for making the visit more learning oriented. they provide me with many details which were very useful in preparing this report. Date: 3 . I take this opportunity to thank our Director Avani Desai. Vipul for helping me in my “Practical Studies”. In addition to allowing me to visit the company and study the organization.

PREFACE In the SYBBA Programme. This HRM project enables to the actually apply best knowledge of HRM to actual facts & figure. This project report has given me an opportunity to know more about HRM in detail. Therefore in order to relate best to the subject student of SYBBA are to prepare a HRM report of a particular company. which it covers. The following is the financial report on HARSHA ENGINEERS LIMITED. 4 . This is great step in the making of future HR managers. is interpretation of various analysis. The other important point . subject like HRM is covered so as to relate this the human resource aspect of a business.

1 2.9 Special Achievement 1.3 2.10 Existing management group CH-2 Human Resource Management 2.3 Main business & Product rang 1. 7 7 7 8 11 11 12 13 13 14 15 15 16 18 18 .7 Business Philosophy 1.4 Detail of Workers. level of workers.6 Mission & Vision Statement of organization 1.8 Financial Information 1.5 Brief History of organization 1.INDEX TOPIC CHPTER NAME Company profile CH-1 1.2 2.1 Name of the company 1.4 Form of organization 1.2 Location of works & Registered office 1. Organizational chart Scope of HR activities conducted by the organization HRM Environment Organization of HR Department 5 PAGE NO.

17(c) Employee Communication 2.6 2. Transfers & Separation Industrial Relation 19 19 20 20 21 21 21 21 21 22 22 22 22 22 23 23 23 23 2.15 2.16 2.9 2.13 2.HR Planning Job Analysis & Job design Recruitment & Selection Process Orientation & Placement Training & Development Performance Appraisal Employee & Executive Remuneration Incentive Payment Employee Benefits & Services Employee Welfare Safety & Health Employees Promotion.5.17(d) Trade union 2.2.17 2.17(b) Participative Management 2.12 2.7 2.14 2.11 2.8 2.10 2.17(a) Motivation 2.17(e) Industrial Disputes & Their Resolution 6 .

2 Location of works & registered office :- Sarkhej-Bavla Road.382213. INDIA Tel. Changodar. : +91-2717-391200 Fax : +91-2717-391259 7 .Ch. Ahmedabad . P. 1: Company Profile 1.1 Name of the company :- HARSHA ENGINEERS LIMITED 1.O.

3 Main Business & Product Rang :- 8 .1.

All these cage facilities are also equipped with state-of-the-art dirt cleaning machines. Harsha is technically competent to offer these cages in different surface finishes such as Vibro finished. semi automatic and automatic processes considering the cost effective manufacturability of a product. a Roller Bearing uses Cylindrical.Coordinate Measuring Machine for measuring product dimensions has also been installed.BEARING CAGES: {1} ROLLER BEARING CAGES Taper Roller Bearing Cages Needle Roller Bearing Cages Cylindrical Roller Bearing Cages Spherical Roller Bearing Cages {2} BALL BEARING CAGES . Harsha has production shops dedicated to different product families. Zinc (Zn) or Manganese (Mn) Phosphated as per customer requirements. 9 . The facilities are also equipped with sophisticated CNC machines. rolling mills & railway wagons. Shot Blasted.Angular Contact Ball Bearing Cages STAMPED AUTO COMPONENTS : . These rollers are well supported by a cage or a retainer. A sophisticated 3D CNC .Metal Inserts for Bearing Seals * ROLLAR BEARING CAGES :Typically. These shops have manual. gear construction. Spherical or a Needle Roller as a rolling element to reduce friction in the bearing. Roller Bearing finds its application in the bearing for construction machinery. vehicle manufacture.Deep Groove Ball Bearing Cages .

and low noise as in transmissions. dust free. Harsha is gaining expertise with this new material using state of the art equipment. 10 . pumps. The process capability is enhanced by providing well lit. low vibration. The process is monitored by an EPOS monitoring system.. Polyamide Cages have emerged as a good caging material due to good electrical insulation.. Modern finishing process facilitates minimum human contact and dirt. low expansion rate and low coefficient of friction. airy and a clean conditioned manufacturing ambience. Harsha is the first company in India to introduce Pre-riveted Ball Bearing Cages with automatic transfer line technology. Dirt cleaning equipment with ultrasonic and modern filtering system. gear boxes. They are suitable for applications which require high-speed rotation. moisturizing and cleaning/washing. textile machinery. electric motors & generators. Harsha’s manufacturing capabilities include: - Single piece flow process lay out to ensure controlled surface protection. Precision rivet manufacturing facility for specially designed rivets. State of the art lab facilities for dirt measurement. exceptional impact strength. compressors. Polyamide Cages. printing machinery and two wheeler axles. drive elevators.. expanding their material base :In recent years. The cages are also subjected to post treatment in-line with customer specifications such as annealing..* BALL BEARING CAGES :- Ball Bearing cages act as separators to position the balls at equidistance around the bearing raceways.

PRODUCT RANGE: Material Od Range(mm) Steel 20 – 400 1. Harsha has been a growing organization with significant international presence. it produces Metal insert for Bearing Seals as per customer requirements that have application in severe conditions. Harsha also believes that innovation and reliable support helps to strengthen customer relationships.* Stamped Auto Components :Stamping is the process of creating three-dimensional parts or surface definition onto materials. the patterns on the forms and dies are indelibly stamped into the material. Harsha brings rich experience gained from customer engagements around the world through technology partnerships and strategic alliances.5 Brief History of Organization :Harsha Engineers is a global solution provider of Bearing Cages as well as special purpose Stamped Components. Currently. 11 . This results in realizing superior value to help industries perform efficiently and profitably. This process uses forms and dies which are forced on to the surface with extreme pressure. Since 1972. Harsha intends to leverage its experience of over three decades by diversifying into other stamping components. Harsha takes pride in its position as a preferred supplier to bearing manufacturers worldwide. 1.4 Form of organization :Harsha Engineers Limited is a public limited company. These components are manufactured on precision tools with high level of dimensional accuracy and are thoroughly checked for end user requirements. Steel cages being Stamped Components. It is a preferred supplier of different types of Roller and Ball Bearing Cages and cages for Bearing with special applications. Upon removal.

1. which is the highest certification in Auto component manufacturing sector.Harsha's constant focus on quality.6 Mission & Vision statement of organization :- MISSION:- ZERO DEFECT AND ZERO BROKEN PROMISE VISION 2010:To Build a Learning Organization With Customer Focus Ingraining Family Values with Professionalism Integrity. Lean Processes. Agility. systems and processes has resulted in ISO 14001:2004(E) Envronmental Certification and ISO/TS16949-III certification. Speed & Innovative Solutions To Create Value & Competitive Prices for the Customer Enhancing Stakeholder Value by achieving Growth rate of more than 30% In the field of Bearing cages. Automobile Components & Solutions 12 .

so as to mazimize customer satisfaction. source and improve logistics function.7 Business Philosophy :Harsha's operations demand a global logistics management capability to reach its multilocational clients. Harsha's logistic operations focuses on consistent delivery and reduced costs. monitor. and supply chain technology.1. logistics operations and execution. We ensure stringent inspection processes to guarantee that our products are manufactured to exact customer specifications. commercial carrier management. cost effective solutions for inbound and outbound movement of raw material and finshed goods. thus facilitating professionally managed. for three consecutive years. evident at every level of the organization ensures that all quality related issues are identified and addressed early in the process. 1.2000 award for outstanding performance from FAG Precision Bearings Ltd.9 Special Achievements :1998 . The commitment to quality reaches well beyond our certifications and can be seen in our ongoing investments in technology and employee training. Harsha's logistics team is comprised of experts in supply chain and logistics management. Harsha believes that the highest products and sevices are mandatory to continually meet the rising expectations of customers. Our commitment to quality. The team uses information technology and MIS reports to constantly review. 13 .

-Mfg. Lalwani Vice Pre. I.HR 14 . & PDC Chetan Prabhu G.R. Assesh Bhatta Sr. Mngr.Mngr.10 Existing Management Group :- Rajubhai Shah C.M.T.P. Eng.D.D.-D&E Arun Sinha G.M.1.-Pro.-CQA V. . Navneet S.M.Mashroo Vice Pre . Sr.

HR Manager Brass Manager DGRB AM Tapper & Auto Manager SRD Manager Maintainance 15 . & PDC I.D.M.D. Mngr.Mngr. .Ch.-Mfg.T.R. 2: Human Resource Management 2.-Pro.-CQA Navneet S. organizational chart of the overall organization :In the Harsha Engineers Limited. Assesh Bhatta Sr.Mashroo Vice Pre .-D&E V. Arun Sinha G. Lalwani Vice Pre. Eng. Levels of workers. ORGANISATIONAL CHART: Rajubhai Shah C.1 Details of workers. 300 employees are from management level and 700 employees are in production process. In between them.M. there are 1000 workers in the company.M. Chetan Prabhu G.P. Sr.

{4} Industrial Relations :Industrial Relations is concerned with the relations between management and workers and the role of regulatory mechanism in resolving any industrial dispute. Scope of Human Resource of activities conducted by the organization by the two ways. The need for training and deveopement is determined by the employee’s performance deficiency.2. Industrial Relations covers the following areas : 16 . {2} Motivation :A basic principle is that the performance of an individual depends on his or her ability by motivation. Stated algebraically the principle is : Performance = f (ability * motivation) {3} Walfare :Harsha Engineers Limited provides scholarship to the children of employees’. If employee needs money then they provide loan by Credit society made by them. They provide Insurance policy like – mediclaim and health insurance. Specifically.2 Scope of Human Resource activities conducted by the organization The company has wider scope of human resource of management. These are as follows : (1) Workers (2) Management level employee (1) WORKERS :{1} Training :Training refers to the process of imparting specific skills. More clearly. training and development may be understood as any attempt to improve current or future employee performance by increasing an employee’s ability to perform through learning usually by changing the employee’s attitude or increasing his or her skills and knowledge. computed as follows: Training and development need = Standard performance – Actual performance.

supervision. there are 3 shift of 8 hours for workers. performance appraisal may be understood as the assessment of an individual’s performance in a systematic way. (2) MANAGEMENT LEVEL EMPLOYEE :{1} Job analysis :Job analysis is the process of collecting job related information. Individual grievance and disciplinary policy and practice. 17 . co-operation. Assessment should not be confined to past performance alone. initiative. quality and quantity of output. Potentials of the employee for future performance must also be assessed. Thus. In simple terms. Industrial relations training. {5} Performance Appraisal :- Performance Appraisal is an objective assessment of an individual’s performance against well defined benchmarks. versatility. Labour legislation. Before describing the nature of job analysis. {2} Job specification :In Harsha Engineers Limited. A job is a bundle of related tasks. it is useful to understood the meaning of job itself. Vetting the CV of a job seeker is a task. leadership abilities. dependability. Such information helps in the preparation of job description and job specification. the organization rotate their job in other field. After that. health and the like. unions and government. judgement.- Collective bargaining. Machinery for resolution of industrial disputes. Role of management. They never extend working hours because for that reason the workers improve their skill in their work and give better performance in their work. the performance being measured against such factors as job knowledge. they do job specification. The whole lot of tasks relating to recruitment constitutes job.

Mashroo Vice Pre. The positive benefit of an enacted environment is that it makes an organization to become proactive in its approach in dealing with its environment. The environment which the organization creates is called enactment.H.4 Organization of HR Department :- V. the organization creates the environment to which it reacts. In effect. but merely reacts to its environment. Enactment implies that the organization creates a relevant environment for itself by aggressively scoping. It does not define its environment. 2.3 HRM Environment :An organization seeks to create its own environment out of the external environment. The organization takes an active and aggressive role in actually defining its environment. . Executives Executives Executives Trainee Trainee Trainee Trainee 18 . It does not react to the entire environment.P. The organization takes an active and aggressive role in actually aggressive. Hemant Shah ADMIN – Mngr. but instead allows important factors in the environment to define it. narrowing and scanning the external environment.2.R.

Organizational planning includes managerial activities that set the company’s objectives for the future and determines the appropriate means for achieving those objectives. and responsibilities into a unit of work to achieve certain objectives. duties. involves conscious efforts to organize tasks. Job Rotation refers to moving employees from job to job to add variety and reduce boredom by allowing them to perform a variety of tasks. The logical sequence to job analysis is job design. as was explained earlier. the right type of people in the right number. Vetting the CV of a job seeker is a task. then.6 Job Analysis & Job Design :JOB ANALYSIS: Job analysis is the process of collecting job related information. they follow the Idea of Job Rotation. 2. A job is a bundle of related tasks. Job design follows job analysis. In simple words.2. It is only after this that the HRM department can initiate the recruitment and selection process. But they want the multispecialist workers. it is useful to understand the meaning of job itself. JOB DESIGN: Job design involves conscious efforts to organize tasks. provides job related data as well as the skills and knowledge expected of the incumbent to discharge the job. 19 . The whole lot of tasks relating to recruitment constitutes job. So. HRP is a sub – system in the total organizational planning. Before describing the nature of job analysis. Job analysis. duties and responsibilities into a unit of work to achieve certain objectives.5 Human Resource Planning :Human Resource Planning is the process of forecasting a firm’s future demand for and supply of the right type of people in the right number. Such information helps in the preparation of job description and job specification. Job design. HRP is understood as the process of forecasting an organization’s future demand for. and supply of. Harsha Engineers Limited don’t want to extend time of working hours.

It is also called induction. promotions and demotions will be discussed. They go direct on Campus placement like – I. In this section. Induction. placement of new employees is emphasized. transfer or demotion of present employees.T. their co-workers and the organization. their peers and the company. they recruit their employee for their company. Thus. Engineering college. 20 . It is a planned introduction of new hires to their jobs. Placement arising out of transfers. also called orientation is designed to provide a new employee with the information he or she needs to function comfortably and effectively in the organization. PLACEMENT: After an employee has been hired and oriented he or she must be placed in his/her right job.I. It is the assignment or re-assignment of an employee to a new or different job placement includes initial assignment of new employees and promotion.7 Recruitment & Selection Process :RECRUITMENT: Harsha Engineers Limited put the notice on Notice Board for recruitment. 2. Harsha Engineers Limited receives the application through the internet and select the qualified and eligible candidates from the technical Institutes and Engineering colleges and after selecting them they just giving training to them and this way the selection process goes on.2.8 Orientation & Placement :ORIENTATION: Orientation is a systematic and planned introduction of employees to their jobs. commencing from the preliminary interview of the applicants and ending with the contract of employment. Placement is understood as the allocation of people to jobs. (Industrial Training Institute). SELECTION: Selection is a long process.

They get 3 years data of employee and after that they come to conclusion about the strength & weakness of employees’. they give training of their employees. If the employee across his target of month based production then he/she get extra benefit for that. 21 . 2.9 Training & Development :Harsha Engineers Limited gives training for their employees. It helps to plan their training & learning need. it’s a going on review.12 Incentive Payments :Management decide production target for different field. They give training of 7 days induction period for new employees. 2. Thus. They give training of 3 days for new technology. 2. SBI or in cash. 2.10 Performance Appraisal :In the Harsha Engineers Limited. They pay their remuneration between date of 1to 5. they are provided incentives by the company. They are opened savings account for their employees. They also provide transportation services to the employees.13 Employee Benefits & Services :Harsha Engineers Limited provides Canteen facility for their workers. When the predecided target are achieved by employees they are provided incentives.11 Employee & Executive Remuneration :Harsha Engineers Limited pays employees by Bank – ICICI. It is helpful to understand strength & weakness of employees’. Management create month based target of production and when the target is achieved by employees.2. According to them. It assist the workers of advancement in skills.

they held employee satisfaction survey. and improve their skill. They collect the data for every employee and give promotion to those employees who achieve more targets. Transfers & Separations :Harsha Engineers Limited get 3 years data of employees. there are accident rate is only 0.17 (a) Motivation :In the Harsha Engineers Limited. They maintain wellfurnished house keeping. All machinery are motion sensor machinery. 2. They provide cleanness in factory area. In the Harsha Engineers Limited.15 Safety & Health of Employees :Harsha Engineers Limited uses latest technology for their production process. they put first aid box & fire extinguisher for worker’s safety in every unit of company.16 Promotions.2. which is made by the company. And from them. They motivate employee by paying incentives when they achieved the target. 2. 22 . In the company.030%. they know about their strength & weakness.17 Industrial Relations :Industrial Relations is concerned with the relations between management and workers and the role of regulatory mechanism in resolving any industrial dispute.14 Employee Welfare :Harsha Engineers Limited provides Scholarship to the children of employees. They provide special hearing aids to the employees for protecting them by noise pollution. There is latterer transfer between employees. 2. In between them. If the employee needs money then employees are provided loan facility by Credit society. there are 90% of automation. They provide 2 days separation. 2.

17 (d) Trade Unions :In the Harsha Engineers Limited.2.17 (c) Employee Communication :In the Harsha Engineers Limited.17 (b) Participative Management :In the Harsha Engineers Limited. 2. there are open communication between employees and management in participative management. There is no trade unions. There is open communication between employees and management. 2. 23 .

4: Suggestions : The company is perfect in their work but as such the manpower is important. 24 .  They should also look upon the fatigue study and arrange picnics and activities as such the workers and employees feel relaxed and feel that it is their own company.Ch.  They should give respect to every person whether they are reputed or not. it was a good experience to visit a company and get the practical knowledge as such till now we have studied theoretical knowledge in commerce.  Well.  We are glad that we got a great opportunity to learn something new and have an experiment on it. they should give them a recess so that they would have no problem in working or else they will have many health problems and then quality will suffer.

25 .