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r. Spock, lead us back to Enterprise”. This phrase marked the Brazilian TV at the end of 60’s, showing the futuristic

sight vision of Gene Wesley Roddenberry, a film producer, army pilot and cop, and creator of “Star Trek” episodes (1). Roddenberry attracted millions of lovers fans of

scientific science fiction as followers (called “Trekkiers”) around the globe. He invites them to travel in his exploring new planets and civilizations, reaching “where no man was has gone before” (1). Taking the Fiction aside, several quantum scientists had hard work have worked hard to make true the teleportation a reality. It is based on Einstein-PodlskyRosen theory (2,3), which was first described in 1935. Following those this theory, Ursin and coworkers transported a light beam 600 meters over the Danube River in Austria (4), and at the beginning of 2010, something (5). unthinkable happened: Steven Olmschenk teleported an a Ytterbium atom 60 centimeters far away

) Hi Marcos! This essay is good overall – your writing is clear... inspires Olmschenk. He [inspires me to] work hard. After all. we that travel. However. an atom to are who and The a difference whole but human how some between being is life like like astronomical. (He's not that close. (Ele está muito/tão perto.. it’s not really an “essay” because there’s no clear .) Ele não é tão perto assim. I depend on her. we may not be so that [close to] using teleportation to travel Talvez não estejamos tão [próximos de] usar. with understandable mistakes. working hard. and you give a good report. very because to men others. we may not be so that [close to] teleportation art. imitates grateful Roddenberry. for creating to create a new world closer of to those the stories known only inside within movies of scientific science fiction movies.We are not trekkers trekkies living one more “USS Enterprise” teleporting using adventure. He inspires me for He is so close.

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