Luo: is this really a tribe?

The luo once went viral and stormed social sites after the annual Ramogi night was held early this month. What started as a historical injustice has turned out to propel this ‘race’ of individuals to levels one cannot imagine. They have claimed to be the second most educated ‘race’ after Europeans and have gone ahead to name it luopean as they further assert to be in the same genetical order as Europeans and that the luo means dark skin and pean means advanced brain cell. Anybody must have ridiculed the persistent accented speech luo pupils made in class in their attempt to respond to questions but they took it positively. This has made me formulate a theory to explain the growth of a typical luo guy. Firstly, the luo pupils in primary schools do not like to be defeated. If an opponent shouts at them, they calm them down by speaking a word or two fearing that they might make a mistake (shrub) that might make their colleagues laugh at them giving the opponent an instant upper hand in the argument. Secondly, there reaches a time in the growth cycle of a luo when the most educated are separated from their less fortunate colleagues, those who are well off and can proceed with education are left to ascend the academic ladder but at this time it is impossible to change the luoism in them as all luos are said to have attained the maximum qualifications of a real Luo. A luo doesn’t need to go the full cycle to be a luo, as at this point they have undergone partial growth. Depending on which side of social class a luo is, he will be reacting to the childish injustices or scolds they suffered at the mercies of their colleagues while in primary school. In case of an uncompromised solution to a situation, a luo guy who was left on the lower end of the economic class will react by throwing stones and uprooting railway lines. The luos who have been vetted by education and managed to sneak through to the higher end of the economic class will respond by breaking a television set or banging a beer bottle on the table in a bar. In this case, a Kikuyu will respond to frustration by selling the Television set or selling the bear bottle. If you see a man bang on the table with his bare hand and walks away in frustration he is probably from other tribes a part from luo but if u see a man break a beer bottle and splashes the remaining cash from his pocket to bar attendants, he is definately Luo.

Take kikuyu for example. . when you are born in the community. assuming that all luos live in Kibera. it is a fact that luos will buy a magazine but not just any magazine or newspaper but a newspaper with headlines that evoke their emotions. 000 ‘likes’ while other pages which could be termed as miscellaneous and designed for the same purpose received some misplaced votes. Supporters of the luo community claim that. you are already a graduate and that is why they have introduced their own mathematical sum. It is also not fair to charge the community guilty as charged. I found out that the fellow goes back to the same bar the next day and drinks his favourite tipple on account of the previous day’s advanced payment he flung at the bartender who is acquainted to this kind of behaviour from their clients. A research on students who are affected reveal that they are always encouraged by the fact that most learned or graduate guys hailing from the lake side have possessed the accent and that their inability to pronounce well cannot prevent them from pursuing their innate dreams. their tribe or prices of goods as compared across all leading outlets. Calculate the probability that it will hit a graduate. The sites were frequented by pages designed to attract admirers/protagonists of the tribe and the most successful ones received overwhelming support from people from other tribes. A spot check across all leading social sites reveal that pages were started and named ‘ramogi night jokes’ which as per now has received close to 9.This habit by the luos is usually a carefully and calculated move to show off to other revelers in the bar that the fellow is blessed with wealth. If a stone is randomly thrown from the top of Kenyatta International Conference Center (KICC) towards Kibera. Kenya would be a boring haven to live in notwithstanding the events that led to the 2007 post election violence. What makes the bartenders tolerate this kind of behaviour is that there is always something in it for them. they are likely to shy away from speaking it hence leading to a low level adaptation of the language. On careful examination. that which contains the name of their favourite presidential candidate. The answer to this difficult sum is always impounded in the fact that all luos are graduates and the answer would be 99% the 1% remaining is claimed to be a kikuyu probably coming to collect rent. Studies have it that when one is laughed at when committing an unintentional mistake in the process of learning of a language. Luos know very well that in real sense the two tribes have been long time adversaries when it comes to politics. I tend to think to myself that if the two tribes could not be fuelling and shaping the politics of this country.

Those who are strongly alligned to this fascinating community are pushing for the word luo to be adapted by the renowned international dictionary to mean Flamboyance.Am also forced to think that the two communities complement each other too well that one cannot live without the other. I did not heed to the advice as my aim of writing this article was to reach my other tribes men as they claimed luo is a tribe on its own and the rest are included in ‘the other tribes’ of Kenya.” Some people aligned to the tribe now claim that after the promulgation of the constitution they have now been able to have breathing space. . Daniel Dambuki with his churchil live. luos have been known to be backwards in terms of taking up opportunities in the self employment sector where the Kikuyus are too well known to be miles ahead but if you complement it with the luos swagger you will probably learn that they must buy the items they want from the hard working kikuyus. When writing this article I sought advice from some of my luo friends who advice me to use their version of English to write it. Erick Omondi with Hawayu and winners in the top comedian Larry Asego and Jalang’o of the kiss breakfast show to name but a few. Radio presenters have chosen to borrow their accents to entice their followers to stay glued to their programmes I abstain from being a luo monger but am forced to succumb to their demands if developments of recent events are anything to go buy. Take for instance in terms of business. For real it amazes me how this tribe has landed the top comedians in Kenya as per now into lucrative jobs and propelled them to fame and have now become the country’s leading lights and radio/tv personalities thanks to the luo accent they are able to articulate. The poor relationship between the two antagonizing groups has led to sprouting of jokes like “I went to google and typed (Kamau bought a Mercedes car) but the results were not displayed prompting the search engine to ask me if I meant Onyango bought five Mercedes cars from Miami. In fact they claim the word promulgation must have been borrowed from their language dialect.

.” meaning he had been fascinated by the jokes. However my attempts to establish his tribe were futile as a glance through his profile did not disclose any evidence to come to a substantive conclusion to charge him of hailing from the community.A luo after catching a thief 'omera if a half luo(obama) could catch and kill the most wanted man in the world imagine what a full luo like me can do to a mere thief like you!!' A post at the wall of the page posted by one Alex Mwalimu “You have wrecked my diaphragm with mirth (laughter).


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