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------------------------- October 2011 -------------------------Sunday Services (10:30 am)
Oct 2 “Interfaith Series - Hinduism” ~ Acharya S.P. Dwivedi

Come Build a School in Central America!
The First Unitarian Congregation of Toronto, in partnership with World Accord, invites you to help build a school this year in the mountains of Honduras. This is a hands-on opportunity to make a difference in the lives of subsistence farmers and their families. Please join a two-week trip: beginning January 14, February 11 or March 10, 2012. Construction and Spanish language skills are not required but would be welcomed. Over 100 UUs from 22 congregations have traveled to Central America as part of this project over the last 14 years. F or m o re i nfo rm at i on c ont a ct Ri c ha r d K i r s h (; 416-767-5837), or talk to Renie McRae (604-531-9836) who had long discussions with Richard Kirsh about this program at the 2010 CUC Conference and with returned participant, Rev. Katie Sather. Information on the project and its history can also be found by visiting FUCT’s website here: http://

In 1893, at the world’s first global interfaith gathering, the Hindu spiritual leader Swama Vivekananda challenged the mainly-Christian audience with his reflections on universalism and religious pluralism. Since then, Hindu concepts have infused the Western religious imagination and have expanded our understanding of spiritual inclusiveness. For this service, local Hindu spiritual leader Acharya S.P. Dwivedi will reflect on how these values are expressed in our community today and how they may guide us to think more broadly and act more compassionately. Oct 9 “Turkey Crisis Prevention Hotline” ~Rev. Barbara Davenport

Is your Thanksgiving Day turning into a thankless disaster? Are you having a turkey emergency? Humor and humility, wit and wisdom surrounding this revered ritual. In preparation for this sermon, I'd like to solicit "Turkey" or Thanksvgiving stories in which mistakes and errors play a prominent role, to use in the sermon. Email Barbara with your Turkey crisis stories: Oct 16 “Music” ~ Sue Sparlin

Details TBA at a later time Oct 23 “We Are One – Let It Be!” ~ Sophia Ducey

Global Oneness Day / United Nations Day -- provides opportunities for individuals, organizations and nations to create practical acts demonstrating unity, harmony and compassion. We will explore what it means to truly live as one Human Family. Science has shown us the inter-connectedness of all life. All the world traditions speak of this Unity, but what are the actions we must take in order to create Oneness in our world? Now is the time. We are the ones. Let us create Oneness together in all that we are, and all that we do. Oct 30 “Halloween for Kids” ~ Royce Rourke

Calendar of Events for October ’11
Thurs, Oct 6: Pies and Cookies delivery day (details page 2) Sun, Oct 9: Lunch with the Minister Oct 21-23: BC Fall Regional Gathering (details page 2) (details page 2)

Details TBA at a later time


South Fraser’s Bulletin Board
October Birthday Greetings to: 4th Helene Kirschbaum 11th Steve Faraher-Amidon 14th Mary Hamilton 15th Dianne Milsom ------------------------------------------------------------------LUNCH WITH THE MINISTER: Everyone is invited to join Rev. Barbara Davenport and Renie McRae for a Dutch Treat lunch and interesting, stimulating conversation after the service on Sunday, October 9. This is Thanksgiving Weekend so those of us with families who live elsewhere can share a delightful Canadian Thanksgiving Lunch with our SFUC family. It will be a meaningful opportunity for us to reflect on our blessings and our caring friends. We will go to a neighborhood restaurant at approximately 12:30 p.m.. Renie McRae at (604) 531-9836 would very much appreciate recommendations of good Newton restaurants that would comfortable accommodate up to a dozen people. Everyone is welcome. ------------------------------------------------------------------Gwynneth Quirk asks that people delete John's e-mail address ( from their computer and substitute her address ( She wants to close down John's computer and but can’t until all possible correspondents know the new address. ------------------------------------------------------------------The delivery date for PIES AND COOKIES is set for Thurs. October 6 at Kathleen Zimmerman’s from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. ------------------------------------------------------------------The ENTERTAINMENT BOOKS have arrived for 2012 which may be used beginning today. Pick up yours at the same old price of $46 and enjoy the hundreds of savings offered within its pages. There’s a Quick Shuttle half- price ticket which pays for the book itself. Please take a couple of minutes to check them out as they’ll be available for several weeks. ------------------------------------------------------------------BC FALL REGIONAL GATHERING: "Building Community, Coming Home", October 21-23 in Kelowna. A joint effort of the Kelowna and Kamloops UU Fellowships. Join us for the annual gathering of BC Unitarians for a weekend of fun and fulfillment. Mark your calendars, make your plans. Contact Heather at bcgathering Fees and accommodation information forthcoming. Check the CUC website for BC Fall Gathering updates.

Global Chalice Lighting for October 2011
Below is the 98th in the monthly series of Global Chalice Lightings from the International Council of Unitarians and Universalists, for use during October 2011. It is submitted in Czech and English by the Religious Society of Czech Unitarians. Scházíme se v tomto místě, které je pro tuto chvíli naším duchovním domovem. Je to místo nás všech, pro každého z nás. Jsme lidé různého původu, s různými životními příběhy; každý z nás je originálem. Jdeme mnoha různými cestami. Zatímco cesta každého z nás je odlišná, máme společný cíl: prohlubovat naše spojení s Duchem Života; činit duchovní dílo v našich srdcích; a vztahovat se k druhým. Zapalme tento kalich, abychom posílili své uvědomění pospolitosti. Toto je skutečně jedno místo, mnoho cest; mnoho cest, jeden cíl. Nechť světlo tohoto kalicha nám tuto pravdu připomíná. We gather in this place which is our spiritual home at this hour. It is one place for us all. We are people of different origins, with different life stories; each of us is unique. We walk on many diverse paths. While the path of each of us is quite different, we have a common goal: to deeper our connection with the Spirit of Life; to do the spiritual work in our hearts; and to reach out to the others. Let us light the chalice to strengthen our awareness of togetherness. This is truly one place, many paths; many paths, one goal. May the light of this chalice remind us of that. Rosemary Bray McNatt Unitarian Universalist Association


Getting to Know Our New Members
Getting to know Aurora Scott As you may recall, our last service in June we welcomed several new members to our congregation (see photo below). By Kathleen Zimmerman Over the next several months, we will be featuring a brief write up about each of them. It’s always a joy to learn more about the people around us, the differences that enrich us and the commonalities that bind us as a community. I do hope Aurora was first introduced to Unitarianism when she and her now husband, Chris, became engaged, and they were you enjoy reading about their journeys. looking for a minister to perform their marriage ceremony. Through an Internet search, she discovered Unitarianism appeared to be a fit with her personal beliefs and values. After meeting Stephen Epperson, the minister at the Vancouver Church, she knew that she had found the right fit in terms of a minister who could perform their marriage ceremony. After attending the next service at the Vancouver church, she knew that she had found a church community that was also a good fit, and she became a member of the Vancouver church.
Fast forward several years, and Aurora and Chris moved to Surrey with their two children, Adam (now 7) and Lucia (now 4). When her children became old enough to attend RE class, she discovered that SFUC was located nearby. Adam and Lucia have felt very comfortable with the RE class, and the “Spirit Play” curriculum. Aurora has enjoyed the sense of community, warmth and support she has found here. Aurora graduated from Simon Fraser University with a major in Psychology and a minor in Education. She now works part-time for the United Way as a data analyst.

New members from left to right: Noah Dube, Shan Dube, Samantha Marciniak, Lynne Rhead, Royce Rourke, Rita Parker and Juan Duran. Missing from photo are Sandy Chism and Mary Stewart.

This month... Getting to know Rita Parker
To be a part of a spiritual community has been a lifelong quest for me. As a child I was raised Roman Catholic, but this Interfaith Peace more infinite than did not resonate, even though I had strong belief in a powerConference me along with a strong sense of By David started community. My father left the church when I was young and Dalley studying the writings of Ernest Holmes, and later my mother left also. We always had "lively" religious discussions in our home, with a host of people of different faiths parading through Love, we have We were encouraged our separateness to know that we are not alone.” “Spirit of Life andour living room. gathered again out of to seek our own path. I have investigated numerous addressed a room full of spiritual very positive learning experiences, I in our community On September 17, Patsi Chism belief systems. Although they were leaders from diverse faith traditions never found one that felt connected with on Conference at Northwood United Church. Her words were Jr. I enjoy his writing and at theI annual Interfaith Peace an inner level. That is, until I started reading Kurt Vonnegut carefully chosen, and gently found personally relevant meaning in his our grasping for peace, know it in about moments, and In one again delivered. “In our fears, we are not alone. In stories, so I wanted to findingmore fleetinghis philosophy. losing it of his to biographies, of stated that he was a Unitarian, alone.” some turmoil he the mind and heart, we are not Buddhist, Christian which intrigued me. I had heard of Unitarianism but never really understood what it was about so I started reading. The more I learned about the Unitarians, the more I liked. The in the conference, a speaker from to international of my life. Luckily there Later principles are what I have basically triedthe follow for mostinterfaith organization was a Unitarian fellowship in Kelowna, so one Initiative” ( would elaborate on this my that peace and “United ReligionsSunday morning early in December 2008 I went to ideafirst serviceis knew right then that this was home for me. not something we arrive at, but something that we must struggle to create and recreate in every moment of our lives. But for now, Patsi held the stage: Family is important to me. I have one daughter and two lovely granddaughters. I have a degree in psychology, and am looking for "what I want to do when I grow up". I like people - most of the time. I enjoy hiking, sitting at the beach or “And so we dwell in You, Spirit of healing and wholeness, for this brief time - willing I am starting to paint again. I generally being in nature. I love the creative process which can sometimes run rampant. to be collage, refinishing furniture oreternal love whose origins we do not know, whose like held here in an immense and anything that catches my imagination. Music and books are important to me too. reality is irresistible.” I guess for the most part I am optimistic and enthusiastic, yet I can become a warrior when I see an injustice. In the few Before we can have been attending this congregation, I have met wonderful people and I look forward to being a part of months that I have peace, we must be able to listen to one another. Really listen. Not be deciding whether we agree or disagree with what is being said. Not be thinking the South Fraser Unitarian Community. about how we are going to respond when it is our turn to talk. We need to just listen; listen because we want to understand, understand because we want to trust, and trust because we want peace.

The audience was listening closely as Patsi finished her prayer: “Let us rest in this peace, and be held here.”



Submitted by Carrie Phillips, Board Secretary Highlights from the Board Meeting held Sept 7, 2011

PRESENT: Erin Knudsen, Mike Sands, Carrie Phillips, Sandy Chism, Royce Rourke REPORTS FROM COMMITTEE LIAISONS: Worship: Services are planned to the end of 2011. A new mixer and audio equipment have been purchased. Social Justice: The Women’s Center and Newton Advocacy Group are the focus of attention for the upcoming months. A travelling banner representing SFUC has been designed for carrying in parades, marches, etc. In addition, SFUC T-shirts and posters will be made available. Lay Chaplaincy: Two volunteers were appointed to the Committee: Win Searle and Patsi Chism. Sandy Chism, chairperson, organized a meeting in the summer in which five area presently-serving Lay Chaplains presented their experiences. Applications are encouraged to fill our open position. Upcoming Events: Fall Gathering in Kelowna - October 21-23 Holly Days Fair - December 4 Christmas Lunch December 18

NEW BUSINESS: A co-ordinator is needed to oversee our special gatherings throughout the year. Applications are encouraged by Sept. 26 for the Kelowna Fall Gathering on Oct. 21-23. Two delegates will be offered $100 each to cover expenses. The Annual Canvass Pledge minimum for membership to SFUC was set at $120. Chairpersons of committees are requested to submit a brief statement confirming who is the chairperson, budget requests and rationale by mid-November. Also requested is a review of terms of reference and the identifying of concerns or requests for change. Meeting adjourned at 9:05 p.m. The Wednesday, October 5th meeting will convene at 6:45 at the home of Sandy Chism.

Among Ourselves
By Pearle Glen

Our gloomy summer was replaced by a glorious, warm autumn. Somehow nature balances things out. Eg. the spiders seem reluctant to spin their webs this month, but there are few flies so their food chain has been broken... Our church year began with a well organised theme of water. Following the service, the congregation ate a tasty potluck lunch while enjoying their renewal of friendships and making new ones. The Tempests entertained about 25 members at their residence. All enjoyed good readings, especially one by Shirley which rendered much hilarity. Good food, good fellowship, and fun prevailed. That Langley group certainly has live wires. Meanwhile, I had company from June onward – relatives from Alberta, Nanaimo and Kelowna. I'm all "baked" out. Our recent travellers are: Nancy Vivian, who is in Toronto visiting her daughter (on her return she will stop in Winnipeg to see her sister)and the Parker-Suttons, who motored off to Calgary to attend a wedding and will drive home via their cabin at Green Lake to lock it up for the winter. Speaking of weddings, we send our very best wishes to Jean Assimakos who is getting married in October in an Anglican church in Langley. Please send your loving, healing energy to those in need, especially to Ed Tempest who seems to have an “incurable” cse of hiccoughs. Kudos to our worship committee, who have a busy schedule planned for the next few months. See you in church. Love and gratitude, Pearle ♥


In Defense of Summer Services
Submitted by Shirley Tempest

The following was used to introduce our shared summer stories at the SFUC summer gathering on Sunday July 31st at Harrison Landing in Langley. Some thought it would be of interest to everyone and proposed to put it in the Newsletter. * * * * *

Many Unitarian Universalist churches do close in the summer months. Many do not. The regular minister is usually not on the scene. Frequently there are informal services or discussions led by the members. There seem to be more societies adopting some variety of year-round pattern. Here in South Fraser we cease our regular Sunday meetings in June and resume in September. So it’s summertime and the U U is easy. We have our occasional happy get-togethers, at several different venues in the valley and this morning it is here in Langley at Harrison Landing. Lets have a look, with tongue in cheek, at some different reasons why we close in the summer. Stolen from the East Shore Unitarian Church in Mentor, Ohio, comes the following: “Why Unitarian Churches Close in the Summer” by Patrick T.A. O’Neill. 1. To everything there is a season. A time to be open, and a time to be closed. 2. Unitarian ministers all drive ice cream trucks in the summer. 3. Michael Servetus was burned at the stake on the Feast of the Summer Solstice. In his memory we close for two months of mourning each summer. 4. Unitarians are the only group God can trust to be out of his sight for two months at a time. 5. All Unitarians are working on masters degrees. Taking the summer off makes sense. 6. The Unitarian Ecclesiastical Calendar was originally drawn up by the Harvard Divinity Faculty. The “Harvard Calendar,” as it is known, dates back to 1825 and only has ten months. 7. The summer hiatus is the Unitarians’ revolt against the Calvinists’ work ethic. 8. Actually, closing for the summer is a Universalist tradition. It was a concession made by the Unitarians at the time of merger in 1961. 9. We close for the summer to save energy. Closing is ecologically sound. 10. Unitarians are really closet Episcopalians. For two months every year we are secretly very “high church.” 11. As Tevye says in “Fiddler On The Roof,” the reason we do it is TRADITION!


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