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North Hampton Energy Committee News
Energy Assessment
Bob Copp, Dieter Ebert and Peter Philbrook of the North Hampton Energy Committee are continuing an energy evaluation of town buildings. Thus far they have completed surveys of the town administration building, Police and Fire Departments, the Tax Collectors office and the Old Town Hall. Preliminary results have been reviewed with Select Board member Mike Coutu, Building Inspector Red Mabey, and John Hubbard of the Highway Department. Hubbard will be responsible for the resolving any issues. The Recycling center, Public Library, and the new Highway Department building will be looked at in the next few weeks. Copp says, “The collection of energy consumption data continues not only for the town buildings but also for the school. This will be entered into the EPA’s (Environmental Protection Agency) energy program and town’s people will be able to view it on their computers at home.” This service is being done by volunteers of the Energy Committee at no cost to the townspeople. Some of the suggested resolutions have already been implemented by the town. A final report is expected to be completed by the middle of April and will be issued to the Select Board and the Planning Board for inclusion in the capital improvement plan.

Energy Savings
A planned year-long effort to reduce the North Hampton’s carbon footprint held a successful kick off assembly at North Hampton School on February 4th. “What is so exciting about North Hampton’s Carbon Challenge is the partnership of the local energy committee, school and public library,” said Julia Dundorf, Co-Director of the New Hampshire Carbon Challenge. Dundorf addressed students, elected officials and members of the public at two morning assemblies and will draw upon the North Hampton event as a model for other school districts in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. “We are focused on leveraging our positive experiences here to develop easily implementable tools to make our work easier and effective.” Among those tools would be the video of the event produced by the Cable Television Committee, case study reports on the effectiveness of North Hampton’s collaborative efforts and any subsequent PowerPoint and classroom worksheets that are developed. Mary Lou Wollmar, Chairwoman of North Hampton’s Energy Committee was thrilled with the results of the event as well. “Our kids are so smart. They asked a lot of tough questions. I think they showed they know a lot about energy conservation and environmental issues. Our town should be very proud of them.” Sixth-grade teacher Wendy Crowley and her students coordinated the use ...continued on page 2

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It is at this time that they cross over into Boy Scouting and Troop 162. If you don’t know a North Hampton School student and need help. Our overall First Place winner was Henry Philbrook and Second Place went to Jake Higgins. “Scouts Choice”. Zach Parrott. April is always mixed emotions for me as our Webelo den earns the highest rank in Cub Scouts: The Arrow of Light. I was very proud of our boys and leaders who got up early to decorate. “Most Colorful. Howie Mahoney. What a celebration it will be! ~ Yours in Scouting. 603-682-2950 PAGE 2 NORTH HAMPTON COMMUNITY NEWSLETTER . Eric Roch and Ben Thayer will earn that award and become new Boy Scouts of Troop 162. A special “thank you” to the school for the Cafeteria. Sophia Philbrook placed First in that category. We are always available to help out in the community. the voters that logged on and registered for the Carbon Challenge helped place North Hampton third across the entire state for most registrants in the past 30 days. It was run on our new track donated by Alicia Gilmore McLaughlin from Waterline Industries out of Seabrook. We will be celebrating 100 Years of Scouting in 2010. In addition. The Library is providing. just ask. Cub Master Pack 162. It told us who came in first. Laurie Booth. Erik Hirtle. in Bear den and Erik Hirtle in Webelos. instructions on how to register. This month is by far the most anticipated. It’s one of the many opportunities we enjoy doing. They have done just that and now Juston Ambrose.SPRING 2009 North Hampton Energy Committee News continued from page 1 of school laptop carts for the public to sign up for the North Hampton Carbon Challenge voting day. you may stop in at The Public Library. North Hampton Energy Committee Cub Scout News Pack 162 hoped our North Hampton Community enjoyed their Pancake Breakfast on Jan. Troop and Pack 162 coordinated with Diane Wheeler on our 2nd Annual Pancake Breakfast.” Jake Higgins.unh. Henry Philbrook. Thomas Prior was First in Wolf Den. It is helpful to have a year’s worth of non-renewable energy bills at hand when taking the challenge. start preparing and cooking the delicious breakfast. March 10th. we have watched them earn their ranks. I can be reached for any info. Kyle Rochford. We also have an “Ugly Duck” race for the adults and family members. throughout the year. second. Troy Klidaras. The registration website can be accessed directly at carbonchallenge. third and fourth.edu.sr. North Hampton Ford for sponsoring our trophies and Joe’s NY Pizza for our lunch. educational video and printed materials will be available. Despite a less than 20 percent turnout at the polls. “Best Scout Theme”. grow. 31. As elders in our pack. The Carbon Challenge will go on for the remainder of the year and all residents are strongly encouraged to participate. take on more responsibility and strive to succeed. The boys did a fantastic job in designing their cars. We held our annual Pinewood Derby at the school. This track even spoke. It’s with sadness and joy that I congratulate them and their families on a job well done! As always. ~ Tamara Lee. on Cub Scouts for our town. and in which lane and their time. “Most Patriotic” themed car was won by Henry Philbrook. We had Andrew Higgins from Tigers come in First Place for his den. The students are focusing on energy conservation as part of their service learning curriculum. Congratulations to all our racers.

Baseball and Softball Camp. a new preschool/Mommy & Me program called “Taking the story off the pages”. the magic or puppet show. Come A hug from Bertha the Bunny join us watch the 1940’s and 50’s classics African Queen or Singing in the at the Egg Scramble Rain. First up is the Recreation Commission. the cookie bakeoff. the Kids Wintervals Art Contest. This year we also had a girls High School Hoop Team. the Key to the Town Presentation to the USS Dallas & the NR-1 submarines. arts and crafts. playing broomball at Dearborn. Call Diane at 964-3170 if you are interested in joining this club. On that trip were a few of the sailors from the USS Dallas and the NR-1 crew. Although the Celtics trip did not sell out. I also wish to thank both the Highway Department and the Professional Firefighters. thanks to Barry Donohoe and Ben Smith for coaching. the Chili Bowl Cook-Off. Diane Wheeler NORTH HAMPTON COMMUNITY NEWSLETTER PAGE 3 . The Walsh family/Ocean Properties. everyone seemed to have a great time despite the temperature. It is the hope of the Rec Dept to turn this into more fun-filled activities and adventures for our town’s mature active adults. and law enforcement personnel. the Rec. the bonfire and the fireworks. because without their support. it was another fun and exciting trip. Thank you to Jimmy Wheeler. Thanks to coaches. Lacrosse Camp and Soccer Camp. Dept was actively battling the winter blues with WinterFest II on January 31. or maybe a little Jimmy Stewart fav. We will also be celebrating July 4 in Beantown watching our favorite Boston Red Sox play their way into yet another championship. Shaw’s.gov and click on the Recreation page. Bottomline Technologies. Congrats to the North Hampton “Green” Team for taking home the Boys High School Hoop League first place trophy. Congrats to the “Blue” Team for winning first place in our Men’s Over 35 Hoop League. fencing. WinterFest could not have happened. celebrated our state’s military. Aquarion Water. Upcoming Spring Events & Programs: The 10th Eggscramble Eggstravaganza on April 4 for kids in PreK through 8th grade & the kids Egg Coloring Contest. The day was jam-packed with events for all ages to enjoy.SPRING 2009 North Hampton Recreation Happenings 2009 While Father Winter & Mother Nature came in with a force. Sagamore-Hampton Golf Club. Ben Ruggles. who without their support. The Monarchs game on March 7. Timberline Signs. Hannaford’s & Sandy the Dew” Dewing. Programs that ran or continue to run throughout the year: Zumba. who coached the other North Hampton White Team. The Lamprey Brothers. Please feel free to email or call me with exciting new ideas or events that you might have for next year’s WinterFest. Dave MacArthur & Paul Boduch and Tom Carroll. To view the Spring & Summer Brochure. The Robie Mackin Foundation. Upcoming Summer Events & Programs: our ever so popular Summer Rec Program. Albeit the pancake breakfast. whose Golf Tournament in September raised $10. for their continued support of me and the department.000. go to www. the NH Public Library. Most importantly. I would like to thank the event sponsors.northhampton-nh. Jan Facella and Steve Fournier. floor hockey. firefighters. Surf Camp. The Fuller Foundation. $500 of that donation was used for the Wintervals kids contest. gymnastics and pitching (which we had 27 girls join!!). DB Warlick. who ALWAYS seem to be there for me when I need help with filling the ice rink or building the bonfire. Hundreds of residents came out into the bitter cold to warmly meet and greet other community members. PAL. Click on the link Spring & Summer Brochure. ~ Respectfully yours in recreation. I could not have kept up the “Little Engine Who Could” attitude. 4th-8th grade Homework Club. Also being offered for the Mature Active Adults is a new Feature Film Club. Tumbling & Ultimate Frisbee. Dunkin Donuts. Sandy Dewing. who ALWAYS step up when the department is in dire need of funding. DDR or Guitar Hero. which the sailors also enjoyed attending.

org. Moores is well known and highly respected for his work with personal safety. and also books selected by UNH Professor Holly Perrault. Encore from Entertainer Stephen Collins Stephen Collins will return to NHPL Thursday April 23rd at 7:00pm for another fine evening of entertainment.m. as he explores the human condition in a program he calls “A Little Bit of This – A Little Bit of That. Wetlands: Protecting our Town’s Future Why are wetlands so important to your drinking water and environment? Come find out what wetlands do for you and the role they play in ensuring our natural resources are healthy now and in the future. The North Hampton Conservation Commission has teamed up with the Library to host a speaker series on protecting and preserving our land and water resources. Friday Matinees Children First – Safety Program for Parents and Concerned Adults Andrew Moores will discuss children’s safety with parents and concerned adults and talk about protecting children from abduction and abuse at the library Weds. The group will meet monthly to read and discuss books sponsored by The National Endowment for the Arts’ Big Read program.. This year Stephen draws upon the poetry. April 29th. April 14th at 7 pm. The program is free and open to the public. In past years Collins portrayed Walt Whitman. and others. Isles of Shoals – Past and Present The culture and history of the Isles of Shoals will be explored with Ann Beattie of the Isles of Shoals Historical and Research Association Weds. Check out our website for more details or call us at 964-6326. and performed the works of Robert Frost to the immense enjoyment of all who attended. If you haven’t been to the library or haven’t stopped by for a while. The first Friday from the Seacoast Science Center of every month we’ll show a movie FREE with FREE popcorn. The Evening Book Group Begins Again Join us Weds. Elizabeth Bishop. women and men. Protecting our Town’s future: Preserving and Conserving our Resources – Speaker Series beginning Tues. . board games. or would like to host a series please contact us at 964-6326 or at www.nhplib. you haven’t taken advantage of our DVD selection. April 15th at 6:30 pm. April 14th at 7pm to learn more about this important topic that has the potential for a permanent impact on the future of our town. Join us at the library for coffee and goodies and to see what the library has to offer.SPRING 2009 North Hampton Public Library News National Library Week National Library Week is April 12-18th with the theme “Worlds Connect @ Your Library”.continued on page 5 PAGE 4 NORTH HAMPTON COMMUNITY NEWSLETTER . and refreshments will be served. Somerset Maughm’s “The Razor’s Edge. Join us Tuesday. The first speaker will be Sandy Crystall of the NH DES Wetlands Bureau. The group is open to anyone over 16 who loves reading. May 13th to kick off the start of the official “Sunset Book Club” that will assemble to discuss “Housekeeping” by Marilynne Robinson. We’re starting off with Oscar winning classics – the oldies but goodies. If you have suggestions for future films or a film series. Tyrone Power and Gene Tierney in W. critically acclaimed actor.” Experience the work of these writers through an engaging. and programs for kids and adults. threat assessment and violence prevention programs for children. The “What is NH Reading” program through the New Hampshire Humanities Council. Thornton Wilder. May 1st meet Raspberry the Box Turtle at 1:30pm to kick off our new Friday Matinees. Andrew Moores is director of training at Atlantic Karate and Training Center in North Hampton. Stop by and get acquainted! Kids at North Hampton Library Nothing to watch on TV? Come to the library Friday. Thanks to the Friends of the Library we have a DLP projector so we can bring these great movies to you for your enjoyment. such as Mary Oliver.. fiction and drama from an array of notable writers. at 7:00 p.

org <http://nhplib.SPRING 2009 North Hampton Public Library News continued from page 4 North Hampton Genealogists – Unite! If you attended the Genealogy Workshop recently held at the library. Upcoming dates and times are: Thursday. April 6 at 6:30 Monday. games and activities. 4:00 . we will offer a prize to kids who complete their summer reading maps and charts and donations are appreciated. May 4 at 6:30 Monday. be on the look-out for a North Hampton Genealogy Club that will meet to discuss genealogy and family history research. “Book Bunch” features books. songs. The entries can be anything related to books: a scene or character from a book. May 18. music. and rhymes. or are interested in genealogy and family history. May18. April 27th from 5:30 – 7:30pm All ages are invited to participate prize ribbons will be awarded. 7:00 The City of Ember by Jeanne DuPrau Monday. play. Keating. June 4. featuring stories. Your book and movie suggestions are always welcome. 4:00 .4:45 Thursday. No registration is required. songs and crafts for ages 2-6. May 21. We will have evening programs featuring animals. April 28st at 6:30pm. featuring pizza and books. June 1 at 6:30 Edible Book Festival at North Hampton Library An edible book festival is a contest for people to enter book-themed art that is also edible. Library Director “Book Bunch” After School Fun for Children in grades K and up. Wear your pajamas and bring a favorite stuffed animal. art and MAGIC! The full schedule will be available in June. 4:00 . 3:45 . Monday.4:45 Thursday. BINGO. or poem or a book cover. The first meeting will be scheduled for Tuesday. ~ Susan Grant.4:30 The Several Lives of Orphan Jack by Sara Ellis “Pizza and Pages” A book group for grades 5-8. We will finish by 7:00pm. stop by the Library for an entry form or download a form from the library website at http://nhplib.org/>. games. short story. April 13.4:45 Thursday. The spring session began March 24 and ends Tuesday. let us know. 4:00 . science. Guest speakers will be scheduled and hands-on computer assistance will be available. April 20. Assistant Director & Youth Services Librarian A book group for students in grades 3-4. Pajama Story Time First Monday of every month at 6:30pm. April 16. We will also take donations of small items and children’s books in good condition to use in our popular “Bingo for Books” games at the library. May 12. Upcoming meetings and book selections are: Monday. Stop by the library to pick up a copy of the current book and let us know you are coming so we have enough pizza for everyone. To enter. We hope to see you soon at your town Library! ~ Lorreen M. 7:00 Wolf Brother by Michelle Paver NORTH HAMPTON COMMUNITY NEWSLETTER PAGE 5 . discussion. The library has access to several genealogy databases and is in the process of acquiring more. News from the Children’s Room at North Hampton Library Pre School Story Time Spring Session 2009 Tuesday mornings. All ages are invited for stories. Upcoming meetings and books: Monday. Call or stop by the library to register. All the ingredients must be entirely edible so at the end of the contest – everyone gets to eat the creations! Start cooking up your idea (suitable for family viewing) and sign up for the North Hampton Library Edible Book Festival on Monday. 10:15-10:45am. As in past years. Pre-registration is required. 3:45 . May 7. comics.4:45 Literary Lions Summer Reading 2009 “It’s Summertime and the Reading is Easy” Plans are underway for a fun summer reading program for kids pre-school age through teens. and a raffle prize. Registration is required for Book Bunch.4:30 Loser by Jerry Spinelli Monday.

land that has been given the Society over the years by good people wanting to see their wetlands safe from intrusion. Our mosquito control committee has tried to contact the Society but keep getting the brushoff. we are excited to welcome Bob to the School Board. The Board would also like to take this opportunity to welcome Robert Copp. They performed some typical drumming. hard work and leadership that she brought to the School Board. She assumed the role of Board Chairwoman for two years. David Sarazen. call and response. Mary Pat was a member of the School Board for three years. Steve Ferraris and James Marshall introduced North Hampton students to the art of African drumming and dance. and Pat Moreinis Dodge. Students were able to share their drumming and dancing skills with an audience of families. ~ Pat Moreinis Dodge North Hampton School Board The School Board would like to thank Mary Pat Dolan for her dedicated years of service to NHS and its students. North Hampton School PAGE 6 NORTH HAMPTON COMMUNITY NEWSLETTER . Steve has studied and taught African drumming and worked as an artist in residence for more than 20 years. and dance from West Africa. James Marshall received his training at Arthur Hall’s Afro-American Dance Ensemble of Philadelphia. With their new rules disallowing us from larviciding 1/3 of the Little River Marsh. The students then met in groups with both James and Steve to try the African percussion instruments and get some instruction Mosquito Control Committee In anticipation of the typical mosquito invasion in July. and peers. the Mosquito Control Committee is looking for people who are members of or know members of The Audubon Society of New Hampshire. Assistant Principal. We would like to be able to make our case heard so that we can benefit from the good work The Dragon Mosquito Control Company has been doing these past years preventing the mosquito larvae from developing in our salt marsh.SPRING 2009 North Hampton School Artist in Residence For two weeks in March. staff. Bob also has prior experience as a member of the NHS Board. Please contact any of the members of our committee if you can help: Bill Pare. We are fortunate to live in a community that values education and its importance to the future. The North Hampton School Board would like to extend its deepest gratitude to the people of North Hampton for their continued support of the School. Bob Hamilton. Given his experience and commitment to North Hampton. We would like to thank PAL for their continued support of the Artist in Residence program as well as all the parents that volunteered throughout the residency! ~ Tara K. Kari Schmitz. Bob has a background in education. Rossi. Stacy Whittier on techniques and rhythms in order to develop an appreciation for the drums and the music. Perhaps some of our citizens know people in the group and could help us make some personal contacts. The time and energy that she committed to her position as a School Board member was immeasurable. He has served on both the Winnacunnet Budget Committee and the North Hampton Budget Committee and is currently the Vice Chairman of the North Hampton Energy Committee. we will now be at a great disadvantage. NHS benefited from the talent. Janet Gorman. Artists in Residence. Steve and James began their residency at NHS with a welcome performance attended by all North Hampton students. ~ Respectfully submitted.

Capt. Everyone can change. and other classrooms all over the world. Our entire summer program will be out in early June and we are sure you will be pleased with the lineup. please call Delores Chase at 964-5992. The audience heard such words as peace. the crew. “Now I know who I am. If there was one lesson to take from this experience. educators. and unified voices singing “Follow the Drinking Gourd” and “We Shall Overcome. If this is something you would like to help with. currently immersed in their study on weather. commentary on Joyce Carol Thomas’ poem “Color Struck”. Moira Corbett read her personal poem: Do You Skype? Do you Skype? North Hampton fifth graders certainly do! What exactly is Skype you ask? Skype is technology software that allows users to make audio and video phone calls from their computers! Teachers and students can “skype” to connect with experts. This was the culmination of an integrated unit. freedom.” ~ Tara K. It doesn’t matter if you are a kid. Students saw photos of the plane. North Hampton School Bandstand Opens with “Jumbo Circus Peanuts” The 2009 season will begin on Wednesday. Students were able to see her on a large screen in their classroom and interact with her live as she presented a slide show on the inner workings of the hurricane hunters. Mississippi. Each student created his/her own black and white symbolic drawing. ~ Tara K. McLaughlin and the crew fly through hurricanes to collect such data as the wind speed. from her base in Biloxi. personal reflections. Being able to say. from your first to your last You were free all along… In your heart. and level of humidity to send back to the hurricane center for the purpose of gathering more accurate information for weather forecasts. The children’s programs will again be every other Thursday at l0:30 during the months of July and August. Assistant Principal. Looking forward to seeing you at the bandstand! ~ The Bandstand Operating Committee NORTH HAMPTON COMMUNITY NEWSLETTER PAGE 7 . temperature. They heard student responses to Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech. Students were impressed as they learned how Capt. students entered a darkened cafeteria holding candles and proceeded to the stage where they each spoke one word into the microphone. “You can make a change. June 24 with the Jumbo Circus Peanuts followed by the Air Force Band of Liberty on July 1st.SPRING 2009 Civil Rights Night Fourth Graders in Karen Haas’ and Lonnie Spinelli’s class shared their art. Assistant Principal. Rossi. and songs at a Civil Rights Night in February. which together created a large class quilt. The possibilities for learning opportunities are endless! Recently. pressure. Having hope for all your dreams. to win the battle of life. more powerful learning takes place. the NHS fifth graders participated in a “skype” presentation with Aerial Reconnaissance Weather Officer. you realize that… Every step you took. Throughout the evening. McLaughlin presented on her position as a meteorologist and hurricane hunter in the Air Force Reserves to the fifth graders. I believe Alex Birmbas stated it when he said. On this special night. and change echo through the cafeteria. Rossi. displayed on the stage with twinkling lights surrounding it. the students individually shared their writing reflections and poetry. and a picture taken from inside the eye of a hurricane! When students are able to connect with and question professionals employed in the students’ current area of study. And when you do. We are always looking for help with cleanup and flower planting.” The honesty and empathy was easily perceived as each student shared his/her unique piece of writing.” Going to the end of the Earth. The audience sat quietly listening to the meaningful and thoughtful words coming from the voices of fourth graders. which began with discussions on slavery and the Underground Railroad through learning about the days of the Civil Rights Movement to watching the Presidential Election. typhoons. This ability to “skype” will continue to open the doors for creative and meaningful learning experiences for all students. North Hampton School Change Change is the courage to stand up for what you believe in. poetry. Captain Kaitlyn McLaughlin.

centennialhall.greatbayredcross. Faith Community Nurse at 964-8687.org. For these and other health offerings please contact Steve Bua or Janet Sanborn RN.com. ~ Rev.com for complete details. Many thanks for community support this year through the purchase of apple pies (more than 150 were made and sold this year) at Thanksgiving and through other fundraising efforts over the course of the year. RN.). The Great Bay Chapter of the American Red Cross is currently conducting a nursing assistant instructional training program at Centennial Hall.com or email Mary at classes@brushandpalette. 3 young adults. Pastor North Hampton United Church of Christ PAGE 8 NORTH HAMPTON COMMUNITY NEWSLETTER . Further information can be found on their website www. building restoration and other programs currently offered can be found at www. Information on the Friends of Centennial Hall. sister-church relationship building. Please check www. Together with Mary artists. Mr. and 4 adults from The United Church of Christ in North Hampton will journey to Nuevo Laredo. Robert Steedman. New RED CROSS LNA Program Now at Centennial Hall Under the direction of Eileen Piet. accessible documentary film for national public television. Nobel Laureate Elie Wiesel.) on May 31st. along with interviews with renowned Buddhist teacher Thich Nhat Hanh. It provides an honest look at the intensity of anger and grief that human nature is heir to. water color. 9 youth. ~ Marcy McCann The United Church of Christ in North Hampton Community News All are invited to a viewing and discussion of the documentary “The Power of Forgiveness” on Saturday.thepowerofforgiveness. and Healing Circles offered every third Wednesday of the month at 7 pm. the Fitness Group every Thursday from 9:00-10am with Marcia Forest PT. The Health and Healing Ministry would like to thank the Community for braving the cold and supporting the Feb. Dustan Knight and Tom George will offer both a series of instruction and one-day workshops in acrylic. walking an indoor labyrinth.brushandpalette. Lastly.” Continuing in a relationship which began more than 8 years ago. Rev. The film also explores the role forgiveness holds in various faiths traditions. and receiving the gift of touch. Michele Bagby Allan. From www. Other church based health ministry offerings open to the community include: Gentle and Wellness Yoga Series offered at the Church with Certified Teacher Kathy Ullrich on Thursdays @ 5:30pm. Michele Bagby Allan will facilitate discussion following the film. palette knife and “really learning to draw” running weekdays. a Foot Clinic sponsored by the Seacoast Visiting Nurse Agency (926-2066) is offered at 11:00am the second Wednesday of the month. Effective immediately Shaw’s will no longer require register receipts in lieu of registering your Shaw’s reward card on-line. at which participants have an opportunity to experience inner peace through contemplative prayer and meditation.org under Health & Safety and the LNA link or call 766-5440 ext. Youth will share of their experiences in worship (10am at 295 Atlantic Ave. Guth’s Music Studio and North Hampton Bridge in providing a rich diversity of classes and program offerings in a charming historic setting.com/neighborhoodrewards and select the Friends of Centennial Hall our ID is 49001018530. best-selling authors Thomas Moore and Marianne Williamson and others. “The Power of Forgiveness explores recent research into the psychological and physical effects of forgiveness on individuals and within relationships under a wide variety of conditions and translates it into a popular. and hands-on service from April 26-May 1. Mexico to engage in intercultural exchange. the 9/11 tragedy and peace-building in Northern Ireland. 6. Mary recently retired from the Brush and Palette to focus specifically on art instruction and will continue her very popular oil classes in the Hall’s newly refurbished basement studio.shaws. evenings and Saturdays. 1004 Register your Shaw’s Rewards Card The FOCH would like to thank the many people who have supported the Shaw’s receipt rewards program over the last two years. This includes feature stories on the Amish. April 18th from 9am-11:30am in the Vestry of The United Church of Christ in North Hampton (295 Atlantic Ave. 2009 Red Cross Blood Drive.SPRING 2009 Friends of Centennial Hall Artist in Residence at Centennial Hall The Friends of Centennial Hall are pleased to welcome local artist Mary Vermeersch who joins the Seacoast Academy of Music. Please consider designating the FOCH as your participating beneficiary. Go to www.

if possible. 40 acres of land will be placed into Conservation through an easement by Richard Skowronski and Leila Hanna. Input to Town Boards We continue to provide input to the Planning and Zoning Boards. We plan to complete excavation this spring. In addition. We also have a new e-mail address: northhamptonconservation@comcast. If the conditions are met for this approval. The combination of these parcels will contribute over 55 acres of protected conservation land in the Little River watershed. We look forward to completing this very ambitious schedule in 2009. the Commission retained a third party. the environmental permit for this project is in review by the NH DES with an expedited schedule for approval. We thank Susan Grant and her staff for organizing this collaborative initiative. This addition would place our total protected conservation land at just under 1300 acres. under “Links for Residents” click on “Conservation Reports and Info” to reach our web page. These were acquired as tax deeded properties by the Town. Enforcement Initiative We’ve identified locations for water sample testing for potential contamination in areas near environmentally sensitive wetlands. In addition. conservation land maps. New Conservation Land acquisitions The Town’s first Conservation sub-division plan was granted a Conditional Approval by the Planning Board in early March. prepared by a licensed forestry consultant in 2008. Dalton Town Forest The first timber harvest on the Dalton Town Forest is planned for late spring/early summer. after the ground freezes. or about 14% of the Town’s total acreage. Little River Salt Marsh Restoration Project Through a grant from the DES Coastal Program and working collaboratively with the Rockingham Conservation District. This newsletter update highlights our work plan for 2009. We continue to work with the Select Board to add four small parcels of primarily wetlands into the Conservation land inventory. in accordance with the procedures in our Forest Management Plan. Just go to the Town web page and. to include current reference information on Conservation land inventory. planned to feature a bronze plaque and granite signposts from the demolition of the Town owned house on Atlantic Ave. Our baseline water quality water testing program is planned to begin after the winter thaw when flow conditions have stabilized. negotiations are ongoing for closing on over 70 acres of conservation land. We’ve made it a goal for 2009 to keep this web page updated with useful information to Town residents. The sub-division plan serves as a model for future Conservation subdivisions in Town. reporting and closing process for about $1. Guest Speakers Initiative We’re working with the library staff to begin an innovative guest speakers’ lecture series on wetlands and environmental protection. making recommendations when wetland buffers and wetlands might be detrimentally impacted.SPRING 2009 Conservation Commission: Much More Work to Do in 2009 While we had a highly successful year of accomplishment in 2008. ~ Chris Ganotis. Communication Tools We’ve updated our web page in the Town’s home web address. Further. wetland buffer protection and surface water management. Thank you for your continued support. Presence of contamination will be referred to the enforcement division of NH DES. for whom we thank. we’re completing a new entrance sign for the Dalton Town Forest. independent wetlands expert to provide technically supported recommendations for the Boards’ consideration in a case involving wetlands buffer protection. More recently. or in the late fall. The first is scheduled for April 14 and we’ve assembled a list of candidate speakers for future presentations. North Hampton Forever is still completing the Federal Grant application. Chairman NORTH HAMPTON COMMUNITY NEWSLETTER PAGE 9 . Primary locations are in the Little River and Winnicut River watersheds and in locations where suspected contamination has been observed.net As always. 2009. your comments and suggestions are welcomed. we are considering the purchase of a small parcel of land contiguous to the Conservation subdivision mentioned above and considering adding a second Town-owned landlocked parcel near the subdivision.6 million in grant funding. there is still much more left to do this year.

Jenny has spent countless hours researching this and it sounds very interesting. Frenette.SPRING 2009 North Hampton Historical Society News The North Hampton Historical Society open the 2009 season in March with Tibbie Field presenting a very interesting program on Sulgrave Manor in England. All members and anyone interested in becoming a member of the Historical Society are welcome. Everyone is welcome and we hope you’ll join us. 3. Your recyclables were sent to market and manufactured into new products that saved the use of natural and raw materials in the manufacturing process. 2nd Battle of Saratoga 1777” and the involvement of North Hampton Soldiers.886 pounds of coal. May 18th program will be presented by Jenny Landman titled “Bemis Heights. If you missed his presentation last fall titled: “Industrial History of New Hampshire”. Brush and Compost hours are Saturdays (only) 8 am to 12:00.m. The Museum is located in the Heritage Conference Room. For additional information. Upcoming Recycling Information • April 4th – Weather permitting. we will have a cemetery tour of Center Cemetery on Post Road on Saturday.414 hours. 7) (Including lids and caps separated from bottles) •All kinds of glass (Except glass associated with motor vehicles and light fixtures. boxes •Corrugated Cardboard •Aluminum and Tin Cans •Newspapers and magazines •Textiles (into Goodwill Box) •Styrofoam peanuts •Bubble wrap. We’ve been receiving many favorable comments about the displays in the North Hampton Historical Society Museum. • Early May – Household Hazardous Waste Collection in Hampton. The programs are free and refreshments are served. your impact on the environment has been beneficial. To coincide with Jenny’s presentation. e. Vice President North Hampton Historical Society Recycling Center Information The Recycling Committee would like to thank those residents and businesses that used the Town’s Recycling Center in 2008.m. By recycling…… Aluminum Cans Paper (Mix. Brush and Compost opens for the season. The displays in the Museum are changed periodically and we hope you will get a chance to visit soon. enough energy to run a 60 watt light bulb for 125. Hours Open Recycling Center is open Wednesdays and Saturdays from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Cardboard and Newspaper) Steel Cans Scrap Metal (Bulky Item Collection Day) You saved or conserved….m. This is one of fifteen most important battles in the country. 1. call Recycling Center (964-9825) or DPW (964-6442). 5. 2. 12:30 to 4:30 pm. May 23rd at 10:00 a. Associate Professor at UNH.g.336 trees. was demolished. which was located next to the Library. across the hall from the Town Clerk/Tax Collector’s Office. 4. There you’ll be able to view the gravestones of some of the North Hampton soldiers who served in this battle. Happy Spring! ~ Beverley J. enough energy to run a television for 197. Before the John Leavitt Homestead. Priscilla Leavitt. • Mid-May – Bulky Item Collection at the Recycling Center. was able to obtain two latches and a door knob for our historic collection. the first Monday of the month at the North Hampton Library. 9. Our business meetings are held at 3 p. 6. By recycling. Recycling Center Collecting •ALL plastics (1. Plexiglass) •Shredded paper delivered in paper or plastic bags. our curator. here’s your chance to hear him discuss “Child Labor” as one of his topics. Please note that our programs begin at 7 p. reasonable size •Florescent bulbs •Batteries (except lead acid. The April 20th program will be presented by Robert Macieski. This is the home of George Washington’s ancestors. at the United Church of Christ on the third Monday of the month unless otherwise advertised. car batteries) Location: Off Post Road on Cherry Road PAGE 10 NORTH HAMPTON COMMUNITY NEWSLETTER .320 hours.

Must be Licensed by their Owners in the Town or City of Residence. Peter is a faithful user of the Library and recently consulted and collaborated with our Director to identify an old map that was discovered in the Library. the case will be disposed of in district court. and to do this we need your feedback. Our staff will assist you to find what you need. In addition. Your tax dollars support the Library and make these services available to you. Alison Robie. art. (9am-4pm). or to access our website at http://www. The meeting is to network about relevant Library information and services. Peter Parker Music and Arts Summer Camp at Centennial Hall “Around the World in Ten Days”. License a puppy as soon as it is 4 months old. The license period runs May 1st through April 30th of each year. We will miss him and hope that he will stay involved with our Library.seacoastacademyofmusic. Library Trustees: Emily Creighton. and if we don’t have what you want. Four Months Old or Over. drama. Living in the State of NH. In addition. Dale served as Secretary for two years and as Chair of the Trustees this past year. What happens if I don’t license my dog? Failure to license a dog is a violation of state law and city/town ordinances. the annual license fee is less for a dog that has been spayed or neutered. Additional penalties may apply under local ordinances. you may want to contact the library to give us your input about our hours of service. Students may register for one or both weeks and will have the opportunity to explore world cultures through music. Dale decided not to run again for Trustee to have more time with his family. Don’t hesitate to come in.SPRING 2009 Communique from the Library Trustees We start off by thanking Dale Rochford for his energetic. storytelling and more.org/ If you haven’t participated in the recent Library survey. The camp will run from June 29 through July 10. NH. please call SAM at 964-3660 or visit www. a two week creative music and arts day camp for children entering grades 1 through 6. What do I need to license my dog? State law requires that before a license is issued. North Hampton is the third Library to sponsor such a meeting behind Rye and Hampton. will be offered by the Seacoast Academy of Music at Centennial Hall in North Hampton. While the library operates in a space that is less than half of what is recommended for our community. Hope to see you in the Library. The main topic will be Library Fund Collateralization and Selectman Mike Coutu will be a guest speaker. When do I license my dog? License a new adult dog immediately. We welcome him and look forward to his tenure on the board. If the forfeiture is not paid.00 due within 15 days after receiving notice of forfeiture. we will be hosting the Seacoast Library Trustees and Directors. Of course the Historical Society was also part of the collaboration and the map was identified as Hampton circa 1830.org All Dogs. more and more residents are beginning to use library services. In April. The current economic problems have increased our Library usage figures. To find out more about music camp or other summer music lesson programs. the owner or keeper of a dog must furnish proof to the clerk that the dog has been vaccinated against rabies.00 per month for each month (or part of a month) after June 1. He was instrumental in developing the Library’s investment plan and recently updated it to include a section on collateralization to ensure the Library’s funds are secure. folk dance. you are subject to a civil forfeiture fee of $25. Peter Parker is the newly elected Trustee and a former Trustee as well. NORTH HAMPTON COMMUNITY NEWSLETTER PAGE 11 . we will see if it can be obtained from another library. Evidence of the procedure needs to be supplied to the clerk. The purpose of the survey was to determine if the library is meeting the needs of our users. positive and productive three years of service to our Library. It is our goal to continue to provide the best service we can. In addition to the annual license fee you will be charged a late fee of $1. License renewals are generally accepted after March 1st of each year.nhplib. African drumming. Feel free to contact your local city or town clerk if you wish to determine whether or not this information is already on file for your pet.

BREAKER HEAD: Baseball registration The NHYA is currently accepting applications for the spring 2009 baseball and T-Ball season. Coaches are also needed. Please do not wait until the first day of baseball to sign your child up. Postage PAID Permit No. For further information on the NHYA baseball program. NH 03862. Play is tentatively scheduled to begin during the first weekend of May. print the 2009 registration form. 11 Grandview Terrace. Click on the “registrations” prompt on the left side of the home page. It is run completely by volunteers from the community. Anyone with interest in learning more about the open positions on the NHYA Board of Directors. so please indicate on your child’s registration form if you would like to coach.com. North Hampton Youth Association PAGE 12 NORTH HAMPTON COMMUNITY NEWSLETTER Sponsored by: The Town of North Hampton. Children who are 4 years old by May 1. For those unaware of what exactly the NHYA does. The deadline for registrations is April 10. 4 y unit mm unity e Co g th e Comm lvin h Invo rming t nfo by I North Hampton Resident . NH 03862 Standard U. which is currently looking for a president as well as a commissioner to run the K-2 basketball program next winter. North Hampton School Board. Friends of the Library. and the focus is on programs designed for pre-K (age 4) through sixth-grade students. meaning there are no paid staff members. Parents can register their children by visiting www. First and second-graders participate in a coach-pitch baseball format.com. are eligible to play T-Ball.S.nhyaonline. North Hampton. ~ Mike Sullivan. it is a nonprofit organization that organizes and oversees all of the town’s youth sports leagues and any related business matters and administrative work. or anyone who has even a couple of hours a week to help out in some capacity. e-mail baseball commissioner Ross Peterson at rpeterson@adamsaai. c/o Heidi Nigro. and mail it to NHYA Registrar. The organization is governed by a board of directors. North Hampton Public Library. 2009.com. North Hampton. is encouraged to contact Mike Sullivan at mikesully3234@yahoo.SPRING 2009 North Hampton Youth Association The North Hampton Youth Association Board of Directors is looking for a few good residents to join its ranks.

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