Tina and I left the west side of the island when it was still dark, about 7am.

We got to Sunset Beach here at the Pipeline about 9:30 or so. The Triple Crown Surf Championship’s finals were today, so we were just in time. Jamie O’Brien was last years champion. Let’s go see what happened this year.

Down on the sand there were a lot of pro cameras, not to mention thousands of people from around the world.

We live just around that mountain (Kaiena Point) in Makaha, but there’s no direct route from our place to the north shore. We have to travel counter-clockwise up around and through the central north shore district to get here.

Famous surfers such as Sunny (not “Sonny”) Garcia, Jamie O’Brian, Luke Egan, Kelly Slater, as well as Andy and Bruce Irons were here. The surf wasn’t as high as our last year’s fifty-footers, but this is the Bonzai Pipeline, today, 6’-12’.

Well this isn’t too bad. Here goes Austalia’s Luke Egan. He was eliminated eventually by the 3rd Heat.

Now there’s some cameras! “Surfer” Magazine as well as several others are certainly here.

Just another day in Paradise.

Yup, yup. . .just another day.

Hawaii’s own Kalani Chapman sucking it up but Andy Irons barreling through.

Swells rising. The surfers are right over the other side.

Kalani Chapman again coming through the pipe. It was a great ride for him but would not be a victory this year.

Bruce Irons just at it but Sunny Garcia comes through and shows some very impressive, but finales for 2005.

Just a shot of. . .whatever.

Andy Irons scoring points in Heat 4 finals.

A shot that sort of shows the lineup of the final Heat. Speaking of heat, it was bitchen out today. Like what else is new?!!

Just a random shot. A dog day afternnon at the North Shore.

Here’s a shot of the mellow surf just to my right. (Yeah, right Don!)

Every dog has his day. Speaking of which, we can say goodby to Nathan Hedge here from Australia.

As we say in Hawaii, “All Pau!” (all finished!)

Luke Egan (Australia) bowing out after a pretty impressive as well as fun day. “Lata’ brah!”

Though not actual competetors, these guys move on northward for other surf.

Ok, ok. Tina said “How come you don’t get some well-built tan guys?” Here. This is for you gals.

But look out there, they are blocking a bitchen shot!

Here’s Tim Curran with the board coming in for the day. So long to the California guy.

Bruce and Andy Irons from Hawaii (Island of Kauai), Mick Fanning (Australia), Kalani Chapman (Hawaii). The Fab Four. It was great to see Sunny Garcia’s last competition. Some TV station picked me out of the crowd to be interviewed. I basically said it was great to be here to experience Sunny Garcia’s last stand, and when asked who I thought would win I reserved my comment. I was hoping a local braddah would win, and sure enough, Andy Irons.

There’s my boys! Andy Irons in the yellow won the Triple Crown Bonzai Pipeline Masters 2005!

Turning the other way I got a shot of the gathering. Oahu means, “The gathering place.”

And every year when we kick off winter, this is how we do it.

Bruce Irons no doubt thanking God and the surf for another opportunity to delight in it.

And, what the hell??? Hahhaahaha. . .yeh, tis me. . . “Aloha Bonzai!” See you next year, God willing.

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