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Kale Mahesh Anant.

Qualification: B.E. Mechanical with knowledge of CAD-CAE

1+ Year(s) Experience in CAD field.

Intend to build a career with leading corporate of hi-tech environment

with committed & dedicated people, which will help me to explore
myself fully and realize my potential. Willing to work as a key player
in challenging & creative environment.

Address Of Correspondence:-
Shri Samarth Apt. PHONE NO.
Near Paranjpe Hospital,
Madhavnagar Road, (0233) 2373652
Sangli-.416416. 9881508256

Padmabhushan Vasantdada Patil Institute Of Technology, Budhagaon, Sangli.
2004-05 B.E. 65.065 I
Maharashtra State Board Of Secondary & Higher Secondary Education
2001 H.S.C. 71.00 I
Marks obtain in PCM group 69.00 I
Maharashtra State Board Of Secondary & Higher Secondary Education
1999 S.S.C. 66.93 I

SOFTWARE 1. Programming languages known

Turbo C++

2. Operating systems used

Windows 9x
Windows nt/2000/xp

3. Application Software

CatiaV5 Very Proficient

Pro-E (Wildfire2.0) Very Proficient
Intralink 3.4 Proficient
Ansys8.1, Hypermesh. -
Co-curricular activities
™ Practical projects

1. NIRMITI 2004 (state level technical symposium)

software for design for gear box:

This project is based on calculations required while performing design procedure for a two-stage
gearbox. The program does calculations by taking basic inputs and using the data base fade previously
and gives the output in the form of gear standard dimensions. And also factor of safety

2. Curricular project in collage (P.V.P.I.T. Budhgaon)

Tile abrasion testing machine

Duration: 2004 -2005
Design and costing of a The tile abrasion testing machine [A.T.M.]
In this project work we have done the complete design of three different models (hydraulic, pneumatic,
and electrical) of a tile abrasion-testing machine, which is to be used for testing of tile, wear. In this also
we have done market study and project analysis by CPM method

™ Seminar work

1. A seminar on nanotechnology

I have presented a seminar on nanotechnology, in collage in the 7 th semesters. The scope of seminar is
basics about nanotechnology and a case study is about working of nanogear.
Duration: July 2004 – November 2004

™ Vocational training

1. Kirloskar brothers ltd.

Duration: 15 days.
Study of different types of centrifugal pumps
In the training in K.B.L. we have given visit to each and every department and studied the work
performed there. The product of company is a centrifugal pump. I have also studied different types of
pumps like fire fighter pump, can pump.

2. Zeibentech Pvt. Ltd.

Duration: 15 days
Study of reconditioning and retrofitting of machines
The points covered in training are as follows.
1. Reconditioning and retrofitting of machines.
2. Basics of hydraulics and pneumatics.
3. Working of PLC system.

™ Paper presentation [Subject: Nanotechnology]

1.torque 05 (national level paper presentation contest)

Venue: Sardar Patel Collage Of Engineering
Event: 04-05 February, 2005

2. Watt’s 2005 (national level technical symposium)

Venue: All India Shri Shivaji Memorial Society’s Collage Of Engineering, Pune
Event: 04 March, 2005
Work experience
Organization: TOOLTECH Software (India) Pvt. Ltd, Pune.
• Project Title : 3D Modeling of Paper Mill Setup
Project Specific Skills: CATIA V5R14 Software, MS-Office.
Duration :1.5 Months
Role & Responsibility – CAD Engineer
1. Segregation and documentation old 2D drawing according to
Subassembly wise.
2. Generate the skeleton for subassembly according to its position
with respective to main assembly using CATIA V5R13 Software.
3. Create of 3D models as per the client provided specification.
4. Assembly and drafting of modeled components.
5. Performing quality level check before delivery.

• Project Title : Work on Wildfire2.0, Pro/Intralink.3.4 PDM Software

Project Specific Skills: Pro/e Wildfire2, Pro/ Intralink 3.4.

Duration: 1.5 Months.
Role & Responsibility – CAD Engineer
1. Making 2D Drawing of Power Frame of 6.5 Ton Capacity Scoop tram (Earth moving
2. Through Intralink check out/In the Design Data in a Workspace from Common Space.
3. Create 2D drawing according to manufacturing point of view In Preliminary Level.
Create Assembly Drawing and generate bill of Material.

• Project Title: Work on Pro-E Wildfire2.0, Pro/Intralink.3.4 for Macgregor


Project Specific Skills: Pro/e Wildfire2.

Duration: 10 Months.
Role & Responsibility – CAD Engineer
1. Modifications in the given assembly of Hatch cover, (i.e. various sub assemblies of hatch
2. Create 2D drawing according to manufacturing point of view and checking in
Preliminary Level, Second level check before delivery.
3. Through Intralink check out/In the Design Data in between Common-space and
Workspace Space.
4. ISO Documentation. Like creating checklists, keeping update of controlled documents.
Activities: - • Participated In Dramas.

• Organized events like F.E. Welcome and B.E. Send-Off, Blood

donation camp in collage.

• Coordinator In NIRMITI 2004 (State level Paper presentation


Special Interests Programming, Surfing Internet, Listening Good Music, Watch

And Hobbies: - Movies, Playing computer games.