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WHY ALLAH OH WHY? A Muslim scholar ponders on the Quran.

By Ahmed Simon

Why did Allah convey his revelations to Angel Gabriel and this Angel had to carry Allah's revelations to Muhammad in such an indirect monologue, as stated in the Quran?

Why did Allah not have direct dialogues with our messenger of Islam, just like when God directly talked with the Prophets in the Bible?

Why wasn't Muhammad good enough for Allah to talk directly with? Why did Allah tell Muhammad to ask Christians and Jews, when he is in doubt (10:94-so Allah confirms the Quran in doubt & substandard)?

Why weren't there any witness to the monologues between Angel Gabriel and Muhammad, unlike Bible prophets, where there were so many witnesses?

Why is the Quran to be only in Arabic - isn't the Quran for non-Arabs as well? Why did Allah name the Chapters of the Quran as, The Clot, Cattle, Crouching, The Jinn, The Cow, The Elephant, The Bee, The Ant, The Spider, Iron, etc., which is not proper for a holy book?

Why did Allah say that he removed Satan's verses in the Quran? Why did Satan include his verses in the Quran, in the first place, and why were they working on the Quran together? Why did Allah say that all life was made in pairs of male and female (13:3), when there are actually so many bisexual, sexless and unisex creatures (how can Allah be so wrong)?

Why did Allah alter/replace/abrogate his initial verses in the Quran with better verses as mentioned?

Why weren't Allah's initial verses, the best, the first time, and why did Allah correct his own work in the Quran? (And yet) Why did Allah say only about 700 of the total 6,241 verses, (11% only) could be understood by humans; wasn't the Quran meant for Muslims to read and understand?

Why did the Hadith say Jesus Christ would come again on final Judgment Day; but if Muhammad is the last prophet, why didn't Allah send him instead?

Why did Allah say in 86:5-7 that man was created from a gushing fluid, from between the loins and the ribs; but everyone knows sperm comes from the testicles (how can Allah be so wrong)?

Why did Muhammad supposedly, go to Jerusalem on a donkey to rise to Heaven, instead of going to Mecca Islam's holiest, or Medina-Islams second holiest, and why are there no witnesses?

Why did Allah command Muslims to pray on 5 specific times everyday for 365 days (straightjacket); and where is Allah at other times; whereas other religions can pray whichever, wherever, in anyway, and free to face in any direction, and free to pray, as many times, and at different times?

Why should the first prayer be around 5.20 a.m. everyday - a ghostly hour? Why command washing the genitals, anus, nostrils, armpits, ears, etc., before the 5 daily prayers; are Muslims so dirty Allah?

Why did Allah change the direction to pray from Mecca to Jerusalem and back to Mecca again (Qibla)? Why did Muslims (some Saudis, Palestinians, Jordanians, Syrians, etc.) show their backsides, hindquarters, to the Kaaba in Mecca, when they prayed facing Jerusalem for hundreds of years (and by showing their ass to the Kaaba, when they bent forward)?

Why use Hindu rituals for the Haj (pilgrimage) to the Kaaba, which is alien to Arab culture? Why did Allah think that covering the Muslim women from head to toe would not sexually arouse the Muslim men? Why give a male twice a woman's inheritance? Why is one male witness equal to two female witnesses? Why did Muhammad allow 4 wives for a man, and overrule Allah, who created only one woman for one man? Why should Muslim women be subservient to Muslim men (Hadiths- women are play things for men)? Why Allah, is this unequal equal between men and women in Islam? Why did Allah ask Muslims to act in the name of Allah, whereas, other religions use their own God given brains to act?

Why did Allah ask Muslims to kill Muslims who gave up Islam (apostasy)? Why did Allah forbid the taking and giving of interest (usury)? Why did Allah forbid consuming alcoholic drinks on earth (Haram), but allowed it in Heaven? Why did Allah sanction killing human beings for Transgressions, Digressions, unwed sex, etc.; isnt Allah a creator of life and property, rather than a destroyer?

Why did Allah sanction amputation of the whole hand and leg for stealing? Why did Allah ask Muslim husbands to scrounge (whip) and desert their disobedient wives till submission? Why did Allah say in the Quran, man was created from a blood clot, then again said from nothing, then said from clay, then said from a thickened liquid, then said from mud, then said from gushing fluid, then said from water; why this confusion/error, and didn't Allah actually know?

Why did Allah confirm evil comes from Allah himself; so isnt Allah evil then? Why did Allah say the earth is flat, and didn't Allah know the earth is round; and how can one face the Kaaba, except the sky; and how can Allah be so wrong?

Why must Muslims try to face only one spot to pray, be Allah squatting there and not everywhere? Why did Allah say he placed mountains to stabilize the earth from wobbling/shaking; how can Allah be so ignorant? Why did Allah say the sun, sets into a muddy pond on earth how can Allah be so wrong? Why did Allah sanction slavery, for all time as in the Quran? Why did Allah ask Muslims to wait in hiding to kill unbelievers (even children)? Why did Allah, choose an uneducated, and illiterate Messenger (Muhammad)? Why did Muhammad kill, even Muslims, and steal their property just like parasites? Why did Muhammad have sexual intercourse with his slaves out of wedlock? Why did Muhammad have both eyeballs of a man gorged out for stealing (Bukharis Hadith)? Why did Muhammad rape one of his numerous wives (Sufias) slave? Why did Prophet Muhammad marry his own Daughters-inlaw (took his adopted sons young wives)? Why did Muhammad have so many Wives, Temporary Wives, Concubines and Slaves? Why was Muhammad poisoned to death by food poisoning (Bukharis Hadith)? Why call Muhammad a prophet, when the Quran refers to him only as a messenger and apostle? Why does Allah reward a Male Muslim Martyr, 72 fair virgin maidens, etc., and why not to Female Martyrs?

Why did Allah make sexual pleasures, rewards for martyrdom? (It goes to show the minds of Muslim Suicide Bombers-sex maniacs).

Why is the Quran so obsessed, with virgins, in so many verses? Why do Muslims rejoice on others misfortunes; isn't it because it is your prescriptions, Allah? Why Allah, did you copy incorrectly, few parts of the Bible; because the Bible ends with a curse for plagiarizing the Bible?

Why is the Quran not written chronologically, has no miracles, no maps/places, no gender equality, no grace, no prophecy, no love, no history, no point in time, no kingdoms mentioned, no architectural references, no story, no proverbs, etc, unlike the Bible; but the Quran talks about the Jinn, Satan, Allahs fury, punishments, vengeance, terror, devils, evil, mutilations, murders, transgressions, gender bias, atrocities, etc. (The Quran basically is a book of do and don'ts with punitive punishments and Allahs wrath, not like a country's constitution, due to its numerous, errors/stupidity/falsehoods as stated above).

Applied in general practice

Why are there Hundreds of Muslim sects in Islam? Why are these Islamic sects fighting and killing each other, even within the same sect? Why are Muslims struggling to flee to non-Muslim countries? Why cannot the Muslim males and females pray together, like other religions in a family unit? Why is a Muslim marriage only a contract and not sacred, unlike other religions? Why cannot Muslims marry in a mosque, like others, blessed in their sacred places?

Why a Muslim can divorce his wife/s, by just saying the word Talak thrice? Why cannot Muslims touch dogs and pork? Why are Muslim countries so backward compared to Christian, Buddhist, Jew, Taoist, Hindu, Bahais, etc.? Why are Muslims everywhere fighting for territory-control and yet, when taken over retard it, like Iran, trapped, (17 million Iranians fled)?

Why cannot the Islamic law be revised, instead of applying the same outdated 1400-year old system to today's needs? Why are there so much of rape, molestation's, incest, other sexual crimes, unemployment and destruction in Muslim countries?

Why are Muslim family members killing their own mothers, wives, sisters, daughters, etc. (Honor Killing?) Why is there so much of hatred in Muslims, Allah? Why use powerful Loud Speakers to pray; who is deaf, Allah? Why are Muslim charities used for terrorism? Why does Islam stick out as a sore thumb, among religions, and Muslims blatantly lie and hide true Islam; but now nobody believes Muslims anymore, seeing the truth of barbaric Islam in action?

Why Allah, Oh Why? How can you be God, accept truly, aren't you Satan, Allah? NOTES: - These questions plaque Islamic scholars themselves. For the specific Surah above, see other articles in this website. To tolerate Islam, is to support the devil, this is an undeniable fact. Islam is a cancer, once it grows, it can destroy you. The Bible ends with a curse to anyone who copies (plagiarize) it, thus, Islam has cursed itself. Dear readers, please E-mail this article to at least 5 others, and share this website also.