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Gas Station & Land at Draganu Olteni

Located at Commune Draganu in Judets Arges

Area location
The station is located in judet Arges, at a distance of 20 km from Pitesti with direct access to the DN7 in the direction Ramnicu Valcea (14km from the Pitesti city limit), and with a minimum estimated traffic flow of 20,000 vehicles / day. The location is at the beginning of the zone called “Dealul Negru” on a straight section of road approx 400 metres back from a slight right curve. No major stations are located in the area – the nearest being the stations located in Pitesti near the exit. The next major location for a gas Station is in Rm Valcea. Statia este situata in judetul Arges, la 20 de km distanta de Pitesti cu acces direct din DN7 in directia Rm Valcea (14 km de limita orasului Pitesti), soseau are un trafic minim estimat de 20.000 autovehicole pe zi Este situata la inceputul zonei numite “Dealul Negru” pe o portiune de drum dreapta de aprox 400 m Nu exista statii de carburanti importante in zone, cea mai apropiata statie fiind la iesirea din Pitesti, iar urmtoarea fiind la intrarea in Rm Valcea

Map showing location

Station description
The station which built in 1999 has 2 buildings on it – 1 being the main station sales building and the second being a small building which was used for tire repair and storage. The main sales also had a restaurant facility and 6 rooms which were for rent. The station has 4 single outlet pumps and 3 underground storage tanks – 1 x 30 t ( diesel ) 2 x 15 t ( benzine ). There is small copertina covering the pumps. The is situated on 3452 m2 of land according with the Cadastru records and which has a 50 m opening to the DN7 with additional roading connection either side of the opening. There are site utilities including power, water ( well supply – there is now a town supply line available to connect to ) and waste water is stored in an underground tank. A fixed telephone line can be reinstalled . The Site is owned solely by the Owner. High visibility from both traffic flow directions – from long distance. Statia a fost construita in 1999 si are 2 cladiri – una fiind punctul principal de vanzare , iar a doua fiind o cladire mica folosita pentru depozitare. Principala cladire are de asemena un restaurant si 6 camere de inchiriat Statia are 4 pompe si 3 rezervoaresubterane – unul de 30 t pt diesel si 2 de 15 t pentru benzina. Exista si o copertina mica care acopera pompele. Terenul este in suprafata de 3452, conform masuratorilor cadastrale si are o deschidere de 50 m la DN7 existand intrarea si iesirea in soseaua Utilitatile existente includ electricitate, apa curenta in curs de instalare, iar scurgerea se realizeaza intr-o fosa septica, linia telefonica de poate reinstala Proprietar unic Vizibilitate mare din ambele directii

Station description
Estimated additional cost for the building permit of a gas station is from 10,000 to 12,000E, the building permit can be obtain by the Ownert Estimated additional cost for demolition is 10,000 E, the demolition can be done by the Owner There is no significant risk for neighbor residence Between Pitesti and Rm Valcea on the other side of the road there are 7 gas stations, one Petrom at km 157, one LukOil at km 144 and 5 small private gas stations that are in bad shape On the same side of the road there is only one private gas station at 1 km distance after this site exactly after a curve, so there is no visibility for it Costul estimat pentru obtinerea autorizatiei de constructie ese de la 10.000 la 12.000 de E, autorizatie ce poate fi obtinuta de catre proprietar Costul estimat al demolarii constructiei este de 10.000 E, demolare ce poate fi facuta de proprietar Vecinatatile nu prezinta risc rezidential Intre Pitesti si Rm Valcea pe partea cealalta a drumului sunt 7 statii de benzina, un Petrom la km 157 si un Lukoil la km 144 si 5 statii private care sunt conditii proaste Pe aceeasi parte a drumului exista o singura statie privata la 1 km distanta, exact dupa o curba deci nu are vizibilitate

Station Zone plan.

Station layout plan

Photo from right front

Photo from ˜ 400 m

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