SECTON ‘B’ COMMUNITY IMPACT. 1. What is the community problem?

(include pictures, if possible) Safe drinking water problem since the water is very hard & contain more fluoride. Depth of bore well s is more 2. How is the problem affecting the community? Joint pains in middle and old age. For the agriculture farmers facing water problem for their fields. 3. Problem-solving techniques used – entire process (include pictures, if possible) The information about bore wells (their depth of drilling, depth of motor immersed, yield during rainy & summer season) along with the rain water harvesting to increase the ground water level 4. What are the technologies used for problem-solving? Camera , computers with LCD, Scanners Collected the data from the farmers regarding the Bore wells. Simple methods used to test the hard water. Demonstrated the Bore well recharge in our Vidyalaya which was done by the Zilla Panchayath (ZP) 5. How has the community benefited from the project? Community can follow the concept of rain water harvesting so as to minimize the water scarcity in the village , They also will come to know the method of reducing the fluoride content in water such as boiling of water & filtering of water before drinking. For farmers the project helped to take up water harvesting techniques to improve the yield of water in their Bore wells.

6. How have the students benefited from the project? Ans. From this project they can also get an idea about heath problems due to hardness of water & also they can apply their learnt knowledge in their future life.

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