Immortal: Chapter 1

by ~bellacullen124

Something was unreal. That was all I knew. Everything was colored too vibrantly while at the same time being extremely dull. I had never seen so much red and that was the part that scared me about the dream. Despite the fact that I knew exactly where I was, I knew that everything was wrong. The walls had never been a bright, bloody red before and neither had the carpet, nor the bed, nor the trees outside the window. It wasn’t just that everything was red but everything seemed to be oozing the color. Bleeding it. I reached across the gigantic bed that I had always thought was superfluous, my hands frantically grasping for the comfort from the stone body that I knew was lying next to me, was always next to me. He had to be there. My hand bumped against his cold skin and I pulled myself over to him, mentally begging him to wrap my arms around him. I needed him more than anything, especially in that moment. But he was strangely rigid against me, almost as though he didn’t even feel me there next to him, clinging to him. “Edward?” I whispered, worry flooding my voice. I sat up, staring at him. His red eyes stared past me, unseeing and unblinking. He didn’t seem to be breathing either but somehow I knew he was alive, just unwilling to move at the current moment. But more was wrong than just this though. He, too, was covered in the awful red that surrounded me. And there was something splattered against the bedspread, red still but darker. Almost like…like…dried blood. I looked around the room, frantic. That’s when I saw her, lying on the bed where I had been just moments ago. Her normally pale skin had an even more ghostly pallor to it and she was covered in blood. There was a frantic look on her sweet, heart-shaped face and her brown, thick hair was in a wild mass around her. Her body was in a weird position, her arms and legs tossed out at weird angles as though she had just fought for her life, and failed. Her neck was ripped up, the skin bloody and destroyed. And her eyes – they were the most unnerving of all. Unseeing and unblinking, just like the man’s next to me, but also glossed over. Dead. The girl was me. *** There was nothing left for me to do but scream. I screamed like – not like I had just seen a ghost, but like I had just learned I was one. I sat straight up in the bed and hurtled myself out of it, ripping the gold comforter off of me. Edward woke with a start but I had locked myself in the bathroom before he could say anything. I was going to be sick. I had been dead. That dream had felt more real than most things that happened to me when I was awake and I had been dead. Not just dead but murdered. And murdered at Edward’s hand.

I dry heaved into the toilet, partial thankful that I didn’t really unload my stomach into the porcelain bowl. I pushed myself off the ground on shaking legs and stared in the mirror, my worry-wrinkled forehead covered in beads of sweat. I was awake now and everything was back to normal. I didn’t see any red around me except for Edward’s red toothbrush which he had left lying by the sink. Someone pounded on the door. “Bella? Bella, are you alright?” Edward yelled. “Bella, open the door. Please.” I leaned over the sink, trying to keep myself under control. The dream had been so terrifying, so real. Edward had killed me, ripped out my throat and drank my blood. I had been dead. Tears welled in my eyes and a sob escaped my throat. “So help me god, Isabella Cullen, let me in,” Edward called through the door. I reached over and twisted the doorknob quickly so that it would unlock as I sank to the ground. Edward flew into the tiny bathroom. He stood frozen, puzzled, as he assessed the situation – me, on the ground, covered in sweat and freaked out, on the verge of tears. “Oh, Bella, Bella,” Edward cooed, sitting down and scooping me into his warm arms. Warm? Wait a minute. In my dream, he had been cold, almost as cold as death but not. And that was something I had accepted in the dream, been used to. And his eyes had been red, not because everything in my dream had been red but because they just were red. Another thing I had accepted as if it were normal for someone to have red eyes. I pulled back and stared into Edward’s emerald green eyes, not sure what to make of how my dream was now mixing with reality. “Bella, love,” Edward said soothingly, kissing my perspiration-covered forehead. “What’s wrong?” “Just…just a dream,” I said with a tiny sob. “Must have been one hell of a dream,” Edward said, smiling his crooked smile. I simply shuddered in his arms, too freaked out to do anything else. “Want to tell me about it?” Edward asked, pulling me in tighter to him and kissing me, his lips moving against mine. “ – I died,” I said, deciding last second not to tell him that he was the reason I had been dead. “You know I will never let anything happen to you,” Edward said. “Of course,” I whispered. “Now, let’s get back to bed. You don’t want to be tired for your finals tomorrow.”

I groaned, momentarily forgetting my terrifying nightmare in replace for being terrified at the prospect of my finals I had tomorrow. The last grades I would get before going off to college. Of course, Edward would pass. I was pretty sure he was hiding from me the fact that he was a certifiable genius. I, on the other hand was, not. “You know, Esme will be disappointed,” Edward said with a chuckle as I snuggled into his arms. “I thought for a second we were going to be able to tell her you had morning sickness.” “Your mother knows that we’re only eighteen, right?” I said. “That we haven’t even graduated high school?” “That doesn’t mean she can’t hope for a grandchild,” Edward said. “Now, sleep, my love. And no more nightmares?” I nodded. Little did I know that the nightmares were soon going to become reality.

Thou shalt not get married until after you graduate. that had been my goal by telling her. ok. And. I was ready to start jumping up and down as I walked into Forks High School that day. Her short. but still some people did not believe me. alas. you know?” Alice said jokingly. Charlie hadn’t been so happy about it. Alice sat at the desk next to me. people would stop looking at us like that but. we were both distraught for those six long months that we were apart and he proposed to me the second he got back. truth be told. I was quite elated – and only half of it had to do with my perfect Edward walking beside me. black spikes bounced up and down slightly around her pale face. that I had married Edward for no other reason than the fact that I loved Edward with all my being. I really wished people would get over it. already ready to give me the latest gossip. no. I would not have been able to handle. she had told the whole school. I wanted to be with Edward forever so I didn’t care how old we were. sure. frizzy mass of curls all over the place. but we were both eighteen so he couldn’t exactly do anything about it. Angela was silent as always sitting on my other side. Despite the fact that I was still exhausted from waking up at two in the morning from an awful nightmare and the fact that I had tossed and turned all night. You’d think that after three months of us being married. his lips brushing softly against mine. hyper way. And of course. knowing Jessica. bouncing up and down in her usual. unless you have knocked up your girlfriend. sure. admittedly. decided that she liked the small-town life so much better. “You and my brother are quite sickening sometimes. Obviously. but she had a sweet smile for me as always.Immortal: Chapter 2 by ~bellacullen124 Chapter 2 High school. So we had gone and gotten married. her big. Plus. I shared – had been another deciding factor. though only a small part of it. I mean. Jessica turned around in the seat in front of me. my mother-in-law. I was pretty sure that some people were still waiting for me to start showing even though I had made it utterly clear to one of my closest friends. Edward had broken up with me before the move but that was just because he didn’t want me to have to deal with a longdistance relationship – which. I slid into my seat in class. And. taking only his sister and my best friend Alice with us. Edward and I parted at my classroom. praising God that it was the last time I would be forced to sit in this seat. his hand in mine. Jessica. The whispers and silent gawks that we got would have made you think that we had started fornicating in the middle of the hall. it was a little odd that we went and eloped just hours after Edward and his family moved back from their move to LA when Esme. Still. A jail-sentence that I was almost done with. with Edward’s insane morals – which. scandalous looks on their faces like we had broken some sort of small-town. . Washington. People still stared at us as we walked by. the last day of school before graduation to take the last high school test I would even need to take. While I would be the first to admit that we were somewhat of an oddity for the little town of Forks. unwritten rule.

a hand-me-down from Edward’s birth mother. The Hale twins.” I smiled. telling us all to be quiet or else we would all get zeros. over the black gothic. . he didn’t say it quite that kindly.“Because you and Jasper aren’t enough to make someone with the strongest of stomachs vomit every single time he comes down to visit for the weekend. a deathly pallor hanging over it. five hours later. All the teachers were as anxious for school to be over as we were. Alice and Emmett were both Edward’s adopted siblings. I shook my head. thankful that the teacher had just came in the room and was passing out tests. both having graduated last year. I just had a really bad dream. were dating Emmett and Alice respectively. I was almost excited to take the test just because it had ended our overly awkward conversation. ok?” I groaned again. Of course that would be the first assumption Jessica would make. That was because I saw her as I stepped out into the cold air outside. They were both going to Washington State along with Jasper.” “Must have been. And I’m sure it wasn’t. She was just a few yards away from me. I groaned and put my head down on my desk. angry but creepily happy at the same time. Her dark. She wanted me pregnant almost as much as Esme did. She seemed unfazed by them. “They’re the worst.” Jessica said. Her eyes were bright red and piercing. My heart almost stopped when I saw her there. “Between you and Esme – well. excited that the year was finally over.” Alice whined. icy rain hitting me in the face like cold daggers. Rosalie and Jasper. Her skin was a pale white that wasn’t natural. It wasn’t until after my final test. Only. “If it’s a girl. were like the older siblings I never had – Rosalie the snobbish sister and Emmett the huge teddy bear of a brother. “We’re no worse than Emmett and Rosalie. just staring at me.” I said. who came down to visit Alice almost every weekend. taken in when they were young by Carlisle and Esme. it’s enough to make we want to get pregnant just so you guys stop bothering me. chocolate hair hung down to her waist. standing still in the middle of a jostling crowd of high school students.” I told her at the same time as Jessica basically screamed. I fiddled with the gigantic ring on my finger. “Are you ok?” Angela asked softly. all glaring at me disapprovingly. “Are you prego?!” Heads turned our way. name it after me. Emmett and Rosalie. all of the sudden attacked with a roaring headache. that I thought about the dream again. “Do you people still not get that I’m only eighteen?” I said. “Just tired – though that’s the same thing Edward thought when I almost barfed into the toilet at two this the morning…” “Are you sure it wasn’t morning sickness?” Alice asked eagerly. “I’m fine.

She was beautiful. do you –“ Before I could finish my question. “Alice. a beautiful that I could never be.sleeveless dress. bloody and wrecked. wrapped in the blanket. But she was me. though. tugging on my sister-in-laws arm. Despite how gorgeous she was. “Alice. Just like that. if that’s even possible – smirked at me and disappeared. I took a few steps closer and realized that there was a baby in her arms.” Something was seriously wrong with me . the girl – me. she was me. her neck was torn out and destroyed. My blood turned cold. “Yes. And her neck – just like the me in the dream I had last night. Bella?” Alice said. she was gone. The expression on my face must have been horrible. In her arms was a something wrapped in a blood red blanket.” I whispered. scared my voice would crack with fear if I talked any louder. “Let’s just go. “What’s wrong?” “N-nothing. There was something evil about her though. sounding slightly worried.” I said. that chilled me.

He was ok and alive! A sob caught in my throat and I threw myself into his waiting arms. More blood than the goriest horror movie could ever hope to accomplish having. but the fact that I wasn’t repulsed and nauseated by the blood was what got to me. in my mouth – sweet and delectable. That was that there was left to do. telling me sinister. The broken. On my hands. . wake up! Wake up!” I sat up and found myself staring into the green eyes of my angel. The dreams had been coming for the last few nights. The life was gone from his eyes and his skin had that awful color that you only see bodies get when they’re totally drained of blood. The blood wasn’t the part that scared me. making it appear as though the whole group was being swallowed by a black cloud of smoke. They were getting worse. That’s what scared me more than anything. And they were murmuring something. buzzing throng of sound. They were always the same – everything red and covered in blood – but always different. I picked myself up immediately. Black caped billowed around each of them. wailing. their dark hoods pulled down over their faces. bloody and destroyed. their voice joined together in a low. Tonight had been the first night that I was the monster in my dreams. Run away from the people in the capes. I was relishing in the fact that there was so much blood that I was basically swimming in it. scurrying around to see what exactly had tripped me. dead body of the man I loved was lying in front of me. Everything was red again and there was more blood than I had ever seen. deeply breathing in the heady. awful things that I didn’t want to hear.Immortal: Chapter 3 by ~bellacullen124 There was blood. And that’s what I did – I ran until I tripped over something sprawled across the rough floor. but I knew they were talking to me. ever imagined possible. I had killed Edward. He was alive. ever since the first. I had killed him. And I realized that the blood – all the blood was his. And it was all over me. from the blood. I screamed. They stood across from me. on my mouth. I started running. *** “Bella. There voices joined together until I couldn’t understand what they were saying. darker. rusty smell as though it was the most amazing smelling thing ever. But that wasn’t the strange part. It was a body… A dead body… It was my Edward.

“Seriously wrong. I wished I could say that I believed I wasn’t going crazy. . “Aren’t I?” Edward smiled my favorite crooked smile at me before he pressed his lips against mine. Our kiss quickly grew passionate and let’s just say we got into it a little more than we should have at three am on a Monday morning.” “Ha ha.” Edward whispered into my hair. thinking of how much Edward’s older brother loved scaring me out of my mind. “Don’t worry. but you know how you get…” I smiled at this momentarily. Edward. “If it gets too bad – well. we’ve always known you were somewhat insane.” I told him but it had worked. quickly forgetting my awful dream. That’s nothing new. I wished I could say they were horror-movie induced nightmares. I’m sure we can steal one for you. love. you know Carlisle has a padded room in the basement just for times like this. my voice cracking.” “Nothing’s wrong with you love. even if the only thing we were going to have to do that day was graduate.” I said.” I could hear the smile in Edward’s voice and knew another jibe was coming. “what has been up with you? With these nightmares? Please tell me Emmett hasn’t been forcing you to watch horror movies these past few days. I know he tries to guilt trip you.” Edward said softly. “Besides. I wished I had a reason for these terrifyingly real dreams. saying you never get to see him and that it’d be good brother-sister bonding. though. “Something’s wrong with me.” I laughed bitterly. I was smiling.“Love. honestly peeved that he wasn’t taking this seriously. his lips brushing against my forehead.” “You’re hilarious. Edward. I think I’m going insane. but that smile quickly turned into a sob. He keeps plenty of spare straightjackets down there.

” Alice said. Edward chuckled but ignored her. putting painstakingly thorough effort into choosing what I was going to wear under the putrid yellow graduation gown and doing my hair and make up. Edward was waiting for me downstairs.” “I blame Alice. hold still!” Alice whined as she curled yet another tendril of my hair. this is how you should have looked on your wedding day. Charlie. Alice held me captive in her bathroom all day. “You’d think I was shoving bamboo under your finger nails. carefully helping me balance so that I didn’t fall in the stilettos Alice had had to basically strangle me into.Immortal: Chapter 4 by ~bellacullen124 Chapter 4 It wasn’t until later that afternoon that it really sunk in that we were graduating in just a few short hours. The next few hours were a blur. being her Barbie doll wasn’t exactly my first choice of how to spend my day. “You’re going to make me burn your hair off!” “Are you almost done?” I asked for the umpteenth time. I didn’t need to look good. He waved at me when he saw me walk into the smelling gym. that it was really weird that we had a graduation on a Monday night.” I said with a smile. And while. feeling bad for how little time I had spent with him since I . Edward kissed me carefully on the lips. She would eternally be disgusted by the fact that I had worn sweat pants to elope with Edward. especially today. especially after so much sleepless nights and the pounding headache I had. I blushed slightly as I waved back. “Bella.” Alice hissed from behind me. was sitting in the back. I stared into the mirror wishing I was one of those girls who naturally this pretty without layers of foundation and eyeliner on their faces. It seemed like she was curling my hair strand by strand just so that it would take forever. People never look good when they’re being liberated. Today was a liberation from the death camp they call high school. “Well. “Now. Alice sprayed one last thing onto my hair with a flourish and turned off the curling iron. yes. He took my hand as I plowed down the steps. It was just slightly strange. even I could admit that Alice did a pretty good job on my face. I knew I was being obnoxious and annoying but I honestly could care less how I looked. you’re done. “Watch the lipstick.” Alice really had found a way to make me look pretty. my father. “I’ve missed you today.” she said and we both shuddered at that thought. Also. The school gym was filled with people.

” he finished. There. smiling out to the crowd as I started to make my way off stage. We were ushered into a line in alphabetical order by the teachers. Then. was me. People gave me looks. I reached for his hand with one of my own and my diploma with the other. I tried not to think about how I was going crazy as I was attacked with hugs. Principal Greer started calling out names and the line sauntered forward slowly. “Bella?” Mr. kissing me. “Edward Cullen…Alice Cullen…Isabella Swa-Cullen. overly formal way and then went to kiss Alice passionately. My heart really did stop this time. Forever. obviously thinking about how I should be towards the back of the line with the S’s instead. Greer asked and only then did I realize that I had stopped moving. toothy. Edward’s adopted parents who both had modelworthy looks.had gotten married. The contrast of blood against her pale. I hugged my dad hard. behind Edward and Alice. Angela and Jessica both told me to make sure that we kept in touch. Even though neither of us were all that comfortable with displays of affection. evil grin at me. there was Charlie. throwing our graduation caps into the air as Mr.” Esme whispered in my ear and I rolled my eyes. Edward smiled back at me reassuringly as music played and the valevictorian (the only person in the entire school with a GPA higher than my Edward’s) said his speech. She looked down at the baby in her arms briefly and then back up at me to smile a big. I looked back at the bleachers and she was still there. “Are you ok?” I nodded and hurried off the stage. her red eyes bearing into me like daggers. Esme and Carlisle. Jasper shook my hand in his typical. Emmett nearly broke my back with his hug while Rosalie glared at me. I managed to throw my cap half-heartedly but it came back down quickly. I was going to have to make sure to change that before Edward and I went off to college in the fall. Everyone was talking and laughing and hugging and kissing. I would think they were ignoring her except for the fact that she was drenched in blood. pulled the two of us into a group hug. bearing my new last name proudly. No one else seemed to notice the girl with the baby who looked exactly like me. Edward excitedly lifted me off the ground and spun me through the air. She was playing with the baby and sneaking looks at me. stuttering over my name. Finally. Greer announced that we were done with high school. “I’m expecting grandchildren soon. white skin was awful and morbid. I kind of added the ecstatic forever on my own but I could tell everyone else was thinking the same thing. Everything started to haze over and all I could see were the blinding lights that were aimed at me and her. Everyone else got their diplomas and we stood in a group. I was towards the front. . She was smirking at me. sitting in the front row. Her neck was still bloody and some of that blood was now dripping all over her neck that was exposed through her low-cut dress.

He watched way too much of the cooking channel as a kid. Edward could make almost anything and it would taste delicious. “Love you. If they had. “I’ve missed you. just a few of the town’s boys who thought I was irresistible for some reason (I mean. “I wouldn’t force anyone to have to be part of that. The room spun as I got nauseous. And that’s how I knew I wasn’t imagining it. they would have been freaking out over all the blood there was around her.” he told me.” Charlie took my bribe and smiled. Rust and salt. “Sounds good. I was about to barf because of the fact that there was something truly evil about the girl. I had a moment to myself as no one was coming up to hug me or tell me to keep in touch or ask me about my plans for the summer.” I groaned.” I said. No one else noticed her. Alice holding my hair for me as I threw up. too. like he almost thought I was going to insist that he come to Alice’s superfluous graduation party. it was because of blood that I got sick but this time I knew this wasn’t it. She had invited basically the whole town to the Cullen’s big. tears in my eyes. dad. blatantly worried. it wasn’t a mirror. the party. Until someone tapped me on the shoulder. bloody me. Bells. “I’ve gotta go keep the streets of Forks safe now.“I’ve missed you. Dinner tomorrow? Edward can cook. the girl who was me. I had to be imagining it. “Are you ok?” Alice asked me. The next thing I knew. I spun around. I sat on the cold tile of the bathroom. around us. She lifted a finger to her lips as though to tell me to be quiet and the baby in her arms let out an unearthly wail. “Yeah. She smiled at me. It was the girl that had been sitting in the front row. Is it ok if I miss the party?” “Ugh. ok?” . expecting it to be Mike or Eric or Tyler.” Charlie kissed the top of my head and then left.” “Ok. really? How could I be irresistible? It just made no sense). When I was down. The blood – I could smell all the blood on her. Believe it or not. though. leaning against the walls of the stall. I found myself staring in a mirror. Instead. Bells. “Are you absolutely positive you’re not pregnant?” “Gah. Bella. It was nice. I was in the bathroom over a toilet. Of course. “I’m not pregnant. It was think in the air around her. white mansion. the girl that looked like a more gothic.” I said. “I’m going to make sure to come over more often. Only. Typically. not this again!” I shouted. This couldn’t be real.” Charlie said.” Charlie looked relieved.

What the hell was wrong with me? Was I really going crazy? Was I going schizophrenic or something like that dude in that movie A Beautiful Mind? But then again. I could seem to get enough air in my lungs and I was completely scared out of my mind. It’d just be to confirm you’re not – or that you are. I’ll be fine. Once she was gone. I mean. pregnancy tests don’t cost that much. I was literally on the ground of the bathroom. Go tell Edward I’ll be right out. I totally let myself melt down. “I just – I just need a minute. trying not to break into hysterical tears because that would be hard to hide. I head her say something to Edward outside the door and two of them walked away.” I said. was why me? . “Are you ok?” Alice asked me with a probing gaze.“Wouldn’t it just be worth it to check? I mean. despite what the answers were to all the others.” Alice gave me one more long look before shaking her head and leaving. are you ok in there?” Edward’s voice came through the door. And the biggest question of all. what was that whole thing about the fact that people don’t know when they’re going crazy? Was that true? Was this real then? Had I all of the sudden been transported into some B-rated horror movie that used a couple too many bottles of fake blood and symbolic metaphors? And if so. “Yeah. what did this all mean? I was seeing a ghost of myself for crying out loud! What could that possibly mean was coming? There were so many questions and no answers.” “I’m not pregnant!” “Bella.

though it was a cruel. standing up quickly. And then she disappeared. smearing it around. Everything smelled like blood around me. I watched her carefully as she balanced her baby in one arm and dipped her finger into to the blood on her neck. sharp. Nightmares are a bitch and now they’re real. Edward and my father were cheering about something that just happened on the screen when the girl stood up and walked to the other side of the room. Edward was watching me like a hawk. We had finished dinner and Charlie had put on a game which Edward and him were really into. sometimes in different rooms where I could barely see her and sometimes right on my heel. The baby would cry constantly but it was even worse when it giggled. I would wake up in a padded room with a shrink leaning over me. She looked back and smiled at me. There was no doubt about that. smirking smile. I just sat there in Edward’s arms on the couch. There was something seriously screwed up with this whole freaking situation. It wasn’t until a week after graduation that I finally snapped though. I wouldn’t be able to accept the fact that Edward had green eyes and was human. who would have a shot of sedative. And the worst part was that it would take me hours after the dream to finally separate them from reality. Then. Scratch that. She was always following me. And I would have welcomed that with open arms but I knew the girl would still be able to follow me to any psycho ward they put me in. “I have to go. My heart was beating quickly and my stomach was in sickening knots. You’re time’s up. as far away from the unseen girl on the other end. He noticed how weird I was being and every time he left me I almost expected him to come back with Carlisle. She would follow me. What was wrong with me? And was this real or all in my head? I .” I said. I tried to avoid sleep but there’s only so long you can go without your body taking over. though. almost like she was making sure I was watching. Edward and I were over at Charlie’s again. There was something truly wrong about the baby. She was always smiling. white couch. She never said anything though she sometimes laughed while she was playing with the baby. she started writing on Charlie’s wall with her own blood. If my dreams and the mirage of myself weren’t enough to drive me crazy. I was. I was the only one that noticed the blood dripping onto Charlie’s clean. I was going crazy trying to hide the fact that I was seeing things that shouldn’t be there and having dreams that were so real that I was nearly positive they were. I was basically stalking myself. The girl was always there now. couldn’t realize that I wasn’t a monster. that had to be a new one. And the dreams would come no matter what. glistening red and thick and dripping.Immortal: Chapter 5 by ~bellacullen124 Chapter 5 My sanity quickly deterorated over the next week. The words were still there. Now.

” I said. “Bella. Those dreams mean nothing. comforting me. “It’s the middle of the night. It felt slightly nice though. Of course. Is that such a crime?” “If you knew exactly what was going on with me.” Edward said. It was just a matter of time before someone ended up with a dead corpse on their hands. Bella?” he asked me sternly. Why the hell would you go gallivanting into the woods? What has been wrong with you lately?” “Nothing.almost preferred that I was going crazy because it had finally jumped over the cliff into way too horror movie-ish. “What are you talking about? Don’t tell me this is about you going crazy. Edward followed me into the dark. Not just by the girl but by my own actions as well. Go. talking through my teeth.” “It’s not just the dreams. “I said don’t worry about it!” I was out the door and into the freezing rain. “You can stay and watch the game. annunciating everything slowly so that it sunk in. I just wasn’t sure who was going to be dead. that doesn’t give you any reason to yell at me.” Edward said.” Edward said. Bells. “I think that gives me a right. . wait. “She just wrote something on Charlie’s wall in her own freaking blood! I am going crazy.” I said slowly. Edward.” I snapped. puzzled. Edward. you wouldn’t love me. I had no idea what I was doing. Edward! I’ve been seeing things as well. tears stinging at my eyes. And I had a feeling that someone was me. “Are you out of your damn mind. Just because I’m married to you. Don’t even – don’t worry about me. Edward!” I was sobbing. I also really wanted him to come after me because I was scared out my mind. Edward. reaching out for my hand but I was already in the hall. though. “Let. He grabbed my wrist and spun me around before we were even deep enough into the woods for Charlie’s house to be invisible. this time succeeding in catching me.” I said.” my dad said.” “But I have the keys. brown hair.” “You’re going to end up killed by a wild animal or something. I’m trying to protect the only thing that matters to me in life. I’ve been seeing me. It was almost as though I was possessed as I headed into the forest. A ghost me. I really wished Edward would follow me as I booked it across the street and towards the forest. Edward pulled me into his arms and ran his hands through my long. Me. Then again. pulling on a jacket. “I just – I have to get out of here. “The game isn’t even over.

“Bella. “Edward. That moment in the woods was really when it all came collapsing down. knocking down a few smaller ones with the sheer force it possessed. The sticky stuff was blood and it wasn’t my own. The last week and a half had just been a prelude to the real horror. It’s ok. The thing roared and tossed me to the ground.” I lifted my face so that I was looking into his green eyes. I screamed as I saw it bite Edward’s neck. That’s when it hit me. I jumped onto the monster’s back. It was beastly but strangely feline but also human at the same time. I heaved myself up and saw the body lying next to me. I had been wrong. I didn’t really pay that well of attention in Biology but I knew it should kill him. doing the exact same thing over the body of my husband.” I cried. It’s ok. the thing was gone and I was covered in something wet and sticky. Bella. “Bella?” He sounded so weak. I slammed my fist against the thing’s neck with all my might. “Edward? Edward!” I shrieked.” “But there isn’t. Everything swarmed with red as I smelled Edward’s blood and as the monster tried to kill him. “What the hell could possibly explain this?” “Oh. Edward. The body groaned. A dark figure came bolting out of the trees behind us. I always thought it was ridiculous in movies when the heroine cries for her dead lover to come back even though they’re obviously dead and they won’t come back. I started screaming. . My head hit the hard dirt and my neck snapped back. A horrible growl echoed around us. I –” But I never got to finish my thought. Screaming and shouting with all I had. It was like I was in one of my nightmares. It rammed into him and the two of them slammed into a tree. I don’t even remember what I was going to say. love. It was coming right towards us and Edward threw me to the ground. I thought it was just stupid because it wasn’t going to help. “Edward. But there I was. If I had thought the first time I had one of the horrid nightmares was when my life suddenly did a one-eighty onto an awful path.” I sobbed.“There’s got to be some logical explanation.” I saw Edward’s eyes roll back into his head and I knew he wasn’t moving anymore. “There has to be. wailing sound piercing through the air and my head hurt. crying out for help while I clutched. There was an annoying. Everything went black and when I came to a few minutes later. moving slightly.” he said. putting himself in its path. trying to find that spot where it will kill someone if you hit it hard enough because you disconnect the brain stem or something. shaking him and begging him to come back to avail. as the smell of blood was everywhere.

. as I heard someone call the death of my husband. The sirens. the sirens screeching. An ambulance.Then. The next few minutes were a blur as I was loaded onto a stretcher along with Edward’s body. His life was over. I kicked and screamed until I realized it was paramedics. hands were grabbing me and pulling me away from Edward. The paramedics did what they could but it was no use. We were driving to the hospital. And so was mine.

Swan?” My head snapped up and I finally noticed the doctor sitting next to me. Edward was dead. Cullen?” He was dead. Edward was dead. Did you and your –” He paused for a minute and cleared his throat. “I must talk to you about something. the doctor would have been hansom I suppose. There was nothing left in life for me so why couldn’t that monster have killed me as well? Would that have been so much to have asked for? “Mrs. Edward was dead. He was dead. And I needed to identify the body one last time. tears welling at my eyes.” A sob caught in my throat making my voice crack as I realized I was going to have to change the tense of everything now – now. Cullen. “Mrs. “Mrs. that Edward was dead. “My husband just died. “Are you sure?” The doctor gazed at me intensely. Would you mind taking a test?” “Is this some kind of cruel joke. That was all that was left for me.” the doctor continued now that he had gotten my attention. “Ms. He had died in my arms. but right then he looked like a demon bearing more bad news. I should have been dead too. “Edward and I are – I mean. I had already been checked out and given the ok but they had asked me to wait around for my family to come pick me up. Edward was dead. we were always very careful. Cullen?” Maybe I should have just gone and jumped off a cliff and gotten it over with. I would never see him smile again or him tell me that he loved me. That was all I could think of as I sat in the hard plastic chairs in the waiting room of the hospital. Doctor. “Have you and your husband had unprotected sex lately?” I blushed.” . doctor?” I snapped. He was gone. What was he asking me? “No. He died! I can’t be pregnant. I should have been lying in a black back on a table next to my Edward. Edward was dead. Was it fair that I was widowed so soon after getting married that I wasn’t used to my new name? Any other time.” I said.Immortal: Chapter 6 by ~bellacullen124 Chapter 6 Edward was dead. calling my name that I still wasn’t used to. “I have reason to believe that you are pregnant from when I was checking you out. Death.

The door to the morgue opened and a man walked out. “How can he be dead? He was fine a few hours ago and now he’s dead.” We just stood there and cried for a while. What else is there to do when the world loses someone like Edward? There’s nothing that compare to that. tears pricking at my eyes. What was going to be the point of life anymore? I was widowed at eighteen. please. I’d prefer remembering my son the way he was. I collapsed into them and we all sobbed. his . Now. I felt like my heart had been ripped out of my chest and thrown on the ground.” How did doctors learn to be so cruel and detached? I cried just watching movies where people died.” he told me. I nodded and looked back at Esme. “I’m not pregnant. Sobbed for the loss of a son. “Mrs. “Mrs. a husband. For a moment. coming up behind us. “He’s dead. “Bella?” the doctor said. I wanted to curl up in a ball and just give up. Cullen. “That’s me.“I know this is hard for you which is why I didn’t check further on my suspicions before asking you but I insist you take a test.” Esme said. a brother. trying to wipe tears from my face. Esme.” I whispered breathlessly. Each step was an effort. I can’t live without him. holding the sobs in so that I didn’t scare the poor doctor that had the unpleasant task of leading me to the morgue. “It’s for the baby’s safety as well as your own. “Which one?” Esme asked. will you leave me alone?” “Mrs. giving me another tight hug.” I wailed. He was dead. we need you to come and identify your husbands body one last time. I clutched my arms against my chest as though I was holding myself together. sweeping past me.” the doctor said. How could this doctor sit here and act like the most horrible thing in my life was the fact that I might be pregnant when in reality my husband just died? “There is no baby. My life was dead. Life’s pointless without love and I was never going to be able to love or be loved again. I must –” “Bella!” I turned and saw Esme and Alice coming across the room. “Will you be ok?” I bit my lip and nodded against. a friend.” I hissed. “Do you want to come with me?” “If you don’t mind. their arms already wide open and tears on their faces. Cullen?” a different doctor from earlier said. Edward was dead. Cullen. My one and only love was dead.

My knees weakened under me and I could feel the doctor placed a hand under my elbow to steady me as another morgue attendant pulled back the sheet over the body’s face. like the one guy’s red eyes. “He’s alive. It was like a horror movie inside the room. sharp tools. like an angel. I looked and there was Edward. There were a bunch of plates with awful. dangerous items sitting next to me and stab through an artery before the doctor could stop me. They’d be able to fix me up before I managed to bleed to death. I would wake up and he’d be there.eyes caught mine and I could have sworn his irises were a bloody red color. “I’ll give you a moment – if you want it. “That’s him. The doctor went to the other side of the room and started talking to the attendant in a hushed voice. There was a blue cloth over what was obviously a body that was laid on a table in front of me. I leaned down and kissed his cold. He was cold but that didn’t matter.” The doctor nodded. The attendant shoved me out of the room and stood guard in front of the door. A silver bowl with I don’t even know what was laying across the room. He looked almost peaceful. Edward wasn’t dead. there’d be the funeral but this was truly the last time. “Edward?” I asked. Any moment. I turned away to look at the doctor. He’s alive!” . I wondering if I could be fast enough to grab one of the sharp. The room was dark and everything was washed in red light. Get him out of the morgue. The blood had been cleaned off of him and now he just looked like wax figure laying on the table. still lips one last time. Sure. ready to kiss my forehead and tell me it wasn’t real. The doctor came out moments later.” I just nodded. My eyes were still stinging with unshed tears that I was trying to hold in and my chest was threatening to rip open. I could feel his heart racing in his chest from where my hand arm was resting on him and he was really alive. dead or not. The doctor was still holding the door to the morgue open and giving me a pitiful look. It wasn’t real. “He’s alive. Even in death. shooting something into the IV that was still hanging over Edward. The attendant grabbed my arm and dragged me out of the room while I struggled against him. “That’s Edward.” I gasped. “Bella. And now he was dead. All I could think about was how this was the last time I’d ever be able to touch him.” I gasped through the lump in my throat. I thought for a moment I was imagining things. My knees gave out and I found myself sobbing into Edward’s chest. I reached up and wiped some of his bronze hair out of his face. a shocked look on his face. This was another one of my oddly-realistic dreams. reaching out for Edward. Then I realized that Edward’s green eyes were staring into mine and he was trying to sit up. a hospital wasn’t really the best place to attempt suicide. And then the doctor was across the room. Then again. who nodded towards the body. Relief washed over me. a shifty look in his eyes.” he gasped. he still looked perfect. But I wasn’t waking up. Edward’s eyes shot open and he gasped.

but not a few hours. good day.“No. Bella. I sank down to the floor.” I said.” The doctor strode down the hall.” the doctor told me. HE HAD SAID MY NAME! He was alive. “And you’ll do well to forget about this. that was a natural reflex that sometimes happens. Bella. It was impossible.” the doctor said. Edward was alive. Now. I had to forget about it. No. leaning against the wall for support. he’s not. He had to be. that was – er. . The doctor was right. “He’s dead.” “No. his dark eyes flashing red. He had been dead for three hours now. My breath caught in my throat and the sobs came again. This time I knew I wasn’t seeing things. he couldn’t be. Don’t get any ideas because he’s not coming back. “He was breathing and his heart was beating and – and – and he said my name. I had seen him die.” “He is. The only meaningful thing in my life was gone. People could be brought back to life after just a few minutes.

” I said with a sniffle. This time I allowed myself to cry as well. Esme was enough like a second mother to me that this wasn’t weird at all. “You’re just as much one of my children now.” She hung up the phone and started to sob. Something we don’t need to see. Esme. And damage to Edward’s face? That was something I didn’t remember at all. There was something exceedingly fishy about this whole situation. keeping them for a different time. I thought it would be Emmett because he can be so stupid and reckless.” . “No. Tears stinging at my eyes. Bella. “I was just sure I’d be long gone before I’d have to bury any of my children.” I nodded. smiling and saying it’s another joke that him and Emmett played. whether I was going crazy or not. Bella. thank you. “They say – the mortician told me that the damage down to Ed – Edward’s f-face was irreparable.” Esme said. I need to know that he’s not going to walk through the door again.yes. Though I knew I was going crazy and that I couldn’t trust myself anymore. mopping up tears with the palm of her hand. She sobbed into my shoulder and I tried to hold in my tears. I’m sure you need the same thing. of closure. Not that that means I’m playing favorites – I don’t want any of my children dead.” And then she was sobbing again. I went over and sat on her lap.” “Don’t even think that. trying to figure out the final arrangements for the funeral. something I always did with my mom when she was sad. her voice thick as though she was trying to hold back more sobs. they said. “It – it’s going to be a closed casket now. keeping quiet about what I had encountered in the hospital. “That would have been so much easier on everyone. something we had all been doing way too much in the past few days.” Esme said. especially Edward. in need really. “And if anyone. Goodbye. And just imagine how awful that would have been for Edward. “What’s going on with the funeral?” I asked softly after she was done crying. “I wish it was me.Immortal: Chapter 7 by ~bellacullen124 Chapter 7 “What do you mean closed casket? The funerals tomorrow…why weren’t we informed of this sooner?” Esme was barking into the phone. no…yes. You were his life. It would have been the same pain. I needed to know he was dead more than anything.” Esme snapped.” “And he was mine. how am I supposed to live like this? I truly cannot live without him. Really. Edward’s face had been absolutely fine. I understand…. nothing wrong at all. He really did love you. more than I’ve ever seen him love anything before. And I was rather hoping – well. I had to be sure or else this whole thing would hurt even more. wrapping my arms around her neck.

Was it too much to hope that Edward was still alive? That the doctor had been lying? Or that I wasn’t hallucinating? Which was most likely the case.” I said. “I’m not frickin’ pregnant!” “Bella. I opened the back and peered in. “Ok. It wasn’t until I was upstairs until I allowed myself to start crying again.” I shook my head but clutched the bag with the pregnancy test tighter to my chest. Please. Edward didn’t abandon me. Alice. I was late. Despite everything I had been telling everyone. though.” I yelled. you have nothing to worry about. I wasn’t really sure which yet. we’ve all got to find a way to keep living. “Please. She pressed it into my hands and gave me a smile. So there really was no chance that the whole thing in the morgue had been real. “But none of us will ever truly be the same. her forced happiness was the only thing keeping everyone else in the house from going crazy and keeping me from going off the deep end that I was already close enough to. Please. “I don’t want to add single mother to that list! I can’t! I’m not pregnant!” “Just keep the test at least. even more emotional than normal. I mean.” Esme said. I really couldn’t be a single mother.” was all she said. wistful thinking brought on by the fact that I didn’t want to be a widow at eighteen and lose the only thing in my life I had ever truly loved. Alice prancing towards me with a paper grocery bag in her hands. I didn’t need to. He had died. I’d keep it to make her happy. it would be different. and having morning sickness. Or been kidnapped. What I saw made my blood boil and my eyes prick even more. And what if Edward was alive? What then? What was going on? Why would anyone want to . but I wouldn’t use it. I wasn’t pregnant. I had been seeing things a lot recently – a whole lot more than I should have been. But I couldn’t let my worst fear be confirmed. just check. Still. “Edward would want you to find out at least. That’s what death does. It rips out a part of you along with person it took.“When death occurs. “Dammit. Just check.” I nodded as Alice called.” “Alice. no! No!” I screeched at her. “Just think about it. I stood up and walked into the hall. Alice. throwing the box back at her. The real strength is found those who can survive the death of the ones you love. I can’t lose another one of my children.” Alice begged. “Bella! I have something for you!” Her voice had her usual cheerfulness but there was a note in it that let me know it was forced. I’m already eighteen and a widow. If my husband had abandoned me. for your safety and the hypothetical baby’s as well. Bella. If you’re so sure you’re right. heading upstairs. I had been imagining things. I wasn’t sure I wasn’t pregnant.” Alice said.

but even they wouldn’t do something like this. I really did need to be locked up.fake his death and kidnap him? It just didn’t make sense. Edward didn’t have any enemies except for a few of the insecure boys from school who were sure they were in love with me. . The fact that I was even considering that he was alive proved I was crazy.

I cried out in pain as I realized just how hard he was holding me. There was no other explanation for how he was here or why he looked like he did. Then again. I’m here.” He was grasping my arms tightly. clambering awkwardly out of the bed in my typical klutzy way. They’re going to want to make you think this isn’t real and that I’m dead but you have to know that it is real. locking my lips onto his. If this was a hallucination or a dream or anything of the sort. Yes. but the edges were a bloody red. I’m alive. They want you to think I’m dead but you’ve got to listen to me. he let go of me and went to the other side of the room. Maybe if I ignored it. There were dark circles under his eyes yet he was more gorgeous than ever before. I’ve missed you too – more than you can imagine – but now is not the time for that. He couldn’t be here. I could see how much he had changed.” I sat up and my heart almost stopped as I realized there was an angel sitting across from me.” I said. please tell me what’s going on. I had Edward back in my arms. Bella. rolling over and clutching the comforter closer to me. “Love. it was a nice hallucination. You have to make sure you don’t listen to them. if only it was real.” I was imagining things again. Why do they want me to think you’re dead? Who are they?” . His body was so cold against mine but it left me feeling on fire instead of freezing. Edward pushed me away after a second but didn’t let go of me. I never wanted it to end. They were a steely black. Oh. My Bella. I followed him quickly. His eyes shone though they were no longer the emerald color I loved. his skin was now a cold pearly white. that’s all it was. A realistic dream brought on by wistful thinking. They want you.” he said. Isabella. At least.” Cold air wafted across my cheek and I shivered. wake up. he would stay. I’m alive and you can’t let anyone make you think any different. Though he had always been pale. He wasn’t here. When he realized that he was nearly breaking my arms. “I’m so confused. Cold fingertips brushed against my face. much better than any of the other ones I’ve had. his hands easily wrapping all the way around them. “They’re coming for you. “Edward.Immortal: Chapter 8 by ~bellacullen124 Chapter 8 “Bella. There was no way he could be there. I threw myself into his arms before I could stop myself. “My love. that was my reasoning at the time. “Bella. Despite how dark it was. Bella.

I got up. I pulled the tiny. We’re leaving in thirty minutes.” As her words sunk in.” Alice said. it was just a dream. really did wish it were me. That explained Alice’s dreary black outfit and her makeup-less face. “Oh.” With one last loud sniff. “I love you. “Now you should get ready.” I said for the second time in two days. Don’t let anyone convince you any different. He’s alive!” “Bella. Edward was calling my name again. wake up!” I bolted awake.” Then. How I wished they existed. She had known him so much longer than I had. he climbed out the open window and disappeared into the darkness. she left the room. crying also. adding wetness to my cheeks that I had already tear-stained in my sleep. I found Alice sitting on the end of my bed instead. He didn’t deserve to die this young. Today is going to be hard enough as it is. I can’t even imagine losing my best friend as well. I hadn’t even thought about her. I really. “Don’t say that. “Bella? Bella!” “Edward!” I cried.“I’ve already said too much.” Alice snapped. crying girl into my arms and just hugged her. I stood and stared out the window for a while. his eyes dark and cold. Bella. “Oh. Bella. after he planted last hard kiss on my mouth that left my lips tingling. having grown up with him. Bella. The funeral. it was all an act to keep the rest of us from melting down even more. her eyes wide.” She got up and wiped her eyes. not even bothering to look in a mirror as I pulled on the black clothes I had laid out the night before and tugged my massive frizz of hair . not yet.” he told me. looking shocked.” Alice whispered. “Please. Much to my disappointment. I was being totally selfish about this whole situation and I hadn’t even stopped to consider how much Edward’s death had effected Alice.” “I wish it were me.” Alice cried. “Bella. That’s when I remembered. Phantom pain was shooting through my arms from where there should have been hand-shaped bruises but that I now knew did not exist. Obviously. “Edward didn’t deserve this. “I just lost my brother. I started to cry again. and I’m still alive. please don’t cry. especially since she was always acting happy still. just crying because there was nothing else left to do. Please or else I’m going to…” And then she was sobbing as well. “He was one of the greatest people I’ve ever met. It was today. Bella. Alice! He was here! Edward was here. “Oh. Don’t forget either of those things.

the husband I wasn’t even sure was dead. I was going to my husband’s funeral.into a ponytail. that might have been the schizophrenia that I was sure I was producing talking. I no longer had anyone to look good for so I no longer cared if I looked good. Besides. It was time to go bury my husband. . No one was going to say anything about how I looked if they had one ounce of decency. Then again.

“We can’t do that. And then there were my parents. He and a few other men pulled a sleek black coffin out of the long car. Now was my last chance to figure out whether or not Edward was alive.” “Ready?” I heard Rosalie say sadly as she walked into the room. standing behind a glass window. Emmett was sitting alone on the couch. The nervous man jumped. The third was scrawny and looked excessively nervous. I watched as the hearse pulled around the back of the church.” the doctor/mortician/God-knows-what told me. Charlie and Renee. I pulled away from my mom to see the perfect blond go over to Emmett. the doctor included. “I’m so sorry – I can’t believe – oh my god!” “Yeah. looked quite alike with pale skin and dark circles under their eyes.” . but the three other men remained perfectly composed and unsurprised. I watched the hearse park by the dumpsters. thanking them for being there in our time of need. talking in hushed voices in a corner. I couldn’t bear to see everyone’s sadness about Edward dying and the pity in there eyes for me. her blood red lipstick freshly applied.” I walked through the church to the back. We got to the church way too quickly and had to stand outside the building.Immortal: Chapter 9 by ~bellacullen124 I headed downstairs to find my family waiting. “Yes.” I said firmly. as though they were expecting me. Bella!” Renee cried. its tinted windows perfectly reflecting our sad expressions as it drove passed us. the eighteen year old widowed girl. Esme had her arm wrapped around Carlisle’s waist. I had a strange impulse that I couldn’t refuse and I tapped Alice on the arm. mom. Renee. “Oh. Cullen. “So open the coffin. The doctor who had been with me in the morgue hopped out of the back. Jasper was there. looking rather distraught for obvious reasons. stepping outside and into view. “Open the coffin. I’ll be right back. nearly dropping his corner of the coffin. “I’m going to the bathroom.” I said. Carlisle who looked like he hadn’t slept since Edward had died a week ago. They both stopped their conversation when they noticed me at the bottom of the stairs. greeting people. looked especially worried. yada-yada. I clung to my mom tightly. diligently holding Alice’s hand while she stared blankly out into space. you can.” I ordered. yet another lump in my throat. who had met Edward only twice. “Same here. and I wondered where Rosalie was. The whole atmosphere of the room made me want to start crying again. rushing over to hug me. saying Edward would have appreciated them being here. now dressed as a mortician. not able to believe that I hadn’t seen her in six months. Mrs. Three of them.

The body was not Edward’s. He had already been sweating bullets and his arms were strained under the weight of Edward’s casket. the fourth man let out a tiny squeak. He dropped his corner and it hit the ground. the lid popping open. That’s not something you’ll want to see. The doctor closed it quickly.” I screamed.” “God damn it.” At the mention of the police. but I had long enough to see the body inside. “What the hell is going on? I’ve seen his body. unlike the three other men who were having no problem holding it up. His voice sounded even but I could tell he was getting annoyed. we really can’t. Cullen. please don’t make me have to call the police. his eyes flashing red.” the doctor said. “The damage to your husband’s face was irreparable. There was nothing wrong with his face! Now open that freaking coffin!” “Mrs.“Mrs. That’s not something you’re husband would want at his funeral. Cullen. My husband was alive! .

how did that explain everything else? The dreams? The girl who was me? Neither of those made any sense or even seemed to have a connection with Edward. I wasn’t crazy! I pushed myself faster. doubting voice in the back of my head asked. my bare feet pounding against the rough ground. my hair clinging limply to my face. But I couldn’t have just stayed there while everyone mourned Edward. even more proof that Edward really had been there this morning. If there was ever a more messed up sentence. No. covered in mud. It wasn’t a dream and it wasn’t me going crazy. So what if it wasn’t his body? How do you know you’re not imagining the bruises as well? How does any of this mean he’s alive? No! He was alive and I knew it.Immortal: Chapter 10 by ~bellacullen124 Chapter 10 I was running through the forest. How are you so sure you’re not crazy? A little. after seeing the bruises. I cannot think of one. isn’t there that whole thing about crazy people never knowing they’re gong crazy? I was showing symptoms of schizophrenia – and I accepted that I was – but that wasn’t it. there were two hand-shaped bruises wrapping around my upper arms. I didn’t know where I was or even really what I was doing. How could I mourn him when I was too ecstatic over figuring out he was still alive? I couldn’t act sad and I couldn’t tell anyone what I was so happy because they would think I was mentally unstable with grief. My black skirt was uncomfortably wet against my legs and my feet were numb and blistered and cut. The bruises really were there. my legs screaming in protest. I had seen the body in the coffin wasn’t his. But I wasn’t going crazy! I just knew I wasn’t! I could tell that there was an at least somewhat understandable explanation for all of this and that Edward’s death was connected with the dreams and visions I was having. He had been in my room that morning for heavens sake! Hadn’t he? Had I really accepted all this as reality and not insanity? That I wasn’t going crazy or schizophrenic? Because what if that voice was right? What if the bruises weren’t there? What if I had just thought the body in the coffin wasn’t his? And even if Edward was alive. that’s was wrong. ever since I had seen that the body in the coffin was not my Edward’s. Besides. swinging back and forth and beating against my leg. away from the funeral that was dead set on burying what was supposedly my alive husband’s body but wasn’t really his body. checking my arms for bruises. I had started running. I had been running for a few hours now. Of course. I was just running away. I was soaking wet. And sure enough. Maybe Edward was alive but I was still going crazy in other senses of it. no one knew he was alive but me. I couldn’t feel my feet except how cold . I had seen him wake up in the morgue. My heels were dangling from my hand. I wasn’t imagining any of this. He really had been there! And then. I had actually gone into the bathroom first and lifted up the sleeves of my shirt.

everything blurring. It was the weirdest feeling ever. please go get my bag. They all looked up at me with looks of pure horror as they took in my bloodied. Alice was staring off into space again. Esme was crying and asking if I was suicidal now. The trees here were familiar.” Of course. Emmett was cussing and for once no one was reprimanding him. Thank God you’re back. coming into the room looking frazzled. I was quite scared to go into the house. throwing up the contents of my stomach onto the ground.” . “What’s going on?” Carlisle asked. “It’s just vertigo. Everyone was home and I knew I was going to get chewed out the second I walked into the door. asking me if I knew what I had put everyone through in the last few hours. waiting for me. crying over the fact that she didn’t want to lose another one of her children. “Carlisle!” I heard Alice screeched through the buzzing though everything was strangely muted. taking a step into the room. The world spun around me. I walked through the door to find everyone converged in the family room. Soaking wet. Alice. Bells. “Holy crap. overtaking me. at least ravenously mad that I had disappeared from my own husband’s funeral. Just a few seconds later. Renee was sobbing even harder and Alice was hurrying to get a mop. Bella. My stomach heaved with nausea and I leaned over Emmett. “Hey. It just riled everyone up again. especially with how much of a mess I must have looked like. everyone.” Charlie said. like they had been hacked off and I was running on the stumps that were left. Renee and Esme were crying. “Where have you been?” Esme asked worriedly. I chuckled slightly. come quick! We need help!” Emmett laid me on the couch and the room started to come back into focus. “Calm down. Alice’s yellow Porsche sat in the driveway next to Carlisle’s Mercedes. “Bella!” Renee cried. get a bunch of wet towels and bandages. Charlie was pacing. my feet bloody along with numerous scratches all over my face and arms.they were. It felt almost like they weren’t there. “Carlisle. Emmett’s strong arms caught me but everything remained spinning. Everyone was probably going to be frantic with worry about where I went.” I said. I wavered on my numb feet and found the ground rushing towards me. guys. no one calmed down when I proceeded to throw up again. Everyone please clear out for a few minutes. Charlie was yelling at me. And if not worried. Everyone was going to be so mad that I had gone off and ran myself half to death so soon after losing Edward.” I said in a defeated voice. dripping wet look. “Oh my god. I broke out of the dense forest and into a clearing where a huge white house stood. My home. Emmett. I looked around. A buzzing sound filled the room. I knew where I was. and Emmett was cracking his knuckles nervously.

Also. Ok. Maybe later in life. “Carlisle. I know you’re not one of my own children. And now I was pissed off that they were all ganging up on me. really.” “Yeah.” I said. raising in an eyebrow. I could. fuming. you have a fever and I doubt you’re going to be able to walk on your feet for a week at the least. but still. once I found out what exactly had happened to Edward and had gotten him back. pulling out a thermometer and a stethoscope. Especially after Edward just died. maybe not well seeing as how he was in my bedroom the night before telling me that they were coming for me. Carlisle opened it. too. “Well. I guess you’re not then.” “Yes. Emmett came back into the room. we can’t change that now since I’m pretty sure you’re going to have to kill Esme and Alice and Rosalie. So I lied. . I’m not pregnant.” I said sadly.” “Oh…” Carlisle said. tears filling my eyes. I think you’re pregnant as well and we need to know.“Carlisle.” Carlisle said. I didn’t want to be pregnant. carrying Carlisle’s black bag. I can. before any of them will let you get an abortion. Truth was. The pregnant chicks always have it the worst in horror movies and now my life was one. “I get that you don’t want to be pregnant – none of you want that for you either given the circumstances – but if you are. I’m fine. we need to know so that we can get you on the right vitamins and health plan.” “Bella.” But Edward wasn’t dead! I wanted to scream at them that my husband was alive and well. I couldn’t deal with that right now. even now that I knew my husband was still alive. “What were you thinking running around for hours like that with no shoes? And you’ve ran yourself half to death.” I mumbled through the metal stick in my mouth. “And you’re refusal to take a god damn pregnancy test is just ridiculous. What the hell were you thinking? Now. but my life was looking more like a horror movie right now and that’s not a good thing to bring a child into.” I said firmly. a wave of fatigue sweeping over me. nearly making me choke on it. could my life have been any more horror movie-ish at the moment? “Carlisle –” I started. “My period – it came this morning.” I said weakly. He shoved the thermometer into my mouth. “How do you know?” Carlisle asked. “You can’t know until we give you a test. I bet Alice and Esme and maybe even the first doctor from the hospital when Edward “died” had put him up to this.” I felt my face harden. “I’m not pregnant. but you have become like my own and I cannot believe your stupidity.” Carlisle cut me off. If you are pregnant. I would have thought you had a little more sense than traipsing through the woods like that. “I’m fine. obviously scolding me.

bagels and cereal and Poptarts. Carlisle finally allowed me to put on shoes and get out of the house. Edward and I had never been daring enough to try out any of the more peculiar ones than the ones that were just to keep you from getting pregnant.” another voice said. Cullen. I wanted to hear what else they had to say. maybe walk passed the women so that they’d be more careful what they said where and around who next time. Didn’t even show up for her own husband’s funeral. “Can you believe that Isabella Swan?” someone asked from the aisle behind me. realizing that I had gotten nearly everything plus a bunch more.” “Cullen my ass. my fingers shaking slightly. sorry. most with overwhelming and just plain weird extra uses other than protection. Underneath them. Now it had been roughly two months since my last period. triple chocolate fudge ice cream. unopened for the last few weeks. Frozen pizza with just about every topping that Digorno’s offered. it didn’t give them any right to be saying I wasn’t a Cullen.” Stupid. Tampons. throwing whatever looked good into my cart. but I couldn’t move. I headed to the checkout but the little corner at the end of aisle stopped me. “Sure didn’t act like it. Maybe everyone was right. string cheese. just to see. And that seemed to be everything. I slid one of the boxes off the rack and held it my hands. I . The only thing left was a quickly scrawled word at the bottom. “Oh. a month late. The women in the towns of Forks had nothing better to do but gossip and with good reason. I double checked the list Alice had given me. I threw a big box in the cart without even checking the brand or anything. and just about anything else you could imagine. I was craving the weirdest things and Alice had also decided we needed to have a girl’s night. I couldn’t name the voices exactly but I did recognize them. jelly beans. I walked down the aisles. The only place I really wanted to go was the grocery store. I had never been late before. Maybe it was time to take the test. That meant me and Alice and a bunch of junk food and a chick flick. though. a big bag of milky ways. That’s what scared me. I gritted my teeth. thinking I should just give Alice the jumbo box that was sitting on the top of my toilet at home.Immortal: Chapter 11 by ~bellacullen124 Chapter 11 After a week in bed as all the cuts on my feet healed. whip cream that I really wanted to eat straight from the bottle. a bag of those cherries where you have to stain your fingers purple and spit out the seeds to eat. her snooty voice carrying far. not really wanting to know how late I was. And while I knew people had good reason to be saying things because I wasn’t at Edward’s funeral. Condoms hung in little boxes from the rack. I wanted to keep walking and stop listening. gossiping old women. were the pregnancy tests. I resisted doing the math as I made my way to the tampon aisle. since there’s not much you can do in a town as small as Forks. I guess.

and hurried through the self checkout so that I wouldn’t have to deal with any more pitying glares from people who knew who I was or worried glances from people who didn’t know but could assume from the fact that my eyes were filled with tears and my face was permanently tearstained.” the first voice said. was he ever right. And. I know she only married him for his family’s money. Once I was out in my car with the heater blasted. What if my family was having the same doubts? What if everyone was thinking I never cared about Edward? THAT I KILLED HIM? Why the hell . Do you reckon she knew she was pregnant when she killed him or that she found out after she’d done it?” “Murder. Mikey even once said that she was only with Edward for his money.” she said and went on her way. that’s all she is. I threw the pregnancy test back on the rack. honey?” Tears stinging my eyes. a lump in my throat nearly suffocating me. her bleached hair in a fried ponytail atop her head and her wrinkled eyes over-made with blue eye shadow. boy. but rumor is she’s pregnant now. “Who else would get married at eighteen if they weren’t pregnant if it wasn’t for money?” “Oh.” “Well. They’ll never even stop to think that maybe the circumstance under which Edward died were fishy. you’ve put a lot of thought into this. She looked from welling eyes to the aisle I was standing at to the pregnancy test still clenched in my white-knuckled hands and mistook the reason for my tears. She made little tut-ing noises with her tongue and gave me a pitying glance. A girl like Bella could do something like that if she really wanted money that bad. I shook my head. I don’t like her one bit. My grandson was infatuated with her for the last few years and yet she never gave him the time of day except to mooch off of him. that she could have easily killed him. I allowed myself to cry.” “Wow. She’s got that entire family eating out of her hand and I’m sure they’d be willing to give her any amount she asks for. abortion is never a solution. Yet he went and hacked up his wife and three kids. “Just remember. deary. “Do you need any help. Edward was alive but that didn’t mean anything at the moment if people thought I had only married him because I wanted his money.” A store attendant walked passed my aisle. It don’t matter what they look like. Took his friends and even a job at my son’s store. I don’t like that girl. no matter what it’s for.needed to know what everyone was thinking of crazy old me. “She’s a black widow. really? You think she murdered the poor guy? I mean. but does she really look like a killer?” “Do they ever look like killers? I once knew a guy who murdered his whole family in an outrage and he looked like nothing more than a scrawny high school mathlete with hornrimmed glasses and even pocket protectors.” “Bet that’s something she wasn’t counting on when she married him for her money.

did people have such a freaking problem with me? Did they not understand that I and the whole Cullen family were going through a hard enough time without there gossiping and sniping? Why couldn’t I just have Edward back in my arms so I didn’t have to deal with all this crap alone? .

right?” I asked. “Er. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone love anything as much as you loved Edward.” Alice snapped and I sat up. propping herself up her elbows. knowing I was in a horror.” Alice sat up. “His death was an accident and you can’t keep blaming yourself no matter what other people say.” I said.” The lump that seemed forever implanted in my throat grew again and I turned towards the TV. “He doesn’t think that anyone will care. I pulled my knees up to my chest and wrapped my arms around them. who was gaining weight like none other. I had my head on my sister’s flat stomach as she messed with my hair. The dulcet tones of Tom Hank and Meg Ryan played in the background. I’m sure you’re not the first person who couldn’t bear to go to her husband’s funeral and you won’t be the last.” “Alice –” “No. Alice and I were sprawled the floor of my bedroom. I bet it was grandma Newton. Bella. despite all the emotional pain I was in. I turned away from it. yeah. you know I loved your brother. unable to stop.well. I guess it was the stress from the supposed death of my husband.” Alice started out fumbling for what to stay and then she started babbling. The old women in this town have major issues and murder is the only rumor they haven’t exhausted.Immortal: Chapter 12 by ~bellacullen124 Chapter 12 “Alice. we know you had nothing to do with his death. Her abs tightened under my head and for a moment. to be jealous of how perfect another girl was compared to me.” “People are thinking I married him just for your guys’ money.” I told Alice. That old gasbag is responsible for half the divorces in this town. “Talk about something else. right before…. Emmett proposed to Rose just last week. “Why would you ask a thing like that. “Of course I know you loved him. Bella?” Alice asked. You should know better than anyone else how much the people in this town gossip. tears in my eyes. scooting away from her ever so slightly. now he doesn’t want to tell anyone.…You know. right? And we wonder where Mike gets his…shall we say charm. except maybe how much he loved you. We really need to get a movie theater built so that people have something better to do. He barely even cares right . Romance movies were just way too hard to watch any more. Stress always made me gain weight. surrounded by pillows and blankets and junk food scattered haphazardly on the carpet. my voice sorrowful. watching the movie intently for a minute before I remembered that it was a romance movie. “Some are even thinking I – that I killed him. I allowed myself one moment to be a teenager. “Bella.

He didn’t even know he was doing it until after he had asked her. at least.” I added as an afterthought.” I scrambled again for a change of subjects. It quickly became doubtful. We tried to get things to go in any other direction but we always seemed to go back to the same thing: Edward and the fact that he wasn’t coming back. I’m sure Esme still wants those grandchildren. “I’m not. “Emmett finally popped the question and he’s not telling any of us? A wedding is just what we need right now. all conversation seemed to go in circles since Edward had “died”. You still could have kids. I’m the only one he’s told because he doesn’t want to make Esme feel worse or you feel more lonely than you already do. I was sure Edward was that Rose said yes. for someone who lost her virginity a while ago and has had sex quite a few times. that’s Emmett. Bella. You’re only eighteen. I still can’t believe he’s gone” I clenched my eyes shut tightly.” I kept quiet about the fact that I was holding a pregnancy test in my hands earlier that day. We’ve been dating for nearly three years. I guess it was kind of spur of the moment. too.” “I’m never going to fall in love again. I hope. This family is going through such a hard spot right now. He thinks you’ll be mad about it even though I’ve told him over and over you won’t be.” “You’re going to make a great mother someday. No matter what. The idea of what kind of life my kid would have without a father made it too hard to even think about the possibility of my being pregnant. thinking the same exact thing. “I still think you’re pregnant. you know. Esme would love to plan it. “Just like you would have made a great aunt to whatever children I could have had. especially since no one would believe me if I told them Edward was alive. when do you think Jasper’s going to ask you?” “Soon. You really should take that test. It would get everyone’s minds of everything else for a couple minutes. you’re still rather prude. but he was kind of still MIA and I wasn’t exactly sure how to find him and get him back.” I told her. I guess. “So. a wistful look on her face. they better hurry up and get married. Sure. trying to get things moving away from him again. I was trying to accept the fact that I might be a widow forever even if my husband wasn’t dead. There are some people who get married after being widowed when they’re eighty.” “That’s what I told him.” “There’s still a chance you’ll have kids. Well.” . I scrambled for words. Especially now that I can’t have them.” “Have you and Jasper – you know…done it?” I blushed at my vulgar question.” “Well. “Maybe. “Of course we have.” Alice said.” Alice laughed. “Geez.

You can’t ever love again after losing your soul mate.” I didn’t want to fall in love again. I wouldn’t even ever make out with you. Though no one liked to talk about it.” I wrinkled my nose. If I didn’t tell someone soon. if Jazzy died. but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t fall in love again. feeling like being profound. I was just kidding. But I don’t want anyone else. I got that. Maybe now was as good of time as ever to tell her. And I know Edward would agree with me. Alice.” “Just because I won’t fall in love with again doesn’t mean I can’t be happy. Bella. I have you. It’s just a matter of finding them. taking on the persona of Dr. Edward was my soul mate. “Alice.She laughed slightly but it was somewhat hard. sounding oddly bitter compared to the girl I knew who was always happy.” “Yeah.” Alice wrinkled her tiny nose. “There’s someone out there for everyone who’s perfect just for them. Phil. I couldn’t keep this to myself any longer without exploding. but I found mine. But I can understand for now not wanting to even think about loving anyone else. I mean more along the lines of someone who will sleep with you. And I won’t be alone.” I paused for a moment. I understand that but you can’t be alone for the rest of your life just because the guy you loved died way too early. not while I was unsure about whether or not Edward was still alive.” “I don’t believe in soul mates. no matter how corny that sounds.” “And you promise not to think I’m completely insane?” . couldn’t. it would take me quite a few years to get over it and I’d never stop loving him or anything. Soul mates seemed like the last thing someone like Alice would be skeptical about but after something like that. a guy she had started dating in eighth grade and she had fallen in love with him.” “Bella. can I be totally honest with you?” “Of course. I could understand it. Most likely she had thought he was her soul mate. no offense. Always. “Isn’t that what they all say?” “I mean it. He’d want the same for you.” “You won’t be saying that in a few years when you find someone else. I was sure that I was going to be running through the streets shouting that my husband was alive at the top of my lungs just so that I wouldn’t have to keep it to myself for another minute. Some people won’t ever find theirs for some reason and will settle for someone almost as good. I’d know he wouldn’t want me to be alone forever and he’d want me to be happy.” I said. “And. I knew that he had broken her heart a year later and that had been one of the family’s reasons for moving to Forks. And I lost him. “I mean.” “Not what I meant. Bella. “I don’t think I can fall in love again. I momentarily recalled hearing about how Alice had loved another guy before she met Jasper. “I mean.” Alice huffed.” Alice said. And all that wouldn’t accomplish anything except getting me locked in a padded room. “Everyone has one.

So the fact that she had just exploded at me like that shocked me. Bella. None of us do! Do you have any clue how much this is hurting me as well? Do you get what’s it like to wake up and realize that the brother who tormented me at breakfast for eighteen years isn’t going to be there to torment me? That he’s never going to get to torment me again because he’s dead? You at least know how to live without him. “God. tripping over blankets and pillows. Stop acting like a middle school. Alice. “I saw it and it wasn’t his.” She whirled on me again.” “Edward’s alive. which I’m not saying it wasn’t.“No more than usual. Bella.” Alice sputtered. he woke up. I knew it as she stood up and grabbed her blanket off the floor of my room. “You’re being quite a black widow. like she wanted to believe me but also thought she needed to go get Carlisle to put me in a straightjacket. You’re the reasons he’s dead. She was right and I had known it all along but hearing someone I knew and trusted like a sister say it . After this. “Shit. You’re the most frickin’ selfish person. Bella. Alice! He was in my room and was talking to me! He was there! Edward’s still alive. I swear to god I was.” As soon as I said the words I had been so desperate to say. I had never seen the girl I had grown to love as my sister this angry. you’re not making this any easier by claiming he’s still alive. And that morning before the funeral. Stop denying it and let us all find a way to move on with our lives. Accept it and grow up.” Then she left and left me to do the only thing I seemed to be good at doing anymore. fire burning in her eyes.” she hissed. We have to learn how to live without him. And. pubescent girl who can’t get over a broken heart. this is your fault. shit. “Bella…do you know how crazy you sound? He’s dead and none of us like that fact at all but we have to accept it.” Alice looked confused. shit.” “This is absolutely insane. You’ve done it before. You’re sucking off this family’s grief and not helping us heal at all. I’ve never lived without having two brothers and I have no idea how the hell I’m going to figure out how to live with only one. I’d never really seen her angry at all. Alice managed to find a way to say the words she was choking on.” I shrank even further away from Alice. goddammit. I didn’t think that there was any possibility to fix the hole that was between us now. feeling the rift between us widening even more.” “I was trying. Bella. He was alive. he was in my room. “Ok. Alice. Edward’s dead. Eventually. in the coffin on the day of his funeral – the body in the coffin wasn’t his. how does that mean he’s alive?” “When I went to identify the body. I wanted to stuff them back into my mouth and keep myself from ever saying them again.” I said. but. so even if the body in the casket wasn’t his. maybe Gasbag Newton was right about something. “I get that you don’t want him to be dead. “And from any of us know about what happened that night. The silence that echoed between us was deafening and both of us wanted to break it but knew we couldn’t because then the air around us would splinter into a million different pieces.” Alice hurried to get out of the room. Bella. You’re just making it worse.

we were still in whatever this whole sticky situation was because of me. . which I wasn’t even sure of anymore. She sat there on my bed with her baby and just laughed while I sobbed.really dug it home. And if he wasn’t. If Edward was dead. it was my fault because I had stupidly run into the forest at night. And so I just sat there and cried while the girl from my imagination reappeared for the first time since Edward had died. which ended with him getting attacked.

that I had done it with my bare hands alone. I would have freaked out if I had suddenly found myself in a cemetery in the middle of the night with more than half a day missing from my memory. you start to doubt your whole life. My hands were too numb with cold to feel the pain though but my whole body ached. these were not normal circumstances. I would not have been a half-crazy widow in a cemetery in the middle of the night with no recollection of digging a hole that was nearly a foot taller than I was. I knew why I had come. do they ever depict the actual truth in Hollywood? But back to my point. desperate to get into my husbands coffin. my muscles sore and fatigued. I did not freak out but instead continued to clear away the last couple inches of lose. given how messed up they looked. but whenever they do. I didn’t even need to look at the headstone to know where I was. I wasn’t exactly sure what to make out it. standing in a six-foot hole and covered in mud. Adrenalin and grief rushed through my body as my hands finally uncovered something solid. Well. you also put the coffin in a cement box. Nowadays. The rain poured down heavily but I was already soaked to the bone. they don’t ever show that it’s a little bit harder than that. still dressed in the thin flannel pajamas I had been dead set in wearing for the next week or until they started to admit an undeniable odor that I would no longer be able to blame on Emmett. you’re perception of reality gets so messed up to the point where you’re basically screwed. they don’t show quite the truth. The sun seemed to have set in the two minutes I was in the laundry room and now it was dark as a moonless night out. You can no longer tell what’s real from what’s in your head. But. Pretty soon. I don’t even know . My fingernails were ripped and bloody and I was pretty positive that a couple seemed to be missing altogether. what if everything in your life had been fake? What if you imagined everything that had ever happened to you really never happened? Or what if all the people you loved didn’t really exist? Just wondering all this was enough to make me lose my mind and I knew I was coming really close to that. make sure that I hadn’t simple imagined that the body wasn’t his. Under normal circumstances. They show people digging up a grave and finding a coffin sitting there in perfect condition. I had just dug up Edward’s grave by myself and I was pretty sure. Why didn’t you start to see things sooner? Or have you always been crazy and the things you’ve been seeing weren’t as obvious? If that’s the case.Immortal: Chapter 13 by ~bellacullen124 Chapter 13 When you’re going crazy. Under normal circumstances. not muddied at all. My hands scrambled against the ground. I just knew that I had no memory of getting there and no memory of starting to dig yet there I was. muddy dirt. not only do you bury the body in a coffin. Though I did not remember getting there. digging up the dirt of the fresh made grave. or even just think you’re going crazy. just waiting to be opened for whatever reason. I had to see the body in the coffin. Since it was not normal circumstances. then again. everything that happened to you. So when I opened my eyes after trying to rub something out of them and found myself in a cemetery instead of in front of my washing machine. Then again. They don’t often have people digging up graves in movies and in TV shows.

I screamed. basically what I’m trying to say here. His eyes locked on me and he lifted a blue hand towards me. My hands were no longer just trembling from the cold and fatigue but now from fear as well. regardless. But if it was Edward’s body. not so sure exactly what the worst was. I was a lunatic and should be locked up. lying in the coffin. it was going to be impossible to get to Edward’s coffin without a sledgehammer. someone would make a . fumbling with the latch. Why do you need to give a body even more protection when it’s going to compose eventually no matter what you put around it? When it’s always just a matter of time? Anyway. the next thing I’d do unconsciously would be murder the entire town. I was stark raving mad. Edward was dead.what the point to that is. it was a dead body that had been in the ground a few weeks now. thick black stitches but it wasn’t just that his mouth was sewn shut but that he had no mouth at all. I was insane. moaning through its lipless mouth. If I wasn’t careful. my best friend was pissed. I needed proof. they were moving. I fumbled with the latch again. I should go to Carlisle right now and tell him to put me in the loony bin because there wasn’t any way that any sane person would let someone as crazy as I was roam free. my aching muscles fueled by the fact that I had to get into the coffin. If it was in fact not Edward’s body. bracing myself for the worst. that was for sure but there was something so. And in ten years. his irises black. And his mouth – his mouth was sewn shut with rough. trying to lock the body in. it would prove that I was after all going crazy and I was wrong about Edward being alive. I needed to know that I wasn’t crazy! The sledgehammer hit the cement. His eyes were open. the tall walls closing in on me. any way to get to the coffin that was under me. so. I needed to know that he actually was alive. slamming down the lid of the coffin. His lips were missing and there was just a stretch of blue skin there under the black thread. It was pointless to try to fill it back in and so I turned and ran. It was his face. My heart was racing with fear and a cold. I had to find leverage. His skin had the bluish pallor of death but it was deeper than it should have been. I tried to haul myself out of the grave but my arms were shaking so bad that I fell back in a few times before I finally found myself on solid ground. I scrambled around the grave. it wasn’t going to be good. terrified sweat would have drenched me if I hadn’t already been soaked. I swung open the coffin. and instead of glossed over and staring like they should have been. I was crazy. and my whole life was over at eighteen. There was a sledgehammer right by me. I wasn’t even sure what I was going to do because. No matter what I found inside this coffin. Both of the scenarios were terrifying and made my knees go weak. And there was Edward. I picked the sledgehammer up and started to break through the cement. rolling around their sockets. I started to push dirt back into the grave but most of the mud I had dug out of it seemed to have been washed away by the rain. There was no way to deny it anymore. I had somehow thought to bring one along when I hadn’t even brought a shovel. My hand brushed against something and I couldn’t help but laugh out bitterly at the irony of it. separated from me by less than a foot of solid concrete. I reached up and slid the sledgehammer out of the hole. so wrong with the picture in front of me. It was now proven. It (because I couldn’t think of the undead thing inside as my husband) pounded against the coffin. I kneeled down and wrapped my hands around the edge of the coffin. breaking through it and I continued to hack away until I had a broken away enough to open the top of the coffin.

It took me a moment to realize it was actually blood. his red eyes gleaming. Something in me snapped right then. It was my Edward. Only this time. The girl glanced at me but other than that. It was Edward. and he lifted one of his hands sloppily into the air. but looking slightly different like he had in our room the morning before his funeral. I gasped as his slimy hand hit my own and a piece of paper slid into my fingers. I ran through the cemetery. Lightning flashed and thunder cracked. saying I was driven crazy by the death of my husband which ended with the death of a hundred. “I know you can hear me. this time running her teeth over her eyeteeth that suddenly grew into sharp. Not as fancy as Jack the Ripper but it would work. he kissed her neck. The girl lifted her head up towards Edward and he leaned down to kiss her but instead of pressing his lips to hers. “I have your darling Edward here. There was a man with them. Now tell me what the fuck you want from me!” The girl looked at me. I expected her voice to have something evil about it. One of my knees was split open and blood was running down my leg. He was just as white as the girl sitting next to him. stared straight into my eyes and smiled a big. licking up the blood that spilled from the gash. loud and audible. Edward?” And he did turn to look at me. I’d get a serial killer name like Bella the Lunatic. His mouth was surrounded by ring of bloody lipstick.” she said and it was the first time I heard her speak. I was going to die of a heart attack or aneurism in a goddamn cemetery. The girl stared at me and ran her tongue across her lips. “Edward. it wasn’t just the two of them. She reached up a hand and absentmindedly stroked Edward’s cheek while he stared out into space. her baby in her arms. but she sounded just like me. gleaming fangs. “What the hell do you want from me?” I screamed when I was just a few feet away from them. . but not the cold. Then my whole world went black. but his face was off again. coming down with a thud in my own that was outstretched to him. look at me please. “What else could I need?” “Edward?” I asked frantically. slipping through the mud and tripping over tombstones. wearing my face and sitting atop a headstone. Another stroke of lightning illuminated the sky and my heart about stopped when I saw his face. She appeared out of nowhere. I know you know I’m of my life. Edward leaned down and whispered something in her ear and the two of the laughed. alive and breathing. “No!” I screeched right in the girl’s face. I walked towards them on shaking legs. The baby began to wail. wide smile. And I’d be famous for being frickin’ insane. his arm wrapped carelessly around her shoulder. Then. Blood dripped from her teeth and she licked her lips again. mouth-less corpse he had been in the coffin. they were there. replaced by those crude stitches. neither of them paid me any attention. My chest was tight and my heart was pounding so fast with fear that I was sure it was going to explode. something different. One of his eyes was rolled back in his head. so I could only see the whites of it. His skin had blued and his mouth was missing.

For all I knew. blinding me as I tried to sit up. but my hair could not have gotten that dirty that quickly. I unfolded the piece of paper. The words were smeared and hard to read and I could hardly make them out. most of the time forgetting to eat at all. my dear. Real. dirty piece of paper. What I had found in that grave. dull sheen to it. I had lost weight which wasn’t good since I was already skinny and I now resembled a skeleton whose skin hadn’t . Was I crazy or was this real? I had no clue.” No. That was exactly what I needed the note from my supposed deceased husband to say. That was just freaking great. My sheets were hard and stiff with it and my scalp itched with the feeling. Or maybe a hot shower would work for now. which I seriously needed to do since I had no idea what the hell was going on in my life. I hadn’t really gone absolutely mad and dug up my husband’s grave. Sure. because I am alive. on the other hand – well. I spent most of my time in bed lately but I wasn’t sleeping well. No “I miss you” or “I love you” or even “don’t fret. Just a dream. My bloodshot eyes were surrounded with dark circles and my hair had an unhealthy. barely recognizing the girl staring back at me. Oh. all I got was a confirmation that this whole thing was real which really didn’t mean anything if I was really as schizo as I thought I was. my hair crinkling beneath my cheek. Clutched in one of my hands was a soggy. I wasn’t really crazy. blue veins pulsing under the surface. I sat up to find myself covered in dried mud. Is. was digging up my husband’s grave. I was imagining the little piece of paper in my hands. It would give me a chance to have silence and be alone and think. I was disappointed. thank God that it was just a dream. I had really let myself go. In the few weeks since Edward had died. but once I finally deciphered them. My hands shaking.Immortal: Chapter 14 by ~bellacullen124 Chapter 14 I woke up the next morning to sun streaming through my window. I couldn’t remember the last time I showered. A straight jacket and a padded room was exactly what I needed at the moment. I had a pounding headache and the world spun around me. It was just a dream. The lack of nutrition had turned my translucently pale skin a sickly color of grey. decomposing yet still-alive body of Edward’s. But there were just three words. I wasn’t eating well. though. My hands were crusted with blood and my fingernails were broken and jagged. Wow. I expected Edward to have written more. I wrapped myself in a towel and wiped cloudy film off the mirror. I stared at myself. Once the steam of the shower had rinsed away all the grime of graveyard dirt and cleared my befuddled mind a bit. I wasn’t quite sure if I imagine the blue. What I didn’t imagine. This. This is real. I rolled over.

When was she going to get over this? The envelope looked very business-like and the return address was from the college in Seattle. “Bella. whoever he or she was.” he continued without any more notification that he had an extra person in the room. When was my life going to stop taking the path of a horror movie? This was worse than being kidnapped than jigsaw and put through his cruel. There was no name. Please come talk to me as soon as you get this.” the professor said. Immortality is the one promise that have made people do anything to get there. The older professor who was teaching was extremely hansom for how old he was and he had a voice like honey. More people will die if you don’t. I found the classroom and walked into what seemed like the end of a very long lecture. This was weird. Cullen. I look like the dead one. but people have been searching for immortality much longer than that. You’re husband’s not really dead. Within a minute. they were gone. mail for you!” Alice screamed from downstairs. “You must be Bella. Don’t let them make you think he is. Please. That’s how I found myself walking into a college a few hours later. Now. coming up to me and shaking my hand.started to waste away. Everyone else was dozing though I couldn’t imagine how. I ripped open the letter and instead of finding a business-print. your assignment for the weekend is to write an essay about what you give to live forever. It was the longest sentence she had said to me in a week and a half. what did I have to lose. Mrs. His hair was graying though it looked almost dashing on him and he smiled a dazzling smile at me as he saw me slide into an empty seat at the back. “The Romans and Greeks created Gods who lived forever and were therefore revered. I found a short. the only sign that the room had recently been occupied by a bunch of students were the multiple papers left on the tables. Alice threw a white envelope at me without looking my way and stalked off. College students not much older than me were nodding off in their seats and only one very bookish-looking girl was taking notes. “That was . His hand was warm against mine and his skin almost more pale than my own. Or else people would die. searching for room 234. I seemed to be getting a lot of those lately. And then I decided. handwritten note.” There was a bunch of noise and laughing and talking as the students hurried out of the room. I assumed this person. I pulled on clothes and hurried downstairs. an extra person whose husband he somehow knew was alive. just a room number at the bottom of the page. I made a face at her behind her back. I never even applied there. “The fountain of youth is something that has enthralled people since the Spanish came over to the new world. wanted me to go to the college ASAP. Others made religions where they were the ones that got to live forever if they followed a simple set of rules in life. How far would you go to never die? Or would you even want to have immortality? Class dismissed. mind-game tests. typed-out letter.

” “What about an afterlife?” “I’m not so sure. quickly realizing I didn’t know his name. That’s what they want. What did this have to do with Edward? Still. I don’t want to live forever. what would you do for immortality?” I was puzzled by the question he was asking. Don’t let anyone fool you into thinking that he’s dead. I do believe in Jesus and what he brought to this world. How – how do you know my husband’s alive?” “You’re not one to beat around the bush. my dear. These words have been thought about and thought about and most seem to think that he means the first dead in terms of figuratively – those who are spiritually dead should be the ones to bury the dead on earth. Cullen. not anywhere else. don’t become a religious fanatic on me.” “What if you had no choice?” “The only thing that anyone ever has to do is die. I don’t count that as alive. He went against things that were preached at the time and he wasn’t scared to hurt people’s feelings as long as he was saying what needed to be said. However. looking as though they are alive? They’re the ones . What if he meant it literally? What if there are dead walking among us. If heavens what you’ve been talking about this whole time. That’s not the task of those who are spiritually alive.” “No. I mean. I’m not supposed to be telling you any of this but I felt obligated to.” “Professor Sterling. “Please. alive on this earth. Please just hear me out for a minute. He told a man whose father just died to let the dead bury the dead. I answered. Scholars have pondered –” I groaned. Jesus was this controversial figure of his time. I know your husband is alive for a fact. Isabella. I wish I could say there is one but I can’t. “Immortality? That sounds more like a sentence than a privilege. This isn’t something anyone would tell someone who is suffering a lost lightly.” “Only way to what?” “Jesus Christ once said let the dead bury the dead.” “Hello. professor. are you? You heard the end of my lecture now. right? Tell me. That’s the only way to – well. Whether or not I believe in Christianity. you’re wasting my time. “Sterling.” “Mrs. There’s no such thing as immortality.probably my most interesting lesson of the year and yet they still hurried to get out of here. Even if Christianity was real and my husband is in heaven or whatever afterlife there is. Professor…” I started. I didn’t need a sermon at the moment. it’s not what I’ve been talking about. it’s the only way. there’s another way to look at this.

Cullen. I was old and frail and dying. They literally sell their souls. What if they’re real?” Vampires? He had to be kidding me.” “Bella. you can’t do that anymore since your husband is now part of the immortally . They’re recruiting. not without a push. Your mother sold you to them at birth because she didn’t want the fate herself and she made them a deal. Please don’t try to contact me ever again. You remained human until you were eighteen. only half alive. Was he seriously saying that Edward was now a vampire? That he had been abducted by some occult society and turned into a member of the undead? I hurriedly stood up.” “This is ridiculous. Vampires are real – and you’ve been marked by them. That’s why they’re dead. As long as you could be with him. freaking nuts. the age she was when they came for her. They’re soulless. it wouldn’t matter what you were.” “What does this have to do with Edward? If they want me. And that’s when I started to believe him. This guy was absolutely. both literally and figuratively. You’ve been marked to be one of them since birth. I think I’ll – I’m leaving now. But your mother was a selfish bitch for that. especially if it meant you’d have to leave your precious Edward. They didn’t mind the deal. I chose immortality over my own soul. even if this is true? How would you know this?” His eyes flashed red and he stared down at me with an intense gaze. desperate for immortality. They were right. Most people join them willingly. pardon my french. building up an army. you’ve got to listen to me. Do you get what I’m saying?” “No. of someone who was once a part of you. weren’t they?” “Is – is there any way to stop them? To get Edward back without becoming…that? Any way at all?” “You’re mother found the only way – selling the soul of another. why would they take him?” “They’ve been watching you your whole life. You’ve lost me. How would you know. “This is more important than anything else has ever been in your life. “That’s quite enough for me. “I made the mistake myself.” “Vampires. Besides. knocking the chair I had been sitting in over. So they took him. Mrs. professor.” Professor Sterling grabbed my arm in an inhuman grip. And they want you to be one of them. Bloodsucking. Shocked. the one way they were sure would make you want to join. They saw that you wouldn’t join them on your own. But then they started to realize that you wouldn’t want to be one of them. They couldn’t use you until you were older regardless. I backed away from him slowly.that get to bury those who have died. undead parasites that roam among us.

The last thing I heard the professor say was. Neither of you will ever be safe again. Bella. “Really this time. I needed to get home to that pregnancy test. Thanks so much for the help. Everything I had just learned was whirling through my head.dead.” I was in my car and flying down the highway. I had to know what exactly was going on. scrambling to pull on my coat. They had taken Edward so that I would join them without a fight. “They’re coming for you. And now this hypothetical child that I was carrying around was in danger.” I said in a hurry. I was just dealing with vampires.” Worry flooded his face.” Tears were flooding my eyes as I raced out of the room. Sooner than you think. My mother had sold my soul so that she could keep her own. As long as you’re not pregnant already. right?” My hand flew down to my stomach that wasn’t quite as flat as it used to be. “I have to go. And you’re child too. At least I now had proof that I wasn’t going crazy. What if I was? Would I do the same as my mother had and sell my child to them? Would I be that desperate to escape this fate that I had been plagued with. which I guessed most people would consider the same thing . “You’re not pregnant.

tap. That couldn’t be some sudden trick he had set up. Thirty. His eyes had been red! There was no way he was crazy. And it wasn’t like he had had colored contacts in the whole time. Was the professor I had just gone to see really real? He had to be. right? Alice had seen the envelope as well. tap. That was real. Twelve. Thirteen. This was giving me a headache. Four. it was my life that had taken that path. Eight.Immortal: Chapter 15 by ~bellacullen124 Chapter 15 I held the stick in my shaking hands. Fifty. Another line. Fifty-five. But what if the professor was crazy? Then I would be insane to believe anything he said. And. My lungs seemed to collapse in my chest. I glanced over at the second screen. I guess I had been marked out since my birth for this if what Professor Sterling said was . Was my life messed up or what? The clock ticked by slowly. Couldn’t they just make a pregnancy test that gives you the results the second your pee touches it? It’s too torturous to have to stand there with the piss-covered test in your hands as you impatiently wait for what seems like an eternity. Five. come on. “Please. Twenty. I stood up and walked over to the counter. Fifty-nine more seconds. The first screen of the pregnancy test had a little pink line in it. Just tell me. god. of course. Ten minutes. putting my hands in my head. Biting my lip. Eleven. with the awful luck I had. Tap. Seven. I still couldn’t figure out if I was imagining everything or not.” You know how in TV shows and movies when girls take pregnancy tests and say it’s the longest fifteen minutes of their lives while they wait? Well. I knew then that they were right. Six. I put the test down on the counter and sat down on the toilet. “Come on.” I hissed. Three. My supposed-to-be-dead husband had been turned into a bloodsucking. Forty. I was pregnant. Fourteen. It bounced against the counter. They had suddenly changed colors. Two. I should not have been prego! Especially now that I was mourning my dead (maybe) husband! Widowed and pregnant at eighteen. Oh. Nine. We had waited to have sex until we were married and then I was on the pill and we always used condoms. One. Five minutes. Things weren’t supposed to have happened this way! I wasn’t supposed to be pregnant at eighteen! We had taken every precaution necessary. soulless member of the undead as part of an elaborate plan to steal my own soul as well because my mother sold me to them to save herself and now I was waiting for the results of a pregnancy test to tell me whether or not I was carrying my vampire husband’s baby. Ten. That was not the way any girl’s life was supposed to go.

coroners at Forks’ memorial grounds found a grave dug up and the coffin broken into. And instead of the joy I would have expected when I announced this. unable to tell her that I was nearly positive that Edward was still alive.” I said under my breath. yet it was the body that had been buried there. No one would believe me. Don’t worry. And now I knew even more than ever. That sounded nice.really true. This has to have made the grieving process even harder. The perpetrators are yet to be found and so the reasons are not know. are you sure?” Esme asked. “Bella. “What could this possibly mean?” “There was just a mess up at the hospital. Cullen’s. There was something alive in there. It was Edward’s grave. His body didn’t mean anything to me anymore now that he was gone from it. “Bella. I raced downstairs to find my mother-in-law standing in front of the TV. My mother sold me into this before I was even born. It had been a cover up. do you not? No! I refused to repeat my own mother’s mistakes! I refused to do that to my baby! My baby. “I’m pregnant. it hadn’t been a mix-up. “This morning.” “What does this mean. the words slipping out before I could catch them. Local morticians at the hospital are being questioned so that we can figure out how this mix up was made. Esme looked at me with pity and pure horror. I reached down and touched my stomach. last night. Bella?” Esme asked. her hands clasped tightly around the remote. now would they? “They probably just buried him in the wrong grave. A picture of a dug up grave was there and my heart started to beat faster. I stopped at her side and looked at TV. the body hadn’t been someone else’s but I had been confused and delusional. The grave was that of recently buried Edward Cullen’s. Who cared if it was buried in the right place? That wouldn’t bring him back But he wasn’t dead! So. our hearts go out for them. who is still being mourned by his family. Esme nodded and tried to think of anyway to cheer her up. Sure. They’ll figure this out and get him into the right spot. please come down here!” Esme screamed from downstairs. Why the hell would she force this kind of life onto me if it was that horrible that she was that desperate to escape it? You could always escape it.” I said. Cullen but not yet identified. I wouldn’t care.” Honestly. But now I knew he was alive. What has the authorities even more perplexed is that the body found in the grave was not that of Mr. perfectly preserved and with an estimated death date around the same time as Mr. A female anchor’s voice chimed out of the speakers. My baby was in there. You now have a child of your own. As for both the men’s families. turning off the TV and looking at me with broken-hearted eyes. even if he were dead. .

She lifted her hand and motioned for me to come outside with her finger. of course – you’re so young. Or. wasn’t it? She cocked her head at me and gave me a knowing smile. “What – what are you saying. No one would want me to have to have this child because what could be worse that being a single mother? No one would get that I already loved this baby and it was the only thing I had left of Edward.” “Of course I want this baby. too. It was just a ringing in my ears. Bella.” Esme said. moving towards me and taking my hands in her.” I interrupted her. “Oh.” I said. Life was so unfair. I was going to be a mother. “Esme.” Esme said.” She babbled on for another minutes but I didn’t hear anything. The fact . I though that you wouldn’t want a baby. Bella.” Esme said.I nodded. Late period. And I just knew there was something living inside of me. It was enough of an answer. There had to be a logical reason for her. “That I should get an abortion? That I should kill my child? You want me to kill my baby?” “No. joy. “Of course not. Worst part about this whole thing was that she had the same face as me yet still was as gorgeous as a supermodel while being covered in blood as well. I smiled. infrequent morning sickness. dear. “Don’t you fret though. gaining weight. We’ll get this taken care of. I was the widow and she would be the child whose father died before either of her parents even knew she existed. thank goodness. That’s when she appeared yet again. “Would you mind not telling anyone else yet – at least not until I get into the doctor and figure out how far along I am and stuff. of course. I’ll drive you. There’s Planned Parenthood. Carlisle could probably take care of it if that won’t be too awkward for you. Oh. I should have expected this. no. Esme?” I asked breathlessly. growing and alive because of me. pulling me into a hug. you know – you wouldn’t have Edward to help you.” Esme said. “ “Oh. Even though I knew that pregnancy tests were often wrong. It’s up in Port Angeles but I’ll take you. there were all the other fact. at least as logical as real-life vampire. “Oh. this is awful. I just wouldn’t think – under the circumstances. I didn’t exactly mean to spring it on like that on you either. Well. And we can redo one of the boy’s old rooms and make it into a nursery and…” She was babbling again. My own personal demon from hell that was dead bent on haunting me until the end of time was standing outside the window. Of course. No one would be happy for me and my child. and I thought you didn’t want it to be this way this young – and you’re life is going to be different if you do have it – well. “Just imagine me – a grandmother! We’re going to have to find you a good doctor as soon as we can and get you in so we can make sure she’s healthy and figure out when you’re due.

What I don’t get is why the hell you have my face and why only I can see you. of course. cackling at her own wit. “Why can I see you now? Why not before the last week of school?” “Because that’s when the shadow of death decided to go over you. Well. I stepped outside.” “Precious Bella. Somehow I just knew she would follow. I’ll be right back. her voice hissing and lithe. The whole being pregnant thing is still so new to me and I just need to be alone for a couple minutes. You talked to me last night! Who are you? What are you?” She smiled and then. “Who are you?” I asked. Her smile widened and fangs slipped out of her gums. that got me thinking. she was in my face. Bella?” she asked. “No. She had just disappeared and reappeared inches away from me. I scowled. She hugged me once more and then left the room. I spun around and stared at her. you’re baby next. I get the whole the vampire part. The wrong questions? Where I had heard that one before? How more cliché could she get? Still.” The baby started to scream again. cold air immediately chilling me through. And I wasn’t quite sure that I wasn’t going crazy – I had blacked out just yesterday and came to only when I was almost done digging up Edward’s grave – but at least there was an explanation behind some of this.” “Ok. She cocked her head at me again. “That’s when they decided it was time to take you – you’re husband first. I was done being scared. blood dripping from the tips. “Um…Esme. figuratively speaking.” I snapped. humming a tune to herself. I’m going to be a grandmother!” she said once more. Her baby let out a wail and I touched my own stomach. . It lashed around me like a rope and tied me up tight. You can see me because I’m not the bad guy. “I know you can talk. “I’m surprised you haven’t figured it out yet. I didn’t even flinch. and then you. at least it was a better explanation than I was going crazy and had somehow managed to kill my husband during an episode and yet I still believed he was alive. you’re asking the wrong questions. “What do you think I am.” I said.that I actually believed in vampires now caught me off guard. I didn’t look at her/me as I walked passed and headed into the woods. her red eyes a burning question mark. I’m here to help you. “Don’t play dumb. all of the sudden. It looked at me with emerald green eyes – Edward’s eyes.” She was behind me now. her golden-brown eyes shining. “I need to get some air. I’ve figured that part yet. dear. It wasn’t until I was sure I was far enough away from the house that I stopped and turned on her.” she said. She hadn’t even taken a step.

I’m here to help you. . And then I was staring at nothing.They turned red. as though they were suddenly filled with blood.

I was pretty sure none of them had souls.Immortal: Chapter 16 by ~bellacullen124 Chapter 16 The forest was a nice place that day. I still couldn’t get over that. No. But I don’t think you’re going to be a boy. Eddie Jr. just thinking. I was pregnant. when I looked into the mirror once I had cleaned the steam away. He wouldn’t let himself become soulless and evil. I had to be about three months through. it’s fitting. I think I’ll name you after your daddy. thinking about all this and occasionally talking to my stomach. Eventually I found a nice. I just have a feeling that you’re a girl. I always made fun of him for having such an old fashion name but it’s a good name. It was one of those rare summer days in Washington where God decided to give a break from the dreary weather and let the sun shine through. I wanted to wash the grime of the day off of me so I went up to my room and climbed into the shower. my stomach growled. just letting the heat of the water wash away the few worries I had left. My mom. While my meal . just no! Edward still had a soul. I looked better than this morning. my hands resting on my hard stomach. That’s pretty. right? Little Mina. At the end of my first trimester. Vampires of all things. I was going to have a baby! I stayed out in the forest for a while. That sounded about right.” Eventually. I’ve always kind of liked the name Mina and since we’re now dealing with vampires. “If you’re a boy. I knew Edward and he could never be a monster. At least I now knew what was going on even though it was unbelievable. which I had chalked up to grief and worry. soft piece of ground and laid down there. There was something glowing about me. too. I’d have to say that was about the same as selling your kid’s soul to the Devil. What did that mean about Edward? I asked myself. I had gained weight but it wasn’t obvious that I was pregnant. I wasn’t sure if I could believe that Renee had sold me to vampires to save her own ass before I was even born. but my baby. My mom had always told me hers wasn’t that bad so I was guessing I took after her. probably the same if you truly lost your soul if you were turned into a vampire. I was still getting morning sickness occasionally. even if he was a vampire. I stayed outside until the sun dipped beneath the horizon. It was almost like an omen to me. This time. Something no one names their girls anymore. I pulled myself off of the ground and headed inside. I want something unusual. I went back downstairs and nuked a TV dinner. Edward. reminding me that I was now not just eating for myself. He had to. If you’re a girl. Things were (slightly) starting to turn around for me. From what I had seen so far of them. And at least now I knew what they wanted – me and my baby – and that someone. The house was too quiet. was trying to help us. but it wasn’t that bad. whether imaginary or not.

really. “It’s up to the state and us doctors as well. I cracked open my soda with my teeth as I headed into the family room. We were happy and had a family and a house of own. I set my food down on the coffee table and turned on the TV. In six months. I’d have a baby to balance on my hip all the time instead. bronze hair and startling green eyes but looking more like me than Edward. it’s not up to either you to make the decision. “It’s what’s best. Balancing it on my hip. Holidays with the family and smiles and laughing and Edward and I sneaking downstairs to play Santa on Christmas Eve. No vampires or strange visions or talk of death. I recognized Esme’s voice. The microwave beeped and I pulled the steaming meal out. No more caffeine for me. Please.” “No. don’t make this any harder than it has to be. Shouldn’t I have some sort of say in the matter? Shouldn’t she?” “She’s my daughter. sliding Juno into the DVD player. Edward was there with me. It was how my life was supposed to be if Edward had never “died. Gruff and coarse. it’s our decision as to whether or not she’s a danger to herself and others. Once someone reports something like this. A little boy in the yard that was the spitting image of his father passing a football around with him. Two little girls with fine. especially since her mind doesn’t seem in the right place to make decisions at this time either. Alice heard her out in the woods today talking to herself and she seems to have some sort of delusions that Edward is alive as well. I pressed play and ate my meal quickly. “I have more of a say in the matter than you. this is ridiculous!” Esme was still screaming. using his calm. Then I looked down at the Diet Coke in my hands with remorse and opted for a Barg’s Rootbeer instead.” “And. “Your baby has fingernails!” *** I was dreaming about little babies with tiny little hands and tinier fingernails. calm down. pro-life Asian girl outside the abortion clinic screamed. Esme. “I’m her mother-in-law. the soothing. Carlisle. I fell asleep right as the little. It seemed like the right movie to watch at the moment. Esme.rotated inside the microwave. “You can’t put her in a loony bin!” someone screeched. laughing and kissing me. soothing doctor voice. I wasn’t sure what it did to unborn babies but I knew you weren’t supposed to drink any when you’re pregnant. We’ve made the decision. nor was he undead.” A crash woke me up and glass shattered. dear. almost-medicating voice of another doctor. A wave of fatigue passed over me and I curled up on the couch with blanket. He wasn’t dead. Charlie. burning my tongue. “You can’t just do that to her!” “Esme.” Yet another voice. She as well has no say in the matter. His death has been hard on us all but I think it’s cost us Bella’s sanity as well.” “I won’t let you take her!” Esme again. I pulled a soda out of the fridge.” Somebody else. Birth” A new voice. “She’s perfectly fine! So what if she’s acting a little loopy? I think she has the right to having just lost her husband! She’s not suicidal and she hasn’t hurt anyone!” .

” I said. Carlisle? How could you betray her like that? And you. didn’t hit me until her eyes flashed red. didn’t they?” I moaned. Most likely go into hiding – from both the vamps and the sadistic doctors who like to take nearly perfectly fine people to loony bins. Washington since we rarely saw sunlight. “Trying to escape. I have powers you wouldn’t imagine. “The transformation just ended today. but Alice had never been this translucently pale. too. Sure. pale skin wasn’t unusual for the inhabitants of Forks.” I could tell their conversation was coming to an end now and I got up. Her skin looked white in the light of the moon shining through my window. “Don’t tell them I’m up here. “I was the one who told Carlisle everything. Alice.” “Why would you do that?” She stood up and came towards me. are we. I threw open the door to my room and my heart stopped a little when I saw Alice sitting on the end of my gigantic bed.” Alice said. just let me go. “Alice. said it was urgent that Bella got help. Bella will thank you for this someday. Of course. Now. please. Edward still had the long rope in the closet from when he used to sneak out at night to see me.” the doctor said. “She’s not making this easier. her legs swinging off the end and not making it to the ground. I’d find Edward and we’d figure out what to do together. I took a step back a chill went through me.” “I’ve got to. Bella?” she asked. but that didn’t mean I was going to let them take me. “When did this happen?” “A couple days ago. She looked like a tiny doll.” Alice said. I was would use that to get out of the house and then I would run away. her voice menacing and cruel yet playful at the same time. Charlie! You’re not trying to stop them from taking your daughter away?!” “Dr.” the doctor interjected. What was wrong. There was something off about her. “You – you shut up! What gives you the right to come into my house and make decisions for a girl who honestly has the right to be acting like this now?” “Carlisle called me. “Oh. Cullen. Bella. they got to you. please restrain your wife. “It’s more amazing than you can believe.” She laughed darkly.“Yet.” . I assure you that she will. I had joked about needing to be put in a padded room. I hurried upstairs as quickly and as quietly as I could since they were blocking the front door. I can’t let them lock me up. though. There was no way in hell I was letting them lock me up in a straight jacket like some kind of menace to society. god.” “What the hell. She was even more beautiful than usual but it was in and almost scary and sharp way.

Let’s see how strong Bella really is. It’s not as awful as you think it is. “You don’t have to fight it. I struggled to keep my eyes open as the world turned sideways but I was out before I hit the ground. And they’ll want a few months anyway. A week in a straight jacket should do it though they’ll keep you there as long as they need to.” “I can’t do that. they can’t force you to without making sure you’ll obey them first. Edward and I would be back together. Just a little. “I wish they’d let me take a bite at you. Then we can be sisters like we always have.” That’s when I felt it pierce me. Bella. the needle going straight into my neck where Alice’s finger was still. To break you. We’ll be immortal together – you and Edward and me and maybe I can even change Jasper as well. it was a let thing.” “Why’s that?” I couldn’t help but ask even though I knew I didn’t want to hear the answer. but even better. Alice laughed again. of course. they will. Alice. right? I reckon I wouldn’t last an hour. Bella. sad smile and for a moment I saw the sister I knew before her soul had been sucked out of her. “You really are silly. The drugs circulated through me immediately and my legs buckled under me. Years if they have to. If you don’t join willingly. you being pregnant and all. So.” I said. tiny bite but no – that’s someone else’s job. . the same dark laugh.” I trembled and Alice didn’t miss it. you know. She lifted an icy finger towards me and traced the artery under my neck. but I don’t regret it now.” Alice basically purred.” Alice smiled a sweet. They can’t really do it yet. of course. “Scary thought. “Too bad. how could you let them?” “Silly Bella. even though her offer didn’t sound too bad. they’re going to have to break you and trust me. I strained away but I seemed paralyzed to the spot. Please don’t fight it.“Alice.

that still didn’t keep me from panicking. I was starting to go crazy and I probably hadn’t been in there more than a few hours. even if they left me in here for years. I had been going in and out of consciousness for a while and I was just now awake enough to notice how quiet it was. innocent. to essentially drive me legit crazy so that I would beg them for salvation and offer them anything in return. When I had arrived at Fork’s High School. my arms were stuck to my sides. There was no way to tell if it had been days or just minutes that I had been in there. I would eventually be able to figure a way to keep track of time and that wouldn’t do at all. I managed to stop my panic attack. It took a while for my heart to calm down but once I had accepted the situation. I remembered what Alice had said. I had to keep myself sane. naïve girl I was without the accessories. I had been a broken girl who had been torn up by the few boys who had ever given me attention. The meds had finally worn off enough for me to stay awake but I immediately wished someone would stick me with a needle again so that I could go back to sleep. suffocating silence. Even though I had expected it. My eyes wrenched themselves opened and I tried to scream but my mouth wouldn’t open. . Of course. I couldn’t help but wonder what these drugs were doing to my baby? To keep myself from going crazy. If they had to bring me food three times a day. way too colorless. I decided to start replaying my life in my mind. They always seemed to like me just so that they could toy with my emotions and then leave me more heartbroken than before. I wore leather jackets and overdid the makeup so that I looked a whole hell of a lot tougher than I was. I decided it was time to open my eyes. I realized I wasn’t really alive until I came to Forks so I started there. making my lungs tighten. It hurt my eyes and eventually I just settled on closing them. I was a tough girl with a way too innocent face. to scream – anything to break the silence – but I was still too drugged to move my lips. It was hard and they were crusted together but when I reached up to wipe them. Everything was too white. guys always found a way to take advantage of me and by the time I moved in with my dad. Up until then. time started to make no sense in there.Immortal: Chapter 17 by ~bellacullen124 Chapter 17 The first thing I realized was the silence. I was basically a shell. I could tell that they had an IV in me and that that IV led out of the room so that they could keep the drugs coming and make sure I was nourished so that they wouldn’t have to break my isolation. even my soul. It was my way of putting the walls up. When I looked like the sweet. which I really hoped they didn’t. It already felt like years. to hum. After another while. The silence was starting to kill me and I tried to sing. An awful. the way I knew I wouldn’t be hurt again. It roared in my ears and closed in on me. They had put me in here to break me.

” I said.” “What about you? You going to spill all of your problems after me? We could have crying fest and then go watch chick flicks.” “I think you need to get them off of your chest for one thing. tell me why you’re stalking me. he had stalked me and a few friend up to Port Angeles when we were dress shopping. I knew he was right. my lip curling up in snarl. Psh. “I think you’re this gorgeous girl who doesn’t put enough value in herself. He certainly hadn’t been expecting me to shoot the question back at him. The first time we kissed. I had gone to a book store while they goggled over jewelry and Edward had gotten out of the car there. “Who you really are. “And it would help me get to know you better.But Edward had seen through the walls. chasing me along the pier when I basically ran in the opposite direction when I saw him. “Then. I was sure he was just another one of those guys who wanted to mess with me and then chuck me to the curb when they were done with me. So really. I was terrified. Edward?” I raised my eyebrow at him and his shoulders shook with laughter.” he had called out. All I want is to know what you’re scared of. maybe I’m not. “Fine. I had thought. “Ok.” “Well. flashing me a crooked smile. “I think you’re scared. Not this tough. Cullen.” he said. new girl better. “I want to know who you are.” “Why are you so sure I’m scared of something?” “Because you put on this act with your leather jacket and eyeliner and strutting around school like nothing can hurt you. let me walk with you.” I laughed though in the pit of my stomach. it’d help both of us. “Maybe I am. You’re not as tough as you act. are you. biker-looking chick who’s standing in front of me.” he asked me. You’re not going to try to take advantage of me.” Edward said. what do you want to know?” I had asked him. “What do I have to be scared of? The only thing I can think of is being stalked down a pier at night and being taken advantage of. Is that what you want because I don’t think so.” I glared at him. “Please. “Of course not. I didn’t get why he wanted to talk to me so bad so I had avoided him for the last few weeks.” “Is it such a crime to want to get to know the pretty. Like I’ve never heard that line before. I want to know who the real Bella Swan is and why she’s putting on this act.” he said after a moment’s thought. I’m not so sure how telling you all about my problems is going to help. Edward Cullen. who do you think I am?” I gave him a mysterious smile that I could tell had baffled him. I think .

I’m still scared of stuff. But we’re not talking about them. but I was spilling all of my deepest fears to this guy I barely knew. I feel like I don’t have the right to be scared.” “No. yeah. I don’t know why. Cullen. What are you so afraid of?” “You won’t be able to get me to stop once I start ranting.” “Ah. so you’re selfless on top of scared. I’m scared no one will ever kiss me and still want to be with me forever. You don’t know me so you don’t what I’ve been through. “I’m scared of getting hurt again but I’m also scared of being alone forever. You feel like you shouldn’t be scared?” “No. I want to know who you are.” I cocked my head to one side and stared at him. I want to know everything about. I just don’t complain.” “I don’t want you to stop. I get it.” “It’s your life. I feel like I shouldn’t be scared of such petty things when there are so many people so worse –” “Yeah. I have no right to complain. we’re talking about you. “I’d say that means you’re scared to talk about your life. Is there anything wrong with that?” “Plenty.” “You’re want more from me and I want you to know you’re not going to get it.” “And you’re scared that you aren’t worthy of your fears. starving orphans in Africa. Our fears define who we are so much more than anything and. I’m scared of getting stuck here forever and I’m scared that I’ll be no one .” “I think that was you starting to tell me. I want to get to know you like no one else does. I want more from you. as I’ve said. Some people have it so much worse off than me. then.” “Why do you want me to tell you so bad?” “I’m curious.” “I’m scared – I’m scared…” And then.” “So. I’m scared that no one will ever want to kiss me like they mean it and then not leave me a couple days later. That’s not being selfless. depending on what it is.” “I’m not going to complain about my life. I want to listen to you talk forever. And I’m scared of never being able to figure out how to balance the two of those so I just don’t let anyone get close so that I will be alone and unhurt. of dying old and ugly and fat and unloved. You have the right. what are you scared?” “We’re not talking about it.

” I turned to leave. I could feel this kiss all the way done to my toes. “It’s impossible.” “You just poured your heart out to me.” He was leaning in closer now. “And you want to be kissed but you don’t think anyone will want to kiss you like you want them to. I could feel his breath on my lips and my heart sped up.” He took a step closer to me.forever. at least not really. I’d never felt this way. This is the way a kiss is supposed to feel. You won’t be able to keep that promise. They’d never made it hard to breathe. whatever it is you want to be between. I know everything you’re scared of and that shows a person more than anything else as I’ve said. I wanted to kiss him. We can’t even be friends. “But I’m right. without waiting for my answer.” “You’ve never been kissed. It was simple kiss. Before. his face was just inches from mine. I can’t let it happen. a few guys probably. I had thought. my mind going fuzzy from the smell of him. . aren’t I? You’re terrified of letting anyone close to you. “And.” And then. so far. I wanted him to kiss me. no matter how hard you try.” I could barely breathe. to feel his lips on mine. what?” I managed to say without sounding breathless but there was certain husk to my voice.” “Then what are they for?” Another step. It wasn’t like any other kiss I’d ever had. with all the other guys. no one has cared enough then. He was just teasing me now but I needed to kiss him. but he grabbed my wrist and stared into my eyes with his. Everyone gets bored of me eventually.” “I could never get bored of you. He was so close. so bad that you don’t know if love’s real anymore. I can’t handle my heart breaking again. “They’re to see who cares enough to try and break them down. All any guy has ever done is hurt me so I know you won’t be any differ.” “What fortune cookie did you read that off of?” I scoffed.” “I never said that I don’t believe in love. he pressed his lips against mine. “So. just his lips pressed lightly against mine. I’d never needed them to kiss me like I needed Edward to do right then. But I really can’t let myself get hurt again. truly kissed. I breathed in his heady scent. I know you’ve be hurt by a guy. You’ve built up so many walls but I don’t think they’re really to keep anyone out. So. “Do you think you’ll be that guy that will kiss me the way I want you to?” “If you let me. “What if I promise to never break your heart?” he asked. His were the most amazing shade of green I’d ever seen. forcing my lips to part slightly.

will you marry me?” Edward whispered. We never did anything. you’re eighteen. How much longer would it be until I lost everything? . I could still feel the ring my finger.” “You’d better not. I wished I could actually feel the kiss again. And that’s when I knew.” Edward said breathlessly as he slid the ring onto my finger. staring down at him with wide eyes. Please. sitting across from me. you can’t be serious. I felt my heart beat faster and tears sting my eyes.” “You are serious. I was just about to doze off.” “So. You know me. He was really serious about this. not have to rush out early so that I can get home before everyone wakes up. “I’ll take that as a yes. just slept in each other’s arms. “Are you serious?” Edward sat up too. I love you more than anything. I started to think about the night Edward proposed to me. There was nothing better than hearing him breathe beside me and feel his heartbeat when my head was on his chest. thankful that they hadn’t taken away the only physical thing I had left of Edward when they threw me in this hellhole.He pulled away a bit but I could still feel his lips flutter against mine as he said. I love you.” He opened the box and a huge diamond shined up at me. I want to spend forever with you. Maybe Edward would be the one to save me from this. Bella. That was when I threw myself at Edward. They were trying to take away my humanity. “Isabella Swan. I replayed that kiss in my head. “Why would I joke about this? I want you to marry me. I sat up suddenly. squealing. I want everyone to see that I plan on being with you for the rest of our lives and that we’re not just going to go our separate ways after high school.” He reached into his pocket and pulled out a little jewelry box.” I whispered playfully as I pulled him back in for another kiss. “Bella. I want to be able to hold you in my arms without feeling like I’m going behind our parents’ backs and I want to be here when you wake up. “This isn’t just for sex. instead of just remembering what it felt like. I hugged him tight and kissed his lips passionately. Edward. “I won’t ever leave you. We were laying in my bed. over and over. I said a quick prayer. Edward had snuck out of his house like he did a lot and climbed through my window. but they had left my ring.” “I’m eighteen.” I said dumbly. marry me. is it?” “Bella. my child. until I couldn’t focus on it anymore. We can legally get married. and my husband.

Then. And because the drugs and the uberly bright room were messing with my sleep. I started thinking about all the times my heart had broken. and others it felt like I had been asleep for a days when it really could have been a second. It felt like I had been in here for a month at least. that was what they wanted me to think. the only dreams I had were awful nightmares. No. Turned out. I tried to stay awake as long as I could but that led to thinking. The next guy. my baby that was probably being drugged to death right at this moment. I tried to sleep as much as I could but that just left me more disoriented than before. I would also have sun which would have told me how many days had gone by. I couldn’t sleep because that led to nightmares and disorientations. I didn’t want to lose even more time than I already was in this room. It took me a while to remember I was pregnant. They wanted me to go down that road because if I started to doubt that it was bad. If I had been in here a month. dreamed of what it would be like it would be like when Edward and I were finally reunited. it didn’t seem long enough. I had neither a clock nor a bed. It was a lose-lose situation no matter what. it was already tied so tight around me. he had only loved me for my body and started to pressure me to sleep with him after just a couple months. I would have been bigger. and solved the world’s insoluble problems. Of course. right? The straight jacket would be strained. the one who had been my first real love. Sometimes it felt like five minutes but for all I knew I could have been asleep for half a day. sang the lyrics of every song I knew in my head. The first boy. I was used to being able to wake up and look at the clock beside the bed. How long had I been in here? I missed the world of watches and clocks. the fact that everyone thought I was crazy and that I was now trapped in a padded room and the only way out was to actually go crazy. Perhaps I had been. I had already gone through my life a few times. if I had a sundial. they would have finally gotten to me. and wondered if it would really be that bad to be changed into a vampire. the one who said he was in love with but who I didn’t like at first until he convinced me to give him a chance. I couldn’t tell how long I had slept each time. and after he had stolen my lip virginity (something that was a huge deal to me when I was that age). he dumped me when he started to like my best friend. Eventually the only things I could think of were the bad things. The vampires. Just as I started to really love him. I’d gone over every fact I’d ever learned in school. how could I run out of things to think of so quickly? If I didn’t have anything to think of. . If I was really going to be stuck in here for years. I couldn’t stay awake because then I was left with nothing to do but think.Immortal: Chapter 18 by ~bellacullen124 Chapter 18 It wasn’t long until I ran out of things to think about. I was going to go insane very quickly. Right? Maybe that would be my way to figure out how long I had been in here. I would have even taken a sundial if it meant I would know the time. At least. Now.

One day, while we were making out in the back of his car, he tried to force me to go to far and would have if I hadn’t been able to get out of the car. Afterwards, he tried to act like nothing had happened but he was already dead to me. It amazed me that someone who claimed to love would try and force me to do something I didn’t want to do. Then there was the third guy, the guy who said I was his everything and that he wanted to spend forever with me, the guy that I thought I felt the same way about. I had caught him cheating on me with the school slut. It was then that I stopped believing in love until I met Edward, Edward who had broken my heart by dying. My life consisted of nothing but failed love and broken hearts. Three guys who had broken my heart in spite of saying they loved me and promising they’d never hurt me, and one guy who did everything in his power to not hurt me but done it on accident anyway. Because, even if Edward was still alive in some way, he was still soulless. I guess I still didn’t exactly know what that meant – I didn’t know anything about the kind of vampires we were dealing with period – but Edward couldn’t be the Edward I knew. He was probably now a blood-obsessed, evil monster of the darkness. There were so many different versions of vampires. Fiction was typically based on fact but there were so many different vampires in fiction. From sexy heroes who tried to abstain from being a monster to evil villains who had obviously lost all connection with the human they had once been. From demure, old fashioned vampires that fell in love with humans to seductive, red-eyed beasts who liked to play with their food before they ate it. From vampires that could drink what the rant and not kill to the world’s best predator who killed for the fun of it. I thought about that for a while but it was kind of a scary thought. What would I be like when they changed me? That almost made me cry. I had already given up. I wasn’t thinking in ifs anymore, but in whens. When they changed me, when I was vampire. I had given up on defying them, I had given up on my humanity. This padded room and this straight jacket reminded me of Dante’s Inferno that I read Junior year. Satan was trapped in a lake of frozen ice, his freewill basically taken away from him. In my opinion, the loss of freewill would be the worst punishment ever, one more painful than flame and burning brimstone. They were taking my choice of humanity, but at least I would be able to move, to talk, to live without being drugged up. I would be able to do something other than think about all my mistakes, all my broken hearts, everything that had ever gone wrong in my life. All that was left was letting them know they had broken me, let them know I would give into them willing just so that I could get out this hell. An eternity as a soulless monster was better then being stuck here. I give up! I tried to scream out to them, let them know that I’d been in here long enough. My mouth wouldn’t open, and even if it could, it was too dry to form the words. I give up! I’m done! Take my soul, take my life, but just let me out of here! I tried and tried to call out. Occasionally, a couple squeaks came out.

“I. Give. Up.” I whispered nearly mutely, my throat screaming in protest. The ground shook beneath me, an ominous sign in my opinion. There were shouts from the hall, loud shouts that made my eardrums feel like bursting. It was the first thing I had heard in god knows who long except for a roaring silence. It hurt to hear. I peeled my crusted eyes open in time to see the door burst open, swinging on its hinges hard until it cracked off of the doorframe, landing with a thump on the white ground. A dark figure stood in the door way, looking around the room for a moment. He stepped forward into the light and that was when my brain stopped function. It was the man I hadn’t seen alive in nearly two months, the man I had loved.

Immortal: Chapter 19
by ~bellacullen124

Chapter 19 Everything was on fire, every single fiber in my body screaming in protest. The cold arms around me jostled me around and a moan of pain escaped my lips. How long had it been since I had moved? Years, probably. Centuries, most likely. My whole body tingled with pins and needles and every inch of me throbbed against the body that I was pressed against. I groaned. All my memories were a blurry fuzz hidden behind a screen of white noise in my mind. There was a white room and red eyes and a little screaming baby. I remembered a needle being shoved into the skin of my neck and the arms of the man I loved holding me tight but that was all that I could seem to remember of my life. I couldn’t make any sense of it. What had happened to me? Why was everything so fuzzy? The thumping of feet against stairs sounded in my ears, the slight noise threatening to burst my eardrums. My temples pounded in pain with a roaring headache and I opened my mouth to say something, but nothing came out. Not even a squeak. A door clicked open and the arms holding me pulled me in tighter, squeezing me against someone’s chest. I felt myself being set down on what seemed like a couch and light suddenly threatened to flood my eyes. I squeezed my eyelids shut tighter and opened my mouth again to talk. This time, I managed to get some noise out but it was a ruff cough that set my dry throat on fire. “Oh, Bella,” a soft voice said from the next room. A familiar voice but I couldn’t place it. My memories were still blocked. A cold glass was placed against my lips. I parted them slightly as someone poured cool liquid down my tongue. That’s when it all came back to me. Vampires! I sat up and spit the liquid out as quick as I could. What if it was blood? Had they managed to change me? Was that why I was in so much pain? Changing species had to be uncomfortable. Was I even human anymore? Did I still have a soul? “God dammit, Bella,” the familiar voice said again. Edward. It was my Edward, a voice I never thought I’d hear again. I opened my eyes to find myself staring into the most beautiful face ever. He was dripping with water and a drop clung to the tip of his nose precariously. His eyes were red and angry and his skin was pale and nearly translucent but I could tell he was still my Edward and not some bloodsucking monster. His bronze hair was a mess, sticking up at odd angles, and his clothes were dirty and second-hand looking but this was still Edward. Then, I looked myself over. I was in one of those hideously awkward hospital gowns, the

The inside of my arm was black and blue and covered with various needle pricks. I really did need a shower. making me look like a total stoner. His arms were like ice around me.” I nodded and Edward gently pulled me onto his lap. “No. “I’ve missed you. my voice cracking. What was with the sudden change of topic? Shouldn’t he be ecstatic or nervous or even have some kind of reaction to the fact that I was carrying his child? Was there something wrong? I didn’t press. his voice borderline distraught. It was the way Edward’s kisses always made me feel. love? You must be dying for one. “I’ve missed you. Every muscle I had screamed in protest every time I moved. tears pricking at my eyes.” I gasped hoarsely. “I’m not – am I – I mean. This time. When he came back.” I blinked at him. Anything to wash off the memories of the stark white room and a tight straight jacket and a fuzzy haze.” Edward sighed. too. My wrists were chaffed from the straightjacket and everything was still in a haze from the drugs that hadn’t completely worn off. Bella. Other than that and the fact that I seemed to be holocaust-ly skinny. I drank greedily and emptied the cup in seconds.” “I am. I’ll answer any questions you have afterwards. It was cold in Edward’s arms now. you’re still human. in a way. “Where are we?” I asked. tucking my head underneath his chin and wrapping his arms around me. the way a kiss was supposed to feel. and then passed me the glass of water again. I can’t be – am I?” Edward’s eyes faded to black and he looked at me sadly. “Oh. I had always been that sickly pale. “I won’t let them take that away from me.” I said.” Edward whispered. .” I whispered some time later. I’d save that for later because he was right. right? If I looked in the mirror. but I’m still the same person I was. I was still in too much pain to really kiss him back but I could feel every inch on me light on fire. “I thought you were dead. He didn’t seem shocked. he cut me off with a kiss. He looked more terrified. would my eyes be red? “Edward. though.” Edward said. I was about to ask the question again but when I opened my lips to talk. “Why don’t you go take shower. We sat like that for a while. burning with need. Bella. “I’m pregnant. love. I could feel Edward stiffen underneath me. I pulled away from him and looked up into his eyes. nothing about me seemed different. I won’t do anything that could cause me to lose you. I gave it back to Edward and he left to refill it again. But a cold Edward was better than having no Edward at all. They were red again. long and hard like he was trying to read my mind. They were tight and burning from not being used for God knew how long. Edward stared at me for a moment.ones that gape open in the back so that you can show off your derriere proudly. love.” I sighed in relief and slumped back against the couch.

No more than seven days. I had thought I could last longer in there but I had only last one god damn week! I wasn’t as strong as I thought I was. “No more than seven days. Edward’s hand caught me by the elbow and helped steady me.” Edward said. I looked in the mirror. my legs creaking under me. I wasn’t anywhere close to as strong as I thought I was. I unlocked the bathroom door and stuck my head of the steamy room. I hoped the drugs didn’t do anything to her. I had only lasted a week! I was towel drying my hair when I realized I didn’t have any clothes. missing the warm green color that his eyes used to be. he probably had to buy me food. “How long was I in there?” “Only a week. For a moment I swayed. one last question balancing on the tip of my tongue.” Edward said. I was trying to get the memory of the padded room off of my skin and out of my hair but it didn’t seem to be working. not sure if it was as bad off as the rest of the room. feeling them slide down my hips.” It had only taken them a week to break me. One last question that couldn’t go unanswered any longer.” I nodded and Edward pressed his lips lightly against my forehead. his hand still keeping me steady. “Everything is just complicated right now. I needed food. was no where to be seen. . my love. “Of course. He led me to the bathroom of the small. threatening to break the skin. The room spun for a minute and then my body seemed to remember how to stand on its own and reality focused itself. I climbed into the shower. I looked up at Edward. I flicked on the lights and tried to keep my shuddering breaths calm. By the time I climbed out though. and locked myself into the dark bathroom. I pulled myself into the clothes. my knees threatening to buckle under me. But I still love you more than anything. My stomach roared again. I peered cautiously into the bathroom. My hair was matted to my head with grease and sweat and my lips were chapped. Seeing as he probably didn’t need to eat anymore. My body was deathly skinny except for a flab of fatty skin along my stomach which I took as a good sign as far as the fact that I was pregnant. I had to tie a ponytail holder to the back of the shirt to make it even remotely fit. run-down motel room that we were in. Edward had laid an unfamiliar pair of jeans and a black shirt out for me on the bed. I bit my lip hard. I patted my stomach. He. my skin was red and raw from scrubbing it with the little bar of hotel soap. on the other hand. hoping my baby was still alive and well in there. love. Everything still clung to me. Maybe that’s where Edward was. I turned to look at Edward again. I hadn’t had solid food in a week and my stomach growled at the thought.I stood up. taking my time to leisurely soak in the steam. A week. I couldn’t wait six more months until I got to meet her. It had felt like years. It was as though my legs had forgotten how to hold up my weight. “Are you at least happy?” I whispered. I literally looked like a survivor of the Holocaust.

The world was white. blocking out any light from outside. I pulled back the drapes and my knees nearly gave out under me.I crept over to the window. It would still be July! It didn’t snow like this in July! Edward had lied to me. Heavy drapes hung over them. Bright. artificial lights that gave you a headache. covered in snow and ice. It was supposed to be July! I was put in that bloody mental house in July and I had only been there a week. That had been all there was in the padded room. I needed to see the sun. I was tired of artificial lights. .

it was never this bad and it melted quickly. That would put me at exactly nine months if my calculations had been right. bloodsucking demon and I didn’t care anymore as long as the mind games stopped. I tried to think the best of Edward at first but it became exceedingly harder. Did that mean my child was dead? What else had Edward lied about? Was he working for them? Was he working against me? What if they were using my Edward against me. They could change me into a freaking. I took my hand off the glass. I was guessing they could tell there was something weird about the occupant of that room. Still. January twelfth. I did the only thing I could think of. my fingers rattling the window my hand was pressed up against. Exactly six months after the day I found out I was pregnant. still trying to break me? Was it not enough that I had already said I was ready to give up? Did they really need more than that? Did they want to tear me up to pieces before they would stop messing with my head? If they really wanted me that much. So. and turned slowly. “You do care. The world was literally coated in snow and ice. Her eyes flashed red as I looked at her. in bold. This was not a summer snow storm. I checked. then again. Her hair was pulled up elegantly and she was in the same clothes as I was though she pulled them off in a way I never would.Immortal: Chapter 20 by ~bellacullen124 Chapter 20 It was January. That’s not what you want. January twelfth. . the clerk handed me an extra key when I asked for it and then a brochure with the Space Needle on the front. small letters at the top of the page. What I wouldn’t do for a wooden stake at the moment. “Do you really exist?” I asked. I went down to the front desk. her legs swinging off the edge of the creaking motel bed. leaving a handprint of steam. The man there gave me a strange look when I told him which room I was in.” I jumped. Maybe he had moved me to Alaska for my safety but that didn’t make much sense. supposedly-pregnant girl into Alaska so easily? Or Maybe we were still in Washington and there had just been one of those freak. Yet I was obviously not pregnant anymore. Why would Alaska make me safe? And how could he get an unconscious. And there it was. She was sitting behind me. He was already looking at me like he thought I was a kidnap victim. drugged. they had my permission to do whatever they wanted. I’m sure he’d call the police if I asked for the date. We were in a fleabag motel just a few miles down the high way South of Seattle. We did get those every once in a while but. Then I grabbed a news paper to check the date because I sure wasn’t asking the clerk. mid-summer snow storms.

“And what exactly is that?” Why wouldn’t she just tell me what had happened to my child? She pointed at the top drawer of the tiny nightstand. but there was also a glimmering. “The only way to kill a vampire.” she said with a wicked smile. That stopped my heart dead. “I suppose but that’s the thing. but you’re not me!” I wanted to charge at her. an illusion my own brain had come up with to drive me crazy. It stuck slightly and there was some very questionable waste at the bottom of the drawer. Nothing but an apparition. I live in you. her delicate features wrinkling. I’m you. long shard of what appeared to be diamonds. “You may look like me but you are sure as hell not me. “Nuh-uh. I reached for it but it seemed to burn my fingers away when I touched it. wave my arms through her and make her go up in a cloud of smoke. “Now is not the time for that.” she said suddenly.” Blood danced on her teeth and she licked it away with a flick of her tongue. I exist. I’m not a clone. “What happened to her?” I asked.She looked offended.” “You’re not me. “A diamond dagger. froze it over and filled my veins with ice. “As long as you exist. “I know what happened to your baby. but I am. looking out at the icy day. a cruel smile playing across her lips. My knees buckled slightly and I swayed precariously. It’s quick and easy. I looked at her suspiciously but went over and opened the drawer. That’s all she was.” I glared at her. My features.” “Oh. But I am here to tell you something else.” I snapped. A clone would share your DNA but it wouldn’t be you.” “Don’t you think I would know if I had a clone walking around wearing my face?” I growled. Just remember that if you need it. my voice weak. attached to an ornamented hilt. You don’t even need that much force. A chill shot through me and I turned back towards the window. Aim straight for the heart and it will cut straight through. I am you. “Redundant much?” she hissed. I’m you and someday you’ll be me. She wasn’t real. “What are you?” I asked. even if she insisted she was.” my doubleganger said.” “I don’t know what the hell you are. “I just told you.” .

could I really kill Edward? Would I want to kill Edward? None of these were questions I could answer. Besides. the only thing I wanted was my life to make sense again. Really. nothing I could decide would be what I wanted. I wanted to have my life without vampires. How could immortality not be worth it? . splattering against the dirty carpet with a splash of red. or whether I could kill him or not. I really did need to be put back into that padded room. I could have the happily ever after I had always wanted. If he was working against me. yet I wouldn’t be able to live without him. my efforts at saving the dagger falling flat as it fell to the ground. The rust and salt smell was nauseating. Or you could let him change you. I wanted to live mortally with Edward like I had always planned on and die naturally at a ripe old again. yet it would be if I could spend forever with my Edward. The cut wasn’t very deep but it lengthen my whole palm. back to the way it was only nine months ago. Immortality wouldn’t be worth in some senses. As though she didn’t even exist. a little voice said in my ear. Whether it was worth it or not. there was nothing I could do but kill him. Maybe she never had. Sadly. There was no smoke or a loud puff. Blood spilled over the ridges of the cut and dipped to the ground. My hand snapped open. She wanted me to use it to kill Edward. Also. I had given up wishing that this wasn’t real. I lifted my hand to my mouth and licked the blood off of my skin. The diamonds were fused together to form the sharpest point imaginable. this is what it was now. casting brilliant patterns on the wall It took a minute for it to click in. Edward couldn’t be allowed to live if he was a soulless monster. she disappeared. Light danced off its facets. Or maybe I was just sacred of what my answers would be. even if it did have to be drenched in blood. It sliced through my skin as easily as though I was made out of air.Then. and without blood back. I instinctively grabbed at it. clutching at the blade tighter. For it to be normal again. Would immortality and endless beauty really be all that bad? Would it be worth losing my soul? My hand trembled and the dagger slipped. The salty taste of blood stung my tongue but that wasn’t the bad part. before the pain and shock set in. holding it gently in my hands. Unless this all turned out to be some awful dream. without death. This was real and I couldn’t deny it any more. there was no going back. She was just gone like that. trying to save it before it hit the ground. I picked up the dagger. The bad part was that it actually didn’t taste too bad. Was it worth it to have to feed off the blood of others for the rest of eternity? If it wasn’t.

Immortal: Chapter 21 by ~bellacullen124 Chapter 21 I had made my decision by the time Edward got back. the guy who I had married. leaving a whole in my life that could never be fixed. there had been nothing but emotional pain. I couldn’t find a way to part with my humanity. My skin screamed in protest but it was a good pain. I could never get back to a life without pain or vampires or things that couldn’t be explained. He was still the same guy that I had fallen in love with. staring at nothing. plastic grocery bags dangling from one hand. Edward was back. My life was ruined. This was a reminder of what my life had become. This pain made sense and so I clutched my hand shut even tighter. I still had the same past with him. The door to the motel room let off a low beep that seemed to echo through the space around me as it was unlocked. but I couldn’t destroy Edward either. in essence. A big slash had been cut through my happy. I didn’t want to be the main instrument in the death of my husband. He . somehow I knew he wasn’t Edward. had taken him away from me forever. I didn’t know what to think. the guy who had risked getting grounded for life so he could be with me the night my grandpa died. had already taken away his soul. but. I was curled up in the bed. On the surface. He still wore Edward’s face. he was still there. you lose everything that you live for? I either had to give up the man I loved more than life or I had to throw away my humanity. Since then. If it weren’t for bloodsucking monsters. Ever since then. You can’t. Deep down – well. How can you be expected to choose the right thing when you were weighing love against your soul? That’s the thing. I closed my eyes and took in a deep shuddering breath. feeling the edges of the cut pull open more from where my skin had been sliced open. He came into the room. it was still Edward. Going through with what I had chosen was likely to kill me. Maybe the vampires had already killed him. especially if it meant I was going to become a soulless monster that fed off the lives of others. pain from all the thoughts the haunted me. Just thinking about the choice tore me apart inside. You cannot decide. little life when they had changed Edward. You’re going to be biased no matter what. my bandaged hand wrapped tight around the hilt of the dagger. It was the hardest thing ever because how can you choose when no matter what. I would never have known what a hard life really was. dirty carpet in the hall. The guy who had been the father to my child. There was still that electric shock when he touched and he had the ability to make the world melt away with a single kiss. a welcomed pain. It wasn’t an easy choice. the fault line they created had quickly been pulling apart even more. I could hear feet sinking into the dense. There was no way to go back to being that happy human girl who’s biggest worry in life was whether her husband had knocked her up or not. Deep down. It was so much better than all the pain I had suffered since Edward had “died” back in May.

” I said. It made this even harder. His hair was still tousled and bronze. “You looked me in the eyes and said I was in that room for only one goddamn week. looking as though he never brushed it but in a way that only he could pull off. He still had the same straight nose. He still had the same lips that could twist into that perfect smile. I kept my hand tight around the dagger.” I whispered. And beneath all that. “Shit is right. trying hard to make him out through my teary eyes. please. truly froze.” “A week.” Edward said. still wrote his thoughts across his forehead for everyone to read. Look me in the eyes and tell me I’ve lost my soul. You were only in there for a week. I’m not like them! I am not one of them. I couldn’t look at the desperation in his eyes as I pulled my hand out from under the blanket and balanced the tip of the dagger on his chest. making sure it was under the covers. I didn’t lie. Bella.” “That’s right. The anger would wear off and I’d loose the nerve. . “Please. He took my face gently between his hands and forced me to look at him. his face still betrayed his every emotion. “I’m not lying! Please. You said I was only in there for a week!” “Bella.” he said. He froze. You’re working against me! How you could you do this? How you could you betray me!” This was it.” “If you meant that. you would have told me the truth the moment I asked.” Edward said. I didn’t lie. “Shit. but still Edward. What if I couldn’t do this? What if I couldn’t force myself to do what had to be done? “Hello. “I swear. he looked a statue. There was a slightly different glint to his eyes. Bella. Bella.” he pleaded. Why the hell didn’t you tell me? Why the hell would you lie to me like that?!” “Bella. his eyes hard and worried. It’s frickin’ January!” “Bella. I wouldn’t be able to do it. He still looked like Edward. Then.looked at me and smiled. For a moment. Tell me I’m a monster now. Edward.” I hissed angrily. sitting up slightly in the bed. Just please let me explain. but it also wasn’t. “You’re working with them. slightly paler. If I waited any longer. the same shaped eyes that crinkled with emotion even though they were a different color. He was so gorgeous and my resolve wavered slightly. This was my chance. he was on the bed next to me. love. “You hungry?” His eyes flicked from me to the open window. Realization died in his coal-like eyes. his head falling into his hands. “You have to believe me. It was almost the look that he got when he was trying to make up a lie. please let me explain. I’ll explain everything. “You said one week. out of sight. I couldn’t make out what he was thinking.” Edward moaned.” I looked up with him.” “You’re one of them now. Really.” I cried. “I’m not! It’s still me.

” This wasn’t right. You’ve got to believe me. though. Of course he wasn’t trying to stop me physically.” “NO!” It would just take a quick shove. There was sadness. It lodged itself into the wall. I let out a sob. “I’m still me. “Bella. “I’ll always love you. The dagger was loose in my hands and my face was covered in tears. Bella. put the dagger down and I will tell you everything. He didn’t want me to kill him but he didn’t seem to be doing much to stop me. He wouldn’t stop me. I have to do this. run away. And then maybe I could escape. “No one is forcing you to let me live. I kept what little humanity I have left for you. go into hiding. I could get away from this nightmare of a life. There . I wanted to believe that he wasn’t gone. “I still love you. Instead of slicing through skin. I flung the dagger across the room. My wrist twisted forward. like I would never kiss him again. He knew how to break through my resolve with a few words of sweet nothing. I escaped them as soon as I could and I saved you as soon as it was safe. The world melted away. I flung my arms around Edward’s neck and kissed him. I mean. and I’d find away to escape this. could still be good.” My hands were shaking and I couldn’t breathe anymore. “No.” Edward said. the man that had once been the thing in front of you. “No. hiding from vampires didn’t seem like the easiest thing to do but I’d figure it out. no matter what. really nothing more than a bad dream. but no one is forcing you to kill me either.” “No one is forcing you to do this. His hands were still on my face and he brushed a tear away with his thumb. could still be the man I fell in love with and married. it’s still me. This wasn’t right! I could see what he was doing. true sadness. I looked back into Edward’s eyes. The man you had once loved more than anything. I didn’t want to lose him again. I wanted desperately to believe that there was still something of Edward left.“No. There was something in the far deeper than desperation to live. I looked at Edward again. the pain of having to kill your own husband. More than anything. ever doubt and every fear.” “But I’m not a monster either. I wanted to believe that he still had a soul.” “You’re not human anymore. It almost seemed like he would let me plunge the dagger into his heart if I really did find the will to do it.” “Bella. love.” Edward said.” My hands were now trembling violently. This would be my past. that there was still a chance I could get him back after all those months of thinking he was gone. Because they didn’t mean anything to him anymore! Of course they didn’t! They really were sweet nothing! Nothing at frickin’ all! My tear-drenched face was screwed up with pain. I kissed him like I had never kissed him before. Please.” I wanted to believe him. Nothing more. Bella.” he whispered.

I believed him. .was nothing but the two of us. For some reason.

how much I could make them suffer. A quick twist of the neck would at least end the pain. It came so quick. *** I felt cool hands on my face and opened my eyes. scared that he was evil. Still. fulfilling drink. It rushed warm and thick down my throat. drank deeper. It was fun to see them try to escape. and cut off their ability to do anything but tremble under me and wait for it to be over. I sank my teeth in deeper. I sound of pure anguish and suffering and terror. if not end their life. I sat up and stared at Edward. screaming out until I bit in harder. I had been so happy that I had been liberated from that hell hole of a room. all combined into one little mind-numbing. It was a sound I had never heard before. my victim's prey giving way under my razor sharp teeth. stop moving and just shudder from the pain – that's where the real excitement comes in. The first gush of blood is too. threatening to choke me. That was all it took for me to start sobbing. A life of living on blood and power and thirst. not just a dream. different from any other scream.Immortal: Chapter 22 by ~bellacullen124 Chapter 22 The cry pierced the air. Life and power. I moaned. not in disgust like I would have. happy to not only know that Edward was alive but also to be back with him. The vampire and the human. I had thought about what it would be like to let him make me immortal. The life of a monster. To feel them thrash and thrash until finally they give up. The tears pricked at my eyes and I could still taste the blood on my tongue. wedging it between us so we weren't really touching. stretching through octaves and attaching my soul with it's cold hatred. it was more fun this way. but I hadn't thought about what it would be like if he left me mortal. Tearing through flesh is a sensation unlike any other. the bloodsucker and the warm blooded. It's a sound few people are ever graced with hearing. but in ecstasy. try to pull away. And then there was the nasty situation of the fact that there was an evil cult of vampires out . I would have screamed if it had not been for the lump in my throat. the immortal and the mortal. Previously. It takes a special kind of monster to make anyone scream like that. I hadn't really taken a second to sit back and look at how weird our relationship was going to be from now on. but this was different than it used to be. Edward quickly wrapped me in his arms. something that used to be a routine motion for us whenever PMS got the better of me and I would randomly burst out. His eyes were so soft and worried and it took me a second to realize that he was now damned to a life like that. And feeling the hope drain out of them was almost more delicious than their lives. and then finally happy again to learn that he wasn't. It was a new kind of exciting to see the power I had. Blood was like a drug. I could make it easier on them. My prey struggled under me. His arms were too cold and he realized this quickly as well because he tucked a sheet around me tightly.

At least undead. not yours. new baby in our arms. But you do owe me a lot of explanations. It's painful because it's quick. We shouldn't even have to use the word vampire in serious conversation. The vampire bites their victim and then gives them some of their own blood. I woke up a few hours with you standing over me. Instead. Right now. That's a choice. even though I believed him." "It's not going to be pretty. his lips moving against my forehead. There was no choice there." Edward said." I mumbled." I told him. It was nearly surreal. Maybe this was weird and different. a hard edge that made me want to cry even harder. I'm just so sorry. I had a lot of vampire venom in my system and was quickly killed after get me. . The world had fixed this issue at least. it just froze me for three days while I was changed. wiping the tears away. Edward?" I sobbed. This process has to be repeated about once a week for a month until the change is complete. that I do. "I just want to know what the rest of my life is going to look like. "What are we now. There's no way to fix it now. was the way I was changed. "What are going to do?" "What are we?" he asked. Bella." "Yes. we should be sitting at home with a little. and I still really didn't know what I was up against except for the obvious soulless. You must remember that. but the pain was too unbearable for me to really slip away into a coma. That can always be changed. I am what they have turned me into." I whispered. bloodsucking facts that I knew. He tucked my head under his chin and held to him even tighter. "In fact. it never really was. I didn't know what had happened to my daughter. I just never knew about it. The second way doesn't hurt much but takes longer." "I'm sorry I can't fix this." There was a strange bitterness to his voice." "Like Alice. Basically. We shouldn't be in a rundown motel hiding from vampires." I promised. "You have no clue how much I wish everything could go back to normal. "This is supposed to be my punishment. This one is gradual. Edward. he obviously didn't think I was going to stay around long." Edward said. Even though I hadn't killed him. My heart stopped beating. "What's wrong. to the point where the people around you don't notice until it's too late. I just had to keep telling myself that I'd rather have him undead than dead. Bella. my love?" Edward cooed into my hair. "I won't leave you. They quickly put me into a drug induced coma. "I've managed to figure out that there are two typical ways to create a vampire." "It's my fault. but I was still in Edward's arms again. "Don't you mean what am I? That's the real issue here. I got to keep him." "It hasn't been pretty for a long time. First. You just set up the illusion that all was well but I've had this knife hanging over my head my whole life. It's the traditional shared blood legend. We are whatever you decide to allow us to be after you know all the facts.

 "And why didn't you?" I asked hoarsely. His skin was pale with streaks of blood dripping down his chin. like Alice. "I'm not really away from them. that we're stronger than them." "What do you eat then?" "I still need blood. They still think I'm working for them. a superior race. . if you will. Now that's a new twist to the vampire books. Vampires are nothing like in those books. They want to rule the world. his voice grinding against my nerves. just taking a break. They think I'm out slitting as many throats as I can. We're supposed to be in charge. We want the world to know that we're here. Dust and the smell of death filled the room. I screamed against my will and clutched to Edward tightly as a dark. draining blood from screaming humans. Alice was mad at you and it became even worse when she was changed. She succumbed. all of that's intensified. He smiled at me. and grief that she did nothing to fight it." "And what about the people after me? How'd you get away from them? What do they want?" "I think you already know what they want. our vampirific Romeo and Juliet. "How was I only in that room for a week?" I put my hands on my flat stomach and whispered. "Because the only thing I could feel was love. hatred. When you change. "What happened to our baby?" Edward opened his mouth to answer but there was a loud bang before he could answer. And she was so overcome with anger. The door to our room exploded." I quickly changed tracks before he could go on with the horror fest. cutting him off indefinitely."Yes. I may not be as strong as I could be because of it but I prefer it this way. slivers and chunks of wood flying across the room. sending fear into the pit of my stomach. They would have killed me the second they smelled rebellion. We don't want to stay hidden. Those are the things that take away your soul. rip it away. I take some human blood from a blood bank. every emotion and every thought and memory. A bloody leave of absence. not hiding in the shadows like the stories want us to. They wouldn't have let me go. if you will. Whenever I get too weak. blood I could easily assume wasn't his own. Instead. His eyes shone a bloody red from beneath his heavy lids." His words were the only thing I could hear as my world went black. if that's what you mean. I can't say I still have my soul but I can stay I still retained most of my humanity because of you. "Bella and Edward. but we're different. You're love story has come to end." he said. terrifying figure entered the room. Even you didn't notice what she was becoming until it was too late. "The trouble makers. I've had to outsmart them. nearly scared of the answer. I can survive off animal's blood. We have fangs and drink blood and are super strong.

"Oh. Bella. Lovely Bella.Immortal: Chapter 23 by ~bellacullen124 Chapter 23 "Bella. My first instinct was to struggle and I did for a minute. They want you awake."
 I opened my eyes a crack and was instantly blinded by a bright light. wasn't there a question? I didn't even know what part of that I . Every part of me was sore and my temples throbbed in rhythm with the shrill. She was deathly pale with sunken cheekbones and bags under her eyes. lovely Bella. If they were planning on killing me. gorgeous Bella. Wake up. It wanted me to wake up and open my eyes. The dull black of her eyes chilled me more than her hands on my face. Wake up. sleeping Bella. darling Bella. this girl was broken and pitiful-looking. This wasn't the feral. my wrists tugging at their Velcro restraints. I didn't want to wake up. She wasn't beautiful anymore nor confident nor anything like the Alice I knew. I felt a cool hand on my forehead and the face of a dead girl blocked out the light. darling. gorgeous Bella. Bella. I squeezed my eyelids together tight before opening my eyes slower. Wake up. Her singing was pretty but it wasn't doing anything for my headache. Bella. lovely Bella. Instead. willing the voice to go away. Bella. Bella this." I moaned." "Alice?" I croaked hoarsely as she cried. her voice almost as scratchy as mine. I tried to sit up but I couldn't get more than a few inches off the uncomfortable mattress I was strapped to. loved Bella. "Alice? What happened?" 
What happened? Now." "Oh. darling Bella. throat-biting vampire who had stabbed me in the neck and threatened to suck my blood. Her lips were pale and chalky and her fingers were freezing against my skin." The singing hurt my head. sweet Bella. Bella. "Pretty Bella." Alice cried. smile a little. I didn't want to wake up and find out what had become of Edward and what my fate would be. darling. pretty voice. if it was really time to meet my death. dead Bella. dear Bella. open those gorgeous eyes. Pretty Bella. time to meet your death. This time. Wake up. Bella that. This wasn't the Alice I had encountered the last time I had seen her. wake up. peaceful Bella. "Alice. Wake up. lovely Bella. I remembered it all. it wasn't taking me even a moment to remember anything. Bella. why wouldn't they just kill me? Couldn't they let me sleep instead of waking me up before they drained my veins and took my soul? Couldn't I sleep some more and pretend that my life was somewhat peaceful? "Open your eyes. Bella. I was starting to think you'd never wake up. her eyes bloodshot and tired. I couldn't see anything but white light shining in my eyes. my god.

"You're schizophrenic. sobbing still. bring out my baby and lay her in my arms. I mean. A blood covered look-a-like would come into the room too carrying a huge camera. "Oh. to cry. they should check for themselves. Sadly. No." Alice said. You know that.wanted answered. I'm not schizophrenic. When things got even worse. Please. I could be asking what had happened after I was re-kidnapped by vampires. I wanted it to be a lie. Her words rang in my ears and I groaned. They diagnosed you with the paranoid type of schizophrenia. You had some funky pregnancy hormone thing going on and it. Bella. let me go get Carlisle. messed with your body and you went into this coma and…and…" "And what. her voice gushing out in a frantic stream."
 "They ran all the tests and brain scans and everything after you fell into a coma. just tell me what happened. It's all their faults. Carlisle will tell you better. I mean. Maybe Alice would throw on a smile." Alice whispered. I knew it but I needed to hear it out loud." Alice said. my voice was so low. the sound catching in my sore throat. "And I'm schizophrenic." I slumped against the mattress. they really did. I could have been asking what had happened to my baby." fddsa"God dammit." I said. "No. "You're baby is dead. unable to believe it. Bella. I want to hear from you. "Bella." Alice said." "Alice. they wouldn't listen to you about the baby and then they wouldn't listen to Esme either and by the time they thought that maybe. apologize for making me think he was dead. I don't want to hear any frickin' ." I whispered. My baby was dead. Everyone would laugh at how angry I would look and eventually I would laugh and get over it. start laughing about how she had me so convinced. my life was real and it couldn't be wished away. I could be asking what happened to her and the rest of the Cullen clan. I almost wished that my life would choose this moment to become a sitcom or one of those hidden camera reality shows. "She died." "Schizophrenic. not a hard feat seeing as I was already strapped tightly too it. Of course. it was too late. Bella. My baby was dead. "Six months?" I whispered. Bella. I wanted to sob. Maybe its horror streak was over. Maybe Edward would walk out of the closet and kiss my forehead. I'm not – I can't be – it's not true. How much was real?" "Perhaps I should have Carlisle come in and tell you. You know he will. "I'm no doctor. Alice?" I could barely hear myself speaking. mixed with the drugs they were pumping in you. I had thought I was schizophrenic at first but then I'd been convinced otherwise. My heart was rushing. Alice. "Oh. just maybe. Bella. you've been out for six months." "Coma?" "Yes.

So many awful. She – she couldn't bear to lose a-another child and so she k-killed herself. And they just kept drugging you. She did it right after you went into a coma and the doctors said you may never wake up. You've been out for six months. She's dead. though. Hadn't her eyes been blue before."
 "What do you mean? How can it just be the two of you?" "Oh. She was just hanging there. My ears were ringing and my vision kept going in and out of focus. Bella. I didn't want to hear any more. tears shining in her dark eyes. first. They all thought it was either your imagination or something you had made up to keep yourself out of the loony bin. What else had happened? How could one family be forced to suffer through so much? "And. Every bit of me felt disconnected from my body." There was a lump in my throat and I could feel my body trying to get the tears out but I was still too tired. you had hallucinations.logistics from him. "Oh. My thoughts were jumbled and I was trying to grab everything and put it together but the pieces of my memories didn't match with her stories. "Where is everyone? Can I see them? Do they know I'm awake?" When I asked that. For some pretty blond girl at his college. Jasper – he broke up with me. And…and…" Alice trailed off for a few moments. Bella. How could Esme be dead? It was just impossible. You were going crazy. We all thought you were possessed. not knowing what to do about you. How much was real?" "If you mean Edward. First Edward and now my mother-in-law. I want to hear what happened from you. then. Afterwards. So much has happened. it was just…it was too late. And you kept on screaming that you were pregnant but no one believed you. It's just me and Carlisle now. Bella. Bella. Esme – she hung herself." "And my baby?" I asked. He did it . as though she owed it to me. awful things.. It kind of snowballed and eventually someone decided that you had to be removed and institutionalized for the safety of everyone around you. 
"Well. and they told someone higher up. If this was what waking up from a coma and learning your schizophrenic was like. And by the time they bothered to check to see if there was any truth to what you were saying. Could so much grief cause your eyes to change colors? She eventually started speaking again. they drugged you so much. God. staring off into space as she tried to keep herself from crying. "You've got to understand that they didn't mean to hurt you. I never wanted to do it again. Carlisle about killed the doctor who had been administrating your drugs and he was in the process of suing for malpractice when you went into your coma. I – I found her. black and cold. ripping through her words. first – well." Alice said and I could hear the tears in her throat starting form. Bella. "That was real. You were always muttering about vampires and we had no clue what to do for you. Bella." Alice told me after a moment of silence. almost like two pieces of coal in the middle of her face. And Carlisle told some of his friends. Alice's dark eyes filled with more tears that overflowed. I wondered to myself? They were black now. Oh. he's really dead.

And Charlie – oh. Edward. They both died instantly. I was the one that had become schizophrenic and fallen into a coma." Alice said. she hurried out of the room as though she couldn't get away from me faster. I was the one that had started this. I was the one that had run out into the woods. We'll be right back. ." Or maybe it was just me. sorry about the waterworks. costing their lives? It was my fault and there was no way around that. You have no clue how happy I am. They were all gone. raising my bed to a sitting position so that I could actually see. Jasper had dumped Alice because she refused to go to college because I was in a coma and had caused the death of her mother and brother. I just stared ahead. your dead got shot on the job. It was a voice that sounded very oddly like mine and was connected to a face that looked exactly like mine as well. alone. Charlie." She gave me a hug." a voice said from the end my bed. forcing Edward to come after me and die. and that had caused Charlie to get shot and Emmett to wreck the car. She was back. making Esme go over the edge and off herself. She knew that everything that fault. "I can't believe you actually bought all that crap she just told you.right after I told him that I wouldn't be joining him in Seattle for school this year because of everything. I wanted to cry but the tears wouldn't come. I'm going to go get Carlisle now. Could it be that they were worrying for me. Then. I was the one who had seen nothing more than a mirage writing on the wall in blood and had freaked. the night that Edward was killed. Rosalie and Emmett got into a car crash. Emmett. It's as though we're cursed. my baby. distracting them. I really am happy you're awake. pressing her cold body up against. The last few months have just been so hard. okay? And. I could tell that she knew. Rosalie. He died as well. "I'm not allowed to undo the restraints but Carlisle probably will be able to when he comes in here. Bella. Then. And I was sure I had something to do with Charlie and Emmett and Rosalie's deaths. I'm starting to think we are. Esme. "Listen. Bella.

is that it? I'm a hallucination. I'll be in control." I muttered. I'm very much you and you're very much me. "Don't be that way. I've always been with you. "I'm hurt. been there by your side." I hissed through my teeth. I just had to ignore for a little longer. The springs to the bed creaked and I could feel her breath on my face as she moved closer towards me. that's just too much for my little heart to bear." My eyes shot open and I found myself staring into two very bright. . Am I right?" 
"You. I thought it would take a lot more than that to convince you. I could still feel what should have been bruises on my lips from my supposed make-out session with my dead husband." "Am I not?" she asked me. I was schizophrenic and none of this was real. It took me to remember that I hadn't really seen myself since July since the whole expedition in the hotel room with Edward never actually happened but I still assumed that having been in a coma for over six months. This is not happening!" "Well. "What if I don't want to?" "GO AWAY!" "You think you can control me because I'm not real. whispering in your ear." 
"Go away. he'd give me some meds and I'd no longer have to deal with these visions and hallucinations." I shut my eyes closed tight. showing off her gleaming fangs. It made my head pound even harder. trying to ignore her. Bella. She wasn't real." she said. And in just a few hours. I'm real. She was smiling. Oh. red irises full of bloodlust. Are. being schizophrenic was confusing. Real. It's one thing for everyone else to say I'm not real. This would all go away if I just pretended she wasn't there for a little longer. "Come on. Then again. I probably still looked like a holocaust survivor. I can't believe you bought into that schizophrenic crap so easily. breathing her hot breath into my face. Once Carlisle was in here. I looked pretty much like how my brain had imagined me to look. She wasn't real. She was amused. so was everything else I had hallucinated. Not flesh and blood like you are. but it sounded so different. as though I was hearing a recording of my voice.Immortal: Chapter 24 by ~bellacullen124 Chapter 24 "You're not real. In a way. god. Not. maybe I don't exist outside of you but that doesn't make me 'unreal. but part of you. "You're not real. her voice was mine.' I'm very much real. I'm part of you. made up by the subconscious part of your brain. and you can make me go away because I don't exist outside of your thoughts. She was so gorgeous that it hurt to look at her. but for the person whose life I share to say it – well. She was quite real for a hallucination.

I was schizophrenic! I mean. "It's all your fault. Which I was. see. "Well. "Being the vampire subconscious that everyone has hidden in them. What else is there to tell you? Oh. "Pardon me?" she asked. "What was that?" "You heard me. the whole schizophrenic thing was just another way to torture you for all the difficulty you've been. that's easier said than done when you're strapped down to a hospital bed like a crazy person. she knew she was getting to me. I could feel it like a fist in my gut. torturing you as well with all the visions and dreams and whatnot." She scoffed that last phrase. more or less. "See." she said. there was also this nagging feeling in my stomach that if this was. you're husband and kid are still alive though Edward probably doesn't have much longer after all the trouble he's been. but I couldn't help it. Bullshit." 
"Bullshit. Not just the strapped part but the crazy as well. you're not really schizophrenic. what else would you expect from you the soulless vampire in you? "So. Same with Emmett and Rosalie. My baby. Charlie didn't have to die. Besides." she told me."What – what do you mean?" I asked. if I pretend to really wuv him that much. yeah. smiling snidely. Even though she said that basically everyone I cared about and loved were dead almost at my hands. a laugh bubbling up in my throat. "That's right. If you had just been cooperative in the first place." The tears were filling my eyes and." That's when it sunk in. her smile growing wider. I didn't want to talk to her – a conversation with my imagination was totally useless – yet I wanted to know what my brain had cooked up." she said. by any stretch of possibility. real. The vampies killed her when she wouldn't join them willingly. they wouldn't have killed everyone you care about. The . determined to ignore but she prattled one. I get to take over when you're changed and lose your soul. hallucination or not. I'll admit I haven't been much help with that. how much more ridiculous could this get? Vampire subconscious? Um…no way! This was fake! "Believe what you want but it's true." she said. I had to know what she was talking about. "Esme didn't really commit suicide. they're planning on changing." I repeated. my darling Mina. There's no way to stop it. Of course. No had to die. It's just been too much fun to see you squirm even more. "Now. "In a few hours it won't matter anyway. They just killed him as a sport. I might be able to save him though. was still alive! I had to get out of here and find her. I reckon. It was kind of uncomfortable to laugh seeing as how I was still tied down to the gurney and my throat was still dry but I couldn't help it. feigning surprise." I growled. And." I shut my eyes again. my baby was still alive! Would a mirage that I made up lie to me? I was sure she was telling the truth.

It's better than sex. I had a feeling that if I struggled just right. whatever the hell she was. My head was pounding more than before. Buckets and buckets of blood. A pitiful week. she was quite oblivious to my thoughts. my legs buckling under me. My "vampire subconscious" started to scream a blood curdling scream as if it would help. And the blood. just maybe I'd be able to get free. live forever. the pain splitting it straight down the middle as though I had a concussion – which was very possible with how hard I'd just banged my head. "They kept you in a drug induced coma for six months – drugs that were safe for the baby. And you'd have the blood you want.Velcro restraints crinkled loudly every time I shifted my wrist. If I was schizo. . of course – until you went into labor. Oh. The bed flipped over. I knew it wouldn't do anything." The restraints were getting loser. My hallucination. Still. I was free! Sadly. we found you quick enough. vampire subconscious." she said. When I came to. You only lasted a week. Why don't you want this? You'd get to be beautiful. I could hear the Velcro cuffs snapping apart and back together. each time giving me a little more wiggle room. Still. standing up from the bed and admiring herself in the reflection of a window. Had he not. You were just lucky that your darling Eddie choose that moment to save you. I tugged my wrist out of it. Metal rods clattered against the ground loudly and I blacked out for a few seconds. Edward wasn't as sneaky as he thought he was. My head bounced against the linoleum tiles. You were squealing like a pig before you even had a real reason. You could really even choose to stay with Edward for all of eternity. If she was real like she claimed to be. she had even admitted that she didn't exist to anyone but me. He's a rather dull creature. I just wanted to close my eyes and sleep forever but I forced myself to undo the restraints I was hanging awkwardly from. My hands felt nearly skeletal. her screaming made my headache worse and I wanted her to shut up. though I don't know why you would want that. "Once they'd delivered your baby. the vampires who were so keen to have me on their side weren't concerned enough about my safety to strap me onto a more stable gurney. "I really don't. continued to prattle on as I wriggled my wrists. we're supposed to be the same person but we're not." I blanched at her words but kept working the Velcro until it was finally lose enough. "I don't get you. Besides. my wrists were definitely a whole heck of a lot skinnier than they were the last time I had seen them. the scream wasn't exactly real. you would be – well. they took you out of that coma and into that room. My legs and left arm were still strapped down my joints snapped and twisted painfully as my body tried unsuccessfully to roll away from the bed. Obviously. pulling me with it. I'd always had somewhat of a pathological fear of the rough side of Velcro. I mean." she told. my movement had pushed the bed off balance. Her fangs were out and her eyes were so red that they looked as though they'd been soaked in blood. Though she was part of me and had supposedly lived in my brain for years and years. She still didn't notice. The rough side scratched painfully against my skin. you'd be me by this point. I stood up. Of course. I would be able to get free. I hear. Maybe. You broke faster than they could have hoped for. She didn't seem to notice what I was doing. the blood. she was furious. Bella.

My legs nearly dropped out from under me as I took the few steps towards her. The room swam and my brain threatened to shut down. I managed to make myself move. When I stood in front of her, she stopped screaming. Her eyes were exactly level with mine, her and I being the same height and all. She wasn't expecting it. She was shocked when I hauled back and slugged her with all I had. And let's just say I didn't have a lot. Still, cartilage crunched under my fist, probably hurting my hand as much as it hurt her nose. Hallucination or not, she was very real to me. Her eyes glowed brighter as blood streamed into her mouth. "You bitch!" she screeched. "I thought you loved blood," I scoffed. And then I was running. Running sloppily albeit on my unused, aching limbs but still running. She followed me, treading on my heels, continuing to scream blood murder. My feet were unsteady and I was waddling like a penguin more than running. To make things worse, I was dressed in one of those flattering hospital gowns. Thankfully, the only person behind me was a figment of my imagination so it didn't really matter that my whole backside was uncovered for the world to see. Beautiful, right? Still, running was even more awkward in the flimsy cloth. The cold draft in the halls made my flimsy limbs even more fatigued and I was sluggishly moving around corners, my escape attempt falling quite flat. Hadn't I just been asleep for six months? Shouldn't I have had more energy? "What are you planning on doing, Bella?" she whispered in my ear, practically gliding with little difficulty behind me. "You're weak. You can't get away. Even if you could, what's the plan? They'll just find you again and make your life even worse. Is that what you want? There's no place to hide, nowhere you can go." I stopped, sinking down to the ground as my shaking limbs gave out. She was right. There was nowhere to go, nowhere they wouldn't find me. They had already made my life a living hell. Could I take more of that? Was there anything left for them to take? I think I knew it was coming to this from the first bloody dream I had. And I finally made the only decision there was left. They would never kill me so I was going to have to finish it for them.

Immortal: Chapter 25
by ~bellacullen124

Chapter 25 She realized it right away. I guess I was wrong about her not being able to read my mind. She knew what I was thinking. Or maybe she couldn't read my mind. Maybe she just knew from the way the fevered, desperate light died from my eyes and my whole body deflated as I resigned to choose death over a fate that was worse. Either way, she knew and it kind of pissed her off. "No! No! NO!" she screeched, her voice reverberating off the walls and thrumming inside my body like the bass at a concert. "I won't let you! You can't! I won't allow you to destroy us both!" Trust me when I say I wasn't too ecstatic about dying either but I really didn't have another choice. Besides, it was kind of a plus knowing that I would kill her in the process as well. "What are you going to do about it?" I snapped. "You've driven me crazy for the last year. Not only did I have to deal with crazy vampires who wanted nothing more than my blood, but you convinced me I was schizo. I'll happily die if it means getting rid of you." "No, this isn't fair!" she screamed. "You can't do this!" "Life's not fair," I told her, feeling my decision grow inside me and I knew I had chosen the right thing. If they changed me into a vampire, that would mean that my body was hers to control. I was sure she'd terrorize the world and make things even less fair for everyone else. "And karma's a bitch." I was running again, my feet finding their pace quickly. My whole body was exuberant at the thought that all this would soon be over. I wouldn't have to worry about vampires or undead husbands or schizophrenia anymore. It would just be over. What happened after life, I wasn't sure. I didn't care. I'd been living through hell for the past year. Nothing could be worse. And I was sure it would just be over. Just like that. Nothing else. Just over. Then she grabbed my arm and jerked me to a stop. I spun to find her glowering at me, her face ruddy with anger and the blood flooding her eyes. She no longer looked beautiful, only evil. "Look," she hissed. When I refused to turn my head, she grabbed it for me and forced me to look to the left like she had told me. "Look right there! That's your baby. That's your baby right there! Do you really want to be one of those mothers that leaves their baby?" I kept my eyes shut, refusing to look at her just yet. I couldn't handle it right then. All the relief was gone as I realized I had a kid, a kid that I was going to be abandoning by killing myself. "You don't care about her," I said, spitting the words from between my clenched teeth. "You

only want a chance to live, which you won't be able to do if I'm dead." "And you won't die because you'd rather your child have some parent – even me – than no parent at all." "Let go of me," I hissed, keeping my eyes shut tight. "Let go of me!" She started to say something else but her words were drowned out by the roaring alarms that started to scream as my words ended. Her grip on my arm disappeared and when I opened my eyes, she was gone. Instead, I found myself staring at the most beautiful baby I'd ever seen. Her tuffs of bronze hair were standing on end and her bright green eyes blinked at me. This was my baby, my child. My resolve almost broke as I thought about what she would do without a mother, how she would grow up if she never knew me. But the decision had already been made and I'd always been way too stubborn to go back on a decision. I flew out the door to my right. A wall of sleet hit my face, drenching me to the bone. My feet slipped through mud as ran, the sound of sirens fading behind me. I made it to the shelter of the trees and stopped. I hugged my arms to myself and shivered. I might as well have been naked for all the help my hospital gown was giving me. My teeth chattered loudly. For the moment, though, I was home free. I could still slightly hear the alarms blaring but no one was coming after me with their fangs out. For now, I could breathe and figure out how I was going to…off myself. I really had no clue how one even went about killing themselves. Even back when I had been depressed and lonely and emo, I had never been one to contemplate suicide. I mean, sure, I knew how the really depressed people at my high school had done it. Carbon monoxide poisoning, overdosing, hanging themselves. None of those seemed quick enough, though. I didn't want to sit in a car for an hour and wait for death. I didn't even have a car to use. Overdosing was too sketchy and easily reversed. And I didn't exactly know how to make a noose so I'd probably end up botching hanging myself as well. Then it hit me and painfully so. I knew how I was going to kill myself and it scared me. As much as I knew dying was the only way to escape fate, I wasn't looking forward to it. In fact, I was outright, pee-my-pants terrified. There had been this one girl last year who had disappeared for a week. No one had been able to find her. Eventually, they sent out search teams to look through the surrounding woods. My dad had been in charge of one of the teams and he had found her at the bottom of a cliff, a suicide note clutched in her hands. There were a lot of cliffs around the forks area and she had just gone and thrown herself off of one. It was quick, easy, and simple. And, because I just had some of the best luck in the world, I knew that there was cliff a few hundred feet away from the hospital. I started heading in that direction when I heard the growls. Leaves rustled all around me and the snarling grew louder. I bolted even though I knew there was no way I could outrun them. Even a few hundred feet would be too far. A blur darted out of the trees on my left, slamming

death. I couldn't breathe. But I wasn't dead. I wheezed a breath as I attempted to scream out in pain but the air wouldn't stay in my chest.into me and pinning me against a tree. he was so surprised that he loosened his grip on me just long enough for me to squirm out from under him. Chanting started in some language that I couldn't place. everywhere. of the dying. My brain was starting to shut down. This had to be it. Everything in my body shattered in the one instantaneous moment that I hit the ground. Screams of defeat. They had lost and they knew. I slugged the vampire with my free arm. The scream escaped from my lips and a chorus of unearthly hissing broke out from the cliff above me. in my mouth. Screams filled the air. I could see the cliff now as fangs hovered over my neck. This had to be death. There was blood in my eyes. . I felt my lungs pop and my brain rattled violently against my skull. The pain was unbearable. As much as I had told myself that this was the right decision. the pain searing and making me feel like I was on fire. I was still stuck in my broken body. the end. I could only hope that I died the second I hit the ground. I couldn't breathe. breaking several of my knuckles as well. couldn't see. I was freefalling through the air. I felt my arm snap under the force and I cried out. I needed to die! The end needed to come! God dammit! Why wouldn't I just die? The air smelled heavily with blood. Still. I didn't feel that way as I fell. of anger. And before I knew it. couldn't think.

not knowing that they'd have to give everything to spend time with me. love was read. it could be a while until we got to go hunting. Damn Edward and his unending passion to try to be human as much as he could. I savored the word carefully on my tongue. Besides. death was red. staring into the endless pits of my black eyes. Except Edward. That was when eyes changed color. At first when I had become this. My chocolate brown hair clashing against my transparently pale skin clashing against my bloodied eyes. trying to break out of the . Now. There was nothing to rush. Hatred seared her face. since we didn't need it. she would pound against the inside of the mirror. And. He was still asleep in our bedroom. of need. we were important. clumsy. my teeth slicing through the skin easily. Until then. My eyes faded back to black. trying to make the red flow black into them. terrifying was what I aimed for these days. we were revered and feared. my hunger momentarily staunched. Red was also a color of anger. That when we showed ourselves for what we were. hidden in the way that my jaw still curved and the shape of my nose. Some day we would rule the world. I bit down hard on my top lip. someone anyone would give anything to spend even a minute with. I watched in the mirror as blood ran into my mouth and down my chin. nothing to dread. She was interesting. We had defeated death. The bright red of lust against the pure white innocence. drip. I wasn't human. She wasn't who I had been. of hunger. My soul was no longer me. I was the type of girl that every chick was jealous of even though they had no clue what being me meant. Why couldn't Edward seem to get that we were better this way? We hadn't been anything back then except for two children in love. Did he really think it was wise to risk our daughter's life like this when it could be so easily avoided by deciding to act like a vampire for once? Despite the fact that I had lost my soul. I still cared that much about my daughter. it landed against the white marble counters. we could afford to be patient. My reflection stared back at me. the only source of blood around being the tiny sleeping baby in the next room. we all found it pointless. I hadn't been for months.Immortal: Chapter 26 by ~bellacullen124 Chapter 26 The girl in the mirror looked like me but she was someone else. it was a dazzling effect. We could sleep but we didn't need to. I blinked my eyes. Now. her eyes hard. The soulless beast I had become was so much more than I had been when I was a pathetic. contempt for what her body had become. She was gorgeous and confident and sexy and. We had all of time at our fingertips. I sighed. Bloodlust. Passion was red. I was glad I wasn't human anymore. My soul was trapped on earth while my body was dead. ugly human. savoring the blood that had flowed into my mouth. drip. Drip. I smiled menacingly at her but her lips didn't follow my own. The human trapped in my reflection. The hunger roared suddenly inside of me and my eyes burned red. And because of his annoying habits. best of all. of pain. As terrifying as I looked. had an aura of danger hovering around her that drew you in.

her curly hair a rusty color. He drank only when he was past the point of starvation and even then. "My little Mina. I can't wait for that day. full of life and soul. If you didn't let go of it. I knew that he couldn't stop loving me. Edward just couldn't let go of his soul quite yet. At least. I whispered to her. His bronze hair was a mess and he let out a low snore. Warm and flowing. He kept up human traditions and it was getting annoying. In all truth. Vampires were regal beings. Being a vampire changed all the rules about love and I simply didn't love him anymore. I scowled. 
Our relationship wasn't about love anymore. Our relationship wasn't love anymore but lust. though we all knew it wouldn't be enough to save us from Hell on judgment day. With Edward. Mina. But she had my heart-shaped face. I walked out the bathroom. we'll be the ones running the world. My hand still in her hair. We replaced our own soul with tiny pieces of human soul. I was a different person than I was when I was a human. but letting go of it. He didn't take their soul. the type of person who wouldn't – couldn't – love someone like Edward. Blood was what held everything about a person. Demon. he'd never fully drained anyone. my tiny." . our little baby slept in her crib. tracing the lines of beauty she would have once she grew out of her baby fat. Sadly. gone. Even though I was a monster he should have hated. Underneath those closed eyelids of her were Edward's green eyes as well. It fell over her angelic face. It wasn't about losing your soul. no. Humans will be nothing but livestock instead of thinking they're the top of the food chain and all they'll know is fear. Someday. She was laying on her back right now. my overly full lips. so we could put off Hell for as long as we were crafty enough to stay undead. It was time to finish this. She was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. Oh. sloping nose. I knew my own blood wouldn't hold me for long. You'll join us. won't that be great. more out loyalty for the life we had before we were changed. their soul. That was what kept us alive. that is. I had dragged this out much to long. he still loved me. the look in her eyes telling me exactly what she thought of me. powered by nothing but the bloodlust you had fought so hard to control. He didn't need theirs because he still somewhat had his. That's what it was about. We were monsters. That's what we wanted to be. so above snoring like a human. I shook my head with disgrace. I hated him now. Someday you'll be one of us as well. She had screamed at me silently and constantly. Six months old and the prettiest thing ever. for me. we'll be the same. really. casting on last gloating look at my reflection. Losing my soul had not kept me from loving her. We'll be great. It was mind boggling sometimes. our old selves lingering as nothing more than that. being a vampire. This was me now and she was trapped and helpless. I needed to get some human blood. Mina. You're such a good girl. My husband was sprawled out on the bed. You're too young now but by then. her desperation had faded and she just stared at me. you would slowly waste away into an uncontrollable monster. The burning in the back of my throat was starting again. I leaned over the crib and pushed it off her face. But. you'll have been changed as well. That why we were immortal. And by then. monster. Beside Edward's bed. Our reflections showed who we had been. Old. but Edward didn't seem to get that. Now. it also made the need for satisfaction even more potent.hell she was locked in.

though he refused to see it. "I don't bite. "I don't want your blood. "I told you that you wanted it. his lips brushing against my neck. I had learned that quickly. The kind of kiss made for vampires. I knew he couldn't do it. Instead of giving him what he needed. We were on the bed. That's what we our now. It was all lust and passion these days. "You won't hurt me. Edward. goddammit. I slid out from under him. The bed did have it's moments of usefulness. He was too weak. It's what we are and you . I ran my skin along the edge of the razor-sharp fang. I needed him." I tilted my head. But then the fire burned up inside of me. wanting more than this simple touch. Edward!" I growled. Edward's dark eyes flashed red as the blood welled out of my wrist. "You don't have to worry about hurting me. creating a crisscrossed pattern as it spread out through the alleys of my skin. I know you can say one thing but it's a lie. But he couldn't do it. That was all that was left between the two of us. "Is there anything wrong with that?" I kissed him passionately. His arms wrapped even tighter around me." Edward said." He tested his teeth against my neck again. sitting up on the bed. I brought my wrist up to my mouth. I turned around in his arms and molded myself against him. You can't not want it. me pinned under him. though. He ran his teeth along my collar bone. I traced the cut with my tongue. 
This was the best kind of kiss. Edward." That was enough to send him to the other side of the room. there was instinctive to cringe away from him. crushing me to him." I whispered. Needing more. letting the fangs slip out. but I will not become the monster they all think we have to be!" "It's not a think. his voice lashing out. He whirled on me. "You need it. "That you needed it. hissing curses vehemently. The kind of kiss that was filled with not only lust. "I don't need it. just like I knew he would be. but bloodlust as well. Bella." I whispered against his lips. I ran my tongue around them quickly before drawing my wrist up to my mouth. "Talking to the baby again?" Edward asked. Edward left a trail of kissed down my neck." I taunted. "It is what it is." I said.Arms wrapped around my waist and Edward's cold breath was at my ear. staring at him with pursed lips. His tongue licked my lips clean of blood. sealing it instantly. I wanted to. At first. his eyes on fire. 
"I don't know how the hell you've accepted it. "You want it. Edward was on my lips in a second. "But you do want it." Edward was basically salivating now. Bella. Sometimes. I couldn't stand him touching me anymore. I let it cover my lips with blood and felt my insides boil at the taste of blood. See…"

I let my fangs lengthen.

I still would have chosen my life over her. You won't do this. You can find someone else. "I can't let you take my baby and I can't let you get away with this. From the moment I had been changed. too. there isn't.better get used to it. He was such an idiot. We're selfish beings as vampires. the only reason I didn't want to do it was because of what we had when I was human. Bella? I think. I was in front of Edward now. someone else would have to die in his place." 
He wasn't running. "You're still holding onto a hope that there's something left of the human I was. Bella. and all the souls you've taken. You're heart's no longer beating but it's where the soul is trapped."
 "Who are you. It rattled open ominously. Bella?" Edward asked. "He's told me why. I can't let you leave. would you want me to let our . Well."
 "Maybe I am! Maybe I like being a monster! Maybe this is more than I could ever have imagined. It was enough to make me laugh out loud. I'll leave again. That's just the way it was. reaching over and opening the drawer on the nightstand. and you'll never have to see me again."'

"And are you going stop me?" I snapped. "Even if I did still love you. And now I'm going to release them all. diamond is the only thing strong enough to hurt a vampire and cutting through the heart with it is the only way to kill one. This was the task I had been given. The hilt was decorated beautiful. I licked my lips and rest the blade in my hands against his throat. I could tell my eyes were burning red by the way he cringed away from me. deep down. They've given me a choice – you or her. It glittered in the light of the room. I knew it was leading to this and. "I know you know the way to kill a vampire but do you know why?" I said." "That's where you underestimate me. I could see I had frozen him where he stood by telling him about the awful choice they had told me to make." I lifted the dagger and tapped the way down Edward's chest until the tip of the blade rested right over his heart. I had relished the thought of it. "I don't know you anymore." I gritted my teeth. someone who likes being a monster. I realized with a moment of remorse. the reasons behind the legend of a stake through our hearts. While I had said I would die if Mina were gone. to be absolutely honest. I'll take Mina." 
"Are you sure you want to do this. "So. I would die if she were gone. I was such a stupid human for ever mourning over you but now I'm better than that. Bella?" Edward said. fine. You're a monster. If that's the way you want it. and if I didn't complete it. And. He was going to let me kill him just so he could save his daughter. "I don't think you can do it. "I know you know it. you're going to kill me. the blade cut from a diamond." I said. Edward. There's nothing that I care about anymore except getting power and that little baby in the crib. This was it. you still love me. walking closer to him. as well as yours." I said. This was what it all came down to – all of our futures. "See. my hiss echoing through the room. the gold feeling cold against my hand. You see." I pulled out the dagger. but I know I can easily get through losing you. Have you ever stopped to think how you're affecting all of us by trying to be human still? I don't love you anymore because you can't accept this! I can't force myself to pretend I still love you anymore!"
 "Well. but maybe you need a recap.

The dagger sliced through his chest too easily. or someone who is inhumanly beautiful or a dark stranger who shows an inexplicable interest in you. I stood there for a minute. closer than you think. Dark times are coming for your race and you don't stand a chance. baby. We're far from done here. waiting to feel the remorse. A looked over at the mirror hanging over the fireplace. "Very well down. cooing to her and rocking up and down on the heels of my feet. You know they will!" The look that flashed through his eyes showed me I was right. And if you ever see someone's eyes flash red or have what could be blood crusted in the corner of their mouth. when I had thought he was dead. A tear that could only be seen in the glass of the mirror. take care. run the other way." a dark voice said from the shadows. I'll say one thing. waiting for the pain of loss. It's a warning for anyone smart enough to heed. He was going to die so that she could live. A year ago. "Shh. He was dead before he hit the ground. Now. . it's okay. sweet kiss on his lips so that he would remember me in Hell. But run as you may.daughter die? They will kill her." An evil round of applause came from the other side of the room. a tear that didn't actually exist. Edward. The life dimmed from his eyes immediately. A tear was trickling down the cheek of the girl reflected there. you cannot win." I said. "It's okay. He wasn't going to fight. there was nothing. I picked her out of her crib. Bella." I whispered. I leaned up on my tip-toes and planted one last. "Goodbye. We're all around you. But until the time comes that we're in charge. the pain of losing him was worse than anything imaginable. Nothing but relief that I was done with him and that my daughter was safe. Mina started to cry. Don't try fighting. This world is ours.

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