From G.SOUNDERAJAN, No. 1005, Road Street, New Street,Kaniyambadi, Vellore District – 632312. To THE MANAGING DIRECTOR, IBM, Chennai – 18. Respected Sir, Sub: Post of Software Engineering – Regarding. Ref.: Advertisement dated in “The Hindu” on 22.12.2008. ----I hereby apply for the post of software engineer in your prestigious organization. I have a work experience for 3 years. I’ am a software engineer with a sound technical knowledge in my subject. I was the team Leader, and so I had the sound power in successful managing the team. I also had done 3-major projects and 4-mini projects and was successful in completing my project in time. If given an opportunity to serve in your organization, I will definitely prove to be an efficient person and I will try my level my level best to fulfill the requirements that are needed for the growth of the organization. I have herewith enclosed my CV for your kind perusal. Thanking you, Yours obediently, (G.SOUNDERAJAN)

CAREER OBJECTIVE: To place myself in a working environment which environment this would have scope for utilizing my existing skills and to develop my workings skills making myself very useful to the organization. ACADEMIC QUALIFICATIONS : Standard / Degree B.Tech-IT DME 10th School / College Ganadipathy Tulsi’s Engg. College, Kanyambadi, Vellore. Dr.M.G.R Polytechnic College,Arni. Govt. Higher Secondary School, Kaniyambadi. Percentag e of Marks 84 87 89 Year of Passin g 2011 2009 2007

AREAS OF INTEREST :  Networking  Maintenance Field  Testing Field SOFTWARE EXPOSURE : Languages Database Operating Systems MS-Suite INDIVIDUAL STRENGTHS :  Readiness to work  Good communication skills and approaching manner  Team Worker and Co-Ordinate C, C++ SQL, Visual Basic DOS, Windows Family MS-Office

Tamil & Telugu DECLARATION I do hereby declare that the information furnished above are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.1985 Male Indian : No. Arni Taluk. Place : Date : (S. T. Contact Number Linguistic Ability : : 9443423449 & 9786332543 English. THIRUMAL VALAVAN) . Pin – 632312. Road Street.V.HOBBIES :  Playing Cricket. Malai District.07.Jayapal 30.  Picture collections PERSONAL INFORMATION : Father’s Name Date of Birth Sex Nationality Permanent Address : : : : : R. Kattukanur village & Post. 1005. Yours faithfully.  Listening songs.

To THE GENERAL MANAGER. THIRUMAL VALAVAN. Pin – 632312. Malai District. ----With reference to your advertisement in the “The Indian Express” dated 23. Human Resource. If given an opportunity. Sub : Post of Manager .12. 1005. Chennai – 18. No.12. THIRUM AL .Regarding. Ref. Arni Taluk. : Advertisement dated in “The Indian Express” on 23. Yours obedientl y. Kattukanur village & Post. Road Street.V.2008. Infosys.COVERING LETTER From S. Respected Sir.2008. (S. T. I enclose herewith my curriculum vitae for your kind consideration. I assure you I will do my best for the growth of the organization. Thanking you. I hereby apply for the post of the “Manager” in your organization.

2. . : 1. Curriculum Vitae. Conduct Certificate.VALAVA N) Encl.

Subramanian 30. T.1985 & 23 : No. Permanent Address Street. Pin – 632312. Post. Arni Taluk.G. THIRUMAL : : K.V. Malai District. Middle Kattukanur village & Gender Marital Status Contact Number Educational Qualification MECHANICAL Technical Qualification : : : : Male Single 9786332543 DME & BE – : * AutoCAD * DFWM .07.CURRICULUM VITAE Name VALAVAN Father’s Name Date of Birth & Age Years. Nationality Religion : : Indian Hindu : S. 1005.

Visual Basic DOS. Vellore. Sri Venkateshwara Polytechnic College. Kannamangalam.MECH DME 10th School / College Ganadipathy Tulsi’s Engg. SOFTWARE EXPOSURE : Languages Database Operating Systems MS-Suite C.E . College. C++ SQL. Tamil . Windows Family MS-Office PAPER PRESENTATION : Title Occasion Venue Polytechnic College Languages Known & Telugu : : : Thermal Energy Mechanical Swamy Abinandha : English. Vellore. ACADEMIC QUALIFICATIONS : Percentag e of Marks 84 87 89 Year of Passin g 2005 2002 2000 Standard / Degree B. Higher Secondary School. Adukamparai.Languages Known & Telugu E-mail : : English. Govt. Tamil stntempl@gmail.

.Other Interests Sports Basket Ball : : Reading Books Playing Cricket. EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES : An active Participant in all Events.


under aggressive timelines. S E-mail stntempl@gmail. team player attitude and spirit.THIRUMAL VALAVAN. EXPERIENCE : Working a Assistant Maintenance Engineering in Embsys Infotech from Aug-2007 to till Mobile : 9786332543 OBJECTIVE : To empower the organization with my contribution. with whom I am working as a member. and the natural ability to establish consensus among cross-functional lines. ELECTIVES TAKEN :  Unconventional Machining Process  Renewable resource CERTIFICATIONS :  BHEL (Bharath Heavy Electrical Limited)  L & T (Larsen & Tubro)  ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) TECHNICAL STRENGTHS : Operating System : Windows 98 & Windows XP. Proven multi-tasking capabilities with strong ability to plan. prioritize and manage assignments. Strong leadership talents. : . Job Responsibilities :  PCB Designing  Circuit Analysis  Soldering  Preparing Documents PROFESSIONAL COMPETENCIES : Problem solving and analytical talents combined with man management.

Subramanian 30. PERSONAL DETAILS : Father’s Name Date of Birth Sex Nationality Permanent Address : : : : : K. Telugu & Tamil.  Ability to work in a team and constant focus on team goals.Expertise in : Automobile Engineering.1985 Male Indian No. : 9786332543 English. Pin – 632312. Arni Taluk.G. 1005. PERSONALITY STRENGTHS :  Willing to learn more.07. Middle Street. CO-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES :  Training under taken in BHEL.V. T.  Well versed in communication. Kattukanur village & Post.  An attitude to take up challenging tasks with optimism. Contact Number Linguistic Ability : : DECLARATION .  Active participation in association function. Malai District.  Personality development and career development programs.

I hereby declare that the above all details are all true to the best of my knowledge. THIRUMAL VALAVAN) . Place : Date : (S.


From : stntempl@gmail. Thanking you. If this These kinds of corruption Just imagine the people who are below corruption is going to extend in the future. Finding no other go I paid the bribery amount and to my surprise immediately I got my community To CC Sub : poverty line. but all my efforts to get to a community certificate ended in failure. Kindly take this issue into your consideration and take step immediately to eradicate this evil from our society. I am a resident of : developed status to our country.Draft a mail to the Municipality Officer and also attach a copy to the District Collector complaining about the corruption that is prevalent in the Taluk Office. definitely we can’t expect a . Respected Sir. I was often meeting many people in the Taluk Office. Last week I had been to Taluk Office to get my Community Certificate where the officer asked for a bribery : Regarding – Corruption in Taluk Office. Yours faithfully. I have forwarded this message to District Collector also. are prevalent in Taluk Office. As a citizen of a country I refused to pay the money and came back.

Yours sincerely. entire can we be released and to breadth freely. THIRUMAL VALAVAN) Sub : When will we get freedom .  Our streets are made as pigs walking area.A question to Municipality Sir. Will the elected members of this area concentrate on this subject ? Thanking  During war times instead of sending our armed forces we can send our area mosquitoes. . As known as well educated area is dominated with few major draw backs as follows. : deccanchronicle@yahoo. Success is guaranteed.  No doubt every day we have the musical program by dogs on 24 hrs (S. I would like to dram your kind attention about the draw backs that I found in our location which may rectify through your news paper’s letter to editor.E-MAIL – OFFICIAL LETTER From : To CC : thehindu@yahoo. From these.  On free of cost every day we are seeing monkey circus.

The interview team selected me To CC : sivakumargsk@yshoo. I was comfortable. I am happy and now so happy when I shared the same with you. Dear Friend. Anyhow. Yesterday I attended the campus interview.(S. How about your studies? Hope they are going on well. I am fine Subject : Hi ….. Bye bye…. How are you. when I started responding to the question. I was very much concentrating for the pleasant face and the correct answers.THIRUMAL VALAVAN) E-MAIL – UNOFFICIAL LETTER From : : selvarasu_2008@yahoo.. we will meet this week end to share the happiness in the name of a good treat by me. .com bkn@thriveni.

THIRUMAL VALAVAN) .Yours lovingly. (S.


09.APPLYING FOR THE POST OF SOFTWARE TRAINEE Vellore 29.Big Street. Sub: Applying for the post of Software Trainee -reg Ref: Your advertisement in ““website With reference to the above I wish to offer myself as a candidate for the post of Software Trainee in your reputed organization. I have enclosed my resume for your perusal and kind consideration. Vellore Dist-632102 To THE MANAGER. HR department. Looking forward for your positive reply. Kaniyambadi.2011 From SOUNDERAJAN. Yours sincerely.J . Given a chance I shall discharge my duties to the satisfaction of the Authorities and prove my worth. Thanking you. Technical Labs. I am B. SOUNDERAJAN.J No:137. Chennai-55 Sir.Tech graduate in IT and feel to be eligible for the above mentioned post as a fresher.

and also the change of exchange numbers. We will discuss about this when we meet next week. The officials at BSNL are very polite and delighting in giving various information to us. This semester holidays. The training was really very useful and informative. phones. We all really had a great time during this training. and I am sure that you would be one of the toppers in the class. We were shown the operating system of telephone lines in and around Vellore. Because all of my ten friends (MKMS GANG) accompanied this training. how telephone is connected to the internets.12. Hope this letter keeps you in good spirit.LETTER TO MY FRIEND SAYING INPLANT TRAINING THAT I HAVE DONE DURING MY SEMESTER HOLIDAYS Vellore 20. Vellore for two days. It was not only an educational moment but also an enjoy full moment. I hope by this time your results would have come. I along with my friends went for in plant training at BSNL.2008 Dear Friend. We were also shown about how the trunk calls were made on those days. They also showed us the earlier types of . We all felt very amazing about the way how they are organizing such a big unit.

THIRUMAL VALAVAN) Address on the envelop: To S. 115. Salem – 16. No. .I hope that you are preparing for the campus interviews now onwards. I hope that you would also have attended implant training and reply to me soon. If you get any company question papers then send that papers through mail. Alagapuram police station opposite. TAKE CARE OF YOUR HEALTH Yours friendly. Murali. (S. North Street. so that we can meet in one place and discuss so many things.



Morning 8 to 8. Dated 22. 8.DAILY REPORT Date : To : The Manager From : S.30 – 04.12. The following is the work completed report of today (i.30 meeting held with team members. Thirumal valavan Sub : Daily Report In response to your letter. .30 – 06. We have completed the following.) 22..30 Started doing the program.2008.12.2008. 04.30 Collected data 2.30 Reviewed the program and gave demonstration to the senior coordinator. 1.e. In the 1. 3. assigned project.30 – 12.

08 to 21. Sir.WEEKLY REPORT From The Director.2008. Training and Placement.08. To The Vice Chairman. THIRUMAL VALAVAN) Placement Officer . we enclose here with the report No.12. in respect of Training and Placement in the file WR-(21) 23. Vellore. Yours Sincerely. ----With reference to your letter dated 15.12. (S. Vellore.08. with kind regards. GTEC.12.12. Sub : Weekly report of “Training and Placement” for the period 17. GTEC. Thanking you.2008 Training and Placement.12.12.08 to 21. 21 for the period 17.

Training : 1. CSE. 2. DTH for placement cell. 2. CSE. Director.08. ECE and IT prepared. 3.Department. IT with effect from 05. 2.12. 3. Preparation for graduation day started.10. Software for communication.08 and ECE on 09. . Colors-2 sets are needed.08.TRAINING AND PLACEMENT WEEKLY REPORT Placement : Anna University Placement interview information of GE Energy (Hyd) on 11th – 12th Dec 2008 at JP college of Engineering at Trichy circulated to MECHANICAL . Training and Placement. English language communication skills laboratory classes started from III MECHANICAL.12. Attendance register for III year classes of MECH. Confirmation obtained from NITTR for FDP and letter sent to Dr. Reference books and CD’s for communication skills laboratory needed. Bhakthavachalam. Other Activities : 1. Constraints : 1. 4. Marker pen-4. Topper list prepared and sent on 11.

Completed on 28. From : S. Data collection of site details 2. Safety boards/accessories to be dispatched immediately. Budget Expense 4.08 2.12.12. Thirumal valavan Sub : Project plan and Execution – L & T (Extension of Substation) The following is the quarterly progress for the job assigned to my team (01. 20% placed 5. 3.HR. Clearance from Govt. 10% of the total allocated budget spent. Completed 4. Under progress 50% 3. Erection Material Order completed PROGRESS 1.QUARTERLY REPORT Date : To : The Manager . Mobile hospital to be organized for health checkup.02. Man power requirements 5. .08 to 23. 2.08) DETAILS OF ACTIVITY 1. Constraints : 1. agencies for site 3. A vehicle for movement urgently at site.


today our topic internet is an exercise in hype I agree with it because nowadays everything is available in internet. but it depend on us how we use the internet.Venkatesh A. isn’t it is so. very rapidly growing that's why technology moves from IPV4 to IPV6". Lenon: I would. So internet is a boon for human being.everything is available on internet. it has the negative side which people are using it in wrong way like Hacking which indicates to ."Internet is the network of networks. Surendar: As my friend said above everyone is right at their point. Surendiran M. information. Venkatesan G. causes a very dangerous affects. services like e-commerce etc. outdoor games and whatever the extra activities required for his growth. Only because of internet whole world is so closer. Valarmathi R . however.GROUP DISCUSSION-I TOPIC: Internet is a Boon or Bane Group members involved in the group discussion were: Surendar S. Vidhya P Vidhya: Good morning friends. First thing which I want to clear here is what the exact Technical definition of internet is. Venigalla leela Krishnakant. provides human comforts. According to me there is no such thing that we don't get from internet even it is business related or it is tech related . Because of this rapid growth internet has huge chamber of knowledge. Yes it is sea of knowledge. a 10-15 year old child uses internet for learning.According to Defense it is also a very dangerous weapons not only against the security of Countries but also against the individuals. gaming and knowledge purpose but one day unfortunately he reached at one site which diverts his mind from studies. One more example i want to give you is. Valarmathi: Apart from these positive aspects. like to contradict you . Thongbam Lenon Singh.

Nowadays we can't think our life without internet.0 it offers more things to create by ourselves such as blogs. Most of the people misuse the internet and give a rise to cyber crime. Considering the use of internet in public offices. We can see that every one searches online for information and or to search products and get detailed information on it and also much more new tech news. it helps in completing the work quickly and efficiently so henceforth we need to make use of the available technology judiciously and intellectuality. Internet provides several features a lot of work can be done with in fraction of seconds and we save our most precious time. it teaches us a lot. Same thing is applicable for internet also. In case of students it helpful in creating innovative projects with 100% information regarding the project. Venkatesh: I like to endorse about the internet uses in India. it is a very large source of knowledge. for every age group such as child. So these are to be stopped for their misuse and create awareness to people mainly youngsters. Leela: As we know that everything has some positive side as well as some drawback also. . But everybody here diverts their mind in negative side.cyber-crime and some strange sites to divert their mind to negative thoughts and adult sites. Internet is both a boon and a curse. Today we are Web 2. Internet gives us enough knowledge and gives more exposure to the other side of the world. teenagers. If we use it in right way. adults etc. If we take it in a wrong way it spoils us. Venkatesan: But I look in this way internet is not a curse. whatever think we need everything is available over here. Surendiran : In my point of view it is not completely a curse to the society because it is source of livelihood to most of the MNC's where their working strategy is based on internet.


I don’t have any actual work experience because I am a fresher student. 3. 4. 5. I am going to find a new one. What goals do you have in this career? Since. 2. . Basically. I am by nature a dedicated. How would you describe your ideal job? I Should Have both Physical and Mental work. 7. C++. so that only I can shine in life. I did my Engineering Degree in Ganadipathy Tulsi’s Jain Engineering College.S. a graduate in Anna University. I want to achieve greater reliability in the Electrical power supply. I am an Electrons and Electronics student.INTERVIEW SKILLS 1. Why did you choose this career? I had chosen this career because there is a big scope in this field and also I can achieve great things through this field. When did you decide on this career? I had decided this career when I started to my 10th std. person. Do you have any actual work experience? No. 6. hard working and enthusiastic My only weakness is to go in for more details to achieve perfection which results the time excessive stress for timely delivery. which will be useful to the people and also reach the people soon. I am a sports person. What do you want to achieve in your life? I want to achieve a big goal that had not been made by any one. Tell me about yourself? I am Thirumal valavan. My additional computer knowledge includes C.

my hard work and also encouragement from my parents and well wishers. I am a team player. What motivates you? My self confidence.8. Finally.What accomplishments have given you the most satisfaction in your life? I had done many accomplishments. How do you evaluate success? By my hard work and also finishing the work in correct and neat way.E graduation with good percentage and distinction. Would you prefer to Work with information or people? I want to work with people rather than the information. 12. I finished my B. 10. 13. I want to do better than each project. What thing makes you to be successful in your career? My hard work. 14. even though I am not satisfied. what would you change? I will not change. . I will be preparing it by my own models. Are you a team player? Of course. 16. If you had to live your life over again. I have to implement it through theoretically. I want to be living as it is now once again. Describe a situation in which you were successful? At the moment. 15. confidence level and the encouragement from my parents. 11. 9. How do you plan to achieve your goals? I had prepared the proper plan and the circuit diagram and all the other things.

24. What do you see yourself doing. For worked hard and project successfully. I assure you that I will do my best for the growth of the organization. What are your SHORT-TERM goals? My short-term goal is to get selected in your company. Are you a goal-oriented person? Yes. Where do you want to be ten years from now? I will be working in your company and in your position. that. What is your LONG-TERM objective? My long term goal is to get selected in your company and to come to your position. 23. I studied well and 20. 19. 22. five years from now? Definitely. I did my project in “shri harikotta”. I will set a goal and I will prepare to achieve it. what you are doing now. interviewing the candidates. I can handle conflicts and disputes between people and will resolve in proper manner . they will permit the students who got grade A in the online test conducted by them. Why should I hire you? If you give an opportunity to me. I hope it will be your company. I am a goal-oriented person.17. I will be working in a MNC company. Do you handle conflict well? Yes. There. Tell me about some of your recent goals and what you did to achieve them? Recently. 18. 21.

I had come across this kind of situation when I have organized a Technical Symposium in my college. 29. What change would you make it your career? I like do work hard till more. my parents and my friends. Why because tension will move to take wrong decision 28. . communication skills and also the extra curricular Activities. 27. I will relax myself and then I will take the right decision at that Time. If any work is given to me. what would he or she Say? They will say that I am a good character and also a talented person. What were your favorite classes? Give reason. That was happened with my Committee members. 30. What is your greatest weakness? My Greatest Weakness is my Angry. Do you handle stressful situation well? Definitely sir. 33. 32. Have you ever come across a situation of conflict with your boss or professor? How did you resolve it? Yes. If I were to ask one of your professors to describe you. 34. What is your greatest strength? Myself confidence. I will finish it perfectly in short time. Why did you choose your college as a place for graduation? My college is near to my house and also it is the developing college in our district and it is the right place for the graduation. 31.25. How your college education has prepared you for this work? Improves the technical skills.

Control Systems was my favorite’s class. Because that staff teaches us in the easier way and also he gives us more practical knowledge than the theoretical knowledge. 35. Do you enjoy doing independent research? Yes, of course, I will enjoy doing the independent research. Because, I will be taking the decisions of my own but during the critical situations I will be getting guidelines from the experienced persons. 36. Who were your favorite’s professors? Why? All the professors in my college were my favorite’s professors. They help me to score good marks and also to do my project in the best and easier way. 37. Why is your GPA is not higher? I was concentrating more in the practical than the theory papers. So, only my GPA is not higher. But, I got average in all the papers. 38. Do you have any plans for further education? Definitely, I will be doing further education. After, selected in your company, I have planned to do MBA or MCA in correspondence. 39. How much training do you think you will need to become a productive manager? I need some basic knowledge and the practical knowledge. This is enough for me to become a productive manager. 40. What qualities do you feel a successful manager should have? To run the company successfully, first the should have some knowledge about the organization or company. Also, the manager must plan about their work to improve the level of the organization. The should have contact with the employees and also move in the friendly manner. 41. Why do you want to work in INFOSYS industry?

Your company is the developing company and also there is great opportunity for me to develop my knowledge in your company. That’s why I want to work in your company

42. What you know about our company? Your company is the best company in the world and one of the leading multi national companies. 43. Why are you interested in our company? This is one of the leading multi national companies with highly preferred opportunities. So, I am very much interested to take part in your organization. 44. Do you have any location preference? No, I don’t have any location preference. I will change my self accordingly. If it is near my native means it will be more comfortable for me. 45. How familiar are you with the community. Where our company is located? Up to my knowledge your company is situated in all the developing cities. 46. How do you feel in future if you are relocated? It depends upon the situation and project etc. 47. Are you willing to travel extensively? If the company gives an opportunity I will travel extensively. 48. Is money is important to you? Money is not important; it’s just a part of our life. Only the job satisfaction is important. 49. What kind of salary are you looking for? It depends up on the work, which I am doing.

50. How many money do you need to be happy? To be frank, I hope that you will give handsome salary for my job. 51. How much you think you are worth? I am a wrathful candidate. I can’t say that through numbers.

1. Always be the initiator and concluder of the GD then being a participant. 2. But if you are participant always try to be the most vial/key participant. But if you are participant always try to be the most vial/key participant. 3. Put points firmly and always try to get others support too. 4. If you find that the discussion so going off-track then never loose an opportunity to bring it back to stream this is the best point to score max. 5. Try to keep latest information on the topic. 6. Be very polite, people may try to provoke you to get more points but try to keep cool. 7. Most important don't wait for your turn to speak when discussion is on. Interrupt politely if you want to put forward your points. 8. Last but not the least keeps a tab on the time given for discussion. Score points by wrapping up the discussion if you feel that the discussion is heating but the time is going to be over.

Your capability to keep your cool and listen as well as putting your points. That shows your leadership quality. . do end with the conclusion note. Initiation of discussion. During conclusion. leadership. 2. Conclusion on time 4. communication capability. BEST SCORING POINTS ARE: 1. Be a leader.9. Always keeping/trying to keep discussion on track 3. 5. GD basically means searching your team player.

. May you have a good time with each other? Thanks. plans to be in New Delhi for about a month. and I am sure you will enjoy meeting him. I am fine : Deepan_mech98@yahoo. I think you two advertising executives will have a lot in common. How about your Job? Hope they are going on well. Deepan. we will both appreciate it. The bearer of this note. How are To CC : sivakumargsk@yahoo. He is a crack jack copywriter for one of the agencies Subject: Introducing My Friend Dear Siva Kumar.E-MAIL – UNOFFICIAL LETTER From : stntempl@gmail. Siva Kumar. A good friend of mine. for any kindness you may extend Deepan.

(S.Byebye…. THIRUMAL VALAVAN) . Yours lovingly.


Constructor follows the access scope (Can be private. What is constructor? • • • • • Constructor is used to initialize an object (instance) of a class. Constructor is a like a method without any return type. Default Constructor . Constructor has same name as class name. public. Internal Constructor can be overloaded. protected.TECHANICAL – PRESENTATION CONSTRUCTOR Constructors In this article I will explain the constructor concept in C# along with practical demonstr understand it in a simple way. Constructors generally following types : • • • • • Default Constructor Parameterized constructor Private Constructor Static Constructor Copy Constructor The constructor goes out of scope after initializing objects.

Practical: Default Constructor using System. a). using System. } } . using System. b.A constructor that takes no parameters is called a default constructor.Text. namespace default_constructor { class Program { class c1 { int a.b = 20.WriteLine("Value of a: {0}". this. using System. b).a = 10.Linq. Console. When a class is initiated default constructor is called which provides default values to d You need not to define default constructor it is implicitly defined. } public void display() { Console. public c1() { this.Generic.Collections.WriteLine("Value of b: {0}".

Parameterized constructor Constructor that accepts arguments is known as parameterized constructor. ob1. c1 ob1 = new c1(). using System.Generic. using System. namespace parameterized_constructor { class Program { class c1 { int a. to initialize various data members of different objects with different values when they a .Linq. } } } Note: In the above practical example if you don't create a constructor still there will be initialize the data members of the class with some legal values. Practical: Parameterized Constructor using System.static void Main(string[] args) { // Here when you create instance of the class default constructor will be called.display().ReadLine(). using System. Console. b.Collections.Text. There may constructors help in doing that task.

ob1.ReadLine(). It is commonly used in classes that contain static members only. This type of constructors is mainly used for creating singleton object. } } } Private Constructor // Here when you create instance of the class parameterized constructor will be called. 20). int y) { this. Console. b). Private constructors are used to restrict the instantiation of object using 'new' operator instance constructor.display(). private. this. a).a = x.WriteLine("Value of a: {0}". We have to take help of nested class (Inner Class) or static method to initialize a class We can't initialize the class outside the class or the instance of class can't be created o . If you don't want the class to be inherited we declare its constructor private. Console. } public void display() { Console.WriteLine("Value of b: {0}". } } static void Main(string[] args) { c1 ob1 = new c1(10.public c1(int x.b = y.

} public static c1 create_instance() { return new c1(12.a = x.b = y. using System.WriteLine(z).Collections. namespace private_constructor { class Program { class c1 { int a. 20). // Private constructor declared here private c1(int x. } public void display() { int z = a + b. this. Console.Linq. .Text.Practical: Private Constructor using System. using System. int y) { this. using System.Generic. b.

. The runtime is not smart en Static constructors are used to initializing class static data members. Non-static constructors are inline and are faste Static members are preloaded in the memory. There should be no access modifier in static constructor definition. Static constructors might be convenient. There can be only one static constructor in the class. using System.create_instance(). Practical: Static Constructor using System. The static constructor should be without parameters. way it can optimize inline assignments.display(). Console. a class constructor static constructor and an inst constructor). } } } Static Constructors // Here the class is initiated using a static method of the class than only you can use pr C# supports two types of constructor. 4. 3. ob1.Collections. but they are slow. While instance members are post loaded Static methods can only use static data members. 2. Point to be remembered while creating static constructor: 1. It can only access the static members of the class.Generic.} } static void Main(string[] args) { c1 ob1 = c1.ReadLine().

. Console. using System. static int age.display(). age = 23.using System. namespace static_eg { class Program { public class test { static string name.WriteLine("Using static function"). static test() { Console.WriteLine(age).WriteLine("Using static constructor to initialize static data members" name = "John Sena". Console. } } static void Main(string[] args) { test.Linq.Text.WriteLine(name). } public static void display() { Console.

} } } Copy Constructor If you create a new object and want to copy the values from an existing object. using System. b.ReadLine().Text. using System.a = x.Console. you use This constructor takes a single argument: a reference to the object to be copied. using System.Generic. int y) { this. namespace copy_constructor { class Program { class c1 { int a.b = y. Practical: Copy Constructor using System. this.Collections. public c1(int x. } .Linq.

display(). Copy constructor is using the values already def I would be glad to share my knowledge and waiting for your feedback to increase my k . 20). Console.display(). } public void display() { int z = a + b. It is shallow copying.// Copy construtor public c1(c1 a) { this. ob1.b.WriteLine(z). ob2. // Here we are using copy constructor.a = a. } } static void Main(string[] args) { c1 ob1 = new c1(10.ReadLine(). } } } Copy constructor sets behavior during runtime. c1 ob2 = new c1(ob1). this.a. Console.b = a.

it automatically calls the const . A constructor can take zero or more arguments. private int y. where every time an object gets created and if we want som The code that we want to execute must be put in the constructor.The name of a constructor m is defined. A constructor with zero arg known as default constructor. Remember that there is not return type for a constructor The following class contains a constructor. public Complex (int i. } } The following code segment will display 20+i25 on the command prompt.public.ShowXY (). protected or internal. Complex c1 = new Complex (20. // Displays 20+i25 That is when we create the object of the class Complex. The general form of modifier constructor_name (parameters) { //constructor body } The modifiers can be private. class Complex { private int x.WriteLine(x + "i+" + y).25). int j) { x = i. y = j. c1. which takes two arguments.A constructor can be used. } public void ShowXY () { Console.

complicated calculations inside a constructor. public Complex(int i. private int y. class Complex { private int x. int j) // constructor with 2 arguments { x = i. } } .WriteLine(x +"i+" + y). The statement inside a constructor can t If we don't provide a constructor with a class. y = j.ShowXY().25). } } class MyClient { public static void Main() { Complex c1 = new Complex(20. } public void ShowXY() { Console.members x and y. We can say that constructor is mainly used for initializing an object. the C# provides a default constructor wit objects of the using System. C# do not prov The complete program is given below // C# constructor example // Author: rajeshvs@msn. Remember that if we provide our own constructor. c1.

com using System. displays 'no argument constructor' Complex c2 = new Complex(2. The overloa number of arguments and/or type of arguments and/or order of arguments. // C# constructor overloading // author: rajeshvs@msn. double j) { Console. } public Complex(double i.25). // displays 'constructor with 2 double arguments' .5.9). class Complex { public Complex(int i.WriteLine("constructor with 2 double arguments").5.// displays 'constructor with 2 integer arguments' Complex c3 = new Complex(). } } class MyClient { public static void Main() { Complex c1 = new Complex(20. int j) { Console. constructors can also be overloaded in a class. } public Complex() { Console.WriteLine("constructor with 2 integer arguemets"). The following program shows the overloaded constructors in action.WriteLine("no argument constructor").Constructor Overloading Just like member functions.

} } class MyClient { public static void Main() { Complex c3 = new Complex(). in C#.WriteLine("constructor with 2 integer arguments"). constructors can be declared as public. class Complex { private Complex(int i.WriteLine("no argument constructor"). } public Complex() { Console. private. int j) { Console. it is not possible other classes to derive from this class or create a constructors are commonly used in classes that contain only static members. but not by using the The following is a valid program in C# // C# constructor both private & public // Author: rajeshvs@msn. protected o private constructors. However public constructor and objects of such classes can also be using System.} } Private Constructors We already see that. } } .

} } public void Method1() { Console. class Complex { private Complex() { Console. } } class MyClient { public static void Main() { Complex c3 = new Complex().WriteLine("no argument constructor").WriteLine("Method of a non-abstract class"). } } Constructor Chaining The entire above program shows that C# supports constructor constructor in the same class or in the base class of this class.However the following program do not compile since it contain only private constructor // C# constructor only private. This is what is known as . Will show compilation error. // C# constructor chaining // Author: rajeshvs@msn. even syntax is used for constructor chaining as using System. In C#. // Author: rajeshvs@msn.

Write("1"). } public Complex(int x. class Complex { private Complex() { Console.Write("2"). int y):this(10) { Console.20). can be used for the initialization members. Remember that.Write("3"). which in turn invokes the Complex() constructor. int y) invokes the Complex(int x) constructor this(arguments). } } class MyClient { public static void Main() { Complex c = new Complex(10. // Displays 123 } } In the above program the Complex(int x.using System. just like any other static member fun . Static Constructors The normal constructors. But C# provides a special type of constructor known as static constructor to when the class is loaded at first. which we explained till now. } private Complex(int x):this() { Console.

The name of a static constructor must be the name of the class and even they don't ha static is used to differentiate the static constructor from the normal constructors. class Complex { static Complex() { Console. } } class MyClient { public static void Main() { Complex c. without any argum . That means there is only one form of static constructor. } } The output of the above program is RAJESH static constructor arguments.non-static data members using System. We can't use any access modifiers along with a static constructor. Console.WriteLine("RAJESH"). For example // C# static constructor // Author: rajeshvs@msn. The s overload a static constructor. c = new Complex().WriteLine("static constructor").

//Displays 'base constructor' explicitly. Howeve order of static constructor execution. This is shown in the program given below. // C# Implicit call of base class default constructor // Author: rajeshvs@msn. If we d derived class is created. static constructors can't be chained with each other or wit static constructor of a base class is not inherited to the derived class.WriteLine("base constructor"). They are called before an instance of the class is called and before the static constructor of the derived class is called. class Base { public Base() { using System.Note that static constructor is called when the class is loaded at the first time. Constructors & Inheritance Both static and non-static constructors are not inherited to a derived class from a base static constructor can call a base class non-static constructor by using a special functio default and parameterized constructors of the base class from the derived class. Like non-static constructors. } } class Derived : Base { } class MyClient { public static void Main() { Derived d1 = new Derived(). the derived class constructor will call the default constructor of the base clas .

WriteLine("BASE 1").com using System. // C# Implicit call of base class default constructor // Author: rajeshvs@msn.WriteLine("BASE 2"). } } class MyClient { public static void Main() { Derived d1 = new Derived(). } public Base(int x) { Console.//Displays 'base constructor' } . class Base { public Base() { Console.WriteLine("DERIVED CLASS").} } We can also call a base class constructor explicitly by using base() as shown below. } } class Derived : Base { public Derived():base(10) { Console.

} This program outputs BASE2 DERIVED CLASS The base() can be used for chaining constructors in a inheritance hierarchy. compiler will show an error. An object becom .Also destructor will come in only one form. public etc. without any argu Destructors are invoked automatically and can't be invoked explicitly. Destructors The .NET framework has an in built mechanism called Garbage Collection to de-allocate objects. The destructor implements the statements to be executed during the garbage function with the same name as the name of the class but starting with the character ~ Example: class Complex { public Complex() { // constructor } ~Complex() { // Destructor } } Remember that a destructor can't have any modifiers like private. If we dec destructor in C#.

The object clas Finalize(). That means that a destruc can't co-exist in a class.when it is no longer used by the active part of the program. which every class can override. Execution of destructor ma or object becomes eligible for destruction. The following code will generate a compilation error because o class Complex { ~Complex() { } protected override void Finalize() { } } ***** . The Garbage Collection mechanism in .NET w garbage collection of the objects this class. Remember when we provide a destructor in the compiler automatically generates the Finalize() method. In C# all classes are implicitly derived from the super base class object.


farming. Example: Industry. nuclear reactors. It changes the quality of air. thermal power plants. Pollution are of different kinds depending on the nature of pollutant generated from different sources. water and land with the health of human and other life on earth.  Air Pollution  Water Pollution  Soil Pollution  Marine Pollution  Noise Pollution  Thermal Pollution . generate different types of pollution to air. “the unfavorable alternation of our surroundings”. water bodies and land. automobiles. TYPES OF POLLUTANTS:  Biodegradable pollutants  Non-degradable pollutants CLASSIFICATION OF POLLUTANTS: The different kinds of pollution that affects the environment are.GENERAL – PRESENTATION ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION INTRODUCTION: Environmental pollution may be defined as.

 Nuclear Pollution NOISE POLLUTION INTRODUCTION: Noise pollution is defied as. TYPES OF NOISE: It has been found that environmental noise is doubling every 10 years. which is tenth part of the longest unit Bel. 1). Generally noise is described as. a human ear can hear. industries and mills. it has been observed by the Institute of Oto-Rino Laryngology. . There exists a long list of sources of noise pollution including different machines of numerous factories. unpleasant or disagreeable sound that cause discomfort for all living beings”. “the unwanted.  Industrial noise. One dB is equal to the faintest sound. particularly from mechanical saws and pneumatic drill is unbearable and is a nuisance to public. The sound intensity is measured in decibel (dB). Industrial noise. Chennai that enormously increasing industrial pollution has damage the hearing of about 20% workers.  Neighbourhood noise.  Transport noise. Recently. INDUSTRIAL NOISE: Highly intense sound or noise pollution is caused by many machines.

NEIGHBOURHOOD NOISE: This type of noise includes disturbance from household gadgets and community.2). comes from transport. Blaring sounds have known to cause mental distress. bith defects and abortion. Common noise makers are musical loudspeakers etc. It causes contraction of blood vessels. makes the skin pale. TRANSPORT NOISE: The main noise.. motor cycles. A survey conducted in metropolitan cities has shown that noise level in Delhi. It includes road traffic noise. scooters. Inhabitants of cities are subjected to this most annoying form of transport noise which gradually deafens them. noise in environment has been doubling every ten years. buses. lands to excessive secretion of adrenalin hormone into blood stream which is responsible for high blood pressure.  . Bombay and Calcutta is as high as 90 dB.. cars. 3). Ever since the industrial revolution. heart attacks neurological problems. comfort and efficiency. trucks and particularly the diesel engine vehicles have increased enormously in recent years. rail traffic noise and air craft noise.  It cause muscles to contract leading to nervous breakdown. tension etc. EFFECTS OF NOISE POLLUTION: Noise pollution affects human health. The number of road vehicles like motors.

Papillary dilation. Ultrasonic sound can affect the digestive. constriction of blood vessels. It quit surprising that our optical system is also a prey for noise pollution. liver and may also produce emotional disturbances. kindneys. These adverse reactions are coupled with a change in hormone content of blood. impulsive noise also causes psychological and pathological disorders. brain. respiratory. people are subjected to Psychiatric illness. It affects health efficiency and behaviour. In addition to serious loss of hearing due to excessive noise. impairment of night vision and decrease in the rate of colour perception are some of its serve effects.        . Brain is also adversely affected by loud and sudden noise as that of jet and aero plane noise etc. It may cause damage to heart.. When exposed to very loud and sudden noise acute damage occurs to the ear drum. cardio vascular systems and semicircular canals of the internal ear. digestive spasms and dilation of pupil of eye. Recently it has been reported that blood is also thickened by excessive noises. which in turn increase the rate of heart beat.

ban on honking of horns in certain areas and creation of silent zones near schools and hospitals and redesigning of buildings to make them noise proof. Other measures can involve reduction of traffic density in residential areas and giving preferences to mass public transport system. construction of a noise barrier or provision of sound absorbing materials along the path. 3). SOURCE CONTROL: This may include source modification such as acoustic treatment to machine surface.EFFECTS OF NOISE POLLUTION: 1). OILING: Proper oiling will reduce the noise from the machines. 3). design changes. limiting the operational timings and so on. TRANSMISSION PATH INTERVENTATION: This may includes containing the source inside a sound insulating enclosure.  . The measure may include dissipation and deflection methods. RECEPTOR CONTROL: This includes protection of the receiver by altering the work schedule or provision of personal protection devices such as ear plugs for operating noisy machinery. 2). PREVENTIVE MEASURES:  Noise can be reduced by prescribing noise limits for vehicular traffic.

******** .

GROUP DISCUSSION ECONOMIC MELT DOWN Thirumal valavan: Good morning every one. We are talking about employee and employers. but what about the share holders and business men’s? Those are fragile a lot. if we saw news papers obviously declared that IT firms face more problems. i am really surprised from your dart words. Selvarsu: Hai Dears. I go to conversation about today inflation scenario. we earn money better we preserve something in our future. My suggestion. Rajeshkumar: Hi guys am happy to observe that all of your knowledge and up to date. Vinothkumar: Hai Dudes. This economic melt down disaster totally affects Europe.last few months employee and employer suffering & many of us bawling because Lay-off in jobs. you are right. Even many banking sectors become lost in present century decade. US is ruining huge many in Afghanistan and Iraq war. Thank you all. Nandhakumar: vinoth. It is touch time for everyone from all over the world. It is drab life time for every one. The main reason is all outsourcing jobs we are getting from Us and Europe. Dear friends. . US and Aisa. Since all of you have covered whole topic.






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