VSA Student Newspaper Committee Proposal

Wade Ma 11 Hope

Purpose The purpose of this proposal is to tempt and bid for more volunteers to join the first VSA student-led newspaper committee. Problem with the Current Situation At VSA, there is no voice for students to bawl! There is no voice that students can express their ideas and comments! Yes, there was a ‘newspaper’, (and still does) at VSA, but it is organized by teachers, and most of us still don’t acknowledge the fact that it exists, much less to the extent on reading it. In some ways, it is not even a newspaper, just a newsletter which conveys every day and mundane information that we already knew a million years ago! Look at other schools now, and look at us. Is there something absent in our school society? Yes, we have Vectis, and yes, we have school teams, but seriously? Not even a student led newspaper committee? (emphasis on that.) THIS IS PREPOSTEROUS. And now tell me, what crafts a successful and prominent society? And does it exclude a student voiced newspaper? No I don’t think so. And in this VSA society, we are its citizens, we are the major cause of this society to subsist. Do you really want utter totalitarians to dominate us? We need to voice out, not a whimper, and definitely not a soft whine. And to us, this is where the student-led newspaper to stride in. A Solution to the Problem THIS IS NOT A TEDIOUS NEWSLETTER (cough cough). This might sound cliché, but it really isn’t. In this newspaper committee, we have sections and sectors, such as editorials for us to voice out. There is also political cartoons for aspiring VSA artists to draw and relish their opinions and comments. This student led newspaper committee strives and aims in an intellectual approach to the rest of the VSA society, we will have a Facebook page (which we already have), a Google site, a YouTube channel for aspiring video producers and even printed publication across the school! We are currently recruiting new VSA journalists, artists, and video producers. And in this forum, students can express their ideas in both languages, English and Chinese. Please, this newspaper needs your help. And without you, we ceased to exist. Conclusion In conclusion, the student-led newspaper committee is the first of all times in the history of VSA. Unlike in other forms of newsletters that are being carried throughout the school premises, we do not intend to be a tedious and mundane committee which only convey typical information around the school. This newspaper is a forum, a voice out opportunity to us to convey our opinions and expressions throughout the society. There will be no censorship involved, and we will welcome new recruitments in our open arms. CAS and CS hours can be obtained! For more information, please contact Wade Ma (11 Hope) or leave a comment!

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