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Today is our National Day when people are all celebrating the memorial day of establishment of our present

government. On TV news, I saw the state armies were conveying some fresh Liliies which had been put into the flower pot in an ordered state. While I was looking at the Lilies, I found how awsome they were! The Lilies were arranged in an ordered state that they all looked the same awsome. I suddenly had a feeling of how awsomely beautiful and how awsomely resembling they had been. They were budding from the same origin but however, they were of different buds and different individuals themselves. How awsome was this thought that those flowers were of the same origin but they were processing different sein at the same dasein. So their roundedness speaks of the budding of the universe in a mathematical way. The roundedness of the universe was and is telling the truth that it had been budding from a single dot which had been written within of a series of words composed of single Oneness which ahd to depend on roundedness to be extended into a salient universe. Thus,those flowers were of a resemblence of the function of the shapedness of The Universe that had just been in an instance of exposure upon our sightedness which also was processing the moment of a blinking. Those flowers were telling the truth that The Universe is both of Mathematical sightedness and of psychological Phenomenology. Both of the fields of science were of origin of sightedness of a blinking of the immanent cosmos. In an instance, the blinking of the cosmological sightedness has brought the universe into the spiralling conversation regared as a space of Mathematical function but the divisions of the Universe are of diversities. Those flowers were of telling the truth of the functional Universe that is hidden behide our perception which is deceiving . The truth of the Universe will be seen in an unexpected way out of our formal senses. Those Lilies were of budding from a single dot which, mathematically, resembles the single dot before the Big Bang. The single dot before the Big Bang was wriiten with words consisting of all the divisions and functional groups of The present Universe. The single dot before the Big bang was resembling the budding dot of those Lilies which were emancipated from the same original dot but they were only resembling each others because they appear and are exposed to be of different

individuals. In fact, those Lilies could be said to be one united in Oneness but in contrast, they were also noemally considered as different individuals in the multitudinous majority. The majority is also existing in a way of dual directions. One way points to the future by evaporating into more and more diferent individuals but still are of one original dot. Another way is pointing to the direction of immanent astral psyche plane. So Phenomenology is governing a certain degree of truth of The Truth of The Universe. There are absolutely only two vectors of each dot which is regarded as each entity in The Whole Universe. Each dot in the universe should have run under the governing of the two absolute vectors of its own. So one vector brings it to run towards the future while another vector brings it to run under the need of existence. But The pair of vectors can be seen under different astral planes and will have to change the function while entering the new astral plane. Spiritualism and Materialism have been playing their roles in anopposinf ways for centuries. Contrast is a difficult to discuss topic that it is always shifting or floating in a unstable platform while an entity has moved into a new era. Just as those Lilies , while one of the componential entites has shifted into another era or space time entity, the two wayed vectors might have made some shifting in the phenomenolgical plane . Thus, the vector leading to the futre will be affected to change the majority.